Pocophone F1 Review - Is It Really That Good?

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This is my Pocophone F1 review.
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18-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
Which phone should I switch to next?
granger hipe
granger hipe 2 oy oldin
The new Nokia X7
Sudhanshu Vidyarthi
Huwaei mate 20 pro
SOP Mmm 3 oy oldin
Medlicot e
Medlicot e 3 oy oldin
Mi a2
Gailan Kamei
Gailan Kamei 3 oy oldin
Moto One Power
Marcus Eagle
Marcus Eagle 5 soat oldin
I live in Toronto o_o
metalizer metalizer
metalizer metalizer 15 soat oldin
I believe you need to try the legendary phone the NOKIA 3315 :D
furnibird Kun oldin
Ulefone Armor 6 next please
furnibird Kun oldin
Why on earth do people want glass back phones. It's bad enough if the screen is cracked then you have to worry about the back. I know the reply is dont drop it but hey you will at least once.
Prasun Goswami
Prasun Goswami Kun oldin
Yes its too good. And that too without advertisements now.
Carly Baumann
Carly Baumann 2 kun oldin
Ok, so which phone should I get. I am an apple user, hubby has apple, we have an iMac and iPad BB it I'm not loyal 😆 just had our second bub and I want a good phone with a great camera for the best value. I obviously love things like airdrop and password sharing with all the apple devices but I will sacrifice that if need be.
Anurag Sharmah
Anurag Sharmah 2 kun oldin
Lue big fan from India.....u talk about all the low end devices like xiaomi n honor but why ASUS is being neglected..... Plz have a look at the ASUS MAX M2 PRO n give us ur opinion.....will be a big help for us the Indian viewers
Anuar Saad
Anuar Saad 3 kun oldin
Bought this phone bcs my S7 needs upgrade. It's bang for buck. Refinement.. well almost
Azar Cheral
Azar Cheral 3 kun oldin
Honor 9 lite.$240 !!!
Azar Cheral
Azar Cheral 3 kun oldin
Wow.. is it really?
CLeeP1983 3 kun oldin
Settings, region, India, Boom! Face unlock works, even in the dark
Michael_ 1199
Michael_ 1199 3 kun oldin
Xiaomi mi 8 is a great device, love to see a review on that
Tobias de Bruin
Tobias de Bruin 4 kun oldin
Use an iPhone 6S and see how it is to have a headphone jack.
Baifern Baby
Baifern Baby 4 kun oldin
What theme did you use in there?
Raphael Remandaban
Raphael Remandaban 4 kun oldin
can i have a poco😁😁😁😁
Patrick Todd
Patrick Todd 4 kun oldin
I just ordered one. I found the exact one with the right specs and color I wanted and I have to wait 8 to 19 days. blah
jackson mokatsane
jackson mokatsane 4 kun oldin
can you answer me please,Does pocophone supports vr?
Mark Stephen Martinez
where is the review about device?
Andrew Pajarillo
Andrew Pajarillo 5 kun oldin
Then you need To Switch TO POCOPHONE F2
jheng nazal
jheng nazal 5 kun oldin
Is the worse camera n screen resolution. Very cheap look n feel body plastic. There so many midrange phone like honor n Huawei. Great specs elegant glass designs with same price. For me is a cheap phone
Shiny Fox Anaconda Channel
For me as a photographer, camera? It's not worst. Accurate colors and easy to edit using adobe lightroom, google nik, snapseed.
Arpan Chakraborty
Arpan Chakraborty 5 kun oldin
im using Poco F1 8gb-256gb since November ... and im loving it ... and yes we get a lot of flash sales here in india ..... that so they can create hype and more aggressive marketing...
