My Problem With Shane Dawsons Series

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Shane Dawsons the mind of Jake Paul and the dark side of Jake Paul is a 8 part youtube documentary on sociopaths and the youtuber Jake Paul. Logan Paul responded to Shane Dawsons series recently, so here's mine.
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1-Okt, 2018

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iNabber 4 oy oldin
we cant be mates anymore
+Glitched Beauty hi
Pluto And Unicorn
Pluto And Unicorn 14 kun oldin
Geeky Fanatic
Geeky Fanatic 3 oy oldin
Can you still be American "friends," tho?
amanda 4 oy oldin
+xLunaDivinerx who said I compared him to anyone? Sit your fat ass down by the telly and let us grown folk talk
Haley 4 oy oldin
xLunaDivinerx jesus christ no one cares about your shite opinion. 14 likes on a youtube comment is worth nothing lmao. please go outside
Emma Graves
Emma Graves 20 soat oldin
Sociopathy and psychopathy are both personality disorders rather than delusion based mental disorders. A sociopath can still choose to be a good person, their motivation might be different because they can’t form bonds with others that most can, but they are well aware of right and wrong. That’s why psychopathy and sociopathy don’t hold up as mental illness defenses in court.
Har- money
Har- money Kun oldin
I'm a soshiopaff
mountainmittens 6 kun oldin
i personally feel like jake doesn't deserve to be called a sociopath/psychopath, not as much as Logan. I mean that person literally vlog a man who commited suicide.
what is this name lol
Don't you need to be qualified to tell if they're a sociopath?
5,000 subscribers without a video?
I'd rather be a psychopath than end up crazy like my mom.
Abbi Gardner
Abbi Gardner 24 kun oldin
And he apologised in the next episode and it started to effect him as a person and I don’t understand how people only use the first series and not the whole thing 😂😡
Iman Ilyani
Iman Ilyani 27 kun oldin
The Jefree Star one was nice. It talked about his life and his childhood, it was really good and it cut straight to the deal. But the Jake Paul one was shit. It was taken much to seriously and took 8 parts? 2 of them weren't even *related* to Jake. I really didn't like it. It made Jake Paul look bad (in the way that he's mentally ill).
Something Oy oldin
The thing I really didnt like about the series is how he portrays socioaths as monsters sometimes and how nobody seems to understand that sociopths are all people people and can be very different from each other. Some sociopaths are very centered on their goals and use people to get there. Some are confused about their situation and are lost. Some are just very indifferent to everything. The only real mark of a sociopath it lack of empaty and regret and very high charm. It is true that most sociopaths are manipulative and ipmulsive, but only because of their lack for empaty and regret. Some sociopaths are nice people, even if they dont understand others perfectly.
the ship queen
The documentary is sooooooo long......
xxcaaarl Oy oldin
Pink Potato
Pink Potato Oy oldin
Mate, I love you but shave. Please.
ThatOneGirl Oy oldin
*Watches Shane's Video* Me: _Existing_ Someone Else: _Exists_ Me: sOSIOPAFF?!
Bit late on this. But yeah I did have the same reaction. I couldn't care less about Shane Dawson's overreactions. I myself started second guessing everyone around me after watching it. But he and the therapist did confuse the terms psychopath and sociopath. From what I can remember, she mostly described psychopaths. Not sociopaths
Florence Tattersall
I think Shane Dawson does over react but he is still my favourite UZvidr
Room 101
Room 101 Oy oldin
But...but...sociopath isn't even a real term. Professional psychologists never diagnose anyone as a sociopath or psychopath. Facts! You're dead right, tho, Shane made a show he thought the viewers wanted to see. Mental illness has become a social media joke.
Cerys Irene
Cerys Irene Oy oldin
Was watching this at 1am in the dark n randomly got a conjuring ad and cried. Nice to see ur videos are getting monetised at least? Edit: it’s later on and I got a Christianity ad uhhh?
Phélan Kyanna Chai
Also, correct me if am wrong, but sociopathy is nurture whereas psycopathy is nature. That means, psycopath were born that way, but sociopath grew into it. _Also_ both of these things are no longer their own categories of mental disorders but rather, characteristics that show a symptom of a mental disorder/illness, such as narcissistic personality disorder. So someone is not _just_ a psycopath/sociopath. *And* the point about 'not being able to help it' is not exactly correct either. Incurable doesn't mean untreatable. Schizophrenia isn't curable, and so are some variations of depression, particularly chronic depression, but that doesn't mean people with those illnesses can't help it. They can, through medications and therapies. So, let's not pretend like mentally ill people are completely helpless, eh? Mental illnesses and disorders are explanation for bad behaviours, not justification for it. :-)
Phélan Kyanna Chai
I got sad for days after me cat ran away from home (she bacc now don't worry UwU). I have depression. I had a dream once that was so vivid it felt like real. I am schizophrenic. I manipulate people to do things for me by adding, "But if ye don't want to do it, it's fine." I'm a psychopath. (This part is true, BTW. Yer more likely to get help from others when ye add emphasis that they're free to _not_ do it if ye don't want to.) I give meself compliments when I look better than usual or did something really well. I'm a narcissist. And a lot more.
