Viola Davis wins Best Supporting Actress

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Mark Rylance presents Viola Davis with the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "Fences" at the 89th Oscars® in 2017.




3-Apr, 2017



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Stone Roses
Stone Roses Kun oldin
So lovely to see so many African American female contenders. Just watched Fences on Netflix. Well deserved by Viola!
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez 2 kun oldin
I come back to this here and there whenever I feel like crying
Spyros Tsiamis
Spyros Tsiamis 2 kun oldin
Joseph Avena
Joseph Avena 4 kun oldin
*Viola Davis breathes* Me:😭😭😭
someone is dead.
someone is dead. 4 kun oldin
Wasn't she in a lead role in the film.how come she is receiving supporting actress award.
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo 4 kun oldin
Octavia Spencer should have won!
Sheree Tré B
Sheree Tré B 5 kun oldin
love her she's great .is it me or almost every black person that won wins by supporting roles .
Watermelon Antique
Watermelon Antique 7 kun oldin
One of the best oscar speeches of all time.
Toni Varga
Toni Varga 7 kun oldin
Preciosa y talentosa se parece a mi mujer yarelis lopez davis
Tom Ripley
Tom Ripley 8 kun oldin
I don't know if I missed the point of this speech but I was arrested for trying to dig up a dead body down the local graveyard. Thanks Viola.
robin s
robin s 10 kun oldin
All she does is cry and snot in movies
qwerttzizzi 12 kun oldin
I NEVER saw so many people in the audience moved to tears by a speech
qwerttzizzi 12 kun oldin
Wow 3 black women nominated..way to go!
Mario Standy
Mario Standy 15 kun oldin
Goosebumps when viola realizes emma 🥰 WHO’s here 2019?
Fawad Bahrami
Fawad Bahrami 18 kun oldin
Wicky Y
Wicky Y 18 kun oldin
Look at that ass walking up the stage
Raphael Smith
Raphael Smith 19 kun oldin
3rd times a charge!!
Adam Dow
Adam Dow 20 kun oldin
Amanda Waller beats She-Venom, Moneypenny, Dr. Chase Meridian and Spidey's wrestling check-in girl.
Amirul Firdaus
Amirul Firdaus 22 kun oldin
Wait was she not a lead in the help?
Tushar Pardeshi
Tushar Pardeshi 23 kun oldin
I do not understand why I cry every time I watch this. My favorite Oscar speech.
shyztee 23 kun oldin
She is a dark chocolate Goddess with a glorious body! Her traps are just everything!!!
cheerVEVO 26 kun oldin
she looks amazing in the red dress
J Juman
J Juman 28 kun oldin
This is the greatest speech in the entire history of the Oscar’s .. the interance of that actor was deep also!
Deondre J. Jackson
Deondre J. Jackson 29 kun oldin
One of the greatest actresses of our generation! Everyone had a purpose on this earth! And this is hers!
Tevin Landry
Tevin Landry Oy oldin
The best actor on the planet, man or woman, PERIOD.
jmcieslak0 Oy oldin
"We are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life" classic pretentious Hollywood bullshit line right there
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia 28 kun oldin
She was pretty much in the moment but I knew what she meant. Very few professions really do celebrate to live a life.
Claudia Bolanos
Love you Ms. Davis 😍😍😍😍
DirtyMoney Narctisss
Viola Davis❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏼
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies Oy oldin
Viola was amazing, but she was not a supporting role in Fences. This award should've gone to Naomi Harris and Viola should've been nominated as best actress, but the studio thought she would have better odds not competing against La La Land and Emma Stone. It's a damn shame because Naomi Harris not only was heartbreaking in Moonlight, but also filmed her whole role in only 3 days and the fact that she was able to convey so much in such a short time working on a production is oscar worthy itself.
FutureSenator Leader
Her words are profecto,exuberant and leaves me in aahhh....She deserves
inaccessible realm
Viola, has a way with words to capture attention for some a moment or a movement😉
Marc Santo
Marc Santo Oy oldin
I love viola Davis so much
gain al
gain al Oy oldin
Her speeches are always so staged and preachy tbh.
Chris White
Chris White Oy oldin
Jheyr Dela Cruz
She is as beautiful as her speech, one of Hollywood's finest actress indeed
Pablo Frank
Pablo Frank Oy oldin
One of only 24 people to have won the Triple Crown of Acting (Oscar, Tony and Emmy). Hopefully she will win a Grammy soon for a Best Spoken Word album to complete the EGOT.
Eye Ken Zee
Eye Ken Zee Oy oldin
Is that Quentin Sainz?
Ândrea Feitosa
Yuan Blaine
Yuan Blaine Oy oldin
She should have won with "The Help" but an Oscar is an Oscar.
DodgerFan1988 Oy oldin
The right winner, the wrong movie. Viola should have won it as Amanda Waller in "Suicide Squad."
Luz María Torres II García
Jessica Oy oldin
Beautiful!! Bless her❤
Tashia Oy oldin
This woman is every damn thing!!!!!!
For what wins nicole kidman Oscars for looking pissed?
bobo amputa
bobo amputa Oy oldin
All of the supporting actresses were fucking great this year!
DesMone Ketron
Michael Oy oldin
WHAT A SPEECH 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Huy Lê
Huy Lê Oy oldin
I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this and my dear god thank you for giving us one of the most talented woman on earth
