Is The Huawei Mate 20 Pro As Good As They Say?

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bmy1DzSX
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the latest powerhouse smartphone from Huawei. It features a large battery, wireless charging, night mode and wide angle photography. Should the Huawei Mate 20 Pro be my next smartphone switch?
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27-Noy, 2018

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Unbox Therapy Oy oldin
Huawei Mate 20 Pro - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bmy1DzSX
Tsega Haile
Tsega Haile 3 kun oldin
Switch to the one plus 6t
Richard Bose
Richard Bose 15 kun oldin
No big NJ no
Mohammad Alfian
Mohammad Alfian 20 kun oldin
I win
Lukas Curta
Lukas Curta 20 kun oldin
Lukas Curta
Lukas Curta 20 kun oldin
Huawei Mate 20 without the "Pro" is way the better choice and thats why you can't buy it in many countries. Nice Video!
Ali BABA Soat oldin
Love you sirrr
Aibibula Abudukadeer
Did anyone really believe the chinese government and they tech? (except chinese)
Demo Dad
Demo Dad 3 soat oldin
Corndogs are hotdogs with a delicious sweater!!
Yves Alias
Yves Alias 4 soat oldin
Thank you for this interesting and funny review. Since the summer 2017, I use a Samsung S8, and I was, and still am, happy about this device. But.... (yes there is a " but") : I do lots of photos and videos with my phone, and today the Huawei P20 pro and Mate pro give so much more opportunities... that I'm thinking about buying a new phone. Within a few weeks we wil get more information about the new Samsung S10.. but I'l wondering if that new device is gonna beat the Mate Pro.
Liangxu Lin
Liangxu Lin 5 soat oldin
The coming Huawei P30pro should be better, just based on technique issues.
tony shaw
tony shaw 7 soat oldin
In the land of freedom you can't buy the phone everyone can around the world.🤔🤔
Kabo Bradley Radipitse
Walter Cifuentes
Walter Cifuentes 16 soat oldin
Does anyone know what song is being used at 5:37? I cant seem to find it
Carlos Elias
Carlos Elias 17 soat oldin
One plus 6T !
Ahmad Mostapha
Ahmad Mostapha 19 soat oldin
Follow me instagram for nice photos
Kantharuban Rahunathan
My next phone is Huawei
Talib Abbas
Talib Abbas 23 soat oldin
One plus 6t ..
Lobi LETS GO Kun oldin
Hujabier Bro!!!
chad T
chad T Kun oldin
OnePlus 6T
Jia hengchen
Jia hengchen Kun oldin
Wei Chiang
Wei Chiang 3 soat oldin
Brendan Lagani
Brendan Lagani Kun oldin
It would be perfect with a headphone jack
Abraham Torres
Abraham Torres Kun oldin
Hey bro what kind of smartwatch is that in this vid if you can please let me know
Aidan Simpson-Gray
Hate to be that guy, what was the song he used when testing out the speaker..
Shahrul Ikram
Shahrul Ikram Kun oldin
Can you play pubg on this phone without it lagging?
Mark Garbutt
Mark Garbutt 15 soat oldin
Yes best I've seen pubg
NextInLine 2 kun oldin
Apple fucks Americans deep their ass , funny how they still buy apple ,I guess they like it..
LewisMomoa 2 kun oldin
Apple is and always will be superior. That’s life get over it. You Android man sound like vegans. Have to announce you have a android phone in every room you walk in
bhargav naragoni
bhargav naragoni 2 kun oldin
What is the watch are you wearing??
Storm lightning
Storm lightning 2 kun oldin
Go China go!
Grant Han
Grant Han 2 kun oldin
Maybe america is worried about chinese mobile industry impact America mobile market like how japanese cars impact american car markets in late 20 centuries.
Hansel 4 soat oldin
Sorry. No one cares about that stupid country
GOD 2 kun oldin
fuck, that camera is insane, you see that Apple? this is what happens when Huawei, a much smaller company, spend more money on R&D than you do. Go fuck yourself Apple, die with Jobs
Zam Road
Zam Road 2 kun oldin
why never review about SONY smartphone? your are RACIST!!!!
Muhammed kp
Muhammed kp 2 kun oldin
Mate 20 pro
wolf 2 kun oldin
Wtf. The new Apple phone has the same camera as this one 😂😂 what's going on here!?
Enlil Occidio Sabbateans
Anything from Huawei is trash. They refuse to give out unlock codes which means you can never root it. Totally useless to anyone that uses a phone to do more than talk and surf.
24ecko 2 kun oldin
Well, you've convinced me to get this phone lol.
