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Nick Wright not buying LeBron will be patient with young Lakers squad | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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In his conversation on LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Wright reveals why he expects LeBron to have growing pains and frustrations with the young players on the Lakers.
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Nick Wright not buying LeBron will be patient with young Lakers squad | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




16-Iyl, 2018



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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
How well will the Lakers do next season?
D Rex
D Rex 9 oy oldin
They'll be in the playoffs and that's about it. The awesome Laker years are coming but I'm thinking it takes a season.
The Realist
The Realist 9 oy oldin
Stephano 🤣😂😅first off idiot, KCP has never averaged over 13 points in his career and he only averaged those 13 points on losing teams. Those 13 points on a losing team is the equivalent of averaging about 10 points on a championship contender. Mo Wagner, Svi, Kuzma, KCP, Hart and Ingram are all 3-point shooters. The two rookies, Wagner and Svi, from Michigan and Kansas are extremely good 3-point shooters, they are better shooters than all the anyone currently on the Lakers roster. The problem with your asinine assessment of D-Wade, Bosh, Love and Kyrie shows your stupidity, because all four players were NBA ALL STARS multiple times before teaming up with Lebron, but the Lakers don't have even one ALL STAR other than Lebron. The totality of the Lakers team is deeper and has more individual potential than Lebrons past teams, but the top 3 or 4 players on the Lakers are not as proven as D-Wade, Bosh, Love or Kyrie. BRO, JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS, YOU ARE CLEARLY DELUSIONAL.
Ricardo Lozano
Ricardo Lozano 9 oy oldin
Stephano lay off the drugs
Ricardo Lozano
Ricardo Lozano 9 oy oldin
JaffytaffyGD your on drugs
The Realist
The Realist 9 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright MAGIC AND LEBRON ARE TRYING TO WIN RIGHT NOW, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. The three year plan and the patience is in reference to the fans expectations. By no means should anyone think the Lakers are not trying to win because Magic and Lebron are winning fanatics that measure success by championships ONLY. The Lakers are trying to taper down expectations just in case Lebron and Rondo cant get these youngsters to step their game up another notch. The Lakers dont have their most desirable roster right now, but you can rest assure the nurturing of the young players is officially over, meaning the mistakes the young players were allowed to play through last year and the careless and lackadaisical attitudes will be met with immediate consequences, benchings and starting positions lost. THOSE ARE THE FACTS !!
ben chan
ben chan 9 oy oldin
Behoove- word of the day
Sean Lann
Sean Lann 9 oy oldin
This Lakers team is so hyped up Just like 2012
Wraith Black
Wraith Black 9 oy oldin
With one more piece,the Lakers are better than Cleveland last year and know ten years ago
Matt Buser
Matt Buser 9 oy oldin
I think this is his last official move also but I do believe he will come back to Cleveland and maybe sign a 10-day contract and retire
Josesp92 9 oy oldin
Let’s make the trade Ingram, hart and a pick for kawhi that’s the best offer for the Spurs
stefan sides
stefan sides 9 oy oldin
The veins in her neck are absolutely horrifying.
Derrick Vineyard
Derrick Vineyard 9 oy oldin
Why are Toucan Sam and a retired NFL player talking about basketball?
Phantasmic 9 oy oldin
I cant wait to see Lebron tell Levar to shut his mouth
Two Kings
Two Kings 9 oy oldin
Bruh fs1 stole everything thing from espn,they have 3737363 shows formatted just like first take
Rom Anzures
Rom Anzures 9 oy oldin
hahaha exactly
moe 9 oy oldin
Cavs where "Kids" when he came back
timothy alphonse
timothy alphonse 9 oy oldin
Y’all gon stop sleepin on the Lakers core
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 9 oy oldin
He has no choice to be patient he’s stuck for at least 3 years .
favreFOURLife21 9 oy oldin
Straws were invented for Nick Wright
NACOTIC BEATS 9 oy oldin
I think he was tired of hearing that the east was a cakewalk. Now he has to prove himself in the west
Superman23 9 oy oldin
Well considering lebron James approved of the lakers off season acquisitions he's basically like the GM so, whatever he says goes. And if any player steps out of line and clash with LeBron cough Lonzo ball cough cough then he'll be gone. so patience is the not the right word the right word would be tolerance and lebron can't and won't tolerate bums who's all talk and no skills cough Lonzo Ball cough cough. In the words of the hijacker in the movie captain Phillips lebron James is the captain now and he is the leader of the ship and isn't going to let any player like Lonzo ball hold the Lakers down and back from achieving their objective and goal for the season.
