The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones... Bose or Sony?

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Bose QC35 II (USA Link) - amzn.to/2SioGnc
Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2SioLr0
Bose QC35 II (International) - geni.us/AFuKKLC
Sony WH1000XM3 (International) - geni.us/eH6W
The Bose QC35 and now QC35 II are widely regarded as the benchmark for wireless noise cancelling headphones. The new Sony WH1000XM3 headphones are looking to change that. So the question is... Has Sony done enough to dethrone Bose? Which is the best pair of wireless noise cancelling headphones for 2018, 2019 and beyond?
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23-Dek, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 26 kun oldin
Bose QC35 II (USA Link) - amzn.to/2SioGnc Sony WH1000XM3 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2SioLr0 Bose QC35 II (International) - geni.us/AFuKKLC Sony WH1000XM3 (International) - geni.us/eH6W
Laurentiu Codreanu
Laurentiu Codreanu 8 soat oldin
What about the Sennheiser PXC 550?
confusionstate 9 soat oldin
My Wife complains constantly, it was either Bose noise cancelling headphones or divorce ...
Mack124 2 kun oldin
I just purchased the Sony M3 and have absolutely no complaints. I wouldn’t even give the Bose headphones a second look at this point.
Isaac D
Isaac D 3 kun oldin
Hey Lou the sonys have a MAJOR problem with cold weather. You should revisit these.
Duncan Hansel
Duncan Hansel 4 kun oldin
Heads up for those unaware, Sony sells a slightly lower spec (as far as ANC goes), but they sound a touch better for as low as 1/3 the price as the WH1000XM3. Those are the WHH900N/B, which can be had refurbed on Amazon for 150, or New (open-Box) on Ebay for a flat $100.
Coby Denny
Coby Denny 3 daqiqa oldin
I own a black pair of Sony m2's, I wear them while flying and they nearly block out the sound of the aircraft
ArcaneRocket _
ArcaneRocket _ 55 daqiqa oldin
Bose headphones looks like their from 2012
Giovanni Xu
Giovanni Xu 57 daqiqa oldin
Sony one has significant less negative pressure effect than the Bose one and this means a lot to me who likes open sound field headsets.
JrakaChitown 58 daqiqa oldin
Everybody with plain & simple with any kinda common sense already know the answer to that , its without a doubt gonna be bose all day long homie no doubt & thats real..Sony couldnt hold a candle to Bose even on a bad day for bose and thats Truth .. Like MC hammer said "Sony ,"Cant touch it..
Sahid Sarkar
Sahid Sarkar 2 soat oldin
I use qc 35 version 1. One thing I didn’t like is the quality of the ear cushions. Didn’t even last for 1 year. And the spare ones are hell lot of costly. It’s a very common problem with Bose
אמיר מזובר
אמיר מזובר 3 soat oldin
The biggest advantage of Bose imo is that it can connect to 2 devices at the same time. This is great if you want to use your computer or iPad and still stay connected to you’re phone for phone calls.
Levi Leavitt
Levi Leavitt 14 soat oldin
I think that the QC 35 headphones are better first and foremost because of the comfort. When I have used them it is hours at a time for studying and work. In addition to still great sound and phenomenal noise cancelation, Bose takes the bacon.
Olivier Zablocki
Olivier Zablocki 17 soat oldin
Thanks for the video! NB Q: can I run with these on? Do they hold well while in motion?? Thx
Tae-Woo Kim
Tae-Woo Kim 18 soat oldin
I fly pretty often and I have to say that if I'm getting noise cancelling headphones, I need something that will do what they're meant to do and block out ambient engine noise and other passengers. The Bose may not sound as good but it is more effective and more comfortable. Put it this way: if you travel a lot, get the Bose. Otherwise, spring for the Sony since they do sound a bit better.
Stelio Kontos
Stelio Kontos 19 soat oldin
Almost got the bose until i saw this video
Robbert Nyhan
Robbert Nyhan 22 soat oldin
I'd take the Sony ones any day!
Bosstrooper18 22 soat oldin
I had the m2’s and after 1 weeks it would let me pair to a device
D A Nicholaus
D A Nicholaus 22 soat oldin
"It's obvious to me that these are the better sounding headphones!..."
