Unboxing Every iPhone XR

Unbox Therapy
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Welcome to my iPhone XR unboxing. In this video I unbox all the iPhone XR colors for 2018. This video features the iPhone XR in black, blue, white, yellow, coral and red. Is the iPhone XR the iPhone you've been waiting for?
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27-Okt, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
You guys want me to switch to this? A different smartphone?
Joao Holtz
Joao Holtz Oy oldin
Do it!
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy yea
Mohammad Nasiri
Mohammad Nasiri 2 oy oldin
switch to the white one
Apple Z in 4k
Apple Z in 4k 2 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy yes please!!!
Jokiiooo star
Jokiiooo star 2 oy oldin
mi mix 3
Ayaan Jamshed
Ayaan Jamshed 51 daqiqa oldin
Coolest one is prolly coral. I mean the color genuinley looks different depending on the lighting
Viktor Purshaha
Viktor Purshaha 5 soat oldin
Schwibby Gaming
Schwibby Gaming 7 soat oldin
I've got the product red
Christian 12 soat oldin
I got the red XR, but I wish I got the Coral one...
leni ballance
leni ballance 14 soat oldin
EliTheClapMan 15 soat oldin
look at this dude 1:12, CHEAP IPHONE, nice joke unbox therapy. Not werking this time.
Georges Homsy
Georges Homsy 17 soat oldin
fck this phine is bad...and for 750 dollars? wtf is wrong with this world
Colton Simond
Colton Simond 20 soat oldin
I have the xr black
Thug Waffle
Thug Waffle 21 soat oldin
Already got the matte black red orange and yellow to color coordinate with outfits and my glock accessories.
Monsterrr19 Kun oldin
I like black iPhone because it doesn't stand out too much and I wouldn't get unwanted attention in the public.
Sup Homeee
Sup Homeee Kun oldin
I have the black but I wanted the product red😔
Leo Klee
Leo Klee Kun oldin
Hoy_Boi Kun oldin
when he whipped out that marble I was like wait new color and when he said it's a skin I was like of course. Apple cant do that
DanTheMan WithAPlan
Yellow is amazing
VoiD Kun oldin
I got red I don’t know if I should of got black
Obaid Fahad Al Maghrebi
Red or Black
George Theos
George Theos 2 kun oldin
I think an iPhone XR vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 UT video will be the perfect illustration why apple has priced itself out of the market.... Feature-wise, innovation-wise and of course value-wise ...
YGT Jack
YGT Jack 2 kun oldin
JDM 2 kun oldin
I’m getting black
Boo 2 kun oldin
It’s ok, you can say you hate it. I like Apple for what they are and even I hate this new XR crap. I miss Steve Jobs. Who I’m sure is rolling in his grave right about now. Lol 😂
Akailah Camel
Akailah Camel 3 kun oldin
I’m gonna get a yellow one
Moses Carrr
Moses Carrr 3 kun oldin
Imma get the blue one
LifeAsAdama 3 kun oldin
I have a black one and I love it
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith 3 kun oldin
damet I wish I had that much money uhh I rlly need a new phone
Morghann Lavalais
Morghann Lavalais 3 kun oldin
Who watching on the iPhone XR? I have the white one 😄
Kerolos Yanna
Kerolos Yanna 3 kun oldin
There is no live wallpaper
chase barcio
chase barcio 3 kun oldin
Marisa B
Marisa B 3 kun oldin
guys I need help which phone should I get the yellow xr or blue xr?
That’s the Tea sis
Watches on iPhone xr😂
Clayton Zivkovic
Clayton Zivkovic 3 kun oldin
Product Red
Zezo Tarboush
Zezo Tarboush 4 kun oldin
Blade - Fortnite Channel
i would like white
Christopher Cervantes
Switch brah
Mclovin Mclovin
Mclovin Mclovin 4 kun oldin
I’m watching this on my iPhone XR
frontedflake 4 kun oldin
this guy is an idiot
Samir Aryan
Samir Aryan 4 kun oldin
can i have your red
Samir Aryan
Samir Aryan 4 kun oldin
can i have your iphone xr
1000 subs with out any videos challenge
Hi so I'm thinking bout getting the coral if anyone has it I have a question is it more of an orange or a pink
alex silva
alex silva 5 kun oldin
Coral is like orange
Technical sujay
Technical sujay 5 kun oldin
10:00 hoho
Lynder Mae
Lynder Mae 5 kun oldin
Matte black 😍
Savannah Coll
Savannah Coll 5 kun oldin
i personally love the yellow its so vibrant and beautiful
david chavez
david chavez 6 kun oldin
Red iPhone XR
samosiaa 6 kun oldin
Yellow 😀
sakumu -_-
sakumu -_- 6 kun oldin
Love that red,
Hakim Elias
Hakim Elias 6 kun oldin
I like iPhone 6s
LiamThePetGuy 6 kun oldin
DJ SkietS
DJ SkietS 6 kun oldin
I feel so poor 😂
Akila Weerasuriya
Akila Weerasuriya 6 kun oldin
IPhone Xr = iPhone 5c (in terms of colour and display?)😂
Jeremiah Menger
Jeremiah Menger 6 kun oldin
I like the blue
Dj Fuzz
Dj Fuzz 7 kun oldin
章啸海 7 kun oldin
I love the black one
Priya Sonny
Priya Sonny 7 kun oldin
How do you get your whatsapp data transferred between dirrent platforms I.e Android to and from ios?
