Nine News. ALDI Attack (By African Migrant in Melbourne)

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An African teen holds-up an ALDI store female teller with a meat carving knife. African and other Black attacks on White native Australians are now a daily occurrence. The results of multiculturalism.
Nine News. ALDI Attack (By African Migrant in Melbourne)



12-Iyl, 2016



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Rebekah Seibert
Rebekah Seibert 2 soat oldin
张凯 11 soat oldin
Good old white racists on the way.
Michael Macleod
Michael Macleod 3 kun oldin
This is bastard deserves a life of pain and misery when he gets caught! When is the world going to realise, that charity causes these situations!
El Capone Russo
El Capone Russo 3 kun oldin
Then why don't you do something. In america he would have been shot. Wake up people
Greg Gentile
Greg Gentile 4 kun oldin
They really are demonic.
FARK GOOGLE 4 kun oldin
Jan Forbes
Jan Forbes 6 kun oldin
No I don't want to know what the police intend to do about it I want to know what the government are going to do , the solution is there , deportation , it's like we speak another language , no one in authority is listening , deportation , lazy weak pollys , only want paid holidays food and wine ,instead of getting rid of this problem they want more here, STOP ALL IMMIGRATION,
tupacamaru2 6 kun oldin
Release the worse of the bogans onto these African punks. Pretty soon the underbelly of Aussie society will show them a real game!
You Dare I Do
You Dare I Do 8 kun oldin
black cunt
rolloverriderpgr 10 kun oldin
Withdraw from that lost UK and get your guns back and this shit will stop. Now I thought Aussies had balls. There were more time a small human could have broken a nice hard jar on his head just before you slam I to him into the counter. Keep following the idiots of Enland and you'll wind up giving your country to the Islam invades just like they gave up London!!
Linda Hall
Linda Hall 13 kun oldin
Concealed weapon would be NICE Wait they have none This what HAPPENS WHEN we have no GUNS
Charles Wundt
Charles Wundt 13 kun oldin
All part of Zions plan to destroy the west and all white people and nations ! Read Albert Pike ! Read the Protocals of the learned elders of Zion ! Read the communist manifesto ! Never trust a Jew , mason or Jesuit ! Wake up and fight or else parish !
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 13 kun oldin
This Aldi store was robbed by a gorilla
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram 14 kun oldin
I have been to many times Aldi in Melbourne Very nice staff. When they see me knows what I want.& bring to the counter. I just pay . Then go to next door for coffee. Every morning I go there buy cigarettes & beer Then asked me are you going visit us again I said not sure
Jaising Sing
Jaising Sing 20 kun oldin
Aarmon Lunggeen
Aarmon Lunggeen 29 kun oldin
send the F$%kn shit back when you catch him Toughen up the laws. 3 strikes & your out Mr Black Man
faron ray
faron ray 29 kun oldin
The Aussies are sheep and imported wolves into their country. What do you expect to happen? Don't vote in Globalist leftist PC politicians. Stand up for your country Aussies or you won't have one left to call your own. What I see going on in the USA, Europe, Australia and Canada is a syndrome called "white guilt", colonial white guilt and German white guilt. It's got to stop. The past is the past. Stop PC globalist who want to destroy real European culture.
Kelvin Klein
Kelvin Klein Oy oldin
shoot them
Ascanius Oy oldin
Let’s pass more laws taking away everyone’s freedom and let more migrants into your penal colony
Janet Janet
Janet Janet Oy oldin
Dont they have security in Aldi. It was only one robber and every one just stood there. You should have chucked cans or bottles at him. Instead you all just watch him walk out.
Lenny A.
Lenny A. Oy oldin
Thank god for 2nd ammendment and Trump! This sh!t wont happen to me!
Chris Butler
Chris Butler Oy oldin
Where was Crocodile "That's not a knife" Dundee when you need him?
phil gibbs
phil gibbs Oy oldin
He is allowed they are labours new voter base. With a couple of million coming they will be in power forever. This is what happens when you vote globalist labour or liberal.