Tyler 9 oy oldin
Nick, Nick, Nick.... fix the beard or just dont.. cmon man..
Dstorm 2.0
Dstorm 2.0 9 oy oldin
Nick Wright is on to something, what hes saying regarding Lebron.
jack meoff
jack meoff 9 oy oldin
Jenna is growing on me more by the day
Kaelen Brix
Kaelen Brix 9 oy oldin
just don't be surprised if this big dude going to bring DRAMA around this talented lakers team and eventually WHINE like a cry baby mid-season that he needs more help AGAIN
Ness Baby
Ness Baby 9 oy oldin
Ugh nick white socks? Nooooo
DC Yang
DC Yang 9 oy oldin
Honestly can't stand CC.
David Paulina
David Paulina 9 oy oldin
hi Cris love the show!!!
David Paulina
David Paulina 9 oy oldin
hi Cris love the show!!
Preston Chandler
Preston Chandler 9 oy oldin
Lebron's last move?
Mase J
Mase J 9 oy oldin
Nick ain’t just crossing his fingers that Lebron fails he crossing his feet as well now that’s serious hate
Carl John Franz
Carl John Franz 9 oy oldin
LeBron can't be patient he only has 2 or 3 seasons in his prime MAX, the dude is old
DM m
DM m 9 oy oldin
only you guys care about what he ate, his shorts, how long they are....what temperature his pool is at.... that’s the only way u guys put food on your table. change the topic for once
123KOBEMVP 9 oy oldin
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 9 oy oldin
Bad signings and draft picks when they could've drafted Porzingis, Jaylen, and Tatum. Bad luck like Kobe's Achilles and Randle's rookie injury. Lakers becoming the Clippers.
Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy 9 oy oldin
I have nothing against women in sports, Doris Burke is amazing but this woman is just terrible.
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods 9 oy oldin
Nick probably got lebron posters everywhere in his house
Tyler Shain Fitness
None of this matters..all were going to see is this year's is the same old Cleveland Cavaliers disguised as LA Lakers.
HipHopotamus 9 oy oldin
Lebron will be patient until they are .500 in February and then they are gonna trade the entire roster for Kawhi
Brandon Wiggins
Brandon Wiggins 9 oy oldin
He won’t have to be
Doagae Porbeni
Doagae Porbeni 9 oy oldin
LeBron said that?? 😂🤣...
Gersson B
Gersson B 9 oy oldin
Nick everything you said here 2:53 is you saying the media will bring up stuff not Lebron. We expect you or the media to make something out of nothing!
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page 9 oy oldin
Magic Johnson is the ULTIMATE POLITICIAN.😀😀😀 Dude just being politically correct. Actions speak louder than words right ??? How patient is Magic Johnson ??? 1.) Last season in Training Camp preaching 2 Max Contract Players 2.) 2 Tampering Fines because he gets too excited 3.) Couldn't wait until Free Agency started, actually contacted the San Antonio Spurs before the NBA Draft began about a trade for Kawhi Leonard
littlesame 9 oy oldin
Exactly the team he’s on now and how super teams have evolved, he will need to be patient, applying his past behavior is irrelevant.
EL Chacal
EL Chacal 9 oy oldin
What everyone seems to not understand is the strong possibility that this whole thing could end up in a disaster. He is a 34 year old man who is going to be playing in the west where he might actually have to play the way he played in the play off just to stay in play off contentions. This could drain him out before the all star break. This is not a player in his early 20's. Also, there are lot of indication that other players are unable to perform well with him. I'm not saying this is what is going to happen but no one seems to realize the possibility of what I said happen is much higher than you think.
Zoe TheGreat
Zoe TheGreat 9 oy oldin
I don’t think Lebron is going to play the same iso system he did on the CAVS watch and the young squad will ball he will not have to play a lot of mins like he did in Cleveland you him and Magic haven’t look at all the reg season schedule for next year pls they talk about everything and a 3 year plan watchs it’s show time in LA bet money Lakers make to the 4 seed playoffs bet
James J
James J 9 oy oldin
Lakers won 35 games in the West with injuries to key players without Lebron on the squad- now Lebron easily adds 20 plus wins , if healthy to the lakers team. The young players the Lakers have have higher b-ball IQ’s than the Cavs team lebron was on and he knows this...nba go be crazy this year.
