WAIT..IS JUNGLE SYLAS' BEST ROLE?? OP GANKS - Sylas Jungle Gameplay - League of Legends

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WAIT..IS JUNGLE SYLAS'S BEST ROLE?? OP GANKS - Sylas Jungle Gameplay - League of Legends

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9-Yan, 2019



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محمود سلامه - Mahmoud Salama
nice game man !!!
Laxsus 21 kun oldin
Clickbait skills over 9000
Jan Schepers
Jan Schepers Oy oldin
That Riven spectate while waiting for sheen was soooo awkward 😅
Destiny hero doom lord ????
Daniel Larsson
AP jungle item, Iceborne gauntlets, Abyssal Scepter, Deadmans plate, Morrecol and sorc boots for magic pen. And enjoy the 1vs9. As bruiser with 40% cdr he is insane since base dmg so high. Lichbane for more glass but for the rest do try tanky build on him its just stupid however 30% cdr minimum required for it to work. High base dmg and low cool downs make him an excellent team fighter. Glass cannon sylas I find lacking big time.
Kemil Gaming
Kemil Gaming Oy oldin
25:57 what is that glitch when you hit Vayne with your Q?
cole Recksiedler
*SPOILER ALERT* it's not
are ess
are ess Oy oldin
Leona Jungle. Is redic good.
Preston Smith
Preston Smith Oy oldin
WAIT..Did you really just copy paste your jungle Neeko video title to this one and just change Neeko to Sylas and remove the word Clone
Rubeolda Oy oldin
Wherever you play him, his early game isn't really strong. On normal lane you can't do too much against ranged champions, other than laning and last hitting. In the jungle his problems are similar, except he can gank and don't need to duel the enemy jungler + jungler income is better. So personally I feel that jungle is his best role, but other roles can work too, it's a matter of taste.
The Best Movie Theater
Fuck You Fuck man
Sharky Shark
Sharky Shark 2 oy oldin
Elliot Yeates
Elliot Yeates 2 oy oldin
What would Karthus ult be like? Does it literally just work the same
christopher cueto
The w reminds me of old irelia e, great bait and duel potential.
LetsRage FiveSIxSeven
Is that you Kratos?
Ano nymous
Ano nymous 2 oy oldin
umm no sound on video ????!?!?
DudestBroUknow 2 oy oldin
Also because of the ultimate ad to AP trade is rabadons a must?
DudestBroUknow 2 oy oldin
Thanks for the heads up on the E W. You are a good dude. Wish I didn't have ADHD and could be as chill as you maybe people would watch my vids 😂😂😂. Anyway dude love you and your attitude and your information. Keep doing it man!
KingLegend76 2 oy oldin
7:17 Why does Sylas have Kalista’s spear
VipR KINGS 2 oy oldin
Can you e over the wall
Gigussx 2 oy oldin
12:10 sylas e got blocked by wind wall, but it didn't go on cd (he could still recast it), that's pretty weird. How about multi-cast ults. Like nocturne's or ahri's for example, do you get to use all the casts?
Alexander Moore
Alexander Moore 2 oy oldin
I'd believe so, since in the Sylas trailer video he is seen getting resets on pykes ult
zemon 7
zemon 7 2 oy oldin
how is he playing sylas and the enemy team has a sylas because the only summoners rift possible mode to play on my pbe server is ranked flex
Cruz Valencia
Cruz Valencia 2 oy oldin
26:46 “yassuo can nullify everything i do there” then proceeds to delete thresh without ulti.
Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken 2 oy oldin
and xin even faster
Matt Bell
Matt Bell 2 oy oldin
is he an assassin or fighter?
Harro Bye
Harro Bye 2 oy oldin
sylas stealing enemy malphite ult w another malphite on his team ooft
Imperiom 2 oy oldin
i think his main role was JUNGLE... but IDK
Mouh Med
Mouh Med 2 oy oldin
u suck btw
I am Paul
I am Paul 2 oy oldin
I think mid is good too!
Bryce Sturz
Bryce Sturz 2 oy oldin
What happens if u steal a karma ult?
Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken 2 oy oldin
u get her kit
Sandigang Kantahan Legion SKL
This champion isnt released in our country yet im so pissed cuz i want it badly
Victor Fabrício
Victor Fabrício 2 oy oldin
He's not released yet, this is PBE, the test server.
