Scuba Diving the World's Largest Urban Whitewater Course for Lost GoPros! (Huge Item Found)

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Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)
Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)
Found Lost iPhone 7 in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend)
Found Lost iPhone, Fishing Pole and Swimbaits Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)
Found GoPro Camera Lost 1 Year Ago! (Reviewing the Footage)
Found Knife, Razor Blade and $50 Swimbait Underwater in River! (Freediving)
Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)
Found Phone, Wallet, Knife Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)
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Scuba Diving the World's Largest Urban Whitewater Course for Lost GoPros! (Huge Item Found) uzvid.com/video/video-iWeNDPTYAZw.html&feature=youtu.be




18-Apr, 2018

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DALLMYD 5 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another new scuba diving video tomorrow!! I want to get back out there to find some more cool stuff! Also, thank you so much for the incredible amount of support lately. Means a lot guys
David Cuddy
David Cuddy 2 kun oldin
Come to Scotland and dive some good fishing loch's
Ski Gamer
Ski Gamer 3 kun oldin
DALLMYD you should make merchandise
mindy kuhn
mindy kuhn 15 kun oldin
Love your videos
امير الجبوري
ح م و د ي
Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez 24 kun oldin
DALLMYD try to find stuff at lake linear
Offended? 10 soat oldin
Cinderella I found your slipper. Aww now he's a princess.
Bunglespice 15 soat oldin
That Spam is probably still good.
Aurora Addison
Aurora Addison 2 kun oldin
I'm going on a white water rafting with my ROTC class later this week and I don't know how will go
milomilo 2 kun oldin
Cool noone was tied to those cement blocks!....sorry I'm Sicilian was my 1st thought lmao
fred lybarger
fred lybarger 2 kun oldin
BUBU's Wife
BUBU's Wife 2 kun oldin
What lens do you use to record with ? and what camera do you use ?
doreen miller
doreen miller 3 kun oldin
Hahaha Cinderella at the Ball! I can't believe how that shoe fit!
Jacob Reid
Jacob Reid 3 kun oldin
Man this videos are satisfying halarious to when they scream after finding something cool haha
vnoockthebrain 3 kun oldin
Hey, come to Russia, to Volgograd and dive in Volga river. There is a whole WWII museum under water!
Hubert 5 kun oldin
i love when he goes full Zoidberg :D
Terry Vaughn
Terry Vaughn 5 kun oldin
your "high life" is a Miller beer bottle, it isn't from 1903, that is when the company started
An Audi RS6
An Audi RS6 4 kun oldin
Terry Vaughn yep he noticed that
Aleana Coletti
Aleana Coletti 6 kun oldin
“It says cricket. I’m not really sure what that means” LMAOOOOOO.
Reuben Savona-Holmes
You should go in the Yarra river in Melbourne You will find hundreds of Obikes
Autumn Reyn
Autumn Reyn 6 kun oldin
This mfer is cinderella
Khusbhoo Khush
Khusbhoo Khush 7 kun oldin
What are these small fish like balloons
Dogeimations !
Dogeimations ! 3 kun oldin
F-i-s-h-i-n-g. When you get a fish for a pet or food.
Indorian 6 kun oldin
Lures for fishing.
Error429 7 kun oldin
Huh, it seems the river has "Spam"med you, DALLMYD
Imagine dragons girl
Hopefully the tampon was used
Kyu 9 kun oldin
What is he doing with the colget
Lord Neckbeard
Lord Neckbeard 4 kun oldin
To keep the goggles from fogging up
Sarah Park
Sarah Park 10 kun oldin
Sarah Park
Sarah Park 10 kun oldin
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson 11 kun oldin
What is the first thing Jake has ever found?
Alscaldes 11 kun oldin
A tem-what? 1:000
Imagine dragons girl
J. S. Not really btw lol
Imagine dragons girl
J. S. I did when I was 8 now I'm 10 😎
J. S.
J. S. 7 kun oldin
Don't you dare search it. If you are a child it will ruin your childhood.
Imagine dragons girl
Tampon lol
dallast21 12 kun oldin
Came here to see metal detection not a whole video of picking up trash from every flood for the last 50 year. Good Grief, is this what your sponsors paid for.
Dogeimations !
Dogeimations ! 3 kun oldin
You know, there is other channels that metal detect.
Pink Sea
Pink Sea 10 kun oldin
Whats wrong with cleaning.....and there is more vids where he finds stuff there is not just this vid
pineapple slimes
pineapple slimes 12 kun oldin
dallast21 and what’s wrong with cleaning up the river?
Lindsey A
Lindsey A 12 kun oldin
I love that you clean up too...
