Can The Google Pixel Slate Beat The iPad Pro?

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The Google Pixel Slate is Google’s answer to the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface devices. The Slate takes some of it’s cues from the Pixel Book (Chromebook) but packs it into a removable tablet style form factor. So is the Google Pixel Slate any good? Can it compete with the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface?
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28-Noy, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Oy oldin
Pixel Slate or iPad Pro?
Canosis Plays
Canosis Plays 5 kun oldin
I’ll wait until next year when Apple doesn’t make a bending iPad and hopefully adds mouse support. Hopefully google can get its OS running properly for the slate next year as well. Disappointing year for tech....
Rafiq de Rafew
Rafiq de Rafew 25 kun oldin
None. Surface pro 6
blur72434 28 kun oldin
Can't help it, gotta choose iPad, my app store purchased apps are only available on iOS
clavete alfa
clavete alfa Oy oldin
Yolo Piop
Yolo Piop Oy oldin
Robbie Rolfe
Robbie Rolfe 4 kun oldin
they need to get the pen done right and adoptable storage is a must for me.
Niraj Kasaudhan
Niraj Kasaudhan 4 kun oldin
Whats the music
Canosis Plays
Canosis Plays 5 kun oldin
Not one mention of the software jank?
Boom Bam Bop Reviews
A youtube name that has sadly spiraled into oblivious redundancy. Unbox Therapy doesnt even ubox products anymore. Now its just Showcase therapy and the name is wasted when it could be put to good use by someone who actually enjoys taking things out of boxes.
Ekarat Faedsura
Ekarat Faedsura 9 kun oldin
compare please, I beg you
Ali Shadpour
Ali Shadpour 11 kun oldin
You don't use pen when it is on keyboard , take it off the keyboard and pen sits where keyboard connects!
•Skyler Emerson•
But it ain’t it chief... 😂
Walke RR
Walke RR 12 kun oldin
4:22 welcome to the world of the apple pencil 1 users
y K
y K 12 kun oldin
For all the comments regarding Marques Brownlee's review on the Slate vs this one, it must be mentioned that Lewis has the higher spec i5 processor whilst Marques had the base model with a Celeron processor which explained the lag whilst this one was smooth in comparison. Definately avoid the Intel Celeron version of the Slate, it should have never been released.
sarvan hassan
sarvan hassan 12 kun oldin
Dear google, place the pen attach to ipad pro is more convienent.i hope you impliment.
Sami Sikdar
Sami Sikdar 12 kun oldin
Can it bend
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 13 kun oldin
Love the concept
Farikh RSCH
Farikh RSCH 14 kun oldin
You wasn't upload your experience about this Google Pixel Slate as your main device
John Russo
John Russo 14 kun oldin
Can The Google Pixel Slate Beat The iPad Pro? ....NNNOPE
emacicc 14 kun oldin
No jack even on this much space....disgusting
Jason Fan Club
Jason Fan Club 15 kun oldin
It's not made to beat the iPad Pro
lorenzo vermeulen
lorenzo vermeulen 15 kun oldin
can you even buy this at EU
Richard Bucker
Richard Bucker 15 kun oldin
the pen is useless
Guransh Sodhi
Guransh Sodhi 16 kun oldin
Can you switch the keyboards
JaeIsAsleep 16 kun oldin
Short answer, no.
Julian Stanelle
Julian Stanelle 16 kun oldin
Just get a surface pro and you can have a real computer with a better executed form factor. Also: If you're an adult looking for a device that's going to be your daily driver, the bare minimum requirement should be whether or not it can run MS Word. If it can't, it's a toy. A potentially beautiful and enjoyable toy, but a toy nonetheless.
Wexforddj 16 kun oldin
Yeah good Luck with that mate! Looks like a price of crap?
Alex Ayers
Alex Ayers 16 kun oldin
Wow. A Slate review that didn't actually trash it.
