Scuba Diving the World's Largest Urban Whitewater Course for Lost GoPros! (Huge Item Found)

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Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater) uzvid.com/video/video-6_-b3U9QDKg.html
Found Lost iPhone 8 and Rescue Bag in River While Scuba Diving! (What's Inside the Bag??) uzvid.com/video/video-cLdbSVeTUuc.html
Found "Gun" Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Dangerous Diving Spot) uzvid.com/video/video-84myrqqxju0.html
Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Unbelievable) uzvid.com/video/video--jSirHVQAOk.html
Searching for Possible Murder Weapons in a Shallow Urban Canal! (WLTZ News Interview) uzvid.com/video/video-psihUrXPhO0.html
Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in a Shallow Urban Canal! (Police Called) uzvid.com/video/video--4Gx1KrH7R4.html
Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds! uzvid.com/video/video-INEQQDzKZZk.html
Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable) uzvid.com/video/video-6Hg_pPVlxu4.html
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(Explored for Potential Treasure) | DALLMYD uzvid.com/video/video-lFvugvdykPU.html
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Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)
Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)
Found Lost iPhone 7 in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend)
Found Lost iPhone, Fishing Pole and Swimbaits Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)
Found GoPro Camera Lost 1 Year Ago! (Reviewing the Footage)
Found Knife, Razor Blade and $50 Swimbait Underwater in River! (Freediving)
Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)
Found Phone, Wallet, Knife Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)
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Scuba Diving the World's Largest Urban Whitewater Course for Lost GoPros! (Huge Item Found) uzvid.com/video/video-iWeNDPTYAZw.html&feature=youtu.be




18-Apr, 2018

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DALLMYD 10 oy oldin
Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another new scuba diving video tomorrow!! I want to get back out there to find some more cool stuff! Also, thank you so much for the incredible amount of support lately. Means a lot guys
Joshua Ripley
Joshua Ripley Oy oldin
How much did you find the river
April Suarez
April Suarez Oy oldin
Dallmyd you are a great person for what you do. By cleaning up the river. Come to oklahoma one day
Chevron704 Oy oldin
it looks like the brick reads (in english version) "in coal blood" which this article (www.salon.com/2007/08/15/coal/) explains.
Takumi Cardona
Takumi Cardona 3 oy oldin
"That's a Tampon!" 1,000,000,000 x 😂
Jaise Holland
Jaise Holland 4 oy oldin
I love your chanel
Tammy smith
Tammy smith 4 soat oldin
Love watching this you find some cool stuff , but have you ever found a body ? Or a skull 💀
NC lottery Scratcher 828
I see you guys pulled a few strings with the first find to get the viewers in ......nice
Eleanor Joan
Eleanor Joan 3 kun oldin
1:02 ahhh busted knew I'd lost something whilst swimming haha joke I live in England 😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗
Skipboso4 4 kun oldin
Oooo it’d be dope if you guys took the metal and plastic to a recycling center! Metal gets you $$$!!!
Wookie Connor
Wookie Connor 4 kun oldin
still don't beat my cart... Said no one ever
Lynnette mendoza/hutchison
You guys are handsome sexy cute sweet keep up the great job love you guys
Lynnette mendoza/hutchison
Thank you for taking the trash
lexi Trousil
lexi Trousil 6 kun oldin
He picked up a tampon
J.A.Ratt85 10 kun oldin
ZTE is Android
Borys Gaming
Borys Gaming 11 kun oldin
Sean Kristoff
Sean Kristoff 14 kun oldin
big Jeck
Deborah VanDusen
Deborah VanDusen 21 kun oldin
Ask good to see you cleaning up the rivers.
Nora Sundahl
Nora Sundahl 25 kun oldin
Ciara Anaya Cruz
Ciara Anaya Cruz 26 kun oldin
8:46 “it says cricket i don’t know what that is” 😐
Megan Carbonelli
Megan Carbonelli 27 kun oldin
Cinderella fit the shoe
Q32tC4t 1094
Q32tC4t 1094 27 kun oldin
Will see tomorrow’s vid
Q32tC4t 1094
Q32tC4t 1094 27 kun oldin
U rule dude
DJ Mendoza
DJ Mendoza 28 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 " it fits so well"
Subscrib3 Th3 L3ader
This is just a SPAMM
Ami Singh
Ami Singh 29 kun oldin
I have been watching your videos for a whole 5 days now and I really feel like you earned these subscribers because you're very down to earth. You all seem to be enjoying this. Its like you are one of the best people in social media. I hope your treasure hunts will last longer and that you will be safe always. Much love!
Kimberly Pierce
Kimberly Pierce 29 kun oldin
He likes that shoe! If you keep poking the wild life everywhere, one day somethings going to poke back.
Courtney Cole
Courtney Cole Oy oldin
The quality of this video is amazing. But great video all together.
Grant Anderson
you could cover up fish hook barbs with little strips of a kitchen sponge or something
Leo Wise
Leo Wise Oy oldin
Burner phone
Crystal Nguyen
Your truck is beast 😻💪🏻💪🏻 love the vids.
