My Problem With Shane Dawsons Series

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Shane Dawsons the mind of Jake Paul and the dark side of Jake Paul is a 8 part youtube documentary on sociopaths and the youtuber Jake Paul. Logan Paul responded to Shane Dawsons series recently, so here's mine.
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1-Okt, 2018

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iNabber 2 oy oldin
we cant be mates anymore
Geeky Fanatic
Geeky Fanatic 22 kun oldin
Can you still be American "friends," tho?
amanda 2 oy oldin
+xLunaDivinerx who said I compared him to anyone? Sit your fat ass down by the telly and let us grown folk talk
Haley 2 oy oldin
xLunaDivinerx jesus christ no one cares about your shite opinion. 14 likes on a youtube comment is worth nothing lmao. please go outside
Michael Levitan
Michael Levitan 2 oy oldin
Alex is diying
nightlight. 2 oy oldin
iNabber can we feed african children youtuber merch especially allex’s, george’s, niall’s merch too
Shaira Sumon
Shaira Sumon 7 soat oldin
I just realized how nice Alex’s nose is
Allie Petschke
Allie Petschke Kun oldin
that therapist is dumb as a rock. like how the hell did she get her LMCH? its anti social personality disorder not psychopath. this dude had none of the criterion to be diagnosed with anti social pd. did this bitch read the dsm-5? not to mention it puts even more of a stigma towards those with this personality disorder. a very very small percent of people with this disorder commit deadly crimes against people. that whole series pissed me off and she should get her licensed revoked. I haven't finished my psychology degree yet and I know more than her.
Rachel Verner
Rachel Verner 3 kun oldin
why is my favourite youtuber doing a video on my other favourite youtuber, what
eli goldman
eli goldman 5 kun oldin
This comment has nothing to do with your content which is actually really good. Your eyes make you look emo for some reason.
Anxpression 8 kun oldin
Don't get me wrong, I love Shane! He's funny, and relatable, but he's been taking this series *way* too seriously. I'm at this point where i think he scripted it. But overall, it's just over dramatic.
Ramona 11 kun oldin
This is exactly why I stopped watching Shane tbh.
Allen McCalmant
Allen McCalmant 14 kun oldin
Legit one is born that way one is “made” into one
Natasha Archer
Natasha Archer 15 kun oldin
To be fair to Shane and Kati, sociopath and psychopath are both subcategories under the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder and are often used interchangeably. Neither psychopath or sociopath is currently a diagnosis in it's own right (although the DSM is frequently updated) and clinicians disagree about whether these conditions should be separate diagnoses. Despite this it is widely agreed upon that the people referred to as psychopaths are those who have more severe ASPD than the people referred to as sociopaths.
shaunthegoat 16 kun oldin
That shanes documentiry series is basicly for youtubers that need an image change?
Sheshanigans 17 kun oldin
I literally didn’t know Alex had a lisp. I thought that’s just how English people were.
ImpossibleGirl96 17 kun oldin
2 mins in 4 ads... ive watched just as much ad as i have video.. fun
AB3 20 kun oldin
Aww I love alex
May Jones
May Jones 3 kun oldin
andines flowers
andines flowers 20 kun oldin
I feel bad for the guys/girls that have the name, Shane.
A Z Z Y Y 20 kun oldin
Just letting everyone know that Shane didn't edit the series, it was his assistant Andrew
BFFs are best
BFFs are best 21 kun oldin
*DON’T COME FOR THE QUEEN! 👑 lol 😝 don’t get me wrong i love u and Shane are ur both amazing but i personally loved the series 🤗*
dragonflyyinyang 21 kun oldin
it's not that it's "mean" it's that it's misrepresenting mental illness, when mental illness is already stigmatized, such as schizophrenia. People have this idea the having schizophrenia makes you dangerous when nothing could be further from the truth. I have a psychotic disorder, schizoaffective disorder which has symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar together. Two illnesses that both have stigmas and that i'm embarrassed to even admit to most people because people automatically assume bad things about me. Especially when it comes to things like dating. I was very annoyed about the emphasis on the elements of how not being able to feel emotions was so horrible when I had a stroke in 2011 I wasn't able to feel emotions for a few years afterwards and I'm pretty sure I wasn't a horrible person.
