People Try The World's Hottest Wings (Carolina Reaper)

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"Why wasn't it Irish People Taste Test Ice-Cream?!"
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Video Description :
Probably the most horrific thing we've ever done to our Facts Contributors.. It look a long time after this shoot for them to feel better. The sauce on the final chicken wing came in at a whopping 6 million scovilles. That's a scale where Tabasco is listed at around 40 thousand.
People featured in this video:
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Credits :
Produced by Creative Nation
Music licensed from Epidemic Sounds
Big thanks to Just Wing It for providing us with the wings.

Website: www.wingit.ie
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16-Dek, 2016



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Daphneyd 16 soat oldin
OMG, they are so cute when they ALLLL turned red for the 666 wings...but at the same time, if u have to put on protective gear cause they meat is THAT corrosive, your stomach ( which is more FRAGILE since its inside the BODY)...wtf u think would happen!
shea whitey
shea whitey 2 kun oldin
smokey213 4 kun oldin
The girl in pink though
Amanda Rogan
Amanda Rogan 4 kun oldin
Liked for the Bob's Burgers shirt!! 💗
Tania Nicolas
Tania Nicolas 6 kun oldin
The girls were troopers and the guys just folded hilarious
Michael Boyce
Michael Boyce 6 kun oldin
I now am regretting my decision. You people are Gluttons for Punishment!
Michael Boyce
Michael Boyce 6 kun oldin
I see You used the Hot Ones concept for this My suggestion.
Janette Ocegueda
Janette Ocegueda 6 kun oldin
Love you guys!!!!!!
Magic Man
Magic Man 7 kun oldin
peter gottschalk
peter gottschalk 7 kun oldin
HOT irish chick's! LOL
DeeJRacer 9 kun oldin
Anna munson
Anna munson 12 kun oldin
Thank you thank you thank you the best.
Samantha Drewry
Samantha Drewry 14 kun oldin
At least the boys ate the whole wing
Curt Curt
Curt Curt 15 kun oldin
I don't think I've laughed SO hard in my life!!!!
Derick Cruz
Derick Cruz 18 kun oldin
It’s like taking a shot........ a painful shot 😂😂😂😂 you guys are awesome
bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke
I wanna put my hot sauce on the girl in pinks face Giggity
bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke
Y'all gone have flaming buttholes
Tracy Meadows
Tracy Meadows 18 kun oldin
Girl in pink is as HOT as the wings😁👍
Mister Smartypants
Mister Smartypants 20 kun oldin
I’ll buy the ice creams 😂😂 stop by for a crawfish boil 👍🏻🇺🇸🤠
Jonathan Greenway
Jonathan Greenway 23 kun oldin
How are the sauces higher on the scoville scale than the peppers that made them are?
Yanil Pedomo
Yanil Pedomo 25 kun oldin
This had me laughing so hard you stop talking so much
Barry Welbourne
Barry Welbourne 25 kun oldin
Oh dang. They almost killed the Irish people
Debbie Parrish
Debbie Parrish 25 kun oldin
One of my favorites
A Anderson
A Anderson 26 kun oldin
I will never understand why someone would do this. But then again, I hate spicy food.
D Dingus
D Dingus 26 kun oldin
I buy , I buy , I buy icecream! ! ! Rofl
Tina Black
Tina Black 27 kun oldin
I still can't believe anyone would do that to themselves! 😟
Tara Kirkpatrick
Tara Kirkpatrick 27 kun oldin
I'll buy you ice cream poor guys :(
Patrick Melhorn
Patrick Melhorn 28 kun oldin
You guys are morons
NefariousPorpoise 28 kun oldin
I like how they think milk is going to do anything.
Pirate Labs
Pirate Labs 29 kun oldin
Plot twist: Next time, they will give them Carolina Reaper Ice Cream.
Michael mabrey
Michael mabrey 29 kun oldin
As soon as he said, "aw you traitor" I lost it. I bout pissed myself laughing so hard.
Mike Hollen
Mike Hollen 29 kun oldin
Too funny! They all got the money shot from the USA, Carolina style!!!! You guys are great.
Christy Osborne
Christy Osborne 29 kun oldin
OMG!! You poor fuckers! I'm feeling for ya!
Suppenhuhn007 Oy oldin
your chef today: satan himself 😂
This just proves women have a higher pain tolerance than men. lol
rezrat native
rezrat native Oy oldin
take them to a native american pow wow then they can see the real american's,,
Euphoric Nostalgia
the irish are white as fuck (literally), pale white and pasty red heads
CLOSE1 Rocket League
Imagine the people who do 45 Caroline pepper wings in 1 hour
A. Nonymous
A. Nonymous Oy oldin
Bless your hearts. Glad to see everyone survived. Shout out to the women.
Feli xRex
Feli xRex Oy oldin
My God fat chubby is such an over actor
Malik Hines
Malik Hines Oy oldin
So he pukes and uses the spoon for the ice cream, then everyone uses the same spoon. Sounds like my kind of night!
Hugh W
Hugh W Oy oldin
If you don't watch and just listen, it sounds like porn 🤣
Hugh W
Hugh W Oy oldin
3:59 LOOK AT HIS FACE!!! 😆😆😆
FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network
"hottest on the menu" "that was my mothers name" wears a fucking bobs burger shirt... that clown is straight up trash from start to finish
richard kroes
richard kroes Oy oldin
Irish Jesus I had my bet on you to be the winner.
Rays woodshop
Rays woodshop Oy oldin
I would call yall pussys but it didnt look pleasent ! So I will call you winners just to make you feel better.
