Weird Health Chips Taste Test

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We've tried chips that are trying to be healthy, but how good are healthy food that are trying to be chips? GMMore #1457
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9-Yan, 2019

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bravelittleslytherin 3 daqiqa oldin
Could he be thinking of Conway Twitty?
Drake Alexander
Drake Alexander 8 soat oldin
GMM fanfic writers are having a field day with this.
Maizy 9 soat oldin
I guess you could say that "this beet go hard" ;);););;)
DarkquestDeathhunter 19 soat oldin
Why does everyone appear to be German on this episode especially? Like they are really speaking German but the producers programmed the most convincing voice over work tonmathematiclal their mouths 👄
Dylan Armstrongg
conway tweedy
Jay M
Jay M 2 kun oldin
bro kale chips are amazing my mama makes them at home all the time!
PackSquad 45
PackSquad 45 4 kun oldin
Jenn's smile is freaking beautiful!
Keiyato 4 kun oldin
Kale chips are not for everyone but personally, I love them like crazy.
Madison Cooley
Madison Cooley 5 kun oldin
Conway Twitty?
Nico Hart
Nico Hart 5 kun oldin
Those nails are gorgeous! That girl has some serious talent. I'd wear those and I HATE manicures
MrJtin69 6 kun oldin
Should be " And Mail day Means Jennn time " as we don't get to see Jenn enough ! Or some other mythical crew members as well
Austin is god
Austin is god 6 kun oldin
How are y’all so cute am confused😂👀
Barbara Docherty
Barbara Docherty 6 kun oldin
Gene Simmons’s wife is Shannon Tweed
GertyVlogs 7 kun oldin
ok the first bit was painfulll!! hahahaha good thing we love you guys
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 7 kun oldin
Quinoa DOES have protein. People refer to it as a grain, but really it's a seed. And it's delicious.
Aisha Mitchell
Aisha Mitchell 7 kun oldin
This episode just made me feel so very warm and fuzzy! Mail! And Jen! Love it.
Miamaya 990
Miamaya 990 7 kun oldin
Link’s ASMR?
shortcuts573 7 kun oldin
more cute girls please
Gabriel Babbitt
Gabriel Babbitt 7 kun oldin
Why don't you do a mail thing anymore? Like the boulder, room or key chain?
MissNimmieAmee 7 kun oldin
6:55 Link sniffling over the letter is the sweetest thing I've seen all day
Janee' Harris
Janee' Harris 7 kun oldin
Please change it to Mail Day Means Jen!!!!
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 8 kun oldin
red hat is a cute gal is she single?
Joy Bonthius
Joy Bonthius 8 kun oldin
I’m not gonna lie I’ve tasted fish flakes before when I was a kid 😂
khirasier 8 kun oldin
those kale chips look like bud
Jessica Blackwell
Jessica Blackwell 8 kun oldin
Link is just concerned about salads 😂
Annalisa Franceschini
Why does Link look so sad after eating the Kale chips and then sadly eats the jalapeño sticks
james friel
james friel 8 kun oldin
Need more Jen on the show, she's adorable.
TeddyLee **
TeddyLee ** 8 kun oldin
At 4:14 😂"can i have one"😂
Chris Yeazel
Chris Yeazel 9 kun oldin
The Sweet Onion Skinny Sticks are HIGHLY addictive...omg it's crazy.
Royal Emerald Builder
I absolutely LOVE sing your username! Seriously never take it off the wheel
Paco Barbo
Paco Barbo 9 kun oldin
Jen looks skinny but still attractive :)
Norah Saad
Norah Saad 9 kun oldin
Lauren Whitaker
Lauren Whitaker 9 kun oldin
1:27 Tweed is a rough material originally from Scotland
Ozan Akyıldız
Ozan Akyıldız 10 kun oldin
Will we see 4:14 in a supercut of family moments?
AwesomeCat2012 10 kun oldin
Those nails are SUPER COOL! Great job!!
Alexis Stewart
Alexis Stewart 10 kun oldin
I just found those Kale chips, have been looking for some for awhile. I'm in West Virginia, but moved here from California. We dont have lots of stuff I thought was normal, haha.
Miledith 10 kun oldin
I just figured ehy I love Link in that hoodie. It perfectly matches his hair and actually makes him look really youthful.
talk about anything
talk about anything 10 kun oldin
Tweed is a pot plat in Smith's falls Canada
Lauren Morris
Lauren Morris 10 kun oldin
Rhett I WANT YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ivy Yang
Ivy Yang 10 kun oldin
those beet chips are my life
FrogLungs 10 kun oldin
does anyone know what brand shirt Rhett is wearing? I love it
AschenDog 10 kun oldin
The kale chips were gross because they're only available in vegan "cheese" and "ranch" flavors. If they quit being obsessed with replicating something they can't have and used what was available to them, they'd taste way better. Salt, herbs, oils, etc. There are tons of foods and flavors available without trying to turn it into something it's not.
Mtn Drew
Mtn Drew 11 kun oldin
When Rhett said," Can I have one " lmao XD
ItzXavier 11 kun oldin
4:16 You’re welcome
S҉H҉E҉L҉L҉B҉A҉C҉K҉S҉ C҉L҉U҉B҉ 🐢
Jen, blink 5wice if u need help getting out of there! 😉 What a lifer!
Kate Bedn
Kate Bedn 11 kun oldin
I sniffled right before Link and I was soooo confused 😆😆❤️
MyRageness 11 kun oldin
I love the kale chips. They are found in VA.
Elli Sowers
Elli Sowers 11 kun oldin
Who else cheered for christines mom?
Josh Breedlove
Josh Breedlove 11 kun oldin
Jen said LA like they did in letterkenny
dreamynights 11 kun oldin
Agree with Link. Kale chips are disgusted, I keep giving them a chance but they really taste like Dirt.