Is This The Most Underrated Smartphone Right Now?

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Meizu 16th - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/m237q8X
Is the Meizu 16th the most underrated smartphone right now? How does it compare to the legendary Pocophone F1?
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17-Okt, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
To notch or not to notch?
DaSnitch 5 kun oldin
Not to notch
the DUCK
the DUCK 10 kun oldin
Nikita Levchenko
Not to notch
Noureldin Mahmoud
MAD MAX Oy oldin
Enjay Hue
Enjay Hue 15 soat oldin
Plz do the Huawei y5 2018
ashley byrum
ashley byrum 2 kun oldin
new to cellphones what carriers in the USA would support this phone?
anonymous KYS
anonymous KYS 2 kun oldin
Looks like a thicc s8
Mas Bejo
Mas Bejo 4 kun oldin
Meizu is a bad product. Dont buy it. Software UI not stable.
Iosif Simon
Iosif Simon 5 kun oldin
I really like that you are put the question why the small company's are more interested in bringing the people what they need and one of the world biggest leaders cannot make it.... Or they do it for astronomical prices...
Finlay Mitchell
Finlay Mitchell 7 kun oldin
Probably underrated because not many people trust a brand that they've never heard of, especially one that sounds Chinese
완Zheeso 8 kun oldin
Well-symmetrical phone so far 👌👌👌
Gaba Khan
Gaba Khan 9 kun oldin
Why it looks so small mean it feels so compact while it has 6.5 inch display
Nicanor Arengh
Nicanor Arengh 11 kun oldin
Do make a review video on Asus Zenfone Max Shot and Max plus M2 we would like to watch it.
Stella Mwila
Stella Mwila 11 kun oldin
Check out the umidigi a3 pro
Prathamesh Shelar
Prathamesh Shelar 11 kun oldin
Please try realme 3 too
Prathamesh Shelar
Prathamesh Shelar 11 kun oldin
Please try realme 3 too
Jahfar Evans
Jahfar Evans 12 kun oldin
like your reviews i am hoping to buy a honor 8x i am hoping that you could review it and show me your perspective on this phone weather i must buy it or not
amreen nazir ap
amreen nazir ap 13 kun oldin
can you to the unboxing of redmi note 7pro...please is it the king budgetphone
Vapor OD
Vapor OD 14 kun oldin
No notch + equal chin and top = perfect
Oppo k1 unboxing
Camron Foster
Camron Foster 14 kun oldin
Before the s10 right? So the s10 was not the first in phone fingerprint
FPSB0B306 17 kun oldin
whats the music at 7:25?
ImpeJatus F
ImpeJatus F 18 kun oldin
meizu didn't do a good job in adapting the OS to countries other than china. no google play is a nightmare.
Kevin Whiting
Kevin Whiting 19 kun oldin
Joshua Thangaraj
Joshua Thangaraj 21 kun oldin
He has to review the 16s once it comes out
Kurt Camby
Kurt Camby 21 kun oldin
hey guys. can someone tell me the title of the music e played recently
عبد الباسط الوحيشي
I bought pocophone without knowing that it doesn't have amoled display and now i see this ....... Im a huge fan of always on display
J A 23 kun oldin
You said too much any how. Now i feel like marshall is taken in my head.
kim taejin
kim taejin 24 kun oldin
when a 300 dollar phone gives you a fast charger in the box but not a 1K iphone
Gurjinder Singh
Gurjinder Singh 24 kun oldin
Is it better than Pocophone F1?
Bakha Juraev
Bakha Juraev 26 kun oldin
White color of this phone looks awesome
Bakha Juraev
Bakha Juraev 26 kun oldin
with meizu from mx2
王LOTTE 26 kun oldin
I just wanna say, you just missed the most important feature in this phone - Mback - the os design. That’s the spirt of Meizu.
jeffbigfan13 26 kun oldin
Yes we want jacks. And who gives a fuck about fingerprints anymore!?
Kazi Afsar Hasan
Kazi Afsar Hasan 28 kun oldin
Nokia 9 Pureview please! Yes that's right! It has the potential to defeat pixel in photography!
