The iPhone XR Is Depressing...

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The iPhone XR could've been a good deal... iPhone XR review coming soon.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 6 oy oldin
Just a name here
Just a name here 9 kun oldin
BenBroC Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy So does the 8 but nobody complained. Sane p per inch for the 8 as the 4 stfu
Worawat Srisawasdi
Unbox Therapy You are a jerk.
Ken Desjarlais
android sucks-- iOS rules
Jeffrey Rauda
Jeffrey Rauda 5 soat oldin
I never had a phone and it’s my first phone would say it was a good choice for me my friend ?
Milkman 10 soat oldin
Yes the xr is just a bad budget phone, rather have the xs
Daniele D'Amico
Daniele D'Amico 12 soat oldin
The reason you are supporting do not treat a fundamental fact: 458 nominals ppi of an OLED screen with PenTile matrix correspond to 326/361 reals ppi, based on the correction factor applied. So the X, Xs and Xmax got, in fact, a few more ppi. You are comparing apples with pears.
Khant Oo
Khant Oo 22 soat oldin
man... you're apple hater!!
Andrew Pardo
Andrew Pardo Kun oldin
I have an XR. Ouch.
Raeshawn Lee
Raeshawn Lee Kun oldin
Lol yall Samsung users be laggin
CodyTheDoggo 2 kun oldin
Apple would be so much better... With Steve Jobs...
Quentin Hicks
Quentin Hicks 2 kun oldin
You sir, are a dipstick, sooo much misinformation spewed in this video it’s fucking hilarious
TurquoiseBirbs 2 kun oldin
*Still not switching to android niggaaaa* 🍎
Hudson0338 2 kun oldin
We gotta samsung lover
LUL XD LMFAO XD XD 2 kun oldin
Fuck iPhone
Miguel Contreras
Miguel Contreras 3 kun oldin
The retina argument of not being able to see individual pixels at a normal viewing distance becomes not enough when you begin taking into account the possibility of using the phone for virtual reality applications
sdemosi 3 kun oldin
Saying it doesn't look too bad is missing the point. Displays have looked pretty damn good for years but the Samsung S10e has a display that looks multiple generations better than this for the same money. It doesn't need to look "pretty OK" or even "not too bad". It could look damn good with a 1080p display and the only reason it doesn't is Apple has contempt for their customers. They didn't always but they do now. The business model involves making the maximum $/handset to offset declining unit sales. Maybe Apple has some grand plan and they'll be revealing a new generation of revolutionary handsets but if they did have those in the works, why would they risk pissing off existing customers with technically below-par products? They wouldn't.
Mas Bejo
Mas Bejo 3 kun oldin
I use honor 5x full hd display 5.5 inchi. 400 ppi. This is prehistoric phone. I cant see different with HD 5 inchi 290 ppi. High resolution make phone heating because prosesor run in high clock speed. Next year i want buy 5 inchi HD screen or 5.5 inchi HD+ screen.
Mas Bejo
Mas Bejo 3 kun oldin
I watching your video in 480 p resolution in my full hd display. Not full screen mode. I cant see different 300 ppi and 400 ppi screen. Low ppi increase perfomance. I believe that.
Varun Shrivastava
Varun Shrivastava 3 kun oldin
@apple engineers and mba s spend time optimizing features list and price point to maximize profit... the data they get from our daily usage of iPhone .. removed 3D Touch and lcd but kept a12 , removed second camera but the primary camera same as Xs, compromised screen to lcd , changed casing to al from steel and increased pricing by $x amount .. . They kept a12 not because it’s newer but cheaper to manufacture if it’s used in all versions .... this may be 8+ with Face ID..
Stev Stoic
Stev Stoic 3 kun oldin
you are depressing
trxz 360
trxz 360 3 kun oldin
Iphone xr user Like
Alex Kritsi
Alex Kritsi 3 kun oldin
Man my mind is blown. My phone costs 230 € And its 1080 X 2160
Rosario Montalv
Rosario Montalv 4 kun oldin
I have an iPhone xr and I was searching for tips on how to keep the phone intact and I stumble across this f-ing video and I feel depressed now thank you unbox therapy
Samsung s8😍
You always best Man👍👏
Sven Valentic
Sven Valentic 4 kun oldin
I think iphone xr is way more worth it then iphone xs it’s basically the same phone with similar features i bought xr its what 300$ less and performance is the same
Achal Kumar
Achal Kumar 4 kun oldin
Still iPhone SE is best than XR
qys 1
qys 1 4 kun oldin
anyone watching this on 1080p........ anyone
Caracajou 5 kun oldin
Get your facts straight, Lew. The Galaxy S4 came out over 5 years prior to the posting of this video, -not 4.
