Horrifying moment: African gang storm a barber shop in Melbourne

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Horrifying moment: African gang storm a barber shop in Melbourne.
A man was struck in the head with a tomahawk when a gang of men burst into a Melbourne barber shop and started brawling.
Up to 15 men, many who are believed to be of African descent, entered the shop in Footscray at 5:10pm on Friday and began arguing with people inside, police say.
Several fights broke out between the men and patrons, and one man was struck on the head with a tomahawk, sustaining non-life threatening injuries.
Police believe the men involved are known to each other.
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27-Iyn, 2017



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ja ne is klar
ja ne is klar Oy oldin
Western Europe has fallen, America has almost fallen and now you australia?! Don't let it happen, the white culture will die out if we don't change our state of mind
nigger 2 oy oldin
“Oh nooo look what our Australia has become oh nooo” “look at these savage animals” half you dip shits can’t even see the peaceful blacks literally be attacked by these other animals just like a good person being attacked by a bad person despite colour whether be white on white yellow on yellow. Y’all ignorant
Chris Gold
Chris Gold 3 oy oldin
This is the failure of multi cultural invasion deport all sub humans from Africa
lilyred 3 oy oldin
Donna Fawcett
Donna Fawcett 4 oy oldin
All this violence is the result of feminist/lefty/PC types who have no fucking idea aabout the gl8bal elites plans to strip us of all our rights in the name of security.the dumbest of the dumb.hey but they look grat in their floral dresses that your granma used to wear.cock suckers.
peter peters
peter peters 7 oy oldin
Our country is being mutilated by The greens and LGBQ and all other minority groups that want these people here. people must start protesting get on facebook and let them know what you think of them. Just remember those who do nothing while witnessing injustice and wrong-doing do worse than those who commit acts of injustice.
Vyas Chady
Vyas Chady 9 oy oldin
!!Herro Porice, I woood rike to lepolt a clime. Many Obungas stormed my shop. Many Obungas. Du yu kno da wae!! Do yu kno da wae!!
Maciste1970 9 oy oldin
Sudanese the new FILTH of Australia, assaulting innocent women and children on public transport and robbing businesses wherever they walk and Australian law enforcement told to let them.
John Dean
John Dean 10 oy oldin
Welcome to the party Aussies. I bet your leader doesn't live near them. Just saying. Take care.
da pa
da pa Yil oldin
is that real.. or an xbox game!
aadrianlee Yil oldin
Australia keep your handguns. From the UK👍
fjbutch Yil oldin
Bloody Zoo !!
Alex Ribeno
Alex Ribeno Yil oldin
Why are the good citizens of Australia subjected to violence from this scum. It does not take a genius to know that it is impossible to integrate into a civilized society this people. Our politicians are allowing the scum of the earth to immigrate knowing that they will not contribute, will not work for a living and will cost the tax payers for generations to come. We need to send the strongest of message possible to our politicians that we will not tolerate it any longer. I am sick of political correctness and in all honesty Australians come first. At the end of the day I rather see these scum starve to death in their shithole country than seen ordinary hard working, law abiding Australians pay with their health, sanity and lives. If the laws are not changed it will leave no option and vigilante groups will have to take care of them in any way that is required. Deport the criminal mother fuckers.
MrTubularBalls Yil oldin
THey were just applying for a job, and demonstrated their hair cutting skills with a tomahawk.
MrTubularBalls Yil oldin
Both music and text2speech were horrible btw.
Michael O'Briain
Damn, it's not just the blacks here in America that act like animals. Anyone surprised money was missing?
slade p
slade p Yil oldin
A bunch of African asses chimping out as usual
Iron_Xxdavid55 Yil oldin
That's where I got my haircut
Stlbrazy Yil oldin
gang banging hard blood lol
Freedomrun32 Yil oldin
Aw how sweet I see Blacks care and love each other just as they do here in the States. BLM What a crock.
Kris Alexander Espino
Wow! Turning a great country into a shit hole just like how they are used to. Ship them back!
J Byrne
J Byrne Yil oldin
would love to have had an AK set to auto, let it go and see the pussy shits flesh rip apart
joel collins
joel collins Yil oldin
In Conn. a number of years ago a black man was fired from his job for steel (what else), he came back to work and killed 2 workers and injured more, the lady in the office called 911 and said "They is a Black Man shooting People, He is the Only Black man". Do you know the area went up in arms because the lady called the killer "Black"....
joel collins
joel collins Yil oldin
This is an everyday thing in the USA, trouble is that they will not point out the facts who is doing it and if you say "Black" you are called a racist.
