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Welcome to my iPhone XR unboxing. In this video I unbox all the iPhone XR colors for 2018. This video features the iPhone XR in black, blue, white, yellow, coral and red. Is the iPhone XR the iPhone you've been waiting for?
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27-Okt, 2018



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Fikrlar 16 042
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
You guys want me to switch to this? A different smartphone?
Brayden Perry
Brayden Perry 18 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy yes
JoKeR TF69
JoKeR TF69 Oy oldin
Yes please and also tell us if we should use it, please!!!!!!!!!
Joao Holtz
Joao Holtz 3 oy oldin
Do it!
Jose Castillo
Jose Castillo 3 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy yea
Mohammad Nasiri
Mohammad Nasiri 4 oy oldin
switch to the white one
DARIS 6 soat oldin
Can’t decide between blue , white , black help me
Omgit's SWAG
Omgit's SWAG 11 soat oldin
Whatever you say,the coral one is Beautiful from the back
jocelyn Cossa
jocelyn Cossa 21 soat oldin
I want coral
jocelyn Cossa
jocelyn Cossa 21 soat oldin
Can you buy me a iphone xr plz
Shane Ockwell
Shane Ockwell Kun oldin
Someone help 😂💆🏻‍♂️ i don’t know which to buy can someone really tell me if this is a good phone or wheather the 10s is a lot better
Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith 16 soat oldin
Shane Ockwell I have just bought this phone (Product Red) last night so if you want I’ll let you know how it is since I’m switching from my iPhone 6s. I’m currently waiting for it to be delivered today so I’ll keep you up to date with issues and stuff if you want.
Joella Attwell
Joella Attwell Kun oldin
I'm getting the red one
Sony Sitaula
Sony Sitaula Kun oldin
I can't afford to buy it.
Savneet Singh
Savneet Singh 2 kun oldin
should i buy x or xr in 2019
Veronica DeVito
Veronica DeVito 2 kun oldin
Savneet Singh they’re pretty much the same price it doesn’t really matter
Tea Tutorials
Tea Tutorials 2 kun oldin
I got the coral and I love it so much
IBPlayz YouTube
IBPlayz YouTube 2 kun oldin
I just unsubscribed because he called the 10R an ‘Budget’ 🥺🥺😡😡
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 2 kun oldin
Consider you can’t notice too intense the difference in oled and liquid retina It’s not a horrible purchase Yes it could have been better but it’s able to get used to over time
Sahil Shergill
Sahil Shergill 2 kun oldin
If somebody have an extra phone Can u please give it to me please i really need it i will be thankfull
S SwimmersS
S SwimmersS 2 kun oldin
Or maybe just buy a case
Zyan Davis
Zyan Davis 3 kun oldin
I’m getting the blue one literally this second. Now I’m just watching videos about it and this one kinda my eye
Sasi Kala
Sasi Kala 3 kun oldin
I need the iPhone xr 6 colours
Jeo Maldonado
Jeo Maldonado 3 kun oldin
Ripla flame
Ripla flame 3 kun oldin
Yessss like if u agree
Joshua Builds
Joshua Builds 3 kun oldin
None at all but I'd rock the black one even with all the options.
Nathan Everything
Nathan Everything 3 kun oldin
Then you loose your white XR snowboarding
Nathan Everything
Nathan Everything 3 kun oldin
They did change one thing in the XR though The color😂😂😂 Now those are some crazy specs
BSS BMX scootering scatbord
I wanted the blue but I got the white shirt that’s the only one they had
A Car Guy
A Car Guy 4 kun oldin
This phone sucks Via UZvid for iPhone XR
TWEETER Box 4 kun oldin
Definitely black
Panda The kat
Panda The kat 4 kun oldin
A bounch of ppl give me crap about saying Xr not 10r 😆 idc tho
De An
De An 5 kun oldin
I’m going to get the blue Xr with AirPods for my birthday
A Skinner
A Skinner Kun oldin
De An that’s EXACTLY what I want but I’m probably never going to get either of them. So good for u😅😞
Tsm_ McDonald’s
Tsm_ McDonald’s 5 kun oldin
Red or coral
Bayo Kadir
Bayo Kadir 5 kun oldin
I just love the blue
Its Nevaeh's World
Its Nevaeh's World 5 kun oldin
Trev infection
Trev infection 5 kun oldin
I want black
Trev infection
Trev infection 5 kun oldin
Affordable...budget!!!!?????? $800
Francis Smith
Francis Smith 5 kun oldin
Blue is the best color
Sash Burgess
Sash Burgess 6 kun oldin
I love the iPhone 10R and I am using one right now I think it’s great.
gobay Walday
gobay Walday 6 kun oldin
Red or White
Kassidy Cora
Kassidy Cora 6 kun oldin
Sprint has a deal with this 1 so I got my BF the blue 1. Gonna go later to get it
Moises Duenez
Moises Duenez 6 kun oldin
I bought mine a week ago and I for real like it (coral)
Ripla flame
Ripla flame 3 kun oldin
What should I get yellow red blue?
