Is Nokia Back?

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Unboxing the Nokia 7.1 Android One smartphone.
Nokia 7.1 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2DPBH4d
Nokia 7.1 (International) - geni.us/qwZMx
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21-Noy, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Oy oldin
Which is your favorite Android One device on the market?
Emas Dzemas
Emas Dzemas 16 kun oldin
RBR Oy oldin
Don't own an Android device, never will.
Poorveesh Shah
Nokia 6.1
jacob shibu
jacob shibu Oy oldin
The mi A2 for sure....
Otis Williams
Otis Williams Oy oldin
Lg v30 plus
Leon Hargett
Leon Hargett 18 soat oldin
I'm trying to decide if I should get this or the Asus Zenfone 5 in May
Tony Stuckert
Tony Stuckert Kun oldin
The Nokia 7.1 is a really good phone especially if you live on a tight budget
Aaron Vannistelrooy
Why not put the chin at the top to get rid of the the notch 🤔
Stephen Franklin
Stephen Franklin 2 kun oldin
Lew you should unbox and have a look at the AGM X3 Pro 😁👍
Shadman Shahid
Shadman Shahid 2 kun oldin
Nokia is my all time favorite😍😍
vershlan WeasEl
vershlan WeasEl 2 kun oldin
I have Nokia 8.1 , awesome feel ✌️
wiltsu 3790
wiltsu 3790 2 kun oldin
Suomi perkele
Jiggy j White
Jiggy j White 2 kun oldin
Unbox therapy already unboxed phone before video 😂 .
Bluviper Odyssey
Bluviper Odyssey 2 kun oldin
I have a question where do you all keep all the phones you all unbox
Armando Gutierrez
Armando Gutierrez 2 kun oldin
Honeslty back when I had a Nokia it was running Windows 8 or something and I hated it i wanted android on it so bad because there were hardly any apps I actually used on it but now I miss the live tiles so much it was amazing and if they had that but with android they probably could have stayed more relevant I hope they bring them back somehow
Nikolas Ankkuli
Nikolas Ankkuli 3 kun oldin
0:09 it had 41MP rear camera
Max Gaseb
Max Gaseb 3 kun oldin
It must come back with a bang
John Schaeffer Mike
Chris Koay
Chris Koay 4 kun oldin
All I know about Nokia is that its a self defense weapon and a phone.
Latsku 4 kun oldin
Suomi perkele
Life Tech
Life Tech 5 kun oldin
Fuck you bro
Angadh Kedari
Angadh Kedari 6 kun oldin
Great Brand far better than Chinese
pacmangs 1975
pacmangs 1975 6 kun oldin
Nokia will be bankrupt again in 2019..As the Chinese midrange invasion..huawei oppo vivo and xiaomi..Will wipe out nokia..Lol lol
Traynell ifill
Traynell ifill 5 kun oldin
Also, i dont really think so because none of those other phones companies sell in the U.S market. I dont think Nokia will ever be as big as a brand like Huawei. But they wont go bankrupt. Now if companies like Huawei and Xiaomi was able to sell their phones to the USA market, then yeah, they would be in risk of going bankrupt.
Traynell ifill
Traynell ifill 5 kun oldin
Why did you say lol with a capital L then again with a lowercase L.
Engr Adobo
Engr Adobo 7 kun oldin
Watching in a nokia 5 smartphone.
Youtube Red
Youtube Red 8 kun oldin
Review Nokia 8.1 Please.
Enrique Tejada
Enrique Tejada 8 kun oldin
I like that is Android one. But my favourite android device right now is the Huawei Mate 20pro. Are you going to test the Samsung Galaxy watch? Thanks for all reviews I'm a big of fan of your chanel
inactive youtuber yep
It's ugly
John Mark Bucsit
John Mark Bucsit 10 kun oldin
What will you do in you phones?
SHITIAN LIN 10 kun oldin
Nokia sucks as hell
Dr Val
Dr Val 10 kun oldin
Izy to fix it
CHAMPbastien 10 kun oldin
android software sucksssssss sooooo bad
pierre kanaan
pierre kanaan 10 kun oldin
You can get the honor 8x fir cheaper and way better
rayamat01 11 kun oldin
When do you guys think this notch madness will blow over? I'm sticking to budget phones until flagships get over this dark time in the history of smartphones
Jazmine Ellington
Jazmine Ellington 11 kun oldin
I’d love to see him switch to this!
Vinko Stipetić
Vinko Stipetić 11 kun oldin
Honestly I prefer the Nokia 6.1. No notch, 3GB of Ram Octa Core and 32GB of internal memory. Very fast, neat camera, elegant design and you can use it without protection and without fear of it breaking. Its not a FULL SCREEN smartphone but thats not that bad, its actually better to have sometimes the thumbs to rest on.
Tom Richardson
Tom Richardson 12 kun oldin
I love my Nokia 7.1 I have no complaints
iris 12 kun oldin
the company is back the quality NO ! The new Nokia is now LG . Look at LG V30 for example , the most under evaluate smartphone. HTC was something special with HTC 10 which is like an old model Nokia 3310 also. Even today HTC 10 is far better that any Nokia.
