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For todays video I decided to go shopping at Target & Ulta and buy tons of drugstore makeup based on my subscribers recommendations! I had so much fun doing this & cant wait to play with the products! I hope you enjoy! XO

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5-Dek, 2018

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Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez 2 soat oldin
8:11 you made my life
kristie Williams
kristie Williams 14 soat oldin
Omg!! How sweet!! 💖💖💖💖
Harlow Manson
Harlow Manson 17 soat oldin
KVD's setting spray is already called Lock-It.
Kaitlyn Kukurudza
Kaitlyn Kukurudza 20 soat oldin
i love you jaclyn hill
Typical Leah
Typical Leah Kun oldin
jaclyn’s drugstore makeup is my high end makeup
Kayla Fulgham
Kayla Fulgham Kun oldin
High-key bawling at work when you bought makeup for your subscribers. UGH.
Priscilla Cabrales
you’re so beautiful happy. IM LIVING
April Romanek
April Romanek Kun oldin
Omg I like be your outfit.
Marisa Rose
Marisa Rose Kun oldin
This is just disgusting
Brittney Horner
Brittney Horner Kun oldin
omg im all over this video. I love this. am I the only one who wants to go to target and ultra and see all these things? Cool video Jaclyn. so cool!
GLAY DELLA Kun oldin
Jaclyn is so sweet huhuhuhuhu love herrrrr
mati261000 Kun oldin
Has Jaclyn finally come back down to earth? That's the Jaclyn I love.
Kimberly Colclasure
I’m NO where in your age group, but I could legit have the best day shopping with you. You’re so kind and such a beautiful person.
ねこCat Kun oldin
This is the first video I watched of yours and I subbed ill
The Dark Choices
The Dark Choices 2 kun oldin
Youre so funny and genuine You should do vlogs, we love a natural spontaneous queen during her days :D
Susan Green
Susan Green 2 kun oldin
That was the best! I loved seeing you be yourself and making your fans feel so good! Love love love!
Harmony Haman
Harmony Haman 2 kun oldin
When you did the flashback with the blush. U were so little and imtimated and so self conscious about ur weight.. But now look at u, not focused on your weight and pure happiness thats love babe..so happy ur happy. 😍😍😍😍
Sophias’ not so glam lifestyle
Please do more videos like this love u💕💕
Kimberly Bueker
Kimberly Bueker 2 kun oldin
Kanwal Sheikh
Kanwal Sheikh 2 kun oldin
I just love this video , my favorite . I can't get sick off it. She is so sweet buying them products. The friends she with seems nice. She is coolest, fun women, and beautiful girl. I love all her advice towards comestic.
Haydee Sanchez
Haydee Sanchez 2 kun oldin
You’re the absolute best ❤️
Sophia Aguilar
Sophia Aguilar 2 kun oldin
Sugar Bear ad had me dead 😂💀
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
I love how amazing the ULTA team are. They were just incredible. This video is everything.
Natalie Folland
Natalie Folland 3 kun oldin
buying your fans those palettes was the sweetest thing to watch
Yasmin Malik
Yasmin Malik 3 kun oldin
What a lovely and fresh video. Loved seeing her making time for other people and her kindest was so touching. New found love for Jac 😍😍😍😍😍
Gwen Gardner
Gwen Gardner 3 kun oldin
Jaclyn! Omgosh!!! You are the sweetest! When you bought those two palletes for the fans...be still my heart! I hope you read this! I love your videos, and you are beautiful and inspiring❤❤
Krystal Diaz
Krystal Diaz 3 kun oldin
damn that manager is so nice.
Kristen Sampson
Kristen Sampson 3 kun oldin
This video was just so nice to watch, I hope we see more of Jaclyn like this!
Kelly Vang
Kelly Vang 3 kun oldin
She is so humble and so real! Her jokes are so natural. You can tell she isn't faking or trying hard!! 💕💕
Angel W
Angel W 3 kun oldin
Aww! Im gonna cry! You're the absolute sweetest!
gia lois
gia lois 3 kun oldin
Was that the frikin octomom?
Alicia Rogers
Alicia Rogers 3 kun oldin
ok that was pretty cool you bought them all that makeup...
Trinity Cline
Trinity Cline 4 kun oldin
if you ever do this again, I HIGHLY recommend elf hydrating primer( my holy grail)
Veronica Guay
Veronica Guay 4 kun oldin
I wanna actually see you use all the products you just bought 🙈
Min Rebecca
Min Rebecca 4 kun oldin
Dammmnnnn California, no one gives a fuck in our Walmart’s, targets, etc
-__Miss Waffles__- :P
Why’d you call Target a drug store..?
