Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

Good Mythical Morning
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We left several things in champagne for a month to ring in the new year! What happens to a strawberry when it soaks in bubbly for that long? It's time to find out! GMM #1456
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8-Yan, 2019



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Coleman Hodgson
Coleman Hodgson Kun oldin
Did Link change his gloves lololol.....
billy jones
billy jones 2 kun oldin
Link needs to write a song about strawberry wine
Payton Larson
Payton Larson 3 kun oldin
Link's giggle in the beginning
JynxFX 4 kun oldin
**We've done C O K E**
Black Red10
Black Red10 6 kun oldin
When rhett said that links career would be nothing without rhett, link looked so irritated, i wouldnt be surprised if he just interrupted filming andd got off camera contesting that statement
Nolan Pieprzyk
Nolan Pieprzyk 6 kun oldin
9:14 hasn’t aged well
Dakota Sheetz
Dakota Sheetz 7 kun oldin
Yeah Link...I heard it too 00:46
Lettuce games
Lettuce games 7 kun oldin
“Strawberry champagne on ice”
ImNotAMachine76 7 kun oldin
Rhett - "We've done coke"
Mantas Hitas
Mantas Hitas 8 kun oldin
9:07 -9:16 this didn't age well
Tytus Magolewski
Tytus Magolewski 9 kun oldin
Hey did they coin Good Mythical Merch?
Savannah Ruehle
Savannah Ruehle 9 kun oldin
10 days before my birth day
Artemis Ace
Artemis Ace 9 kun oldin
Seventeen the hot July moon, saw everything The first taste of lovvve oh, bitter sweet!
Meghan Beaman
Meghan Beaman 10 kun oldin
Link: *runs by with the urinal cake* Rhett: Whatcha got there? Link: Gum! Rhett: NOO!
Trevor 10 kun oldin
Obstruction of Justice!!!! Haha
Alexis HI
Alexis HI 10 kun oldin
8:18 to the newest episodes the weird strawberries
Anoni Mouse
Anoni Mouse 11 kun oldin
As far as strawberries go, my homegrown ones are red in the center too. Not sure what's different about them but I guess not all strawberries are created equal?
Flávia Santos
Flávia Santos 11 kun oldin
Live things in vodka or coffe
Jade Guillory
Jade Guillory 11 kun oldin
The way that Link said chicharrones😂
Naire Rowe
Naire Rowe 13 kun oldin
Rhetts look of fear when link pretended to eat the urinal cake😂
Alice Margatroid
Alice Margatroid 13 kun oldin
Link singing about the Strawberry Champagne is beautiful and funny.
Super Gamer
Super Gamer 13 kun oldin
Is the only time link isn’t playing with knives
S A 13 kun oldin
I love how the just drink from the strawberry jar 😂😂😂
Johana Aguirre
Johana Aguirre 14 kun oldin
Should try to leave things in bug spray! I kept some in my car and it exploded without my knowing and it made some of my stuff GOOEY...
Meagan Stumph
Meagan Stumph 14 kun oldin
I skipped forward 10 seconds and landed at 0:46 and had a real surprise when the first thing Rhett says is “WE’VE DONE COKE”
Ross Kohl
Ross Kohl 14 kun oldin
Yikes, that Michael Jackson joke is not going to age well...
Tyler Rose
Tyler Rose 15 kun oldin
that bromance
1996kornfan 15 kun oldin
Leave random things in ketchup
Tadas Karpavicius
Tadas Karpavicius 16 kun oldin
I the ending- light skin incoming😂
ginoxio2004 16 kun oldin
Rhett: A: Dissolve and completely dissapear Also Rhett: I'm about to reck this mans whole career.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett said: brains dissolve into pieces like a thousand UZvidrs who ate tide pods 😂🤣
TheVet Summer
TheVet Summer 16 kun oldin
Obstructions of justice!! Thats DEFINITELY what I'm calling my rawhide foreign body cases from now on 😂😂😂 #vetlife #butreallydontfeedrawhides
Emeli Lopez
Emeli Lopez 16 kun oldin
That pronunciation of "chicharones" is gold
Random Nobody
Random Nobody 16 kun oldin
What to do next: cocaine and gasoline.
