Found Assault Rifle Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)

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Found Assault Rifle Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called) uzvid.com/video/video-ZGAS4zuwJNg.html&feature=youtu.be




21-Apr, 2018

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Ronald Tartaglia
Ronald Tartaglia 2 soat oldin
M 14?
Liam Bush
Liam Bush 2 soat oldin
Guess you got to buy jet ski now
iTrex Soat oldin
He got him a long time ago
Jack Scott
Jack Scott 3 soat oldin
Seems you need a JetSki now. Edit: You need to buy 2 JetSkis.
pugs are awsome
pugs are awsome 7 soat oldin
Maybe jetski trip to the MV World Discover
Angela Ruiz
Angela Ruiz 7 soat oldin
Buy a jet ski you havevover 500 thousand likes😑😑
daniel jim
daniel jim 7 soat oldin
He already has
B’s World
B’s World 12 soat oldin
7:26 pause the video
John Connolly Jr
John Connolly Jr 16 soat oldin
please do a jetski treasure hunt with a drone following you all guys (like?)
Christine Rust
Christine Rust 16 soat oldin
Or MORE likes
Zombie Ninja
Zombie Ninja 19 soat oldin
You guys are nice helping the environment
adit qwerty
adit qwerty 20 soat oldin
It's so COOL ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
ReFoliX Bääm
ReFoliX Bääm 23 soat oldin
Buy a jetscki you have 500 thausend likes
Ted Moseby
Ted Moseby Kun oldin
It is in fact an M14 rifle, as the guy said.
Angela Snipes
Angela Snipes Kun oldin
Love to watch your video
Cameron Kun oldin
Is the end of the barrel a silencer? Looks like it
A Sorrells
A Sorrells 8 soat oldin
no its a rusted muzzle break
Tony Allen
Tony Allen 9 soat oldin
Caroline Doyle
Caroline Doyle Kun oldin
9:03 the shadow of the guy holding the camera: Thats not a go pro.
You should put the names on the bottom while your showing the people's go pros.
VerumAdPotentia Kun oldin
"If we get 200K likes..." 561,000 likes later...
Todd Bolton
Todd Bolton Kun oldin
So did you buy the jet skis?? 500k+ likes
Rusty Shelburne
Rusty Shelburne Kun oldin
561K likes my brother
Tigist Geresu
Tigist Geresu Kun oldin
That's just suspicious
ShootaR YT
ShootaR YT Kun oldin
Ashley Blades
Ashley Blades Kun oldin
immortep Kun oldin
that looks more like a hunting rifle!! #fortnite
Conor Finn
Conor Finn Kun oldin
Ryan Freeman
Ryan Freeman Kun oldin
immortep you tool
Maxyman Dan
Maxyman Dan 2 kun oldin
That’s was mr.turtle
David GAME
David GAME 2 kun oldin
I love when he doots turtles
Kody Rathbone
Kody Rathbone 2 kun oldin
That's an m14
andyrihn1 36 daqiqa oldin
Definitely not an m4 whoever said that (totally different weapon platform). Definitely not an m1 garand (yes magazine fed garands exist but they were experimental). Too big to be a mini-14. M305s are hard to find in the US because of importation laws (more common in Canada though). Most likely a M1A which is the civilian legal (not a machine gun) version of the m14. They are, except the m4, pretty similar. M14 was an improvement on the m1. M1A is the civilian version. M305 is a Chinese copy. Mini-14 is a scaled down version to shoot lighter cartridges
BK FL Kun oldin
Could be an m4 carbine if not a m1 garand
BK FL Kun oldin
Liam Davison m1 garands can be modified to use magazines
Liam Davison
Liam Davison Kun oldin
its not a m1 garand for the simple fact the rifle pulled out uses a magazine were as the m1 uses stripper clips. I would say its a m305 and not a m14.