ANWAR SHARIQ 2 kun oldin
I never did this but, Currently I'm seriously in need of a phone, could you please help me, I'm going through alot and all I ask for is you to help me, please help me!😔
Nick B
Nick B 2 kun oldin
bought it same they they started selling it over here. just amazing! get it. switch ti mate20pro you wont regret
Mr. moustache
Mr. moustache 3 kun oldin
No one gives fuck for flagship phones anymore , there is no revolutionary technologies every edition it is alomst similar to the previous one so why would I care ?
Arnold Luzon
Arnold Luzon 3 kun oldin
How do I get one of these
Allah Turbo
Allah Turbo 3 kun oldin
I'm contemplating switching to this from iPhone 7, is there anyway to transfer whatapps chat history to new Android phone, so far i can't find any way to do it
Hirak Misra
Hirak Misra 3 kun oldin
This device.. 6T is no way near
Nick B
Nick B 3 kun oldin
Martin Mendoza
Martin Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Nice one but WHY curved screen????
Devin Choi
Devin Choi 3 kun oldin
I had many phones from different brands but I gotta have to say Huawei is the WORST phone I've ever had. From day 1 I had constantly problems which didn't even got better after receiving a new one. After owning the phone for 3 months the same problems happened again. It's not just me many of my friends who owned a Huawei phone had issues with it. In my opinion it's not worth it. I'd rather pay 100-300 dollars more just to get something decent that does it job.
Ace 187
Ace 187 3 kun oldin
2.2k dislikes from Apple employees.
ethan kosta
ethan kosta 3 kun oldin
I like the watch. Anyone know what make and model it is.
YBFQ TSB 3 kun oldin
huawei stands for “华为” in Mandarin. 华 stands for China.为stands for “amount to something”.
Wei Chiang
Wei Chiang 3 soat oldin
China can do everything .You can think of it this way.“为”=verb
Waleed Khalid
Waleed Khalid 3 kun oldin
Oneplus 6t
Moises Lustado
Moises Lustado 3 kun oldin
Valentijn .Van Renterghem
Is there any screenprotector you would recommend? It's been a pain in the ass to find a decent one.
nkululeko mthanyelo
Just bought mine on the 10/01/2019 and am enjoying every touch of it.
jomar paulo espera
jomar paulo espera 4 kun oldin
A huawei employee tweeted happy new year... but it was through an iPhone... poor soul got demoted 😂😂😂 I guess Chinese is just as “messed up” as the Americans. Also, huawei was banned due too security issues. You really think the US is going to be scared of a Chinese brand cellphone... there’s a lot of other competition and yet people still buy Samsung or Apple phones. Even when Huawei was in the US market no one gave a shit... now that The President banned it y’all wanna be about that Huawei life... get the fuck outta here with bullshit... fake asses 😂😂😂
Pretch Ann
Pretch Ann 4 kun oldin
Maybe you should give me the huawei p20 pro, so that you can use your new phone.
Mike Chan
Mike Chan 4 kun oldin
how does this guy get 13M subscriber?
Ramon Wang
Ramon Wang 4 kun oldin
Go for Mi MIXX!!!!!!3
This is what am waiting from you.
h 4 kun oldin
The fact that the Chinese government retaliated like they did when huawei cfo was taken, just confirms that the government is highly involved with huawei
natascha weis
natascha weis 4 kun oldin
Best phone ever... I love my Huawei mate 20 Pro... Can't stop taking pictures my poor son is already totally annoyed cause he s my fav. Model 😂
Kilton Alar
Kilton Alar 4 kun oldin
Where do you get too many phones!?? Give one to me please.😅
Holy Ghost
Holy Ghost 4 kun oldin
Huawei is a known spy company. It is also heavily funded by the Chinese Communist Party which is unfair practice in market economy. Most of Huawei's technologies came from the US, South Korea and Japan. Huawei is NOT a public company. It is regarded as operating in darkness. Who knows what else Huawei has done. Selling US technologies to Iran, Syria, and North Korea? Huawei signed an End User Certificate with the US tech companies promising not to sell US technologies to Iran.
Hansel 4 soat oldin
Yousef Masoud
Yousef Masoud 4 kun oldin
I guess i will go with mate 20 pro
Yousef Masoud
Yousef Masoud 4 kun oldin
this one
alhubail 4 kun oldin
ItsPat 5 kun oldin
this phone is a copy of the pocophone
Fara DuaLapan
Fara DuaLapan 5 kun oldin
Perfect phone everr !!!!
徐云帆 5 kun oldin
Ruben van Gestel
Ruben van Gestel 5 kun oldin
Who actually listens to music throigh their phone's speakers...
kausmo tumynski
kausmo tumynski 5 kun oldin
Great, now the Chinese Communist Party knows all your data....smart move! I guess it all depends on who you trust with your info - Google, Apple, Facebook, U.S. Govt. or C.C.P.?