Izzy Shur
Izzy Shur 4 kun oldin
_-_Miss Waffles_-_ :P because the makeup sold at target is classified as “drugstore”, which means it costs less and isn’t sold in Sephora
Leigh-Ann Parker
Leigh-Ann Parker 4 kun oldin
Legit teared up 😢 when Jaclyn was by here Morphe display and a fan and her friends asked for her recommendation between two of the vault palettes 🎨 and she ends up telling the fan😊 “I’ll buy them both for you....I’ll get them all for you....do you have the original palette? Oh girl you need that...and how about brushes? I’ll buy you a brush set too....”=her fan😲🥺😁🥰 so heart ❤️ warming to see her love on and appreciate her fans! And how absolutely sweet and generous it was of her to surprise her fan with such an amazing gift 🎁 totally made that girls day, month, year and obvious Christmas 🎄 Take notes 📝 Haters!! She is a loyal, sweet and genuine person which is what myself and the rest of her fans love about her and what drew us to her in the first place. She’s like😏 “one of the girls” every fan can picture her in their girl groups of friends #relatable Also props to that Ulta for being so stinkin COOL 😎 so laid back and chill about her filming there (which if you’ve ever tried taking so much as a selfie 🤳 in any Walmart you know it’s a typical nightmare 😒🙄😑) employees were fab management too! Overall this video gave me ALL the feels 🥰
Brighton Vlog's / DHMIC
I thought I had bad makeup but apparently I have jacelyn hill approved and loved makeup you just made my day 1000 times better ♥️♥️
Marie Baldwin
Marie Baldwin 4 kun oldin
Jaclyn! I love that you blessed those girls by buying them the palettes :) Thank you for being beautiful inside and out
Brittany Flowers
Brittany Flowers 4 kun oldin
Omg you are so funny!!! It would be so amazing to meeet you!! #cometoATL!!
Blanca Aguirre-Ornelas
Where is the list of products she bought??? I need to know which mascara, eyeliner and brow products?? She use to list the items!
Amy Camacho
Amy Camacho 4 kun oldin
Ok you are the sweetest
Life with Jennie 😉
So some reason i love this Jaclyn more ❤
Lavinia Elena Diniasi
You're so amazing and cool and beautyful , and such a qweet person! I really enjoy watching this video ! You're like me when I am buying make up 😆😆 full of emotion and so excited! I will follow you on instagram I am Lavinia3lena Kiss u ❤❤❤❤
Gena Heath
Gena Heath 4 kun oldin
After that I will buy more of her stuff !!! That made me all kinds of iv my feelings ❤️
Jennifer Ward
Jennifer Ward 4 kun oldin
Every drug store palatte I've used was crap. My head is so far up Mophie's ass, too. 😂
ToonPrincess 4 kun oldin
Wait is ulta drug store????? Wtf???????????
jellyjell17 4 kun oldin
She is just like me I can stay in Ulta for hours
purple melon
purple melon 4 kun oldin
It aonnys me that in order for you guys to be nice to her she has to buy people stuff. Smh she doesn't have to buy people ANYTHING. You guys should like her for personality.
Mimi Arimina
Mimi Arimina 4 kun oldin
Omg I love it when UZvidrs love their fans. And bought them her palettes!!!! 💖💯🤟🏼💜😫😫. I was seriously about to cry about how nice and kind and lovely she is!!💯💯❤️💗😂
Amy Henderson
Amy Henderson 4 kun oldin
God I wish we had Ulta in NZ
tiffany tran
tiffany tran 4 kun oldin
awww..... you are so humble
Sophia Silvera
Sophia Silvera 5 kun oldin
she look very different good for her
Maggie Lou
Maggie Lou 5 kun oldin
"What are poor people using these days?" -this entire video lol
Amanda Tenney
Amanda Tenney 5 kun oldin
When you bought your pallets for fans 😭😭 legit my favorite moment of any UZvid video
FaithRecchia 5 kun oldin
That woman that doesn’t even know her own daughters age 😂😂😂
Arthur Mkrtchyan
Arthur Mkrtchyan 5 kun oldin
Dafuq is drugstore??
Cassidy Dubyk
Cassidy Dubyk 5 kun oldin
jaclyn you’re so genuine aw
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 5 kun oldin
Ulta is not a drug store
Shauna Rohr
Shauna Rohr 5 kun oldin
I’ve had a rough day, and the bathroom target clip had me belly laughing 😂
mercedes evans
mercedes evans 5 kun oldin
Maria Delgado
Maria Delgado 5 kun oldin
Yup. You made me tear up when you bought the pallet for your subscribers. Very sweet!
sheshee shena
sheshee shena 5 kun oldin
I don't care what ppl say your an amazing women gurl 😍
Liv Velvin
Liv Velvin 5 kun oldin
oh my gosh I would DIE if you started vlogging!! PLEASE CONSIDER ❤️😩 love you lots!!!!!!
