This Smartphone Will Change Everything...

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Is this a glimpse into a truly bezel-less smartphone future. Will Samsung completely bypass the notch era of smartphones?
Forbes Article - www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2018/10/21/samsung-galaxy-s10-smartphone-galaxy-f-s9-note9/#2708729f5db3
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23-Okt, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
Who will be the first smartphone brand to successfully plant a camera below the front display?
Abdul Aziz Ashari
Abdul Aziz Ashari 13 kun oldin
Nokia X blackberry
Nez D
Nez D 13 kun oldin
wouldn't that suck if you're glass above it cracks? Camera would see the shatter? (very specific scenario i know)
Neeti Shrestha
Neeti Shrestha 20 kun oldin
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 20 kun oldin
Rereeeeeeerrreee CJ will hier GOOGLE
TOM CHIAO 2 soat oldin
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh 21 soat oldin
Samsung has now launched notch phone (M series)
Bujar Rraci
Bujar Rraci 3 kun oldin
Bla bla bla bla.... Another moron!
Andrea Padilla
Andrea Padilla 3 kun oldin
To be fair the sound on display is not new Xiaomi was the first to implement a version of this on the first iteration of the Mi Mix
Emily G
Emily G 6 kun oldin
the smartphone world changes rapidly like heidi klums boyfriends
Luigi 's
Luigi 's 7 kun oldin
Everyoane says that a hole in the screen is better than a notch. But a hole is far worse then a bezel !
Mark Gallardo
Mark Gallardo 8 kun oldin
The omly thing i dont like is the the phone that is so expensive and little specs... so stupid
Chowthisdown bigboy
Like for a notch less future :)
Solar 9 kun oldin
Motorola doesn't have a notch
Abrahim Hussein
Abrahim Hussein 10 kun oldin
1:17 Jack
jawharjojo 10 kun oldin
Watching this on my S9
Usama Shahid
Usama Shahid 11 kun oldin
Review Huawei Nova 4
ISSAC.J 11 kun oldin
Jai Vamsi
Jai Vamsi 12 kun oldin
Wait...below ur video I noticed that 1 plus 6 is just RS :151 is that true... i think it's fake...do v trust myestore
xplicible gaming
xplicible gaming 12 kun oldin
1 like = one s10 produced
Charles Tait
Charles Tait 12 kun oldin
Who cares about the "notch"? Assholes that's who!
Jmalagano Alagano
Jmalagano Alagano 12 kun oldin
Samsung device's are exploding 😪
Aadi Shaj
Aadi Shaj 12 kun oldin
Yeah I am a bit disappointed that Samsung just made a hole cutout on the display not under the screen and hidden but the S10 will be a great phone regardless 👍
Vecinu' 12 kun oldin
This phone should be called *Samsung True Galaxy*
Kishore Kr Basumatary
Just waiting for the moment...! ✌️
Kishore Kr Basumatary
Just waiting for the moment...! ✌️
Diller Hiller
Diller Hiller 13 kun oldin
whatching this on a MI mix3
im forallz
im forallz 13 kun oldin
Any fucking moron can figure out...next is notchless...solid state battery...
Mahmoud Safari
Mahmoud Safari 13 kun oldin
Just Subscribed here, and I have a good feeling about it ...
YT Info
YT Info 13 kun oldin
Meanwhile Apple working to explain why next iPhone will cost 1999 USD
James Mc
James Mc 13 kun oldin
After having the the S9+ I miss bezels and flat screens.
Apesta8 14 kun oldin
Ronron Gumabon
Ronron Gumabon 14 kun oldin
Apple is probaly watchibg this
dcxl.i 14 kun oldin
i will only buy a phone with a headphone jack
Minerguy 14 kun oldin
It's ALL screen
Győrösi Sándor
Győrösi Sándor 14 kun oldin
Jajj! You cool guy! Thanks!
Adil Pervez
Adil Pervez 15 kun oldin
Which stupid idiot came up with the idea of a notch?