Scott Young
Scott Young Yil oldin
Blood and honour for Australia. Keep Australia a country for Europeans. Rest In Peace our saviour Adolf hitler.
Mr Opinion
Mr Opinion Yil oldin
I love how not ONE of them can fight..its funny watching as they cant even kick properly lol
MP R Yil oldin
Steal from their own people. Animals.
Beaujangles McJiggle
Boys haven’t heard of Cronulla?
Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers Yil oldin
Hi Folks, History repeats itself the black plague in london (bubonic plague) .
Shark Attack
Shark Attack Yil oldin
Kill the mother fuckers
glenandhannah Yil oldin
Yeah, that's the type of people I want in my country!
Kevin Gravatt
Kevin Gravatt Yil oldin
1 answer STREET SWEEPER SHOTGUN with double aut buck, aim for the black ones....
philip sinclair
philip sinclair Yil oldin
Melbourne most liveable city in the world. ARE YOU JOKING? iT'S A SHIT HOUSE. Victorian police (cowards) are unable to provide any details about who was involved. I notice police only seem to arrive when it's safe for them.
rj jr
rj jr Yil oldin
When you let third world people in your country it's only a matter of time before your country is now third world
Peter Cowan
Peter Cowan Yil oldin
Kry vir julle.
SoZ1646 Yil oldin
And yet; these so called refugees are treated better than Australia’s natives...
bigearedmouse17 Yil oldin
WTF Australia Who let them in to your once lovely Country ?
Dino Dick
Dino Dick 11 oy oldin
Mate they can rob our homes we belt them and they can sue us our government is fucked
fjbutch Yil oldin
Bloody dickhead immigration wallers !!
dude man
dude man Yil oldin
Bigearedmouse17, well you have to understand that when the white women in Australia see big black stink ballbags, the white women/girls will bend over with pride and spread their filthy pale stink pink cheeks and let her black masters fuck her straight up its white azz
dude man
dude man Yil oldin
I say bring more and more Africans too Australia by the millions and let them breed with pride and make Australia black again .....
LAZY DOG Yil oldin
bigearedmouse17 l won't disagree with you.
cuhurun Yil oldin
I've worked in an 'in demand' profession for the entirety of my adult life, have no criminal record, and have tried very hard to emigrate to Australia. Because I'm middle aged, the immigration service there is not very interested... seems their priority is skewed more towards importing violent primates. How very sad.
Travelbird Yil oldin
cuhurun Oh, wow. You are lucky. At least I have friends of friends there. So not completely alone. :) Well, I've checked every day during winter and early spring the weather and 14°c IS cold for me. ;) But I'll live one year in Australia then in NZ North before I'll make a decision where to move.
cuhurun Yil oldin
Travelbird... I have family in NZ, and have spent a fair while down there. It's not too cold if you live on the northern extremity of the South-Island, around the Nelson and Motueka area. Does get cooler around the Canterbury and Otago districts. The North Island is certainly okay, not as warm as most of Oz though, I must agree :)
Travelbird Yil oldin
cuhurun thank you! Still very worried about african immigrants and their gang attacks, tho. New Zealand is also great but very cold in winter.
cuhurun Yil oldin
Travelbird... I really hope everything works out for you. Wishing you the very best of luck !
Travelbird Yil oldin
So glad I'm under 32 and have good chances of leaving Europe soon and emigrate. Hope it's better over there. We'll, at least a little bit. These animals are everywhere in the west.
Jay Lopes
Jay Lopes Yil oldin
I thought this was a fight at another McDonalds: uzvid.com/video/video-ehKF1TYle_k.html
WeALWAYS MakeADifference
Hm. I wonder if they want their guns back yet
WeALWAYS MakeADifference
Vic Longdong yes. However things go in this world we need to remember our lives here are just a blink of an eye in eternity and if we keep ourselves in Gods hands, we will be free. God Bless you and yours as well friend.