Manish Freak
Manish Freak 5 kun oldin
Redmi note 7
Lee Jaechan
Lee Jaechan 6 kun oldin
how about the pocophonef2
Prashant Gupta
Prashant Gupta 6 kun oldin
Guys This Guy is So Good...He has Good Thoughts For India....The Best UZvidr I have ever Seen!! 🔥🔥
Tvrtko Krželj
Tvrtko Krželj 6 kun oldin
plastic body is huge plus for me because I can't stand a full glass design on phones. Glass is way too fragile and makes a lot of stress to use it. Durable plastic or metal is always my choice
Tvrtko Krželj
Tvrtko Krželj 6 kun oldin
I'm watching this video from f1 pocophone. It's an amazing phone. I've been Samsung user for a long time but when I saw what this device offers for a really low price I gotta have it. I mean: why would I buy overpriced flagship phones when I can get EVERYTHING they have for a such a low price. (I don't mind lcd screen).
Shareel Salwa
Shareel Salwa 6 kun oldin
Umidigi one pro
ambo chishi
ambo chishi 7 kun oldin
Thank you for the information I too bought Poco F1
iDenns Sales Gallemit
Switch to honor note 10
Al-Mu'akhkhir Yusop
InternetPhilia 7 kun oldin
Just bought a pocophone.
Sicario Gaming
Sicario Gaming 7 kun oldin
I bought this phone after watching this video..now I am using for making videos ...my personal review ...buy it 😉😉
Nov us
Nov us 7 kun oldin
xiaomi mi mix 2s or pocophone f1?? btw in my country price is same
HAPPY_PILL 8 kun oldin
i like pocophone sir but a dont have money to buy that phone.can you please give me a phone sir like pocophone😊😊 thank you
Allan Andrade
Allan Andrade 9 kun oldin
Real me 2 pro
chris parrish
chris parrish 9 kun oldin
dude, i'm getting this after using a iphone 4S for the last 7years this phone is going to seem like a whole new world :D
Wicki 9 kun oldin
Change Region Settings to India and you can use Face Unlock. Thank me later
Shiny Fox Anaconda Channel
Me I've changed to Singapore looks fine and I'm from Singapore lol..
Luka Luka
Luka Luka 10 kun oldin
Pocophone is best phone in world
Black Neon
Black Neon 10 kun oldin
go to aliexpress the place is fill with it global shipping for 290
Sam Charles
Sam Charles 12 kun oldin
Xiomi mi a2 lite 4/64
Sam Charles
Sam Charles 12 kun oldin
Samsung J1
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh 13 kun oldin
What LEw Told About The Software Is PRECISELY The Reason That I'm Putting A Custom ROM On This Phone Cuase That's A Software Hardware DREAM TEAM
Caehlan Tavenier
Caehlan Tavenier 13 kun oldin
Im Canadian and I bought the Pocophone and I don't regret a thing. The compatibility on apps like UZvid could be improved though
Ivor Davies
Ivor Davies 13 kun oldin
Huawei Mate 20 Pro next please!
honor 10
Not The One
Not The One 13 kun oldin
I just bought this phone and it exceeded my expectations. Dual SIM phones do not work in the US because one is 2G, the Poco f1 has TWO 4G SIM SLOTS!!. I no longer have to carry two phones around!!! The one problem is I can only use visual voicemail on one SIM but that I can deal with. It has a dual phone mode so you can have two separate phones on one device and all data stays separate. Great phone at a great price.
Akash Jyothi
Akash Jyothi 14 kun oldin
should we buy Redmi note 6 pro or poco f1
Kerwin De Leon
Kerwin De Leon 14 kun oldin
Yo guys I'm planning to buy this phone by the end of the month. Is it worth it? Well I watched tons of reviews and comparisons with this phone and i'm impressed. Well the reason im asking is because ive read some user comments like screen bleeding, netflix (which i dont really care coz of slow net here in ph) so i would like to get some opinions the guys that already bought and used it. Thanks in advance! Im from the Philippines by the way Godbless y'all
Blyat in The Hat
Blyat in The Hat 14 kun oldin
Only draw back for me is no NFC but i can make that comprises for a headphone jack
Manchullio 14 kun oldin
Are there cases for this?
