Can The Google Pixel Slate Beat The iPad Pro?

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The Google Pixel Slate is Google’s answer to the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface devices. The Slate takes some of it’s cues from the Pixel Book (Chromebook) but packs it into a removable tablet style form factor. So is the Google Pixel Slate any good? Can it compete with the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Pixel Slate or iPad Pro?
Blezma Mukosi
Blezma Mukosi 3 kun oldin
Pixel Slate
None. Surface Pro. Better OS than iOS by a lot
Angus Lee
Angus Lee Oy oldin
Pixel slate, because iPad pro is for gay people
Canosis Plays
Canosis Plays 2 oy oldin
I’ll wait until next year when Apple doesn’t make a bending iPad and hopefully adds mouse support. Hopefully google can get its OS running properly for the slate next year as well. Disappointing year for tech....
Rafiq de Rafew
Rafiq de Rafew 2 oy oldin
None. Surface pro 6
raef mosly
raef mosly 5 soat oldin
Austin Jones
Austin Jones 13 soat oldin
I just want to know if this thing can run the Pokemon TCG online app from the Google Play store.
Bruce Wayne Trades
Bruce Wayne Trades 18 soat oldin
I came from 2 surface pros (one died- Surface Pro 2), and now I'm only on a Google Pixelbook and Samsung Note9. I run all my windows programs using a VPS and a few Linux apps via ChromeOS. The advantage of ChromeOS is that it's a lot less power intensive vs. the Surface Pro. The Surface pro gets really hot and I can't run my Android Apps natively. I also use a lot of services that are data stream intensive via a chrome browser and Windows honestly can't handle a lot of my Chrome tabs, (via a mobile form factor) even my HP Omen Gaming laptop chugs with 16 gb of ram. I'm pretty much done with Windows in terms of a stand alone laptop.
Rishabh Goyal
Rishabh Goyal Kun oldin
Hey bro,you are very close to hit another million. What do you think about it?
James Lavis
James Lavis Kun oldin
No illustrator or affinity. It’s a chrome book
Marcos F. Molina
Marcos F. Molina 2 kun oldin
This awful AWFUL product had so much potential...
Marcos F. Molina
Marcos F. Molina 2 kun oldin
Surface is a laptop that can act as a tablet Ipad is a tablet that can act as a laptop. Slate tries to be both, but ends up being a shitty tablet and a shitty laptop.
Wombat 3 kun oldin
ChromeOS only needs a native text editor, and it will be superior to other devices
obinna _Ac
obinna _Ac 3 kun oldin
Who can tell me the name of the music he played in 5:19 when comparing the speakers of both
Ryle Dan
Ryle Dan 4 kun oldin
zika virus
zika virus 5 kun oldin
Please review or unbox surface pro 6.
riley busse
riley busse 7 kun oldin
All Apple devices are computers apple even said it with the first iPhone and iPad ever released
Dark Zeraora
Dark Zeraora 8 kun oldin
where the heck is the lag at
2IQ 9 kun oldin
Apple 2020: phone ,camera,ear phones and screen sold separately
vivek shaji
vivek shaji 10 kun oldin
Thanks for this great video
Henrik Kibsgaard
Henrik Kibsgaard 12 kun oldin
why would you buy this over a chromebook
Henrik Kibsgaard
Henrik Kibsgaard 3 kun oldin
+Muhammad Othman no idea
Muhammad Othman
Muhammad Othman 8 kun oldin
Why would u buy a chromebook in the first place
Benoit Ranger
Benoit Ranger 13 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy any news on the pixel slate?
Ibigay Mona
Ibigay Mona 13 kun oldin
$799? too expensive
Lucca Moreira Cesar
Lucca Moreira Cesar 14 kun oldin
Ebrahim Saadawi
Ebrahim Saadawi 17 kun oldin
Imagine this: Ipad PRO + Mac PRO style keyboard cover + Iphone in Touchpad area. Three devices combined in one. You can use the Ipad as a tablet in iOS, dock to a strong thin macOS keyboard doc with a laptop battery, a mobile GPU and an i9 processor, and you can further enhance functionality by slotting in your iPhone as a glass 6" full colour OLED touchpad, Then they all simply fold onto each other seamlessly to the same footprint/thickness of a closed Mac Pro, whilst which the large doc battery wirelessly charges both the tablet and phone. Now THAT'S the future of computing. And Steve once said, Canabilizing yourself before somebody else does so it'd be stupid for them to fear losing individual sales for it as if they don't one day Google will do it with a Pixel phone + Pixel Chrome + Dock or maybe Microsoft once they develop their Surface Phone.
