Black Homeless Woman Says Trump Let Her Live Rent Free in Trump Tower for 8 years!

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Donald Trump has a heart of Gold, Lets Homeless women stay at Trump Tower rent free for 8 years. Provides her 3 meals a day and delivered a fresh flowers every week to her room!
Donate to My Inauguration Trip"www.gofundme.com/immigrant4trump-inauguration-trip?rcid=1b67401216144cb4a86e04e1847d5cfe



8-Dek, 2016



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kenp689 7 soat oldin
But..But.. CNN says Trump is racist President Trump always proving his haters wrong #Trump 2020
Carlos Encarnacion
People think that trump is bad and all but look at this..
Steve Garris
Steve Garris Kun oldin
Very generous of him. However at some point she should obtain a job and take advantage of living rent free in the most expensive city in the world. You could literally sock money away without paying for rent and food which are the two biggest expenses
jim mcewan
jim mcewan Kun oldin
He will be climbing down our chimneys before long !
Armyvet22 2 kun oldin
And yet the mainstream media. & demo demons still persist in portraying Trump as a racist. SMH.
Tablet One
Tablet One 5 kun oldin
How can anyone say POTUS is racist?!? Yes he says some pretty dumb stuff but think about this...Would you rather have a President who occasionally says the WRONG thing but consistently DOES the right thing or a President who occasionally says the RIGHT thing but consistently does the WRONG thing...You decide...
zadose 5 kun oldin
Lol she got the jackpot for breaking the law... Why didn't I think of that? Nah, I'm just playin'. God bless Trump! And many thanks to the woman for speaking up.
Elodia Pedraza
Elodia Pedraza 9 kun oldin
That's my President Trump MAGA
Daniel 12 kun oldin
When Donald J Trump decided to let her stay for free in his tower , he didn't even think to run for Precidentcy . He didn't have any reason to do so. ... and the leftis and the crooqued media call him "racist " ??? fuck them all. He is the best President we'll ever have.
Luimtegger 12 kun oldin
My only question is how this lady got a cellphone or a camera to record this and post this. I understand the whole room and 3 meals a day thing and I love President Trump, I will vote for him come 2020. But the video still confuses me. XD It would make sense if someone recorded it like an interview type thing but she's obviously holding it herself.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 14 kun oldin
Please people share this to everyone let people know Trump is a good man CNN won't say anything nice about him
spicecrop 17 kun oldin
I guess this woman didn't get the CNN memo that Trump is a racist. I can't wait until 2020 to watch all the Trump haters cry all over again.
Victoria Stevens
Victoria Stevens 24 kun oldin
😀😁😂😎🤗 Donald, thank you for your spirit and HEART!!! Thanks for answering the CALL! Thank you Father God for your goodness unto the children of MEN! And your hand upon our President!, May he shine your light in all he does! May the mighty angels be about him and his family to protect them and keep them safe from all harm. In Jesus mighty name I pray! All for your Glory Father. thanks so much for your help Donald! Lol just remember they can't trump GOD ALMIGHTY!
Victoria Stevens
Victoria Stevens 24 kun oldin
God is going to hold us, each, àccountable for our words that come out of our mouths. :) The Word also references you shouldn't jest, make fun of or make light of things... Carry on...
Victoria Stevens
Victoria Stevens 24 kun oldin
God bless you and Mr. Donald Trump! Father Thank you for your goodness unto the children of men!
julifer9211 26 kun oldin
Yeah i see it now... Big heart,never in history have we had a President like him. Amazing.
vernon knapp
vernon knapp 27 kun oldin
Why is it that you never heard of any kind things that Obama did for anyone? There are multiple stories on youtube.com and whatnot of Donald Trump going out of his way to show kindness and charity to people who need help?
Bran Kind
Bran Kind 27 kun oldin
He now sounds like a crazy man for supporting your lazy ass
Bran Kind
Bran Kind 27 kun oldin
Why the hell aren't you on CNN, straightening the Trump story out?
gtreds Kera
gtreds Kera 28 kun oldin
Why am I only seeing this now after WV Rally? Have been searching with the same keywords for years and finally some new result.
Pale Feather Valdez
Pale Feather Valdez 28 kun oldin
Why her words don't match her lips? Why don't they show full shot of her and the place?