T Gay
T Gay 16 kun oldin
My family stopped giving our dogs raw hides because of an almost obstruction
mEEp nope
mEEp nope 17 kun oldin
I could watch that first eating strawberry scene forever, someone make it an hour loop or something
Emma Paige
Emma Paige 17 kun oldin
Thank God it’s not smell tv !!! That brain 🤢🤮!! Lol love you guys! Ps why does Link have a scalpel?!
snake nolastname
snake nolastname 18 kun oldin
When you leave a brain in champagne it becomes smug
billy aranda
billy aranda 18 kun oldin
best scene every some one make a edit of that or a remix 11:10 "Stawberry wine"
billy aranda
billy aranda 18 kun oldin
xdmomyou 20 kun oldin
"We've done coke"
Kyle Collins
Kyle Collins 20 kun oldin
Stevie can definitely get this big fat strong hard throbbing giant heart bc she definitely deserves it💕🥰💜🖤💩
Kaly Mar
Kaly Mar 21 kun oldin
For the QWEEN SWEEP 👑 🧹
Minimum cinnamon
Minimum cinnamon 21 kun oldin
Hey look it squidward meat
Austin McGrath
Austin McGrath 21 kun oldin
Who else is watching at 2am
Tiny Reid
Tiny Reid 21 kun oldin
Yay green
Boiled Egg
Boiled Egg 21 kun oldin
Ducking wetards go jill yourselves idiots I’m only replacing these letter to get past the UZvid filter system seriously I hate you guys
Glitch Ryze
Glitch Ryze 22 kun oldin
Drake would like to know your location
Joshua Gamer
Joshua Gamer 22 kun oldin
1:09 are you inspecting champagne-soaked items or dissecting a frog?
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If you think about it the human brain 🧠 named itself 🤯
Emma Joy
Emma Joy 22 kun oldin
Everything in this video is packed with flavor.
Beast Ghost
Beast Ghost 22 kun oldin
i swear i've heard all the same jokes in a different video
Dexter RM4
Dexter RM4 22 kun oldin
It so soft!!! 12:18
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B 23 kun oldin
Next: -Vinegar -Blood (I think they might of done it though) -Wine -Salt water -Urine -Fruit Punch -Orange juice -Hand sanitizer
C0mplete Cha0s
C0mplete Cha0s 23 kun oldin
on the first one before they had seen it or anything, he said it turned pink....how did he know that without seeing it first? ok wait...confused is this set up or what happened there LOL
Kyle Ernst
Kyle Ernst 23 kun oldin
Were do you get the brains
Lee Marie
Lee Marie 23 kun oldin
You should do a leaving things in dish soap for a month?
Henry Waterman
Henry Waterman 24 kun oldin
Absinthe for a month?
Rockin Thomas86
Rockin Thomas86 24 kun oldin
13:36 he just touched a brain and fed him a strawberry
Evan Pickard
Evan Pickard 24 kun oldin
Strawberry wine and seventeen The hot july moon saw everything My first taste of love ooh bittersweet Green on the vine Like strawberry wine Strawberry wine - Deana Carter
Beyzagor98 25 kun oldin
“I guess they are champagne glasses now” love the pun
dustmart84 25 kun oldin
Man, you guys are so entertaining in a f'd up world. Don't change.
