Nine News. ALDI Attack (By African Migrant in Melbourne)

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An African teen holds-up an ALDI store female teller with a meat carving knife. African and other Black attacks on White native Australians are now a daily occurrence. The results of multiculturalism.
Nine News. ALDI Attack (By African Migrant in Melbourne)



12-Iyl, 2016




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maccasdisco Soat oldin
Welcome to Australia.
Margaret Howard
Margaret Howard 8 soat oldin
Wow would never believed this in Australia ,
Berend Kuipers
Berend Kuipers Kun oldin
thank you for taking me in as a refugee! YOU SHHOULD BE SHOT
janous kimerin
janous kimerin Kun oldin
More like this, like evrywhere in the worls: you let them in, now you desserve your shaare: millions more to come plus intense breeding on site: you are dead, right now! And how sad I am, as it was one of the few last paradise on earth, this size . . .
Frank Keller
Frank Keller Kun oldin
Trainers ae probably counterfeit. Need to start killing a few dozen in my opinion. Savages...
Sharon Jose
Sharon Jose Kun oldin
You want this Oh come oh
James P
James P Kun oldin
Chimps gonna chimp
Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson 3 kun oldin
So can anyone just rob folks willy nilly in Australia these days ,time to hit back then
Papua Au
Papua Au 4 kun oldin
australia needs more african and more middle eastern people because we are still safe ..
Jae Berry
Jae Berry 8 kun oldin
Fake yeezys
Jae Berry
Jae Berry 8 kun oldin
graham orr
graham orr 17 kun oldin
Oh , no there's no problem with Africans and violent crime according to the virtue signalling politicians , MSM or police.
Mavis Green
Mavis Green 19 kun oldin
Who let these rodents into the country in the first place, they dont work ,cheat the dole system,and make trouble for everyone else.Go home you vermin you are not welcome here....
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks 24 kun oldin
Another quality import
logicallyspkg Oy oldin
Conserve Australia's great whites ... feed them a Sudanese refugee .
logicallyspkg Oy oldin
Time to start keeping a can of pepper spray handy Aussies !
logicallyspkg Oy oldin
In one way I am sorry for what you guys are going through .......in another , I am glad that you guys are experiencing what white South Africans have and are still going through and for which we were and are branded racist and fascist for protecting ourselves from . So now you will need to step up to the plate and treat aggression with aggression or they will see you as being soft and will increase their attacks against you. Hit them hard and send them packing back to their homeland along with the limp wristed liberals who foisted this upon you guys . Don't take their shit Aussies . Knock the he'll out of them !!
bench training
The way the government is flooding this country with human trash you could overheat the barrel on a M16 just going to the local shops.
patrick mulligan
nothing a legal firearm couldn't have sorted out
a1scooter1 Oy oldin
When things run smoothly in any country, the people tend to not need government to take care of them and want less government. When things are dangerous and things are crazy, people turn to and give up freedoms to be taken care of by the government. This is why the government lets these havoc creators in the country.
a1scooter1 Oy oldin
Why didn't somebody shoot him?
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family Oy oldin
"It takes a special kind of lunatic to think that importing immigrants that want to kill us is a good idea." Frank Gaffney. I guess that none of the PC elite or "bleeding hearts" that support this type of immigration don't shop at ALDI or live anywhere near the most violent areas in Victoria. "The affinity for multiculturalism is equal to the distance they live from it." Anon. Thanks you Australian government for disarming law abiding Australian citizens and importing criminals to threaten and assault us. At least the criminals now have a safe "working" environment, to bad the victims don't, but hey, political correctness is the priority.... right.?
