People Try The World's Hottest Wings (Carolina Reaper)

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"Why wasn't it Irish People Taste Test Ice-Cream?!"
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Video Description :
Probably the most horrific thing we've ever done to our Facts Contributors.. It look a long time after this shoot for them to feel better. The sauce on the final chicken wing came in at a whopping 6 million scovilles. That's a scale where Tabasco is listed at around 40 thousand.
People featured in this video:
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Big thanks to Just Wing It for providing us with the wings.

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16-Dek, 2016

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Matthew C
Matthew C 8 soat oldin
Your arseholes probably took the most pain
John Nicodemus
John Nicodemus 2 kun oldin
That was a real dick move, going from habanero 500k points to Carolina reaper at 6 million points. Hats off to them for lasting as long as they did after biting into molten lava wings.
TravelingSamaritan 2 kun oldin
Yeah, tossing it up ain't going to do no good. Also, wait until later when your arse is on fire.
Grape Ape
Grape Ape 2 kun oldin
Those girls just needed a few drips of MR. Ape’s special root juice, would stop that burn instantly.
Jonathan Holmes
Jonathan Holmes 3 kun oldin
So the reaper is around 1.5 to 2.2 million. So that shit had extract in it.
Charlie Swearingen
Charlie Swearingen 3 kun oldin
I almost died trying these things in Orlando!! 😈
Dylan Alves
Dylan Alves 5 kun oldin
Sugar works better to get rid of the hot sauce
Spooky Boii
Spooky Boii 5 kun oldin
Ive had the Carolina pepper, that shit sucks!
K 5 kun oldin
Ahaha other peoples pain is funny
Arragoth Gaming
Arragoth Gaming 6 kun oldin
Carolina Reaper maxes out at about 2.5 million scoville. Even if it's reaper blood (Carolina reaper extract) its only 3.5-4mill
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy 6 kun oldin
This is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Hawksworthwood
Threw these videos they all rub their eyes like why would you do that after you touched hot sauce
Jack The Man
Jack The Man 7 kun oldin
Carolina Reaper Hot Wings sound good 😋
BadHabitMarco 8 kun oldin
After watching the first half minute, I have to say, Aine already is on top of the hotness scale, no need for competition! Cheers!
Sexylove90b 8 kun oldin
The boys won, they ate more of the wings. Jesus had the most. Sorry for your pain but thank you for the laughs. Also what did he say @ 3:02.....something something f.. hot..lol
Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins 8 kun oldin
Love watching these crazy videos...you people are funny as hell and a little nuts...love the reactions
cr4zym3x1c4n 10 kun oldin
Mango habanero gives me the best natural body high its a whole experience. I can’t imagine going from 400k scoville to millions lmao
Crazy 999
Crazy 999 10 kun oldin
Irish Jesus 🤘😈🤘
Poseidon 314
Poseidon 314 10 kun oldin
I think they should do a crossover episode with first we feast hot ones 😁 it would be epic.
Sipuli3000 11 kun oldin
I shouldn't have watched this while eating :l
First Last TM 1999
First Last TM 1999 12 kun oldin
I love what the guy said at the end of the video
FalloutModReview TV
FalloutModReview TV 12 kun oldin
Yall niggas pussy
psonit 12 kun oldin
i would have stole their milk lmao
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
Irish people are the best! I wish i can have an Irish friend
rodya4550 13 kun oldin
1:48 Nicole can wag her tongue at me like that all day. Hubba hubba.
Trey N
Trey N 14 kun oldin
Every one of you is a winner if you ask me. Those wings are actually dangerous to a persons physical and maybe even mental health. Y'all ate those like champs and lasted afterwards like a boss.👏👏👏👏👏. Good job. I feel bad for the toilets y'all will use later on. Lol. The kind of spice that burns twice if you know what I mean.
lovely lady
lovely lady 14 kun oldin
What goes in just come out
Music Therapy
Music Therapy 14 kun oldin
I have to put headphones in because I don't want people to think I'm watching porn.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 15 kun oldin
The girl in pink is soooooo hot
Danishuia Adams
Danishuia Adams 15 kun oldin
There's a reason they can it The Carolina REAPER... I love food too much to do this to myself. One of the few simple pleasures in life (enjoying great food) should NEVER be painful. Hats off to this brave quartet. Sheesh!
