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Matt and Thomas thought it would be a good idea to walk across a country without a map...
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9-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 532
Yes Theory
Yes Theory 2 oy oldin
Watch until the end for a little hidden message... :)
Almasa Spanja
Almasa Spanja 2 kun oldin
What was the message?
K. Gissell
K. Gissell 2 kun oldin
+notwillp Usually, in our native language but it depends on what situation we are in and with who we are talking.
Andreea O
Andreea O 5 kun oldin
+notwillp all of them
Sithsabasan Vahkkshshan
either you guys got caught on highway and got dropped by the police or u hitch hiked
Mai Waifu
Mai Waifu 13 kun oldin
i want a massage
Anugrah Ramadhan
Anugrah Ramadhan 11 soat oldin
Yooo I feel you guys.. In 2016 I skated for 180+ Km from Hannover to Hamburg, ALONE! and I fasted too. So I really know how you guys felt. How tired it was.and How demotivating it was along the way but once you've reach your goals the feeling was a bliss. I vlogged about it in my channel with Eng sub. anyone want to watch feel free to watch.
Austin Bae
Austin Bae Kun oldin
all you had to do was stand in the sun lol. Before noon, your shadow points west. In the after noon, the shadow points east.
i love your videos bc each time you speak french i understand 😂😂 bilingual people raise your hand
JackSwatman Kun oldin
Should have chosen Lichtenstein or Monaco
MO Kun oldin
Actually I walked 90KMs across 3 countries:)
Helena Kun oldin
HOW DID I MISS THAT?? I really wanted to meet you guys
Helena Kun oldin
You walked straight across my village ugh stupid school
Helena Kun oldin
I literally know the places you‘ve been i‘m so mad
MR.Elias 17
MR.Elias 17 Kun oldin
Is that how you reached saarbucken
Mark Francisco
Mark Francisco Kun oldin
You walk that far and at the end of the trip you forgot to open you pokemon go app...
DJKiller123100 2 kun oldin
ahhhhh, i see
Red Panda Slimes
Red Panda Slimes 2 kun oldin
I once walked across a country...... it was Vatican City
Olivia Gruss
Olivia Gruss 2 kun oldin
So, y’all lied. Honey is free to download. $200 to use! What bullshit
Olivia Gruss
Olivia Gruss 2 kun oldin
Y’all should’ve followed the sun.... Rises in the East sets in the West. You can even tell the time by looking at the sun.
GummyGod 2 kun oldin
The mistery is from that time you guys travelled from that city back to budapest and everyone was asking how you end up there( the guys driving you, the girl hosting you in germany, the guy from Vienna)
MemeGod 2 kun oldin
Amazing! Now walk back ;)!
Tranxikoritian 2 kun oldin
yep, honey is dope!
Cyrus 3 kun oldin
You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want.
Bob Morl
Bob Morl 3 kun oldin
I loooove your adventures i would like to be in one of them dude this shit look soooo fun dude
Luc McKiernan
Luc McKiernan 3 kun oldin
8:40 he was on his phone
NoYo 3 kun oldin
Whats the song at 4:06?
Dan K. Meme
Dan K. Meme 4 kun oldin
That other highway walker though
not Raleigh Thill
not Raleigh Thill 4 kun oldin
My great great grandparents are from luxenburg!
Olive ASMR
Olive ASMR 4 kun oldin
Shit that French accent is perfect
can I get 100000 likes on comment
Go to Sydney, Australia it will be Really easy and maybe I could help you ;)
charlie deadston
charlie deadston 4 kun oldin
i’m still puzzled as to why you chose luxembourg. there’s really nothing there besides cows and the occasional castle.
Loremae Albano
Loremae Albano 4 kun oldin
Oh wow! I didn't know how small europe is (countries so near to each other) compared to our country. No wonder a lot of my european friends told me that it is possible to walk to other eu countries in a day or even in few days. amazing!