Tai Lu
Tai Lu 29 kun oldin
Trump is so racist he imprisoned this black woman in his million dollar condo.
Blue Jam
Blue Jam Oy oldin
Matthew 5:5-9 5 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. 6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. 7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. 8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. 9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons[a] of God. Good bless this man for his kindness. Thanks P.O.T.U.S. Trump! All you lowlife's that toss out Nazi's ... be glad you never knew what it was like. For all you low life's out there that use the word racist and bigot towards this man and his voters, you know not of what u speak. Remember democrats were the KKK back in the day. P.O.T.U.S Linclon was the 1st republican president ... that freed the slaves. There are many pictures of this man helping many... and yes black as well... receiving praise and awards from black leaders over the years. Google it!
William Liapis
Take this time and get your life together. School or job just prove to us YOU CARE.
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 Oy oldin
*That's* why he's *Emperor Trump*
Galaxy7 Oy oldin
I voted for Trump not because of his politics,but the way he carries himself with business matters.And for him to help people like this is simply awesome!
Moon Eyes
Moon Eyes Oy oldin
if this is real...💓💓💓💓
Red Poppy
Red Poppy Oy oldin
Well for her sake, not just paying a small honorary thank you (since the rent is probably too high for anybody to pay) she should try to get a job. They can give her a few outfits. Plus she can be doing something. TV isn't too useful esp if that's all you have.
Frank Guerrero
But he never brought this up. So that should show you what type of man that he is
Frank Guerrero
Now I guess he wanted to use this female for votes but this was 9 years ago
Susanne Tirpak
Donald is such a good and genrous man. All Trump supporters should talk about the unfair bashing of him by the Cnn, MSBNC; and ABC until these bastards are done. No patriot should buy their newspapers or watch their Tv. then they are very fast bankrupt. and how Donald says : get your asses out and vote in November. The woman, who lives free in trumptower should be more happy and active, she doesnt need to be afraid. noone will do her harm. tree meals a day and fesh flowers are great !!!!!!
M Coyote
M Coyote Oy oldin
God bless you sweet girl, he must have seen the angel in you.
jimmy allen
jimmy allen Oy oldin
am for my president trump''...
Mike Adams
Mike Adams Oy oldin
Here's how you know Trump is for We the People. He's done, and is still doing many many good things, but doesn't boast and brag about it. Most of the time the people that trumpet and boast about their Good Deeds are one of the two types of people, they are either those that strive to feel accepted, or those that are selfish, and only in it for themselves. Donald Trump is the exact opposite.
Janet Ott
Janet Ott Oy oldin
Awww so so NICE it's true not too many people would have allowed that! ❤Mr. TRUMP.....SO.....sad and disrespectful....how the left treats him!!!!!
Patrick McCarthy
That was big of Trump, but what is she doing to get a job and better her life so that she no longer needs help?
ChaosTrident Oy oldin
What did Obama do for his people? He did not get one prisoner from Korea...Trump did, Obama raised the deficits, Trump lowered it, Obama said jobs lost forever......in one year Trump proved him wrong and brought them very jobs back. Obama wanted a legacy..... Obama phone Obama health care Obama motel....IT WAS ALL ABOUT HIM AND HIS LEGACY!!!!!
ChaosTrident Oy oldin
White privelage?!! The white guy on tenth floor DID HAVE TO GO! She an only female got yo stay. Im glad I can see that white privilege is a lie!!!!!!
Gideon Oy oldin
Im all for Trump but this just seems insane if he really did that then he is just supporting a drug addict.
Gideon Oy oldin
Is this video slowed down or does she really sound like that.
Abram Ramirez
Abram Ramirez Oy oldin
Wow 😮, amazing story, thanks for sharing!
Celeste Rob
Celeste Rob Oy oldin
Probably a Tax right off.....
Chad Stroh
Chad Stroh Oy oldin
God bless trump loved him before he was even president
Hangover Blues
Headline news for CNN.
Ass Wumu
Ass Wumu Oy oldin
True Trump
Chris Cunningham
Wow! She sounds about slow witted. I wonder if she's made any attempt to return his kindness?
jimmy fortrue
jimmy fortrue Oy oldin
Chris Cunningham .. One can tell she probably has some health issues, that is why she barely showed her face during the video.