Ripla flame
Ripla flame 3 kun oldin
Moises Duenez dammm is it good because I’m. Thinking of getting it
Patrick Salazar
Patrick Salazar 7 kun oldin
I'm loving the blue and yeah can i have it?😂😂😂
YTFanboys2 7 kun oldin
Makes a video about how the XR is depressing... Comes back and makes this
The 8X
The 8X 7 kun oldin
Other models: $750 Marble & super stelf: $150 :)
Raleeya Owens
Raleeya Owens 7 kun oldin
Zakatak_playz 7 kun oldin
I have an iPhone XR what tf is wrong w/ it
kesey kasper
kesey kasper 7 kun oldin
Thats my dream i hope you will give me sir .
MuhPugginPey10 8 kun oldin
Cheep_The _Skate
Cheep_The _Skate 8 kun oldin
Apple's really not that bad. The performance sucks, sure. But the reason why Apple costs so much is because they're a monopoly in their own software system, and there's not much problem in that. They make their own software system different from android because of how easy it may be for other people to use, and that's why so many people like it. Now, before you become a close- minded idiot and call me fanboy or whatever, I like Android too. I find they're also very user- friendly to me. So is everyone who owns an Apple device an idiot? No, they just like the software, like me. If you're going to joke about Apple devices as harshly as the majority does, just take some time to think it through. They didn't pay for the specs, they paid for the software. But I'm not sure why they'd want animojis, tbh.
ohlooktheres travboii
I would buy a million iphones just to peel the plastic off
Shaelillyshunte#4season lilly
I always wanted one one but I dint have any money I hope I win and iphonexr
Lil Boom
Lil Boom 8 kun oldin
Um. They have different abilities
Lil Boom
Lil Boom 8 kun oldin
I just got thw blue
Kenneth Ward
Kenneth Ward 9 kun oldin
Color red or blue
skm M
skm M 9 kun oldin
Why not just buy the iPhone 8...? Ooh i forgot you need the notch....🤦🏾‍♂️
trenton dean
trenton dean 6 kun oldin
skm M nah chief we need those thicc top and bottom bezels gone dummy
Nikhil Vinnakota
Nikhil Vinnakota 9 kun oldin
Don’t have the money to go for one 😂
Leon Tonge
Leon Tonge 9 kun oldin
I have got red i love it
Vince B
Vince B 10 kun oldin
I know this is old, but I recently picked up the red one. I like it -- However, had they had a green I would have gotten that in a heartbeat. I guess from the iPhone 5c the green/lime one did not sell all to well and therefore they didn't bring it back. I was considering the yellow one, but its antennae band/sides looks puke, not gold. In the video the coral looks orange, but it is definitely a pinkish tint in-person.
mEdiCs 10 kun oldin
What color do you guys recommend?
phantom. k!d
phantom. k!d 7 kun oldin
black. You won't get tired of it unlike the other colours.
Raziel Hasis
Raziel Hasis 10 kun oldin
8 plus gang where you at
maria caulker
maria caulker 10 kun oldin
gimme 1
Rodrigo Terrazas
Rodrigo Terrazas 11 kun oldin
I got for 550 turning in my iPhone 6s at apple and I’m happy with it, it is a huge improvement from my old one.
Curt R.
Curt R. 11 kun oldin
They're honestly quite pretty. I'd consider it if I had the money, but I really couldn't justify that for the amount I use my phone.
Cat Hunter
Cat Hunter 11 kun oldin
🌚When I watch his videos I be like Please give me one you have alot!! And even okay with iphone 5:(
Melvin Roy
Melvin Roy 11 kun oldin
Blue I got it and I’m loving it 🤩
LVPOSEIDON 12 kun oldin
Watching on in XR right now I think it’s great being that I went from a 5s to an XR I really like it had great audio and a great camera
Méli Mélo
Méli Mélo 12 kun oldin
Unboxing starts at 2:14
Eli Zappa
Eli Zappa 12 kun oldin
Coral for sure
Welson Liong
Welson Liong 13 kun oldin
6 Wut. Can't even afford one
Shekhar Patil
Shekhar Patil 13 kun oldin
Nearly every tech youtuber is giving away this phone because it is of no use😦😦😦
Bryan Castaneda
Bryan Castaneda 13 kun oldin
Kingofsalmon AJ
Kingofsalmon AJ 13 kun oldin
I can trade in my iPhone and buy the XR for $599
Ashley Jonas
Ashley Jonas 14 kun oldin
I want the white one
oh yeah yeah oh yea yea
Btw my brother has an xs max and i have an xr you can barely notice the diff res its a really good phone btw im a heavy android fan but i just tried apple with the xr
Brittany Northcutt
Brittany Northcutt 11 kun oldin
You still a heavy Android fan or you switching this is my current dilemma! 😏
adelemercedez tv
adelemercedez tv 14 kun oldin
Omggggggg I was cracking up throughout this video hahahaha😂😂😂😂 You're hilarious!