Expert Replique
Expert Replique 13 kun oldin
I am watching with a Nokia 5
Animesh Kumar
Animesh Kumar 13 kun oldin
I purchased pocophone instead of Nokia . $350 for Snapdragon 636 they should've given Snapdragon 660 or 710 ,knowing that pocophone exists in same price range!!
CashGamez 13 kun oldin
Pocophone F1 though
Spifey 13 kun oldin
Let's do Bad Luck Brian! Drops Nokia on bed *It breaks*
Lukaso Talunge
Lukaso Talunge 13 kun oldin
I own this phone, and i can confirm that: - The Design/feel/look: AMAZING! - Android Pie in this device is WONDERFUL - The Display resolution is NICE - Videos and Photos are OKAY - The Fingerprint is FINE, unless half second delay compared to other phones is too long for you - Speakers: horrible, better use headphones - Face Unlock is a bit funny, but works For 320$, it's a very good deal. Always remember: 1) If you want high quality, professional photos, photos => BUY A PROFESSIONAL CAMERA, not a smartphone 2) If you want high-quality sound, use a good pair of soundbars or Headphones, don't wait for that quality with the speakers of a smartphone.
Abdul Rahman
Abdul Rahman 15 kun oldin
Wait..!! What?? Lumia 1020 with 20 Mega Pixel ??!!! Oh No!
Meraj Khan
Meraj Khan 15 kun oldin
Make a video for nokia 8.1 please
Abraham Jordan Antonio
Hey Lew, do you open those boxes beforehand? Because I noticed that the box that you are unboxing is ripped.
MrMetalFinn 15 kun oldin
Nokia please just make something waterproof and indestructible. There is a gap in the market for premium phones in this space.
Ross Best
Ross Best 15 kun oldin
*If that speaker has DOLBY Sound enhancement app built in that Speaker would blow ya away! My ZTE implemented it & Now amazing!*
Qatrunnada Hanifah
Qatrunnada Hanifah 16 kun oldin
You can change the mono speaker to stereo. I use Nokia 5.1 and there is a setting to change that. Maybe you can set it on 7.1 also.
Pao44445 16 kun oldin
Great phone
Guigui 16 kun oldin
Lew, can you test the Nokia 8.1 please?
ASMR Slimes
ASMR Slimes 16 kun oldin
I can’t believe this is the price of a iPhone se
Anmol Mishra
Anmol Mishra 17 kun oldin
Should I get a Nokia 8 sirocco or iPhone7?
Johan Sejio
Johan Sejio 17 kun oldin
Now they embraced android. Android is like taking a piss in the winter. XD -Former nokia CEO. Before elop
dylan tomlinson
dylan tomlinson 18 kun oldin
Will you be reviewing the motorola androidone power?
Satwinder Rajpal
Satwinder Rajpal 18 kun oldin
It also have hdr display like iphone xs display
Shyam M K
Shyam M K 18 kun oldin
I just switched to the Nokia 7.1
Franz Galahad
Franz Galahad 18 kun oldin
Notch = No Thanks
Diana Nicolás
Diana Nicolás 18 kun oldin
What is wrong with the camera? I don't get it.
lAoX 18 kun oldin
Im from finland
Simon Andersen
Simon Andersen 18 kun oldin
I got one for 200 bucks at black friday and I must say I'm very happy with my purchase
greatest technical
greatest technical 19 kun oldin
Nokia 5.1+ is good I am happy for Nokia
what is the truth?
what is the truth? 19 kun oldin
@350 bucks, Huawei honor play or Pocophone will make Nokia 7 look like a waste of money.
S u c c
S u c c 19 kun oldin
xteive1 19 kun oldin
watching on my nokia windows phone ;(
TexasCat99 19 kun oldin
I hope when I'm ready to replace my phones in a year or two, this notch phase will be done. It looks stupid be and sucks up space for notifications.
asmr photography
asmr photography 20 kun oldin
I have the Nokia 5
Brix Is Not a Stupid
I love it
Elbert OX
Elbert OX 20 kun oldin
I hate build in battery...
Chicken King
Chicken King 20 kun oldin
Try unboxing a Nuu X5 phone under $150
Alejandro Rey
Alejandro Rey 20 kun oldin
The Pocophone will kick this shit to the side any day.
hacker jacker
hacker jacker 21 kun oldin
I think that Lu has become accustomed to better audio than most of us
Unknown Savage
Unknown Savage 21 kun oldin
My dads nokia, he got it in 2006 and still works in 2018
Jamshi Jack
Jamshi Jack 22 kun oldin
Watching from My NOKIA 7.1 Itz awesome Phone
Shuo Chen
Shuo Chen 22 kun oldin
Nice video!
Odd Fascinations
Odd Fascinations 22 kun oldin
A summary of what your saying “ this phone is crap. But, hey! It’s $350!”