Caleb Isaac
Caleb Isaac Kun oldin
BK FL it may also be a m305
Lisa Sutton
Lisa Sutton 2 kun oldin
The giant concrete thing was probably a giant concert LEGO
MyUserNamesThis takes the L
You have 560K likes
MyUserNamesThis takes the L
+Creeper_ _Craft ummm no
Creeper_ _Craft
Creeper_ _Craft 2 kun oldin
Owen Petrie
Owen Petrie 2 kun oldin
This is Jake👨 He always tries to find lost valuables but he can't 1 like 1 lost valuable
Conor Finn
Conor Finn Kun oldin
Owen Petrie stop
Mr.Tickles Follower
So how about that 200k likes
Elijah Moore
Elijah Moore 2 kun oldin
UZvidr: nothing can beet finding a pistol underwater Dallmyd: let me step into action
Matthew Ferraro
Matthew Ferraro 2 kun oldin
Elijah Moore *beat
Colak 12
Colak 12 2 kun oldin
M1 grand or carbon
Caleb Isaac
Caleb Isaac Kun oldin
SavagePizza ----/- nah its a m305
SavagePizza ————/—
Colak 12 nice try M14
nathan vs nathan 8675
Colak 12 it’s not mini m14 there different dumb ass
Amazon squidz
Amazon squidz 2 kun oldin
Colak 12 it looks to be an m14 due to the magazine port
Isaac Nelson
Isaac Nelson 2 kun oldin
Wow ok
angelo cars
angelo cars 3 kun oldin
angelo cars
angelo cars 3 kun oldin
angelo cars
angelo cars 3 kun oldin
Chuck Ionadi
Chuck Ionadi 3 kun oldin
It’s an m1 grand from ww2
Caleb Isaac
Caleb Isaac Kun oldin
It’s a m305
SavagePizza ————/—
Chuck Ionadi M14
nathan vs nathan 8675
Chuck Ionadi no it’s not
bigshaqgaming 3 kun oldin
No it's not it's an M14 but they are close the M14 was meant to be an improvement
Teefer 920
Teefer 920 3 kun oldin
Low-key looks like a pump from Fortnite. Who's here before we know what the cube will do?
RubberDuck ADub
RubberDuck ADub 2 kun oldin
*Me and And other PUBG players left the chat*
Ciara Grubbs
Ciara Grubbs 3 kun oldin
Me x3
Carl Livsey
Carl Livsey 3 kun oldin
8:00 your welcome
Cold waterz b
Cold waterz b Kun oldin
Ur hero hahaha
Isaac Miranda
Isaac Miranda 2 kun oldin
Tyler Wuollet
Tyler Wuollet 3 kun oldin
M1grande has a top loading clip
Tyler Wuollet
Tyler Wuollet 3 kun oldin
Queer that aint a ausalt rifle
nathan vs nathan 8675
Tyler Wuollet why is your spelling way off
Sebgamer Tv
Sebgamer Tv 3 kun oldin
7:20 You welcome
Flufferbaff McGee
Flufferbaff McGee 3 kun oldin
No step on snek.
Adian Smith
Adian Smith 3 kun oldin
Is an M14
Caleb Isaac
Caleb Isaac Kun oldin
bigshaqgaming its a m305
bigshaqgaming 3 kun oldin
Thank you everyone says it's an M1 garand
Adian Smith
Adian Smith 3 kun oldin
Buy him the jet ski
The-Zudrac- Flank
The-Zudrac- Flank 3 kun oldin
559k people wanted you to buy a jet ski
greg gentry
greg gentry 3 kun oldin
It's a m-14, m1 grand is not magazine fed
Zarion Morris
Zarion Morris 3 kun oldin
Alien Gamer
Alien Gamer 3 kun oldin
4:07 you guys are safe the fish
Andy Ryoo
Andy Ryoo 3 kun oldin
wtf m1 garands dont use magazines
Andy Ryoo
Andy Ryoo 3 kun oldin
m14 holy shit
Jack Patmore
Jack Patmore 4 kun oldin
Do you have Fortnite?