Malcolm H
Malcolm H 17 kun oldin
Why does the iPad pro NOT offer track pad?! only 2 positions for upright in iPad/keyboard. At least slate has a nicer keyboard and actually has a track pad and is "lapable." The chrome OS software is not good though. (I'm on the verge of selling/getting out of my Pixelbook b/c awful software). I feel like there's no good option between slate & iPad pro. I really do strongly wish that Chrome os would get its act together and make it work well. ugh
Aston 1828
Aston 1828 17 kun oldin
Mkbhd said it likes way too much
Rafael Hurtado
Rafael Hurtado 17 kun oldin
So, you’re just gonna skip the lagging issues? Underpowered CPU’s? No wonder why people prefer LTT and MKBDH over this.
a mystery
a mystery 18 kun oldin
It's kinda hard because they both have strong spots and weak ones too, overall I'm going to go with pixel slate, can actually use Google
周挥东 18 kun oldin
could you pls make a video for writing experience??
Joseph Walusimbi
Joseph Walusimbi 18 kun oldin
I just love my Samsung Tab A series 😎
Corey Gomel
Corey Gomel 18 kun oldin
and in 6 months the 5G version will be out?
Kelly Joseph
Kelly Joseph 19 kun oldin
Pedro Simões
Pedro Simões 19 kun oldin
Lag, lag and more lag....:((((
Fricotype0 20 kun oldin
Wait, it has 2 USB C slots... for both charging AND earbuds. Nobody thought of this???
Nithun Sridhar
Nithun Sridhar 20 kun oldin
But isn't this too similar to a surface pro. It's essentially a surface pro but not as powerful.... Or am I missing something
Muhd Farid
Muhd Farid 20 kun oldin
Ipad Pro my option.
Zak New
Zak New 20 kun oldin
No headphone jack ffs
Adrien Miller
Adrien Miller 21 kun oldin
This is the only good review I’ve seen for this product. Your bias is showing. First you’re judging the iPhone XR before you even get it, but now you have an objectively shitty product in front of you yet you have nothing bad to say.
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari 21 kun oldin
But iPad some advantage just some.
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari 21 kun oldin
I like it more than iPad Google slate keyboard is really good.
Elijah Hayes
Elijah Hayes 21 kun oldin
It’s a lap pad😂
alfie j
alfie j 21 kun oldin
Everyone knows this thing is bad
Rolando Loeb
Rolando Loeb 21 kun oldin
life battery and game power??
Wolfnrun 21 kun oldin
Why would you buy this or the pixel book? Or even the chromebook pixel? I thought chrome OS would have evolved but it didn't...
Farhaz 1807
Farhaz 1807 21 kun oldin
The pixel slate is a LAP-BOTTOM
Street Warrior
Street Warrior 21 kun oldin
That thing lags like my first note 1 😂just watch KBHD rewiew
ben dover
ben dover 22 kun oldin
Ok google you copied the I pad all the way down to the box config 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Aria Nugroho
Aria Nugroho 22 kun oldin
To be honest... You are the dumbest and stupidest tech reviewer for this one.... You held the stylus and said precision... But you did not show us what the precision look and feel vs ipad pencil on ipad pro... I think you just wants to advertised chrome tablet... With all of its "people dont care - and useless" features
Robert Torino
Robert Torino 22 kun oldin
This dude is whack. Don’t listen to what this moron has to say
Kevin Chou
Kevin Chou 22 kun oldin
How are you the only reviewer I have seen so far who is not experiencing lag on the pixel slate
John Mateu
John Mateu 22 kun oldin
He didn't mentioned anything about the laggy software experience! I really hope they fix it though, otherwise it can't compete with the iPad whatsoever
Kevin Bacud
Kevin Bacud 22 kun oldin
Shahi Mazaharul Alom
LAG LAG LAG $600 PIXEL-LAGI-SLATE is RIP SLATE whether iPad Pro is 120Hz display that's called the real tablet but it can't be replace my 8th gen i9 laptop! 🙏🙏🙏🤪🤪 (👐 for made by Google)
Max Powers
Max Powers 22 kun oldin
As soon as the OS gets updated I am sure is going to be a big deal
Ty James
Ty James 22 kun oldin
Plz compare it to a surface pro
K.B.H Pro
K.B.H Pro 22 kun oldin
Surface pro 6 beats ipad and that
Ionut V. Epure
Ionut V. Epure 23 kun oldin
Oh, so incredible thin! My 5 years old Sony Xperia tablet is thinner!!!