D A Nicholaus
D A Nicholaus 22 soat oldin
Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony
Dawn Raider
Dawn Raider 23 soat oldin
I like how in every review, no one ever mentions the multi device connectivity of the Bose vs the singular connection of Sony.
George David
George David Kun oldin
Bose is the shit!
Tristan Kun oldin
After watching this video I went and got the sony wh-1000XM3s, and they are incredible. But just as a warning if you live in a colder area like myself. They tend to act up almost immediately after stepping outside in (ex, lowering and raising volume, skipping tracks and disconnecting). And that's a major issue for me being that its normall for temperatures to drop below 20° degrees Celsius.
Elite Clinical Research
Sony’s are a generation better than the Bose. Better sound quality excellent base and much better noise cancelling.
Shri30yans Gaming
My headphones now seem like trash
ddm62571 Kun oldin
These 1970's size headphones suck. Earbuds are sooooo much better. I can't even believe in this day and age people want those mushroom things on their head.
Jesse Coleman
Jesse Coleman Kun oldin
If you want a honest opinion, talk to employees at best buy. They will tell you what hold up the best and the return factor of headphones. I would base it on the people who see them go and and come in for returns. Maybe Sony might sound better but what headphones last.
Chasin Lindsay
Chasin Lindsay Kun oldin
I got to bose i like them
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios Kun oldin
i bought some steel series arctic 7 wireless gaming headphones, they also turned the wrong way when you laid them down. it bugged me so much i returned them.
&Not2Yield Kun oldin
Am getting the Sony's tomorrow. Cant wait. Cant focus at work. I feel like I am going to buy an personal island.
The Trollinator Trolol
ahem.... co win e7 pro
Niladri Edmund Das
Hey bro, nice beard. And Bose is ultimate.
atam 89
atam 89 Kun oldin
Bose are the best i used..❤❤❤
Jamie Plays
Jamie Plays Kun oldin
I would pick the Bose ones
The Real Gamer
The Real Gamer Kun oldin
Does either one have Siri?
Alexander Zulkarnain
Wait does Bose have High Res Audio
prince vegeta
prince vegeta 2 kun oldin
Founder of bose is an indian.. Bose is an indian bengali surname.. They are usually very good in academics.. Btw amar bose is the founder..
Abdul Kun oldin
prince vegeta cool?
Mof_vlogs 2 kun oldin
I personally prefer Sony I never really liked iPhone but that's my opinion :)
Oscar M
Oscar M 2 kun oldin
the voice assistant button can also be programmed to noise canceling if you want that
Zach Pohlman
Zach Pohlman 2 kun oldin
So, I went to Best Buy today and bought a pair of Headphones....was between these Sony's or the SkullCandy Wireless 360's....got the 360's because they were a bit cheaper....but man these are so freaking nice, too. Might have to buy a pair with my next check.
Domas Markevičius
Domas Markevičius 2 kun oldin
I have bose, and I'm totally happy with my choice. I think both options are pretty decent and whatever you pick, you'll be happy with it.
Raji Hussain
Raji Hussain 2 kun oldin
Sony’s it’s a monster. I bought it today and the sound quality is jus woooow😍. Worth the price and the features are awesome and noise cancellation is too gud. I will recommend Sony over Bose
Scott Miller
Scott Miller 2 kun oldin
I just went back-and-forth between these in the Bose in Best Buy and settled on the Sony’s. Ahhhh luxureeeeeee
andidegn 2 kun oldin
Bought the Sony's a little while ago and they are amazing. Also because it is the one which (imho) have the least impact on music quality when you enable NC. They have one, potentially important, weakness; the mic sux!!! When on a call, it sounds like you're talking under water, whereas the Bose sounds amazing in comparison.
Ron Lim
Ron Lim 2 kun oldin
Stay away from the XM3s if you are going to use it outside and you live in a country with winter seasons, it wont work! i had to return mine today such a bummer since like it a lot but it's just unusable outside during the winter.