SHEVDAWG34 Chest 3 kun oldin
Jack Patmore friend me in fortnite
Paige Winkle
Paige Winkle 4 kun oldin
*Makes ascent after finding rifle* wow that was fast, you were only in like 5 feet of water LOL
Aiden Phillips
Aiden Phillips 4 kun oldin
Why is everyone seeing this now
Hideka Hideka
Hideka Hideka 4 kun oldin
Adgmafhmdb.adgmykarlhqrulafruk Nftuqmafhmqtulgj Aqurltqtulagjqtua Gnqt
Topper Möller
Topper Möller 4 kun oldin
i agree
mia millin
mia millin 4 kun oldin
you asked for 200 thousand likes and you got 500 thousand
Vic Narrates
Vic Narrates 4 kun oldin
It looks like they are wearing E2 bands.
camden harcum
camden harcum 4 kun oldin
Giannis Kagias
Giannis Kagias 4 kun oldin
WFT how did you you find this and did it was there?
Gwen Campbell
Gwen Campbell 4 kun oldin
greg gentry
greg gentry 3 kun oldin
+Ein Schweinehund m1 grand is does not have a detachable magazine, it's definitely a m14 for sure
Ein Schweinehund
Ein Schweinehund 4 kun oldin
Boi there are many guns that look like an m1 garand
Alexia Glassco
Alexia Glassco 4 kun oldin
Yeah it's an M-14
greg gentry
greg gentry 4 kun oldin
Wrong m14
Joseph Lackey
Joseph Lackey 4 kun oldin
Hey its martin Kyle
You shuld buy 5 becouse you hit 500:000+
ZIAD BASTAMI 5 kun oldin
its a m1 carbine from ww2 its an american rifle
Ein Schweinehund
Ein Schweinehund 4 kun oldin
Gwen Campbell BOI
greg gentry
greg gentry 4 kun oldin
*oof* 4 kun oldin
It's an m14
Gwen Campbell
Gwen Campbell 4 kun oldin
ZIAD BASTAMI no it’s m1 garand
Speedy Speedster
Speedy Speedster 4 kun oldin
ClemsonPaw4 5 kun oldin
You got 500k likes
Deana Davis
Deana Davis 5 kun oldin
That is a m14 carbine
bigshaqgaming 3 kun oldin
M14 not M14 carbine
Owen Hickey
Owen Hickey 5 kun oldin
That is so cool, great find! Have you got your jet ski yet?
Darwins Myth
Darwins Myth 5 kun oldin
The guy said, the gun was an M-14 and you guys ignored him.
Shirley McCoy
Shirley McCoy 5 kun oldin
😐😐😐 try finding something cool
TH3wolF BS
TH3wolF BS 4 kun oldin
Sorry kid but you cant find any vbucks there
Beheil Crunk
Beheil Crunk 5 kun oldin
Shirley McCoy I thought it was pretty cool
Shirley McCoy
Shirley McCoy 5 kun oldin
Shirley McCoy
Shirley McCoy 5 kun oldin
Jake buy a jet ski mate
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 6 kun oldin
If it was an m1 garland, then it wouldn’t have a magazine holder. It is a M14 because of the barrel. You put a small clip of 8 bullets to put in through the top. Therefore it is not an M1 Garland.
Luke Purcell
Luke Purcell 5 kun oldin
Garland ? You mean Garand ?
Phoenix Wainwright
Phoenix Wainwright 6 kun oldin
7:50 You're Welcome
Ridxy 6 kun oldin
jaden wales
jaden wales 6 kun oldin
Jarrett Beaumont
Jarrett Beaumont 6 kun oldin
Did you by the jetskis
Rachel Fowler
Rachel Fowler 6 kun oldin
Did you all buy it skes yet
Donny Wisor
Donny Wisor 6 kun oldin
I'm constantly losing guns in boating accidents. One was bound to turn up.
