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"I'm very grateful to be here, and that overpowers any of the negative elements that come with fame." Vogue wakes up with Ariana Grande, cover star of the July 2018 issue.
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Waking up with Ariana Grande




8-Iyn, 2018

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Lavender Fae Faery folk Homes
My shoulder blades are like that too because I am slim. My friends used to think I was growing fairy wings lol
Arianator Moon
Arianator Moon Kun oldin
her voice 😌😌
Mark arslan
Mark arslan 2 kun oldin
سأكتب لكي اغنية ..
Guadalupe Gonzalez
Guadalupe Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
She's beautiful without hair extensions 😍
Rebbeca Perez
Rebbeca Perez 2 kun oldin
I knew I wasn’t the only one who got up and sat on counters like that
Eef van de Ven
Eef van de Ven 3 kun oldin
This could be a video clip
Julie Edit
Julie Edit 3 kun oldin
I love her short hair
Mukesh Kumar
Mukesh Kumar 3 kun oldin
What is ariana grande height?
x Little cuties life x
Ariana grande Ariana grande Ariana grande Ariana grande Read more
jk_breathin 3 kun oldin
My little Angel🖤💍
Sunaniflo 4 kun oldin
How cannot you love her?
Sambit Parida
Sambit Parida 4 kun oldin
💓💓💓💓 love and peace always 💖💖💖💖god bless you always Ariana 💖💖💖💖💖
Carlos C teacher privado
#SRA #MKULTRA #DID: 0:13 - Adriana Grande describes herself as "6 mm personalities saying..."
my.applehead 7 kun oldin
i love this aesthetic
Oliwia Smentek
Oliwia Smentek 8 kun oldin
I love her and i love her deep voice 😍😭 Omg ❣❣
Arianator  Avenue
Arianator Avenue 8 kun oldin
She’s so beautiful ♥️😍♥️😍
private private
private private 8 kun oldin
those shoulder blades tho 😅 she's so cuteeeee😍😍😍😍
lennie 9 kun oldin
does she live in a hotel?
Karen Liu
Karen Liu 10 kun oldin
*this video felt like it was a few seconds..*
BS dark
BS dark 12 kun oldin
short hair???
user name copied
user name copied 12 kun oldin
wtf happened to her hair
BabeGuru 12 kun oldin
Apple Kawaii
Apple Kawaii 12 kun oldin
this might as well be my favorite video on the internet
Connie B.
Connie B. 12 kun oldin
ummm okay....
Bitch You shook?
Bitch You shook? 12 kun oldin
I fr thought she was Hailey Bieber
Bish Thanh
Bish Thanh 13 kun oldin
When i wake up, I’m going back to sleep.
Liane Santiago
Liane Santiago 13 kun oldin
how can anyone NOT love her??? 😭😭💓
Liv NYC 13 kun oldin
She lives in New York?
Little random Clips
Little random Clips 14 kun oldin
How she so pretty in the morning
BenX Metalcore
BenX Metalcore 14 kun oldin
A message about self-loving by Arianna Grande herself. #lovegeneration 💖💋
wtf were her shoulders doing at 1:02-1:11??
Dr. Rachee - Chan
Dr. Rachee - Chan 14 kun oldin
lol ikr
Sheavy star
Sheavy star 14 kun oldin
She's engaged!?
Gjana Larson
Gjana Larson 14 kun oldin
puppies wearing sunglasses
SLAY MOONLIGHT 15 kun oldin
this should be longer, i repeat LONGER
Brooke Williams
Brooke Williams 15 kun oldin
she is the most beautiful soul
Audrey L
Audrey L 15 kun oldin
Guys if 16 more of u sub to this channel it will be 666,666 subs
Enid Parry
Enid Parry 16 kun oldin
her little space buns are so coooooooot
rawill 30012
rawill 30012 16 kun oldin
am I the only one that can't get bubbles like that ?
Aryan Maganally
Aryan Maganally 16 kun oldin
I'm in love with you
BabyGirl 16 kun oldin
*I love having a productive morning and working* I really can't just do nothing all day it doesn't feel right lol 😂💎
Boca Butera
Boca Butera 16 kun oldin
shes so cute i cannot
Alysha's Wereld
Alysha's Wereld 16 kun oldin
You have only 1:19 minutes to live
holypicklesmofo 16 kun oldin
Okay I know shes skinny but is she double jointed somehow in her shoulders? Like it just looks off in that one clip lol no hate jw if that's a thing
Lilly Mae
Lilly Mae 17 kun oldin
maryam mahmudova
maryam mahmudova 17 kun oldin
She is just an angel!really!!! I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART SHE IS BEST!!!!!!!!💟💟💟💟💟💟
deanne otte
deanne otte 17 kun oldin
*bubbles and bubbly*
Puppy Playz
Puppy Playz 18 kun oldin
_~Vouge is always so put together~_
anaïs 18 kun oldin
she truly is a real woman
raspberry 19 kun oldin
i can't get out of bed when i get up in the morning I'm sleeping back ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ lol
Ramlan Muhammad
Ramlan Muhammad 19 kun oldin
OMG , you look so beautiful😍😘
Ece Özdurmuş
Ece Özdurmuş 19 kun oldin
i need this filter in my life
Fan girl X
Fan girl X 19 kun oldin
I wish i was as beautiful as her💕
Ro Ro
Ro Ro 19 kun oldin
Someone saw her feets?i think thats not how a normal feet supposed to look like. maybe for the high heels that she use all the time
Oompa 20 kun oldin
thought i was gonna see her skincare routine or somethin haha
gerlee kh
gerlee kh 21 kun oldin
I don’t know why people dislike this cute video
eits main
eits main 21 kun oldin
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Britney...oo yuuuh 🎵
dhriti 21 kun oldin
imagine: 0:19 bubbles and bubbly whooo 0:24 click click click and post 0:39 kiss me and take off your clothes
BrigitaB Vudis
BrigitaB Vudis 21 kun oldin
This video is so chill...
