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Blackview Max 1 Smartphone - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/c4A5LK8r
The Blackview Max 1 Projector smartphone is an outlandish smartphone. It packs a tiny video projector into a smartphone form factor running Android. Of course, it’s also got a large battery to juice things up.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Blackview Max 1 Smartphone - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/c4A5LK8r
Adegboyega Stephen
Adegboyega Stephen 26 kun oldin
Okay. Thanks, I will check on it.
PHOLDETS 28 kun oldin
why don't you pick up the PROTRULY DARLING V10S??? that IS something different and not seen almost anywhere!! :D
Watch Everything
Watch Everything 29 kun oldin
Why you did not turn off the light completely to see hoe good it is?
Marvin Cuadra
Marvin Cuadra 3 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy can I have the macbook that you unboxed a few videos back? I need it for college on january.
little Devil JG
little Devil JG 8 kun oldin
how it feel to see porn in large view, im excited to buy
AnimeXsenpai 8 kun oldin
AnimeXsenpai 8 kun oldin
The time tht samsung galaxy beam released this guy busy to review the flying shark and not phone lol you all.
Hasayn Arif
Hasayn Arif 13 kun oldin
Hey bro, Can you compare It's projector with Samsung Gallaxy Beam.
Sarı P
Sarı P 13 kun oldin
720p seems not realistic
Deadnsd 13 kun oldin
Blackview = non-reliable shit...garbage
Mihael Todorcevic
Mihael Todorcevic 14 kun oldin
Probably another junk phone I own one that's supposed to be waterproof, but the first time I took it to the pool it didn't want to charge anymore, and they don't want to do anything about it, they keep telling me that's my fault.. "even though it waterproof I shouldn't use it in the pool" thats exactly what the told me, anyway I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because you won't get what you payed for nor will they take they're warranty Sirius.
Rod Peddle
Rod Peddle 14 kun oldin
Check out Motorola Z3 with video projector mod. Seems to be brighter than that, and when you project the image, the main display shuts off.
Luke Barton
Luke Barton 15 kun oldin
BE AWARE - Blackview are claiming they have not received the money on pre-orders for the MAX1, and cancel the order. They do not reply by any means, FB, email, Skype, and the contact form doesn't work on their website. Please upvote this to make people aware!
ɐ s ʞ ɐ ɹ s ɥ ɐ z z Bilal
Blackview Max 1 Smartphone Comes with Android 9.0 (Pie) Os. The device has powerful Snapdragon chipset based on Octa-core 2.5 GHz Cortex-A53 processor. It provides the great experience with Mali G71 MP3 graphics processor unit. The 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage with expandable memory option vai SD Card. The Blackview Max 1 featured 6.1 inches IPS display and 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution. Blackview Max 1 comes with 12MP Rear Camera. It has a autofocus, face detection image stabilizers, and HDR videos recorder Camera. Blackview Max 1 makes better Video and images in low light with Led flash. The device makes videos calling and shearing with 16 + 2MP Dual MP front-facing camera. The phone has a large 4680mAh battery with fast charging charging options. The Smartphone has Face ID, fingerprint
Gerardo Vilchez
Gerardo Vilchez 18 kun oldin
This option of having a projector incorporated into the cell phone I find it very useful, in my job as a teacher, many times I need to quickly make a small demonstration in the classroom, and sometimes I do not have to hand, or the professional projector does not work. I think it's a phone that gives an alternative and / or interesting help for some professional and recreational activities. And I think the same of the tablets that bring the same thing as a built-in projector.☺
Norma Chavarria
Norma Chavarria 23 kun oldin
You should do the stupid ass bracelet projector I’ve seen people like unboxing it but never show the display or anything ....
Rahul M. Prathap
Rahul M. Prathap 23 kun oldin
Galaxy Beam
None Blank
None Blank 24 kun oldin
LG Expo was the first in 2009. Samsung Galaxy Beam second in 2011!