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf 23 kun oldin
The way I understand it, Sociopaths are made, not born. They tend to suffer tremendous amounts of abuse and trauma, most of it breaking them emotionally to the point where they either feel emotions are a sign of weakness or they don’t convey emotion because they don’t want to feel the emotions associated with those events. They don’t murder people, but they tend to be manipulative and emotionally intelligent because that’s all they know. Psychopaths are more born with the inability to feel emotion or understand empathy. Think of it like this: Ted Bundy was a psychopath. He had a (relatively) normal life and was raised in a household that only exaggerated his anger issues. He was born with emotionally manipulative tendencies and held no remorse for his actions. Jeffrey Dahmer was a sociopath. He was neglected and was so aware of the relationship of his mom and dad falling apart. He HAD remorse for killing the men he brought home, but ultimately he wanted a perfect zombie slave where he didn’t have to deal with their constant need and they could satisfy him sexually. That’s the best way I can explain it. I’m sure it’s not the best but I hope it sorta kinda helps
vivi spammer
vivi spammer 23 kun oldin
you made no research huh
Kueenllama 24 kun oldin
you dont like shane? You're fucking crazy man!
phoebe tyra
phoebe tyra 24 kun oldin
I love the way he says sociopath 😂💗💗💗
CandyAshes 25 kun oldin
I think if anyone is a sociopath it’s their dad
CandyAshes 25 kun oldin
Psychopath and sociopath are literally the same thing it’s both antisocial personality disorder
amelie animates
amelie animates 27 kun oldin
Lovely outro. Gotta get it to 10 mins Y'know
StoinkyPig 28 kun oldin
My ex likes Shane Dawson so I instantly hate him
Rianna Smith
Rianna Smith 28 kun oldin
Don't all UZvidrs have sociopathic tendencies then? Think about it.. They use bigger and more popular UZvidrs for views, clicks, and likes (which makes them money and promotes their channel)
Rianna Smith
Rianna Smith 28 kun oldin
Why was the prediction so accurate tho?😂
Rianna Smith
Rianna Smith 28 kun oldin
I completly agree
Maile Firenze
Maile Firenze 28 kun oldin
logan paul actually had really good points! my friends were praising this series when he constantly confused sociopath and psychopath symptoms and causes
M Elizabeth
M Elizabeth 28 kun oldin
Maybe he has tendencies, yeah or maybe sometimes he's just an arse.
WorldWide Edits
WorldWide Edits 28 kun oldin
1:07 ... is Jake Paul a SoSHioPaF
Angie Fazio
Angie Fazio 29 kun oldin
On another note though, I’m tired of everyone confusing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Psychiatrists prescribe medication for mental health related causes. Psychologists are like therapists. They listen and provide counseling. A person can be both but they are two completely different things.
Abby Reaves
Abby Reaves 29 kun oldin
Hola everyone I’m Alex 👋🏻
molly baxter
molly baxter 29 kun oldin
sorry Alex you're great but Shane will always be my favourite
Chiara Gray
Chiara Gray Oy oldin
by the way, there is a possibility that 4% is wrong. I heard from someone it was wrong information, but can't quote anything.
Bozhidara Kr.
Bozhidara Kr. Oy oldin
does he have concealer under his eyes or did he forget to drink bathwater today
Ayla Silk
Ayla Silk Oy oldin
The terms “sociopath” and “psychopath” actually can be used interchangeably because they are not medical terms and cannot be used as diagnoses, therefore they basically mean jackshit in the psychology field. The fact that either of the terms were used at all by a psychologist, in placement of an actual diagnosis (such as anti social personality disorder or whatever you want to relate either term to) is what’s more shocking.
esto pesto
esto pesto Oy oldin
I love Shane but I haven't been able to watch more than half of one episode of the Tana doco and didn't bother with this one. Hope he goes back to not over editing and less over hyped stuff
NotChoChezz Oy oldin
memeulous showed your channel and now i just binged all your vids abd bow your one of my favorite UZvidrs so yeah love your vids.
l l
l l Oy oldin
stop it Shane. I used to love watching you but you have gone too far. Alex, I'm going to make an 80 part documentary on your UZvid channel and your life.
yamil estrada
yamil estrada Oy oldin
i like this video.
Nico Hartley
Nico Hartley Oy oldin
I could barely get through part 1 tbh. I decided to not watch the rest bc I know it's just going to infuriate me the way sociopaths are being wrongfully portrayed. I can already tell that psychologist lady is going to piss me off.
