The iPhone XR Is Depressing...

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The iPhone XR could've been a good deal... iPhone XR review coming soon.
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19-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
MIX 5IVE 8 kun oldin
Iphone is so trash
K O R i G A N
K O R i G A N Oy oldin
adam m
adam m Oy oldin
Unbox Galaxy S4 came out in 2013 that almost 6 years old
spooky Oy oldin
shawne 87
shawne 87 2 oy oldin
Your absolutely right, about this screen resolution and the XR, for that amount of money i rather just purchase the iPhone X - which is what I'm going to do. lol
Mariosam100 18 daqiqa oldin
Finally my iPhone 4s doesn't feel like the inferior of the pack
Wilfredo Santiago
Anyone watching on a 6s plus still? I am
Pueblo Vro
Pueblo Vro Soat oldin
More like 375$, just picked up 2 at att, buy one get one.
Natalie Chaddoud
Natalie Chaddoud Soat oldin
This guy just talks shit about every Apple iPhone
Eric T
Eric T Soat oldin
tks man. I honestly didn't know it's doesn't even have a 1080P screen.....
Chad  Crigger
Chad Crigger 4 soat oldin
CrApple 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Christian 11 soat oldin
Does anyone else’s iPhone XR camera suck?
Sevriano BATTISTA 12 soat oldin
Agreed, fuck Apple
Jelly Scoots
Jelly Scoots 13 soat oldin
I wouldn’t just look at the numbers and just assume. It’s better to just wait until getting it and doing a review to see what it’s actually like. I have a 6s and I can’t afford a new one so maybe you could look from a pov from someone like me seeing that 750 gives an option to maybe get a new phone
John Doe
John Doe 14 soat oldin
Let me school u nerds. The reason i left samsung was because the screen is trash. Because they always get screen burn in after a week. I have my phone screen on 24/7 365, facts. I started on iphone and always had screen on 24/7 365, and it NEVER got screen burn in. I left apple cuz the battery life sucks. So went to samsung galaxy note. And loved the battery life cuz it was better then apples, and i bought extra battery so when it died i can just slip a new one in, fantastic. But after one week screen was fucked up with horrible screen burn in. So f**k samsung forever. I rather have a screen i can keep on 24/7 365 and never has screen burn and a sucky battery then a screen thats ruined by screen burn in and has the best battery life. No brainer, had to go back to apple. And this was before samsungs screens would explode. I used to tell everyone to never buy samsung if the screen was built flawed to have screen burn in. But the samsung fan boys didnt listen to me, then when they started to blow up they all left and got iphones. 🖕
John Doe
John Doe 15 soat oldin
The iphone xr is the best iphone ever made. Better then the iphone xs max. ✌️
_ Vintage _
_ Vintage _ 16 soat oldin
Eh. Looks fine one my iPhone XR
Davi Martins
Davi Martins 16 soat oldin
It has the same pixels per inch as iPhone 8 man, just stop
Old Turtle75
Old Turtle75 17 soat oldin
Your opinion is absolute shit, you obviously haven’t done any research on this phone. Maybe go watch some reviews or something, and you will understand
Your Friendly Neighborhood Black Guy
I’m watching from my 8 Plus lol
Popnal 17
Popnal 17 19 soat oldin
I’m getting a I phone XR this weekend 😀. 256gb I’m so excited
Deathling Kill
Deathling Kill 19 soat oldin
What the hell happened to the iPhone 9
D34Dx Sn1pZ
D34Dx Sn1pZ 20 soat oldin
U can toggle the IPhone XR to 1080p and I really cant telly en difference honestly 😂😂
MRsjovealek 19 soat oldin
You keep telling yourself that
Grant Tamiadinata
"i can't figure out the reason" its simple, apple is just greedy.
spiFF video
spiFF video Kun oldin
one plus 7 it comming mutherfucker!)))
Lil Btw
Lil Btw Kun oldin
I know iPhone XR is depressing
wonky eye
wonky eye Kun oldin
Battery life
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj Kun oldin
Aryan Raj
Aryan Raj Kun oldin
Id really gather 300$ to buy XS than XR EVER!!
it's gameing bro music and vlogsss
Is not depressing
Ménou Koen
Ménou Koen 2 kun oldin
You can get the iPhone X for almost the same price now! I’ll do that, it has an OLED HD display + 3D Touch + better camera + more ram + it will update for at least 5 years from now + its just as fast + the body looks way more premium + why do you think apple removed the iPhone X from the apple store, so that you buy this one! Just think....
