A Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded...

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The first case of an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reported. Should you be concerned?
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20-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
I have reached out to the person who filed the lawsuit in New York. Let's see where this goes...
denver shelton
My girlfriend, mother, and I all have Note Nines and they work fine
Zack Seifert
Zack Seifert Oy oldin
Iove my note 9 but want a razer 2
happening Oy oldin
2 months later…
Apex 2947
Apex 2947 Oy oldin
The picture of the phone shows a note 7 not note 9 its fake news didnt you notice
Bryan Go
Bryan Go 2 oy oldin
I was planning to buy note 9 until i know that its not safe no more
AirSauce 14 soat oldin
I have a note 9 right now, and was watching this video on one
Ian R
Ian R 17 soat oldin
This actually happened to a person with an iPhone Xs and the phone was off, and the Google Pixel 3. So it’s not just Samsung now.
Creamy peanut butter jelly guy
samsung note 7 exploded because all the processors inside rubbed against each other and the device is too thin for the time so it overheated and KABOOM
Ashif Ashif
Ashif Ashif Kun oldin
This is so shame to samsung
LtuKuGt Kun oldin
Mine aint exploded
Syn Apze
Syn Apze Kun oldin
Typing on a Note 9 three months later like a G. No heat or overheating issues 👍
john boe
john boe Kun oldin
An iPhone xs max exploded too
Old Random Computing
"allegedly" Edit: I don't want a slender device. I honestly don't care how thin it is.
Kyle Pham
Kyle Pham 2 kun oldin
I know where the 1% that weren’t returned went, .5 to mkbhd and .5 to lew
Martha Rios
Martha Rios 3 kun oldin
Your just jealous that our phones make good campfires when they blow up
Smashing Random Things
Note 7 almost surpass nokia 3310
Nicholas Branch
Nicholas Branch 4 kun oldin
I got a s9
Mr JP 4 kun oldin
A little smoke and fire, everyone flips out. But we're all good with the overdosing radiation going through our heads ¿§%@&#
Kidany Cabral
Kidany Cabral 4 kun oldin
I have the note 9 I dont let the battery run out or let it charging over night. Plus one charge last me at least 10 hours playing pokemon go and fortnite.
dynamic blaze
dynamic blaze 5 kun oldin
Plot twist: lady was working for apple the whole time.
Zander Loriaux
Zander Loriaux 5 kun oldin
That want even a note 9 in the picture it had a home button
strikeblade 666
strikeblade 666 6 kun oldin
Lol 99$ note 9 Vs 999$ note 9 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaloyan Ivanov
Kaloyan Ivanov 6 kun oldin
I heard about that one, an iPhone XS max that exploded, I think in Ohio, I read it in the site of phonearena I think. But as you said, it is a single time.
MyDoggoBestDoggo 6 kun oldin
Everything with a battery can technically explode.
annoying troll
annoying troll 8 kun oldin
The note 7 was the former cs:go bomb
Pheonix King
Pheonix King 9 kun oldin
It was a fake the actual galexy has never ever gotten heat for me as I have a note 9 and it has never gotten so hot only slightly warm which is normal even for an iPhone.
SuperSlimshady1 9 kun oldin
Fuck i jus got one 3 days ago on the 5th! FUCK!!!
Andrew Ramsey JR.
Andrew Ramsey JR. 9 kun oldin
My daughter just bought this phone hopefully everything will be good haha
l0l924 11 kun oldin
*the reason why Apple is better*
Zachary Hansen
Zachary Hansen Kun oldin
At least our phones charge. At least we don't slow down older phones on purpose. At least our phones don't bend. I could keep going with problems Apple has, this story about the note 9 exploding is also fake, even if it isn't, people always manage to make any phone explode somehow.
Yousef Emad
Yousef Emad 5 kun oldin
would u shut up with this shit
Irvin Fleming Kho
Irvin Fleming Kho 12 kun oldin
One Case
One Case 12 kun oldin
3:40 you just told my channel name hehe
Easy Bitch
Easy Bitch 12 kun oldin
Apple Iphone explodes and i heard that the XS max had a lot of screen problems: NO ONE CARES One fake Note 9 report: WHAHAHA lets all make videos on it.
RYZZ TEAM MUSIC 13 kun oldin
The most expensive bomb 💣$3000 "Samsung Note 9"
Dragonconley Martin Conley
Everyone is saying she did the right thing by putting it in her purse but really she should have stuffed in someone else's pocket instead and it happened in new york right?.... Lol just kidding and in an elevator there really isn't a good place to put it is there???