jrag1000 Oy oldin
They can't touch the reaper but they can "eat " it?
sean feeney
sean feeney Oy oldin
blonde lass is beautiful
WinF64 Oy oldin
"What's a milk drinker like you doing out here?"
Jimbodiah Oy oldin
6M scoville is BS. Reaper is like 1.8, pepper X around 3.
Staas Wolter
Staas Wolter Oy oldin
Oh you traitor, lol.
Tom Kruze
Tom Kruze Oy oldin
Irish people are cool
Jim Chiro
Jim Chiro Oy oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂fuck yeah Irish people it's is fucking 🔥😄😄😄😄
Sjoah Oy oldin
They should´ve given them durian-flavoured ice cream ... I´m evil ...
Aja Floyd
Aja Floyd Oy oldin
Her nails are white. She’s so brave.
Melissa Skates
😂 he said, Satan chef
Sean Carter
Sean Carter Oy oldin
well no shit the women won this lol. I've never seen a guy out do a woman on this.
jz92029 Oy oldin
Hate when people steal other channels ideas... Just put the crew on Hot Ones!!!
mcparty Oy oldin
Nice to see them suffer for a chance. :) Being that ignorante of other countrys foods its fun too see them express pain. :)
Joshua Wolford
Pretty sure your way off on your scoville scale ratings here
Hollow Kanti
Hollow Kanti Oy oldin
I'm more than sure that all of those scoville units were wrong
Mucho Taco
Mucho Taco Oy oldin
Lots of people tend to get chemical burns from eating The Carolina Reaper
TheLogical Lowdown
OMG the amount of extract poured on them! Hahahahaha. Didn't need but 1/100th of that amount.
ronald RVC
ronald RVC Oy oldin
Some say they Still pooping lava.
Danika Silva
Danika Silva Oy oldin
Stop breathing in through your mouth...lol in through your nose and slowly out your mouth... don't expose the area to the air... that is what works best...😶
Greyfort Oy oldin
Carolina Reapers? Are you crazy?
Claude Bedard
Claude Bedard Oy oldin
The ladies held up better than the guys did. Well done!
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme Oy oldin
I want to be there when the girls go 💩
Beef Supreme
Beef Supreme Oy oldin
Why do they wear American t-shirts that Americans would not wear?
pintobean17 Oy oldin
Lmao damn if all that sauce on top was extract nope that’s not even cool man Kuz that’s the purest of the spice
Joshua Owens
Joshua Owens Oy oldin
I like spicy, but I would not go to this level.
Nana Deborah Lewis
Image puking that up and it goes in your nose and sinuses 😨😲
Wendy Roman
Wendy Roman Oy oldin
Unless it is used to deter animals, there is NO reason for peppers that hot!
Redneck Canuck
I've said it before and I'll say it again.... the girl in three pink shirt is ridiculously gorgeous. The red head is beautiful as well, but I'd cross the ocean for a date with the blonde lol
Luzcarina Nunez
Kinda biting sean evan's whole bit.... At least give first we feast some credit :/
james cornwell
stop abusing these poor Irish people!! :)
Dan Svensson
Dan Svensson Oy oldin
Wasn't it enough to be crucified? Now you have to burn Jesus too?
Peter O’Brien
Is that just wing it at tallaght square ?
Gregory Pollack
The best thing to cut the heat on hot peppers is alcohol not milk not eating bread not ice cream alcohol
wjgallen Oy oldin
I died laughing
Jude Frazier
Jude Frazier Oy oldin
I only like to experience my food ONCE!!!!!!
Jude Frazier
Jude Frazier Oy oldin
Why would you 😡
robdbzgt07 Oy oldin
i feel bad for u guys, wow that was torture, it's gonna burn it's way out too.
*Shag that*
Wifeu 69
Wifeu 69 Oy oldin
Carolina Reapers are fucking murder 😂
rakeshkumar47 Oy oldin
I mean.... Irish Mick Fucks should never eat spicy things!
Sheldon Nicholl
"This is what winners look like!" LMAO!!!
B L A P Enterprises
Good God and christ almighty if this isn't the greatest reaction to hot wings I have ever seen
FlossOrDie Oy oldin
LOL these scoville numbers are total nonsense.
wolfy boy
wolfy boy Oy oldin
I wonder what's hottest: the last wings, or those two girls. X3
Brian Driver
Brian Driver Oy oldin
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Oy oldin
I have watched a lot of these videos and really come to like these people and so this was difficult to watch.
Sightseeing in Style
Best way to ease a terrible burn from hot chilli isn't milk or icecream which are the common soothers. Surprisingly (didn't believe it myself originally) it's a tablespoon of raw sugar pressed to your tongue. If it disolves and you're still in lots of pain, take another. They did well though, far more than I could ever tolerate!
hitithard13 2 oy oldin
girls are beautiful ......you 2 guys are funny AF keep up the great work
lester mckee
lester mckee 2 oy oldin
do you know why Mexicans always have tortillas with their meals....huh..? you don't drink milk you eat a bread product....lol
Clay Martin
Clay Martin 2 oy oldin
I fell so sorry for them !,
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 oy oldin
The second they brought out the goggles & gloves should have made them rethink their life choices.
yourmetalgod69 2 oy oldin
hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the reaper
saxonone20 2 oy oldin
3 years late on this, but you should have a couple of your reactors go on Hot Ones with Sean Evans..
XYK 2 oy oldin
"This must be the Matrix of chicken wings" LOL
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