Jens De Vries
Jens De Vries Kun oldin
Ménou Koen i agree, just bought the X very happy with it
Sylvana 2 kun oldin
I love my Iphone XR tbh :)
NUTCool 2 kun oldin
Yeah my XR totally has the same screen quality as the 4 man. Totally the same colors as well. Retard.
Wavyy 2k Tv
Wavyy 2k Tv 2 kun oldin
I just watched this video in 1080p tho
Brandon Human
Brandon Human 2 kun oldin
Most Americans won't care lol they will still pay the money for the shitty product
Kevin Barbosa
Kevin Barbosa 2 kun oldin
Stfup u fat fuck Donald Duck face ass boy
Pinksmokey Smash
Pinksmokey Smash 2 kun oldin
I 100% agree. The quality better match what I'm paying. If I can get top of the line quality from another brand and pay less than im happy. 😂😂 some apple/iPhone fans are sheeppl.
daniel topping
daniel topping 2 kun oldin
750 dollars for a phone that is not even capable of 1080p resolution and the ppi density of a phone that came out in 2010!? no wonder people are being put off apple!!!
Connor Dirks
Connor Dirks 2 kun oldin
I just pulled out my iPhone 4s and compared it to my brand new Xr and the difference is astronomical. Xr blows the 4s out of the water. Imo it looks better than the 8 plus which runs full 1080p. Give it up, Apple doesn't care how much you hate them.
Connor Dirks
Connor Dirks 2 kun oldin
You're depressing.
Sebastian Doody
Sebastian Doody 2 kun oldin
Your idiot
fkeopfkeop 2 kun oldin
Your partly right, but thats not why you would choose an iphone. And no-one else is offering that right now.
Cams Appeal
Cams Appeal 2 kun oldin
Just toggled 1080p on my iPhone XR? Lol
Unicorn Gurl
Unicorn Gurl 3 kun oldin
David Wong
David Wong 3 kun oldin
HAHAHAHA jokes on y’all I got mine for $350 so I have no complaints 🤷‍♂️
Gonzalo Rojas
Gonzalo Rojas 3 kun oldin
totally agreed
Nemo Nobody
Nemo Nobody 3 kun oldin
You should watch long beach griffy's video about the new iphone.
O'C Junior
O'C Junior 3 kun oldin
The iPhone XR should’ve been the iPhone 11
Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera 3 kun oldin
Apple gang where you at?
IsbaCarrot 3 kun oldin
Let's stop this constant fighting with one word: Tide Pods
izzy 3 kun oldin
My xr is glitching cuz I spilt a bit of ice cream on it😭😭
Citygate _
Citygate _ 4 kun oldin
You may be upset, but I’m watching it on my own XR.
The Bawn
The Bawn 4 kun oldin
another example of how apple does not give a fuck
Eli gr
Eli gr 4 kun oldin
Honestly, I like apple because of brand recognition. If someone with an android phone sat next to me I wouldn't be able to tell how much they spent, what brand their phone is or anything. There is nothing recognizable about any android phone. And it's like this with any luxury brand. Sure you can get a bag from chinatown and it will have lots of pockets and more functionality and even USB connectivity and speakers or whatever, but if you can afford it you'll get a little coach clutch because brand recognition is important to a lot of people.
kabeer kooliyat
kabeer kooliyat 4 kun oldin
My birthday is on 24 june
Adithya B
Adithya B 4 kun oldin
Very very very well said
Aldrei Manalo
Aldrei Manalo 4 kun oldin
if u hate it that much use the fvcking oldest phone with even worse quality then the iphone XR its self
Andreas Zick
Andreas Zick 4 kun oldin
Universo Paralelo
Universo Paralelo 4 kun oldin
I just upgraded my Galaxy S8 to an IPhone XR and i love it. Both phones are amazing and I do not regret getting the XR.
