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Nubia X Smartphone - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/RvZzsL9
The Nubia X is one of the most unique smartphones I've ever seen. It features a hidden second screen under the glass back. This second screen allows the front of the device to be completely notch-less without the need for a front camera cutout. Is the Nubia X the most ambitious smartphone of 2018?
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11-Noy, 2018

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Ahmed Marwan
Ahmed Marwan 10 soat oldin
I want dual screen phoneeee 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔I am tired 😓 from my iPhone 📱 7 plus
aayash jain
aayash jain 2 kun oldin
How video call works
Maruf Hasan
Maruf Hasan 2 kun oldin
What the Prize of it ??
Foxtrot1213 2 kun oldin
Nice clear dick pics in high res after turning the device upside down . Ladies would be impressed.
Kenoi 3 kun oldin
their motto: drop it on the back, the screen will crack
Mendy Risamasu
Mendy Risamasu 4 kun oldin
very tempting
Pixelirk 4 kun oldin
Nubia, Mix3, FindX, Nex S ... all great concepts, shows that the smaller companies are really trying to innovate whereas Apple is still stuck in its glory days of the past. not realizing the the threat thats out there. Samsung is trying and at times is very good, but all big companies beware of the little giants. 2019 would be interesting.
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Unbox therapy fans reply plz
Viktor Bakai
Viktor Bakai 4 kun oldin
I hope Tim Cook watching this video...
Md abu muntazim
Md abu muntazim 5 kun oldin
Sir how it prise
Raghavender Juluri
Raghavender Juluri 5 kun oldin
Wait it broke back side no front side😂😂Now it has become a risk to maintain the phone..😂😂
Baleur 5 kun oldin
How this guy has that many subs from just randomly drunkenly talking uninformative nonsense is beyond my understanding.
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 5 kun oldin
I don't like this crazy kind of phone. It's so weird. It annoying. I want a simple easy way of using a phone. I don't know to mobile company they want a full emersive display. Not all the people are like that kind of phone.
Boris Chan
Boris Chan 5 kun oldin
so 2 people can watch porn together
David Lacziko
David Lacziko 6 kun oldin
I love it!!!!!
Holy Mung DiveR
Holy Mung DiveR 6 kun oldin
Make the switch. So that when ppl realize they revaluationized the industry.....you gave it a fair chance....I mean come on duel screen on the back?! Really amazing I dont see why you wouldn't give something so amazing a chance.. MAKE THE SWITCH...GET OUT THE SIM
luis delgado
luis delgado 7 kun oldin
I love dual screens....for me it's more comfortable....and its a unique cellphone
Giles Lucas
Giles Lucas 7 kun oldin
I think this is the first truely bezel-less phone as it has no notch, no camera cutout or no large chin or forehead
uploadthis10 8 kun oldin
next one? ......HARD!!!!!!
8D MUSIC 8 kun oldin
The day is not far when you will not be able to put back cover on your phones
That UI is bad
Keleb Gadol
Keleb Gadol 8 kun oldin
So, you cannot use a case? It looks slippery. Ugh.
Howard Junior Tan
Howard Junior Tan 8 kun oldin
well.. if that is the case.. design a new phone having both side of the screens with hidden camera, and on them simultaneously.. and you get the invisible hologram like phone? lol.
Alexander Soliman
Alexander Soliman 8 kun oldin
U know I thought about this concept an I was like what's with all this mechanics with a moving thing on the back (oppo find x) for a camera cool but why not just do this u know finally someone does
FeniX Gu
FeniX Gu 10 kun oldin
review it for your next phone !
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal 11 kun oldin
Do the vivo nex dual display
Pooja Mathur
Pooja Mathur 11 kun oldin
Kitne ka h ye mo.
Super Bryan Montes
Super Bryan Montes 11 kun oldin
The zte blade x cost about 100 dollars at cricket wireless
Super Bryan Montes
Super Bryan Montes 11 kun oldin
It cost alot of money for the zte nubia x
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 12 kun oldin
Flip phones did it first
nippani vamshidhar
nippani vamshidhar 13 kun oldin
Hello Gamers
Hello Gamers 13 kun oldin
I love this phone, for real!
