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For todays video I decided to go shopping at Target & Ulta and buy tons of drugstore makeup based on my subscribers recommendations! I had so much fun doing this & cant wait to play with the products! I hope you enjoy! XO

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5-Dek, 2018



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Naleah Jones
Naleah Jones 15 soat oldin
Can u come to my ulta.....plzzzzzzzzz??
Andrea Cox TV
Andrea Cox TV Kun oldin
I usually stop videos a few minutes in, I watched this all the way through. You were very real, generous and funny. Loved it!
Roxana Esparza
Roxana Esparza Kun oldin
Jewel Henry
Jewel Henry Kun oldin
You in Ulta made me cry! That was really sweet of you.
Melissa Martinez
This was such a fun fun fun video!!! Loved ♥️
JM Woolley
JM Woolley Kun oldin
I use the same mascara....well I use the exact same things you're buying 🤗😜😂😅☺️😊🙂
Ruby Bretado
Ruby Bretado Kun oldin
Thank you
Shan Feltham
Shan Feltham Kun oldin
Did anyone else fully just fall in love with jacqueline😍 she is the sweetest girl
maryin sugar
maryin sugar 2 kun oldin
Jaclyn is very sweet. Such a nice heartwarming video ever.
Person 2
Person 2 3 kun oldin
My favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette is the Essence spice up your life palette
Lilly Haze
Lilly Haze 3 kun oldin
I thought you pronounce your name like jase-lyn
Alexia Fregoso Ichazo
Her literally buying her fan her palettes just melted my heart ♥️🤧😭
haylee young
haylee young 6 kun oldin
okay this is my first vid, and it makes me so happy that there’s actually genuine people out here like you 💘 you’re amazing
Audrey Deweese
Audrey Deweese 6 kun oldin
8:29 idk what that was but I sure got a laugh from it
giavanna fanara
giavanna fanara 7 kun oldin
When is part 2 coming out?
Macbasil 7 kun oldin
The first time i watch a Jaclyn Hill video and i am hooked. I thought Jac has a trashy attitude but not all! My bad. She has a really good sense of humor ❤️✋🏻
Victoria 7 kun oldin
When the girl said,” you could literally throw me under a bus.” To her.... I felt that
Ella Gonzales
Ella Gonzales 8 kun oldin
Hi I’m a new fan here from the Philippines! 😊 Jaclyn Hill is beautiful in & out! I wish that all youtubers are kind just like you :)) God bless you :))
hi thx 4 checking in im still a piece of garbage
Jacklyn is so nice to her fans!!! I love her so much😍❤❤❤
DaggerMcjagger7 8 kun oldin
I cried when she was like I’m buying you all of these pallets
Alekymia 8 kun oldin
I don’t follow you 😪but I love when you buy your own makeup to this girls , that is being a good person! 🤘🏽you rock!
XxMyah LaunerXx
XxMyah LaunerXx 9 kun oldin
Who was here before she got famous?
TheWolfMinecraft- Dreamer
Your so pale but beautiful
Jayden Dudley
Jayden Dudley 11 kun oldin
Didn’t know Ilya was a drug store. Lol
It’s me Maya
It’s me Maya 11 kun oldin
Anyone her from 2019!, No.... ok just me
Dani Valdes
Dani Valdes 11 kun oldin
13:03 - 13:06 😂😂😂😂
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts 12 kun oldin
I feel broke
Leanne Wells
Leanne Wells 12 kun oldin
We need more of Austin & Sarah too xx
Hugo Martinez Rodriguez
yassss i love this queen
Angela Dalessandro
Angela Dalessandro 12 kun oldin
Wet n wild cushion foundation is the only foundation I’ve ever repeatedly purchased
Malia Reynolds
Malia Reynolds 13 kun oldin
That is every girls dream visit to Ulta. Whew..... That looks so fun!
Brooke Crutcher
Brooke Crutcher 13 kun oldin
I use Color pop and BH Cosmetics Palettes for eyeshadow
Mim Hassan
Mim Hassan 13 kun oldin
She’s the kindest person on earth.💜
karissa kozier
karissa kozier 13 kun oldin
Glad your soo humble
Regan O'Callaghan
Regan O'Callaghan 13 kun oldin
Sometimes drugstore products actually work better than high end. My ride or die foundation is the L'oreal Freshwear foundation. Basically all L'oreal foundation is On POINT!! I know you love the glowy so I highly reccomend the L'oreal pro glow foundation!! Xo 😘
Ag_girl 16
Ag_girl 16 14 kun oldin
1:29 tho. 😂 it’s the noise that’s hilarious 😆
murfrchl 14 kun oldin
she’s so beautiful what
Juanita Rios
Juanita Rios 15 kun oldin
Thos video literally has me smilling like my face is hurting lmao u are sooo awesome jaclyn!!