MRsjovealek 19 soat oldin
Downgraded* lol
Jonny Robins
Jonny Robins 4 kun oldin
I have an xr and I am currently watching this video on 1080p...😶😶😶😐
XD AJ TAKES THE L 4 kun oldin
Like ur life
Halficon__ 4 kun oldin
I just turned 1080p on my iPhone XR like right now to watch this video
VeinBe 4 kun oldin
Hey, I like Iphone XS and XS Max. I also watch Pornhub with microscope, so 720p 326ppi isn't good enough for me. I also fucking hate battery life so i found the Iphone XS and Max more suiting. I'm also a shitty photographer who uses an Iphone to take photographs. O btw, i don't have a monitor, so i edit my picture with a microscope on my awesome Iphone XS. Guess what Im a typical unaware customer who only looks for numbers in a spec sheet with no further thought. Unless you really fucking need the 2x optical zoom or the fucking Deep BLACK or HDR of a XS or Max. For those who don't see my sarcasm, im making fun of XS and XS Max buyers. FUCK paying for XS and Max lmfao, but I love Apple, so XR :) Also: The '720p' thing is ridiculous. You've been able to switch UZvid to 1080p on small-sized Iphones since 2017. 1080p on a 1792x828 326 ppi is still going to look like 1080p. So the main point in your video is fairly weak.
chris philip
chris philip 4 kun oldin
I’m an apple guy but XR is notttt worth at all....why is apple increasing price by a lot...specs is not worth h the price
Christina547 5 kun oldin
i have the iPhone Xs and I’m so happy I didn’t get the xr 😃
Shah Indra
Shah Indra 5 kun oldin
You honestly don’t get the motive of company doing business, Apple products who don’t know them? Everyone knows Apple products and people have overpaid Apple products many times and it doesn’t concern them much because consumer behaviour is that as long they love Apply products, they gonna buy it until they launched an XR and XS which both has a few hundreds different in price, and people said that XR is a budget phone when it is not, when the difference for XR and XS is the material, screen resolution and for XR there’s no 3D touch but the system for both is the same so you see, Apple reducing the cost of making for XR and set a price at 750 but to everyone its still looks cheap when the screen resolution is not really a big deal but the thing is why Apply do this, its because company’s intention doing business is just to make a load of profit as they can so that’s a great marketing business they are doing, there’s no need to compare XR screen resolution with Iphone 4. Its just how they segmented particular of group for XR with varieties of colours which really kick it! And segmented another consumer behaviour for an XS, its simple as that so there’s no need to start with the controversy. Im using an XR btw and there’s no disappointment with it and I’m Apple fan products.
Raw Dollah
Raw Dollah 5 kun oldin
People are paying a premium for the OS not the actual device. If you put a dollar value on each of Apple’s services like iMessage, Facetime, itunes, icloud and the security it justifies the $750 price point against a competitor’s $450 chinese android spy phone
AMY folks
AMY folks 5 kun oldin
Give a way!!! For mee
Praveen Bn
Praveen Bn 5 kun oldin
well i was a big fan of apple products, bought heck lot of them, but over time its become pointless. maybe the way i see changed, but the innovation feel I had before from apple died with Steve Jobs. Since then it started feel like only grabbing bigger markets.. i totally agree there is a lot of withholding by apple on the tech it pushes, but i equally believe they take time to deliver but when they delvier something, its stunning. so it feels like I am just on the cross wall right now.
pakalu papito
pakalu papito 5 kun oldin
I just got the iphone xr and its a perfect phone your video is bullshit with clickbait just to gain views and followers but we all know at the end of the day that apple crates while the other simply follow
HugoElcabezas 5 kun oldin
Of course you can notice the difference, especially when you want to make zoom, 1080p vs 4K for example
Ishmam Chowdhury
Ishmam Chowdhury 5 kun oldin
Their battery is always the worst
Ishmam Chowdhury
Ishmam Chowdhury 5 kun oldin
I've always hated iPhones😠😠😠
Mattgaming 328
Mattgaming 328 5 kun oldin
People: “ omg I can’t believe the iPhone XR doesn’t have an ultra omega hi 400000k display o led with diamond cameras”
Awashskate0549 5 kun oldin
Apple are trying to make too much money, I'm not going to get a new phone until my SE completely breaks.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell 5 kun oldin
perfect phone for the average consumer, new and budget option for many of the same feat. as the other models of the iphone x. a good business choice moving into different market too
Wojtaszor 5 kun oldin
I have iphone xr and i dont agree a lot of things that you said
abhinav bellapu
abhinav bellapu 5 kun oldin
I'm watching this on 4k 2160p. How is that possible I thought the cap was 1080p?
Camille 5 kun oldin
Hi, can you make a review about the Chronos hi-speed camera? Thanks thanks thanks
LAZERSHARK 5 kun oldin
Actually Ubox Therapy IPhone XR has close to 50-60 more pixels than the iPhone 4
X MOUFID 5 kun oldin
Actually I'm watching this on an iPhone 4 :(
Vic Rod
Vic Rod 5 kun oldin
iPhone is depressing peroid...