Charlie Baeringer
Charlie Baeringer 4 kun oldin
how was it light out for 14 hours!?!?!?!?
I Love Ava!
I Love Ava! 4 kun oldin
Yes theory makes a 14 hour long journey into a 13 minute video but James Charles makes a 60 second challenge into a 30 minute video?!?! What is life anymore
Lauren Leigh
Lauren Leigh 5 kun oldin
Do an Australian Challenge
Chiya-Metal 5 kun oldin
I read the title and thought "Vatican City?" That's a good April Fool's video, I guess.
Deadshot5487 5 kun oldin
FuzzyPanda21 5 kun oldin
so what happened in remish or whatver
Carine Kay
Carine Kay 5 kun oldin
my home country!!!!
Mikaela Swiel
Mikaela Swiel 5 kun oldin
This channel deserves more subscribers and popularity than it has.
Dutch Emerald
Dutch Emerald 5 kun oldin
you could have brought a fkng compas lol
TALENT 39 6 kun oldin
8:51 is that a phone?
Annabel Gamer
Annabel Gamer 6 kun oldin
At 5:56 there is a map
Fredi thedrummer
Fredi thedrummer 6 kun oldin
Probably the longest way any American ever walked
aaron 6 kun oldin
Wait, What?
Wait, What? 6 kun oldin
I think your caps is on when making this video title.
Eliana Taylor
Eliana Taylor 6 kun oldin
Inspired to make more friends and go on more adventures
10000 subscribers before Christmas  Challenge, Plz.
Where are my mr beast fans
Dominic Khalili
Dominic Khalili 6 kun oldin
Where do they come from?France?
Ares Vlogz
Ares Vlogz 7 kun oldin
I can barely run for 30 minutes lmao
LuckyGuu 7 kun oldin
I had a Passport for 10 years and didn't use it. I suck.
dragonmybutt 7 kun oldin
They are living the life of dreams for real
WEASEL 7 kun oldin
Ik woon in belgie in kapellen 😎 like als ge mij begrijpt
Vanessa Magalhaes
Vanessa Magalhaes 7 kun oldin
SkippiGaming 7 kun oldin
you actualy didnt make it, the border is actualy crossed after you cross the river over the big bridge only 500m downhill from where you stopped
SkippiGaming 7 kun oldin
Izzy R
Izzy R 7 kun oldin
They should try gold and silver d of e😂😂
knory123 7 kun oldin
*"There is no sign anywhere..."* stands in front of a "forbidden to enter" sign wondering which way to go :')
Velua 7 kun oldin
Monaco is only 2 miles long, you should have picked Monaco
yoloqueen 8 kun oldin
8:08-8:15 Thomas sounded like Chandler from Friends 😂
JD Bond
JD Bond 8 kun oldin
I know a country that you can walk across without a map... Vatican City.
Heather Brown
Heather Brown 8 kun oldin
You guys are so effing legit!
X3NA Gaming
X3NA Gaming 8 kun oldin
Odd flex but ok
hannaxo2110 8 kun oldin
You were soo near to where I live :D I live about 15mins from the boarder in germany :D
Meghan Waldron
Meghan Waldron 9 kun oldin
so, I'm planning a trip across the UK/ireland this summer after I graduate and before college. I like, don't have a lot of money at all and that's including a ticket to london and then probably back from Dublin. I don't want to have a detailed plan because I want to be able to explore freely. I also can't drive and also don't want to be booking hotels/hostels ahead of time. How screwed am I?? Any tips?
liliana nunez
liliana nunez 9 kun oldin
I just love thomas lol!
thatonedude 9 kun oldin
Fucking shit at directions
thatonedude 9 kun oldin
Abonded in a place that's not well known like a shit place or a nonexistent place like wyoming
dax stern
dax stern 9 kun oldin
They ran a marathon in 14 hours
Mathias Bjørhovde
Mathias Bjørhovde 9 kun oldin
They legit chose the smallest country in europe
Filip Gajewski
Filip Gajewski 7 kun oldin
San Marino? Vatican?