Alireza Asadi
Alireza Asadi 29 kun oldin
3k battery is not enough for me! I stick with poco f1
Nikita Levchenko
Meizu. Only Meizu.
Lady961000 Oy oldin
What a sleek design!
tim chand
tim chand Oy oldin
Will this work on metro pcs
avodel br
avodel br Oy oldin
now buy a khabib toy XD
Unknown.exe Oy oldin
I am in love with this phone
retro tech
retro tech Oy oldin
3:25 if you broke the glass on the phone fingerprint scaner won’t work but on iphone you have fingerprint bult in the home button .
Work out
Work out 20 kun oldin
?? By that logic if you break the front iphone screen the fingerprint scanner wouldnt work
Deutch Oy oldin
Definitely its a good phone, I want to try it but it seems to be overpriced in my country.
Deutch Oy oldin
Definitely its a good phone, I want to try it but it seems to be overpriced in my country.
hassan ali rizvi
xiaomi should also try that
hassan ali rizvi
If you Can do suggest meizu to make a snapdragon 845 android one phone like this with 6-8 gigs ram and sell it at 400-450 it will sell like hot cakes
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz Oy oldin
This phone cost more than 400 dollars now so Id S Prefer the poco phone
Nepogibshiy Oy oldin
Its a great phone! I had 8/128 version,sad I sell it off cause of it’s camera couldn’t record full hd in 60 FPS and there was no nfc module in it,but design, body quality,sound and screen were very good for the price.
Kartiko Nugroho
can you unlock the pone by touching the finger print sensor only? (without hit power button first) ?
Erico Christian
Erico Christian Kun oldin
8:13 he did it.
Matt Benson
Matt Benson Oy oldin
I had owned Meizu 16th for 5 months. It has more than 91% full screen. Dual speaker is really wonderful. Flyme OS is very clean and unique. And smart gesture and Linear Motor are awesome. The camera is not bad. The only weakness is battery. If you takes it out, you will have to bring a external power bank. Luckily, Meizu mcharge is super fast, and I could refill juice very quickly. I think it's good than Xiaomi Mi8. But I wish Meizu 16th has NFC supported.
Lachlan Pearson
Check out the oppo r17 pro
Mr Monday
Mr Monday Oy oldin
I have an A7 2018 so yeah I'm happy
Speed Junkie
Speed Junkie Oy oldin
Apple: we got rid of the headphone jack and the fingerprint scanner to make our device thinner, and it's 1500$ now Meizu: wanna bet i make mine thinner than iPhone with all features and at 20% of your price?
Herbert Tsai
Herbert Tsai Oy oldin
MEIZU is great at polishing hardware. Biger battery is more suitable for s845.
G T-B-B Oy oldin
stop making points and proving them wrong , that annoying
Daniel Arruda
Daniel Arruda Oy oldin
The unboxing starts in 1:20 😁
Hassan Mujtaba
Looks like a perfect smartphone, decent specs appealing screen to body ratio. This is all what was required for a flawless smartphone, meanwhile Apple and Google makin some huge ass notches...
Shuvadeep Sil
Shuvadeep Sil Oy oldin
I don't want to say you but today I have to say this that you was paid by the brand in this video
Tech ALL
Tech ALL Oy oldin
No need for it, Meizu 16th is a great phone, test one for yourself and say to me what you think.
Tsega Haile
Tsega Haile Oy oldin
Please do the UMIDIGI A3
Artist Life Marquel Gray
Does this phone come unlocked from the meizuworld store?
cenariusbg Oy oldin
Please do not buy a meizu. 0 support. I have meizu mx5 and it's beyond trash :/
Eca Love Mcma
Eca Love Mcma Oy oldin
meizu zero please
Tony Clifton
Tony Clifton Oy oldin
Dian Malela Napitupulu
the battery life??
Vault Von
Vault Von Oy oldin
it is
The Damn Train
Close to flagship specs. I KNEW IPHONES ARE SHIT
Jade XII  Azuma  Navas
Why people hate notch?
alfredo carpio
NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE MEIZO ZERO its where the phone are in my opinion going you feel me bro
George Azzopardi
The phone is solid buuutt the battery life it not promising i think
hasan farook
hasan farook Oy oldin
Tell me about honor view 20
Atiqul Haque
Atiqul Haque Oy oldin
Amazing phone right now...