Sudip Biswas
Sudip Biswas 14 kun oldin
Taking selfie with back of phone? It's not 2005
MC PLAYS 15 kun oldin
Battery Will Defo Go Fast
Armstrong Chan
Armstrong Chan 15 kun oldin
Nubia is a Chinese company, later in Apple copy this dual function and call it "borrow", arragant AmeriCunt!
dantes peek
dantes peek 15 kun oldin
hmmm there goes the idea of using a protective cover. Like it or not you just gotta use it as it is. Dbrand must be cursing
Adithya Nath
Adithya Nath 15 kun oldin
awesome man👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌
Aniketh Mohan
Aniketh Mohan 15 kun oldin
All the things are ok but is this device is strong
grant turner
grant turner 15 kun oldin
More screens too smash! Nice! 😳
My name is Noureddine and this is my life
Hey man were do u buy all ur phones
Odinma Ndu
Odinma Ndu 17 kun oldin
My question is: What the hell is someone using a dual display for? Please someone enlighten me
Bob Turtle
Bob Turtle 4 kun oldin
Well there's battery saving, like controlling music or checking the time or just you're low on power and need to use your phone for a bit. You can multitask, answer texts on one side while a video or game is on the other instead of having to swipe and navigate the menu, or for the more business savvy, a spreadsheet on the big side and a calculator on the other. The phone also let's you use it as additional inputs for the front side, so you can have extra buttons for a game or use it for gestures. If you actually find uses for it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it
leaf 4
leaf 4 17 kun oldin
Usability , like switching between apps, if camera was being part of those, could be a question.
leaf 4
leaf 4 17 kun oldin
''whats' your rear camera?, 24mp, "whats' your front camera? 16mp,, "nice",, "well, hw abt yours', rear camera?'',, "24mp",,"your front camera?'',, "well, it's the same camera, 24mp",, damn, how's that, both cam having same quality.
Gui M
Gui M 18 kun oldin
i imagine you can't get a phone case
trappin296 is herre
trappin296 is herre 18 kun oldin
With Nubia x
Chandu Paladugu
Chandu Paladugu 19 kun oldin
Price cost
JM Nable
JM Nable 19 kun oldin
Is there a headphone jack?
Fa Idd
Fa Idd 20 kun oldin
who from indo like?? :v
all in one guru
all in one guru 20 kun oldin
What's the use of dual screen
GhostGirl 23
GhostGirl 23 20 kun oldin
*cries* it is so crazy to have a phone with my name 😢😢😢 it feels amazing 😭
Robert Fernandes
Robert Fernandes 21 kun oldin
Far better from the notch design
Jikar Sha
Jikar Sha 21 kun oldin
sir Nubia x price
JTC Intl
JTC Intl 21 kun oldin
Screens shatter proof?
Joey Atwaini
Joey Atwaini 21 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy This is freaking amazing! the only thing i don't like is the UI that's why i only use Samsung. Why can't Samsung do something like this! Everyone will forget Iphone's lol i mean a camera in the display is so frustrating to me.
Evan navarro
Evan navarro 22 kun oldin
Wtf !!!
Syed Tanzeel
Syed Tanzeel 22 kun oldin
What if you r watching porn?
PeKame PeKame
PeKame PeKame 22 kun oldin
I like the idee but that the front display is ips and the one in the back is oled , it is 600 EU
James Green
James Green 23 kun oldin
Good direction, IMO. Vlogging / fam cam dream without holes or notches eroding the viewing area.
EON Nephilim
EON Nephilim 23 kun oldin
You can make a phone without a single button, no notch, and no front cam, and no (wired) IO. Swiping up/down on the screen at the back could control the volume. The fingerprint sensors could act as a power button. Wireless charging only. In the future, you could even do data transfer via wireless charging probably. It'd be a good application of the no headphone jack bs, making the phone truly waterproof.
Lawrence Perera
Lawrence Perera 24 kun oldin
So no Spigen case then?
Amait Vikram Bharadwaj
What kind of cover do we use on it. And if none then it won't bother me to use just the back screen since it's smaller
sazid 25 kun oldin
apple will make this device by china with price tag 3k$ in 2028
Momonja 25 kun oldin
Now everybody will know if you're watching porn.
badgernikes 25 kun oldin
Wave of the future and not many UZvidrs reviewing it. Unless Apple does it they stay silent. Wave of the future
Chris C.
Chris C. 25 kun oldin
Can we credit HTC for the squeeze feature and not the Google Pixel.
yasin 25 kun oldin
İphonun yapamadığını yapmışlar amk
Vlad Apetrei
Vlad Apetrei 26 kun oldin
Smartisan r1 review
Saltine The one
Saltine The one 26 kun oldin
To be honest it’s kind of a gimmick only used for selfies not the most useful thing ever but it’s pretty cool
Kyler A
Kyler A 26 kun oldin
"It's like bringing a gun to a knife fight"
Gabriel Gomide Ponzi
love it!
