Watch President Donald Trump's Full Immigration Remarks | NBC News

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President Trump remarks on immigration and the government shut down from the Oval Office.
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Watch President Donald Trump's Full Immigration Remarks | NBC News



9-Yan, 2019

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chinatown 9 soat oldin
He is talking about ilegal immigrants you morons , wtf , he didn’t said immigrants, he said ilegal immigrants
Mandy Green
Mandy Green 21 soat oldin
This video is just the best one.Trump is the perfect and the best leader in all world
Tigest Tadesse
Tigest Tadesse 2 kun oldin
It’s sad when pres believe all illegals are bad
Start a Crowd Funder Campaign if every US Citizen who would like to be safe and secure chipped in just 5 dollars! Think about that guys! Thats the wall paid for! Not 5 dollars every year but just one payment! I hate when the Press edit what Trump says so it looks like he says some thing different and make him out to be a racist! Trump is not a racist! he just loves his Country and Americans what ever color race or creed they are! Trump brings the honest decent and of course the hard working people together, not the other way around like the media would have you believe!
PRO Cars
PRO Cars 3 kun oldin
KOSOVO IS NOT YOUR HOME 🤬🇷🇸 is kovovo,kosovo is 🇷🇸
Bent creek creations
Look at all the lazy 😂💀 (American people) who seem not to be effected by the immagrational conundrum we have at hand .
xxxSeana Wilsonxxx
xxxSeana Wilsonxxx 4 kun oldin
Hopefully he disappear off the face of the earth
Funny Primitive Kh
Funny Primitive Kh 4 kun oldin
Good Donald Trump, I support your ideas 100 percent.
Cora Curry
Cora Curry 6 kun oldin
Trump you need to look to the north that's where 9 11 came from leave the south alone. Missing with them cause you dont like them. If you build a wall there might as well build it all around. Nothing right what you doing is right you are making this country something that we are not.
Simo Selmaoui
Simo Selmaoui 6 kun oldin
www.amazon.com/dp/B07M818X4K He tells the truthful truth shirt to spread my message that we want a unified planet
Michael Filipan
Michael Filipan 7 kun oldin
Why are people disliking this video in which this man talks about securing peoples lives in the USA? I wouldn’t be suprised if most of this people made their opinion of mr. Trump from the media. Understand that he is trying to make your life better by getting rid of people who make your lives harder. Nobody wants illegal immigrants.
Khalid Alanezi
Khalid Alanezi 7 kun oldin
I hate you donal trump
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen 7 kun oldin
Search for "mutual advice"
Débat Politique
Débat Politique 7 kun oldin
James Johnson
James Johnson 9 kun oldin
I support elizabeth warren ! Vote trump out of office!
K. IJsvogel
K. IJsvogel 9 kun oldin
Gee USA, How painful it must be to have a president like this, conducting his own truth and facts...he's really not very smart, is he ?
Daydreamer9692 9 kun oldin
If this was a movie on TV, I would have changed the channel 5 minutes in. Instead, it’s actually masquerading as an administration. How far we’ve fallen as a nation. I fear an attack from abroad every day because they too can see the turmoil in this country and the corrupt, unqualified person who pretends to lead it. 🤦‍♀️
timber_beast 9 kun oldin
Trump struggles to read so his teleprompter speeches are very low energy.
Clark Spent
Clark Spent 9 kun oldin
Npc P
Npc P 9 kun oldin
Mexico has a barbed WALL to its southern border. CRY ABOUT THAT TOO WON'T YA?!
timber_beast 9 kun oldin
no they don;t
Jo Theman
Jo Theman 9 kun oldin
Why, oh why, USA?
JongShik Park
JongShik Park 9 kun oldin
Crazy president. What a shame in America History.
eduardo landolt
eduardo landolt 9 kun oldin
And, it worked for the Chinese... theres no Mexicans there
eduardo landolt
eduardo landolt 9 kun oldin
Roger Wabbit
Roger Wabbit 9 kun oldin
Build That Wall Higher Now!
John Donwood
John Donwood 9 kun oldin
Some guy
Some guy 9 kun oldin
Call your congress person and ask them to impeach that bag of dead brain cells.
Some guy
Some guy 9 kun oldin
Fou Yuck Trump!
Them Politics
Them Politics 9 kun oldin
Them politics took our jobs!
Them Politics
Them Politics 9 kun oldin
Most these crimes he listed are committed by white people. Go into any prison 70%+ inmates are Caucasian.
grandmasbuttons 9 kun oldin
A wall would be just as smart as trump. DURRRRRRR...
Ed W
Ed W 9 kun oldin
OttawaNow 9 kun oldin
Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
D Paul
D Paul 9 kun oldin
Donald Trump isnt an Monarch
Peter Chan
Peter Chan 9 kun oldin
What a stupid president will insist on building an useless border wall and wasting plenty of public monies. Border security should be strengthened by manpower and patrol facilities but not by this insane method.