WizZhao Liang
WizZhao Liang 3 kun oldin
always sony, the sound of bose sounds like baby voice
Scow Lian
Scow Lian 3 kun oldin
sony is aways like a shit
Komunio 3 kun oldin
Slow charge was a problem? I charged them once a week over a lunch break and never had a problem with my QC35. Not once have I ran out of power or wished they charge quicker. It is the one product that I charged least and used most (compared to phone, apple watch, airpods etc)
Alex Koch
Alex Koch 3 kun oldin
The best noise cancellation is in the nose A20 aviation headsets. Out of the two it would be the Bose
Oskar Hjorth Lindgreen
I have the QC II and they're fucking amazing on planes... With noise canceling on max you can hear the plane quietly in the background but if people talk to you, you can hear them perfectly fine, if not better than without the headphones on, it's so weird
Ziqiang Zhu
Ziqiang Zhu 3 kun oldin
try "ldac" that's really quality!!!!
Is it just me or is his voice different in this video.
Olimpio Amoes
Olimpio Amoes 3 kun oldin
Pankaj Joshi
Pankaj Joshi 3 kun oldin
Bose doesn't last longer, I started facing problem with mine on 13th month of ownership. I'll try Sony this time.
KS NoVember
KS NoVember 3 kun oldin
Bose of course... this is what they do.
Juan Soli
Juan Soli 3 kun oldin
i would get bose
Jack Schnepf
Jack Schnepf 3 kun oldin
Definetly sonywh1000xm3
SharronC 3 kun oldin
I have a rounder head so I got the Sonys
אביב בן זאב
Abu Bader
Abu Bader 3 kun oldin
+1 Bose
Roman Kutsovol
Roman Kutsovol 3 kun oldin
Every review out there says XM3s ANC blows any other ANC out of the water, wtf Lewis?
Andre Trujillo
Andre Trujillo 3 kun oldin
Bose hands down
bobby shaw
bobby shaw 4 kun oldin
What happens if I use the nose one with apple? Do I still get Alexa
A1995 -
A1995 - 4 kun oldin
Is the bose 25 a bad noise cancelling headphone? I need a good noise cancelling headphone for doing homework
Science Alliance
Science Alliance 4 kun oldin
I have descent sony headphones now, and their pretty good, but the only headset with mic i have is: google "Plexgear SV-90 headset" ;)
서동혁 4 kun oldin
who listening music with NC headphones? lol
Lukas N
Lukas N 4 kun oldin
Lu can you cover Microsoft Surface Headphones ?
Kalman G
Kalman G 4 kun oldin
and what about the phone conversation? which microphone is better ?
Skool Wifi
Skool Wifi 4 kun oldin
I can’t speak for Sony but I’ve used my QC35 pair for 12-13 hours at a time, on planes, and after taking them off I didn’t feel a thing. They’re the ultimate pair of headphones in regards to comfort. The sound quality leaves something to be desired, especially the evident lack of bass in songs. You can temporarily adjust the EQ in your sound settings but that’s only for Apple Music doesn’t apply to UZvid or other steaming sources, you will need to search for bass boosted versions of the song
Ailani ze Misfit
Ailani ze Misfit 4 kun oldin
My dad has the Sony headphones I thought they were spectacular and I’m actually considering to get one now I always watch you and your reviews because my dad is a tech head I like technology and experimenting and u help me weigh in my choice and options
TW Vince
TW Vince 4 kun oldin
No highs no lows, it must be bose
Angelica Wu
Angelica Wu 4 kun oldin
I can't wear sony over 30 minutes......
Duncan Hansel
Duncan Hansel 4 kun oldin
Heads up for those unaware, Sony sells a slightly lower spec (as far as ANC goes), but they sound a touch better for as low as 1/3 the price as the WH1000XM3. Those are the WHH900N/B, which can be had refurbed on Amazon for 150, or New (open-Box) on Ebay for a flat $100.
jawtek82 4 kun oldin
I have both. As others have noted, the Sony sounds better. Not by a lot, and not as good as a LOT of other headphones w/o noise canceling. But better. However, Bose noise canceling is significantly better and they are much more comfortable to me for long listening sessions. In the office on a daily basis, noise canceling is not really needed so I use other headphones (Oppo PM 3, usually). On long plane trips, nothing beats the Bose. The Sonys are neither fish nor foul, so I'm giving them away to another family member.