Shayan Khalid
Shayan Khalid 7 kun oldin
I am going for orange
Jaden Swalheim
Jaden Swalheim 7 kun oldin
I got the white IPhone XR because I watched your videos. Thank you for that.
Jada Powell
Jada Powell 7 kun oldin
I got the xr red cause all my iPhones starting from the 7 plus was red😭🤦🏽‍♀️
lord sanii
lord sanii 7 kun oldin
2 weeks later: the iPhone XR is better than I thought....
Bryant Cooper
Bryant Cooper 7 kun oldin
His stance on the XR is very invalid. I have this phone and its the best iphone i have. The resolution looks the same and cant even tell its 720p. I usually like his vids but its almost like he has something against apple lol
Andrea Brooks
Andrea Brooks 8 kun oldin
confused3254547 8 kun oldin
Yellow 💛💛💛💛💛
A Z Z Y Y 8 kun oldin
The yellow and orange are not working, the other colors are pretty nice though wish blue was a little lighter
Daniel is gay Daniel is gay
I hate all of the colours expect black but I love the phone. It’s the ofordable phone. I’m eleven and this will be my first phone probs
Zoe and Sammi
Zoe and Sammi 8 kun oldin
In my opinion you are paying for what you get. We are improving on previous cough “budget” phone from the 5c which was like a terrible we’re it’s not like you don’t get portrait or like theirs no Face ID their are little thing that apple fanatics might not like but if you are looking for a great quality phone. I don’t want it to seem like I am saying he is stupid because I do like his videos and Channel. I am hoping that this will help you choose your phone instead of looking for little things and look at the over all.😃👍👍
Harshil Mukesh
Harshil Mukesh 9 kun oldin
I am going for the black
Marg Gauthier
Marg Gauthier 9 kun oldin
I am going for the black one
G Vlogs
G Vlogs 10 kun oldin
can i have one of those phones?? please?? cause i can't afford a phone right now thanks
AMX Empire
AMX Empire 10 kun oldin
$800 affordable budget phone?? Just imagine if Apple says that then what will Pineapple say?? Pineapple in Pizza?? All Fruit Companies left the chat!
Diana Mocanu
Diana Mocanu 10 kun oldin
I'm thinking Between the yellow and the blue. What Do u think?
EDWARD Tebbatt
EDWARD Tebbatt 10 kun oldin
I’d go for the white
Yelloh 10 kun oldin
Got a yellow one😄😄
every thing
every thing 10 kun oldin
I love you sir
Arjay Miralles
Arjay Miralles 10 kun oldin
Please give me any gadget for you
Arjay Miralles
Arjay Miralles 10 kun oldin
Please me any for your gadget
Arjay Miralles
Arjay Miralles 10 kun oldin
Please give me your computer in phillippines
Charlotte Mills
Charlotte Mills 10 kun oldin
About to get the white
Brock Lesnar 2020
Brock Lesnar 2020 10 kun oldin
XR or XS
green_emerald 10 kun oldin
white like a Moon is my favourite one
Sanay Khurana
Sanay Khurana 11 kun oldin
Why do you hate iPhones
Yo_gurl_ trinity
Yo_gurl_ trinity 11 kun oldin
HannahJoy Datugan
HannahJoy Datugan 11 kun oldin
Ever time he hits something EXPENSIVE on that table, I cry 😭
augu ahr
augu ahr 11 kun oldin
am i the only one noticing th deep bass in the background
Scorpionz 11 kun oldin
I got the red and I’m lovin it!
Koala Flavor
Koala Flavor 11 kun oldin
That phone sucks
marisoltimmful 11 kun oldin
I wish I had all of those phones!!!
DREWTUBE T.V. 11 kun oldin
I need 1080p and 3d touch!!!! Fuck this phone.
OverZone/AK 12 kun oldin
Eric B.
Eric B. 12 kun oldin
I have the red XR and I love it. Fast, efficient, battery lasts all day long. Worth it to me
Ariuna Ariuna
Ariuna Ariuna 12 kun oldin
How could you own 6 of them XD they are so expensive
Reilly Lane
Reilly Lane 12 kun oldin
Do you recommend it over a standard X?
Lisley Padilla
Lisley Padilla 12 kun oldin
I like all the colors
Abdallah Hassan
Abdallah Hassan 12 kun oldin
Eme Peleseuma
Eme Peleseuma 12 kun oldin
Can I have the yellow one please
Demetrius Robinson
Demetrius Robinson 12 kun oldin
Is the XR water proof/water resistant
GuardOnly 12 kun oldin
I’m going for the red
Cinayah Nalls
Cinayah Nalls 12 kun oldin
sanket kumar
sanket kumar 12 kun oldin
Please switch to it .. maybe it would give you a better prospective of the device ...
Minel Nezirić
Minel Nezirić 13 kun oldin
affordable ????
Mastersnickers Ajpw
Mastersnickers Ajpw 13 kun oldin
Don’t worry the actully unboxing is at 2:17
TheSparkyWriter 13 kun oldin
So I’ve priced these on Verizon’s site and if you get 256GB, it’s literally $2 more monthly rate than the 8+... and you do get more bells and whistles and the screen is about the same. Honestly, don’t care about the pixels. Battery life is A BIG DEAL. And I like the blue