Radicaldude playz
Radicaldude playz 5 kun oldin
Lol when iPhone fans take the piss out of Samsung lollololol
lollipop C
lollipop C 5 kun oldin
Damn..those apple lovers are mad😂..bye2 money
Aman Anifer
Aman Anifer 5 kun oldin
I actually read "iPhone XR is depreciating." That's correct though.
AtomHex 5 kun oldin
We fucked up...
RaiPN 5 kun oldin
fcking iphone 8 has also 326 ppi so dont hate a display you all loved so much.
A CoM:I Player
A CoM:I Player 5 kun oldin
This is such a retarded video. He obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about if PPI is all he’s talking about. An 828P display can look better than a 1080P display. He’s talking about how bad the numbers are when he’s not looking at what it actually looks like in reality. I don’t know why he’s praising other 1080p displays such as the pocophone, which, when compared to the XR, has horrible colour accuracy, and therefore looks worse despite it having more PPI. This is proven. There’s a video up on UZvid I think called “watch people pick the iPhone XR over the pocophone.” Just goes to show you how much people want to hate on a brand because they don’t like how they price their products.
Hari S
Hari S 6 kun oldin
Apple's been holding products back since 2012! Nothing new!
Jimin 4life
Jimin 4life 6 kun oldin
So basically u pay 750 for shit xD
MrGopnik 6 kun oldin
MrGopnik 6 kun oldin
Yobabydaddysdad 6 kun oldin
MrGopnik facts, he's retarded asf
N 6 kun oldin
an 4k iphone xs max
Dr. Halayqeh
Dr. Halayqeh 7 kun oldin
Worrying about 1080p . New Chinese Xr screens LCD liquid retina display already out. Replace it. There you go. 1080p will give true 1080p. But Xr will give true 820p at 1080p vids* Well the question is do you guys tell the difference with those resolutions? I say that the lack of resolution at the xr is the same thing with rams on iPhones. But iPhone did well at the ram management so low ram isn't an issue. At the end do not buy the XR
fabian orozco
fabian orozco 7 kun oldin
Those are my dollars... so fuck off everyone’s wallet and tell your complaint to your self or your wallet.. why drag us into this shit for your crap shit reviews
fabian orozco
fabian orozco 7 kun oldin
iPhone XR I have it I just bought it because I can afford it and I don’t give a shit. Why get mad? It’s like Android all phones are same shit... what do you want? Holographic phones? Sorry that’s in movies? U want porn woman to pop out of your phone and a screw them? Stfu bro u don’t like it get a VR set or go to aliens 👽 and ask them to probe you with a new 🧠..... fucking white not complaining about stupid dumb shit on a UZvid channel. I don’t like it... simple don’t fucking buy it... oh Jesus fuck.... it’s american retards like this guy that I stay away from
Haroon Sadaqat
Haroon Sadaqat 7 kun oldin
Lew I can't tell difference between 720 and 4k
azumi hongkong
azumi hongkong 5 kun oldin
Coz u have sperm in your eyes like all those other gaycrapple gays
기현 Arikadou
기현 Arikadou 7 kun oldin
I think it's because you're playing Battlefield 3
mintico snout
mintico snout 7 kun oldin
Apple should have discontinued iphone 8 generation and below when Xs Xr Xs max was released. Then Xr will be able to take iphone 8 price point. But as usual they are greedy as F🤯🙄😂
Slurp Shot
Slurp Shot 7 kun oldin
You can run an 1080p 60 fps on an i phone xr
기현 Arikadou
기현 Arikadou 7 kun oldin
I can run 4K on my 768p Laptop...
Leo J
Leo J 7 kun oldin
The good news is if you watch pewdiepie videos only there's no video quality difference.
기현 Arikadou
기현 Arikadou 7 kun oldin
Because Felix's video is so good...
Ray Vidrio
Ray Vidrio 7 kun oldin
I’m very confused . I have a iPhone XR right now and I am watching this video right now in 1080p . Someone explain
SR Ghost
SR Ghost 7 kun oldin
The phone tells you its 1080p but it is a lie. There are not enough pixels on the screen for 1080p. Maybe you can choose 1080p but it will be downscaled or - what I think the phone is doing - its just blatantly lying to you about this option and instead upscaling 720p. Or just standard 720p
Uma Beri
Uma Beri 8 kun oldin
wanna hear a joke Liquid retina display😂😂😂
Shaun Ranger
Shaun Ranger 4 kun oldin
+Uma Beri Damnnnn!