Ve Ve DT
Ve Ve DT Oy oldin
I’d marry that
Nick The jobber
Is imallexx a sofiopaff
alana grant
alana grant Oy oldin
*gasp* a cycle path
Royal Rutter
Royal Rutter Oy oldin
It was basically a stupid redemption arc for Jake
e r i n
e r i n Oy oldin
alex you are so amazing and funny and I love you so much but please please do nOt diSrEsPeCt sHaNe
;3 Oy oldin
Shane went ahead of himself, I think
popcorn pop
popcorn pop Oy oldin
a few months after this docu..i learnt- it was a complete waste of time. because jake paul didnt change for the better
Is Jake Paul...a sociopafff.
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My problem with the series is that Shane is trying to diagnose someone with a mental disorder and when he doesn’t know that person personality.
ella alder
ella alder Oy oldin
*I agree lmao*
ella alder
ella alder Oy oldin
he was respectful, and I respected that.
Crystal Moonlight
I love Shane, but I refuse to watch this series..
Peyton Smith
Peyton Smith Oy oldin
I disagree with your point about understanding Shane’s reaction to sociopaths. Sociopathy, like many mental disorders is on a spectrum. One person who may be a sociopath may have less sociopathic tendencies than another sociopath. Sociopaths can have different levels of empathy. They may tend to not care about others more than most people, but they still might care. Sociopathy, like all mental disorders, cannot be covered by one blanket statement. Edit: Also making a dramatic document is fine but making a dramatic document with mental health as one of the main focuses is probably a bad idea
Vzoino Oy oldin
The series was obviously supposed to be entertaining.
your clapped
your clapped 2 oy oldin
I'd pay to get a full track of that outro music
Rachael The Turtle
am i the only one that came to the comments section to see if any one else noticed the way he says sociopath? 😂 😂
Dizzle 2 oy oldin
I don’t get how Shane is so big. His videos are cheesy, like high school drama for the masses and sound effect tracks to back it up.
Ur Mom
Ur Mom 2 oy oldin
I've always just thought of jake Paul as white trash
luciano Vallejo
luciano Vallejo 2 oy oldin
Nikki 2 oy oldin
0:50 Luke is out for blood
Marianna Monteiro
wdw feelin
wdw feelin 2 oy oldin
"sOShiOpAfF" heheh love him so much 💕💝💞💖💓💓
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 2 oy oldin
Oooooo Boy. Where to start: Psychopaths and Sociopaths are interesting and terrifying. Why are they terrifying? Because they a wonderful reminders of how easy and how harmful it is to forget that we as a human species are emotional and social creatures, no matter where you come from or what you do or what you make of yourself. They remind us that monsters do in fact have emotions and do indeed feel things we normal humans feel. That said. Sociopaths and Psychopaths are different in plenty of ways. Sociopaths are more likely to understand and feel emotion but they choose not to or are programmed not to for a multitude of reasons. Psychopaths are unable to do that. They don’t feel emotion like they should and it can be distressing for people, especially in times when certain emotions are necessary or are considered socially acceptable. Think of it like this: Sociopathy is a 404 error, while Psychopathy is a lack of programming. With all that said: People with either of these diagnoses or even with a form of ASPD are more likely than not going to be normal human beings. Granted, some can be manipulative and even abusive, but like all mental illnesses, it’s a spectrum. This is where we get into how these people are portrayed, which is usually that these people are serial killers who have no understanding of empathy and are usually just sick individuals who have no remorse for their actions. Alieen Wuornos: Raped multiple times as a child Albert Fish: Beaten in an orphanage, in a relationship with an older man who coerced him into drinking urine and eating feces, abandoned by his wife Jefferey Dahmer: Neglected, alcoholic, homeless for a good while, as far as research goes unable to come out as a homosexual until after his arrest and trial Leonarda Chianciulla: Disgraced by being a product of rape, detested by her mother, faced multiple miscarriages and loss of her children Carl Eugenie Watts: A man who’s IQ was in the 80’s, unable to get mental help simply for being black, had a wide range of anger issues and strange behaviors Notice...not one of these people had any mention of them being sociopathic of psychopathic. In fact, if anything, these guys had so many mental issues it’d be hard to even consider ASPD. You have diagnoses like Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia or some other Schizo Type Disorder, Autism or Retardation, Dissociative Identity Disorder, PTSD. None of them-ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM-are any allusion to ASPD for one reason: they all have some form of emotion. Or in the case of Autism and Retardation, they don’t always have the capacity to understand right from wrong. Shane’s docuseries May be a fun watch, but it’s incredibly difficult to enjoy it when there’s so much disregard for what Sociopathy and Psychopathy actually are. Yes, it’s an illness, but it’s just that. An illness. It’s not a kill switch that makes people murder. Wanna know what makes people murder? Drive. Motivation. Sick pleasure. Sometimes sexual gratification. The thrill, the adrenaline. Those are things ASPD blocks. Not because they don’t want to feel, but because they can’t either bring themselves to it or they don’t understand what to feel. Sincerely, An 18 year old who’s done too much research into serial killers, psychology, and mental health. PS. Logan and Jake Paul don’t have ASPD. They likely have Anxiety over being left forgotten and Depression over their lives constantly revolving around a camera. Maybe there’s ADHD in there since neither of them can sit still and tend to be very fidgety and energetic. If there’s any diagnosis that might nail them even close to ASPD, it’s a Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Mania (I say Mania because they’re constantly happy and energetic which is damaging in itself as a brand. They could be Manic Depressants like Jim Carry but I doubt it.) Point is, psychology is not an exact science, but it’s also not something to simplify. Using popular UZvidrs isn’t a way to spread awareness of ASPD. In fact, it’s more damaging than good
Shaira Sumon
Shaira Sumon 2 oy oldin
I just realized how nice Alex’s nose is
Allie Petschke
Allie Petschke 2 oy oldin
that therapist is dumb as a rock. like how the hell did she get her LMCH? its anti social personality disorder not psychopath. this dude had none of the criterion to be diagnosed with anti social pd. did this bitch read the dsm-5? not to mention it puts even more of a stigma towards those with this personality disorder. a very very small percent of people with this disorder commit deadly crimes against people. that whole series pissed me off and she should get her licensed revoked. I haven't finished my psychology degree yet and I know more than her.
Rachel Verner
Rachel Verner 2 oy oldin
why is my favourite youtuber doing a video on my other favourite youtuber, what
eli goldman
eli goldman 2 oy oldin
This comment has nothing to do with your content which is actually really good. Your eyes make you look emo for some reason.
Anxpression 2 oy oldin
Don't get me wrong, I love Shane! He's funny, and relatable, but he's been taking this series *way* too seriously. I'm at this point where i think he scripted it. But overall, it's just over dramatic.
Molly B
Molly B Oy oldin
When Shane posted it he was my FAV UZvidr I literally watched all his vids but I didn’t watch it. I started watching it and it was just boring
Anxpression Oy oldin
+Bubbles not aLWAYS.
Belle Rilley
Belle Rilley Oy oldin
course its scripted lmao
Bubbles Oy oldin
it's like you never watched a Shane video ... he was always like this
Rebecca WK
Rebecca WK Oy oldin
I agreee!
Ramona 2 oy oldin
This is exactly why I stopped watching Shane tbh.
Allen McCalmant
Allen McCalmant 2 oy oldin
Legit one is born that way one is “made” into one
Natasha Archer
Natasha Archer 2 oy oldin
To be fair to Shane and Kati, sociopath and psychopath are both subcategories under the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder and are often used interchangeably. Neither psychopath or sociopath is currently a diagnosis in it's own right (although the DSM is frequently updated) and clinicians disagree about whether these conditions should be separate diagnoses. Despite this it is widely agreed upon that the people referred to as psychopaths are those who have more severe ASPD than the people referred to as sociopaths.
shaunthegoat 2 oy oldin
That shanes documentiry series is basicly for youtubers that need an image change?
Sheshanigans 2 oy oldin
I literally didn’t know Alex had a lisp. I thought that’s just how English people were.
ImpossibleGirl96 2 oy oldin
2 mins in 4 ads... ive watched just as much ad as i have video.. fun
AB3 2 oy oldin
Aww I love alex
May Jones
May Jones 2 oy oldin
andines flowers
andines flowers 2 oy oldin
I feel bad for the guys/girls that have the name, Shane.