Here we go again a day in the Life of Black savage animal!!What a Filthy Rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Harding
Hailey Ronald , is full of shit , useing a white name to disgise , FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR CORRUPT SHIT HOLE
Robert Harding
roysta Oy oldin
Blame government not the individual
Halo 4sure
Halo 4sure Oy oldin
But yet he won’t eat bacon, coz you know, Allah would be displeased
vince snetterton
the shoes? they are stolen, you fools
Mark Murtagh
Mark Murtagh Oy oldin
The police wouldn't do much when they caught him any way an neither would a judge all u need is one tough talking pollie that vows to deport this filth an his apex freinds an he'll get elected for sure
Juul Clark
Juul Clark Oy oldin
This has gone on for too long now! Enough is enough. Can't have these black thugs running around and taking over!
Jarno Saarinen
Low down Africunts!
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Africa is a diverse continent with a rich diverse cultures all over and untouched beauty with friendly humble people. Go spread hatred elsewhere back at your family who raised you this way full of hate for another different continent stupid! Cunt!
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Shut up you you racist closed minded cunt. Go travel and try to broaden your hater mind and heartless self get a grip get a life.
Jeffrey Bloye
Jeffrey Bloye Oy oldin
The r stolen to do think this idiot can afford those shoes and another thing if u idiots had a weapon do think he would be so tough
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
He's a white man probably a drug addict yeah
Alfred Romeo
Alfred Romeo Oy oldin
With no cops on the beat and an average response time of around 2 hours these guys have free rein to do as they please, well done Mr. Andrews!
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Yeah he's a probably drug addict but definitely a white man. He's hands are clearly white. Has a black tight mask on though.
Hangover Blues
What you need there is a bushman to walk in and say "THATS NOT A KNIFE".
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Haha so funny
false profit
false profit Oy oldin
He probably stole the shoes too!!
Bernie Schlàfer
African in appearance ??? Is that meant to be a joke ??? He's bloody black and is a fuk'n African ya stupid media !!!!I This dog should be shot on sight I'd shit like this came into a store I was in and robbing it is be jumping on the shitbag so quick stabbing him with his own knife or cut his balls with it ( if he has any balls ) I'd make sure the little pussy prick wouldn't steal again Australia needs to stop being baby pussies with dogs like these bastards They deserve no sympathy from anyone And if his parents bitched about it all of be doing the same to the because they bought this shit arse prick up These black babies from Africa think its fun and clever because Australian Laws are SO weak they laugh at Australians faces.. so wake yourselves up Australia these buggers are only going to get worse and turn Australia into another Africa ......
phil gibbs
phil gibbs 2 oy oldin
White men fault again.
Crazy Trucker
Crazy Trucker 2 oy oldin
Enjoy the diversity
Alison  Hilll
Alison Hilll 2 oy oldin
And he will get a box of chocs because he is a poor refugee ah poor thing .We should think more about how we treat these delicate little things they need our help.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Ah poor thing... This white dude is a drug addict and this is just a desperate robbery I know that you will forgive this one. He IS "white"afterall ?? huh .Cunt.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
He's probably a drug addict bc definitely is a white man. Check out his hands. Not a poor refuge.
Hee Wa Tam Suen
Hee Wa Tam Suen 2 oy oldin
Send these criminals back to there country where crime is normal to them, they dont deserve to live in a safe country like Australia.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Who said that in Africa as a continent it is okay to steal ,rape or crime it's okay? That is a dumb comment.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
As for your advise on my religion or belief please keep that for yourself . That is not your business I'm here by of this misleading video and so are you. Most of the Africans joining as gangs or befriending drug white drug addicts which are most white are born or raised here in any kind of addictionl drug alcohol or cigarettes here in Australia .since it's obviously hard for them to get jobs . So who are you to judge? If you're a born again christian as you claim to be then how come you judge these people before finding out what reason it is behind it. These people feel no place in this society. Even though raised here. Some of them join other drug addicts white or not. But to pit a whole continent like a dark place without moral is in human of you and worse as a Christian. God Bless. Let's not judge another human race as a human wether black white, native Australian , Asian ..cheers.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
This is a very multicultural country so you pointing out to Just Africans race as in "coming from a torn country"shows a lack of intelligence to me. In Australia there are so many races coming from a torn country dude. Some come to Australia because of social issues and some because of political issues and some fleeing coz of persecution from governments come on now you sound dumb or in informed to me. Africa is a very diverse and andacontinentwithdifferent customed continent you need to be more informed or educated coz I can see that you're either a bit dumb or racist. Cheers.