John Douma
John Douma Oy oldin
Class ACT
Sam Thornhill
Sam Thornhill Oy oldin
God bless president Trump. And God bless this lady I hope all goes well with her.
Pretty Brown Nomad
SNOPES says that this is a LIE!
he is a gemini... mr hyde dr jekyl things going on....
Sexysweet1 Oy oldin
exactly soooooooo racist he is huh
Beth Redding
Beth Redding Oy oldin
I sure hope she was able to get it together n 8years
dina fernandez
Oh but......where is Jim Acosta to report on this ???????
Ali Tha Phoenix
Donald always liked black people. Blacks only hate him because Obama(a black dude) is beefing with him.
Margie Fraire
Margie Fraire Oy oldin
That sound wonderful but why does the women speaking and the sound is completely off. I'm sorry but it does not help your credibility! With so much tech to make anyone say anything good or bad. I just don't know if this is true. Fix the video align the sound if its legit!
Sue J
Sue J Oy oldin
Bet you won’t see this on CNN.
Kata Khresis
Kata Khresis Oy oldin
This video has been discredited as a hoax
jimmy fortrue
jimmy fortrue Oy oldin
Kata Khresis do you have a source. ( uh CNN, and some others don't count anymore) I would like to know.
Lanita Flint
Lanita Flint Oy oldin
Nice to have someone to tell the truth about him.
I am Blessed. Blessed Be God
Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand does=don’t go around telling what good acts you do. Jesus said what good you do in secret your Father will reward in public.
Soj. H
Soj. H Oy oldin
Inspiring story. Trump is a better man than me. I honestly don’t know if I would have done the same if I were in the same situation. There are so many excuses one could make to evict her.
MiMi Loves
MiMi Loves Oy oldin
I'm coming there!!!
Goat Rock
Goat Rock Oy oldin
she must suck a really mean dick
Darlene Monen
Darlene Monen Oy oldin
most likely he paid her to say this.
Joseph Farrell
Trump 2020 Trump 2024 Trump 2028....should I keep going?
Dark Coven
Dark Coven Oy oldin
You idiots are fkn morons , nah wait not even morons you are Rocks.
Dark Coven
Dark Coven Oy oldin
LOL This is an edited video you Morons. ROFLMMFAO.
Maurice Clark
Maurice Clark Oy oldin
I just don't see a human being even trying to find out if this is true or not, guests pay, you asshole need to get a fucking life,or eat shit And die,Trump is a good man period, he's the best president ever period, it's very sad that a person who has life would ever question this story, your Integrity sucks, and you are a real dumbass
Elvis, was a hero to most.
ukkr Oy oldin
Donald trump supposedly has less than 4Billion dollars to his name. Well, it is interesting. I was looking at a list of the richest women in the world, and one is his daughter, who has about 3 billion. She got stock from Donald. Maybe they only considered money trump actually had or something. MOST people, like bill gates, have most of their money tied up in stock and realestate. I still don't know what to think, but I can proudly say I voted for him. The democrats don't get it. They NEVER did! The average decent person in the US does NOT vote for a president! They vote AGAINST a candidate for president. There was only ONE viable way to vote AGAINST clinton! That was to VOTE FOR TRUMP! So the only way Hilary could get the benefit of a vote from someone like me is to have a record of being a good candidate. She lost that chance DECADES ago! Trump just could never have been as bad as she is. That is not to say ANYTHING against trump. He actually comes across as a nice guy. I've talked to taxi drivers in queens and manhatten that voted for him, lauded him, and just liked him. For those that don't know, trump was born in queens, and basically lives in manhatten, and that is where trump's tower is.
Steven Gauna
Steven Gauna Oy oldin
Omarosa is calling trump racist. How can this be?
Laura Barnes
Laura Barnes Oy oldin
Of course this is true! Just like when his limo broke down and a passer by gave him a ride a few exits down the freeway and a week later he called and payed off the man's house!😀this is a good man at heart sorry liberals but it is! And never even wants any credit or attention for it! What a president we have.thank god!
selah Oy oldin
okay...i hope this is true first time i seen any real kindness from him.