Santanu Das
Santanu Das 27 kun oldin
Really insane
The Gamer Nerd
The Gamer Nerd 27 kun oldin
There's another Dual-Screen Phone Vivo Nex 2? Or Nex Dual
NobodyWatchMe 27 kun oldin
Vivo sloved the problem from another side. With the Vivo Nex Dual Screen :)
Pravin Dahal
Pravin Dahal 27 kun oldin
Just put a mirror on the back side so that you can take a selfie with the rear cam.
DyLaN885 28 kun oldin
I like phone with dual screens and u? Like if u agree
SS GAMING 28 kun oldin
Yes im crazy about double screen because this is my dream phone
Super Craft
Super Craft 28 kun oldin
please unbox zeblaze thor 4 smartwatch
LegendAud24 29 kun oldin
How can I watch porn in public if own that phone?
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 29 kun oldin
@4:39 It is not that expensive, bro. Nubia is the budget brand of ZTE. It is about $650 + shipping + custom tariff for the 64GB variant. That is not cheap but not that expensive either.
Red Phoenix
Red Phoenix 29 kun oldin
My bet is that the next thing is a translucent OLED hiding the selfie-cam. Translucent OLED displays are currently in development in Korea. @3:22 ... and manufacturers can cut costs by using a smaller backside display.
500 Subscribers with no videos?
But how do you put a case on it? 🤔
saura 29 kun oldin
that is fucking stupid, like what’s the point? why everybody here saying this shit an innovation lmao
Wilma Del rosario
Wow!!! !!! !!! 😯
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Me: Wassup Friend: sup Me: just got a new phone Friend: pffft so Me: pfft Friend: goes back to fb in his IPHONE 6 Me: my phone is better Friend: dude this is an iPhone of course mine is better duh Me: u didn’t even see my new phone yet Yours cost like 28k with 2gb ram but mine costs 28k with 6gb Friend: 2gb ram runs like 100gb ram with apple a8 chip Me: look Friend: notches pfft they suck except the iPhone X tho Me: Lol Look again Friend: WTF THERES NO NOTCH?! WHERE THE FRONT CAM Me: There ain’t You have to use the back Friend: what the fu Me: shows the back screen Friend: OH ME GOD WTF BROOO DAZ CULLLL YOOO GUYS CHECK THIS OUT MY BESTFRIEND’S PHONE Me: nah yo not anymore for saying you phone better than this boi Meh other friends: OOOOOHHHHHHH BURN
The Saplas
The Saplas Oy oldin
Over engineered? 🤔
GaurangGP Patkar
Yeah! we now need displays on edges too sowe couldn't even hold the phone.
Rahul Balu  Jadhav
Spending more on extra but low resolution screen but saving big bucks on front facing cameras that's the way to go
Rahul Balu  Jadhav
yes use this phone and then give us your thoughts this thing can't be more than 500$ so hopefully it will be nextgen technology for 2019 smart phones
RNDF YT Feliciano
I receive this yesterday my sister thought I'm using the phone wrong
RNDF YT Feliciano
Abhinay Tete
Abhinay Tete Oy oldin
So there is no way applying back cover on expensive phones.
jacob shikuku
jacob shikuku Oy oldin
Hahaa!Few years ago guyz were laughing at Chinese phones.Mmmh! They are not laughing anymore
Kucik Kucik
Kucik Kucik Oy oldin
I like double shot..
Mr!ColdSIX Oy oldin
Imagine watching p0rn and the second screen , turns on in a public place.
Kendy Samwaka
Kendy Samwaka 2 kun oldin
Beno Hamid_DZ
Beno Hamid_DZ 8 kun oldin
P0rn in front Preacher in back
Alluri SAI KRISHNA 12 kun oldin
😂😂 Excellent question
Above3Beyond123 14 kun oldin
lmao 😂
flazepe 23 kun oldin
+Vuk Pantovic I was joking but it's okay, I understand.
AjgoR TV
AjgoR TV Oy oldin
Ok, you break your screen and how you still use your phone? Thats right, use a second one
AjgoR TV
AjgoR TV Oy oldin
I've seen jerry's video, looked up the phone and found yours. Wow
Astro Ó6
Astro Ó6 Oy oldin
Best idea till date
How would Snapchat filters work? It wouldn't know when it's being used as the front or the rear camera.
Tanvir TMH
Tanvir TMH Oy oldin
finally utilization of glass back phone...extinction of disgusting notch
HajEe Oy oldin
"Bringing a gun to a knife fight" im dead😂