Vic Longdong
Vic Longdong Yil oldin
so it's not all in my head you see it to, it's insane what's happening and this is just the beginning, white males are even being betrayed by white women, they have to have a black man because they want BBC, it's fucked up, the whole world is going to shit, to me it's the work of the devil, we have turned our back on christ and this is what you get, you are right we have to pray to jesus, god bless you and yours, be strong.
WeALWAYS MakeADifference
Vic Longdong well I am praying for you all. For us all. Its right strange that things of this nature are happening all over the western world. & I fear it is not a problem that can be solved by voteing, (least not in my own country) as Corruption is Already in power, why would they honor the vote. To think they dont have to capability or the power to manipulate or literally rig the voteing process/outcome, is a nice thought but Im sorry to say, I cant see any honesty comeing from the current leaders. It seems to me that there are maybe a couple places left on earth where The People still have a say in what happens..Poland for example, at least from what Iv seen, tho I am not a citizen of the country so I cant say for certain.. But it seems they have very actively asserted their boundries to their government. They have unity and strong solidarity amongst the people. They have not been infiltrated with the mass psychosis of so called liberalism. (Which its not even true liberalism anymore..its now just brainwashing to make people hand over their freedom) I live in the u.s., in the greater Seattle area (Seattle being an incredibly liberal city) I live about 10 miles out in a neighboring city that is not as extreme left luckily.. But I see it all the time. People are insane. They throw around 'racist' & 'nazi' like its nothing. You are attacked for haveing a considerably 'right' view point on anything. Especially lately. Iv lost 25 year friendships for saying that I do not condone violence from antifa or anyone....I was called a nazi sympathizer. These people are brainwashed and have the worst cognitive dissonance I have ever seen. And really, it is white people who are being targeted with racism-yes even systematic racism, especially white men... One small example of discrimination against white men in this country is the fact that companies actually get a sizeable tax credit for each and every person they hire who is Not a White Male. The incentive to Not hire white men is actually profound when ya add it all up. I see very few white men in the work force at the kind of jobs Iv had...working class jobs, places that used to be full of white men and yes some other ethnicities...but mostly white men (because that is the majority, so numbers wise, it makes sence! ) these were working class men who were supporting their families, saveing for kids college and retirement...and now, those men are out of work, the divorce rate is so high, these men can not catch a fuking break and it has destroyed the American family. I, as a working class white woman, as a mother, as an American, as a human being, am seeing whats happening to this world, how quickly it is happening and I fear for my childrens future. Very much. Something needs to change. But I do not believe that any politician in power is more powerful then the position that holds him, then the people that control him. I try to imagine if every singel person said. "No. No , we are not going to vote for your politicians... Not one of us." What would they do? That would throw a stick in the spokes like nothing else. That would hault the ways of corruption and we would Demand & Innact Actual Reform...or I should say- Revitalization of our true values... Each time we vote a person into office we are affirming the very system that has gone completly rouge against us. We are submitting. We are endorsing the corruption. We must say 'no more of this!' But unfortunately, with the 'diversity', the multi culturalism, the differences in opinion of the left vs right, & the (largely fabricated) racial animosity, Im sorry to say, there is no substantial solidarity amongst The People so we would probably get nowhere fast in trying in a situation like that. I speak as an American about the state of things I see in my country. I would not presume your country is the same. But I just want to say , my country has been rendered defenseless against a tyranical government & against an outside threat merely by psycological operations that have / continue to pit The People against eachother. Without unity, without solidarity we are nothing. This country is no more. The u.s. is done. (People are just too dumb to see it) So I hope you keep your relations strong with your countrymen. It is so important.. Solidarity is very powerful defence and that ought never be forgotten. I wish you well.
Vic Longdong
Vic Longdong Yil oldin
pitty is a waste of time what we need is our government to do its job and protect its people that includes its judicial system that doesn't take into account were these animals came from and sentences these bastards to hard time or deport them back to the hell holes were they came from, that's what we need.
WeALWAYS MakeADifference
Vic Longdong I am so sorry that you and your people are going thru this. Its f'ing terrable to have to live in fear that you or your loved ones could be subjected to fuking gang beatings by wild, animalistic foreigners just for being out in public in your own country. Those people do not seem to have the same capacity for compassion or the same sence of right vs wrong that we know as the Golden RULE.. Treat others as you would like to be treated. ...Respect. When I see someone hurt, it hurts me. How can they go attack random people?!! Is the government doing anything about this? Are the police even arresting attackers? I fear they are not. But I do not know. I feel for you all very very much.