Rania RAISSI 22 kun oldin
She’s beautiful like ughh
lane aloha
lane aloha 22 kun oldin
uhm, i thought it was the parody chick
Vanessa Artiga
Vanessa Artiga 22 kun oldin
My queen ❤️❤️
kmpair osm
kmpair osm 23 kun oldin
goshhhh!!!...I cant believe...in all this freaking time...she was using a beautiful long extension......
kmpair osm
kmpair osm 23 kun oldin
is her long hair fake....????
Wiktoria Polska
Wiktoria Polska 23 kun oldin
Love you, yout the best
sarah J
sarah J 23 kun oldin
shes so bony
m e g h a n
m e g h a n 23 kun oldin
*presses play / *credits / well that was the shortest minute and nineteen seconds ever.
Quino 24 kun oldin
This video just made my day
ani mac
ani mac 24 kun oldin
I love her voice, it's so sexy 💕
Claire Lewis
Claire Lewis 25 kun oldin
Andzelika Cv
Andzelika Cv 26 kun oldin
she doesn't fit buns. Before you bash me and say I don't fit buns, like I know, I'm just saying my opinion
Sullen Girl
Sullen Girl 25 kun oldin
Andzelika Cv meh she looks better like that than with ponytail
ShrekBroger123 Harhar
Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that this is obviously not her morning routine and she doesn’t wear makeup whenever she takes a bathtub.....??????????????
pel pil
pel pil 24 kun oldin
its a video
Smooth eyyy
Smooth eyyy 27 kun oldin
Waking up with Ariana Grande- imagine a world like thatttt ;(
Ciana Martin
Ciana Martin 28 kun oldin
Ariana grande is so beautiful she is my idol❤️
Bethany pullen
Bethany pullen 28 kun oldin
When I wake up I usually fall asleep again 😂😂
Reby bon
Reby bon 28 kun oldin
0:21 'bubbles and bubbly, ooh'
Indiah Brantley
Indiah Brantley 29 kun oldin
She is just so 🥰
Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar 29 kun oldin
I bet they have fun with her in Dubai...
Roman 29 kun oldin
Did she dress up as Lo (Lolita) from the 1997 version of the film?
Bindhu Harilal
She is so perfect💯✨
G o l d e n Grande
Ariana's voice Is way better in here in my opinion.
Angel Oy oldin
Don’t u think that her voice is like dove cameron voice when it’s deep
jess solano
jess solano Oy oldin
Que alguien (Sofia Copola) un Breakfast in Tiffany's con Ariana :3
J u L i A
J u L i A Oy oldin
Is anyone gonna talk about her hair ?? Bro she hasn’t got extensions and she still looks SiStEr StUnNiNg
xX Anime Xx
xX Anime Xx Oy oldin
For everybody commenting about the shoulder blades: It’s pretty normal when you’re skinny. My friend is skinny and i can see her shoulder blades too. I am skinny but you can’t see mine tho. Sometimes it’s just genetics and not always because the person is too skinny. Ariana is very small and slim so her shoulder blades being kinda visible isn’t weird.
Lolo Sh
Lolo Sh Oy oldin
She had a chance to show her heart here. But she didnt🙄 im starting to think shes not genuine and i think shes too full of herself.
Lolo Sh
Lolo Sh Oy oldin
Lillian Clarke Lillian Clarke no i disagree. She isnt genuine. Celebs nowadays when they get the fame they feel above others. Not all, some are really humble but ariana grande isnt one of them. She is full of herself and thinks shes all that when shes not, shes a human like all of us. there is footage to proof her entitlement on youtube and google.
Lillian Clarke
+Lolo Sh u get what I mean. U originally said she's not genuine and full of herself then u contradicted yourself. She seems very genuine in this video. And she literally bought hot drinks one time for fans outside of her hotel. So I mean say all u want but she's not full of herself and cares Alot for others
Lolo Sh
Lolo Sh Oy oldin
Lillian Clarke when did i say shes nice can u read? I said shes not the best, so basically not so rude and defo not so nice. She isn’t genuine and isn’t humble and that is reflected not just in the vid, its reflected in other vids too.
Lillian Clarke
+Lolo Sh simplicity goes a long way. Her actions were literally just doing a morning routine. How tf is that rude!?
Najwa Batrisyia
So she actly has short hair
Samruddhi Patil
But did she wake up?
make that change
Never seen her hair like that
Ayers Lifestyle
she’s stunning
mephistopheles baphomet
Ariana : I love working, I get a day off I get confused. Me : *Can't relate*
Lillian Clarke
Procrastination 😂👌
LARA FM Oy oldin
She is So CUTE
Bella Bustos
Bella Bustos Oy oldin
*and that's definitely how I wake up*
Aria Elena
Aria Elena Oy oldin
Gods, I could watch 3 hours of this
Melody Fox
Melody Fox Oy oldin
This made me very confused
Sam Allard
Sam Allard Oy oldin
Yassssssss quean
Mona Oy oldin
her space buns are so short.. how many extensions does she use?? lol
five six
five six Oy oldin
A lot
fransisca steffi
i wish this video could be longer. 🙁
Xavier Billingsley
" ..... Yuh ."
uhm what
uhm what Oy oldin
I think we ALL wake up like this
oy59 Oy oldin