Shannon Fleet
Shannon Fleet Oy oldin
"Muscular build" 🤣
chess747 Oy oldin
Fucking Black Cunt.
We have the same problem in the USA. Our blacks make up 13% of the population, but commit 54% of crime, and black men are 10x more likely to rape than any other race. At this point, because of liberal blindness and political correctness and SJW, the solution is to build more prisons and continue to fill them with these thugs. Until then, arm yourself for protection against them. The actual solution is Jesus. He can transform any thug to be a moral citizen. Unfortunately, reaching the thugs is tough.
S, Lianis
S, Lianis Oy oldin
We need more indian security Lmao 😂 a crime happens the Indian walks away taking on his phone
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned Oy oldin
Bring in more Africans because you know they are a great asset wherever they are in the world every country they infest is enriched every time.......oh wait
Wolveneyes Wolveneyes
They're robbing our Aldi stores now with a fucking knife and how many men were in the store and they didn't think to rush the scum dog fuck distract him and king hit the cunt put the fucking black dog down, what are the men of our country pussies now fuck this generation is fucked in the 70s and 80s we would have dropped this monkey fuck wake up fellas one man can't stand against five big lads come on.
andrew dods
andrew dods Oy oldin
Ahhhh, the sweet scent of Multicultural ‘enrichment’ in OZ. Remember kids, diversity is our strength ... :-(
frank bible
frank bible Oy oldin
everywhere black people go all around the world this is how they act
Kaergaard Oy oldin
Why the hell are there africans in Australia?? Thought you guys had a strict policy - But I guess it just the media in europa that portraits it as so..?
Jacques Botha
Jacques Botha Oy oldin
How dis these poeple get to your country.....we live with this every day here in South Africa. I won't be able to flee this place anymore as these idiots are now all over the world. And no I'm not white....
Trevor De Luca
Send them back to the cesspit they slithered out of. Their presence in Australia is an abomination.
Philip Burton
Philip Burton Oy oldin
african in appearance you say, so it may have been a white guy in disguise? no, he was african so why dance around the facts,
No souls. Soulless. Spineless. Full of yellow puss no back bones. Pure evil. Non human. There nothing. RIP AUSTRALIA.
Janet Janet
Janet Janet Oy oldin
It seems they can do what they want . The police need to clamp down on them before it gets worse. Armed police would be a good idea.
Craig Kaschan
Craig Kaschan Oy oldin
Deport him and his family that will send a message
paul Drake
paul Drake Oy oldin
Probably stole the shoes.
Steven Carpenter
Why would you let in Africans anyway. Biological waste. Our politicians aren't strong enough to lead a country in 2019. They just cant do it. I think we need to vote for right wing parties if anything is going to change.
Michael Hood
Michael Hood 2 oy oldin
You have the criminal UN They are no more than murderers with white hats stained with blood of new slavery of yemen
S, Lianis
S, Lianis Oy oldin
Axis of evil pompeo Bolton krushner blame them for the killing and murder of Yemen children
Michael Hood
Michael Hood 2 oy oldin
Your happy UN blows up yemen and their homeland over yemens conversion to the euro Promptly disolve brexit and enslave these africans to whatever scraps you throw them and no employment So they rob you you made your own bed now sleep in it
Big Guns
Big Guns 27 kun oldin
They wouldn't work even if there were employment for them. They shouldn't be here its as simple as that. Send the monkeys back to the jungle
sam zerafa
sam zerafa 2 oy oldin
Victoria the left capital were criminals and political correctness thrive
Lenny A.
Lenny A. 2 oy oldin
Change your gun laws and protect yourselves! This is what happens when you bring in african refugees!
Bdmill Francisco
Bdmill Francisco 2 oy oldin
Don’t vote labor or green they won’t more
SOLDIERZ 2 oy oldin
this is wrong..... deport the twats
Paul De Rose
Paul De Rose 2 oy oldin
African in appearance . Well that narrows it down
Harry Vanhoo
Harry Vanhoo 2 oy oldin
A VERY good case for legal concealed carry. If even 5% of the population were licenced for armed carry, this scum would be concerned about being blown away, as he should be. However, we are not allowed to even defend ourselves in our own homes, we have been told, by the commissioner, to unclench and take it easy.
Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell 2 oy oldin
Make new inventions super weapons own but dont patent it forget there currency have own army own weapons that's called a super power then wipe them out bread own raise an army own ...
Lawrence McKenna
Lawrence McKenna 2 oy oldin
Where was the "trolley man" black prick wouldn't have fled lol
Peter MacKay
Peter MacKay 2 oy oldin
The Zionists' weapon of choice for Western nations. Highly effective.
Peter MacKay
Peter MacKay 9 kun oldin
+Joel Anderson But you've got sleeping citizens like Zoltan here, who think we're just making it up because we have nothing else to do. Notice how Saudi Arabia doesn't have this problem. Or Singapore. Only the West. The bleeding-heart, anything-goes, she'll-be-right, all-encompassing 'racist' West.
Zoltan Csikos
Zoltan Csikos 9 kun oldin
Joel Anderson
Joel Anderson Oy oldin
yea the real guys behind the government who pull the strings. If only more people knew
Peter MacKay
Peter MacKay 2 oy oldin
"The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer." -- Barack Hussein Obama.
Mick Carson
Mick Carson 2 oy oldin
And they're still here? WTF? I would have deported them out of my country months ago. WTF is wrong with politics these days?
Greg K
Greg K 2 oy oldin
Corrupt government.
Alfi Baxter
Alfi Baxter 2 oy oldin
If the government won't act to protect our citizens, then We, The People need to start a Go Fund Me page to collect money to send these barbarians back to Africa. It's time.
Tui Taylor
Tui Taylor 2 oy oldin
Deport these African scum fuck I hate them
watch this
watch this 2 oy oldin
Give us our guns back!
Nigel Walker
Nigel Walker 3 oy oldin
For fucks sake get rid of these black maggots send them all back to Africa,
Roger Brown
Roger Brown 3 oy oldin
Another of the poor misguided children which had a hard time in Africa,Australia is contaminated now.
Mariska Barsi
Mariska Barsi 3 oy oldin
African AFL player, I'll bet...
Zoltan Csikos
Zoltan Csikos 9 kun oldin
Mariska Barsi Szia, Magyar vagy?
Kerry M
Kerry M 3 oy oldin
When and if they catch this Thief he will only get a slap on the Wrist anyway and then they laugh at us.DEPORT THEM,they dont deserve to be in Australia.
Kerry M
Kerry M 3 oy oldin
Exactly what we need, immigrants who will attack and rob us ,who show no RESPECT for AUSTRALIA its People, laughing at us Because we're so soft . THANKS Politicians just what we needed, Immigrants who Rape,Bash,Rob,Terrorise.THANKS for Destroying our Beautiful Country.
jengle 1
jengle 1 3 oy oldin
Police are so Shit. Can't catch no 1.
He wearing fake as yezzys boy
maladroit gauche
maladroit gauche 3 oy oldin
Vote conservative and complain to your local member of parliament. Avoid businesses and areas where people are at risk. Act only within the law so we can empower police and government to make changes.
mrcyberfish1 3 oy oldin
I bet he didn't pay for the knife either.
Josh Sch
Josh Sch 3 oy oldin
this is normalized..... just blacks being blacks like gov.......no worries....just a cultural misunderstanding.....they just need to be educated......hey guys stay tuned.......soon I will be opening "vocational schools" to help "educate" if they fail.....its their fault.....according to academics many of these blacks have IQs so low that is they were white they would be classified as mentally retarded....im surprised the gov don't pay blacks because of their mental capacity and ability to function in society
June Mong
June Mong 3 oy oldin
You guys are dummies. Listen carefully...the bastard appeared in Africa lol are you kidding me.. U barely see his face or any part of his body ..only discribed muscular and tall... does that make him African?
