Village Food in Pakistan - BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!

Mark Wiens
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Not far from Gujranwala we continued to Kot Yousaf, a small community village, still in Punjab, Pakistan. We were invited by the Bagdi family to enjoy a home cooked local (desi) breakfast - I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing breakfast where the entire community came together.
But first:
You’ve already heard me saying “desi ghee” many times in previous videos in Pakistan. But desi is commonly used, even for “desi food.” But what does it mean? Here’s the definition:
Desi -
1. local; indigenous
2. unadulterated or pure
When you say desi ghee, it means clarified butter that is locally sourced, and it’s one of the most important ingredients in Punjabi food in Pakistan. It’s used in so many dishes, and it usually comes from buffaloes.
It was an amazing opportunity and experience to watch the community in the village an impressive Punjabi food breakfast. The main dishes we had were a variety of different parathas, chickpeas, and saag - a local wild spinach simmered down, and one of my personal favorite dishes in Pakistan. It was awesome to watch them make the food before we ate, and a huge thank you to all the amazing people who prepared it.
Tent pegging - After breakfast we had the special opportunity to watch tent pegging, a sport where one rides a horse, and spears a peg in the ground while racing by. It’s more than a sport, it’s an art, and it’s been a part of Pakistani culture since ancient times.
Thank you to everyone who hosted me and gave me so much hospitality and generosity. It was an amazing day in Pakistan!
Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market) and Saim who arranged and planned our day in Gujranwala.
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M. Shafique
M. Shafique 9 soat oldin
It is not wild spinach. It is mustard leaf.
Leela Capaccione
Leela Capaccione 9 soat oldin
Mark wiens pls learn how to eat the food first with hands.The way you we’re eating was really insulting that delicious food 😬
Ahamed Fayaz R
Ahamed Fayaz R 11 soat oldin
Can’t see too much mouth watering😋 Luv u pakistan from Kerala india
Saddam Deenari
Saddam Deenari 19 soat oldin
You made me hungry 😡😭
Saddam Deenari
Saddam Deenari 19 soat oldin
Yummy 😋
Waqar Anjum
Waqar Anjum 19 soat oldin
Bhai kitna khata hy...digest ho jata hy???
Saurabh Dhir
Saurabh Dhir 22 soat oldin
Balle oye tere angreja...sade ton changi kismat taan teri aa bai
Dewi Fatonah
Dewi Fatonah Kun oldin
Assalamualaikum from Indonesia🇮🇩
Soched org
Soched org Kun oldin
God bless These People, Hard working people, hospitality waaaw,,, I love 💕 🇵🇰 from 🇸🇴
Tushar Bhatiya
Tushar Bhatiya Kun oldin
Moo ma pani aaa gaya yrr 😄😄😝😝😝form India
Confuct of life Miscellenious
Aaaah kia culture hai yar pak ka or kia khany hain ....kia kehny i love may country and people ...from saudi arabia
Amarjeet Singh
Amarjeet Singh Kun oldin
earthen cooking vessels add thr own taste to food i guess can't find tht much now across the world just couple of countries now use it n tht also in rural areas only.
Abdullah Shahzad
Hope you like our cultures I live in Pakistan Also in Gujranwala
Sunny Singh
Sunny Singh 2 kun oldin
Love from indian punjab
Sushil Patel
Sushil Patel 2 kun oldin
I hate pakistan and pakistani I'm indian
Uzzie B
Uzzie B 2 soat oldin
Sushil Patel nobody cares about you. You’re a disgusting dirty virgin loser that will die alone.