A Z Z Y Y 2 oy oldin
Just letting everyone know that Shane didn't edit the series, it was his assistant Andrew
ellie_teixeira1 2 oy oldin
*DON’T COME FOR THE QUEEN! 👑 lol 😝 don’t get me wrong i love u and Shane are ur both amazing but i personally loved the series 🤗*
dragonflyyinyang 3 oy oldin
it's not that it's "mean" it's that it's misrepresenting mental illness, when mental illness is already stigmatized, such as schizophrenia. People have this idea the having schizophrenia makes you dangerous when nothing could be further from the truth. I have a psychotic disorder, schizoaffective disorder which has symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar together. Two illnesses that both have stigmas and that i'm embarrassed to even admit to most people because people automatically assume bad things about me. Especially when it comes to things like dating. I was very annoyed about the emphasis on the elements of how not being able to feel emotions was so horrible when I had a stroke in 2011 I wasn't able to feel emotions for a few years afterwards and I'm pretty sure I wasn't a horrible person.
vivi spammer
vivi spammer 3 oy oldin
you made no research huh
Kueenllama 3 oy oldin
you dont like shane? You're fucking crazy man!
phoebe tyra
phoebe tyra 3 oy oldin
I love the way he says sociopath 😂💗💗💗
CandyAshes 3 oy oldin
I think if anyone is a sociopath it’s their dad
CandyAshes 3 oy oldin
Psychopath and sociopath are literally the same thing it’s both antisocial personality disorder
Luupies !
Luupies ! 3 oy oldin
Lovely outro. Gotta get it to 10 mins Y'know
StoinkyPig 3 oy oldin
My ex likes Shane Dawson so I instantly hate him
Rianna Smith
Rianna Smith 3 oy oldin
Don't all UZvidrs have sociopathic tendencies then? Think about it.. They use bigger and more popular UZvidrs for views, clicks, and likes (which makes them money and promotes their channel)
Rianna Smith
Rianna Smith 3 oy oldin
Why was the prediction so accurate tho?😂
Rianna Smith
Rianna Smith 3 oy oldin
I completly agree
Maile Firenze
Maile Firenze 3 oy oldin
logan paul actually had really good points! my friends were praising this series when he constantly confused sociopath and psychopath symptoms and causes
M Elizabeth
M Elizabeth 3 oy oldin
Maybe he has tendencies, yeah or maybe sometimes he's just an arse.
WorldWide Edits
WorldWide Edits 3 oy oldin
1:07 ... is Jake Paul a SoSHioPaF
Angie Fazio
Angie Fazio 3 oy oldin
On another note though, I’m tired of everyone confusing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Psychiatrists prescribe medication for mental health related causes. Psychologists are like therapists. They listen and provide counseling. A person can be both but they are two completely different things.
Abby Reaves
Abby Reaves 3 oy oldin
Hola everyone I’m Alex 👋🏻
molly baxter
molly baxter 3 oy oldin
sorry Alex you're great but Shane will always be my favourite
Chiara Gray
Chiara Gray 3 oy oldin
by the way, there is a possibility that 4% is wrong. I heard from someone it was wrong information, but can't quote anything.
Bozhidara Kr.
Bozhidara Kr. 3 oy oldin
does he have concealer under his eyes or did he forget to drink bathwater today
Ayla Silk
Ayla Silk 3 oy oldin
The terms “sociopath” and “psychopath” actually can be used interchangeably because they are not medical terms and cannot be used as diagnoses, therefore they basically mean jackshit in the psychology field. The fact that either of the terms were used at all by a psychologist, in placement of an actual diagnosis (such as anti social personality disorder or whatever you want to relate either term to) is what’s more shocking.
esto pesto
esto pesto 3 oy oldin
I love Shane but I haven't been able to watch more than half of one episode of the Tana doco and didn't bother with this one. Hope he goes back to not over editing and less over hyped stuff
NotChoChezz 3 oy oldin
memeulous showed your channel and now i just binged all your vids abd bow your one of my favorite UZvidrs so yeah love your vids.
l l
l l 3 oy oldin
stop it Shane. I used to love watching you but you have gone too far. Alex, I'm going to make an 80 part documentary on your UZvid channel and your life.
yamil estrada
yamil estrada 3 oy oldin
i like this video.
Nico Hartley
Nico Hartley 3 oy oldin
I could barely get through part 1 tbh. I decided to not watch the rest bc I know it's just going to infuriate me the way sociopaths are being wrongfully portrayed. I can already tell that psychologist lady is going to piss me off.
