African crime gangs in Melbourne

Pete Sparks
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I do not own this footage - Hosted by Derryn Hinch



7-Okt, 2012



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Nathan .Star
Nathan .Star 2 oy oldin
... and this was in 2012 - the worst years yet to come. Genius Amanda Vandstone should be held accountable
gota know
gota know 3 oy oldin
Australia is doomed if we don't do something now so stand up Australia and fight back. Those scum should be sent home or put on the end of a rope . rope or boat?
Bazzaen 4 oy oldin
It's the local population that will suffer in the low socio economic areas not the liberal elite who decided to let these people enter Australia
Bazzaen 4 oy oldin
If they are such a difficult people to assimilate then why keep allowing thousands of them to enter Australia each year - it's madness. If Australia is not the land of milk and honey they expected then why do they come? The fact is they're stupid, they have low IQ. They're unteachable in schools, they remain uneducated and would rather be criminals than work. I hear the same old tired disenfranchised excuse these people give as an excuse wherever they go. Australians allow them to terrorise the local populations because they're scared of being labelled racist - goodbye Australia, you're now just another liberal hellhole
Bazzaen 4 oy oldin
These Somalians and Sudanese are low IQ - it will never be any different - everywhere they go there is crime rape poverty and they terrorise the indigenous populations that offer them a good life - that's what stupid people do - expect this problem to grow exponentially
Bazzaen 4 oy oldin
So glad I left Australia - no point in staying there anymore, it's just turning into another liberal hellhole - may as well return to Europe - which is completely doomed - but at least it's more interesting even if it's shit too
Jim Thomas
Jim Thomas 9 oy oldin
send these disgusting reprobates back to the jungle or put them to work on farms where they can respect human life and other people
Mick Yil oldin
"Jobs are the key" my arse!!!! You couldn't give these cunts a job, they'd still go out at night robbing, assaulting and terrorising the community that gives them so much....fuck 'em, deportation is the key!!!
Derek Wildash
Derek Wildash Yil oldin
Stop pussyfooting around. Arrest them and send them back to where they come from. I'm a immigrant in Canada and I behave myself. If I didn't, I would deserve to get deported.
Stu Jones
Stu Jones Yil oldin
Love it..let those black bastards live near the asshole politicians that let them live here..go boy's committ all the crime u want but please dont forget to thank the asshole politicians that allowed them to live here..master stroke really...
Roibert Alba
Roibert Alba Yil oldin
Fucking animals . start getting rid of them back to their shithole country
Kodak Black go ard
Give them job's that's all what they need y'all white ppl are cooked man .
Mick T
Mick T Yil oldin
Yep send them back to Africa. They have gone to far.
andtga1 Yil oldin
Lerberalism is cancer !!!
Gary Emerson
Gary Emerson Yil oldin
I think we should open a ZOO to put all these things in so the rest of us can view them in cages out of curiosity
MARTIN NDERITU 11 oy oldin
Pink scumbag. Silence oftentimes makes people presume intelligence. You speak and spill the beans mf... way below Bonobo intelligence!
Gary Emerson
Gary Emerson Yil oldin
fuck the law if you kill the black pig just dump the stinking carcass where they live
ricardo simon
ricardo simon Yil oldin
Animals send them to Africa.
Mark Novak
Mark Novak Yil oldin
Nothing will happen and the feds will import another 50,000 of these animals over the next 12 months. I'm glad I have no children.
Rocka 2 yil oldin
Sad thing is, these arseholes seem to get everything handed to them on a silver platter, i've never seen ONE of them dressed in 'rags' or drive crappy cars, fuckin deport them, aboriginals get treated like shit, yet these wankers seem to get off scot-free, oh, and speak some english you fricken turds!!
lollyroger 2 yil oldin
I'm not scared of the dogs. they can't fight..they are cowards
E M 6 oy oldin
Aha, right. And how will your fighting skills help when some knives are pulled on you? Real life isn't a movie, you will get stabbed. Get some pepper spray and act in advance if the situation presents itself. There's nothing more you can do.
lollyroger 2 yil oldin
+Living Hard & Fast I'm not against any colour or religion. I'm a Baptist.. Hallelujah.. I walk past every type of folks every day... No problem... But when they form cowardly gangs to my way of thinking they are causing trouble... And hate... I never hate anyone as it makes me feel bad.... Bad attitude is not a colour or faith... I only ever defend myself.. But in a democracy different points of view are natural..I don't use violence.. As a method of persuasion.. Unless I am under attack.. Have a happy day... Ha ha ha.!!!
lollyroger 2 yil oldin
+Living Hard & Fast although I dont like gangs of cowards it's not legal to film some one if they don't want to be filmed...the cops can confiscate your filming devise... I'm not racist.. I just hate cowards in gangs I beat 5 out of 12 assholes attacking me once.. They where white.. The Afro gangs and racist religious gangs are all cowards too.. Ha ha ha..!!!
lollyroger 2 yil oldin
+Living Hard & Fast One on one they are weak chickens.. Ha ha ha!!!
Hermes Thrice
Hermes Thrice 3 yil oldin
Easy solution. Take the gangsters/criminals passports and send them back to their home countries. Any asshole lawyer who disagrees with that can argue the case in Sudan or wherever they come from! It's plain logic and that should apply to every country and not just African countries.
Hindi Abdullahi
Hindi Abdullahi 2 yil oldin
Hermes Thrice
RIGHTLY 3 yil oldin
"I-it's a cultural thing! Dey just need mo' money fo' dem pograms..." El oh el.
Dino Ömer'o
Dino Ömer'o 3 yil oldin
Thats why I now carry a knife..
vaegirshoop 5 yil oldin
Repatriation is the only answer. And lock the door on the way out.
1269victoria 6 yil oldin
Are they Aboriganies
SpicyHam 6 yil oldin
If they come at me, u know what we'll be having butter.
Scottles293 6 yil oldin
this is so racist ...LOL
Lee Schweikert
Lee Schweikert 6 yil oldin
They should also be informed that any crime will not be tolerated and the penalty will be revoking citizenship and deportation. I am over the arrogance and the politically correct do gooders who dont have to deal with them because they live in their little blinkered worlds.No excuses anymore!!!
Lee Schweikert
Lee Schweikert 6 yil oldin
Its gotten beyond a joke! We used to have a relative safe country now we are being abused and violated upon by those we have offered help too. If they commit a crime send them home. If their parents cry we cant control them pack them up too!! Stop all immigration until this mess has been cleared up! When they apply for citizenship they should be told if they dont assimilate contribute they will not be accepted.
T3nno 6 yil oldin
the Netherlands have recently decided abandoned multiculturalism almost exclusively due to Sudanese and Somalian crime
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