ML Expert
ML Expert 25 kun oldin
Gome femmy note.. 100 bucks smartphone
Mega Jaxx
Mega Jaxx 25 kun oldin
Dogs years to human years is not 1:7 ratio...it never was... Its an quotient...its changing..
jhg 9798
jhg 9798 26 kun oldin
Why are these phone reviews always made by stupid incompetent people ? The incompetence and stupidness in these reviews are pushing phone manufacturers in a undesired path. For example, a screens viewing angles. Why do you buy a expensive phone with extra large screen just for vieweing the screen from the side ? If you tilt your device your screen will appear smaller and there is no slightest chance you will be able pressing correct keys and buttons on screen when you are looking from the side at your device so WHY DOING IT ? The consequence is manufacturers pushing displays that anyone around you can read and view, I have no option reading/sending a text or email if there is anyone around me as they will be able reading my private communication. A privacy screen filter taped onto your display will only help slightly, your display is still visible in a wide angle handicapping usage of your phone. When waiting inline at the supermarket I have no other option than just standing there waiting wasting time as I dont want the five persons behind reading my 10 latest texts on my "wide angle display". Why do I want a metal backcover on my phone ? A metal back cover shields of the antenna signal for wifi and lte, it is cold handling, gets dented and increases weight of phone. I want genuine plastic not obstructing signal strength, no need wiping finger prints when working on my engines and reduces weight of phone getting me the slightest chance snatching up my phone from water when dropping phone when out sailing. My old cheap lightweight plastic gsm phone was light enough giving me time grabbing it before ut sank. I just dont get it, is there a limit for stupidity ? Why do users want to carry around a laptop AND computer ? Why is not the double computing capacity in phones used for something else than doodling sms and sneakpeeking what others is doing on facebook ? With a micro-hdmi port or a unified standard for displayport over the usb-c port the phones capacity can actually be used for something if I hook up the phone to a tv amd a keyboard, or why not just fix the 300millisecond lag in chromecast that makes a phone unusable with mouse and keyboard, but nooo, lets carry around a octa core 2ghz cpu in the pocket for absolute no usage other than 1 core at 200mhz checking emails, I got the cpu and memory resources of two laptops in my phone but not the brains required for using them. Will phones start to develop or is all time for development wasted at copying others useless ideas ? Yeah, development, right, do I want a foldable display ? Why not just put a small tight hinge between two displays and fold the phone in the middle ? By separating the displays it will be easier using them for multitasking, bottom display as keyboard, top display as screen, or, different tasks at different display, one showing your emails and tetxs, at the other display looking for new high compression pistons and nos-system or why not a compressor. If anyone dares to use logic you will realize a foldable screen is utopia with current known materials, it will break at the fold. Anyone picking up their phone and folding it out 10-15 times every day for calling, checking emails etc will fold the display 5500 times a year, what LCD screen material will suffice being folded 5500 times a year ? In the winter ? Or will we need a third display on the front so we only fold up the phone at special occassions ? Im confused, this is so unlimited stupid, why do I have to write this for you smart guys, Im not this smart ?
Retrogamer71 26 kun oldin
Any keystone correction?
Dewald Fourie
Dewald Fourie 26 kun oldin
Blackview bv 9000 pro
Shubham Jain
Shubham Jain 26 kun oldin
How long can the projectors run in a single full charge?
Gal 26 kun oldin
The lack of a headphones jack is a huge miss here. If I want to watch a movie for example, I would like to be able to plug it in and have sound. Sure BT is possible but still I feel it really needed headphones jack.
rahmad abdullah
rahmad abdullah 27 kun oldin
Battery how much mah?
Evil Eye Weddings
Evil Eye Weddings 23 kun oldin
+rahmad abdullah "ish" means that its about 4800 but i dont know exactly. You use it when you dont know for sure.
rahmad abdullah
rahmad abdullah 23 kun oldin
+Evil Eye Weddings what word '' ish ''
Evil Eye Weddings
Evil Eye Weddings 24 kun oldin
4800 ish
WWE HD 27 kun oldin
For 700 bucks u get fucking helio p23
Alien Creation
Alien Creation 27 kun oldin
Projectors are the size of phones now with terrific quality.
Vitorio Rehatta
Vitorio Rehatta 28 kun oldin
can display off at projector mode?