2 Stroke, Running and repair
5 jet skis
So I guess I Exist
So I guess I Exist 6 kun oldin
two jet skis then
valerie longo love u john
It looks like an M14 definitely a civilian rifle not a military rifle it's a copy of a recreation
RunFromGears 6 kun oldin
M1 Grande
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 6 kun oldin
M 1 doesn’t have a mag holder
Robert Schumacher
Robert Schumacher 6 kun oldin
Nope. Going by the sight, flash hider, and magazine well, that's an M-14.
marcusmcclure 6 kun oldin
that knife is probably crime evidence you dummy
Vin Cent
Vin Cent 6 kun oldin
m14 yeeet
Puzzled Cow
Puzzled Cow 6 kun oldin
200,000 of the likes are Tristan’s.
Gnome Chomsky
Gnome Chomsky 7 kun oldin
Lotsa children in these comments, think that because the played cod they know what a gun is
gingerly snake
gingerly snake 4 kun oldin
Gnome Chomsky well at least they know what it does (hopefully)
Tyler Keefe
Tyler Keefe 7 kun oldin
That's either an M14 or Socom 16
Dynamix691 7 kun oldin
Jalenn Lyons
Jalenn Lyons 7 kun oldin
My friend he has like 20 jet skis to fix and he keeps theme to
Jalenn Lyons
Jalenn Lyons 3 kun oldin
_Annie_ TM I meant them
Jalenn Lyons
Jalenn Lyons 3 kun oldin
Ana Quintanilla
Ana Quintanilla 6 kun oldin
_Annie_ TM
_Annie_ TM 7 kun oldin
Reahlyn Emmanuel
Reahlyn Emmanuel 7 kun oldin
I think the gun is hunting rifle
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 8 kun oldin
Did you buy you and him jet skis?
You guys got it all wrong that's not an M14 it's a Rheinmetall-Borsig MK 108 used on a Sherman truck
It's a M14 the M1 Garand has a longer barrel and a completely different design. You can tell its a M14 by the lines running across the top of the rifle
Zyke V . Fulo
Zyke V . Fulo 8 kun oldin
I think it's a M11 sniping rifle
The M11 is a sub machine gun ya dingus
Skip Kennedy
Skip Kennedy 8 kun oldin
get jetskys NOW
Ernest savage gamer
Its is m14 ebr
uhh no
Orla Byrne
Orla Byrne 8 kun oldin
Please get the girls in and see what you have for Sunday night for a fgggygyyyyy
Savage_Unicornz 001
At 7:54,I think there was another gun...you just swam right over it...it looks like a rifle I guess...
J Crawley
J Crawley 7 kun oldin
Or a Uzi.. don't know.
Savage_Unicornz 001
This was only about 20 hours ago and this vid already has 7,933,966 views...WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME YT
Where to.
Where to. 7 kun oldin
its from april 21 actually
Kim Dong
Kim Dong 9 kun oldin
Thats a shot gun. Did you call the police?
finnlay worchurst
finnlay worchurst 9 kun oldin
wouldn't be a shotgun as the barrel is too thin and too long.
Emma Scott
Emma Scott 9 kun oldin
Suppressed m14
valerie longo love u john
No that's not a suppressor it's a muzzle brake directions to 30 caliber suppressor would be about as big as my arm
Will A.
Will A. 9 kun oldin
you keep mentioning alligators in your videos yet you never encountered one. plus i dont think there are alligators where you are.
SnickleFrits Pickle
Did you ever buy a jet ski? This video is at 555k likes lol
SnickleFrits Pickle
Sure did just watched the video.
dutch pandaz
dutch pandaz 9 kun oldin
m14 ww2
Where to.
Where to. 7 kun oldin
it has a bolt tho
the m14 wasn't made during WW2 that's the M1 carbine