Randel Gaming
Randel Gaming 14 kun oldin
Maybe she WET it!!
Md Shahjahan Mollah
Md Shahjahan Mollah 15 kun oldin
How about a galaxy note 9 plus
gamerul BADBUIA
gamerul BADBUIA 15 kun oldin
Hahaha😆 my old phone from 2013 had 5000mh of batery live so loser
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 15 kun oldin
The only reason samsung didn't know the note 7 would explode is because all their tests they did were passed through because their software didn't malfunction. Personally i just believe it was the way the battery was made, not the size of it. Not sure if there is a definite answer for it.
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 15 kun oldin
It's the same thing with the iphone X that exploded, it's only one case and we won't know what will happen.
Luis Membrila
Luis Membrila 15 kun oldin
Well I think it is a good phone I have had it over a month and I have to say it is a good phone
Funkefeet 2
Funkefeet 2 15 kun oldin
The iPhone xs max exploded too
Sandy Singh
Sandy Singh 16 kun oldin
The news if super fake
Liz Beth
Liz Beth 16 kun oldin
My mom has note 4 and even it has battery issues.
WPG original
WPG original 16 kun oldin
I heard that iPhone xs max is blowing also
Zachary Hansen
Zachary Hansen Kun oldin
It also doesn't like getting plugged in.
ANDREW GEORGE 16 kun oldin
Khalid Mohammad
Khalid Mohammad 16 kun oldin
*Android has left the chat* *Apple is laughing the crap outta themselves*
NickDaPro Nub
NickDaPro Nub 17 kun oldin
TEENYcharmander 17 kun oldin
Imagine watching this on the note 7
Shelby Winchester
Shelby Winchester 17 kun oldin
I'd get a note 9.... I don't need one, I have the note 8 but I'd get the note 9 if I needed a new phone
Joey Vega
Joey Vega 18 kun oldin
This is fake look at the back of the phone camera set up is all wrong not a note 9
momo -
momo - 18 kun oldin
I'm a little paranoid now...
MrRandom 18 kun oldin
Why do some people think it was the galaxy's s7 it frickin pisses me off
Chloe Helen
Chloe Helen 18 kun oldin
The picture of the phone isn’t even a note 9
Tzuyu Twice
Tzuyu Twice 18 kun oldin
The one shown in the pic have different camera to the note 9
xxx imaballerxxx
xxx imaballerxxx 19 kun oldin
Thats a c4
Shut up you Cheap hoe
Lol i hope all the people that use that shit dies... Pls.
Shut up you Cheap hoe
Cometeorz Gaming
Cometeorz Gaming 19 kun oldin
Short circuit always happens
Nathan Wilkins
Nathan Wilkins 19 kun oldin
I'm watching this on a note 9
Juliana Huang
Juliana Huang 19 kun oldin
I never ask for thin smart phone only idiot ask for thin smart phone.
วคx 12 kun oldin
Nice grammar.
Pounicoss 19 kun oldin
*phone is actually from China*
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
Koreans phone is better 😁
Adwaith Klm
Adwaith Klm 19 kun oldin
Note 9 is not going to explode
Xx_progam3r_xX ,
Xx_progam3r_xX , 19 kun oldin
*haha so funny o shit mine just exploded to*
Ian Brown
Ian Brown 5 kun oldin
+Yorky Gonzalez yes actually
Xx_progam3r_xX ,
Xx_progam3r_xX , 19 kun oldin
+Yorky Gonzalez nah my note7 exploded tho
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
You're serious
Mohammad Ali Kais
Mohammad Ali Kais 20 kun oldin
Hey man I've been using the note 9 for more than a month also i took it extreme a little bit but there was nothing
edj 20 kun oldin
I have note 9 currently and the battery doesn't even heat
Rohan Pradhan
Rohan Pradhan 20 kun oldin
Thinking about buying Note 9 ? Ohh shit I don't have that much money, So there's no explosion chances
Manoj technical
Manoj technical 20 kun oldin
My favourite phone galaxy note 9
Launchpad Pro
Launchpad Pro 20 kun oldin
Did he loose weight?
Gallade iF
Gallade iF 20 kun oldin
iPhones have been exploding or setting on fire for quite a bit now, but no one really cares
Funkefeet 2
Funkefeet 2 15 kun oldin
Gàmér RS
Gàmér RS 20 kun oldin
Apple: Bending phones. Samsung: Exploding phone. 😂😂
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
You hit of the park my friend
Panda lolo
Panda lolo 20 kun oldin
Just imagine bringing a Possibly explosive phone to an airport and it explodes😂
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
Never thought about that
Yatin Manuel
Yatin Manuel 20 kun oldin
If she filed the Lawsuit Wouldn’t they check if the phone was genuine from Samsung.