Thái Trí Luân
Thái Trí Luân 2 oy oldin
Dont call him salad
AngelisDevil 2 oy oldin
I dont like that vayne skin. I keep thinking its lux
iForeverConfuze 2 oy oldin
it feels like i’m watching elon musk play league
Mayce89 _trv
Mayce89 _trv 2 oy oldin
Can I just say how refreshing it is to find a league vid where there is no flaming or cockiness or swearing involved. Props you you bro
Todd Odom
Todd Odom 2 oy oldin
And they thought Kassadin got stronger at 6...
Jason yang
Jason yang 2 oy oldin
for a second i thought this was Nightblue3
megatont 2 oy oldin
Buff Rengar
AUTOBOTSxl 2 oy oldin
I got a build once pbe works plz do a video on it : electro , sudden impact, eyeball, ult hunter (ravenous if jg) sorc= transcendence, gathering storm cdr adaptive health items jg item or ludens, then lich bane rabadons then adjust for game
Nandez FND
Nandez FND 2 oy oldin
I like your video
Chiky Scares You
Chiky Scares You 2 oy oldin
Tristian anderson-waite
What about an attack speed cdr build? Like Nashors tooth lich bane rageblade last items for max cdr top it off with deathcspe??
Jonathan Hernandez
This dude is so annoying. Jesus fucking christ stop fucking talking!
Syahidir Hassan
Syahidir Hassan 2 oy oldin
what sylas did there is normal thing for a fed ap champ... in fact diana can burst ppl faster than that... so to call him over tune hmmm
KillShot Shottie
KillShot Shottie 2 oy oldin
Not Not Another Gamer
Try Sylas support, can swap between support and attack ults from enemy and healup with w when needed.
Jan Parowóz II
Jan Parowóz II 2 oy oldin
Go tank sylas!!!!
Bachops TM
Bachops TM 2 oy oldin
Kakashi the sharigan copy ninja
bulllletsss 2 oy oldin
Veigar ult anyone? Malphite? Otko here we come
SupStePer 123
SupStePer 123 2 oy oldin
Is sylas an ap skirmisher like ekko?
Matthew B
Matthew B 2 oy oldin
what happens if two sylases use their ult on eachother?? (if they both have not stolen from anybody)
Eugen G
Eugen G 2 oy oldin
Red, make league of myths again!!!
vinnie latein
vinnie latein 2 oy oldin
Bro he is my idea I cannot believe thank you riot
علی قدرتیان
op Sylas is just dark harvest pls try it
Thonking god
Thonking god 2 oy oldin
playing against sylas vs sylas you can be 10 champions lmao
The Sykist
The Sykist 2 oy oldin
anyone else not have audio??
Tony Chen
Tony Chen 2 oy oldin
what happens if a sylas steals an ult, and then another sylas Rs the sylas with the ult?
MrSparkles1324 2 oy oldin
I like your videos but goddamn you talk erratic af
gemini tricks
gemini tricks 2 oy oldin
Try an off tank sylas build Iceborn Protobelt Spirit visage Mercs Sunfire Arcangels
Lil Rabbit
Lil Rabbit 2 oy oldin
U fckin suck
Edoardo Privitera
3:30 you just lost the oppurtinity to close your item. Lol
Joey Valdemar
Joey Valdemar 2 oy oldin
What if you get Karma’s ult??? You could use an enhanced version of any of your abilities 😱
myancestors 2 oy oldin
"this champions broken" he says while hes 19/4 .-. any champ is broken when theyre 19/4
Pvp Lord
Pvp Lord 2 oy oldin
this new illaoi skin looks wierd
Sean Darbin
Sean Darbin 2 oy oldin
Clash of clans paren mga ulol
Generalgarchomp 2 oy oldin
my favorite ult to steal is blitz's so i can e in then immediately nuke and silence them, if i took damage from a prediction cast i just w back to near full.
Eyes On Me
Eyes On Me 2 oy oldin
If there is enemy sylas. You should steal its ult because your enemy sylas steal your teammates ult. BROKENNNN
Generalgarchomp 2 oy oldin
interesting info about sylas' ult, with max cdr and ultimate hunter it's cd gets to around 7.64 seconds.