Kripge Oy oldin
Leider ohne NFC :(
+Unbox Therapy MEIZU zero unboxing..?
Sorry Lew
Alpha Croatia
Alpha Croatia 2 oy oldin
Check out Meizu Zeroooooo, please :)
Rakan Talal
Rakan Talal 2 oy oldin
All phones grow bigger every year no matter what the price is. . my hands aren't ... Help.
Thomas King Schillerlein
No NFC, No SD-Card option? , No 256 or 512 GB Model? Why buy??
PythonMachine 2 oy oldin
4:00 oppo has it
Tahmir LaPoute
Tahmir LaPoute 2 oy oldin
3:18 good question
Marko Subotic
Marko Subotic 2 oy oldin
Your channel is bad and you should feel bad
musku abhinay Reddy
A video about Moto one power
Raditya Arga Putra
and xiaomi is making notched phone smh
Ashish Singh
Ashish Singh 2 oy oldin
7:55 "here's a 6 inch " 😂
roscoe shaz
roscoe shaz 2 oy oldin
I want to see you use it for one week at least
Tasneem Fatima
Tasneem Fatima 2 oy oldin
Please also LG Q STYLUS +
NKM TV 2 oy oldin
Most underrated phone of 2018
Whale Helloder
Whale Helloder 2 oy oldin
I admrire meizu for not having a notch at this time because even samsung is releasing phone with notch. Kudos meizu!
lepayen 2 oy oldin
Why? Because there's not currently such thing as a fingerprint reader that is in glass. Haven't you seen all of those apps before? You touch the screen, it shows a fake fingerprint and that's it, you're in the phone. I'm 100% sure you could set it up with your nose and unlock it with your junk. If it was real, I would expect that it would show your real fingerprint as it traces it out, not that extremely crappy fake one. Essentially it's just touch to unlock, not secure at all. Also, if it was real, I would expect every smart phone to have it by now.
Magic Ken
Magic Ken 2 oy oldin
Trust me im a multiple meizu brand user i have been using their phones. For ages.. Drop .. Water cause by rain... This meizu has a very good quality better than samsung
Siro Fey
Siro Fey 2 oy oldin
Is it wireless charging?
Jacob Warren
Jacob Warren 2 oy oldin
This is compairable to the LG v35 in specs and both are going for 350-380 $ right now same chips, same ram. I hate when people rip on LG although I can't disagree when they are charging 800+ for the v35 when it first came out. Looking into buying the meizu now.
Robert A.
Robert A. 2 oy oldin
Not to notch!
Rutvij Baller
Rutvij Baller 2 oy oldin
it's like the s9 but cheaper
Non saprei
Non saprei 2 oy oldin
I have found it here in UK for 350 £ but sadly I cant buy it for the unbelieveble NFC missing . Such a ridiculous marketing. So so nice phone
Syam Prasad
Syam Prasad 2 oy oldin
Make a reaction video on Baahubali movie please🙏
Fis Fis
Fis Fis 2 oy oldin
I want a supercuts video of “I’m not a big notch guy”
M3M3 2 oy oldin
*n o t c h*
Alper Karadağ
Alper Karadağ 2 oy oldin
This phone and mate 20 lite was at same price and I bought mate 20 lite am I stupid?
malejo7 2 oy oldin
Please switch to this one and let us know your impresions
Nexxus Nexxus
Nexxus Nexxus 2 oy oldin
what carriers would this work with i was hoping straight talk?
Prithiviraj G
Prithiviraj G 2 oy oldin
Review Honor 8x please
kairui zhou
kairui zhou 2 oy oldin
jasper6130 2 oy oldin
brought 16X white, a true white color and looks very attractive, very light weight
himansu mishra
himansu mishra 2 oy oldin
Suggest me the best android phone under 25k
Paperdolls 2 oy oldin
Your hot marry me
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