Hee Wa Tam Suen
+Hailey Ronald most of the crimes of gangs are from black africain race its a fact see how they act they wannabe american gangsters.. this race is the least productive race in the world full of crime along side with muslims, even most of these people are muslims that explains why crime is high. Im not being hatred im stating facts... Godbless you accept Jesus christ into your life and repent from your sins meaning a change in life and living for God. You shall be saved from hell fire. By the way i love everyone i just want these people to guve there life to the lord Jesus christ and repent and be changed because only God can change them, but they have to give there life to the lord Jesus christ.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
There is no place for racism here in Australia. The land of the Native Australians Dude so sit your ads down.
liban hujale
liban hujale 2 oy oldin
is he wearing a glove or that is caucasian hand with a tattoo?
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Racist people here just don't want to know that he's white or not rather their here sitting their stinking butts down commenting hatred towards a another race. Stupid.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
That is obviously a white dude.
josephporta100 2 oy oldin
and just watch the aus government do nothing to stop the african crime wave that continues to ruin the country
ima business
ima business 3 oy oldin
Oh quite BOLD was it ? how perfectly PC YOU ARE
Cliff Adamou
Cliff Adamou 3 oy oldin
Fuck you waleed ali vote aussie alliance
Peter Ellacott
Peter Ellacott 3 oy oldin
A $10 baseball bat in Kmart would fix him up
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
That wouldn't he needs money for his cravings poor dude. He's just a white drug addict obviously .
simone foster
simone foster 3 oy oldin
Well don't flash that cash i been tempted.
Virginia Connor
Virginia Connor 4 oy oldin
At least you can describe them as African. Our news here in the USA media only describes or shows the perps when they're white. Even on our crime shows-except "NCIS" which is more honest-you can guess who the Perp will be at the end: Always A White Perp.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
You wish they were all Africans hug bitch. Well sit yourself down and mind your business racist bitch cunt.
BreadLoafPlayz 5 oy oldin
australia is starting to pay but in the future hell will break out and the only target will be white
Zet Villarta
Zet Villarta 5 oy oldin
There's a reason why American wage a war with them. Why American lost against the Somalian and sudanses. Yet aust government to generous letting all of them into Australia. Not only that west Papuan also known to be violent country they were born to rape kill and torture foreigners. Aust once again try to help them gain independent from Indonesia. There's a reason why the Indonesian government punish them. Now the Afghan The Arab aust let them in because aust felt sorry for these people. Facing war and poverty yet when they enter Aust they commit crimes. Wake up aust it's time to be cold and shut the door towards this criminals. Deport all of them back to their hellhole once and for all.
Zee Khan
Zee Khan 5 oy oldin
As much as I don't agree with the crime on this clip and crime in general, it's the old saying of "you reap what you sow" this country was built on murder, rape, molestation, slavery, theft, etc..not to mention creating a stolen generation that not many want to acknowledge and most seem to say well that was back then or get over it, etc.. The reality is, from every action there is a reaction. From reading the comments on this page from so called civilised people, it makes you wonder who the real animals, scum, uncivilised people are. If a person's heritage, nationality or where they come from defines them, then what would that make Un-indigenous White Australian's or from those that commented on this page?? I don't agree with judging a person from their heritage, country or what majority of their country men do, but for those who do, perhaps reflect on yourself. As much as I am against crimes such as this, there is no need for racial insults and other forms of offensive verbal abuse toward a race, colour, creed, etc..It is a disgusting behavior and shows the racist and true character in a person. A person is defined as a individual and choices they make which ultimately leads to the character of that person, not by their colour, ethnicity, where they come from, etc..
Bob Smithies
Bob Smithies 5 oy oldin
Dumb to let criminals into your country.