Joshith Ankenapalli
Joshith Ankenapalli 20 kun oldin
pretty sure that note 9 was a fake as shown on the photo
Juicy Goosy
Juicy Goosy 21 kun oldin
Buy an iPhone, all your problems will be solved
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
Light Joshe
Light Joshe 21 kun oldin
Maybe.... She got a virus that over heats the note 9. 🤔
Rohan Patel
Rohan Patel 21 kun oldin
There are so many cases that iPhone has exploded too but no one talked about that🤷
Abram Brown
Abram Brown 21 kun oldin
Honestly my note 9 at times getting very hot when its sitting on my leg or in pocket. Seeing this video got me concerned now. I have had it for 2 months now hope that doesn't happen.
My Name Is K
My Name Is K 21 kun oldin
lol my mom bought one today
Yorky Gonzalez
Yorky Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
I purchased one today too
DOT COM 21 kun oldin
Lmao Samsung/Android fans be like "i'm still gonna buy it" but still hating on iOS 😂. Y'all retarded if you want to buy a phone that will explode later
Oliver Denny
Oliver Denny 21 kun oldin
Are you a fan of conspiracies? Then read on: What if this was a conspiracy set up by Apple?! Big $1tn company like that could easily pull it off to be fair. Think about the timing to, just when Christmas sales are starting to come in 😲 Not my opinion, but just food for thought.
sandun athukorala
sandun athukorala 21 kun oldin
Definitely she is a Apple fan.
SL Rainbow
SL Rainbow 21 kun oldin
I love my Note FE,which is an note 7 but it has 3200mah battery
Timothy Feasler
Timothy Feasler 21 kun oldin
Power using my Note 9. Owned it for more than 2 months. POWER USE isn't saying it enough. It's on nearly non-stop. Not a problem with heat. Not even when its in the GearVR w/o a fan, and that's notorious for super heating phones in 15 mins without any form of cooling.
HAVII GameZone
HAVII GameZone 21 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 Face 😂😂😂😂
Nat Boddington
Nat Boddington 21 kun oldin
This video gave me anxiety, jesus the music is so harrowing.
UncommonGaming 21 kun oldin
fake news.
Maribacos playz
Maribacos playz 21 kun oldin
Well my samsung note 7 havent explode
SS10HD SS10HD 21 kun oldin
What about note 8
Jack Alvis
Jack Alvis 21 kun oldin
The lady probably just wanted some attention
Vick Pandjee
Vick Pandjee 21 kun oldin
Hmm....Dub how much apple pay you??? promise I won't tell anyone!
Dude AF
Dude AF 21 kun oldin
Buy razer
Yasser Yousif
Yasser Yousif 21 kun oldin
I have a note9 and I'm not afraid from these fake stories
XDragonballx Exper
XDragonballx Exper 21 kun oldin
It's too expensive
Jonathan Libaton
Jonathan Libaton 21 kun oldin
samsung is a biggest bitch company,,,,,,,they made a phone for a very expensive price but the Quality is poor,,,,,,,,i much better buy Huawei than samsung,,,,,,,better battery,,,,,,better camera,,,,,,better durability than samsung,,,,,when you buy samsung you are only paying brand name but its not worth it,,,,,,,
Lydia Allen
Lydia Allen 21 kun oldin
John Almodovar
John Almodovar 21 kun oldin
When a iphone explodes no one cares about it but when a samsung explodes it's all over the news and every one cares about it
Joseph Ortiz
Joseph Ortiz 21 kun oldin
I have the note 9. Is anyone experiencing the battery dying under 12 hours? I have to put it in power safe mode. I'm not a heavy user. Can anyone relate?
Ethan Roberty Crucey
I still find the note 7 gorgeous
Chester Nemuel Mage
Chester Nemuel Mage 21 kun oldin
So many Samsung beasts in the comments section! Such an explosion
Google User
Google User 21 kun oldin
Fake news like cnn...go Trump!:)
sworr. 21 kun oldin
i have a samsung galaxy s8
21 kun oldin
I'd still buy it, and if they recall I'd get a new one or my money so I can buy note 10.
Janus Dimaliwat
Janus Dimaliwat 21 kun oldin
Plss unbox a j4 +
Mário Campos
Mário Campos 21 kun oldin
It has already happened to me in Portugal, the rear cover swolled so much you could see the internals. However i was Given a Brand new phone and since then it has been running smooth
5 oy oldin
S6 Edge or S6?
3 yil oldin