This is Abhi Gupta social holic
Prise pls
This is Abhi Gupta social holic
What you think about moto mods
His Royal Dudeness
His Royal Dudeness 29 kun oldin
apple.. pack your bags
D.F The.one.36
Not good enough
Mr. Jo
Mr. Jo Oy oldin
Please show projector in dark white wall...thanks a lot
Mikael Hoel Olsen
OMGOMGOMG!! it has a flashlight
malik ali
malik ali Oy oldin
700 bucks on stranger company....
Sando-Metal Oy oldin
Too bad we can't use it here in the U.S. because on the link, Aliexpress shows NO compatible bandwidths. Bummer!
KFN VII Oy oldin
I hope this keeps developing and getting better. Amazing.
Ralph Bubb
Ralph Bubb Oy oldin
Blackview a30 review perhaps.
robertsmith Oy oldin
They sell 3m screens that are reflective and the Moto z with the projector mod is better than this
Josué dlTLl. EngScD.
0:46 Moto Zs have a projector Moto Mod attachment
Ali H.
Ali H. Oy oldin
Samsung galaxy beam did this ages ago
guillermo el alfil
Can we record vidéo with the frontal lens projector?
Ritin Singh
Ritin Singh 2 oy oldin
I think in 2012, Spice M-9000 Popkorn Projector was launched, which cost less than USD 80
travelibrarina 2 oy oldin
Have it in my lenovo yoga 13 tablet
Johnny Paragon
Johnny Paragon 2 oy oldin
Cool tech!
sanjithrajesh 2 oy oldin
Is it like the samsung galaxy beam
Lukas Deekman
Lukas Deekman 2 oy oldin
Didn't Lenovo do this with their tablets several years ago?
Csaba Palcovacs
Csaba Palcovacs 2 oy oldin
Allview x4 soul vision
TRUTH HAMMER 2 oy oldin
samsung did it a century ago
Jeff Arnold
Jeff Arnold 3 oy oldin
Jeff Arnold
Jeff Arnold 3 oy oldin
Moro phone did it
The King
The King 3 oy oldin
Retro Collected
Retro Collected 3 oy oldin
Samsung Galaxy Beam is already about 5/6 years old.
Shaikh Amaan FM ☑
iBall Andi 4A introduced in 2013 is much better in that way.
xorkatoss 3 oy oldin
lol whoever put this title is fking clueless at least have the decency to change it...
FunckyChick 3 oy oldin
It is better if it has a cover tho
FL4ME দূ্যত
No i have this phone before this is posted
FreedomNews 3 oy oldin
the android box i have also has a projector built in and the image is much brighter and not terrible considering its wireless withwifi bluetooth and a quadcore android tv for the platform. I brought it to the cottage for the connor floydd bout and it gave us and the all the new neighbours we never knew we had around the cottages once an outfoor projector with a fight was on. its roughly the size of a galaxy note 5 with a heavy otterbox case. ran 4hrs still had plenty of battery using the hdmi out would prolong it much more. i think i paid around 200CAD shipped in an order of atv boxes and its def a treasure if for anything 100inch tv at the lake with no production crew of cords and power to prepare. ended up needing one of our outdoor rock speakers for extra drunken dipshit blabber.
over00lord Unknown
4:23 "If I had this in the locker room, hit the lights..." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
fedo dido
fedo dido 3 oy oldin
Samsung did this @ 2012 Galaxy Beam
Джонибек Джаббаров
Blackview: "buy our piece of shit that dies after a week of using"
The Nick
The Nick 3 oy oldin
If they improve the quality it would be a amazing go-to feature🔥
Vivek Jat
Vivek Jat 3 oy oldin
Can i project pubgm through it?
Max Lechuga
Max Lechuga 3 oy oldin
Galaxy beam...
M Fara
M Fara 3 oy oldin
awful position for projector. how can you control that!!
EDWARDS 636 3 oy oldin
pretty cool tech
Soham Naskar
Soham Naskar 3 oy oldin
This should be in more Android Phones..
jp bautista
jp bautista 3 oy oldin
Can you review blackview bv series?