MANNY NAVA 16 kun oldin
Blondie looks like she belongs in Baywatch... LOL
Leo Leon
Leo Leon 17 kun oldin
Where's leather coat guy??????
Christopher B.
Christopher B. 17 kun oldin
Welcome to my world I love this stuff. Man you all are acting like children. I make my own hot sauce and buffalo wild wing won't eat it. ITS HOT. scorpion peppers, ghost pepper, habanero, and cayenne pepper. It's deadly.
Tina Chandler
Tina Chandler 17 kun oldin
Thats why its called 'the reaper'
Geo Proctor
Geo Proctor 17 kun oldin
Famous quote when you realize it's going to hurt something fierce 'This is actually a bad idea'.
LibertyIsDead 17 kun oldin
Hottest substance in the island must be black pepper.
Mikedeela 18 kun oldin
Safety glasses and rubber gloves. Love it.
Bill 18 kun oldin
If you're still able to talk while eating 'spicy' food you're not doing it right
Molly Briegel
Molly Briegel 18 kun oldin
I love Irish Jesus 💖💖
Darren Hirst
Darren Hirst 19 kun oldin
Carolina Reapers now powers NASA rockets :-)
Elijah Ottino
Elijah Ottino 19 kun oldin
Did Irish Jesus CLEAN THE WING...?!
NUJAC1000 19 kun oldin
That guy with long hair is a pussy
Rell Green
Rell Green 19 kun oldin
Áine looks class in that pink sweater.
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 20 kun oldin
Milk dont help the only thing that will kill the burn is beer
Ed Soderlind
Ed Soderlind 21 kun oldin
tomorrow they will wish that ice cream stayed cold
John Parrish
John Parrish 21 kun oldin
I got my entire family on Thanksgiving this year with Hot Icecream. I made Vanilla Icecream with a bottle of Flash/Bang sauce in it. They are still not speaking to me for some reason.
kgkustomz97ser 21 kun oldin
hhmmm... cayenne 100k? they max out at 50k scovilles. and reaper 6 million... lol.. they peak just over 2 million... did they add extract or are the numbers inflated for views?
Marcos Rivera
Marcos Rivera 22 kun oldin
The word"reaper"in the name is enough to keep me away.
Feefs Manwelli
Feefs Manwelli 22 kun oldin
You can’t touch it with your hands, but you will ingest it...😑
ESUSAMEX 22 kun oldin
They are holding onto the bucket as if it were a girlfriend or boyfriend.
Lisa Gumm clark
Lisa Gumm clark 22 kun oldin
You all make me proud to have Irish running through my vains
Nonnie Fox
Nonnie Fox 22 kun oldin
The girl in pink looks like the blonde one from Pretty little liars
huojin01 22 kun oldin
LOL this is funny as hell seeing them panting and shit. LOL
Ty Hatfield
Ty Hatfield 24 kun oldin
And then again with the ice cream I know there’s some of them that hate peanut butter that’s exactly when you do peanut butter ice cream come on you got to do it I want to see that
Ty Hatfield
Ty Hatfield 24 kun oldin
I was just gonna say I didn’t look at any other comments if it hurts like that go into the mouth I promise it’s going to be terrible coming out the back end
Kelsey Mayweather
Kelsey Mayweather 24 kun oldin
Donals bobs burgers shirt ❤️👏🏻
stizan24 24 kun oldin
Danm it Irish Jesus you pushed out. ITS JUST PAIN!
Scoop 25 kun oldin
Daddy, why are are all those people crying? Because, son, they can't find a cold creek to go poo poo in.
Joey Alba
Joey Alba 25 kun oldin
Doood! Been binging these great people and seen this one pop up and couldnt believe it. So good!
Jeff P.
Jeff P. 25 kun oldin
2 astonishingly GORGEOUS women
Sydney Kuhne
Sydney Kuhne 25 kun oldin
Sydney Kuhne
Sydney Kuhne 25 kun oldin
Your mother’s name was hottest on the menu?? 🤔
Alan Rico
Alan Rico 25 kun oldin
Meh! Where's the ghost pepper enema?