Mihai T.
Mihai T. 14 kun oldin
I bought one, disappointment: the display is awful, you'd have to max the brightness si it can even keep up with a 2014 galaxy aplha at 60%
Rajat Bansal
Rajat Bansal 14 kun oldin
They are selling it without flash sales .
Jim Pap
Jim Pap 14 kun oldin
Is the face unlock available in europe?
Aanya sherman
Aanya sherman 15 kun oldin
Try the Honor 10 next
Mr.King Slayer
Mr.King Slayer 15 kun oldin
Will this work with straight talk ext ???
Mr. P. Enis
Mr. P. Enis 15 kun oldin
But no nfc
Liviu Best
Liviu Best 15 kun oldin
i have pocofone for 1 month now , im living in uk , this phone is a beast
בן ורד
בן ורד 16 kun oldin
What is the weird music you listing!
coltondrg? 16 kun oldin
The lack of LTE radios is a serious problem for US consumers. The Pocophone does not support any of the main bands necessary for LTE on any major US carrier, including T-Mobile and AT&T. It'll work just fine if you happen to live in Myrtle Beach because T-Mobile provides Band 5 LTE there. That's the only place though. It's honestly quite disappointing, seeing how some Xiaomi phones such as the global variants of the Redmi series and the Mi Max series include Band 4 support for at least basic compatibility with T-Mobile's LTE network. Meanwhile, Xiaomi's flagship Mi MIX series supports more LTE bands than one can reasonably be expected to count and will work with just about any SIM card anywhere in the world, which is a feature that Xiaomi flaunts in some of their advertisements. I really wish that budget phones didn't get hit so hard in the radio department. If you ask me, budget phones should be all about making modern computing more accessible in any way possible, and adding more radios only serves to help that goal.
ImNo1 Gamer
ImNo1 Gamer 16 kun oldin
Which one poco f1 or huawei 3i??? Comment down which one???
Lou Jay Dulalas
Lou Jay Dulalas 16 kun oldin
Honor 8x idol
Aurelio Dutto
Aurelio Dutto 16 kun oldin
Received Poco last week. Best spent money of the year.
Bhumika Sharma
Bhumika Sharma 17 kun oldin
This mobile is best ever.. And it is made in India..... U knw.. Guys... India 🇮🇳 made.. Every thing real and original things 😊🇮🇳🙏and it is truth of India 🇮🇳
Kim Gill
Kim Gill 18 kun oldin
U should start do videos on the j7 prime
Justin Splietker
Justin Splietker 18 kun oldin
can you use it with a Samsung gear Sport
W1CK3D W0RLD 19 kun oldin
Padhmesh Waran
Padhmesh Waran 19 kun oldin
I have ordered this phone
Cansın Memiş
Cansın Memiş 19 kun oldin
I'm a software developer and I usually work with servers with huge computing capabilities. I use an ordinary phone because i know that any phone in current market can't achieve great things. I bought this phone as a gift to my girlfriend and I'm very happy. Great visuality, good performance and fair price. As 'Unbox Therapy' says if you buy this little toy you will win and the customer will win...I'm very sad for who is buying $1000+ phones they are fools.
Lk Chelani
Lk Chelani 20 kun oldin
Bought the handset today with exchange a very old Lenovo phone and credit card discount got it for ₹16100
stream elements
stream elements 20 kun oldin
Sir can you give me phone
stream elements
stream elements 19 kun oldin
I'm a pug wearing glasses ok sir thank you
I'm a pug wearing glasses
r/stop begging
Tahmid Islam
Tahmid Islam 20 kun oldin
huaweii nova 3i
Rohit Francis
Rohit Francis 20 kun oldin
asus zenfone max pro m2 google camera can be enabled without rooting the device . snapdragon 660 stock android gorilla glass 6 5000 MAH battery review : audio out put via loud speaker and headphone jack cost: 200 USD
Rohit Francis
Rohit Francis 20 kun oldin
Please do a review on "asus zenfone max pro m2" (google camera enabled)
B N 20 kun oldin
With the specs and everything it is a flagship killer... It is...
junery magdalan
junery magdalan 20 kun oldin
Honor play !