Rock On Bye
Rock On Bye 5 oy oldin
Gee!, Have you notice how these outrageous acts of violence , never seem to happen were the Politicians live?. Wonder Why?.
kam shaft
kam shaft 5 oy oldin
if your ancestors can see your weak liberal ass now lol
Richard Morley
Richard Morley 5 oy oldin
Fuck what the he'll you government needs a kick in the ass
BRETT 5 oy oldin
He stole the shoes 2!
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
A dumb white drug addict yeah
Andre Westbrook
Andre Westbrook 5 oy oldin
No worries. Just contact Crimestoppers. Rest assured this victim of white patriarchy will be encouraged to perform restorative justice and the victims of any knife attack will be treated for free provided, of course, they have ambo insurance.
Cindy Barnard
Cindy Barnard 5 oy oldin
Let the migrants flood in, its your liberal government, get used to it or stand the fuck up....
PrisonEarth 6 oy oldin
world wide crime wave
friedchowmain 6 oy oldin
we need fucking better gun laws
Skip- Ad
Skip- Ad 6 oy oldin
Surely someone could have thrown some cans of beans at the fucker's head as he was walking out of the shop ffs.
Help The Rose
Help The Rose 6 oy oldin
I bet he gets a couple of hours home detention.... because the judge would be racist if he be given his due medicine
njavwanjavwa namwilanamwila
Throw in some more Africans, so that we help aboriginals get there land back. There very foolish to let whites control them.
njavwanjavwa namwilanamwila
Does it give you the right to take their land. Don't worry history will correct itself.
njavwanjavwa namwilanamwila
mele host don't smoke we all know how u went there, u Fucking British, go back to Europe.
mele host
mele host 6 oy oldin
Whites are indigenous to Australia too. Aborigines population at the time explorers found and settled unique parts of Australia the Aboriginal population was only around 20,000 and broken into warring tribes that battled not about land, but meeting each on travel in their nomadic lifestyle..
Shalom Goyim Pornovitz Shekelstein
When are we Europeans gonna take a leaf out of our American cousins book? Conceal carry permits are the way forward! Give us the right to arm ourselves and within a decade we will have the lawful means to bring about an end to the planet's population explosion, bring our welfare system back in line with the way it was/should be and let these Kangs know, that their free ride in our society is over!
Lol yeah let's get rid of all the guns and everyone will be safe! Now you can take over the country with a knife hahaha, that's not a knife.......This is a.... ahhhhhh wait crocodile Dundee isn't here! What do we do? Can we buy are guns back? This is why America isn't going to give up our guns
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
That's clearly a white dude sorry to let you down. Probably a drug addict. White hands.
Brian Trend
Brian Trend 7 oy oldin
Brian Trend
Brian Trend 7 oy oldin
lefty regressive toffee nosed useless OVERPAID police chiefs are in cahoots with the lefty virtue signalling lefty regressive judges and lefty politicians TRAITORS
gerpool7 7 oy oldin
jail the cunt then deport him
Peter-john De Jong
Australia is way to civilized , never has robbing cash been so easy for these immigrants.
gary Walker
gary Walker 7 oy oldin
There not bold ,their just fucking thick with a very low intelligence ,so can you realise now why Africa is the impoverished violent shit hole it is when you got millions of these fuckers running around
Klaus Roth
Klaus Roth 7 oy oldin
I don’t support criminals but the hate on this channels is alarming...no one would steal if he had a proper a education and a good job. Instead of the you guys criticizing and the media creating, why not find a way to keep this people out of the streets...by empowering them...there was a time when this white folks came to Africa and other parts of the world to terrorize people and loot resources...c’mon let’s find a way to keep to stop this...the media has a large role to play...remember your fore fathers contributed to the instability in Africa and other parts of the world...up till today the still do it.