Jillian Antonovich
Jillian Antonovich 15 kun oldin
Literally I see people hating on Jaclyn but I don’t see how you can. Just seeing you come to life on UZvid and your advise and your sweet personality is amazing. You are beautiful inside and out💕
Shook Shistar
Shook Shistar 14 kun oldin
Jillian Antonovich this one video doesn’t change everything she’s done tbh😂
Organicrime 15 kun oldin
JH where are you going to put all that dam makeup? Lol
a K
a K 15 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me where can I get that bag that jaclyn has??
Ailiya Zahra
Ailiya Zahra 15 kun oldin
Need to restock? She has so much makeup, how does she ever run out of a product? lol
Bec M
Bec M 16 kun oldin
Ohhh how I would love to be able to chuck 5 different shades of the same product in my basket without looking at the price.
Alyssa Lopez
Alyssa Lopez 16 kun oldin
Your givenchy bag I cannot find it anywhere !! Where can I find it ?
Parissfrance 16 kun oldin
This makes me miss working at Ulta
•Vi- Chan•
•Vi- Chan• 17 kun oldin
This is my first Jaclyn video and Omg she is so bloody nice!!!! ✨✨
biridiana marquez
biridiana marquez 17 kun oldin
Awww 🥰 i almost cried seeing how humble she truly is 😍😘
Izzy Johnson💕
Izzy Johnson💕 18 kun oldin
Can you please tel us your skin care routine cuz I’m really insecure about my skin and your skin is perfect without makeup
Christine Carey
Christine Carey 18 kun oldin
Can't believe how sweet she was buying those girls palettes!
featured 18 kun oldin
I didn’t now who she was but like omg it’s youuuu 💘 I hope I can learn how to do makeup ,loved ur personality ❤️❤️ u are so beautiful
Katelyn Corona
Katelyn Corona 19 kun oldin
shes so genuine, it makes me soft
Kari B
Kari B 19 kun oldin
Does anyone know what sweatshirt her friend is wearing with the sequins? Ugh yes please. Thank you. ❤️
Abigail Gallimore
Abigail Gallimore 19 kun oldin
I still watch this video when she said “maybe just have my head so up morphe’s ass” I almost died😂
Nikki Longenecker
Nikki Longenecker 20 kun oldin
Lol my arms and legs are 3 shades apart lol... my legs wont hold a tan.
priscilla ortiz
priscilla ortiz 21 kun oldin
Come check out my first makeup tutorial on my UZvid channel🤪
SnowWhite702 21 kun oldin
12:04 I started crying when you got the girl all of your pallets 😭 I love you so much ugh you are God sent
_xclarisax_ 21 kun oldin
The noises she makes 😂
GamingWithUni 21 kun oldin
You’re the first beauty guru I seen actually offer to buy a supporter something . ❤️ we need more like you 😭❤️
Abby Moynihan
Abby Moynihan 21 kun oldin
the cashier at target probably hated her 😂😂
Me 21 kun oldin
The flower beauty mascara the warrior one is the best
Brittney & Ally Wharton
Jaclyn you’re seriously the best. You didn’t have to do that, they didn’t even ask. Literally an angel💓
Mackenzie Alaine
Mackenzie Alaine 22 kun oldin
Anyone use better skin concealer
Cameron Marie
Cameron Marie 22 kun oldin
4:04 pennywise the clown
Nia Smallwood
Nia Smallwood 22 kun oldin
I’ve heard your name a few times before but never really knew who you were and this is my first video of you I’m watching and you are so cute and funny I love you and your personality already! 😭 Btw you’re fuckin gorgeous without make up ❤️❤️❤️
Sophie Bucki
Sophie Bucki 22 kun oldin
Her laugh made me crack up.
cjmes ja
cjmes ja 23 kun oldin
Use the new elf concealer and their new eyeshadow palettes and try wet and wild eyeshadow palettes
Brittanie Juarbe
Brittanie Juarbe 25 kun oldin
Giiiirlllll lol that mascara is LIFE
helenevienna 25 kun oldin
Lol the hair gummies are just biotin which you can buy for cheap in pill form and of which you can easily overdose causing more hairloss
Rosalie Looije
Rosalie Looije 25 kun oldin
Somebody tell me where her pants are from???😍😍😍😍
mestiza 25 kun oldin
You buying that girl the morphe palette literally brought tears to my eyes:) why do I live so far away in Denmark😭😅😂
neily r
neily r 25 kun oldin
Omg,I have poopouri
* Brooklynn_Claire *
I do not understand how ULTA AND TARGET are “drugstore” products.