Queen Marie
Queen Marie Oy oldin
what an entity to an indescribable beauty 😍
agnieszka Ondycz
Viola D.best all time 💕👑
Siphesihle Nkosi
Siphesihle Nkosi 2 oy oldin
I'm crying
Theresa Namonje
Theresa Namonje 2 oy oldin
I love love viola I can't even right now
Joao Almeida
Joao Almeida 2 oy oldin
Viola Davis the best actress
Joao Almeida
Joao Almeida 2 oy oldin
Viola Davis the best actress
Alan Liddell
Alan Liddell 2 oy oldin
kei pattoncake
kei pattoncake 2 oy oldin
My queen
Jojun Chang
Jojun Chang 2 oy oldin
What does the captain America did with Black widow behind denzel Washington....
Savannah Darling
Savannah Darling 2 oy oldin
God damn I love that woman's spirit.
sean gabriel
sean gabriel 2 oy oldin
wait hold awn.. this is her first win? really? the fuck
Mr. President
Mr. President 2 oy oldin
221 white people disliked this video and then called the police on viola for winning an award while black lol
Meg LM
Meg LM 2 oy oldin
That dress on her is absolutely breathtaking. She is by far my favorite actress.
Ibikari1 2 oy oldin
Black excellence
Ibikari1 2 oy oldin
My best Oscar speech ever, so passionate, emotional
steven garrett
steven garrett 2 oy oldin
Am I the only person here that knows she is quoting Myles Monroe in her speech? She is actually acting and doing a script on stage. Look up Myles Monroe "graveyard" she didn't write any of this from her heart. This was written by Myles Monroe.
Katrice Johnson
Katrice Johnson 2 oy oldin
Beautiful speech, love it!!! Beautiful woman!!
Lady Diana
Lady Diana 2 oy oldin
Viola should've been nominated for best actress, not supporting. Sadly she had to play the politics game to win the oscar
Warrior Lord
Warrior Lord 2 oy oldin
*Beautiful speech from our Sistah Viola Davis and most importantly she thank The Most High God which many actors and actresses don't do? Without God and thanking him you wouldn't be where you are "TODAY" AMAN!!* 🙏🏾
Mckey Punapat
Mckey Punapat 2 oy oldin
She deserved it again after Help movies
cortez smith
cortez smith 2 oy oldin
Portia Karim
Portia Karim 2 oy oldin
You're the foundation of my life. My word, Lord give me love like this
Jennifer Rosenblatt
I don't exactly agree with Michelle's nomination
Igor Manoel
Igor Manoel 3 oy oldin
Villan has acting skills genius... no one can beat her..
Mark Murray
Mark Murray 3 oy oldin
This was very well deserved! She should have won for Best Actress for The Help. She was outstanding in that movie and in this, Congrats to Viola a classy woman and amazing actress!
Tiago Sousa
Tiago Sousa 3 oy oldin
É admirável o talento dessa mulher incrível.😍😍😍😍😍
Tolamo Lenkopane
Tolamo Lenkopane 3 oy oldin
I love ths beautiful lady for she's the blessing from God
Maddie Clark
Maddie Clark 3 oy oldin
one of the most raw, honest and emotional speeches of the oscars
tlovehater 3 oy oldin
She should have won another Oscar just for this speech alone.
Danny Simion
Danny Simion 3 oy oldin
Man what a powerful speech and I’m loving her intelligence and so graceful and strong all one standing!
St3vEn BaDu
St3vEn BaDu 3 oy oldin
Viola Davis as Nina Simone. I would pay to see that!
upclose22 3 oy oldin
So deserving!! Beautiful!!💞💞💞
WE R ONE 3 oy oldin
Why r my cheeks wet? Wait why r there tears in my eyes? Why is my nose running? Viols ..my girl..u deserve it..u deserve it all...and that speech..i am shook
Lia GÆlm
Lia GÆlm 3 oy oldin
Yo amo a está mujer
rose rouge
rose rouge 3 oy oldin
J'ai pleuré malgré j'ai rien compris !!!!!!! Viola davis ♥♥♥♥
Moejoe King
Moejoe King 3 oy oldin
I have a 😍 for you
Rising Raisin
Rising Raisin 3 oy oldin
Anyone see his leg scratch
greg parch
greg parch 3 oy oldin
lol when she says my husband and my daughter and the camera cuts to her husband and Emma Stone 5:11
Vanguard 3 oy oldin
She look good in blood red
daniel torres
daniel torres 4 oy oldin
Absolutely Naomi Harris should had been the winner !!!!! She made an amazing performance in Moonlight !!!
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 4 oy oldin
I am like a big baby listening to this😥😪
PD RB 4 oy oldin
Thats the most cringeworthy thing ive ever seen.
Barış Peace
Barış Peace 4 oy oldin
Blacks never misses any opportunity for make a profit through that type of moments in front of audiences...
tatikto 4 oy oldin
She is a goddess
krishnaprasad B
krishnaprasad B 4 oy oldin
How passionate,deep and emotional she is,no wonder she is so intense in her characters...
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 4 oy oldin
even emma stone was crying at 5:10
Akinde Cassandra
Akinde Cassandra 4 oy oldin
Pls let another woman of colour win Best Actress award not always best supporting actress Halle Berry is the only one so far in history Its about time 🙌🙌🙌
Alexandro Tirador
If the producers campaigned Viola for leading role, she would have certainly won. She has the 'overdue' reputation and has scenes in the movie that are highly oscar worthy. Emma Stone had no match for her.
Lisa Milano
Lisa Milano 4 oy oldin
She is awesome in get away with murder and desperate housewives
Kangkana Kalita
Kangkana Kalita 4 oy oldin
She's just flawless.
Klang 4 oy oldin
Oh my goodness Naomie Harris is one gorgeous being.
Klang 4 oy oldin
This got be ballin' in no seconds.