Uma Beri
Uma Beri 8 kun oldin
Regan Sullivan then you will have to find a new dad.
Regan Sullivan
Regan Sullivan 8 kun oldin
Hells Army die
Julio Castro
Julio Castro 8 kun oldin
You can toggle 1080p hd display on UZvid on the XR I’m doing it right now
Emer Emar
Emer Emar 8 kun oldin
Yes, But it will not show it at 1080P
Credo Lopes
Credo Lopes 9 kun oldin
Jafar Ali
Jafar Ali 9 kun oldin
U r right sir, its fucking fool phone
pablo a name
pablo a name 9 kun oldin
Screen resolution and quality matters a lot, especially to artists and photographers\videographers
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed 9 kun oldin
Yo the iPhone 6 , 7, and 8 all have the exact same ppi and u said nothing about it
ಠ_ ಠ
ಠ_ ಠ 2 kun oldin
Except the 7 plus and 8 plus. The normal 7 and 8 are too small so you wont notice a difference.
ta tul
ta tul 9 kun oldin
You just hate apple
Aaron Morris
Aaron Morris 9 kun oldin
Calm down man you really cant tell the difference
QuikzDaemon 9 kun oldin
Got the xr literally no difference in the display, the camera is amazing and its pretty fast. I upgraded from an iPhone 6s which is why i think the xr is amazing :P
Alice In Numberland
QuikzDaemon I’m about to also because I need to switch from prepaid to postpaid since I’ve been owning Apple products lately and would save money if I can finance with sprint or Apple. Is 3D Touch something id miss? I can’t tell if I’ll miss it or not I never used it too much except for 3dtouch in the assistive touch to turn off my phone easier. Still I heard xr ends up being great for most coming from a 6s
James Lewis
James Lewis 9 kun oldin
Yobabydaddysdad 6 kun oldin
James Lewis bye bitch
CoolRealJH Gamer
CoolRealJH Gamer 9 kun oldin
Your depressing
itz_ Am4z3
itz_ Am4z3 10 kun oldin
Hey lou your depressing
Kevin Whiting
Kevin Whiting 10 kun oldin
People don't care go by Apple anyways they're f****** sheep
Kevin Whiting
Kevin Whiting 10 kun oldin
It's ugly asf
Dani Olivera
Dani Olivera 10 kun oldin
I’m streaming this video in 1080p on my iPhone 6s so why wouldn’t it be possible on the xr
Stauros Georgiadis
Stauros Georgiadis 10 kun oldin
Even my 2015 s6 edge can run on 1440p
JUDARS_ENVY 10 kun oldin
If you want 1080 or better resolution get a fuck laptop you tech geek. If you want a phone to work like a pc get a pc.
JUDARS_ENVY 10 kun oldin
This is historical for apple fan boys. I just got my first apple product and it’s nice for a phone.
Jace So cool
Jace So cool 10 kun oldin
It’s not depressing I’m on 1080p auto watching this video right now so WOW GET YOUR STUFF RIGHT🙄
Nathan Pratt
Nathan Pratt 10 kun oldin
Bc there stupid and wanna Jack ya outa ur money
God Mode
God Mode 10 kun oldin
Apple fans cant accept the fact that apple phones are dodo
evan pascasio
evan pascasio 8 kun oldin
nigga just say iphone
Blank_btw 10 kun oldin
Despacito Spider
Despacito Spider 10 kun oldin
When I walked into a Walmart I looked for the XR,all I gotta say it looks so good for it’s price and the screen is really good.And by the way who’s going to put their face upon a phone to see the pixels like holy he’s acting so overdramatic.ALL PHONES HAVE THERE UP’S AND DOWN’S
DEAN 10 kun oldin
But we can all agree the iPhone 4s was the best iPhone
Abel Aguilar
Abel Aguilar 10 kun oldin
If it works it works you can’t complain
Can’t relate
Can’t relate 10 kun oldin
The iPhone 8 has that pixel density, too.
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez 11 kun oldin
Under whatever hundred they are not iPhones. Lol I don’t want to buy all my apps all over again on inferior software just to save a buck
L0L247 11 kun oldin
I was skeptical too at first. In reality... it doesn’t look bad at all.
Dean Harrington
Dean Harrington 11 kun oldin
Where is that shirt from?
