Razer Phone 2 Unboxing - Can It Compete?

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Razer Phone 2 Unboxing. The Razer Phone 2 is the latest flagship gaming smartphone from Razer. The original Razer phone packed some unique features and the second version is no different. Is it time to switch to a gaming phone?
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14-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 9 331
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Is this the best gaming smartphone?
High Note
High Note 18 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy yes
Tharun 007
Tharun 007 Oy oldin
Bot 2 oy oldin
RAZEEN hitman
RAZEEN hitman 2 oy oldin
Plz give it to me
ϟ Nightcore - Rock ϟ
𝐑 Λ 𝐙 Ξ 𝐑 🐍🐍🐍
Dark lord
Dark lord 15 soat oldin
He always tests speakers with the same music
A- Shotter
A- Shotter 15 soat oldin
I can't imagine how many Apple Fans are pissed off because it's Android 😂😂😂😂
Insane-gaming HQ
Insane-gaming HQ 19 soat oldin
Almost forgot razor makes keyboards and stuff lol
Caleb Cogburn
Caleb Cogburn Kun oldin
There is a blackberry phone on Amazon that is 24 karat gold plated it is called the emperor edition and sells for $16,999
Retro Gamez
Retro Gamez Kun oldin
Finally, gd with out lag
Phil Manheimer
Phil Manheimer 2 kun oldin
I have the iPhone XS Max. The biggest issue Or just a very annoying pet peeve is that the trying to select things on the screen. like 🤔 pushing buttons that are too small and my fingers are too big kind of an issue. Very annoying sliding things I don’t want to select
Chinmay Joshi
Chinmay Joshi 3 kun oldin
I'll prefer a ROG phone than this one
Giobeam O
Giobeam O 4 kun oldin
jefferson postrero
jefferson postrero 5 kun oldin
Asus ROG phone is the best 😍😍
Stig Bertsson
Stig Bertsson 5 kun oldin
Fcking shit test dude. This says nothing about the product.
YungChopz 6 kun oldin
Since I already have the iPhone X for more than half a year already, I won’t be buying a new phone for a few years. But when I do, I will definitely look into these phones more.
Elián Parise Create
00:58 shows de imei lol
Amshaad Fysal
Amshaad Fysal 7 kun oldin
Yes. It is. The society focuses on camera. I'm on to performance
SΞΝSΛ1D ! 7 kun oldin
Im same like you!❤️
DRTY D 7 kun oldin
wireless chargers can suck my butt. im not going to take that out with me so I like the current plug in chargers that pretty much everyone else owns that I can use if needed.
Kylan.supreme 7 kun oldin
Razer phone is ight but I like Samsung and apple
Anju Baid
Anju Baid 8 kun oldin
it should have a headphone jack
B̶O̶O̶M̶ B̶O̶O̶M̶
Im too poor to buy razer phone :((
XxxthegamerxxX 8 kun oldin
People who think it’s not the best gaming phone are wrong there is no other gaming phone
Bruce Chisanupong
Bruce Chisanupong 8 kun oldin
WTF??? No headphone jack???
richard A
richard A 9 kun oldin
Poop Arse
Poop Arse 10 kun oldin
Rog phone
Vac Master
Vac Master 10 kun oldin
Is the charger qc4.0
Adam Boozer
Adam Boozer 11 kun oldin
No oled, no headphone jack, no removable battery, and no rfid. No for me.
web surfer69
web surfer69 11 kun oldin
This still doesnt impress me as nokia ngage did back in the days, eh
OoO 12 kun oldin
phone design is awful...
Yonkou Hansamu
Yonkou Hansamu 12 kun oldin
Guys buy my razer phone 2 for just 1200 Aus dollar , I just used it for a day, the battery is a joke man. If interested just message me .
Yonkou Hansamu
Yonkou Hansamu 12 kun oldin
The battery life is bulLsht drains too fast , the phone it keeps on getting hot .
