Vocal Coach Reaction to Sabrina Carpenter's Best Live Vocals

Tristan Paredes
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Sabrina Carpenters best live vocals and high notes (real voice w/ no autotune)
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25-May, 2018

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Panda Latté
Panda Latté 18 soat oldin
pLeAsE rEaCt To WeNgie!!!!!!!!
Billie Vanderpol
the only vibrato i have is the hammer vibrato bc i can't do a proper vibrato so u made me feel a lot better bc i have thought my whole life that i was a terrible singer bc of my vibrato ♡♡♡
MAgico PrestoSAuce
MAgico PrestoSAuce 2 kun oldin
those rockier songs are beyonce
amy gorge
amy gorge 2 kun oldin
I was looking down and playing with my slime until i hear "Shawn Mendes" :O
Grace Jazz
Grace Jazz 3 kun oldin
2:04 😂. And I Love Sabrina❤️
My little place
My little place 7 kun oldin
You should react to Amaia from Operacion Triunfo. She is amazing
Sammy Garcia
Sammy Garcia 8 kun oldin
Pls react more of Sabrina
Marina Oliveira
Marina Oliveira 9 kun oldin
Please react to Sam Smith ❤️
Gina Mariscal
Gina Mariscal 10 kun oldin
Can you check out kenzie ziegler??
isabel christine harwood
can you please react to madison beer?
Cristal Melissa
Cristal Melissa 12 kun oldin
I love your videos, great criticism!
Iva Urosevic
Iva Urosevic 13 kun oldin
Pls do a reaction of Bebe Rexha
Iva Urosevic
Iva Urosevic 13 kun oldin
Pls do a reaction of Bebe Rexha
Marco Melgar
Marco Melgar 15 kun oldin
Do a Lana del Rey video!!
Giulia Mariani
Giulia Mariani 16 kun oldin
Renelim1234 GT
Renelim1234 GT 17 kun oldin
Pls do Ariana Grande/Melanie Martinez/Taylor Swift/Bebe Rexha
casey leoni
casey leoni 19 kun oldin
if you did a cover of her song shadows i'd cry
moze family
moze family 21 kun oldin
see? Isn't she dope?
Lexter Orlanes
Lexter Orlanes 22 kun oldin
Her live performances here in manila. 😊 watch it on my channel. Thank you❤ uzvid.com/video/video-2LTg8d85plU.html
Hailey Lopez
Hailey Lopez 23 kun oldin
Why do the singing lessons take so long??
Eulália Viegas
Eulália Viegas 25 kun oldin
Wendy Dominguez
Wendy Dominguez 27 kun oldin
please react to more of her pls! love her sm and you 💕
siput 28 kun oldin
we need more sabrina
Maya 28 kun oldin
Can you do Jhené Aiko?
Gigi Sofia
Gigi Sofia 28 kun oldin
Tristan saying vibrato in this video gives me anxiety
Meagan torres
Meagan torres 29 kun oldin
you should react to itsjeffreymusic Instagram singing videos!!! I think he's an amazing singer
Karen Alejandra
Damn i love her voice. Also "Shadows" is my favourite track from her album EvoLution so i love that you love her voice on that specific clio you played
Connie Francis
Omg please do Tiffany day I love her sm
Lebreau Oy oldin
I LOVE HER. I've been listening to her music for years :') its been amazing seeing her succeed
Flow3rs Oy oldin
I love shadows because it’s about Rowan ❤️
Flow3rs Oy oldin
Nabeel Reza
Nabeel Reza Oy oldin
Lol vocal coach 😆😆😆
Kelly A
Kelly A Oy oldin
do bea miller
Anna Audrey
Anna Audrey Oy oldin
she kind of reminds me of Christina Aguilera
loay saleh
loay saleh Oy oldin
She's beautiful girl I mean perfection.
Sydney M
Sydney M Oy oldin
I got a Sabrina carpenter ad before this
Brittany Flower
React to her acoustic version of almost love
Brittany Flower
Can you react to her song almost love?!
Bryce Malone
Bryce Malone Oy oldin
I assume you know this, but the microphone doesn't do anything to the sound. The sound engineer is running a compressor on it at a certain volume threshold so it doesn't kill everyone's ears,
Francisca Ferreira
OMG please react to her new song Almost Love and her MV
Annie Whaley
Annie Whaley Oy oldin
Will you please do a video on how to hear auto tune in a live performance ?
Sharnayzey fumpernickle
Love heerrrrrrr
Matilda Andersson
You should react to ZARA LARSSON!!!!!!
Elizabeth C. Aguilar
react to prettymuch
Evelyn Medrano
Her voice is so peacful😻😻😻
Neja Kastelic
Neja Kastelic Oy oldin
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie Oy oldin
react to bea miller!!!