Jeesus 9 kun oldin
”A fellow highway walker”😂😂
ِ 9 kun oldin
you should ask directions from a taxi driver
agate b.
agate b. 9 kun oldin
I once walked 45 km in 8 hrs😂
Nikis Surprise
Nikis Surprise 9 kun oldin
I have done this lol
TheAbusmentPark 9 kun oldin
look at 5:55 they have a map
Calculator Tortilla
7:09 well walking across a country isn’t exactly a normal thing to do 😐
Reinalmd 9 kun oldin
I think i see this guys
Hey Im a Dead Joke
Hey Im a Dead Joke 10 kun oldin
yall shoudlve brought a compass
B.N.L One
B.N.L One 10 kun oldin
you guys are the best
wonderwub 10 kun oldin
Should have brought a crusier skateboard
0 0
0 0 10 kun oldin
like how many lanugages does matt speak ?
Laniya Clemons
Laniya Clemons 10 kun oldin
Them walking their final part reminds me of me trying to walk the mile XD
Brenna Carberry
Brenna Carberry 10 kun oldin
Future reference: sun sets in the west :) Yall rock!
MrBenjamino 11 kun oldin
8:51 hmmmm nice phone..
bartolomeu malfeitor
how is it day time all the video?
Hey It's Kaylee
Hey It's Kaylee 11 kun oldin
Y’all getting mad cuz they looked at a side map bro calm down they still walked all that way who cares I’m pretty sure at some point y’all would be tired and a need some kind of hope or something to help u
P T 11 kun oldin
Wait, they speak French??
Luan 11 kun oldin
spicy 11 kun oldin
this reminds me of the spongebob movie
Abhinav A S
Abhinav A S 11 kun oldin
#YesTheory The best way to spend money !!!
Cedrick Letendre
Cedrick Letendre 11 kun oldin
I respect the filming
Tomcat958 11 kun oldin
You could of walked across Monaco
Jt Brooks
Jt Brooks 12 kun oldin
Forgot how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west?
Kailee Walters
Kailee Walters 12 kun oldin
i wonder how much food these guys consumed to revive themselves from all that walking hahahaha
Resolute Fitness
Resolute Fitness 12 kun oldin
Enjoyed this great video guys, let me know if you want a fitness challenge, join up for a special.
Deegeetek 12 kun oldin
Walking 10 miles isn't too bad. When I go to a Disney park I walk about 9-14 miles per day, so.. :/
No Name
No Name 12 kun oldin
I hope Yes Theory would come to Cambodia❤️
William Sahlin
William Sahlin 12 kun oldin
6:16 what a beautiful shirt!
Chris Chappelle
Chris Chappelle 12 kun oldin
East I thought u said weaast * -patrick
RaInBoW LaWliPoP
RaInBoW LaWliPoP 12 kun oldin
am I the only one who thinks they walked a lot further than what they were intentionally trying to do thats how they ended up in Saarbrucken
Nathaniel Williams
Nathaniel Williams 12 kun oldin
Already have honey, but uninstalled and reinstalled via your link to further support Yes Theory :D
Blue gachaverse Gomez
and that's why you just walk straight on the path
gaby calderon
gaby calderon 13 kun oldin
The way this is edited makes it like 10x cooler
Jordan Howie
Jordan Howie 13 kun oldin
I visited LA in May and sort of did something similar. I was trying to get to LA from Pomona. I took an Uber to a metro station in West Covinabut I couldn't find the metro station. None of the locals I asked knew where the metro station was so I decided to try and walk towards LA in hopes of maybe finding another metro station along the way. that never happened, but ended up walking for 5 hours down the Arrow Highway and I ended up coming. Across the Siracha Factory 😂
ignas79 13 kun oldin
Now walk across siberia
Joël Gerard
Joël Gerard 13 kun oldin
Wtf!! You guys were here!?! Damn! 😂