Jerry Michael
Jerry Michael 3 oy oldin
I saw a phone called hoot x23 it was 4gb of ram with 64gb n it was 38k in sitting here wondering how possible this is....if u could make a review of this line it will be cool
Lê Bảo 3979
Lê Bảo 3979 3 oy oldin
I have Samsung galaxy beam
Malem Yensenbam
Malem Yensenbam 3 oy oldin
Your video title is getting boring now . No offense.
talin nalo
talin nalo 3 oy oldin
Jona Cosyns
Jona Cosyns 3 oy oldin
Lu is a salesman
Murat Aksakalli
Murat Aksakalli 3 oy oldin
projector for smartphones must be a minimal and separated...
Taimoor Ali
Taimoor Ali 3 oy oldin
what smartwatch is he wearing ?
NvrStpGaming 3 oy oldin
Once its revealed to not have a headphone jack I'm immediately disinterested
Ruckus The Wolf
Ruckus The Wolf 3 oy oldin
ZTE SPro 2
Thomas Collins
Thomas Collins 3 oy oldin
You did it on a black background. The contrast is all off
William Praslin
William Praslin 3 oy oldin
The Lenovo smart cast?
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma 3 oy oldin
Lew I think you must try Moto z play with the projector mod that is enough good also.
Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma 3 oy oldin
+Richard Villarreal I know 😎
Richard Villarreal
Moto z3 is the best phone I've ever owned. With a projector too!
Thicc Donald
Thicc Donald 3 oy oldin
Muhammad Syahir Aiman
Tjipke Henk Zijlstra
samsung had this a couple years a go. it was called samsung galaxy beam
Christopher Deane
I like all the phone reviews and unboxing unlike some people bitching bout that's all you do but I know u know about the Moto mod and the Samsung beam that have both already been out for years.
Bal Gehakt
Bal Gehakt 3 oy oldin
I need advice... what is the best phone under 400 dollars?
Joshua Jesper
Joshua Jesper 3 oy oldin
too slow
Mohammed AlHouti
Mohammed AlHouti 3 oy oldin
*Did you guys forget about the Samsung Beam?*
skydyz 123
skydyz 123 3 oy oldin
reminds me to samsung galaxy beam
Thiago Teruo Kuratani
I had a Samsung Galaxy Beam and it was the best thing ever! Note: I have a MotoZ2 play WITH the projector mod and it's not the same! You need to carry it around. Not practical. Better projection, but still not practical. Nevertheless, this is not new. I'm exited to see another company take Samsung's approach, because it was awesome... Don't get me wrong! But it's not "innovative"....
10,000 subscribers with No Videos?
I hv seen the samsung one
Irfan Jamaluddin
Irfan Jamaluddin 3 oy oldin
Literally Galaxy beam in my mind when I saw the tittle and the thumbnail
Shankar Thapa
Shankar Thapa 3 oy oldin
Chutiya tune nahi dekha hoga. hamara yaha chacha log ayesa mobile lekar ghumte hain.. iball Karbbon aur samsung ne kai saal pahele hi ayese mobile banaye hain.. tum Angrejo ko ghanta pata hota hain..
310 V
310 V 3 oy oldin
so it's pretty much useless
TheGreendabomb 3 oy oldin
Samsung did this several years ago!!!!
Ko D
Ko D 3 oy oldin
*Stop using this god damn title* I love ya but for a tech channel ur so inflammatory. People who watch this are interested in technology already and the clickbait is inappropriate and ruins the quality of ur channel.. maybe even just get better clickbait cause I'm so sick of this.. one the main reasons I've unsubbed before and find u so hard to watch. If u weren't gonna pop up in my recs anyway and influence opinions on major tech releases, I would leave this channel behind... Just chill u're already set on utube
Peter 3 oy oldin
So unbox xz3!
Antonio APC79
Antonio APC79 3 oy oldin
Motorola mods
Alaa Kamar
Alaa Kamar 3 oy oldin
Very nice
Kemal Arda Ayar
Kemal Arda Ayar 3 oy oldin
Enough with this smartphone thing. Do some cool tech deals or something. Even the title is clickbait. I remember there was a phone with projection. This is not first.
Paul The bearded one Downing
my immediate thought was big business guys your in a meeting you need to show an email the latest figures or whatever BAM its right here on the wall smart stuff pretty cool
hay 666
hay 666 3 oy oldin
Izra-El King
Izra-El King 3 oy oldin
didn't LG (or was it Samsung 🤔) have a phone like this from yyyeeeeaaars ago ¿
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