Kaitlin McClung
Okay, but is Tristan single?
Wookie Connor
Wookie Connor 4 kun oldin
Neo Jay
Neo Jay 23 kun oldin
Nora Sundahl
Nora Sundahl 25 kun oldin
If so i dibs him
Nora Sundahl
Nora Sundahl 25 kun oldin
Kaitlin McClung lol
Myah The patao
Jerry Atricks
Jerry Atricks Oy oldin
All that trash. Facking humans. =\
Si Thu Hlaing
Si Thu Hlaing Oy oldin
WTF. They don't know ZTE. :-D :-D
Jupiter Rise
Jupiter Rise Oy oldin
You are gorgeous
joexlb Oy oldin
dives in, finds lure, as hes looking at 1st lure finds another lure
loloinez Oy oldin
Hey there, A dear friend of mine used to be a professional raft guide in Wisconsin for many years, and he used to go up to the rapid where people USUALLY flipped and then he would head down 1-2 rapids below that. Those were smaller and easier to dive in. He would only use a snorkel and he would find what would get washed down from the big rapid above, which meant sometimes really expensive sunglasses, cellphones, GoPro cameras, etc. Certainly NOT saying where you were doing your diving was a bad idea, just maybe where you could find more treasure and less trash. That was his experience at least. It also makes sense that individuals that just don’t care deposit their garbage in the river that they just enjoyed being on...sad but true. Hope that this info helps, happy hunting!
Sandy Owens
Sandy Owens Oy oldin
Cricket is the cell phone company and their phone crap
Connie Carroll
Great jobs guys. That is a great cart, keep it and that 1909 bottle, there are people who collect them! Really wish there were more people or groups who would do this to help clean up our rivers. It's really disgusting to see what you bring up, people just do not think before tossing trash in the water.
James Bergman
James Bergman Oy oldin
if you find a container someone SEALED, maybe the stuff in there is not meant for human eyes anymore...you're gonna pull a finger out a ziploc baggie one of these dives
Lelon Bond
Lelon Bond Oy oldin
save the pop cans and get money for them at the scrap yard.
bob smith
bob smith Oy oldin
I love they don’t know what cricket or a zte is lmao!
trevers4ever Oy oldin
It's all fun and games until the shoe fits. Lol
PICK JCGS4313 Oy oldin
No it’s all fun and games until he gets wrapped in a fishing line and snags a trebble hook, owch.
heather griswold
Spam lol:) Thanks for cleaning up fellas really appreciated it.
elijah gaudet
elijah gaudet Oy oldin
Good video
Paula Udell
Paula Udell Oy oldin
Paula Udell
Paula Udell Oy oldin
Y'all r nasty! Lol
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke Oy oldin
Can you get those water damaged cameras and phones working again,?
Kathryn Kesten
Nice truck
vicky stevenson
You GUYS are having way to much fun !😉👍💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Quadlyfe #1
Quadlyfe #1 Oy oldin
When you jumped off it sounded like you got it by a car
Quadlyfe #1
Quadlyfe #1 Oy oldin
Last time I checked a tampon is defenetly not river treasure 😂
James Williams
Aye Jake, just now viewing this video. Recently subscribed and shared your channel - much love for what your doing. Do you know the backstory of the mason brick found in this video??
Dee Williams
Dee Williams Oy oldin
Y’all should head to Helen where they raft the river. And the Olcmulgee in Twiggs. Oh my gosh my mind went blank to the name but every teen in middle Ga hung out back in the Oaky Woods off 96. Y’all would find some amazing stuff. If I remember the name I’ll let you know lol. Probably find some of my lost stuff back there. Seriously some major lost stuff back there. People have hung out back there since the 40s. Murders back there also. Wes Lake!!!!!! Remembered!!!!!
Red Tails305
Red Tails305 Oy oldin
Its s LG
Autumn Chartier
Lol, the ZTE phone turns on in the back
Amber Pierce
Amber Pierce Oy oldin
You guys are awesome for cleaning that water God Bless you guys!
Cody McCarren
Cody McCarren Oy oldin
I call them jesus 23s
Kassandra Nieto
Tell tristan to fall in love with me 😭😂
Jett Kvasnicka
At 1:59 the water went from yellow to green🤢🤮
Christian Löbnau
Not really. The camera adjusted the lighting ;)
Alexandra Rosales
SpaceFlye Oy oldin
This was more like a clean-up effort than a treasure hunt.
Karen Bilyk-Vogel
Thank u, 4 cleaning up the rivers, we as humans destroy the earth. I hope u find great treasure 4 ur rewards! Love ur videos👍👍💯💯
Wookie Connor
Wookie Connor 4 kun oldin
All Dem girls face palm
Tootsie pop
Tootsie pop Oy oldin
It wasn't even a minute and a half before he picked up the tampon! 😂😂😂♥️
3GM65D Oy oldin
i would suck on it
tigerclawz gaming
what if you guys got caught be a fisherman's line lol
Александр Салов
Гарні хлопці, та ще й прибираються.
