Is This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now?

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Meizu 16th - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/m237q8X
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17-Okt, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
To notch or not to notch?
Dorz Lee
Dorz Lee 5 kun oldin
Not a fan of notch here.
AquaMarine _20
AquaMarine _20 2 oy oldin
dude check out the meizu pop headphones, those will blow you away
foodchain 2 oy oldin
that is the question...
Mohammed Afzan
Mohammed Afzan 3 oy oldin
Saatvik Purohit
Saatvik Purohit 3 oy oldin
Not to notch. Always.
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh Kun oldin
7:55 "here's a 6 inch " 😂
roscoe shaz
roscoe shaz Kun oldin
I want to see you use it for one week at least
Tasneem Fatima
Tasneem Fatima 3 kun oldin
Please also LG Q STYLUS +
NKM TV 3 kun oldin
Most underrated phone of 2018
Whale Helloder
Whale Helloder 5 kun oldin
I admrire meizu for not having a notch at this time because even samsung is releasing phone with notch. Kudos meizu!
lepayen 11 kun oldin
Why? Because there's not currently such thing as a fingerprint reader that is in glass. Haven't you seen all of those apps before? You touch the screen, it shows a fake fingerprint and that's it, you're in the phone. I'm 100% sure you could set it up with your nose and unlock it with your junk. If it was real, I would expect that it would show your real fingerprint as it traces it out, not that extremely crappy fake one. Essentially it's just touch to unlock, not secure at all. Also, if it was real, I would expect every smart phone to have it by now.
Magic Ken
Magic Ken 11 kun oldin
Trust me im a multiple meizu brand user i have been using their phones. For ages.. Drop .. Water cause by rain... This meizu has a very good quality better than samsung
Siro Fey
Siro Fey 12 kun oldin
Is it wireless charging?
Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren 13 kun oldin
This is compairable to the LG v35 in specs and both are going for 350-380 $ right now same chips, same ram. I hate when people rip on LG although I can't disagree when they are charging 800+ for the v35 when it first came out. Looking into buying the meizu now.
Robert A.
Robert A. 13 kun oldin
Not to notch!
Rutvij Baller
Rutvij Baller 13 kun oldin
it's like the s9 but cheaper
Non saprei
Non saprei 13 kun oldin
I have found it here in UK for 350 £ but sadly I cant buy it for the unbelieveble NFC missing . Such a ridiculous marketing. So so nice phone
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 15 kun oldin
Make a reaction video on Baahubali movie please🙏
Fis Fis
Fis Fis 16 kun oldin
I want a supercuts video of “I’m not a big notch guy”
xGachaTeax 16 kun oldin
*n o t c h*
Alper Karadağ
Alper Karadağ 16 kun oldin
This phone and mate 20 lite was at same price and I bought mate 20 lite am I stupid?
malejo7 16 kun oldin
Please switch to this one and let us know your impresions
Nexxus Nexxus
Nexxus Nexxus 17 kun oldin
what carriers would this work with i was hoping straight talk?
Prithiviraj G
Prithiviraj G 19 kun oldin
Review Honor 8x please
kairui zhou
kairui zhou 19 kun oldin
jasper6130 20 kun oldin
brought 16X white, a true white color and looks very attractive, very light weight
himansu mishra
himansu mishra 21 kun oldin
Suggest me the best android phone under 25k
Paperdolls 21 kun oldin
Your hot marry me
d333pmind 22 kun oldin
Can you do the budget hauwei 8x?
Goran Petrovic
Goran Petrovic 23 kun oldin
White version is especially pretty
Nikos Demiris
Nikos Demiris 23 kun oldin
The case you tried is available for all Meizu phones and I think you cant find other. Im using the m6
Lattrodon 24 kun oldin
its $366 in asia but when they brought it to the usa they bump it up to $600 for some fucking reason.
Tarun Kiran
Tarun Kiran 24 kun oldin
switch it
JReid2K 26 kun oldin
Got the smaller version for $440 with 8g and 128gb. Phone is a beast. Using it on Metro PCS and getting 4g LTE. Battery life is amazing with fast charging. I love the light weight of this phone and slim form factor. This is definitely a one plus killer.
JReid2K 25 kun oldin
+Gary Pringle in my opinion it is. More premium feeling than the 5t with a better processor and pretty good finger print scanner that I prefer on the front. I do appreciate the more sturdy soft metal back of the 5t though.