Choi Sha
Choi Sha Yil oldin
Choi Sha
Choi Sha Yil oldin
WAKEUP!! 9 oy oldin
You fuckwit most African problem gangs are Christian Ethiopian and Christian Sudanese, cunt.
lubax carti
lubax carti Yil oldin
Most African Australians are Christians
Kal_El1 sweeney
Kal_El1 sweeney Yil oldin
sonic hedgehog I think there are woodland creatures that need to be rescued, off you go, press the down button...hold and press *B to get there quicker!
Kal_El1 sweeney
Kal_El1 sweeney Yil oldin
Choi Sha you see these as muslims? Tell me Choi, how did that dog taste that you had for breakfast? What about the Cat burger?
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Yil oldin
How you liking that diversity, Australia? You need a Donald Trump to run for office.
Evan 5 oy oldin
Please god yes, I want trump as our prime minister
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Yil oldin
So you're cool with the 3rd world? Awesome!
LAZY DOG Yil oldin
Joe Smith No thanks. That's definitely not what we need.
N45441 Yil oldin
Where are they from??
Dave green
Dave green Yil oldin
Australia was black before the white squatters arrived
Ultranety 3 oy oldin
No it wasnt
Evan 5 oy oldin
Yes I agree, Australia was an uncivilized shithole before it was saved by white people, you are correct.
Simon Scott
Simon Scott Yil oldin
Dude Man You foul mouthed racist pig.
HoHum Yil oldin
Yeah and if it werent for those whites those black cunts would be living in mud huts
Simon Scott
Simon Scott Yil oldin
Yeh yeh ! We all came from Africa ! The problem is too many people on earth. Africas population will be 4 billion buy 2200. Will you blame white people for that also ? I bet you will ! All borders must be controlled. Any one causing trouble must be sent back. And go to jail in their "HOME" country ! Better still do not take the chance. These idiots have proven what they are like. Why give them a chance ? They will just start a war !
felix the cat
felix the cat Yil oldin
why the fuck do people use that fucking robot voice on their videos?
RJ L Yil oldin
They brought africa over.
lubax carti
lubax carti Yil oldin
Vice Mugger fuck u talking bout boi 🖕
Thomas Powell
Thomas Powell Yil oldin
Filthy animals
neo geee
neo geee Yil oldin
is this johanaburg?
Combitech Yil oldin
This is fucking bad for Melbourne if you let this grow , deport these wasters , troublemakers , or it will get out of control , The main question here is , why do you want these waster Africans in Australia , you know they are bad news . Well blame the stupid immigration
WeALWAYS MakeADifference
Combitech its no accident.
menckencynic Yil oldin
This is now a common sight in every white country on Earth. Germany, America, Sweden, this could be from any of those nations. Blacks are commonly part of this thing. Can they really be said to live in civilization if they act like this all the time in every country they're in? From LA to Botswana, Jamaica to Australia, this is how they act. If there are no peaceful blacks, and there never have been, then where is the actual proof they can live in civilization?
nigger 2 oy oldin
There are literally peaceful blacks being attacked by others dipshit
Moja Croatia
Moja Croatia 5 oy oldin
Kal_El1 sweeney shut the fuck up little son of a whore! Go fuck your slut sister you inbred piece of shit!
boxman 004
boxman 004 9 oy oldin
menckencynic I have never experienced those things in America. I don't think that entirely true that EVERY WHITE country is like this, and isn't Poland in Russia? So isn't that also a white country, at least I would think.
WAKEUP!! 11 oy oldin
ilistor 2298 Most of these are Christian South-Sudanese as well as Ethiopeans and Kenyans.
thegigadykid1 Yil oldin
You whites are the ones that arent
Xây dựng
Xây dựng Yil oldin
how come they do this :(
boxman 004
boxman 004 9 oy oldin
Scott Young edgy memes
Fitz DieBohne
Fitz DieBohne Yil oldin
I can feel the enrichment. We need more of them in Europe and we should give them more money, woman, housing, cars and shiet.
Crazy R
Crazy R Yil oldin
Fuck u cuz sen
Mr Sens
Mr Sens Yil oldin
And less of you, fuck face
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