Shel 9 oy oldin
When is Nick Wrong getting fired?! Seriously!
121212 9 oy oldin
Instead of trying to read Lebrons mind every topic please talk about the traded already made and other teams
Ramonecash 100
Ramonecash 100 9 oy oldin
I won’t let Lechoke slack on defense don’t worry 😉.
Jay D
Jay D 9 oy oldin
Nick Wright is still banned from the Laker fan base
S M 9 oy oldin
They in a baseball stadium taking basketball?
Snicky G
Snicky G 9 oy oldin
Everyone knows that ignorant fool has no patience and he will NEVER be patient with the young laker players. Also, he wants everything yesterday and when he gets what he THINKS he wants, he is never satisfied! That is the reason, recently, there have been many articles written about his mental stability!
sajid1891 1
sajid1891 1 9 oy oldin
There will be growing pains no doubt. But people forget Lebron doesn't know the system like Walton, Ball, Ingram, and the rest of the team. Lebron is coming into a unique system that will put the players in the best position to win. In only Walton's second full season as head coach Lakers were one of the best teams on defense. Lebron is going into a great situation and the young core have already played in the league. The Lakers young squad is similar to what Golden State was like 5-6 yrs ago. So lets see. I am very optimistic. Plus we have the possibility to get Leonard next offseason, if we get the opportunity to.
Bess Snow
Bess Snow 9 oy oldin
Bad mistake for Lakers to sign Lebron, all for MAYBEEEE and a long shot MAYBEEE one measly champion ship. Superstars might get along with him, and young star players might like him, but that’s all outside of the court. He puts star teammates potential in a box, he’s wayyyy to ball dominate and a drama queen when things don’t go right. For a role player, it’s the best situation. Easy ride to the playoffs and get a lot of exposure for being Lebron’s role player/yes man. But star players will be crucified if they lose. And the Lakers had a great young team. Now it’s the Lebron James freak show, and all the young players will not grow the proper way, they’ll obviously will get better just from age and experience, but they’ll give all the credit to Lebron Lmaoo, he “makes his teammate better” bs they love to bring up.
All Neb
All Neb 9 oy oldin
Rondo, KCP, Ingram, Lebron and McGee is the next starting lineup I predict! If not Ingram for Kuzma will be the only replacement! Reason why I have rondo over Lonzo is because rondo is still a beast who can lead a offense even without Lebron
All Neb
All Neb 9 oy oldin
They still need a center to back up McGee! Was hoping for Kyle O'Quinn
Diabetic Honeybee
If LeBron didn’t want to be patient with his current situation with a young, promising team he should’ve stayed in Cleveland. Worse thing he could do is take a wrecking ball to what Magic and Rob are trying to do. For now, persistence, not perfection. Enjoy the journey, bro.
eustene 9 oy oldin
Nick needs to work on his sock game ASAP
Andre Ingram aka DJ Screw RIP
Nick Wright not believing his beloved God will be patient with the Lakers?! Am I dreaming right now?!
Keabon Hall
Keabon Hall 9 oy oldin
Past performance only improves predictions, not future results
JesusChrist IsSatan
Lebron knows he has to be patient. They have a backup center in McGee who is most likely there starter. Kuzma who is known just for offense playing the 4. 2 point guards who can't shoot in Rondo and Ball. If Lebron makes it to the western conference semi's that's good enough for this squad.
Nfl Ref
Nfl Ref 9 oy oldin
Dude has no chin.
Abel Martinez
Abel Martinez 9 oy oldin
CC with the nervous tick on the leg and Nick with the white socks 😂
Youtuber Radical Rick
Why does it matter if LeBron is patient or not, everyone is gonna get destroyed by the Warriors.
J Jac
J Jac 9 oy oldin
LeBron can't ring chase no more like he did in Miami
Cweezy83 9 oy oldin
Nick your wrong again
Cweezy83 9 oy oldin
you don't know lebron at all
Tyreal Paulz
Tyreal Paulz 9 oy oldin
The kids are not trash, the young core is special mark my words
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 9 oy oldin
Great point by Nick around 3:35 on importance of regular season 👏👏💯💯
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 9 oy oldin
Nick is right
ricardo hernandez
Love your white socks Nick wright
bmw racer
bmw racer 9 oy oldin
It's always about LBJ with Nuthugger Nick.