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer Harrison 12 kun oldin
Jennifer Harrison
Jennifer Harrison 12 kun oldin
Phone gets shut off at midnight
Neeraj Khubchandani
Neeraj Khubchandani 12 kun oldin
I'm watching this video on my original razerphone, but the razerphone 2 looks cooler, lol
MiniDog was here
MiniDog was here 12 kun oldin
Talking to someone in a normal call can be laggy at some times but if it weren't for that I'm very pleased with it actually
NeoJenshi 12 kun oldin
My phone crack yesterday
R Λ Z Ξ R 13 kun oldin
This is awesome video
Dale 14 kun oldin
I know my old Razer flip was one of the best phones I ever had. I have an iPhone 8 Plus, I have been a Mac person for decades but I'm starting to dislike their business practices and control. Is this my new phone. I am not a fan of Android, I like the simplicity of Mac, BUT seriously considering a change. For many reasons.Don't sell me and slam Mac, sell me on why this phone is superior or why the OS might be superior. Additional storage will also be amazing. I also bought my first iPad Pro 12.9 inch mainly for gaming and television, very pleased except for the price of course. Razer needs an excellent Pad. Thoughts anyone ?
Jacob ferg
Jacob ferg 14 kun oldin
120hz on a phone, that's pretty impressive.
palivinder Hayer
palivinder Hayer 14 kun oldin
Dr kk
Dr kk 15 kun oldin
Id love to have great speakers! Frankly, I'm tired of Samsung and their obsession with the camera. I have a camera, i don't want to pay $$$ B/C of the cam😑 what id luv is nice speakers in my Galaxy for once! C'mon Samsung, no excuse, you should already know this!!!
Chubamoa Jamir
Chubamoa Jamir 15 kun oldin
It's touch screen is like touching water so smooth
PocketRocket 1
PocketRocket 1 16 kun oldin
I like the phone. It’s different from all other phones. Sure sleek curves are nice like the Samsung s9, but there’s just something completely different about a boxy phone that makes it really coooooool. Like the nextbit robin. YES, I know my phones...
KingWolfJM 17 kun oldin
could anybody recommend this for a normal phone and not gaming. the price isn't far of from a normal smartphone these days. I'm not a big gamer but razer makes beautiful products and I'm ready to upgrade
Bayu Nugroho
Bayu Nugroho 17 kun oldin
With $800, I can get nintendo switch with lots of AAA games. I already have Samsung A8+. Android games are not appealing enough compared to Nintendo Switch games.
Kaiou Shin
Kaiou Shin 18 kun oldin
i think gpdwin is better than all gaming smartphone...it can play pc game too while smartphone cannot play pc games and graphic still bad ...
Kervin Garcia
Kervin Garcia 18 kun oldin
sir can u compare asus rog to razer phone 2 please compare
Linda Horacek
Linda Horacek 18 kun oldin
The note nine and eight look a lot sleeker and better.
Leon Lukah
Leon Lukah 18 kun oldin
I am just saying, I bought this phone and i got 0 regrets, AT ALL. The 120hz display and the dual STEREO speakers are more insane than you can imagine. All my friends are amazed by it and ofc, that RGB always gets amazed looks. Again, 0.. regrets... It also have alot of other good things but i wanted this to be a short comment for anyone considering buying it... or not..
Satoshi Gurung
Satoshi Gurung 7 kun oldin
+Leon Lukah damn thanks for the great feedback now my decision to get the Razer Phone 2 is even greater 😀
Leon Lukah
Leon Lukah 7 kun oldin
+Satoshi Gurung Razer Phone 1 was their very first phone, cant expect much. But it improved ALOT with the second one, MKBHD / marques brownlee even gave it the "Most improved" Award.
Satoshi Gurung
Satoshi Gurung 8 kun oldin
Well I have the Razer Phone 1, babied it very well, I got an unresponsive touchscreen in the middle of the screen
Katherine Lee
Katherine Lee 12 kun oldin
Leon Lukah I’m thinking to get it and replace my still going strong iPhone 6s
vinith pillai
vinith pillai 19 kun oldin
can u give awy this phone pls unbox therapy plss
Mr. Murica
Mr. Murica 20 kun oldin
want to upgrade to it but verizon won't let me
Boss RANK 6
Boss RANK 6 20 kun oldin
Why does it have a camera? I was a little disappointed when I found out it had a built in camera. What a shame
Matt Wright
Matt Wright 20 kun oldin
They need to put the earphone port on the side of the next to the volume button because the cord will get in the way well playing games like pubg mobile
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 20 kun oldin
WTF is wrong with the brightness?