Aikano9 25 kun oldin
I made red bull marinated chicken wraps for a cooking test in 10th grade. It tasted decent and didn’t look too bad so I got a C, apparently that’s the best grade that was given since everyone else either burned, undercooked or seasoned too little or to much, from what I heard they didn’t get more than D’s and E’s
Chris Miller
Chris Miller 26 kun oldin
My dog love rawhide and he ain't ever had no problem with them
Kaitlyn Wright
Kaitlyn Wright 27 kun oldin
You're not supposed to feed rawhide to dogs because it can sit in their intestines and possibly cut them. This usually happens with dogs that have problems digesting things, but if you've given your dog rawhide before, and they have no issue, it's not really something to be worried about. If you decide to stay away from it anyway, they've mad alternatives including: smartbones, No-Hide, and Himalayan Chews
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez 27 kun oldin
These videos are always just so random but so entertaining
J Herbert
J Herbert 28 kun oldin
Antifreeze next please
Michael Jackson Space geek
How dare you make fun of mj
nova moon the wolf
nova moon the wolf 28 kun oldin
Do more you should do in pork blood or beer from a can or ginger ale
Mark T
Mark T 29 kun oldin
Its all SHAM PAIN!!
EmilyAnne Oy oldin
Hear me out.....leave things in pigs blood for a month
Ryuzakai Hirokai
Can we talk about how good that Tide Pods burn was?
Meli Rayne
Meli Rayne Oy oldin
This is quality content
DeiaStudios Oy oldin
10:48 Rhet’s “good?” Sounds likes 10:59 Link’s “good?” Lmao
Jonnhy G
Jonnhy G Oy oldin
It's better when they dont read almost everything They talk as if they were robots i used to watch the early episode and they were much better Less awkwardness and they look to much at what they read is pretty awkard to watch
MilkyBunnii Oy oldin
do vinegar next please
Ri Spank
Ri Spank Oy oldin
Idk if you’ve already done this, but you should leave stuff in perfume.
grace mabel
grace mabel Oy oldin
"*hold two fists up*? OH" *holds two fists up*
Ariella Amir
Ariella Amir Oy oldin
cook the champagne steak and eat it, when i slow cook brisket i add 2 bottles of blue moon into the liquid/broth.
Ariella Amir
Ariella Amir Oy oldin
redo this one but keep it in the fridge.
Derk L
Derk L Oy oldin
You guys are fearless. You'll taste anything. #Iloveit !!!
Britty Brat
Britty Brat Oy oldin
8:26 Goals
xNenzii _
xNenzii _ Oy oldin
We give raw hide to our JRTs all the time they have been eating it for years
Joe Parker
Joe Parker Oy oldin
Do you wanna try "things under vacuum for a month"? That'll be interesting and never heard of it being done before.
Mary Ade
Mary Ade Oy oldin
Does anybody have a scientific explanation for why the champagne did all this stuff?
coryreview Oy oldin
hmmm...I was wondering what happened to Ewan McGregor
Sarah C
Sarah C Oy oldin
does anyone else think link looks like dana carvey when he was younger lol
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Oy oldin
Jack looks like chase
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash Oy oldin
"Did the urinal cake dissolve and completly disappear like Link's career without me?" That's just sad
Dallas Phillips
These guys either drink or smoke before some of these videos.
Nerdy YouTuber
Is this an asmr channel? Rhett bitting the strawberry, the slicing, the hand squeak. Damn 😂
oRampaGe1 _
oRampaGe1 _ Oy oldin
Leave stuff in Gasoline for a month...
megan mulder
megan mulder Oy oldin
"Hold that still while I run a knife across it"
katie msn
katie msn Oy oldin
So umm...nice editing on the glasses bahahaha he had them all THE WHOLE TIME
Alyssa Oy oldin
Did you know?: Champagne is a type of wine from Champagne, France.
Victor S
Victor S Oy oldin
Edgar Castillo
do pee? Doens't have to be your pee but do it.
Señor Tequila Purr
I hate how much food Link wastes.
Calvin Staricha
I could smell that steak and the ecoli that it's soaking g it
Anyone else have the stomach flu?
Jimmy Jam
Jimmy Jam Oy oldin
Link you got the queeeeeeeeeeee
gamer171762 potato
1:10 (:
DrillerNation 15
you can tell link has no idea what he is talking about on the stake
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