Brendan Hall
Brendan Hall Oy oldin
Why are her lips not moving with the audio
Brendan Hall
Brendan Hall Oy oldin
When she says goodbye at the end there's on lips moving. Fake?
TewChains Oy oldin
She's talking through her nose
Wake up Sheeple
Aww may GOD bless this woman and the man who made it possible for her to survive !!!
Jenny Martinez
Before President Trump's ran for office & became president. Everyone loved him, even Hollywood and the Fake News media. Now because he won & Killery lost and therefore the rabid socialists failed to finish the job Oblaimer started: the total distruction of America. So they are crazy pissed & hate everything about Pres.Trump & especially the fact that the USA is doing great, and the rest of the world respects us again. Economy is booming. Maore jobs than worker's. you all lost. Get over it. Join us in our happiness.
Backup Boulanger
wahaha... Empty rooms in Trump Tower!
Blazein Boarder
Liars claiming this is fake, Trump rep might have said it's not true, only to protect her. Trump saw her, Realized she would die if left alone, and let her stay. I believe it. Trump's a good guy. Fuck all the haters.
S MC Oy oldin
Glad she spoke up, God bless her! I wish all of the other people he's helped would grow a spine and do the same!
ted Clauss
ted Clauss Oy oldin
Wow tell every this They say he’s racist. No Democrat would do this
Walter Williams
Even if this video is not true, Snopes did write that President Trump has let persons stay at his hotels for free. For the record, I do not trust Snopes.
ConChaz100 Oy oldin
You won’t see this on cnn
Rob Marsh
Rob Marsh Oy oldin
Trump is the real life Bruce Wayne
Lord Bruce London Uk
President Trump. Wonderful Leader Of The Free World
brian alexander
Yeuda Levi
Yeuda Levi Oy oldin
Daylan Tiogangco
This is one of many reasons why I love Our President Trump! This Hawaiian Loves Trump!
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
Not true, this is not true. Not saying that he hasn’t done good things because he has. But this is just not one of them. If it were true she would show you around the apartment. She is standing in the hallway and videotaping out the window in the hallway. Not sure what the motivation was but this is obviously not true it’s fake
Brian Marshall
Thank you Lord for the blessing of Donald J Trump he's putting it into the corruption in Washington and you know how deep that goes well Trump will be reelected Hillary will hang for treason Obama will be shot and killed for treason I can guarantee that
Jacob Lucas
Jacob Lucas Oy oldin
You're in a million dollar apartment and still sound like a bum?
Marc Atteberry
I tell people, or try to anyway, as I live in San Francisco area... (might i add.. yay) that Trump is not what the news says he is. It seems that every person that has a chance to meet and talk with him, says he isnt the monster we are told he is. I get a little upset, but time and reality will tell the truth.
Max love
Max love Oy oldin
Why don't she turn the camera around show the place?
AriesSun LeoRising
I’ve been watching him since before hating DJT was cool! I wanted him for his intangible qualities- I never thought I would see that kind of remarkable performance from a mere human being. He is a Rock Star on steroids! ♥️REDTSUNAMI 2018
Hexe Musik
Hexe Musik Oy oldin
Trump is not who I assumed he was. I did not know how much he does care about our Country and our people. I will vote for him again in 2020.
Conservative Capitalist
He’s a racist! Right? He denied housing to black people! Right?
handzmagic Oy oldin
Trump has allowed other guests to stay at his hotels for free over the years. He has DONE so many other great deeds through the past 40 years and now as Our President! IF you scroll further down there is someone, whose name is Patricia and she's taken the time to type A LIST OF Some of the many Deeds TRUMP has done❤ I would suggest you copy them and SHARE! G-D BLESS OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP 🙏❤🇺🇸
RED MOBILE uk Oy oldin
Does he supply her drugs
Bill J. Williamson
Fuck trump he's the biggest, piece of shit, so big en elephant, wouldn't be able to crap him out, I hope he has a heart attack, just one bad day ahead
Bill J. Williamson
Not for min. Is this true unless trump is using her as a right off i dought very much, he does not allow black people in his hotels, he was fighting a law suit for that reason, this is fake news totally stage
D.Phillips Racing
Guess you have 8 years to get your life together.