Zoey Zou
Zoey Zou 9 kun oldin
I think the best way is USA splitting into two countries, a donkey one and a elephant one, so they can get peace and democracy. By the way, I also support California Independence Campaign.
rrrkev 9 kun oldin
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 9 kun oldin
worst President ever
Roberto Leeva
Roberto Leeva 9 kun oldin
Why should we believe you? You have been sued hundreds of times for not keeping your promises.!!!
Myprepay cellular
Myprepay cellular 9 kun oldin
All lies no work by donny trump Will make america great again?
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 9 kun oldin
Moe Jaime
Moe Jaime 9 kun oldin
We need a wall built around Trump not the southern border !
lets get prepared together
Yeah he racist he only said Latinos and African americans, but if a British person snuck over here
Ziggy Stardust
Ziggy Stardust 9 kun oldin
Eeeew this fat man is going to get impeached thank god for Mueller
Manuel Heeg
Manuel Heeg 10 kun oldin
Can somebody give this president his glasses, please.
Tyquan Commander
Tyquan Commander 10 kun oldin
People die everyday B if you cut off food stamps people going die of starvation
Conner Smith
Conner Smith 10 kun oldin
Still awaiting a constructive response from a leftist rather than aimless bashing and opinion shouting
chevysschevelle 10 kun oldin
Love it.
Brayan Sanchez
Brayan Sanchez 10 kun oldin
It's time for people to study their constitutions! Come on its common sense illegal immigrants are not edifying America. We need a wall not because of racism (im mexican btw) but because its to protect the people within. I wish Mexico them selves would have a wall to protect citizens from illegals coming from centrale america.
Sloid 10 kun oldin
Good job, send those filthy shitskins back to the hole they crawled out of.
Groovy Mahoney
Groovy Mahoney 10 kun oldin
Ahh look how cute his tiny hands are. Hey remember to watch him in mute mode, on or off he sounds the same. this lying predator is channeling 👿 Stephen Miller, it appears he took his meds too, his pathetic words🤮 are truly a reflection of a soulless baby 👶 man. Oh and people, let’s not forget about the women who went on the public record telling of how the Donald , sexually assaulted them. 17 victims 🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺🚺 we’re hurt by the orange pervert. Yes, it is true, women and children are in more danger now than ever before. Do not forget his crimes against women.. Cosby, Weinstien, “The Donald”. Bring him to justice for all his crimes but especially lock him up for his predatory ways. I have hair clippers hair clippers. He has to shave that ugly birds nest off his brainless head.
Mohammad Suleiman
Mohammad Suleiman 10 kun oldin
President Trump Rocks!
Alexander TT
Alexander TT 10 kun oldin
But. Cant you just dig under it? You know. Like they already do
john smith
john smith 10 kun oldin
I wanna know what holocaust survivors think about indefinite immigrant detention? 🤔
chicken permission
chicken permission 10 kun oldin
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle 10 kun oldin
What exactly was said by Trump that was so outrageous? Seems like common sense to me.
Patrick Rogers
Patrick Rogers 10 kun oldin
0:03 “tonight I am A speaking to you” did anyone catch that 😂 reminded me of Alec Baldwin playing trump on snl. I am a trump supporter by the way I just thought it was funny the way he said speaking
Universal Liberty
Universal Liberty 10 kun oldin
He is right!!!
mrzwerus 10 kun oldin
american gangs already living in usa are the public enemy 😈
Collin Spaghetti
Collin Spaghetti 10 kun oldin
AMEN! Only privileged white college kids refuse to understand how this will SAVE LIVES!
JP Gunn
JP Gunn 10 kun oldin
Americans' hearts were also broken ON CHRISTMAS DAY when a family lost their small child while in the care of the United States.
JP Gunn
JP Gunn 10 kun oldin
Democrats have offered to fund border security. They refuse to fund your useless wall.
JP Gunn
JP Gunn 10 kun oldin
The cost of illegal drugs? You could fix that by legalizing them.
JP Gunn
JP Gunn 10 kun oldin
What a complete embarrassment to our country.
Palace Of Wisdom
Palace Of Wisdom 10 kun oldin
2:20 "Women are children..." A Freudian slip if ever there was one... and he's not wrong.
John Lyons
John Lyons 10 kun oldin
He looks like he is a hostage!
jason max
jason max 10 kun oldin
America for the Americans, build the wall now!
gaaradark23 9 kun oldin
America is the continent. Mexico is america and chile, colombia,brazil,etc
nehemiah jones
nehemiah jones 10 kun oldin
I can't do nothing but laugh at this
Mario Perez
Mario Perez 10 kun oldin
My ears hurt.
Mario Perez
Mario Perez 10 kun oldin
Im sorry Im legal, i have a green card and i have SSN and Im in college graduated from High School with a Bilingual Certificate and many more things, in which you can’t understand. Thank you!
That Gamer Boi
That Gamer Boi 10 kun oldin
Mario Perez why cause you illegal?
Imgood 6158
Imgood 6158 10 kun oldin
Last time i remembered that a white kid shot up a school, not a hispanic nor black american.
Emily Triffault
Emily Triffault 10 kun oldin
How can you be murdered and beaten to death?
Lucas Vermeulen
Lucas Vermeulen 10 kun oldin
He sounds reasonably.
