Vocal Coach Reaction to Billie Eilish Singing Bellyache Live Acoustic

Tristan Paredes
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vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Bilie Eilish singing Bellyache live acoustic (real voice wthout autotune)
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29-May, 2018

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ThuggyMacho 5 oy oldin
That fast speaking intro though? James Charles is quaking!
Brooklyn.R Vids Cristman
It's "Eye-Lish"
Lola Stephens
Lola Stephens 11 kun oldin
I think u mean jo jo Siwa is quaking
Naomi Osho
Naomi Osho 15 kun oldin
ThuggyMacho no jojo siwa is quaking!
Keeley Music
Keeley Music 20 kun oldin
ThuggyMacho there is NO fast speaking part
jojo siwa is quaking
Brooklyn.R Vids Cristman
Listen to Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish
Kintawn 5 soat oldin
"really really pretty good pitch, really pretty TONE"
Holly Day
Holly Day 7 soat oldin
Your review was spot-on. Not only did you point out how hard it is to sing certain words but you also broke down the fact that she was going soft and then belting it out hard to give the song great tone and quality is very difficult especially for a teenager going through puberty, she's only 16 years old when that was recorded so I'm amazed she's going to become the next bigger Lana Del Rey
Winn/lexi It’s free real estate
Eye-eh-lish is how I think ......this gives me anxiety
Alyssa Romero
Alyssa Romero 8 soat oldin
I don’t listen to billie but it’s so apparent how talented she is 😍😍
josie ready
josie ready 9 soat oldin
eelish 😭
Mina Suarez
Mina Suarez 13 soat oldin
it’s eyelish hkskdjd
SuperJesnia 14 soat oldin
h3 acts lik3 he is so good, he is so bad and CRINGEYYYYYYYYY
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Kun oldin
lmao my friend thought it was “mouth full of cum” I couldn’t stop laughing
Hexagon Addict
Hexagon Addict Kun oldin
She is 16 ?!
saina subtle
saina subtle 2 kun oldin
It’s billy Eye_lish
Jemima Greenwood
Jemima Greenwood 2 kun oldin
Ummmmm what!!!! I got a billie eillish advert before this!!!
Emilia Konopka
Emilia Konopka 2 kun oldin
I love her
Kris Uler
Kris Uler 2 kun oldin
Oh dear. You couldn't even research the correct pronunciation of her name prior to making this video for millions of viewers? ....Effort.
Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes 2 kun oldin
it's a reaction sis
gianna faith
gianna faith 2 kun oldin
react to why dont we
Jacob Dockery
Jacob Dockery 3 kun oldin
I lish that's how you say it 💕
Logan Celia
Logan Celia 3 kun oldin
I’m not trying to be rude in any way shape or form but you pronounce her name like ILISH but it is spelled eilish.
Isa Lopez
Isa Lopez 3 kun oldin
She’s such a beautiful person
Johanna Lange
Johanna Lange 3 kun oldin
ITS I LISH but except from that i really liked this video
Shreshth guhaneogi
Shreshth guhaneogi 3 kun oldin
The only thing which blew me away is that she is only 16..
Barbara Reindl
Barbara Reindl 3 kun oldin
3:05 Is she using Autotune? No hate i love her and her music❤ (I'm not good in English)
Sarah Yazid
Sarah Yazid 3 kun oldin
I think it’s pronounced “i lish”
Nicole Shett
Nicole Shett 3 kun oldin
Brother and sister!! They do all the production themselves. I’m obsessed with her.
Jasrup Singh
Jasrup Singh 3 kun oldin
the way she emphasizes "vendetta" sound off cause that's not how the original song was
don’t smile at me
MSMETALBABY 4 kun oldin
Her voice reminds me a little of Melanie Martinez.
Yellow Wonders
Yellow Wonders 4 kun oldin
Kaylin Eilish
Kaylin Eilish 5 kun oldin
Billie eilish pronounced: Bill-e Eye-lish
DerpyPoptarts 5 kun oldin
Please make a vid on Ocean Eyes, it's the song that made her blow up and her tone in that one is different to her usual songs. Love all of them but that one holds a special place to me.
Ariana Wagner
Ariana Wagner 6 kun oldin
Monolith 6 kun oldin
Bruh you look like my country's former president forreal.
Minamonish 6 kun oldin
she's basically born in 2001 ya'll and she is beautiful i feel so old and ugly uggggggggggh
Paardenteken schleich
I start the video and hear billie ielish... im like nooo it's billie eilish as in eyelish😂
Glitch 6 kun oldin
Just to let you know you pronounce it as billie i-lish
Erika Williams
Erika Williams 6 kun oldin
She reminds me of a mix of Lana Del Rey and Halsey
Leila Fransis
Leila Fransis 6 kun oldin
Kaitlyn Betts
Kaitlyn Betts 6 kun oldin
Ugh I love Billie so much. Such an inspiration to me. She’s gonna shake the future of “pop” music for sure.
It’s Billy *I*-lish. Like an eye
The Guac
The Guac 7 kun oldin
Billie eye-lish
jchristopher83 7 kun oldin
Bro... I just found her... And I assumed you would love it... And I was right
maddie Clark
maddie Clark 7 kun oldin
Its pronounced elle ish
A Very Obscure Reference to Something
I didn't know about this girl today and I'm regretting that rn
Daffa Ulhaq
Daffa Ulhaq 7 kun oldin
Rip dua lipa , rip selena
Dawnbringer Riven
Dawnbringer Riven 8 kun oldin
Dawnbringer Riven
Dawnbringer Riven 8 kun oldin
Haza 8 kun oldin
did anyone notice how billie pronounced t's in here? in the original audio it was softer, now it sounded like a mexican? tetta
Erica Mendoza
Erica Mendoza 8 kun oldin
First of all it’s pronounced “eyelish” 🤦🏽‍♀️ haven’t even watched the whole vid yet bc I was triggered by that 💀
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller 9 kun oldin
Billie Eye-lish
Salka Snæbrá
Salka Snæbrá 9 kun oldin
cowsrock1q 9 kun oldin
She's gonna top Ariana Grande, she's only 16 and her career has just lifted off. This girl is gonna go FAR!!!