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy 23 kun oldin
Who else was waiting for him to talk about the lag as we've seen in MKBHD's video?
Matt Leakes
Matt Leakes 23 kun oldin
Did you actually use the pixel slate? Many other reviewers are saying how it is pretty laggy on the software m
Myekal Benham
Myekal Benham 22 kun oldin
You can see the lag in this vid. Lol crazy.
Starmast3r 22 kun oldin
Only for the cheapest model, which is still pretty unexcusable at 600 bucks.
Alex Arifin
Alex Arifin 23 kun oldin
Khris Cena
Khris Cena 23 kun oldin
How does he not talk about the lag in the OS can I here a google fanboy
Richie Wilson
Richie Wilson 11 kun oldin
Only the cheaper versions lag
Tommy Sørensen
Tommy Sørensen 24 kun oldin
Listen, no Pixel Slate or any Google tablet will ever beat the Ipad, like EVER..., any Ipad will wipe the floor with this piece of crap..
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
Funny how everyone hates this tablet. But unbox therapy loves it cause it’s google.
Jane Smitherson
Jane Smitherson 24 kun oldin
I guess this is just an unboxing. Wit til he actually use it and realized how laggy it is as from other reviewers says.
sniperkitten80 24 kun oldin
What smartwatch is he wearing in this video? is it samsung or?
Aaron Corporation
Aaron Corporation 24 kun oldin
*T R Y TO B E N D I T*
Marcus Miller
Marcus Miller 24 kun oldin
Feel like it’s closer to a surface than an iPad.
Lando_6 24 kun oldin
....but.... he didn’t even mention the terrible lag , but that’s to be expected from unbox by now complete bias towards androids
xguy9 24 kun oldin
Why unbox therapy the only one giving this bad tablet a good review 🤔
YoyoIsPro 24 kun oldin
“This ain’t it chief.” -Mark Ass Brownlee
Godzilla san
Godzilla san 24 kun oldin
I don't really get why people love the pen implementation, with it being stored on the side. Microsoft has gotten a lot of flack for it ever since the surface pro 1. I get that it doesn't restrict charging like the original surface but the arguement was that it seemed like an afterthought and it could get lost hanging off the side
Rohan yadav
Rohan yadav 24 kun oldin
what about its performance?
Рома Пришвин
How much fps
Рома Пришвин
In pubg mobile
Remit 25 kun oldin
Btw, the answer to the title is no
Lachlan Robinson
Lachlan Robinson 25 kun oldin
Watch marques brown let’s review on it
Midnight Mist
Midnight Mist 25 kun oldin
I find it funny how he will really go hard on Apple and Samsung when it comes to price. Yet he never calls out Google on the same things even when they release inferior products at the same if not higher prices. Based on the MKBHD review, you would definitely not get the Celeron model, and this i5 model is some serious cash, and then you have to drop another $200 on the keyboard because as Lou agrees, the tablet experience is not great and most of the video he uses it with the keyboard. And it is not even a great laptop. It fails as a laptop, it fails as a tablet. Who is this even for? I mean the Surface Pro is not a great tablet, but it is a pretty decent albeit expensive laptop running full Windows. So much for Lou being, the man of the people. More like overpaid Google shill. I appreciate you holding Apple and Samsung’s feet to the fire, but you need to do the same with Google, because their hardware sucks, yeah, even the Pixel 3. Android 9 is buggy and Chrome OS is pretty trash as a touch screen OS. Maybe Fuchsia will improve things. But I am not holding my breath, the amount of services and products Google abandons, I have zero trust in Google anymore.
Dimitris Ger
Dimitris Ger 25 kun oldin
Worst comparison ever...try running photoshop on pixel slate...it simple cant...and the numbers of geekbench say it all.....ipad pro cant be won by any company
Jordan Kilpatrick
Jordan Kilpatrick 25 kun oldin
I'm writing this comment from a Mac, so I like Apple (and have for decades). I run my own business using a Pixelbook and G Suite, so I like Google, too. And I support businesses who run Windows & Office 365, so I'm a fan of MS, as well. That said: If you want to really know the differences between iPad and Slate (& Surface), ask yourself: "Could I earn a living with just that device?" Need more clarity? Change the question slightly and ask if you could run a medium-sized business where everyone uses only iPads, only Slates or only Surfaces. Answers: iPad = No. Slate = mostly Yes. Surface = completely Yes. Fundamentally, iPad is really just a big iPhone since it runs iOS, not Mac OS. Slate runs Chrome OS plus Android apps, so it can do most things (and more every day). Surface runs full Windows OS, so it can do anything that needs doing. The BETTER question is this: when will Apple release a MacOS-powered iPad Pro? Then we'd really have something to talk about...