PhilipB 18 kun oldin
0:54: "I have some thoughts....I have some feelings...as you would expect" ....imagine someone didn't know what he was talking about and just heard that...they would be like "really? I didn't know! good on you for recognizing you have thoughts and feelings" hahahahha
Lakshmana Don
Lakshmana Don 18 kun oldin
And I have HP chrome book X2 and SP 4 both are good
Aohan Li
Aohan Li 19 kun oldin
I hate your sample music, especially the pic of it
Kit Rocks
Kit Rocks 22 kun oldin
It can’t even beat the budget iPad also you are the most biased piece of shit ever this table is total crap freezes and stutters all the time and was a total waste of 1000 dollars so stop fucking lying because you fucking got payed to do so this tablet sucks and you know it
Ân Mai
Ân Mai 23 kun oldin
Rahul M. Prathap
Rahul M. Prathap 24 kun oldin
I just hate Chrome OS, because it is more of a future.
Robert Anthony Bermudez
Palm on the face, face on the desk, gadget on the face.. this is how this guy makes money! 😂
L6FTY 26 kun oldin
Looks very nice! Can I have it?
Aaronn sixx
Aaronn sixx 27 kun oldin
Eric Acevedo
Eric Acevedo 29 kun oldin
So, did you try using the Pixel Slate for 10 days. Haven't seen a follow up video. Curious to know how it went for you.
Ahmed TMM
Ahmed TMM Oy oldin
So its basically a android tablet plus laptop features
Joo Oy oldin
Waiting for u to mention the price bro.
Niklas Oy oldin
It's a Laptab
peniel onuoha
peniel onuoha Oy oldin
How much
Mukz Gaza
Mukz Gaza Oy oldin
What’s the song you use for the sound/speaker test?
Paul Van Obberghen
I so much whish Apple would make iOS for the iPad compatible with some input devices like a trackpad AND have a "true" Finder that can access files on external drives, like this can do. Though this Slate is neither iOS or even Windows and that is the end of it.
Just imagine a tablet that can give you the same gaming experience as a laptop 🤤 and I know iPad supports fortnite but I mean other great games.
Sefa AĞCE Oy oldin
can it run pubg mobile?
soccerislife Oy oldin
What's irritating to me is that I just want a nice affordable lightweight laptop with enough power to run windows 10 with no lag. Why the fuck do I need to buy a touchscreen convertable laptop/tablet thing? Like who needs these 2 in 1's? Maybe I'm missing it but I just dont see a need for these types of products but every company is focusing on these..
Ainek González
Yeah switch to da and tell how good it is
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Oy oldin
never seen such outdated future
Preeti's Tips and Tricks
Try lenovo miix 1030
daneg007 Oy oldin
why did they put a core i5 in it instead of an i7?
Saifeddine Rashed
hahaha crazy bias, does google pay you?
Mohsen Rashidi
Do you buy all these devices?
Marshall Ramunang
I prefer Google Pixel 3 XL over iPhone XS Max. But for tablet, I prefer iPad Pro over Google Pixel Slate. Pixel and Apple is gettin crazy nowadays🔥
Gaming Intelligence
A tablet with no headphone Jack? Nty. Just imho
Danny Oy oldin
I will never find out how good this device is as google is not capable to sell it in my home country
Ahsen Mirza
Ahsen Mirza Oy oldin
svliant Oy oldin
If only it would support Linux.
Hugo M B Martins
It makes sense you start the no “computer” comparisons because that is exactly the way we are moving considering the ARM architecture is about to take over the portable market by being capable of achieving very high processing speed versus power consumption. And despite these companies creating better and better devices, Apple is in the forefront of development and research. They also take big risks with the newest rig running the i9 and being a overheating disaster but the future looks brighter. Cheaper cost to produce. Low power consumption / high processing speed. Will make investors happy. Also consider that Adobe is about to release a proper version of Adobe Photoshop for iOS with these ARM chips architecture in mind. Interesting stuff is about to come.
Aayush Ranjan
Aayush Ranjan Oy oldin
It is good but it ain’t better than iPad pro
Pau Torres
Pau Torres Oy oldin
Which watch is he using?
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu Oy oldin
Bass doesn't give you clarity in first place. The sound clarity depends upon the pitch, loudness and quality of sound while hearing. There is no role of bass. You cannot listen to the instruments playing in the background if the bass is high. You are not giving a correct review here n you are trying to applause apple here.... Look at the price difference n for a normal customer price point is important to buy a product.
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu Oy oldin
Pixel slate
Shibin Babu
Shibin Babu Oy oldin
Great technology by Google. Wow kudos. Look at the price man awesome n apple really sucks
longfang98 Oy oldin
In order to compete Google would 1st have to make it available everywhere. The iPad Pro is readily available worldwide. A little less so the Surface series. Google stuff not so much.
coffee dood
coffee dood Oy oldin
I actually laughed when I saw the title
Julien Lindauer
Two USB type-C ports USB type-C to jack adapter included Not bending as hell Fingerprint scanner Stereo speakers Higher resolution display Better battery life Better keyboard
OPUS Digital Audio
Tracking device.