Bubble Head
Bubble Head 15 kun oldin
It was somsungs idea to make they're phones full screen. Yeah so go somsung. For loughing at iPhone and other phones out there. Saying we said it 10 years a go and u could make it. They make there galexes phone screen going fully on the sides.
First Name Last Name
Audio from the screen man this is the future right here
V8 Addiction
V8 Addiction 15 kun oldin
This is why Samsung has seemed so cool all these years.
LegendFighter 20
LegendFighter 20 15 kun oldin
*This is where samsung ends the war trust me*
LF_Daniel 15 kun oldin
Iphone 6 No HeadPhone Jack Iphone7/8JackHome Button Iphone 10 No Charger Iphone 11 No Phone
Ru22eLL 15 kun oldin
Fingerprint under the screen work perfectly ok now.
Fuseteam 15 kun oldin
what's HoD
Ahmad A.
Ahmad A. 15 kun oldin
Weakness in software? Lol, their Software is years ahead of the pitifully-limited stock Android. I switched from over half a decade of using just jailbroken iPhones to Android, now using a Note 8 as my first ever Samsung Smartphone, and it is hands down the most versatile and useful Smartphone I've EVER had! Many of what's considered "new" to stock Android 9 has long been on my Note 8 with Android 7.1.1 right out of the box. It's just laughable and cringeworthy how some people are desperately crying for the latest stock Android when Samsung's feature packed skins does most of it and a whole lot more! I just can't settle for any pitifully-limited stock Android experience. Period.
Christopher Prosser
Christopher Prosser 16 kun oldin
Why does everyone want a foldable phone
Endless beginning
Endless beginning 16 kun oldin
notch are so annoying.. when i watch movie in my mobile
Kev Khoi
Kev Khoi 16 kun oldin
You wouldn't watch a movie on the TV with a huge black notch in your movie. Why would you on your phone.
Shekhar Swarnakar
Shekhar Swarnakar 16 kun oldin
Samsung of course.
Obviously 16 kun oldin
Roses are red violets are blue.....
Derek Taylor
Derek Taylor 17 kun oldin
The Sharp Aquos Crystal phone came close to this
chilleffect 18 kun oldin
Can someone answer that phone? Because I fucking called it!!!!! Like 100 videos ago with the future being a camera under the screen. I need to find the video I commented on this.
jamie yeet
jamie yeet 18 kun oldin
I like the nocth
Think Films
Think Films 19 kun oldin
Did I just see jack!?!??
Tajay 23
Tajay 23 20 kun oldin
Apple has left the chat
A very lazy gamer
A very lazy gamer 20 kun oldin
Of Notch will be gone Minecraft will be deleted
이은영 20 kun oldin
Apple : Let me introduce our new feature...it's called HDR, and our new price tag will be 1,500 dollars.
DaChozenPoww 21 kun oldin
Minecraft have better notch
sir_Nemo22 _
sir_Nemo22 _ 21 kun oldin
I love your channel but i dont get the clickbait
Guillermo Reynoso
Guillermo Reynoso 22 kun oldin
Samsung: we are the first notchless all screen phone creators Vivo: hold my beer...
Simply Shaye
Simply Shaye 23 kun oldin
Why does Samsung help it's competitors?
Simply Shaye
Simply Shaye 23 kun oldin
Why do people care about notches like they don't bother me at all in fact I think phones with bezels screens are more durable
alireza baloochi
alireza baloochi 23 kun oldin
1:02 OWWO phone? WTF
deathbydevice 24 kun oldin
Just get rid of the front face camera. Problem solved
Caden Humphrey
Caden Humphrey 29 kun oldin
There is sensors under the display they are designing them now
L- series
L- series Oy oldin
Apple stop looking so stupid
Não Te Interessa
Should I wait for this one or get the note 9?!
Abu Khan
Abu Khan 23 kun oldin
Waiting is a better option in all aspects. You might have a smartphone now. You can wait till the next year when they would bring 5G too. Then we'll know if this product is really as this guy says, I was in doubt but then decided. I'm waiting too for next year.