_xxdzxx _
_xxdzxx _ Oy oldin
Shane’s new video: *Is Alex a sociopath for drinking bath water?!😟☹️😣😔😕😶😐😑😐😬😯😦😧😮😲🤔😯😦😮😲😧😦😯😮😧😦*
_uniqness _
_uniqness _ Oy oldin
It put a stigma on mental illness, something someone didn't want. It's like giving a title to the disabled "weak". Even if they don't care, it's still an awful thing to do. It saddens me that he didn't understand that it was wrong in the first place.
dolly baby
dolly baby Oy oldin
i like Shane but the documentary is wayyyy too dramatic. psychopath means you can’t feel ANY emotions. for example, when someone dies, a psychopath won’t cry. (my smarty pants brother told me this so i apologize for the mistakes)
imaginary92 Oy oldin
The big problem was not Shane, it was the therapist. Not only is that woman NOT specialized in personality disorders (which ASPD, otherwise known as sociopathy, is), she is only a marriage counselor, but she openly said things like 'creepy, gross and disgusting'. As if stigma on mental illness wasn't bad enough already. It takes very specific medical training to diagnose a personality disorder. I have been under close analysis by two teams, the first was composed of a regular psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist, who after a year of analysis said 'hey, we think you may have Borderline Personality Disorder, but we're not specialized, so we're sending you to this other hospital where they are specialized in Personality Disorders', then about four more months of analysis followed: regular psychiatrist, two psychologists - one specialized in childhood trauma and the other specialized in adolescent/adult trauma - and a psychiatrist specialized in personality disorders, plus a LONG list of written tests. Only then, after about a year and a half of analysis under SPECIALISTS (remember, this woman is NOT a specialist) was I officially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder with Avoidant tendencies. Not only that, in her response videos she claimed things like sociopathy and psychopathy are the same thing, while the DSM clearly states that this is NOT true, which makes you wonder what kind of education this woman had. What SHE did was unethical, disgusting and unprofessional under every point of view. Shaming a mental disorder, is never an acceptable conduct, under any circumstances.
Amelia Editz
Amelia Editz Oy oldin
Im a Sociopath, Not even joking.
the problem is that sociopaths can be nice and productive members of society and you shouldn't demonize them all
*his lisp is adorable but i keep laughing-*
Rowan Oy oldin
okay,, but what you described is a oversimplification of sociopath, that's kind of been the problem, its like when people stereotype those is adhd as hyper, extremely social, class clowns, which most of us aren't.
jimda pandaman
Good video with some interesting points, it does look like you have pubes for a moustache ngl, great video.
Personality TV
I really enjoy your videos Because you drink bath water. Love you x
A Oy oldin
*i love Shane but imagine if your friend (I know they’re more acquaintances-even worse) / if some you TRUSTED came round to your house and brought someone you thought was their friend and it turned out they was a mental health practitioner secretly judging/assessing you. No no no no no*
zhaia Oy oldin
*alexis play PsyChO kiLLeR*
Codename Archangel
The real problem with these Shane Dawson "documentaries" is that he's incredibly biased. Like with Tana, he's friends with her so he placed her in a better light. He became friends with Jake and Erika so then he made Jake more sympathetic.
T. P.
T. P. Oy oldin
If you say stuff like pedws did I will un sub
S u n f l o w e r s
Brians Brian
Brians Brian Oy oldin
megan davies
megan davies Oy oldin
to be frank, I’m not doing well, Alex - but thanks my guy
Brian McElvain
ur smart
James B.
James B. Oy oldin
boi did you say synomonous?
*Spooky* Boi
*Spooky* Boi Oy oldin
Niki n00b 🤦🏽‍♀️
I like watching you talk
lumberfreddie Oy oldin
i wanna kill myself sociopaths are not a real thing babey. sociopath is not a real term. sociopath is not a diagnosis. “sociopath” does not exist anymore. Shane Has Big Problem With Being Super Ableist And Purposely Putting Mentally Ill And Disabled People At The Center Of His Horror Videos And Purposely Creating A Message Of Mentally Ill = Evil.... i was really disappointed by that psych evaluation part because it 100% exhibits that BOTH of them don’t fucking know what the fuck they’re talking about. can’t armchair diagnose + can’t edit this to make it seem like being crazy makes you evil :) i like the message you had this video- “shouldn’t be upset because it’s mean, should be upset because it’s misrepresenting.” perfect. thank you.
lumberfreddie Oy oldin
my closest loved ones are all people who could be considered “sociopaths” or “psychopaths” and even myself, i fit those labels! and as someone who is well versed in this mental illness conversation, environment and culture, i know exactly how it feels to be mistreated and misrepresented. i’ve been denied therapy and special programs because of my diagnosis. my best friend is schizo n autistic and the shit i’ve seen psychs n doctors and even their own parents do to them..... it’s painful. watching someone wrongfully profile someone like jake paul on the internet because he’s an asshole as being “mentally ill in some way” makes me feel sick! because it makes me feel like people think i’m a bad person for being mentally ill! it makes me feel like they see me like they see him! i struggle every fucking day to just not be angry and violent and manipulative for no fucking reason because my brain doesn’t work right but i would never consider myself the same as jake paul, and i will never accept someone seeing me as just my struggles. i’m fucked up but i’m still a person and i still deserve respect.
lumberfreddie Oy oldin
alex this is the 4th video of urs i’ve watched and i can’t subscribe until u Please fucking fix ur hair. put it up or smthn. im so sorry for dragging u but it Looks Like One Single flap Please. Please.