BRETT 5 oy oldin
Klaus Roth we as aussies are finding it hard to get jobs let alone these migrants, its not our fault there country's gone to shit!!
mr wheelright
mr wheelright 7 oy oldin
the constitution and immigration law has not been enforced for any years
mr wheelright
mr wheelright 7 oy oldin
just some poor misguided refugee,i am glad the gov brings more in as we need cultural enrichment like they have in south Africa now or sudan
The Reckoning
The Reckoning 7 oy oldin
Time to fight back against these skinny mogs.
Mark Molter
Mark Molter 7 oy oldin
You brought this on yourselves.
logicallyspkg Oy oldin
No .. the liberals did. I am sure not all Aussies agree with them coming in
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Shut up stupid dumb. Mind your own business.
nunya efin biz
nunya efin biz 8 oy oldin
jason hawton
jason hawton 8 oy oldin
Send the criminals back to there own country
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
This criminal obviously a white dude is born and raised here. Probably a drug addict. White man covered in a mask but white hands hug. Guess you don't care bout the truth but rather spread your hatred towards other human race .dumbass..
Yacobus Fitri
Yacobus Fitri 8 oy oldin
Please join One Nation Party by calling 1300857466 now! A candidate from VIC is needed.
George spartan
George spartan 8 oy oldin
Fucking black shit!!!
James Calley
James Calley 8 oy oldin
What was the follow up on this?Was he caught charged?
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
Well he's obviously a white drug addict dude.
George spartan
George spartan 8 oy oldin
James Calley nah mate the police didn't bother to investigate because he's a refugee.😂😂😂
GodBotherer1 8 oy oldin
The Sudanese know they can get away with being criminals in Melbourne because Aussies were outlawed back in 1996 from using guns for self defence & Victorians are full of white guilt. So, when there's no armed resistance, the Sudanese go for it.
MRHenHen 1986
MRHenHen 1986 3 oy oldin
Um you can still buy firearms here in Australia. It’s only certain types of guns like semi automatic, shotgun ect where made illegal to own unless you where hunting & obtaining a license is harder then it was prior to 1996.
BRETT 5 oy oldin
John Sharp
John Sharp 8 oy oldin
You idiots gave your guns away. Serves you right to get killed.
Binney John
Binney John 8 oy oldin
Armed attack were there any security, cause u need to arm them to.
George spartan
George spartan 8 oy oldin
Binney John yeah man it's really fucked up now in the west. All the government are so corrupted and full of good actors. Those granny politicians will be living in Hawaii after they have fucked up good countries like England, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and so on. To be honest 10 years is too long. I reckon after 5years from now, we will be living in the jungle.😂😂😂
Binney John
Binney John 8 oy oldin
George spartan Britain's on same course, its mad suicide, a small island and ten years from now police, army , have manger problems, and were will these government people be, mybet not here living.
George spartan
George spartan 8 oy oldin
Binney John yeah brah might as well kill him. It's not because the public don't wanna do something about it. It's just that the Australian government is corrupted and full of old granny politicians. The government would rather deport kiwis and foreigners from other countries like Germany, Sweden, America and England than these monkeys Sudanese chocolate.😂😂😂 no joke
Binney John
Binney John 8 oy oldin
George spartan serious! What the point of having security, just as well give this attacker, laxative chocolate and then hit the s... Out of him.
mark rigsby
mark rigsby 8 oy oldin
Shut up, and buy a gun
She did everything right - hit the button under the counter and gave the money - next step onto the courts. Then the public will get so sick and tired of these crimes that multiculturalism will give way to a new political party that is against multiculturalism.
john adams
john adams 8 oy oldin
I carry a very sharp combat knife, and I am willing to use it to maim or kill any monkey who attacks me or mine, and f--k the consequences. We are told to be tolerant and understanding whilst our country is being invaded by savages. We have to fight back, our days of tolerance and unconditional respect are over. They have taken our decency as weakness, and aided by the lefty snowflakes and weak politicians, they run amok. ENOUGH.