MuCey28 4 kun oldin
Can you make a video with the "Microsoft Surface Headphones"? I think it can be an interesting alternative to the bose and sonys
Nidou Chebak
Nidou Chebak 4 kun oldin
Of course I'd go with the Sony
Will Adrian
Will Adrian 4 kun oldin
Sony is my pick
Seans Bitches
Seans Bitches 4 kun oldin
Sony for me
GamerZoneArmy 4 kun oldin
So could i have a phone call while walking and it can sound as if the guy im talking to is to my side
Rishabh Sonal
Rishabh Sonal 4 kun oldin
4:24 the reason is because that way when you are carrying it on neck the plastic part is up not the inside part. :)
nexcentaurexx 5 kun oldin
Brrroooooo why didnt you do this video like 1 month ago when I bought the bose..... dont get me wrong i love them but i never had the chance to try Sony.... guess it will be my next pick.
Bryan Mata
Bryan Mata 5 kun oldin
Have the Sony headphones, love them.
Pavel Cristian
Pavel Cristian 5 kun oldin
@Unbox Therapy i have a question, why isn`t in the comparation the PXC 550 Wireless?? Thanks
Bebong Bro
Bebong Bro 5 kun oldin
I was wearing these Bose around Washington DC last week and they preformed incredible
CHANO 5 kun oldin
the sony definitely cleaner lookin :)
Bebong Bro
Bebong Bro 5 kun oldin
I would pick Bose
Kalebwe Katuta
Kalebwe Katuta 5 kun oldin
I vote Sony, by a landslide
odinnbjo 5 kun oldin
Gaurav Sankule
Gaurav Sankule 5 kun oldin
I have the Xm2's :')
owhat ?
owhat ? 5 kun oldin
You didn’t try the Sony microphone, which TOTALLY SUCKS
Steven Pruitt
Steven Pruitt 5 kun oldin
My bro has the Bose and I got the Sony WH-1000xM3 I prefer mine much more 50 bucks spend the extra dough
Anthony Walker
Anthony Walker 5 kun oldin
I went with the Bose ... they are fantastic but I'm sure the Sony ones are too. I just liked the fit and size of the Bose ones.
Milica Batinic
Milica Batinic 5 kun oldin
Got the Bose ones... Love them As a rather inexperienced user looking for top notch noise cancellation and nothing else can say they are right up my lane I just think I'd get lost in the abundance of settings Sony offers
nguyen tuyen
nguyen tuyen 5 kun oldin
it's just my dream.
Lyuben Georgiev
Lyuben Georgiev 5 kun oldin
I listened to both, and honestly, it was a touch choice, but the fact that the QC was more expensive than the bose here in Bulgaria and mx3 outperforms them on the noise cancel side helped me to choose more easily. Thank you for the great review and for the great reviews in general !
Der Superrenz
Der Superrenz 5 kun oldin
If you want sound quality - go wired! Otherwise: Either of them is just great. I chose Bose ‚cause I dont like the look of the Sony and and I got a blast of a deal for the Boses: 275.- €.
Jens De Vos
Jens De Vos 5 kun oldin
those sony's look hideous, absolutely disgusting. change the model and the color and i'll buy one immediately.
Dr. Kolos Gál
Dr. Kolos Gál 5 kun oldin
Celebrating 100% battery outta box :D :D Keeping it fully charged on the shelf damages the battery
Dayyan Ali
Dayyan Ali 5 kun oldin
Can you do a comparison with the nuraphone and sony
Rishi Mehta
Rishi Mehta 5 kun oldin
That’s so cool😂
Nefarious Cheat
Nefarious Cheat 5 kun oldin
Neither of them. Try B&W.
TST 5 kun oldin
BOTH OF THEM IS THE BEST NOISE CANCELLING! but sony had the best audio than bose!!!
dev narayanan
dev narayanan 5 kun oldin
The sony better be good ....there is a huge hole in my bank account
Nelson Dcosta
Nelson Dcosta 5 kun oldin
I already have a bose so I want sony
Sam Wasee
Sam Wasee 5 kun oldin
Bose is better