Shimra Jaime Fine
Actually, I think people were more upset with how Iris's video was taken incredibly out of context. Sociopaths are not inherently bad people, and I've known some people with ASPD that are very good people (I am friends with one of Iris's alters on facebook but we aren't close. However I know a lot of their mutual friends and they've never seemed to have a problem with them. They seem quite fond of them). It's crappy to take someone's educational video out of context without their permission and demonize a mental illness that can actually often be very benign.
annoying ass
annoying ass Oy oldin
1:08 so cuuuuuute
xbbellababyx Oy oldin
damn didn’t know alex was out here speaking volumes
cactus kid
cactus kid Oy oldin
can we leave this on the note of "people's mental health isn't anyone's business unless its a direct factor in your own life?" i dont appreciate the way shane portrayed it, but i cant help the facts, can i?
Why does Alex look like a 12 yr old and a 20 yr old at the same time?
Quincy Creason
Shave that shit please
S3an's special elf no.385
agreed we don't care lol liked the documentary though!
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith Oy oldin
I just think Jake Paul is a bit of a dickhead
kazoosquid subria
I love your face spots ImAllex
kazoosquid subria
Datboi420 Gaming
Allexx drinks bath water
alice pdn
alice pdn Oy oldin
Shane should go back to trying weird foods 🤷🏻‍♀️
davids bitch
davids bitch Oy oldin
i feel like shanes series are extremely unprofessional but most of his nine year old fans don't realise it because he keeps talking to all these "professional people". Also he tries to portray sociopaths as murders even though most sociopath have and will never do any harm to anyone.
Jake J
Jake J Oy oldin
I believe Jake Paul’s an alien
Jake J
Jake J Oy oldin
Same as I believe everyone is
Tyanx Oy oldin
Nah man by the end he really wasn't making him a villain
Tyanx Oy oldin
Look logan just wanted attention
Shniiro 69
Shniiro 69 Oy oldin
Sociopath To Shoshopiasff
Izzie Oy oldin
Why have you got a problem with him, dragging UZvidrs is just pathetic and bad sportsmanship
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Oy oldin
Plot twist: we’re all sociopaths
Spud 2 oy oldin
baldielou 2 oy oldin
7:09 - 7:45 the nugs of knowledge yeeees 🤙
FBI 2 oy oldin
Hey wow youre famous now, just remember who got you there
A Jar Of Jamz Vlogs
Plot Twist! The real sociopath is JoJo Siwa!
Yo Dawg
Yo Dawg 2 oy oldin
Boo Hoo
Kate James
Kate James 2 oy oldin
I love Shane, I think he makes great content. However the negatives do stand out a lot, throwing around sociopath labels and also taking a psychiatrist and pretending she is a manager is unethical, but I do think as it progresses it gets better, Jake Pauls past isn't good, but I do doubt he's a sociopath.
Schnarf_ Shnarf
Schnarf_ Shnarf 2 oy oldin
Mate, you definitely drew sociopaths in a terrible light. That was bluntly put as fact and generalized an extremely unique set of people as bad. They aren't all only interested in self gain and self preservation, they too have a unique set of emotions and neurological structures that make them unique to them. They do care about people however, perhaps less in quantity, and they struggle to show it. And if you're doing something that doesn't benefit you in some way or even harm's you, then you're doing it wrong mate.
urboiweeaboo 122
urboiweeaboo 122 2 oy oldin
Do u have a lisp just want to know soos
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose 2 oy oldin
I think I agree with a lot of your points, good perspective
ItzTheUnderlord 101
Lilian Anneloes
Lilian Anneloes 2 oy oldin
Charlotte Xx1905
Charlotte Xx1905 2 oy oldin
7:24 that *hairflip* I’m- 😩😌
bobby shut the fuck up
t 2 oy oldin
love allexx and still will no homo but i also like shane too
confusedphan 2 oy oldin
youre literally in a shane dawson video now, wowie
How Not To Date
2 oy oldin
back to nothing
9 oy oldin