Sushil Patel
Sushil Patel 3 soat oldin
+Uzzie B louda care pakistan and pakistani murdabaad and madarchod
Uzzie B
Uzzie B 5 soat oldin
Sushil Patel nobody cares
A Reha
A Reha 2 kun oldin
مارک تم نے پاکستان کے گندہ ترین علاقے دیکھائے اور پاکستان کی عزت و توقیر میںکمی کی۔ افسوس ۔ تم کو پاکستان کے لوگوں نے بہت عزت واحترام دیا۔ مفت کھانے۔ رہائیش۔اور کروڑوں دیکھنے والے اور اس سے تم نے لاکھوں ڈالرز $ یو ٹیوب UZvid سے کمائے۔ تم بے شرم کو شرم نہیں آتی ۔ You shows dirtiest Pakistan, Pakistan gave you lots respect and lots free meal and accommodation. You got lots of UZvid Pakistani watcher in millions. You earn lots of dollars $. But you!! Shame on you 👹👺
Praduynna Sarania
Praduynna Sarania 2 kun oldin
Boka suda haan react kora dekhun
Praduynna Sarania
Praduynna Sarania 2 kun oldin
Boka suda haan react kora dekhun
Apna Village Food
Apna Village Food 2 kun oldin
Nice vidoes
Mobile Legends Live streaming
Love u punjab from India punjab Miss u ☹️😢😢😢😢
Mirza Azeem. 003
Mirza Azeem. 003 2 kun oldin
I love this food I miss my home 😔
Sohail Ahmad Rana
Sohail Ahmad Rana 2 kun oldin
Cultre of my province Punjab PAKISTAN... lot of love for u
ANAH MARLIANAH 2 kun oldin
Hello I'm Anah from Indonesia .I like this video
N S 2 kun oldin
Divided by politics. United by food. Assalam alaykum Pakistan from New Delhi India.
Badar Hussain
Badar Hussain 3 kun oldin
I like
Deepika Behl
Deepika Behl 3 kun oldin
Yummmy food 😋 no one beats our Punjabi food 😍
Fatima Khalil
Fatima Khalil 3 kun oldin
Ohhh that's my Punjab that's my people that's my Pakistan..., loved the video n enjoyed it thoroughly it was so mouth watering I wish I could have a bite from your plate 😏😏 that was pure food directly from the kitchen of a village "Desi khana" full of healthiness n purity ❤️❤️❤️ n of course the love of the lady making it specially for the guests makes this food more delicious #BeautifulPakistan #HospitablePakistan 💚🇵🇰💚
Rider Life journey
Rider Life journey 3 kun oldin
May god end the war between isis and raw .
Pakistani 786 BAiJAN
Asalam to all Muslim brothers sisters from Pakistan 🇵🇰 😘
moeen ahmad
moeen ahmad 14 soat oldin
Pakistani 786 BAiJAN
Thank you mark
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma 4 kun oldin
always want to go to Punjab Pakistan lots of love from punjab india
Zabie Khan
Zabie Khan 4 kun oldin
Haye my village life i love my Pakistan me from Saudi Arabia
Punjabi Motivation
Punjabi Motivation 4 kun oldin
Aapne dona desha diya sarkara te media hi ik duje nu ldayi jnda, nhi dill te bnde ohi aa,,, love you pak aaleyo,, ❤️🇮🇳❤️🇵🇰
Ali Raza
Ali Raza 4 kun oldin
Bhook lag gaye daikh k.. mama idar v chek kara kala kala hi?
Изольда Прекрасная
То чувство когда твоя жена готовит хреново😔 Please tell me in Pakistani people gostepriimny? Russia
green shine
green shine 4 kun oldin
I proud our all village culture and city's I love my country Pakistan ❤️ Pakistan zinda bad
Keep Talking
Keep Talking 5 kun oldin
I need to go Pakistan 🇵🇰
Pardesi Musafir
Pardesi Musafir 5 kun oldin
پاکستان ایک امن پسند ملک ھے اور یہاں کے لوگ پیار کرنے والے ہیں
asad ktk
asad ktk 5 kun oldin
the pure village food
Saqib Ali
Saqib Ali 5 kun oldin
Dislikes from indians. Very bad. Ooh. Please indians Don't crying babes
Syed Usama Manzoor
Syed Usama Manzoor 5 kun oldin
And yet Pakistanis are all painted as terrorists. Like how many terrorists did you run into Mr. Wiens? I'm glad that you came here to so that when you hear someone on international news saying rubbish about our homeland, you know that it's all just a propaganda because some nations have to dump the responsibility of their dirty businesses on some country and Pakistan is an easy target to bully. That is so heartbreaking. You have visited a lot of nations... think once, how many of them had their ministers, village leaders and people invite you to their homes and street food sellers, whose income is actually very low, refusing to charge you for the food? I hope that because of spending time in Pakistan, you are not declared a terrorist internationally. :(
BABA BABA 5 kun oldin
Very happy to see you in Pakistan great pleasure to have you in Pakistan
Ahmad Al Najjar
Ahmad Al Najjar 5 kun oldin
love to pakistan from syria
Sajjad Munir
Sajjad Munir 2 kun oldin
Shahid Mahar
Shahid Mahar 5 kun oldin
Gurcharan Gurcharan
I wanna come to Pakistan
Gurcharan Gurcharan
OMG This Punjab Is Better Than Indian Punjab. You Have Saved Our Old Punjabi Culture That Indian Punjab Didn't Saved. Love from Indian Punjab
Amer Mahmood
Amer Mahmood 6 kun oldin
I am indian but I love Pakistan food..