_xxdzxx _
_xxdzxx _ 3 oy oldin
Shane’s new video: *Is Alex a sociopath for drinking bath water?!😟☹️😣😔😕😶😐😑😐😬😯😦😧😮😲🤔😯😦😮😲😧😦😯😮😧😦*
mochilover _
mochilover _ 3 oy oldin
It put a stigma on mental illness, something someone didn't want. It's like giving a title to the disabled "weak". Even if they don't care, it's still an awful thing to do. It saddens me that he didn't understand that it was wrong in the first place.
dolly baby
dolly baby 3 oy oldin
i like Shane but the documentary is wayyyy too dramatic. psychopath means you can’t feel ANY emotions. for example, when someone dies, a psychopath won’t cry. (my smarty pants brother told me this so i apologize for the mistakes)
imaginary92 3 oy oldin
The big problem was not Shane, it was the therapist. Not only is that woman NOT specialized in personality disorders (which ASPD, otherwise known as sociopathy, is), she is only a marriage counselor, but she openly said things like 'creepy, gross and disgusting'. As if stigma on mental illness wasn't bad enough already. It takes very specific medical training to diagnose a personality disorder. I have been under close analysis by two teams, the first was composed of a regular psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist, who after a year of analysis said 'hey, we think you may have Borderline Personality Disorder, but we're not specialized, so we're sending you to this other hospital where they are specialized in Personality Disorders', then about four more months of analysis followed: regular psychiatrist, two psychologists - one specialized in childhood trauma and the other specialized in adolescent/adult trauma - and a psychiatrist specialized in personality disorders, plus a LONG list of written tests. Only then, after about a year and a half of analysis under SPECIALISTS (remember, this woman is NOT a specialist) was I officially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder with Avoidant tendencies. Not only that, in her response videos she claimed things like sociopathy and psychopathy are the same thing, while the DSM clearly states that this is NOT true, which makes you wonder what kind of education this woman had. What SHE did was unethical, disgusting and unprofessional under every point of view. Shaming a mental disorder, is never an acceptable conduct, under any circumstances.
Cara 10 kun oldin
I have adhd and I would feel so bad if a therapist out of all people was talking about me like a freak for something I can’t help. I always feel so bad since there is so much stigma around mental illness and being in AP classes in freshman year of highschool I hear a lot of my friends talking about how weird something like that is and it has been mentioned that someone on adderall has an issue and all that stuff about how people with mental conditions are weird. They don’t even realize while we are talking about that stuff I have adhd and they can’t even tell. Stigma around mental illness is so damaging and hurtful and often times just completely untrue. Seeing the people around me talk about how they wouldn’t be friends with someone ‘crazy’ is ridiculous when I’m right there and they can’t even tell how wrong they are. Something as simple as not focusing shouldn’t be overblown into being insane or weird when that’s just not true at all
Amelia Editz
Amelia Editz 3 oy oldin
Im a Sociopath, Not even joking.
the problem is that sociopaths can be nice and productive members of society and you shouldn't demonize them all
yaz min
yaz min 3 oy oldin
*his lisp is adorable but i keep laughing-*
Rowan 3 oy oldin
okay,, but what you described is a oversimplification of sociopath, that's kind of been the problem, its like when people stereotype those is adhd as hyper, extremely social, class clowns, which most of us aren't.
jimda pandaman
jimda pandaman 3 oy oldin
Good video with some interesting points, it does look like you have pubes for a moustache ngl, great video.
Personality TV
Personality TV 3 oy oldin
I really enjoy your videos Because you drink bath water. Love you x
A 3 oy oldin
*i love Shane but imagine if your friend (I know they’re more acquaintances-even worse) / if some you TRUSTED came round to your house and brought someone you thought was their friend and it turned out they was a mental health practitioner secretly judging/assessing you. No no no no no*
ittybittytitty 3 oy oldin
*alexis play PsyChO kiLLeR*
Codename Archangel
The real problem with these Shane Dawson "documentaries" is that he's incredibly biased. Like with Tana, he's friends with her so he placed her in a better light. He became friends with Jake and Erika so then he made Jake more sympathetic.
Codename Archangel
+Bubbles Just because it's his series doesn't mean that people can't critique it and give their own opinion.
Bubbles Oy oldin
... so what? it's his series he does whatever he wants and you don't have to watch it if you don't want to ... it's like you forget he is making you free content
Booga Booga
Booga Booga Oy oldin
Codename Archangel why is no one talking about your comment?
T. P.
T. P. 3 oy oldin
If you say stuff like pedws did I will un sub
S u n f l o w e r s
Brians Brian
Brians Brian 3 oy oldin
megan davies
megan davies 3 oy oldin
to be frank, I’m not doing well, Alex - but thanks my guy
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