I'm Player One
I'm Player One 9 oy oldin
Shut up jenna and learn sports
Adonis Garcia 215
There not beating gsw it doesn’t matter 😂😂😂
Vejs Cvetkovski
Vejs Cvetkovski 9 oy oldin
Patient ? Man''s 34...
iPhone Made Simple
Are we just going to ignore those white socks Nick is wearing with a suit? 🤦🏾‍♂️#comeonman
Adonis Garcia 215
Man he really is a big lebron meat rider it’s sad
Laker Famm All Day 24
this is stupid! lebron is gonna love our young core ! especially kuz hart & ingram
Frank Williams
Frank Williams 9 oy oldin
this guy Nick Wright legit has on white socks with a suit on national television
Aaron T Camon Sr
Aaron T Camon Sr 9 oy oldin
C Howard
C Howard 9 oy oldin
Nick, your boy Lebron was thrilled until GS signed Cousins.
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez 9 oy oldin
Raul Yanez
Raul Yanez 9 oy oldin
He's just going to keep breaking records until he wins the finals again...
Markas Allen
Markas Allen 9 oy oldin
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson 9 oy oldin
Jews love LEBRON
Raul Yanez
Raul Yanez 9 oy oldin
Lebron wants to prove a point . Everyone thinks he wont make the playoffs or the finals in the west because it's harder and he's going to prove that it doesn't matter what coast ur in he's going to try to prove everyone is wrong. . .
Steve P
Steve P 9 oy oldin
Just wait till the Balls start with the jawing and complaining.
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Lakers missed the playoffs this year and next west finals in year 3 vs houston
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones 9 oy oldin
Sorry, ,!!! But i can't take any of " Nick Wright opinion seriously!!! Never trust a man who wears white socks with a suit!!!!
Oscar Medina
Oscar Medina 9 oy oldin
Why we on a baseball field. Nothing exciting is happening in baseball.
MixumillianMass 9 oy oldin
They will look for , and find any way to create a LeBron James topic. It's pathetic.
T 9 oy oldin
Nick is just plain annoying no way around it👏
ogn px
ogn px 9 oy oldin
Lebron will win 2-3 chips with the Lakers watch
Drip Set
Drip Set 9 oy oldin
SunnyReacts difficult when he has to go up against GS first and then Boston. But if these young cats develop as they should, and kawhi goes to the Lakers in 2019. 2 is for sure, the third will be the most difficult with a Boston team in its prime
James kfouri 370
James kfouri 370 9 oy oldin
Nick Wright spoke straight facts Lebron got frustrated with Kyrie who is more talented and polished than Ingram so their will be some bumps
Alex Lasichanh
Alex Lasichanh 9 oy oldin
C.C shut everything Nick said down lol started to shudder the second go round lol
rick james
rick james 9 oy oldin
nick sits like a woman ..wonder why ? haha
Brandon Christopher
He never fully committed to Dan Gilbert in Cleveland tho...this is a 3year deal no opt out clause...Lakers will get him another ring in that time frame
Fulmizant 9 oy oldin
Jenna is lowkey getting better looking i think she losing weight
deandre colding
deandre colding 9 oy oldin
Notice Nick Wright's feet
Somerset Bassett
Somerset Bassett 9 oy oldin
Nick is an LBJ jock rider.
Joe Vang
Joe Vang 9 oy oldin
Probably only time I will agree with nick wright. Just trade for kawhi now. Lebron can’t play with these young guys and he has never developed any young players. Trade for kawhi of lose out on kawhi.
Joe Latu
Joe Latu 9 oy oldin
These Lakers fans man 😂😂😂
Earl Rogers
Earl Rogers 9 oy oldin
Filthy ugly worm Nick Wrong
Calvin Tipton
Calvin Tipton 9 oy oldin
Nikki looking like peewee Herman
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 9 oy oldin
What most people don't realize is LeBron isn't the Lakers' cornerstone. He won't be part of their future in 5 years. But people keep thinking LeBron can play forever and ever and play well.
Cornell Howard
Cornell Howard 9 oy oldin
Pay very little attention to those guys with the microphones stuck in there mouth; other than that JR. Smith, brain lock I have never seen Lebron James, blowup on any of his team mates!
ENTER NAME 9 oy oldin
They could set them up with some clip on mics. Cmon fox
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