ShadowGamesStudios 23 kun oldin
I have a Nokia X6 that I got for $231 in china
Anas Ahmed Zubair
Anas Ahmed Zubair 23 kun oldin
Nokia is good
IDFC BAS 23 kun oldin
yes i have nokia
Lukie Cartier
Lukie Cartier 24 kun oldin
Paid $210 for my P20, which blows all these peasant phones out the water.
JACK REACHER 24 kun oldin
Bunk. 😶🤮🤭🤫💩
Siknik64 24 kun oldin
Lew, why do you care about the speaker of a smartphone anymore? Most people who want a quality audio experience will connect their own speakers. If the built-in speaker's loud enough to be heard in public, it's good enough.
Aditya Tanwar
Aditya Tanwar 25 kun oldin
Review Nokia 8.1.Its' camera is better than even Oneplus 6t.
Hải Lê
Hải Lê 26 kun oldin
I love Nokia, I am using Nokia 5. The speaker is so good!!!
Splitter Luck
Splitter Luck 27 kun oldin
Looks like accident scene
Samghamesan Thampuran
Man can u do a video on Nokia 8.1
PalermoVmusic 27 kun oldin
Would this phone be better than the iPhone 6s Plus?
angelo alex paguntalan
+Yoel ‘sorry for not making weight’ Romero wew but it is my own preference 6s camera is grain I haven't own iPhone but I saw it in person..in my classmate and my cousins so at least I have legit info than a bias once but didn't said it can compete with x,xs and xs max only grainy 6s and 7
Yoel ‘sorry for not making weight’ Romero
angelo alex paguntalan stop lying kid nokia 7.1 not even close to iphone 6s
Yoel ‘sorry for not making weight’ Romero
Your Friend u dumb as fuck if you believe what u said
angelo alex paguntalan
jjb jjv but the screen of nokia is much way better than your iphone 6 nokia made ips display with deeper blacks while your retina outdated display is such a crap even nokia 6 can compete with with iphone 7 how much more 7.1 7plus nokia 8 nokia 8.1 nokia 6.1 and nokia 8 sirroco
Your Friend
Your Friend 21 kun oldin
PalermoVmusic apple slows down its old phones with new updates so people upgrade to the latest version. Nokia is faster
Habeeb Raza
Habeeb Raza 27 kun oldin
Hey! Unbox theraphy now tell me a quick answer ( which is the best smartphone in your eye sight no.1 also in budget under 25,000 30,000/- INR
Aparna P
Aparna P 28 kun oldin
Watching this on my Nokia 7. 1🥰
Aparna P
Aparna P 13 kun oldin
+Joao Redol I am an average smartphone user... Not a heavy gamer.. So for me the battery can last for 1 and half days ( approximately). I am a person who watches a lot of videos and installs a whole lot of apps😋... But the phone has never crashed... And the speed is also pretty good. I would recommend this phone to any person looking for a mid range phone... 😍😍 Yes.. I am really happy.. ☺️ Nokia 7.1 is an impressive smartphone
Joao Redol
Joao Redol 13 kun oldin
Aparna P are u happy? What about the speed? And battery?
Jaison J
Jaison J 29 kun oldin
I love Nokia it’s like our first love However we all using iPhone it’s like our wife expensive but useless 😜 Still we feel for Nokia like our ex 🤨
Retro Collected
Review the new 8110 Banana phone.
Retro Collected
My Nokia 3 is awesome, slim compact - 5" screen. Well built - great battery, only compact CHEAP!! phone I could find that felt quality. Only bad part is the camera. And audio isn't loud enough. But for £80 that is great value. PS please review the NEW 8110 Banana Phone!
Rohan Negi Don
India guy call technical guru ji have 10 million subs and you are far older doing review that too in English
Your Friend
Your Friend 25 kun oldin
Rohan Negi Don he is not old he is just 34
bahhaziz Oy oldin
Anyone knows what happened to Nokia to make cheap phones ?
Joosua Anttila
A fan of Nokia but this phone just doesn't seem worth it to me not even at that price point.
T'was an old username and I'll change it soon.
I can't stand that notch, no matter how simplistic they try to make it look. What a waste of space.
Nathaniel Gebremeskel
check out nokia 7 plus...sooo much better than this one. it also runs android one, has android 9 pie and grea battery with great cameras...check it out
Alex w
Alex w Oy oldin
Stop lying, we know you are an apple fanboy
Tanko Attila
Tanko Attila Oy oldin
nokia is back!
Francis peña
Francis peña Oy oldin
I still don't get why no one sees the value of this phone Of course if you compare it to some random Chinese oem you won't see the value of it But here's the trick... DON'T
sk ts
sk ts Oy oldin
Can you please do review of Nokia 6.1 plus with Android Pie which has hell lot of bugs ?
Dacarica dacar
Could you review LG G7 ONE? Please?
Veloso - Boom Beach
What's the difference between this $350 nokia 7.1 and the $180 Nokia X6(6.1plus)
Roshan Kumar
Roshan Kumar Oy oldin
Not a good phone.
Tristan Phillips
I'm trying to choose between this phone and the essential phone? Can anyone help me choose?