Anmol Grewal Jat
Anmol Grewal Jat 21 kun oldin
Only Poco F1
unknown episode
unknown episode 21 kun oldin
Nnnnnnooooooookkkkiaaaaaa........ Nokia ads all over the youtube especially techchannel .....
Avnish Shinde
Avnish Shinde 21 kun oldin
Moto One Powe
VISHNU PM 21 kun oldin
hazami hanafi
hazami hanafi 21 kun oldin
You should do a review about asus maxpro m2
Cristian-Alexandru Radu
I've got my hands on this Pocophone F1! Ordered from a local store called eMAG, I have the global version, and bought it on, Nov 21st, 2018. This buy was done urgently, because my old phone: UMIDIGI Z died effectively 😂 I love this phone 😍 It can also shoot slow motions, and time lapses. Microphones are the best: music on concerts is recorded cristally clear with a lot of bass, without audio distortions on playback! GPS side is also the best, it never drops and is very accurate. I use Strava app, to track my bike's riding activities. THIS PHONE ALSO HAVE PEDOMETER!!!!! Performance is still on high, after a month of usage! Much better SIM signal, compared to the Umi.. The main speaker also has bass! I've also got 1 security update, and 2 operating system updates (Android 7 when bought, Android 9 now) To use Face Recognition, change your region to India, that won't change the phone's language!!!
I'm a pug wearing glasses
I would still chose one plus 6 over it
annoying troll
annoying troll 21 kun oldin
U know,this is one of those smartphones who make the icrap XS MAX useless
Tech genius
Tech genius 21 kun oldin
How you got all new mobiles very fast ???
andrew durham
andrew durham 6 kun oldin
Money and sponsors.
maria noor
maria noor 21 kun oldin
xiaomi mi a2 lite
Prophone f1 Crapple ishit xs
Muhammad Ridwansyah
Muhammad Ridwansyah 22 kun oldin
J MG 22 kun oldin
_"Battery! I can't kill this thing"_ Now that's music to my ears
Gibran Quezada
Gibran Quezada 22 kun oldin
Please do Xiaomi mi 8pro
RalfsStuff 22 kun oldin
I don't know. Should I buy the blue 128gb international version or the red 64gb one? I love the red but it is the "lesser" version.
terry651000 22 kun oldin
Wow. This is amazing, so many good smart phones. Apple must be getting worried, they are not going to be able to charge their prices. Sell your Apple shares now.
jasobant Sahoo
jasobant Sahoo 23 kun oldin
Does the pocophone have transferring issue to the sd card?
Aamir Shah
Aamir Shah 23 kun oldin
What is music name which he play in Mobile?
prankster gangster
prankster gangster 23 kun oldin
poco phone just need waterproofing wireless charging super oled display to beat a iphone xs
R0STa 10 kun oldin
+Tik Tok Austin Evans did the benchmarking though
Tik Tok
Tik Tok 10 kun oldin
R0STa I don’t think the colours quite match the Xs dude 😐...
R0STa 11 kun oldin
it is confirmed being splash resistant, the colours & contrast are better than the iphone xs MAX. Wirless charging is usless , as its slower than quick charge.
UmbreonYT 24 kun oldin
Got it for christmas, love it.
KLINGMING0 24 kun oldin
Do Oppo a7
G - idle x TWICE
G - idle x TWICE 24 kun oldin
check shopee if u want to order
jeffmurnahan 24 kun oldin
What carriers does it work with? I tried to look it up but Its confusing no one will give a definitive list. Does it work with those cheap walmart plans or Trac phone cards?
Tristan Ilejay
Tristan Ilejay 24 kun oldin
Vivo y91