Vigil held for Junior following arrest of 11th suspect in teen`s death

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Danilo Payamps Pacheco, 21, of the Bronx, surrendered to officers at the 48th Precinct, accompanied by his lawyer. He faces charges of murder, manslaughter, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.



7-Iyl, 2018



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iwcg 2
iwcg 2 14 soat oldin
Off with all their heads!!!
Official Salvador Meza
As long as he was there he’s still in trouble stop saying he’s fucking innocent when he’s fucking guilty, stop fucking defending him. His fault he made a dumbass choice now he has to face the consequences of his actions, anyone that disagrees with me gtfo here
Vicaveli nice
Vicaveli nice 3 kun oldin
Scumbag platano!!!
Ms Santana
Ms Santana 3 kun oldin
When is that lil hoe going to be arrested !!!!!!
Rob Lee
Rob Lee 3 kun oldin
It wasn't machetes it was one machete kitchen knife and I heard a shank ice pick was involved and I hope they all rot in prison I heard there was four vehicles involved and a female set him up to be killed however law enforcement and mainstream media is saying otherwise but the American people are not stupid!!!!👈👈👺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
christopher rivera
christopher rivera 3 kun oldin
They are all guilty!!!!!! Y defend those heartless animals. Let them spend the rest of their miserable life in prison. Who cares about them they don't deserve hearings. They didn't stop to think about anything. Oh as for the crybaby that cried in court!!!! Guess what N.Y. doesn't give a dann about your fake tears. Keep them locked up. They have more freedom than junior. His heartbroken mother never be able to hug her baby again at least those fucks get to c their mother's. Justice for junior we love you and we stand by your family junior 🎈🔔🎈🔔
christopher rivera
christopher rivera 3 kun oldin
Shame on them killing a innocent baby.
UPUPnAWAYog Gonzalez
Fuk them people they deserve everything that’s comming to them
Deborah William
Deborah William 5 kun oldin
Look lady you f****** idiot, the police ain't say he did the stabbing, they getting ready to get your son on accessory to the fact, he was in one of them cars, and he knew them gang members was going to kill that boy, so shut the fuk up!!! And one more thing, numbnuts, gang members don't hang out with guys that's not in the gang, that's why it's called the gang
TurkOfficial 5 kun oldin
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jeffrey holliday
jeffrey holliday 5 kun oldin
He's just as guilty, as the rest of them. Smh
Trevel Hall
Trevel Hall 5 kun oldin
Damn how many niggas killed this young boy? 4, 5, 7, 9, now 11. What next 30?
James Brown
James Brown 6 kun oldin
Her son may not be a gang member, but he's an accessory to murder.
Minkey Dinkey
Minkey Dinkey 6 kun oldin
Yea justice for junior and jail for them and the sister too for conspiracy to commit murder and accomplice.
MrRuss10000 6 kun oldin
Another HOOD RAT bites the dust..Bend over for the butt rape.....
Andrea Long
Andrea Long 7 kun oldin
So sad how many of these fuckers had something to do with juniors death
Stephany Roman
Stephany Roman 7 kun oldin
Tan feos todos malos
Frank Gallina
Frank Gallina 7 kun oldin
Off or on killing masks.
Joe Combs
Joe Combs 7 kun oldin
Niggahs guilty as sin.
Keith Mikell
Keith Mikell 7 kun oldin
Hope all 11 get butt raped brutally in jail and do hard time. FUCK 'EM!!!
clif arwood
clif arwood 7 kun oldin
need to start some good old west justise for the victims in this his mama does,nt have any idea of what her son does
Army메리싸 7 kun oldin
Innocent sure bitch pendeja
The Matt
The Matt 7 kun oldin
Deport every one of them back to their shitholes.
Earz To The Streetz
LetsGetMedieval 7 kun oldin
My son it's in a gang! Clueless parents thay should lock her ass up too for not doing her damn job that's the problem in this country.
TipoJ M
TipoJ M 8 kun oldin
Mary Tatara
Mary Tatara 8 kun oldin
Your son was apart of it he was there shows it in the video. Hope they all go down for it n justice is served. JUSTICEFORJUNIOR ALL THE WAY FROM AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND.
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 8 kun oldin
Lock up the barber too.😨
Juanvo Serrano Quiros
Www to
Chuck Towers
Chuck Towers 8 kun oldin
The mother of that killer is blind as fuck, and the main reason her son turned out to be a criminal
森本ボリス 8 kun oldin
1:32 he's a flight risk because of the charges which is why it's NOT ridiculous to deny bail..he probably has long rap sheet too but im no lawyer or anything..