Rajni Sharma
Rajni Sharma 6 kun oldin
Same like India
ZAHID ALI ZAFAR 6 kun oldin
for Punjabis watching your video is like a torture, while, away from Punjab and had not tasted such delicious food for ages....
Veronica Louise Ciccione
Much love from Italy to Pakistan
Tarandeep singh
Tarandeep singh 6 kun oldin
Love from east Punjab India
naseer ali
naseer ali 6 kun oldin
Zishan Phelwan
Zishan Phelwan 6 kun oldin
Amazing Pakistan food
Veer Jain
Veer Jain 6 kun oldin
Hey Mark. The parathas are made in homemade butter. That is not desi ghee. Desi ghee is what you get when you heat the butter and cook it. It is always a pleasure to go through your videos. Cheers!
The Mirror Speaks Truth
Love both Punjab (India and Pakistan) Rich culture,kind hearted people.... Punjab was divided in 1947, hope will unite again
kaleel Khan
kaleel Khan 6 kun oldin
Looks delicious. I really enjoyed watcing this. Thanks
manoj kumar
manoj kumar 6 kun oldin
i am indian wow yammi mujhe bhi khana h
Yasir MK
Yasir MK 6 kun oldin
at least now u know what does taste means ,love pakistan
mujahid zindgi
mujahid zindgi 7 kun oldin
6.34 donkey voice and pratha
Azra Shaikh
Azra Shaikh 7 kun oldin
Nice vlog
rajeshwari dabgar
rajeshwari dabgar 7 kun oldin
Hey plz come to in my village
Muhammad Eshan Ali
Muhammad Eshan Ali 7 kun oldin
Wow U love Pakistan and we love u.
حسن الاحمد
Fresh no kemkel good
Aslah Muhammad
Aslah Muhammad 7 kun oldin
Haris Jamil
Haris Jamil 7 kun oldin
I remember my aunt used to make it when I go to punjab
killakam 8 kun oldin
That one buffalo gave u a maaad look, like bruh u better enjoy that desi ghee
Farhat Mumtaz
Farhat Mumtaz 8 kun oldin
the "saag" you eat in village is the fresh baby mustured leafs....which is called "sarson ka saag.....and that white butter called "makhan" in our local language....
Praveen jose
Praveen jose 8 kun oldin
Eecha vayail pokathe noku
lakshya sharma
lakshya sharma 8 kun oldin
Same Culture and food In Indian punjab
sufyan# Hardcoregaming
I am from pakistan
USMAN BUTT 8 kun oldin
Faisal Ayaz
Faisal Ayaz 8 kun oldin
good job brother GOD bless you . this is my real pakistan
LifeByAqib 8 kun oldin
The beautiful PARRRATHA
Anil Nimbran
Anil Nimbran 8 kun oldin
Really mark you are doing a good job that pakistan punjab is as it is like indian punjab .food is exactly same as in our punjab and as i mention earlier that purity is still prevail in punjab and peole use earthnpot to make food really feel good
Farouq Omaro
Farouq Omaro 8 kun oldin
Eating desi ghee straight from the village! Lucky you!
Shaheer Ahmed
Shaheer Ahmed 8 kun oldin
paydaishi bhoka lag raha hy .......hahahahahah
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 8 kun oldin
North Indian & Pakistanis food's are almost same.
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 5 kun oldin
+Hacker X You are the Idiot. India and Pakistan are historically the same. Its only been 70 years since both countries got divided. A line was drawn on a map by British that decided where would be Pakistan and where India. Pakistani people have the same DNA that Indian people have. Please don't be and Idiot.
Hacker X
Hacker X 8 kun oldin
Another idiot trying hard to somehow connect Pak with India. Such a shame.
Jasmine Jasmine
Jasmine Jasmine 8 kun oldin
Mark Wiens is crazy for the sarson ka saag
Abdullah Imtiaz
Abdullah Imtiaz 9 kun oldin
Mera punjab❤️❤️❤️
Hadeel Alghamdi
Hadeel Alghamdi 9 kun oldin
Such a peaceful beautiful place ..