Dino Mišković
Dino Mišković 10 kun oldin
he held hand of ilegal immigrant.... who believe this?
RC Armor
RC Armor 10 kun oldin
its a crisis people!
Dino Mišković
Dino Mišković 10 kun oldin
one sentence to discribe president trump and presidency of donald trump.... only in America....
Dino Mišković
Dino Mišković 10 kun oldin
policeman was killed by illegal immigrant who how no right to be in our country.....how many people in how many countrys was killed by Americans who how no right to be in their country.....Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Grenada, Nicaragua, Chile and many more.... you should be happy they did not come to conquer you.... like Reagan said mr. president bring down that wall... america land of the free.... it's sad to see what America is becoming....
Craig Dishner
Craig Dishner 10 kun oldin
The legislation process requires the approval, represented by the signature of the president. If he signs every bill presented to him , as the Democrats and some Republicans are proposing, why bother with this requirement of the constitution? Too many presidents have signed every budget proposed by congress even though veterans may be neglected, excess money is given to liberal artists, excess money is given to other countries, individual politicians pet projects proposed to buy votes in their home states and taxpayer money is wasted. Thanks to President Trump for his service to our country!
Brian G
Brian G 10 kun oldin
Dude wrote "The Art of the Deal". He will NEVER back down.
Richard Avila
Richard Avila 10 kun oldin
I'm really sorry to any who supports Trump, but I am by no means a "Democrat," however I can't find it in myself to support this guy... He's always painting the picture with misleading facts and is trying to so hard to deal with this "crisis" there are a several other things going in our country that illegal immigration could take the back seat, but he sits in "throne" perhaps feeding his ego and trying change "history" by building a stupid wall. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against border security and I support it, but just because this waste of human is desperate for it by using misleading facts and by shutting down our government over it, I too would strongly oppose him....
Ignacio C
Ignacio C 10 kun oldin
Give this man his wall!! for we can all move on. 😡 I’m tired of this please.
Aairo Heart
Aairo Heart 10 kun oldin
I don't even know what to say...I've never heard anything more stupid in my life... what a child... He is no president, he is a toddler. Grow up, Trump.
Kairoptra 10 kun oldin
This stopped being about immigration the second Trump started the shutdown; Republicans and Democrats are tearing this county apart with their inability to work together or compromise and people on both sides of the border are suffering because of it. People are missing the point. Trump is completely out of order with his current actions, regardless of his stance on immigration. Any way you slice it, he’s not going to get exactly what he wants. He has to either concede or compromise. However, he has only chosen to perpetuate the culture of divisiveness through fear-mongering and finger-pointing. This is why I’m an independent...
Judy 10 kun oldin
I'm sorry but cops are crooked that is why they become a cop. They are bullies like you T rump. What is that f--king noise in your nose??sounds like an anteater. LOL
Judy 10 kun oldin
Let the moron have a fence. Then he won't have anything to run on in 2020.
awestuvid 10 kun oldin
2:19 "women are children"
Martin Albers
Martin Albers 10 kun oldin
Trump doesn't seem to understand the context of the problems he tries to solve.
emma gordon
emma gordon 10 kun oldin
Bruh whoever becomes president next should knock down the wall straight away
Cristian Trejo
Cristian Trejo 10 kun oldin
This man cannot read 😂
Josue Jocelyn
Josue Jocelyn 10 kun oldin
You talk only for American what about other legal people living in United states are they are nothing
Josue Jocelyn
Josue Jocelyn 9 kun oldin
There is no United States without immigrants. Immigrants people are The most hard worker they do any kind of jobs they got not really anything to help them selves
matt smith
matt smith 10 kun oldin
only americans live in the united states you dumbfuck
Josue Jocelyn
Josue Jocelyn 10 kun oldin
I need my taxes return my money is not for wall cause I can't even pay rent you never think about to goes the rent price down more homeless every year more bills more taxes I'm tired with it before you think about that wall you must see what's going in people life in United states
Drankus 10 kun oldin
belle mcellis
belle mcellis 10 kun oldin
Democrats should Stop showing these Illegals Special treatment. If they were BLACK the Democrats would NOT even consider disrupting the GOV thru a Shutdown. Treat these illegals as if they were BLACK people or ARABS.
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 10 kun oldin
An amazing man, a real man determined to get the job done. Makes me proud to be an America 🇺🇸
PRO SPORTS TALK 10 kun oldin
The man make all valid points
William Finnegan
William Finnegan 10 kun oldin
A real leader.
Geroge Goofy
Geroge Goofy 10 kun oldin
This mofo is nothing more than a buffoon. He epitomizes those delusionally embedded self righteous enchanted immigrants, who came into America via Ellis Island. Hmmm what about your Russian Allies in Florida , who sell Herione from Afghanistan flooding American Streets since 2000. Ninja please.........
Kevin Reed
Kevin Reed 10 kun oldin
People build walls around their homes and live in gated communities to keep other people out. I hate Trump's constant fear mongering!
"full immigration remarks"... *Illegal immigration address*
Harrison Walls
Harrison Walls 10 kun oldin
trump #1. LOVE YOU
Harrison Walls
Harrison Walls 10 kun oldin