Wei Chiang
Wei Chiang 3 soat oldin
We're not as cunning as some of us.Start a company - develop mobile phones - sell mobile phones - make money. That's all
Grhazee Aquino
Grhazee Aquino 5 kun oldin
I saw personally this huawei mate 20 pro and i compare to iphone xs max for me the best is still iphone
mohammad ali sadeghi
it should have a pen . . .
John Calmerin
John Calmerin 5 kun oldin
This has poor quality go buy a samsung and you get your moneys worth.
Raj Kishore Agrawal
Got mine today bye bye iphone
Jan Gunnare
Jan Gunnare 6 kun oldin
Better than the iPhone, cheaper than the iPhone. Why do pepole buy the iPhone?
Lim keesiang
Lim keesiang 6 kun oldin
aren't yall hate huawei?
John Schaeffer Mike
yourmom705 6 kun oldin
Sucks they arrested another sales rep in Poland today 1/11/19
yourmom705 6 kun oldin
Badass phone
Food Food
Food Food 6 kun oldin
Jim Tsai
Jim Tsai 6 kun oldin
Impressive. I wish Sprint has this phone.
hana kotoba
hana kotoba 6 kun oldin
Before, whenever I see an edge phone, its automatic Samsung. But now this phone also have Edge design. Soooo idk
C TMH 6 kun oldin
Huawei Mate 20 Pro - what a beautiful phone. Bought mine a week ago. The camera and battery life is awesome. Who would have thought?
ARA,AGA78 6 kun oldin
Check my CHANNEL for this phone and other old and new phones Specifications
music life
music life 6 kun oldin
Mate 20 X review please
Genes 7 kun oldin
50 cent army is very powerful in this comment section.
Arvind Rajbhar
Arvind Rajbhar 7 kun oldin
Want to buy new cellphone, but confused between Honor V20 and Redmi Note 7? Which one has better performance in terms of Battery, camera, playing high end games?
Mjib Rocker
Mjib Rocker 7 kun oldin
Guys I am so sad I brought the note 9 it's not as good as they say and while playing pubg the batter drains very fast I didn't expect this from you Samsung shame now I am huawie fan with that mate 20 pro but still note is not very bad
Lojane Bacalso
Lojane Bacalso 7 kun oldin
Huawei's phone become a weapon mass destruction to Iphone product✌️✌️
Umesh Pandey
Umesh Pandey 7 kun oldin
Sorry, I don't want my pic looking better than me.
LuskyRemiz 7 kun oldin
Huawei shows us new tech apple shows us new price
Wayne Holmes
Wayne Holmes 7 kun oldin
Oneplus 6t all the way
Evan Bate
Evan Bate 7 kun oldin
I know they are similar, but please review the Mate 20 X!!!
zhuocheng Li
zhuocheng Li 8 kun oldin
huawei🇨🇳 is way much better than apple
szed sherlock93
szed sherlock93 8 kun oldin
hi bro ,can you please make a review and camera comparison on huawei nova 4 or V20 48mp camera
Trebloc 8 kun oldin
As an American I just picked up this phone in Malaysia and it is easily the best phone I've owned. The camera is absolutely mind blowing. It's a great piece of tech. I've been on Apple for the past 5 years or so and I gotta say it feels good to be back over here with Google. There is just so much more to offer on Android, especially if you want to import.
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor 8 kun oldin
Does anyone know how to turn off the gesture when you triple press the screen and it zooms in? Any help would be appreciated
DaReelReal 8 kun oldin
Hey....Is it good for gaming? Is the framerates good? Games like Pubg mobile or Mobile legends? Plz answer :)
Viva la Vida
Viva la Vida 8 kun oldin
Mate 20 pro is 'so good' that you can use photos to unlock its facial recognition :)))
ykialy 8 kun oldin
I wanna buy one mate20 pro. Amazing. Thx.
Christopher Xu
Christopher Xu 8 kun oldin
Don’t know if it is good or not, but US kidnapping HW CFO might tell people that is much better than iphone
wakanda forever
wakanda forever 8 kun oldin
mustang chevrolet
mustang chevrolet 8 kun oldin
I only trust your reviews Lew beacause you are such a honest fair man unlike................................... Well, What can I say? The list is long!
zhang shawn
zhang shawn 9 kun oldin
I've been using iPhone since 5S and always think iPhone is the best device in the world, but now I just changed my mind and thinking to buy a Huawei :)
Jediael Gregorius
Jediael Gregorius 9 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 lol when you “you switching again!!!!l”
Funtastic Fun
Funtastic Fun 9 kun oldin
Hey, Do a review of xiaomi mi max 3 😀