Emily Caitlynn
React to Madison Beer! She has a lot of Instagram videos that are amazing. She’s pretty good live too
Jasmine Oy oldin
Her new song is a bop
Kelly _ckm
Kelly _ckm Oy oldin
Please react to jojo!
Ravenclaw Writer
Esmiralda Jonker
Please react to Chloe Moriondo
AwkwardSara Oy oldin
I had goosebumps throughout
Natalie Moore
Natalie Moore Oy oldin
Not to mention my babe is unbelievably HOT/CUTE
McKenna Mayde
McKenna Mayde Oy oldin
2:04 - 2:09 has me cracking uppp😂😂😂
Michigan Palace
Please react to Melanie Martinez Tristan !!!
Potato Pancake
Gosh I used to be so obsessed with her in fourth grade geez She sings really shouty lol
Anias Lee
Anias Lee Oy oldin
do you have one reacting to noah cyrus?? that’s something i’d like to see
morgan Oy oldin
I loooove her and her songs, she is so talented. I've heard someone say they don't like her voice because it's too "nasally" even though that's literally what makes her sound unique...?
Hillary Jane
Hillary Jane Oy oldin
Can you please react to why don’t we????
KimMusic 101
KimMusic 101 Oy oldin
Can you do a reaction to Christina Grimmie's Blind audition on the voice?
Miroslava Lebaredian
love her !!!
Madeline Capella
Amber Van roozendaal
Can you please react to o’gene? They are a dutch girlgroup and in my opinion one of the best artists in Holland. I really want to know What you think of them
Leah Chiara
Leah Chiara Oy oldin
React to Bea Miller please
Cassandra Speltz
NeDronez Oy oldin
If these vocal coaches are so good why ain't they the ones making millions of dollars?
Nikolai Kongslev
Do Christina Aguilera best live vocals !!
Imtisal Yasir
Imtisal Yasir Oy oldin
Can u react to this video cuz it’s my fav cover/battle in the voice kids
Lilli Lieb
Lilli Lieb Oy oldin
Plis evvie from the Four react to her
React to MORE Sabrina Carpenter!!
Naaz Oy oldin
This video literally gave me goosebumps
deanna wichmann
Honestly I want a video of him reacting to the movie musical “mamma mia”
Annemaria Jose
Johnna Kay
Johnna Kay Oy oldin
Wood and Wires with Coeur de Pirate Pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeeee
Lilianne Sullivan
You should react to Sabrina Carpenter's acoustic sessions (Run and Hide, Alien, All We Have Is Love)
Lilianne Sullivan
Honestly, she really is powerful standing at 5 feet tall.....
Dano608 Oy oldin
her instagram has some really good singing clips should check them out
Caroline Schafer
Please react to Caroline Dare. She's an up and coming 17 year old singer/songwriter and honestly deserves more attention than she's receiving
Juggie Jones
Juggie Jones Oy oldin
Brenda Luna
Brenda Luna Oy oldin
Can you do sofia carson.😊plz
Diana Ordaz
Diana Ordaz Oy oldin
James Graham,winner of The FourS2?!🤗
You're best searching for videos called 'Sabrina Carpenter can't sing' because they're filled with clips of her singing amazingly
Niamh Dougall
Niamh Dougall Oy oldin
I love Sabrina so much and her voice is so unique. I just love how she sounds exactly the same as she does live and studio voice.
Hunter Turcotte
You should check out Kenny holland and Camry holland
Lauren Rawlinson
I've met Sabrina in real life. I went to club Sabrina and she sung for us live. She does NOT need around at all😭💜💜 she's so amazing and down to earth and her music is so amazing!!
Canal da maguinha
Como é o nome da música 1:58
It's Reeya
It's Reeya Oy oldin
6:33 is my face whn you brought up Shawn except in more excited fangirl way.
It's Reeya
It's Reeya Oy oldin
At 5:46 I screamed. Tristan im so proud. My King and my Queen in the same video. Oof my heart.
It's Reeya
It's Reeya Oy oldin
Im a simple human I see Sabrina, I click
yuri .joshua087
Tatjana Thomas
Bridgit Mendler is another Disney star with a beautiful unique voice before they made her songs more bop/pop. But listen to I'm a blonde by Bridgit, it is so lovely.
ailin sadeghian
React to Sabrina carpenter god is a woman cover
Serena Tramontana
Do you have any tips on yelling/belting safely?
xarri x
xarri x Oy oldin
You should do one of Becky g
She’s good
Melissa Oy oldin
I felt like such a proud mom 😂
I’m just a person X D
Sofia Carson
Sabrina D'Angelo
The Vamps and New Hope Club Please!!
Bekah SK
Bekah SK Oy oldin
The vamps