Ngyiwan Thardo
Ngyiwan Thardo 2 oy oldin
it wouldve been more fitting if Neeko had his ult and sylas had her ult that roots people with his chains
Chính Hà Gia
Chính Hà Gia 2 oy oldin
28:23 Sylas with Thresh's R ...
don deleon
don deleon 2 oy oldin
lol! kratos with hair
amara sillah
amara sillah 2 oy oldin
holy fck gank tf out of yas steel his ult then E to use it. !!! this changes everything....no more super fed yas tearing your team to hell.
DudestBroUknow 2 oy oldin
I ban yasuo all day because mid Laners don't know how to B
Heheheo Lol
Heheheo Lol 2 oy oldin
When was blind pick a thing?
Minderz 2 oy oldin
It would be hillarious if you stole Nidalees ult, turned into a cat and then couldn't turn back :)
Just a filipino named jake
What happens if he ults vayne, does become range?
Κύριακος Ντόστη
Wow 😲 7sec out and it costs only 75 mana ,pffff that’s actually basted
WhackDatTower 2 oy oldin
Sylas is now one of the Turn-around champions Like Riven, Renekton, Darius, Garen, Yasuo and Vayne. Just because he is low *DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN KILL HIM* Yeah...more reason to hate him
ImaPaincake 2 oy oldin
Uhm how does it work with Kalista btw?
Aront Gimeil
Aront Gimeil 2 oy oldin
I think he is an ap assassin, so mid lane must be his best role. Top, he is just not tanky enough (and the new buffed Nasus is scary af). Support, he doesn't look that bad, might actually work. Adc, nope and jungle... well the fact that w doesn't heal you is just stupid. PROBLEM SOLVED
Corporative Wilzu
Sylos or Kratos with blades of chaos ?
matan justme
matan justme 2 oy oldin
sylas in 1 for all -> ult = useless?
BananaBomb 2 oy oldin
I guess they implemented the mini knock-up effect on his E if you steal Yasuo's ult but you dont have anyone that has a knock-up you're pretty much screwed
Mysterious Wanderer
Now do one with Support
Brandon S
Brandon S 2 oy oldin
Conner Coons
Conner Coons 2 oy oldin
I stole a karthus ult late game and 4 people got away with like 200 hp guess who got a quad lmao
Kiz X2
Kiz X2 2 oy oldin
hey red have you read the rising of the shield hero? like that manga been out for more than 3 years mate
RighteousZeros 2 oy oldin
red why don't you just delete all of your runes and masteries and only have 1 which is the one you want?
Erik Ebbesson
Erik Ebbesson 2 oy oldin
This title is identical to the one for Neeko jungle
Toxic Sound
Toxic Sound 2 oy oldin
Conner Coons
Conner Coons 2 oy oldin
he has a black spear bc if there was a kalista he has to use it on a friendly and then use kalista ult
AvTo 2 oy oldin
if you R Karma what will happen :/
The RuthlessPie
The RuthlessPie 2 oy oldin
U get the kalista thing incase it's on the enemy team
Arthur megax
Arthur megax 2 oy oldin
Can't we just delete yasuo from the game already?
Ayy Liavo
Ayy Liavo 2 oy oldin
cry more
Тян Тяновыч
Zertog3000 2 oy oldin
4:05 Why does Sylas have a Kalista item? LMAO
chuckles de clown
You should of w then 2nd part of e while trying the ult thing
Kazasumi 2 oy oldin
you should try sylas conqueror toplane/mid. as a melee he keeps refreshing the conqueror buff and the true dmg is disgusting
N Ballweg
N Ballweg 2 oy oldin
can watch these videos only muted. That voice is so annoying to me
L ô N e L Y
L ô N e L Y 2 oy oldin
20:43 - how to destroy a fed yasuo 100 to 0
x Sveto40397
x Sveto40397 2 oy oldin
Redmercy, when I was testing Sylas on PBE, I got my set runes instead of having only that runes you have!
CatFish-Colours 2 oy oldin
Try tank w max for amazing heals and 0 deaths
Toren Howell
Toren Howell 2 oy oldin
e lvl 1 may be the best bet in jungle more sustain from the shield cdr is same length as q but it allows you to damage and proc passive twice on camp.
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