Gazdaru Andrei
Gazdaru Andrei 6 kun oldin
Suuuuch butthurt comments trying to save the XR from what was said in the video... The screen is identical to the damn iphone 4, what else is there to say? It's 8 years later and they sell it for what? A BUDGET 700?? Budget for who? Elon Musk?
Marcus Mariner
Marcus Mariner 6 kun oldin
And this is why I love my note 9
moses tha
moses tha 6 kun oldin
Ur Channel is depressing
Beamer0806 6 kun oldin
That’s sad my iPad from 2015 can play 1080p60
Good thing I didn't buy that phone
Mario Astorga
Mario Astorga 6 kun oldin
Is it true about the bad pixels ?
Dribble It Out
Dribble It Out 6 kun oldin
Apple is notorious for giving less for more... Whos fault is that, the manufacturer or the consumer who supports the manufacturer? Wake up people! Apple is robbing you and you are ok with it.
Steven Bianco
Steven Bianco 6 kun oldin
I absolutely agreed 100%
Kouyendou N’Da
Kouyendou N’Da 6 kun oldin
anyone watching this on a xr? 😂
elin lindmark
elin lindmark 6 kun oldin
To be honest, iPhone 8 has the exact same ppi as iPhone XR. So I don't really know the problem.
Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez 6 kun oldin
I’m watching on the iPhone XR😂
Nin Skywalker
Nin Skywalker 6 kun oldin
Wow 750 $? Well great job Europe than cause here it costs 950 €. Budget phone my ass...
mascorrofactor 6 kun oldin
"THE SAME PPI AS THE IPHONE 4" ...yeah. also the same as the iPhone 6, and iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. and people still loved those phones. just like how critics and users everywhere have been praising this phone since its release. if you care about pixel density more than screen quality or phone build, then go get some android phone. nobody cares and nobody's stopping you. people shell out the money for iPhones because they're made well and they last long.
reaxFX Soat oldin
"last long" have fun changing your display every 2 months
Aj 4 kun oldin
Android offers a completely better screen quality for way less of a price. This is a $750+ phone using decade old technology and pretending like its innovation.
nick morley
nick morley 6 kun oldin
Lou you’re crazy for making those before the phone even dropped. I have the XR and while it may have the screen specs on paper this phone looks far better than a fuckin 4 😂😂 I love this phone
Christophe Dielemans
Dislikers are Iphone Xr users
We_Are_Ultra_Fast And_Powerful
thx 4 the info!
Sam Dixon
Sam Dixon 7 kun oldin
I have to admit I am a STRONG BIG TIME Samsung fan and have enjoyed my S9 Plus for a long time now. BUT I got an I Phone XR as a gift and though "what the hell" lets give it a try. I have to admit it! This is a great phone. Screen is sweet the actions are smooth and fast. It looks great and feels more high quality in every way than my Samsung S9. I hate to have to admit it. But I cant agree with this video my friend. Even though every technical fact should point me towards saying that the XR sucks.... BUT it just does not. It is a cool, fast great phone. Plus the screen size is PERFECT and the battery goes forever!!!!!! My S9 battery died in 4 hours. On this thing I am getting into day two on ONE CHARGE..... So BOTTOM LINE the XR rocks. This is my review NOT based on technical specifications. But pure user experience.... TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS......
Z Gaming
Z Gaming 7 kun oldin
Samsung probably hate apple
Z Gaming
Z Gaming 7 kun oldin
It’s not apple. Samsung build the screens.
A. V.
A. V. 7 kun oldin
I am BUYING HUAWEI 😁 ALL my phones are from HUAWEI ❗ Why? Because i HATE iphone ! And now for ALL greedy mother fuckers from apple: Doesn't matter what you do and you will do against the companies like Huawei. You are OUT off the picture! Period🖕 You are done ❗ All the people outside usa.hate you and nobody will by your pieces of shit,apple. Here in Europe from 20 cell phone customers 17 are android users and only 2 to 3 are iPhone users. We all know, that your government protect you and so what? Usa will start just another war only to make us buying your phones ? Ha ha ha ha ha 😁😁😁 Buh-bay apple. It was NOT a pleasure for us 👎
nikolygtx 7 kun oldin
282 ppi on my g6 play looks amazing,i don't need better, but i understand point, its apple what do you expect high cost 0 value, up sounds like something they would do
Dark Huntress
Dark Huntress 7 kun oldin
Just saying im watching this video in 1080p on a XR ....