Peter Panassow
Peter Panassow 22 kun oldin
OMG! That is evil. 😂🤣
TenTonNuke 25 kun oldin
The interesting part is that the food isn't actually "hot" - it has nothing to do with heat. It's just your body overreacting to a chemical. Your body does this entirely to itself.
Randal Freeman
Randal Freeman 25 kun oldin
The first clue that it is unfit for human consumption: You have to wear rubber gloves and safety glasses as a safety precaution. That being said, nothing is going to taste right for them, for months...
Sarah Lindsay Mccain
Donal saying I don’t need milk from my mom’s breasts.
jrspike23 26 kun oldin
LOL the USA Carolina Reaper defeated the Irish challengers. Burn in pain and suffering. BTW those are actually quite tasty as peppers with a nice little bite.
Jerri Matta
Jerri Matta 26 kun oldin
Try drinking tomato sauce or eat a tomato. Its way better than milk and ice cream
proGURU 26 kun oldin
Will smith copied "Thats hot" from here lol
grevinse 26 kun oldin
I enjoyed this way less than I thought I would. I actually feel bad
Connor Rombough
Connor Rombough 26 kun oldin
I've had spicier. I forever regret making that sauce
W J 26 kun oldin
Mango habanero is the usual "I want something mild for dinner tonight" around the house.
gladson januario
gladson januario 26 kun oldin
That girl... 😍😍😍
Lastkingof33 26 kun oldin
Do i smell whiskey? Says the irishman lol
Fenyxfire 27 kun oldin
Welcome to the Carolinas my Irish friends. :)
Robert Reinert
Robert Reinert 27 kun oldin
Lmao my favorite video yet.
Rachelle Uy
Rachelle Uy 27 kun oldin
Did you guys get ulcers from eating the chicken with 666 sauce? That looked EXTREMELY painful!!! 😳
kallme Jay
kallme Jay 27 kun oldin
Red Rolo
Red Rolo 27 kun oldin
It's always hilarious to see that slightly delayed reaction to the heat. "Oh this is really good...oh..OH... ... OHMYGOD"
Bob Wags
Bob Wags 27 kun oldin
mango habanero is one of my favorite flavors
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards 27 kun oldin
Yo Dawg
Yo Dawg 27 kun oldin
I bet it was great coming out the other end
Peter Panassow
Peter Panassow 22 kun oldin
LMAO! Ouch. 😥
raymond weaver
raymond weaver 28 kun oldin
Wait until tomorrow
Kenny H
Kenny H 28 kun oldin
Fire in the hole!
cc cc
cc cc 29 kun oldin
Hahaha😂they always want to complain so much about food 😂so cry and complain about that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯👍👌👏
Bryan Scott
Bryan Scott 29 kun oldin
Satan's chef!!!
Larry Macklehaney
Larry Macklehaney 29 kun oldin
Idk what it is but the girl in black top is beyond attractive to me.
lynxman busman
I need an Irish chick or at least a good lookin red head
Ziggurt Oy oldin
you had to have known the one guy was a pussy at eatting when he thought 60k scouvilles was hot...
RQType Gaming
RQType Gaming Oy oldin
The girl in pink is too adorable to handle
I ate a Carolina reaper once and ended up ringing my mouth with milk and ate lots of peanut butter
I can eat most kinds of spicy food in most varieties but for some reason, wings always get me. Something about wings or the way the sauce is made always makes it so that my mouth ends up dying. I guess it's because it so messy that it gets on my lips?
okfinema Oy oldin
she looks a little like scarlett johansen
4745966 Oy oldin
I'm zo sorry but this is the funniezt tbing I have seen in a long time, god bless.
Valkery Black
Valkery Black Oy oldin
Spicy.......just leave it to Asian people 😁
Your Huckleberry
I cried I laughed so hard.
JohntechFL Oy oldin
Whats interesting is some people just don't feel heat in food. When I was younger and a cook at a bar we would have people come in on a regular basis asking to make a bet if you can make wings so hot they can't eat them with no water or dressing. They will pay for the wings. If not and they can eat them with no ammenities. the house pays. It actually works out if you make it a spectical cause some people can handle it, and some think they can handle it.
Cole Barrick
Cole Barrick Oy oldin
That blonde is 😋
Artha Negara
Artha Negara Oy oldin
I always hate video's intro