Matthias Buesing
Unfortunately still not available in germany. Google, bring it on! NOW!
Thanglallian Vualnam
Should've talked more about cbromeOS
HeardVenus Oy oldin
3:13 When you look at your ex
Chethan Mark
Chethan Mark Oy oldin
this guy hates iOS
Logan Foster
Logan Foster Oy oldin
But the pixel slate is just a chromebook same OS as their computers. That's where I think many of these other tablet makers like microsoft(excluding Samsung) failed. If you're going to make a tablet that's just as powerful as a computer you should expect something completely different than windows, or chrome OS. That's where ipad truly succeeds, they really made a masterpiece of an OS very intuitive, and easy to get the hang of. So I'm going with iPad.
Jamarplays White
Pixel tablet
malinda moore
malinda moore Oy oldin
I would love to see you do a video on Galaxy Book 2!
Xie Xiaoqi
Xie Xiaoqi Oy oldin
That google one looks like surface pro.
Livet på to hjul
Yep, go for it ... 14 days with slate will be fun :)
Maricar Kabristante
Or you may prefer the Samsung galaxy tab s4
T Blue
T Blue Oy oldin
Can you install the youtube app on chrome os?
John K
John K Oy oldin
You realize these are all behind windows and the surface right
Samir thatboss
I think Google slate wins! But I really wished it had a camera
tsmspace Oy oldin
What these need is for the keyboard to be thicker,,,, but have a monster battery that can ensure when you are done sitting for long periods typing, your on the go experience is at full bat.
Jericho Perez
Jericho Perez Oy oldin
No, the slate is such a disappointment. The closest thing comparable is a surface pro.
Gerald Beaver
Gerald Beaver Oy oldin
What surprised me about is that you can get this with a i7 processor!!!!!!!
Mandlorian Oy oldin
Thank you for being completely unbiased. Trying both systems for a significant amount of time. I've seen way too many reviews from admittedly biased reviewers and all they do is slam it. Then "fans" will flock in just to further justify their hatred towards said item. Thank you for your time sir.
Rawkfist1501 Oy oldin
The slate can’t even decide what it is. And worse than that, the $600 model can’t even run its own UI without jitter.
sagar chauhan
sagar chauhan Oy oldin
Please make a video on build up of best affordable gaming PC or laptop. That can play games like watch dogs 2 and gta 5 on maximum frame rate
Stan G
Stan G Oy oldin
So biased
Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez 2 oy oldin
Can you play video games on it? Like world of warcraft or LoL?
Timothy Methven
Timothy Methven 2 oy oldin
check out the surface go 4g model with your unlimited data, ive seen your sim cards. @unboxtherapy
Taisha Fit
Taisha Fit 2 oy oldin
Your videos are like ASMR for tech people, love your voice & the videos, lol!
Grey King
Grey King 2 oy oldin
I am watching this on a chromebook
Jay Gringo
Jay Gringo 2 oy oldin
The laggy slate vs the most powerful tablet and best display tablet. Seems fair.
stark 22
stark 22 2 oy oldin
iPad pro
Julia Jimenez
Julia Jimenez 2 oy oldin
Robbie Rolfe
Robbie Rolfe 2 oy oldin
they need to get the pen done right and adoptable storage is a must for me.
Niraj Kasaudhan
Niraj Kasaudhan 2 oy oldin
Whats the music
Canosis Plays
Canosis Plays 2 oy oldin
Not one mention of the software jank?
Ekarat Faedsura
Ekarat Faedsura 2 oy oldin
compare please, I beg you
Ali Shadpour
Ali Shadpour 2 oy oldin
You don't use pen when it is on keyboard , take it off the keyboard and pen sits where keyboard connects!
•Skyler Emerson•
But it ain’t it chief... 😂
Walke RR
Walke RR 2 oy oldin
4:22 welcome to the world of the apple pencil 1 users
y K
y K 2 oy oldin
For all the comments regarding Marques Brownlee's review on the Slate vs this one, it must be mentioned that Lewis has the higher spec i5 processor whilst Marques had the base model with a Celeron processor which explained the lag whilst this one was smooth in comparison. Definately avoid the Intel Celeron version of the Slate, it should have never been released.
sarvan hassan
sarvan hassan 2 oy oldin
Dear google, place the pen attach to ipad pro is more convienent.i hope you impliment.
Sami Sikdar
Sami Sikdar 2 oy oldin
Can it bend
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 2 oy oldin
Love the concept
Farikh RSCH
Farikh RSCH 2 oy oldin
You wasn't upload your experience about this Google Pixel Slate as your main device
Google Pixel Slate: This Ain't It Chief!
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