Mike Baldwin
Mike Baldwin 3 oy oldin
These gorillas 🦍 are out of control
Larrikin Axe
Larrikin Axe 3 oy oldin
I'm no racist, but I don't want any more Africans let in our country as such a high amount of them are damaged violent scum.
URBAN ASSAULT 3 oy oldin
Take knife from him and give it back to him in the guts gently. Take him to hospital then deport
Marion Kerley
Marion Kerley 3 oy oldin
Need to kill all these pieces of shit. Sure wish he would try that in my store. I guarantee he would have left in bodybag.
Craig Goodwin
Craig Goodwin 4 oy oldin
Round em all up, every last man woman and child of these filthy rock apes along with every stinking Muslim in this country and send them to Antartica and make them fish tuna for good civilised Australians
Craig Goodwin
Craig Goodwin 4 oy oldin
And tell me why these people in that shop have not got the right to have a concealed carry hand gun a shoot that maggot dead, people need to take our community back from these baboons
Brad Meade
Brad Meade 4 oy oldin
Imagine that was you're wife, daughter or mum he was waveing that knife at the next time you think about 're,electing Andrews.
Dans Smith
Dans Smith 4 oy oldin
Oh the cultural richness the government of countries all over are giving it's citizens.
Thomas Wackerow
Thomas Wackerow 4 oy oldin
Filthy fuckers and gutless Government Deport every last one and their families
Stephen edwards
Stephen edwards 4 oy oldin
easy fix ..1 bullet and a ticket home
gavin b
gavin b 4 oy oldin
why contact Adidas the shoes were most likely stolen as well
kimmirossi46 4 oy oldin
Here you have your multiculturalism!!!! Stupid leftists!
Blackn Rawmoto
Blackn Rawmoto 4 oy oldin
Give me agun I’ll take care Of this Afro negros nigg@s
daniel skerke
daniel skerke 4 oy oldin
Why do bystanders do nothing, people need to protect each other to show this shit wont be tolerated
John sonter
John sonter 4 oy oldin
Dude hold ups and shit have been going on for sentrys. You can't just say it's these migrants that do all the crime, when Jimmy the junkies on his fifth robery this week.
Guru Sandirasegaram
I go every day with my brother to grab beer I don’t pay my brother pay for it $34.00 dollars very nice staffs. Aldi
Harcan Thatby-Wright
Is that Bab? Or Daniel?
Livewire 5 oy oldin
I'd throw a big can of baked beans at his fucking head. Fucking cucks Melbourne, grow some balls and fight back!! I hope this shit comes to Sydney.
maccasdisco 5 oy oldin
Welcome to Australia.
Margaret Howard
Margaret Howard 5 oy oldin
Wow would never believed this in Australia ,
Berend Kuipers
Berend Kuipers 5 oy oldin
thank you for taking me in as a refugee! YOU SHHOULD BE SHOT
janous kimerin
janous kimerin 5 oy oldin
More like this, like evrywhere in the worls: you let them in, now you desserve your shaare: millions more to come plus intense breeding on site: you are dead, right now! And how sad I am, as it was one of the few last paradise on earth, this size . . .
Frank Keller
Frank Keller 5 oy oldin
Trainers ae probably counterfeit. Need to start killing a few dozen in my opinion. Savages...
Why So Serious?
Why So Serious? 5 oy oldin
Chimps gonna chimp
Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson 5 oy oldin
So can anyone just rob folks willy nilly in Australia these days ,time to hit back then
Papua Au
Papua Au 5 oy oldin
australia needs more african and more middle eastern people because we are still safe ..
Jae Berry
Jae Berry 5 oy oldin
Fake yeezys
Jae Berry
Jae Berry 5 oy oldin
graham orr
graham orr 5 oy oldin
Oh , no there's no problem with Africans and violent crime according to the virtue signalling politicians , MSM or police.
Mavis Green
Mavis Green 5 oy oldin
Who let these rodents into the country in the first place, they dont work ,cheat the dole system,and make trouble for everyone else.Go home you vermin you are not welcome here....
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