Queen Juca
Queen Juca 9 kun oldin
Six feet under - Billie Eilish uzvid.com/video/video-fwC30E1IVKQ.html
marcelery 10 kun oldin
she was 15 ladies and gentlemen
billie🤟 10 kun oldin
i lish
Nur Syamimi
Nur Syamimi 10 kun oldin
Rebecca Thomas
Rebecca Thomas 11 kun oldin
If you like Billie as much as I do check out Skott :) uzvid.com/video/video-DfTUs-s_XkI.html
BrysonTiller4ever 11 kun oldin
I just realized that you posted this on my birthday
Erik Rognes
Erik Rognes 11 kun oldin
It's pronounced Billie "ailish" I think
akaram325 11 kun oldin
Slow down on the adderal
Just Andy
Just Andy 11 kun oldin
The Understanding/Noticing capability still amazes me . Been a fan since he started.. Still shocks me ^°^
Just Andy
Just Andy 11 kun oldin
Always thought I could sing. And was happy that I was talented. Both got threatened by Tristans amazing Vocals and Ethereal Eilish °^°
Jennifer Sanders
Jennifer Sanders 12 kun oldin
Ava Janowiak
Ava Janowiak 13 kun oldin
eye lish😂
Kakapo Birb.
Kakapo Birb. 13 kun oldin
The guy playing guitar just ruined it when he sung long
only getting Younger
Gabby Litchko
Gabby Litchko 13 kun oldin
I saw her live and cried like 3 times in total
Kelly 14 kun oldin
haha it’s billie eye-lish :)
Alina Yanuaria
Alina Yanuaria 14 kun oldin
Eilish Eye Lish Like Eyelash But Eilish
Mr R
Mr R 14 kun oldin
you talkin about lana but never reacted to her best vocals, gtfo trsitan hahaha
Emily Nguyen
Emily Nguyen 16 kun oldin
i’m sorry it’s pronounced billie *eyelish* not billie *Elish*
Antonio Tran
Antonio Tran 16 kun oldin
React to Billie Eilish- lovely (with Khalid)
sam c
sam c 16 kun oldin
am i the only one who thinks he cant sing?
Jenna Ragsdale
Jenna Ragsdale 16 kun oldin
she has been my obsession lately, i love her so much
Philippa Cork
Philippa Cork 17 kun oldin
I love Billie! She’s my favorite artist! 💕😊
Kate R
Kate R 17 kun oldin
damn, he should react to "when the party's over" the freaking high notes are everything
Dayvideo 17 kun oldin
Lorde, Lana Del, Melanie
Quality Preview
Quality Preview 17 kun oldin
1:48 when you remember she’s only 16
Holly Day
Holly Day 7 soat oldin
Right LOL. Performance and her hot🔥ness
Sophia P
Sophia P 13 kun oldin
Quality Preview 💀💀
Shalize Unique x
Shalize Unique x 18 kun oldin
She sounds just like she does in the song.
heckelsum 19 kun oldin
Arianna Lozada
Arianna Lozada 19 kun oldin
Shut up we can’t hear
Dua Khilji
Dua Khilji 21 kun oldin
Andrea Guerrero
Andrea Guerrero 22 kun oldin
Copycat is a great song
KpOp TrAsH
KpOp TrAsH 22 kun oldin
You should listen to when the party’s over and the music video is so good 😊
Adéla Šelová
Adéla Šelová 23 kun oldin
I love her too much
Chanel Leota
Chanel Leota 24 kun oldin
that guy singing with my gorl billie kinda ruined it tbh, no shade
Bleach 22 kun oldin
Chanel Leota you mean, her brother?
Aline Giovanella
Aline Giovanella 24 kun oldin
do a Lana del Rey/ Lizzy Grant video!
hbk arry
hbk arry 24 kun oldin
When the party's over pls
June Moonwalker
June Moonwalker 24 kun oldin
It's eyelish ( the pronunciation )
Mr.masky 24 kun oldin
Welp I’m gonna start the third impact because of the last name😂😂😂
Leyla Charlotte
Leyla Charlotte 25 kun oldin
When the party’s over by Billie or Listen by her
Yael Hadad
Yael Hadad 25 kun oldin
She sounds like melanie martinez and sabrina carpenter put together. Absolute perfection.
James Garrard
James Garrard 26 kun oldin
How much autotune does she use?
Taylor Greene
Taylor Greene 26 kun oldin
More Billie !
Arabella VanderZee
Arabella VanderZee 27 kun oldin
React to 8D audios PLEASE
Arabella VanderZee
Arabella VanderZee 27 kun oldin
*eye lish*
isa 27 kun oldin
I lish
jose alvarez
jose alvarez 28 kun oldin
React to Kali Uchis
Abigail Jeong
Abigail Jeong 28 kun oldin
Billie Eelish..... it’s like EYE-lish
Anna Mote
Anna Mote 28 kun oldin
Its lile eye lash but with a ilsh it sounds like eyelish