Gary Pringle
Gary Pringle 25 kun oldin
So this is better than the 5t?
JReid2K 26 kun oldin
+Gary Pringle last oneplus model I purchased was the 5T.
JReid2K 26 kun oldin
+Seth FREAKIN Rollins with every android phone I buy i use Nova Launcher. Since I purchased this phone I've gotten one update.
Gary Pringle
Gary Pringle 26 kun oldin
How you ever used a oneplus?
Mike Victoriano
Mike Victoriano 27 kun oldin
Long term review please...
Ashraf Mahamid
Ashraf Mahamid 27 kun oldin
I've been a Meizu customer for like 3 years, got the Meizu Pro 5 three years ago and it is still in a great shape and working perfectly, BUT the big drawback is that the Andriod system never gets updated, my phone still has Andriod 5.1 and now it can't use some apps, I really don't want to be in this situation again two or three years later, so that is the only thing that holding me back from buying the Meizu 16th, maybe i'm going to have oneplus 6t, what do you think guys ?
Luciano De Lima
Luciano De Lima 27 kun oldin
It has over 290.000 in AnTuTu.
周振洋 27 kun oldin
It’s a really good phone
TheHjkkkl 28 kun oldin
I would be ready to drop 1k for a good flagship, IF IT HAS A JACK.
Lalitha .V Vaidyanathan
Please review on asus zenfone max pro m2
lester laganas
Gary Pringle
Gary Pringle Oy oldin
Meizu 16th or oneplus 5t? Anyone has any suggestions
Gary Pringle
Gary Pringle 26 kun oldin
+Seth FREAKIN Rollins Is the camera better on the 16th? Why isn't there any reviews on the 16th?
Seth FREAKIN Rollins
Gary Pringle meizu 16th of course
K o n g K o n g
I will never buy samsung and apples
A.L.E.X da van
Pocophone F1 or Meizu 16th?... please someone help me
Hema Bammidi
Hema Bammidi Oy oldin
Why don't you check the Samsung A9 and Oppo R17
granger hipe
granger hipe Oy oldin
Sad, cause no Memory Card slot
kostas rompokas
Still waiting for the Switching video
김판다 Oy oldin
is Meizu 16th better or the one plus 6t
JoJo Rox
JoJo Rox Oy oldin
16th has better speakers, no notch and a headphone jack... they're both at the same speed.
Shamsur Rahman
Lenovo Z5 Pro Please !!!
jaron1 kimon
jaron1 kimon Oy oldin
most stupid sucker in internet. stop shouting. do job stop beeing fucking pathetic.
S L Oy oldin
No notch but ugly black bar at the top. I'd rather have a notch lol
Saul Ramos
Saul Ramos Oy oldin
I still use my S7 for entertainment 😂😂 I wish my s9 had the finger reader on the screen. Cool party trick
Saeed Ijaz
Saeed Ijaz Oy oldin
"Apple is five years ahead" my ass
Denis Zyza
Denis Zyza Oy oldin
I like Meizu
Simrohpal Singh
Switch over to this
Roopjot Nijjar
MEIZU is underrated. I'm still using the Meizu M2 Note from 2 years now, it was released in 2015 or 2016. It is working great.
Jason LI
Jason LI Oy oldin
Meizu 16th has Haptic part the same as Iphone 7's . You miss this good stuff
the milkman
the milkman Oy oldin
Do a review on the doogee bl9000 its got a mega battery
Pro Msbi
Pro Msbi Oy oldin
Can you review Asus ZenFone 5Z ?
Audemen Oy oldin
What was that song at 7:27 ?
Its coming in india 5 dec..
Ryan Villaruel
meizu is a good phone the only downside of meizu is the software upgrade and the support of global rom
Prathamesh Deshmukh
Meizu is coming to India with 3 new smartphone one of it is meizu 16th.on Dec 4 or 5 it's confirmed on twitter
Shobhit Raj
Shobhit Raj Oy oldin
Can you also do the unboxing of oppo r17 or rx17 pro
ShapedSquare Oy oldin
It's now as expensive as a flagship
James Mowery
James Mowery Oy oldin
449 for the 128 memory and 8gb ram
Ioannis Papadopoulos
What about charging time? 24W power supply?? This easily competes with OnePlus' Dash charge!