BenMaehler 75
BenMaehler 75 14 kun oldin
Don adventures
Don adventures 14 kun oldin
Bad Phone it only displays in 480P everything is blurry camera is garbage you’re forced to buy the best one I want to trade this phone in for aS9 Samsung
Ansley Nicole Harrison
Yellowwww I’ve had dreams about that yellow phone . 😭😭😭😭 Edit:I’m getting it Tuesday 😂
Quirky _T
Quirky _T 15 kun oldin
I don’t think I’ll be getting the iPhone XR cause it’s literally the polished, expensive version of an iPhone 4...
Quirky _T
Quirky _T 12 kun oldin
+Stupid little Potato The iphone x is cheaper and looks better so I'd rather get that than the iPhone XR
Stupid little Potato
Quirky _T how? 😂it still has all of the features as the iPhone x
Daan Bosselaar
Daan Bosselaar 15 kun oldin
I’d buy blue red or yellow If i have the “ budget” for it
WWll WWll
WWll WWll 15 kun oldin
Naomie Bergeron
Naomie Bergeron 16 kun oldin
Where is the corail
TAMIL GUYS 16 kun oldin
Luke Beasley
Luke Beasley 16 kun oldin
José David Castellanos
I want the red iPhone XR
Henry Milton
Henry Milton 17 kun oldin
coral is a good color for me
Prince Lal
Prince Lal 17 kun oldin
I hve bought iphone xr all colour first i thing that i should buy white but then i have seen your video i have bought all color
Anthony Unknown
Anthony Unknown 18 kun oldin
I got the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone XR ! Who Else Got A XR?
Anaesh Arulselvam
Anaesh Arulselvam 8 kun oldin
Anthony Unknown me too i got the product Red iPhone XR!!😍😍
Cameron S
Cameron S 11 kun oldin
I bought the black one like 10 days ago. I bought an otterbox commuter to go with it but I am gonna get the clear back Iblason ares case on amazon.
Gabriel Munoz
Gabriel Munoz 15 kun oldin
X 15 kun oldin
+Gabriel Munoz black or white to not stand out. Red if you want to stand out
Gabriel Munoz
Gabriel Munoz 16 kun oldin
Anthony Unknown imma get it tmrw what should I go black or red
Jessica Gehrt
Jessica Gehrt 18 kun oldin
I love your videos! And your at 13M!
Alice Lanki
Alice Lanki 18 kun oldin
Orange or red
dude b
dude b 19 kun oldin
Watching on XR
hari_kishore 19 kun oldin
1.8M views 0 comments.. really?; I wish I have iPhone.
Renata Kherallah
Renata Kherallah 19 kun oldin
I love blue or white
Shail Padua
Shail Padua 19 kun oldin
Shail Padua
Shail Padua 19 kun oldin
I want that phone
SUperMAn 20 kun oldin
I want one. Can you give me the yellow xr.
KevBOB 20 kun oldin
I have the red XR and guess what? I’m fucking poor
RAZ3R 4243
RAZ3R 4243 20 kun oldin
I have the product red XR and I like it for what I use it for
Tisha Rao
Tisha Rao 20 kun oldin
I love the yellow colour
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman 20 kun oldin
Imagine paying >$750 for a phone that is outclassed by phones half of that price
Main Account
Main Account 11 kun oldin
Imagine being an android user. YIKES
AE Legends
AE Legends 21 kun oldin
I might be getting a new iPhone. Prob the XR should I get the blue or yellow
HadiBuilds 21 kun oldin
In my country. I swear, the samsung galaxy note 9 costs $600 dollars
Frankie Amalla
Frankie Amalla 21 kun oldin
It’s fancy & what not but it’s jus a iPhone in my opinion
4stringz 22 kun oldin
turn down the fucking volume on the crinkle wrapping
Keeley all The way
Keeley all The way 22 kun oldin
I’m getting one tomorrow from Telstra I’m doing a deal $99 per month
des d
des d 22 kun oldin
Mine is $30 a month and cost $50👌🏽👌🏽
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