Jannis Höntscher
Jannis Höntscher 26 kun oldin
Ipad: good tablet bad laptop Surface Pro: bad tablet good Laptop Pixel slate: sucks at both
FastLikeUNO 26 kun oldin
iPad ftw. Google just seems unmovtivated to truly compete. Remember the Nexus 7? This ain't that. Also don't spend 200 bucks on the awful keyboard cover.
MrPartisanoukos 26 kun oldin
He didn't actually talk about performance. Is it any good?
Marko420 26 kun oldin
Ok let me get this out of the fucking way This is not Google's vision of future computing, they just released a damn tablet
Dody Attamimi
Dody Attamimi 26 kun oldin
I choose pixel state
Velvet underground
Velvet underground 26 kun oldin
Dude Watch mkhbd video on the pixel
Wais Ahmad Baheen
Wais Ahmad Baheen 26 kun oldin
Chief called, this ain't!
balaptuois 26 kun oldin
But Mark Ass Brownie called it laggy
Michael Lakoudis
Michael Lakoudis 26 kun oldin
APPs. There s no comparison.
Enrique Vergara
Enrique Vergara 26 kun oldin
I remember palms having a pen (stylus).... And better performance lol
Enrique Vergara
Enrique Vergara 26 kun oldin
This format of tablet isn't innovative anymore, surface has been doing this successfully for several years. I honestly think the iPad pro wins in performance and the keyboard, the standing and the software versatility go for the surface. The slate has nothing to offer, it was born dead.
cole dupuis
cole dupuis 26 kun oldin
Want to sell me your computer then
Sebastien Mugnier
Sebastien Mugnier 26 kun oldin
I'm lapping it :)
R.J. Severino
R.J. Severino 26 kun oldin
NO. NO. Is trash, sorry
Life or Reality
Life or Reality 26 kun oldin
If I had the money, I would definitely go Pixel Slate for all my computing needs.
Lukekboy 26 kun oldin
Hey Lou, according to the Mark Ass BROWNLEE the slate is really bad in daily use due to exceptional lag.
Isack Cool
Isack Cool 27 kun oldin
No headphone jack, boooooooooo
JW Fan
JW Fan 27 kun oldin
When Lew's audience is saying the Apple product is better, you know the Google product sucks lmao
hamza m
hamza m 27 kun oldin
after watching this video and MKBHDs video about the Pixel, I came to a conclusion that Lewis is more like of a salesman that tries to sale you the product unlike Brownlee he focuses on the value of the product, and that's obvious if you check the video of MKBHD about the Pixel Slate he shows the reall value of the product, it turns out to be so laggy and a complete rubbish tablet and would never replace my ipad with this piece of shit
Gaurav Ramanan
Gaurav Ramanan 27 kun oldin
Why doesn't Lou talk about The Surface Pro?
Gaurav Ramanan
Gaurav Ramanan 27 kun oldin
+Nissan U. They don't need to. Almost every head to head video review has the Surface come out on top of the iPad Pro in overall functionality. Even usability. iOS doesn't even have decent file management!!!
Nissan U.
Nissan U. 27 kun oldin
Because microsoft didnt pay him.
Agnes Tjiong
Agnes Tjiong 27 kun oldin
Why did markass give this slate a no?
Harsh meet
Harsh meet 27 kun oldin
No he is not paid by google he just hates apple so much he would endorse any crappy product which go against apple pixel slate is so shitty you can watch mkbhd's video on it
Seems like the i5 processor makes a world of difference to the performance. MKBHD's review made it look like garbage. But it sounds like that was mainly due to the Celeron processor.
5 oy oldin