Wesley Turner
Wesley Turner Oy oldin
Zte blade xmax I have the phone
Lahton Wolfgramm
Report the water for SPAM!!
You Tube
You Tube Oy oldin
Omg. That's my phone
Dean Nelson
Dean Nelson Oy oldin
The tampon tho
David Sanders
David Sanders Oy oldin
Eli Ana
Eli Ana Oy oldin
It’s a zte zmax pro had the same one
AchmodinIV SWE
Brian is so fabulous XD
Leigh Soldan
Leigh Soldan Oy oldin
thnx for cleaning up the river!
Silvia Hoover
Silvia Hoover Oy oldin
Everyone's talking about the video, I was looking at the truck. It's a nice Ford Raptor. 😂
Awesome! My kids and I love watching you and your friends! Keep up the amazeballs work!!!
Daniel Warner
Daniel Warner 2 oy oldin
I have the same zte phone it a good phone.
Rebecca Lea Greene-Williams
That phone looks EXACTLY like the one I have now.
Gavan fishing
Gavan fishing 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one that wants to go search for treasures with them
Erin Guthrie
Erin Guthrie 2 oy oldin
Nice jellies lol
Teagen Wright
Teagen Wright 2 oy oldin
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 2 oy oldin
Does anyone know what brand his knife is
Madison Pena
Madison Pena 2 oy oldin
*Trash 100*
Padro Ram
Padro Ram 2 oy oldin
Like brand.
Padro Ram
Padro Ram 2 oy oldin
What kind of knife does he use?
David Doummar
David Doummar 2 oy oldin
Was going to ask the same thing
ShadowHunterx 2 oy oldin
Padro Ram google it.
Jerk My Crank
Jerk My Crank 2 oy oldin
Lake Trash Cinderella
Natasha Sutton
Natasha Sutton 2 oy oldin
There’s people like you that are helping the world and making it cleaner but people are making the world messy and full of rubbish and they don’t appreciate the people that make it clean they don’t realise that a clean world is better for health and that throwing rubbish in rivers and the sea can harm animals and destroy nature
Bloxorbz 2 oy oldin
that's my dads lost shoe that fell off when we were swimming and looking at cool fish
puppy love
puppy love 2 oy oldin
You don't know people who had the same shoe could have lost it
WiLdx AndxFrEe
WiLdx AndxFrEe 2 oy oldin
3:17 👌
AverageJunior, the weirdo that streams.
3:03 you do know what that red stick is used for right..?
Padro Ram
Padro Ram 2 oy oldin
AverageJunior, the weirdo that streams. Yeah what is is?
AverageJunior, the weirdo that streams.
Shishtar Sophia it’s made for adults and it’s pretty NSFW. Otherwise if you really want to know I’m warning you it can be pretty disgusting.
Shishtar Sophia
Shishtar Sophia 2 oy oldin
AverageJunior, the weirdo that streams. What is it used for?
BlueClover Animation
Kinda wondering why there was a cart under water
ємιlια αυτυмиѕ
this was uploaded a day before my birthday
-ha h-
-ha h- 3 oy oldin
ємιlια αυτυмиѕ happy birthday 🎂
kaitlyn beard
kaitlyn beard 3 oy oldin
weeee got some spam up in here
kaitlyn beard
kaitlyn beard 3 oy oldin
why on earth was there a tampon what do people do these days
kaitlyn beard
kaitlyn beard 2 oy oldin
+Katey’s Corner i don't swim on my period
Katey’s Corner
Katey’s Corner 2 oy oldin
kaitlyn beard go swimming
Matti Lambert
Matti Lambert 3 oy oldin
I love you channel it is so inspiring because I love to watch people scuba dive but I never can so I like see you find thing and stuff and I hope I can scuba dive some day
Rita Beaudreault
Rita Beaudreault 3 oy oldin
Thank You for picking up the trash
Mia Cicilia
Mia Cicilia 3 oy oldin
Rita Beaudreault you are so right. It’s so refreshing to see people picking up trash and saving our planet.
mr grimm 94
mr grimm 94 3 oy oldin
what the heck
Tosha Locke
Tosha Locke 3 oy oldin
I'm surprised that there is that much just it's just sad
Bunsen Hootie
Bunsen Hootie 3 oy oldin
you guys should go and find a gun
Abdhul Bon
Abdhul Bon 3 oy oldin
Nice cleaning up the river thanks
Jackey Wang
Jackey Wang 3 oy oldin
We need good people like this
Uniyah Nicholson
Uniyah Nicholson 3 oy oldin
😂😂😂😂"it says cricket i dont know what that means"
Autumn Chartier
Never been broke a day in their lives
chuck clark
chuck clark 3 oy oldin
I don't know if you got the answer to your question about the phone when you said I don't know what cricket is cricket is a type of cellular phone service like Verizon all the other ones out there cricket is one of them that's the answer to your question on cricket.
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