Sam guna
Sam guna Oy oldin
Pls make video poco f1 vs meizu 16
Ronit Gupta
Ronit Gupta Oy oldin
Go for 16th vs pocofone
El Diablo
El Diablo Oy oldin
Motorola one is underated
Jaymar Boncales
He just said he's not a big "notch" guy. Mga bekies ano say niyo? jutay pala to hahaha
Jeremy Pacheco
That is definitely much much good looking phone than apple's...
Umi Vasquez
Umi Vasquez Oy oldin
I bought yestеrdау іn a very gоod prіcе hеrе: *vdigitаl. іnfо*
thomas rodrigues
switch switch switch.. why dnt you switch your cap to wig 😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Ishayat Khan
Ishayat Khan Oy oldin
Apple will do in screen fingerprint and call it innovative
abdul salam khan
RJ Oy oldin
Haha...real secure.. girlfriend drunk and sound asleep...lift up her thumb ..tada.Real fkn secure. Duh!
Tyler Briscoe
Tyler Briscoe Oy oldin
Switch to this
Adam Bargouthi
Can you review iPad 2018 please
Pro Tech
Pro Tech Oy oldin
I hate notch.. it obstacles me
Paul Diaz
Paul Diaz Oy oldin
Meizu 16th - 20% OFF here: *vdіgіtаl. іnfо*
Edwin Razumov
Edwin Razumov 2 oy oldin
Switch 100%!!!!!
JoJo Rox
JoJo Rox 2 oy oldin
I ordered mine on the 11.11 sale for $347, it is sitting in customs now.
KunRides 2 oy oldin
Looks great!
Milan Obrtlík
Milan Obrtlík 2 oy oldin
I never buy this phone because missing NFC.
Syed Hakimie Al-Yahya
Typing from one of their brand now. The hardware are pretty great I must say but not the software updates/ support though. But presently I do love this brand.
Emilio Arroyo
Emilio Arroyo 2 oy oldin
Waluo Abu obaid
Waluo Abu obaid 2 oy oldin
here you are jack
CrypticAdder 2 oy oldin
Meizu is a terrible brand, I bought a phone M5S and expected it to last for 2 years, it only made it through 1 year with little to no updates, and severe problems like battery only lasting 5-6 hours at most doing nothing.
CrypticAdder Oy oldin
+Zian Tang That makes sense, I guess they didn't care too much for the western market.
Zian Tang
Zian Tang Oy oldin
I bought pro 6 and it got update every two months, and you can even ask for some new functions to the engineer directly through the phone. Maybe because I have a Chinese version. :)
Pakalini 2 oy oldin
How's DAC compared to LG V30?
Steve Galloway
Steve Galloway 2 oy oldin
Put the axon 7 Dac in there too..it's a sweet sounding thing on my lstn troubadours
Hafsa Sayyad
Hafsa Sayyad 2 oy oldin
Remove cap🤣
Mazen Elsaai-مازن الساعي
which one is better jbl or beats in the quality of sound
Steve Galloway
Steve Galloway 2 oy oldin
Jbl beats are crap
xiaoming chen
xiaoming chen 2 oy oldin
using meizu watching this video
Achmad Miswar
Achmad Miswar 2 oy oldin
Ok fix, ill buy it soon. Luckily you reviewed the stereo speakers. Ignore the camera
Irfan fida
Irfan fida 2 oy oldin
Leomared Campos
Leomared Campos 2 oy oldin
I hope you also show Asus.
aventador gallardo
Notch sucks it amusing to see a full shaved man i.e Tim Cook setting the trend for notch. It's an ugly trend.
Bryce McClure
Bryce McClure 2 oy oldin
Does the meizu 16th have expandable memory?
Zian Tang
Zian Tang Oy oldin
Th5 Ice
Th5 Ice 2 oy oldin
Does t mobile support this phone
Th5 Ice
Th5 Ice 2 oy oldin
+CGrish Reviews thanks
CGrish Reviews
CGrish Reviews 2 oy oldin
Yes it does. I use my Meizu 16x on T-Mobile, they have same LTE bands
Conor O Donnell
Conor O Donnell 2 oy oldin
This is where oneplus should be at
Sanim Mahmud Ratul
Which is best Meizu or Xioami?
Avery Haywood
Avery Haywood Oy oldin
Xiaomi, Meizu Is Similar Though
Sanim Mahmud Ratul
East or west mezu is best😍
What's New
What's New 2 oy oldin
Plz switch
What's New
What's New 2 oy oldin
Switch to this one plz. . Want to know more about this one