Boxz_ezekeil 11
Boxz_ezekeil 11 12 kun oldin
The tank can refill or buying always anither
Salma Hani
Salma Hani 12 kun oldin
I like you channel ;D
piratelady451 13 kun oldin
Nice shoe
medalla09 13 kun oldin
1:18 find some cool stuff in each tank?
Imagine dragons girl
"Find some cool stuff in,each tank
Imagine dragons girl
medalla09 cough cough
Micheal Barnes
Micheal Barnes 13 kun oldin
The way he said oh my gosh when the shoe when on lmao Awesome bro keep shining 😎
Vishnu Narayanan
Vishnu Narayanan 13 kun oldin
Can you tellme which cameras you using for shooting
Ethan's horror gaming channel
Swimming:Go Pro On land:idk
Bianca Vona
Bianca Vona 13 kun oldin
I mean if the tampon wasn't bloody it's not really disgusting
ant JELLY 13 kun oldin
To bad you doing aquamans job
Lenny Gamer
Lenny Gamer 13 kun oldin
Geil 😲👍
Kristel sil
Kristel sil 14 kun oldin
Love your show
J Brister
J Brister 14 kun oldin
Tampon 1, Man 0
Obrian Turnbull
Obrian Turnbull 14 kun oldin
I want u to find a real gold
Thắng Lê
Thắng Lê 14 kun oldin
Aubrey singing Sabrina Carpenter aubrey
I have a weight
Galaxy Husky
Galaxy Husky 15 kun oldin
Crack that spam open
Mimi Magoo
Mimi Magoo 15 kun oldin
You guys are so funny with the shoe. I love your cleaning up the rivers. RNK just did a hunt at a very polluted river. 😢
Lindenbum 15 kun oldin
We found a stringer of cat fish swimming around one time. We rescued the survivors.
Margaret Simei
Margaret Simei 15 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing n picking up all that trash. You're the bomb!!
Layla Myers
Layla Myers 15 kun oldin
He picked up a tampon
Layla Myers
Layla Myers 15 kun oldin
VanillaChinchilla 15 kun oldin
What time
Abby D
Abby D 15 kun oldin
Layla Myers
Layla Myers 15 kun oldin
How are you today
Layla Myers
Layla Myers 15 kun oldin
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 15 kun oldin
I wonder if they put the phones in rice and see if they work
Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez 15 kun oldin
Matthew Smith that doesn’t work
MylifeasEllie Kakkuri
Yeah maybe or give the phone some ibuprofen! Hahah can you subscribe to me and like my vids
Wtajemniczony 15 kun oldin
name of music in 0:00 :D pls
Bailey Park
Bailey Park 15 kun oldin
What are thosssssssssse
laney's videos
laney's videos 15 kun oldin
Graham Mitchell
Graham Mitchell 16 kun oldin
You could have brought all that shit down there with you people would believe anything. I like to keep a big open mind.
A Lowe
A Lowe 16 kun oldin
I looked up Coaldale Bloo Brick and it show a site saying Antique Bricks & Pavers - Homestead sooo yea this is the link if you want to check it out nellsstuff.homestead.com/oldbricks.html
Raff 818
Raff 818 17 kun oldin
You guys are amazing cleaning out the rivers
Elizabeth Jacobi
Elizabeth Jacobi 17 kun oldin
what do you guys do with all the water logged phones??
Michael Ulinder
Michael Ulinder 17 kun oldin
Cricket wireless ZTE Blade Xmax I have the same phone
Patrick Chesbro
Patrick Chesbro 18 kun oldin
I love watching your vids. especially with your friends, you all reminds me of myself and my dive buddies from when I was in the Marine Corps and Tristan (I think I spelled his name wrong) reminds me of my dive friend in the Corps whos last name was/is Mateer, we had great times diving for both the Corps and ourselves...lol
Hot Hague
Hot Hague 19 kun oldin
Cette vidéo fait trop floue mais sinon c'est trop bien 🐟👍😘
Sweetie Lou
Sweetie Lou 19 kun oldin
When you put the sandal on Brandon's foot, my little sister whispered "Cinderella, it's a perfect fit!" with actual tears in her eyes.
Boswells Auto Detailing
Lmao. It says cricket? Idk what that is
Sarah Raymo
Sarah Raymo 21 kun oldin
So entertaining.