Baba Wanga
Baba Wanga 9 kun oldin
I am Pakistani, and I love Indian people. I hope that someday will be peace between our two great nations ❤️❤️🇵🇰🇮🇳
Hacker X
Hacker X 8 kun oldin
No need to love them. We are better and we should not compare ourselves with other countries specially our eastern neighbour.
preetam kumar
preetam kumar 9 kun oldin
Bhag madharchod bhosadi wale dekhna kahi gand me bomb na dal de... Yeh sabh suar hai madharchod... Pakistan ka ma ka bhosada.... I hate 😡👿 porkistani.... Chup madarchod
Oyyee Baaz Aajaa
Oyyee Baaz Aajaa 3 kun oldin
+Ali Hassan are choro bhai in indians ko in ko reply mat kro in ka kaam hai galiya dena aap dehan mat do in ko
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 5 kun oldin
Bhai agar itni nafrat kartay ho to yaha kya kar rahay ho? Pakistan ki video dekh rahay ho?
Khan Ji
Khan Ji 9 kun oldin
Love u Pakistan I want eat this food
Mohan Singh
Mohan Singh 9 kun oldin
this is how, western ediots with Columbus mindset came to this Indian subcontinent and colonised the indegenious people
New York
New York 9 kun oldin
I’m from New York, I was born in Bangladesh, we used to be east Pakistan before 1971, but one day I’ll go to Pakistan to eat and see the beautiful people.
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar 9 kun oldin
Last time when you visited India, I subscribed your channel... Now u are in my Un subscription 😂 we won't support terrorists and their guests like u.... 😎
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar 8 kun oldin
+Hacker X porki spotted 😂
Hacker X
Hacker X 8 kun oldin
Sania Tabasum
Sania Tabasum 10 kun oldin
mashalla alhamdullila beautiful gorgeous lovely pakistan 🇵🇰💋🇵🇰
sani jared
sani jared 10 kun oldin
I just had a heavy dinner, yet am hungry again....😲
Neha Khan
Neha Khan 10 kun oldin
Looking testy
Amy Sheikh
Amy Sheikh 10 kun oldin
The way he makes that face when he eats any dish from pakistan 😂😂😂😂😂
Rubel Ahmed
Rubel Ahmed 10 kun oldin
Such type of innocent and gorgeous video are also disliked by some lunatic indian people.
Adnan Qadir
Adnan Qadir 10 kun oldin
i feel so much hungry right now
Mahr Waqar
Mahr Waqar 10 kun oldin
I don't understand You traveling the world but you are not healthy....It's not Good
rafia asad
rafia asad 10 kun oldin
really Pakistan is most safe country! Pakistan Zindabad! I wish everyone come to our country and see it's the most beautiful and peaceful place
Harpreet Kaur
Harpreet Kaur 10 kun oldin
I'm from India (Punjab) And I love this video May God bless all my Pakistani brothers and sisters.
santhosh kumar Rai
santhosh kumar Rai 7 soat oldin
Good people food. Served just like they do in india .
Faisal Hameed
Faisal Hameed Kun oldin
Thanks my brother 😊
aLi SheikH
aLi SheikH 4 kun oldin
Shukira tawda preet kaur .. Punjab sara ek jeya ay India te pak wala
Zakir Majrooh
Zakir Majrooh 10 kun oldin
پنجابی بہت لعنتی قوم ہے وہ نہ محرم کو گھر میں بھٹا کر پتہ نہیں کیا کیا کرتا انکے ساتھ عورتوں ک بیچ میں بھٹا کر اسلام کو بدنام کرنے کے ساتھ ساتھ پاکستانی قوم کو بھی بدنام کرتے ہے لعنتی پنجابیوں شرم کرو کیا خیال ہے یہ اپ جیسے .بے حیا قوم سے متاثر ہو جائیگا کمینو اگر اسکے جگہ اسکو اسلام ک دعوت دیتا کیا پتہ اسلام قبول کرتا لیکن تمہاری عورتوں ک وجہ سے انگلش گرل آسمان اسلام قبول کرے تمہارے حالت دیکھ کر پتہ نہیں ان سب عورتوں کے بیچ میں سوتا ہوگا آج رات 😠😠😠👊
MR GREEN THUMB 10 kun oldin
Mouth watering ggggg😊
Afsar's Creations
Afsar's Creations 10 kun oldin
O u came Chakwal I missed it. Chakwal is my city.
Abdul Rasak
Abdul Rasak 10 kun oldin
Anybody from kerala ??? Mark.... u r amazinggg!!!!
KIRTICA DAS 10 kun oldin
Ohhhh yum yummmmm
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