John Juxi
John Juxi Oy oldin
Then you can blend it fucckking Morron
Srijan Tanay
Srijan Tanay Oy oldin
Plz donate I pad pro12.9 with its accessories to me
Raj Raj
Raj Raj Oy oldin
samsung the best
Zith's View
Zith's View Oy oldin
Nice you're not alone brother, looking forward to see that notch-less future. Notch no more. Peace
Ethan Runyan
Ethan Runyan Oy oldin
samsung will do it first but apple will do it better.
Ronald H
Ronald H Oy oldin
notch is not a bad design, i doesnt look bad
Shubham Sahu
Shubham Sahu Oy oldin
Actually it will not change anything...
WavyWolf Oy oldin
If this is a thing they should call it the Samsung Galaxy Supernova
VLTE Beats
VLTE Beats Oy oldin
Lol Apple buys hardware from ANDROID and yall wanna discredit android users while Apple lacks all the latest technology. We'll give them the camera tho
If Apple hasn't done it, it just mean it's not perfect yet. Samsung will maybe try it first, Apple will do first. The technology will only be ready for the next iPhone 🤣🤣🤣
Toni Moncrieffe
No Sleep
No Sleep Oy oldin
Meh. I’d rather have a notch than have a Samsung. Their phones are packed to the brim with bullshit that nobody needs.
Silvanna w
Silvanna w Oy oldin
Really is that all people care not about better battery's not computing power to play more games and do better bussines. No it is a notch lol. Common is people have no life to complain about notch
Void Zero
Void Zero Oy oldin
Apple new feature: NO CHARGING
90 %
90 % Oy oldin
The fingerpprint on the screen Haa already been done, the one plus 6t already has it
bipolar polarbear
Same with sony
I found the notch ugly for a couple of months until I got the honor 8x and after a few days it was not so bad and forgotten about
Tatang Oy oldin
I don't like notch
Darth Qiza
Darth Qiza Oy oldin
Next phone where the behind is the display too
casey Ri
casey Ri Oy oldin
Samsung truly innovating Apple just getting greedier
Pam Gramster
Pam Gramster Oy oldin
Looks like the creator of mine craft can't use Samsung
Christopher Kendalls
Sharp has sound on display.
Syed Afif
Syed Afif Oy oldin
im a notch hater too 😊
Spoodimin Oy oldin
Why notch less:( notch is good guy he made the Minecraft
Tronci Oy oldin
Looks ugly tho
Lush Ann
Lush Ann Oy oldin
Am not going to buy it. Just gonna wait for phones to become holograms. 😌😂
The Novice Filmers
Bezel is better than notch i think . I like the Mi mix 2 design
DUKETV/shoty Oy oldin
That's why I have iPhone 8+
Rayyan Imram
Rayyan Imram Oy oldin
Samsung:bro we have to make a foldble phone.😀 Apple:Man they are making a foldble phone we have to make the eksakt thing But just more Apple looking and sell it for more MONEY.🤑
NahImBad Oy oldin
It’s almost sickening watching this on an iPhone 10s
Deo NiQuette
Deo NiQuette Oy oldin
Apple fucked now
Michał Szymanski
What about SONY!!!
jairtzinio Oy oldin
I still wouldn't buy they trashy product.... Even if it could wipe my ass as I take a shit I still wouldn't buy it
John Schlicker
Samsung will create it and Apple will come out with it a year or two later and claim that they innovated it.
Andi Budiman Hasty
I am only one here who thing phones with bezzle, but not to thick, are more applealing than one without bezzle? I am more fan of Note 5 and S7 than note 8/9.
Marcel Anderer
its gonna be great when samsung does all the work and xiaomi steals it a week later and makes a phone that is 300 dollar but has the same design and specs hehe
And I'm An Anarchist
Looks to me like entire screens could end up being the camera, which is BS, because that means there will be zero privacy with no way to block the camera.