Evie’s World
Evie’s World 21 kun oldin
1:13 to 1:20 Tristan was peeing
Dylan Simo
Dylan Simo 12 kun oldin
+Maggie Bottoms it's not a dry suit. It just filters through the suit and you get warm for a few seconds. I do it when I'm out in the ocean surfing or body boarding
Habading Nation
Habading Nation 18 kun oldin
He peed 7 seconds wow
Maggie Bottoms
Maggie Bottoms 19 kun oldin
Evie’s World how was he peeing wet suits don't zip in the front
Michelle Ryder
Michelle Ryder 22 kun oldin
Love that u clean up that's super cool !!!
Warner Hewlett
Warner Hewlett 22 kun oldin
My waterproof camera floats
Tatum Thibodeau
Tatum Thibodeau 23 kun oldin
Hey guys did anyone else see a ring to his left i did at 1:56 look to his left your left to on the middle closest to the left bottom of the screen it’s crazy
Ritesh Maurya
Ritesh Maurya 23 kun oldin
I subscribed to your channel after watching this video ..thanks for cleaning the trash ..unlike@aquachigger who doesn’t care about the trash
Alexis Guest
Alexis Guest 23 kun oldin
cricket Is a company
midlip vidio suresh
midlip vidio suresh 24 kun oldin
I'm try to scoba
Scott Foster
Scott Foster 24 kun oldin
You guys need ring knives.
UbiZombie 24 kun oldin
That's the same phone I have lol
Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez 24 kun oldin
Go to lake linear
Reilley Crowe
Reilley Crowe 25 kun oldin
I went treasure hunting find but I didn't find anything in water so I found a diamond earring online and actually fighting with my brother
Riley S Westman
Riley S Westman 26 kun oldin
If the shoe fits... 😂
Nicki sysum
Nicki sysum 26 kun oldin
The Coaldale Block bricks were used to pave the road in front of the Tampa Bay Hotel in 1891.
Braedyn Johnson
Braedyn Johnson 26 kun oldin
I love your videos
Barry Curtis
Barry Curtis 27 kun oldin
Great job guys.
Aamria 27 kun oldin
THank you guys for cleaning up the trash. Sadly to many people just throw their crap in the water.
Luke Tucci 16
Luke Tucci 16 27 kun oldin
love the vids bro
ExEcUtIoN W33D
ExEcUtIoN W33D 28 kun oldin
So much trash it's a damn shame We need more people like you guys!!
progamer2234 a
progamer2234 a 28 kun oldin
You got some good finds big boy
VANG MOUA 28 kun oldin
Nice watch!! What is it?
BlueyesKittyCat 29 kun oldin
I just subbed to your channel and I'm impressed with the fact you collect the trash and dispose of it. Any little bit helps, that's so awesome 👍❤️😁
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 29 kun oldin
They should pay you guys to go clean up it would be best of both worlds. Money content and treasure
Slush Arctic
Slush Arctic Oy oldin
" EWWW IT'S A TAMPON!!! " best line ever
guys never turn on the phones after your fishing out. you first have let them dry some days in Rice or something
Amber Hynes
Amber Hynes Oy oldin
He found slime that ended up.in the river
Finn MacDonald
Who wants some spam?
Foua Xiong
Foua Xiong Oy oldin
I seriously just stumbled across your channel like a day or two ago and I’ve watched so many of your guys videos already. I also love it when all three of you guys are together. Makes me laugh all the time.
Pop tart Cat
Pop tart Cat Oy oldin
It’s a cricket wireless phone
Carrie S.
Carrie S. 29 kun oldin
Pop tart Cat that was funny. They must not have cricket down there.
rachel maloy
rachel maloy Oy oldin
Ok I can understand why he was grossed out by the tampon. It was open, in a river. It was probably used!
Iben Gravengaard
Haha what’s up Sindafella 😆😆♥️🌹🤵🏼🤵🏼
Karen Mather
Karen Mather Oy oldin
Thumbs up for throwing trash out!😇
KCslimes Reyes
If you look at the left at 0:13 you can see something moving
KCslimes Reyes
KCslimes Reyes 29 kun oldin
+J Cee oh lol
J Cee
J Cee 29 kun oldin
Emma Greenacre
Thank you for clearing up the river! 😁
Reagan Piercefield
Im always afraid he is gonna stab his arm with his knife 😂 😱
Lacey H
Lacey H Oy oldin
The orange and black on the left wrist makes me think of the mad hatter
ნბჯს Oy oldin
Veri good
U throw away the trash prob not recycle it will prob get dumbed In the ocean
Ella Halverson
I love hearing you get excited under water, it's pretty funny.
Lola F
Lola F Oy oldin
Lola F
Lola F Oy oldin
ita tampon
Kanessa Garcia
His hands were as pale as me 😂
wow great trash you got there.
Kimmy B
Kimmy B Oy oldin
trade center ? pfft no it's big boi now