Gustav Crock
Gustav Crock 8 kun oldin
Nobody cares. There are illegal immigrants two free and borders to open. Sorry but it's a bigger story
Not fairr
Not fairr 8 kun oldin
gangs are for pussies
Inanna Enigma
Inanna Enigma 8 kun oldin
I honestly want them dead, but that would be too good for them-I'd much rather see them locked up in solitary for life.
scout 8148
scout 8148 8 kun oldin
I am sure the gang members are probably illegal immigrants !
Evil D
Evil D 8 kun oldin
LMFAO @ That hair Typical Spaniard - Spanish Nigger (aka) Spigger
MARIO'S IMPOSTOR 8 kun oldin
Acid Plug
Acid Plug 8 kun oldin
You know you a bitch if you wear U.S.P.A. 😂😂😂 Rip to the kid though
Jimmy Uso
Jimmy Uso 8 kun oldin
Lol savages
Dalim Mont
Dalim Mont 8 kun oldin
Nice hair cut faggot. Looking like broccoli. Faggot ass beaners
Kathleen Healey
Kathleen Healey 8 kun oldin
12 grown men vs 1 15 year old kid. What a bunch of wasted air. R.I.P Junior.
!itachi uchiha!
!itachi uchiha! 8 kun oldin
He just mad cause he got his forehead snatched tf off
Cece 8 kun oldin
Horney prisoners will pull the hell out of that ugly ass hair while they fuck his little brown ass. They are all going to be known as former street gang members who are now known as Riker' s Island SPERM BUCKETS.
while should
while should 8 kun oldin
send to the brasil house of criminous here this is normal .-.
while should
while should 8 kun oldin
i alive in this fuck of brasil .-. i see they dudes crazys send to the brasil , in brasil with 6 mounths drop it
A U S T I N 9 kun oldin
this kids hair looks like my sister if she got a lineup cut half her hair off after she took out her weave ugh he needs to cut that overgrown pubes bush of his trashy ass head
Garth Tossiaint
Garth Tossiaint 9 kun oldin
There was ah power outage at the barbershop
Teddy Lovell
Teddy Lovell 9 kun oldin
Gangs need to be abolished armys come in the kill each others then cry while cops shoot - thinkn there gonna hurt someone . give them life
Tom Nelson
Tom Nelson 9 kun oldin
Yep, need to open the border for more of these savages. Machete sales poised to sky rocket.
Cynthia Z
Cynthia Z 9 kun oldin
Disgusting pieces of .....They need to rot in HELL!!! THATS WHERE THEY ALL BELONG!!! Her son is not a gang memeber and is innocent? Yea okay...She raised a good for nothing monster!!
Benihama Glo
Benihama Glo 9 kun oldin
Lmaooo dis nigga freal wearing uspa..smhhh trinis some pussy niggas glo in peace junior
Ben Nickerson
Ben Nickerson 9 kun oldin
That hairline doe😂😂😂😂
stevebrownrocks 9 kun oldin
Hey douchebag lawyer; please go hang yourself at the end of the day, for using the phrase "at the end of the day".
Fidel Roman
Fidel Roman 9 kun oldin
Fucker knows something so he is just as guilty
sid assassin
sid assassin 9 kun oldin
*weeknd's brother!????*
Kepola Barajas
Kepola Barajas 9 kun oldin
That's racist.
Grim Tea
Grim Tea 9 kun oldin
iSn'T iT rIdIcUlOuS tHaT iF yOu TuRn YoUrSeLf In... Bro I realize your defending these guys but you should have declined making any comments
Javier Villareal
Javier Villareal 9 kun oldin
I_Bomb _Atomikly
I_Bomb _Atomikly 9 kun oldin
He should be charged with aggravated assault for making us all suffer by having to look at his hairline. Yo’ haircut game is f&$@)! up.
Michael Deth
Michael Deth 8 kun oldin
I_Bomb _Atomikly that hairdo is prolly the real reason he was denied bail...
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton 10 kun oldin
wet back family gang member
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton 10 kun oldin
lol to bad he didt kill his illegal dirty mom to
Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez 10 kun oldin
His haircut needs a death sentence
Lolly Alwazxmas
Lolly Alwazxmas 10 kun oldin
Thought this was wypipo face
Gladiator MP7
Gladiator MP7 10 kun oldin
Yo wtf happened to his hair? It looks like a bomb exploded on his forehead
Stars Aligned
Stars Aligned 10 kun oldin
I hope they get their throats sliced up in prison. You are all dead men walking. They are going to get you.
Soul Sisters
Soul Sisters 10 kun oldin
Elliott Uberbacher
Elliott Uberbacher 10 kun oldin
Children’s death
iTz Latin Gaming
iTz Latin Gaming 10 kun oldin
Donald Vogelman u can suck his dick by the way
Radney Montalvo
Radney Montalvo 10 kun oldin
Pacheco what Up with that hair man who let you out the house
Sage Of The Six Paths.