Alan Sayer
Alan Sayer 8 oy oldin
in reply to a comment made about being a Sudanese and not being bad why do we never see you all out in force dealing with the so called bad apples running wild same as Muslim attacks never see them marching in protest against bad few called terrorists
BRETT 5 oy oldin
Alan Sayer well said..
truckeemick 8 oy oldin
let them keep getting away with this shit and one day they gonna run into an old time skip who gonna grab one of them niggas and flog the life out of him till he cringes on the ground bathing in the warmth of his new found wisdom. over!
Alex Gillmor
Alex Gillmor 8 oy oldin
let them into your neighbourhood and sooner or late the crime rates will go through the roof. It just amazes me that after years of letting them into Europe the amount of violent crime that comes with them they want them in Australia now. Just unbelievable how stupid some people can be. By nature blacks are bullies and think nothing of using the threat of violence to get what they want. Just try saying no to one of them and watch what emerges.
FSA_Fighter 8 oy oldin
This is why we should be allowed to carry guns, c’mon Australia.
T Toughtask
T Toughtask 8 oy oldin
Either Sudanese or Somalian either way they are violent scum who should not be allowed near any decent western country let alone in one.
Malcolm Mulvihill
Kick these fucking black bastards out and their families who let them in ?
ryan Nguyen
ryan Nguyen 8 oy oldin
These rats are making me feel unsafe in my area now..they make me wanna carry weapons with me and strike any given time at them if they come near me..its unbelievable
AandA 7 oy oldin
ryan Nguyen welcome to how Americans who have to live near blacks feel. At any moment we can be shot, robbed, murdered, etc. The media tried so hard to make blacks here out to be victims, when in reality they are violent out of control criminals that get exactly what they deserve from the cops. Just be grateful the black scum you’ve allowed into your country don’t have guns.... yet. That’s when the true nightmare will begin like what we have to deal with here in America from all the blacks with illegal guns terrorizing everyone. What we say here is “when around blacks, you can never relax” and it is true
ElementEvil 8 oy oldin
Deport them or we'll murder them!
rayt 9 oy oldin
Typical ghetto gorillas everyone is a racist except them while the destroy country after country and fools like merkel,obama and macaroni praise them as if they are the salvation of a country. Treat them like dingos and theyll get the message.
thomas perez
thomas perez 9 oy oldin
Just start shooting on sight
Farmer2492 9 oy oldin
There Sudenese cross Muslim people need to get together and find them then take them down one at a time.
juscurious 9 oy oldin
I'm gonna get slammed for this but people need to know the truth. The Australian people are in part responsible for this. Not directly of course, only the scumbag criminal is directly responsible. But the policies of the Liberal Governments of Australia (freely elected by the Australian Public) created the policies that made incidents like this possible. You are paying for electing buffoons like Malcolm Fraser as PM. It's tough to take but it's the truth. And now the Australian Citizenry is disarmed because of a single incident. I don't want to slam Australia as an American, but I think smart Australians should have looked at the problems we (the US) had with certain groups in the US and should have done everything in their power to keep this from happening in your beautiful country. We in the US are in the same boat and for the same reasons. Shame on those of you who voted for Malcolm Fraser. You earned this.
Jonathan Ellis
Jonathan Ellis 9 oy oldin
His not african... you can tell his wearing some sort of dark skinned mask
logicallyspkg Oy oldin
+Hailey Ronald thats the camera image . Black skin reflects as white in digital. Ask the cashier what race he was .. she was there .
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
You're the only person that I found bright enough to investigate before judging based on hatred.
Hailey Ronald
Hailey Ronald Oy oldin
He's a white man look at his arms and fingers.
Andrew Duis
Andrew Duis 9 oy oldin
We carry handguns legally at our local Aldis. Make America Great Again.
TheGodParticle 9 oy oldin
Europe, is a shithole because of these immigrants. Wtf do you expect from subhuman nation. Civil war is inevitable, and when that kicks off world war 3 will start. . I will crush these subhumans. ..
jimgall ufos
jimgall ufos 9 oy oldin
Crocodile Dundee would have got him with a large tin of beans,simple.
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