Angela Dalessandro
Angela Dalessandro 12 kun oldin
* Brooklynn_Claire * well target is a drugstore?? I mean
Jenna Davis
Jenna Davis 14 kun oldin
ulta has a specific drugstore section if that’s what you mean. but if you’re talking about prices, just gotta find the goods
Zoom Zooms
Zoom Zooms 15 kun oldin
* Brooklynn_Claire * It’s just a loose classification of beauty products. Like ‘drugstore’ vs ‘higher-end’. @ the 9:44 mark, Jaclyn asks the Ulta employee where the drugstore products are and the employee points and says the ‘drugstore’ products are on one side of the store and the ‘prestige’ products on the other side of the store. Like, L’Oréal, Maybelline, Elf, Cover Girl, Milani, etc.- all ‘drugstore’; Bobbi Brown, La Mer, Sisley Paris, Tom Ford, Estée Lauder, etc- all ‘prestige’ or ‘higher-end’. ‘Drugstore’ basically translates to ‘affordable by most’ and ‘higher-end/prestige’ translates to ‘affordable by some’.
Maya Clery
Maya Clery 17 kun oldin
Well what do u consider drug store then?
Holly Athey
Holly Athey 26 kun oldin
I wish i had someone to but me make up lol
Nalaxo3 26 kun oldin
Jaclyn is so nice whatt😭❤️❤️
Radi Prince
Radi Prince 27 kun oldin
Bys and Wet N Wild pallets 😍
Ava Madison
Ava Madison 27 kun oldin
ew i can’t get over the sound you made at 1:30
Bella 101
Bella 101 27 kun oldin
1:29 lol! Witch is in da house!😂😂😂
minhaz bushra
minhaz bushra 27 kun oldin
oh my god she is soo humble n she has a beautiful heart as well ,,,,,
Madi&Kenz 28 kun oldin
Her buying her palette for her fans is everything!!! 💕😘 your so sweet Jaclyn!
Madi&Kenz 28 kun oldin
Ok people need to stop calling ulta a drugstore 🙄 all they have are high end products
Angela Dalessandro
Angela Dalessandro 12 kun oldin
Madi&Kenz they have a drugstore side with elf, L’Oréal, etc
Suk Tamang
Suk Tamang 28 kun oldin
Hi jacylin I love ur videos and you kinda look like Catherine from the ace family
Denise Yates
Denise Yates 28 kun oldin
Why did Jaclyn buying makeup for them make me cry. LOVE!!!!
KAYLA KARBAN 28 kun oldin
There is hardly any eyeshadow at the drugstore, because nobody wears it. I don't see anyone wearing it in florida unless I walk past a beauty store. hahaaaa
grace c
grace c 28 kun oldin
She kinda looks and sounds like Adrienne Bailon!!!!!
melissa nutt
melissa nutt 28 kun oldin
Yass mucbang haul
Phia Wong
Phia Wong 29 kun oldin
me: *crying for being broke*
Samantha Gibbons
Samantha Gibbons 29 kun oldin
Does anyone know where those sunglasses are from? super cute!!
Megan D xx
Megan D xx Oy oldin
I brought your armed and gorgeous pallet and I’m loving it sm
Peels Masks and Scrubs
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE you channel! They way you come across and your content is so inspiring! You have inspired me to make my own Skincare UZvid page now too!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see your next post! xxx
Jess How
Jess How Oy oldin
Omg hahaha!!! Your top half tan!!! Omg i freaking love it!!!!!
Effie Daniel
Effie Daniel Oy oldin
Awesome video!! You have such a big heart! Loved how you treated your fans 😍❤
Whit P
Whit P Oy oldin
ULTA isn’t a drug store!
Maia Hall
Maia Hall Oy oldin
They have a drugstore section. Thats why she included ulta.
Audrey M
Audrey M Oy oldin
U could also buy this stuff at ride aid
Aneliza Assunção
Meu Deus que sonho! 😍 Uma pena que aqui no Brasil é tudo muito caro! 😔
Samantha Michelle
Love this video Its shows ur personality 💓
Madison Nassoit
Ummm ulta is not a drugstore
Rabi Khan
Rabi Khan 29 kun oldin
ulta has a DRUG MAKEUP SECTION!!!!!
rae Oy oldin
buying things for my subscribers while spending $2,000 on makeup + food & decor is how rich i want to be
Mina Golubovic
I would do this but... well I need to pay my rent 😂
Krazy Kenzy
Krazy Kenzy Oy oldin
The girls who got the pallets: omg really no it’s ok Jaclyn:just take the offer and leave before I change my mind. Lol I’m just kidding don’t take it seriously lol tho
Jannae Styles
Jannae Styles Oy oldin
what purse is that!!!! someone help! :)
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