Garland Andrew
Garland Andrew 20 kun oldin
I am so glad I made the switch. This phone is insane. Unlike any other phone on the market. WAY worth the price
No ! It is pathetic
OneMisterYeyo 21 kun oldin
Change to it
Mahdi Kristo
Mahdi Kristo 22 kun oldin
The 1.5K dislikes are iphone users 😂😂
PigBoss Mark4o
PigBoss Mark4o 23 kun oldin
not great
RED MOBILE uk 25 kun oldin
I am hung like a horse. ...random but true
Maggie Ifraimov
Maggie Ifraimov 26 kun oldin
No headphone jack? Bye
Stanley Kinzinger
Stanley Kinzinger 27 kun oldin
Dude thats fuckin dope
virinder singh
virinder singh 28 kun oldin
when will be full specification video ?
Markuss GG
Markuss GG Oy oldin
Is it cheeks?
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin Oy oldin
Your voice gives me a headache and makes me want to kill myself
Özgür Alp Kılınç
Say try 1 and a half week
Daniel Martinez
Where do I get one!!!?
Rokome Tatin
Rokome Tatin Oy oldin
Gaming phone without headphone jack is nonsense 🙅 asus rog is far better than this phone
Steven Talarowski
I love my razer phone. been the best phone I've ever owned. Looking forward to the review. I'm curious how much they have improved the camera. Also during your testing please test the water proof capabilities.
blue89j Oy oldin
I should probably get that one
L 4 20
L 4 20 Oy oldin
#1 thing ever about phones (battery life and how fast it charge)
The dentys
The dentys Oy oldin
The charger is razer branded, kinda like my huawei branded charger which I am watching on a huawei mediapad T3 10 noice vid :):) :) :)
Tokyo Mamba
Tokyo Mamba Oy oldin
Not a full review.
Typical Unicorn
This is a wan be phone
Typical Unicorn
My cousin Marco wants this phone
Agent Office
Agent Office Oy oldin
Best phone 📱
Icisex Oy oldin
the price is too high for my i just go for pocophone
Alijah Nielsen
Headphone jacks can be annoying for people that play fps like bullet force.
Manny Oy oldin
So if I'm looking for an iphone replacement, but I'm not going to be gaming on my phone, is this just a great phone for $800?
But can it beat Nintendo switch graphics
syed azwan
syed azwan Oy oldin
Razer phone, sony body, huhu
Steven J
Steven J Oy oldin
Does this work on Sprint ?
Ricardo Gonzalez
Play some amd so my stocks stop looking like shit, lol.
edward delos reyes
another phone that will stay in my dream forever. see you.
The Memester Gangster
4:57 Wow, a phone that can actually stand up on its own, this could be great for recording videos.
Joe Stefens
Joe Stefens Oy oldin
Yes! Do a switch to razer 2
Nicholas James
No head phone jack? No phone I want!
IndianaPacers3112002 IndianaPacer3112002
Why not use bluetooth?
YOBRO Oy oldin
I am a Apple person but I am convinced
how many it costS?
Natasha Saroop
can in have the phone therapy
Steven Huang
Steven Huang Oy oldin
tell us all the specs
Professor Hunter
How about in the gaming, how does it differentiate to other gaming phones? Or why would it be superior to other gsming phones?
How to screenshot and screen record on this phone?
Hyperlink Oy oldin
The 24BIT DAC is huge as well!
The Truth
The Truth Oy oldin
Pls switch and tell
CODE : 4859R
CODE : 4859R Oy oldin
Its design is better than recent iPhone
Smiley Face
Smiley Face Oy oldin
should I buy razer phone 2 or oneplus 6t
maria chara
maria chara 14 kun oldin
+nick gers you should find a girlfriend your loneliness makes you delirious..
dantheshyne 16 kun oldin
+nick gers honestly
Gamerjay 3ds
Gamerjay 3ds 18 kun oldin
+nick gers I think thats you my friend
nick gers
nick gers 27 kun oldin
A person who buys a phone for gaming is a gay virgin
Razer Phone 2 will be best for everyone who is gamer or non gamer in a very budget price I bought one in 800 bucks in USA It is an insane smartphone in all ways
Checkems Oy oldin
I’m thinking of getting one for christmd
Matthew Reus
Matthew Reus Oy oldin
get this as my next phone for sure
Kaiser1914 Oy oldin
Ughh. Ugly. Its ughs in the ugly.
Wester Jester
Wester Jester Oy oldin
The 1st gaming phone was the Nokia "Knock i a" Ngage.
Md Tariq
Md Tariq Oy oldin
make a video on asus ROG phone
Stan Bongers
Stan Bongers Oy oldin
It is i would buy it and you should do a full review