Maurice B
Maurice B 11 kun oldin
Damn you’re such a piece of shit UZvidr
LegendChrisChin 11 kun oldin
The iPhone XR is not 720p. The ppi is higher than what 720p would be but it’s not 1080p either. It’s in between. If you switch videos to 1080p the video will still look better but won’t be true HD
Kelly T
Kelly T 11 kun oldin
Thank u
legendoflosers 11 kun oldin
Keyword : PPI Nothing else
Leo Šefčík
Leo Šefčík 11 kun oldin
Pee pee i
Shadow JD
Shadow JD 11 kun oldin
It's kinda of disappointing that it can't get to 1080p, but 720p is not much different than 1080p.
Kevin TheGamer162015
Kevin TheGamer162015
Jep thats why i rock on the s10 plus
Jadon D’Souza
Jadon D’Souza 11 kun oldin
Who wants to buy a Pocophone with a shitty Android UI?
Jadon D’Souza
Jadon D’Souza 11 kun oldin
LOL all you spoke about was the screen, wtf give credit where it’s due and who said Apple isn’t pushing the best technology forward? They can easily release a device that’s a mid tier and doesn’t need to be their flagship there’s a reason flagships exist for brands
no skin gang
no skin gang 11 kun oldin
I have an iPhone XR and watching at 1080p soo wtf u mean
Calvin Cambridge
Calvin Cambridge 7 kun oldin
+Ray Vidrio The video is streaming in 1080p. But you can't see the 1080p because of the limited screen capabilities.
Ray Vidrio
Ray Vidrio 7 kun oldin
I just bought a iPhone xr 3 days ago and I’m watching this video right now I’m 1080p. I’m very confused why the comments and he says otherwise . Maybe at the time of this video you couldn’t . But in March 2019 I have 1080p
Calvin Cambridge
Calvin Cambridge 11 kun oldin
You can see 1080p on the Xr
Onesimo Castillo
Onesimo Castillo 11 kun oldin
I’m watching on iphone xr at 1080p.
Maya Tennis123
Maya Tennis123 12 kun oldin
But see, isheep don’t care. They use their phone for social status even though it’s worth way less than the price
Marek Chillcott
Marek Chillcott 12 kun oldin
Watching this on 1080p on my iPhone XR?
Samuel Godoy
Samuel Godoy 12 kun oldin
Fuck you
MEEKFRM215 12 kun oldin
That's why I tell everyone get the Galaxy S10
Papa Ang
Papa Ang 12 kun oldin
I don’t get why having a big screen is nice at all it’s fucking awful
Captain panda gamer 123877
As I’m watching this video with an XR
Captain panda gamer 123877
As I’m watching this video with a XR
Mason Charbonneau
Mason Charbonneau 12 kun oldin
Don't get too hung up on Pixel count. I just compared the screen of my OnePlus 6t vs my son's OG Pixel XL. Pixel XL-1440p OnePlus 6t- 1080p The results were quite surprising. The OnePlus 6t had hands down a way better screen. More Sharpe, color vibrancy, smoothness. So if you are one of those idiots that keep complaining to OnePlus about not have a UHD screen. Please shut up. 1080p can look better while delivering better performance and battery life. The human eye can not tell the difference between 1080p vs 1440p on. Sub 6inch display FACT! THE ONLY REASON YOU NEED A SMART PHONE WITH A HIGHER SCREEN RESOLUTION THAN 1080P IS IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON USING VR. Now I wouldn't get a device with a screen less than 1080p
johnpaul tambis
johnpaul tambis 12 kun oldin
I’m just using IphoneSE why my you tube has 1080p resu? And i pick it and its fucking sharp.
Original Name
Original Name 12 kun oldin
Ill stick with my lg g7
Herr Zero
Herr Zero 12 kun oldin
fuck apple
Omar Ansari
Omar Ansari 12 kun oldin
There is a 1080p option on UZvid on iPhone XR...?
YRFboy 123
YRFboy 123 10 kun oldin
+Omar Ansari You're welcome:)
Omar Ansari
Omar Ansari 10 kun oldin
YRFboy 123 Thank you! :)
YRFboy 123
YRFboy 123 10 kun oldin
It's a scaled version of 1080p, because the ppi can't handle Real 1080p, so the quality is worse than original 1080p. Hope I explained it well enough:)
21PreEnd 12 kun oldin
+Omar Ansari UZvid only gives the option.
Omar Ansari
Omar Ansari 12 kun oldin
FR00SKA .15 oh.
Quode 12 kun oldin
So do you mean Lou is depressed?
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