Ariel Imperial
Ariel Imperial 5 kun oldin
Sugar bear Vitamins 😂😂😂😂😂
PinkyChiChi 5 kun oldin
Over here screaming Maybelline City Minis!
katherine mariel baldera muñoz
Wow. I loveeed this video. Can’t wait to see the next one.
Ela Lifts Bacon
Ela Lifts Bacon 5 kun oldin
Can you come to MD please and give me your exact coordinates so that I can be there lol
Thandi80 Mtungwa
Thandi80 Mtungwa 5 kun oldin
I'm so touched almost in tears so emotional girl. ....so sweet of you purchasing the eyeshadow palate for those girls 💕💕💕💕
kelly philbin
kelly philbin 5 kun oldin
At target the profusion brand has amazing eyeshadow
JennaBroad 5 kun oldin
I actually love the pixi milky mist it’s so hydrating
Madison Martin
Madison Martin 5 kun oldin
Omg lash paradise mascara is so bomb! I’ve heard so many people rant about it so I decided to try it out and I’m soooo glad I did. I love it! It doesn’t clump either
bby_mermaid 5 kun oldin
"Are my love handles hanging out? Do I look amazing?" 😂😂
Ellie G.
Ellie G. 5 kun oldin
Why did I feel like I was tearing up when Jaclyn bought the two girls morphe such a sweetheart!!!!!
Meghan Abernathy
Meghan Abernathy 5 kun oldin
Okay but this is the Ulta I shop at and its AMAZING. and now I feel kinda special since Jaclyn went here too... LOL
RiazzaJH 5 kun oldin
You are the sweetest!!! 💖💖💖
Natalie Hudson
Natalie Hudson 5 kun oldin
Jaclyn is so hilarious 😂 and she’s relatable and not afraid to show her true self and she even bought hers subs palettes such a great role model 😭💗
Rebecca Hewitson
Rebecca Hewitson 6 kun oldin
Aww I love her recent videos!! ❤️❤️❤️
Rachel Cunningham
Rachel Cunningham 6 kun oldin
video about your laser hair removal experience? I've thought about doing it but wanna know what other people have experienced
Katy Ditchfield
Katy Ditchfield 6 kun oldin
I just crack up during the entire video lol Thank you for posting this I needed a good laugh
Hailey Brewer
Hailey Brewer 6 kun oldin
This is probably one of my favorite videos you’ve ever done! It was absolutely amazing that you bought those palettes for those girls. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mark Esumsa
Mark Esumsa 6 kun oldin
GuiltyOfFaceCrime 6 kun oldin
That Milani Luminoso blush is still my favorite lol
Baleigh Silver
Baleigh Silver 6 kun oldin
“Throw me under a bus” 😂😂😂😂 IM DYING!
Sara Shaw
Sara Shaw 6 kun oldin
Girl my legs & upper body don't match as well. My legs never see the light of day!
IQRA HASSAN 6 kun oldin
GiannaAlexandrea 6 kun oldin
she might be buying them palettes but the moneys going right back to her anyways lol
Courtney Holbrook
Courtney Holbrook 6 kun oldin
You’re so cute
jasmine sepulveda
jasmine sepulveda 6 kun oldin
You’re so sweet Jaclyn 💕💕
tammy dwight
tammy dwight 6 kun oldin
If I acted that way, I would be classified as bipolar, she's cute
All in one channel همه چيز در يك كانال
I love you sooooooooooo much I am from Afghanistan 🇦🇫
alexloveslife123 6 kun oldin
what a queen, what a gal
alexloveslife123 6 kun oldin
That pixi spray that you put back is actually great! It's very gentle and I have problematic skin but it has never given me a breakout :)
Ohhey M
Ohhey M 7 kun oldin
Oh Jaclyn, I love you 💕
Janay Martinez
Janay Martinez 7 kun oldin
Can u do a five below haul
Zenia Bautista
Zenia Bautista 7 kun oldin
Oh so she finally started telling people the truth about her being well off? Hilarious she’s having to buy back customers
Justice Macasocol
Justice Macasocol 7 kun oldin
I have to get lazier hair removal on my legs and hoo ha 😂😂😂
Juliet Beneke
Juliet Beneke 7 kun oldin
When she bought her subscriber fans makeup palettes...was SO SWEET! Wish I had the extra money to buy people expensive makeup palettes..the smile on their faces 😊
sammiemarie14 7 kun oldin
I heart you ♡
Stacha Poindexter
Stacha Poindexter 7 kun oldin
The sugar bear hair vitamins joke took me owwttttt. The accuracy. 😂😂😂