Sha Gojō
Sha Gojō 10 kun oldin
The sad part is that society abandoned these kids and they chose evil. Such horrible evil kids
A.J. Ello
A.J. Ello 10 kun oldin
Should've reinstated the use of the electric chair for that haircut alone.
fuckyoshit6842 10 kun oldin
Fuck these moms. These hoes should keep better track of what the fuck they're stupid ass kids doing. "Innocent, hes innocent" fuck you hoe. You guilty of being a dumb bitch.
Deplorable Santa
Deplorable Santa 10 kun oldin
All are subhuman trash !
Gene Wu
Gene Wu 10 kun oldin
Are these clowns illegals or not?
Alexander Marioneaux
They better get their buttholes waxed for prison and get that strawberry jam ready.
Monica Hernandez
Monica Hernandez 10 kun oldin
To bad fuck him..
dee jay
dee jay 10 kun oldin
Texas Family Code Sec. 51.12 (f) PLACE AND CONDITIONS OF DETENTION. (f) A child detained in a building that contains a jail, lockup, or other place of secure confinement shall be separated by sight and sound from adults detained in the same building. Children and adults are separated by sight and sound only if they are unable to see each other and conversation between them is not possible. The separation must extend to all areas of the facility, including sally ports and passageways, and those areas used for admission, counseling, sleeping, toileting, showering, dining, recreational, educational, or vocational activities, and health care. The separation may be accomplished through architectural design.
Maso Soup
Maso Soup 10 kun oldin
How could that lawyer sleep at night defending that shitty human . Smh
2 Cents
2 Cents 10 kun oldin
His hair looks like a half way pulled cotton ball 😂
vvav 10 kun oldin
On one hand, I hope these scumbags spend their lives in jail for their crimes. On the other hand, I have to wonder if there would be any justice for Junior's death if it was police officers that killed him instead of some brown kids off the street. I suspect not.
Ace The MC
Ace The MC 10 kun oldin
Ugly ass spic, if I was that guys mom I would be glad he’s going to jail having that haircut itself is a felony
Green Leaf
Green Leaf 10 kun oldin
I’m so happy they caught all these dumb ass mfs
Zakia Webster
Zakia Webster 10 kun oldin
Did anybody ever find the real kid? Also the girl should be given some sort of consequence for telling them the wrong person. Everyone isn’t a gang member just because their surroundings are full of it.
Woody Wood
Woody Wood 10 kun oldin
Kid look like a Dominican Don King!! "ONLY IN AMERICA!!"
G Linares
G Linares 10 kun oldin
What a stupid ass haircut.
joebeezy115 10 kun oldin
these things killers are not "niggas" no American black person can join the trinitarios.
Ross Best
Ross Best 10 kun oldin
Black Lives Matter!!... Oh wait.. Umm.. The killers is black.... 🤔
Army메리싸 7 kun oldin
Lmao black white hispanic american all are killer so 🤣🤣
jas 8 kun oldin
lol fuck off
Michael Burger
Michael Burger 9 kun oldin
Lil Novi. You know what? I agree with you !! Although " black lies matter" is a bunch of made up nonsense...we all know it.
Lil Novi
Lil Novi 9 kun oldin
Michael Burger Yes its true but that has nothing to do with the black lives matter movement. We all aren't that bad.
Lil Novi
Lil Novi 9 kun oldin
Kepola Barajas Its called a typo nigga. I meant Hole.
Della Lyn
Della Lyn 10 kun oldin
Send all these animals to Leavenworth....
Simi 615
Simi 615 10 kun oldin
You do the crime you do the time! All of them are involved in some way or another. God will deal with all of these criminals in His time!
Iliana Meraz
Iliana Meraz 10 kun oldin
They should all get life in prison
ragdolsaboveaverage 10 kun oldin
She firmly defends her son “ghetto ghetto ghetto... ghetto ghetto ghetto ghetto.” “Sassy talk finger snaps.”
ragdolsaboveaverage 10 kun oldin
Why are they outraged he’s gonna get justice. Be mournful be outraged at the people who killed him. Poor guy. This is just awful
Julian 10 kun oldin
Admit it, youre here to comment on that dudes hair.
Andres Brito
Andres Brito 10 kun oldin
His barber needs to get arrested too for killing his hair
ICEY 10 kun oldin
death penalty hang em idc
Jenette Green
Jenette Green 10 kun oldin
Fuck that defence lawyer
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz 10 kun oldin
Bro lookin like Jimmy neutron at 1:26
Max W
Max W 10 kun oldin
His DA is 100% a jew.
Heather Loves
Heather Loves 10 kun oldin
He need to be locked up for that taper