Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) clashed Dec. 11 with President Trump over border security, during a meeting in the Oval Office. Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZvid: bit.ly/2qiJ4dy
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11-Dek, 2018



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Randy watts
Randy watts Kun oldin
Dam, Mike Pence wont shut up
XxEdelstahlxX Kun oldin
The painting of George Washington behind Trump had ... tears in his eyes. who saw that, too🤦‍♂️
Noah Schneider
Noah Schneider 2 kun oldin
Chuck suck his dad dry and is a disrespectful dick
Noah Schneider
Noah Schneider 2 kun oldin
Chuck to the right is obviously gay and pelosie is a devil dough bag and terrible person
THICKIE_RED 2 kun oldin
Trump's sarcasm:"and we're doing this in a very friendly manner".SAVAGE😂
timothy sylvia
timothy sylvia 2 kun oldin
75% walk right through the bullshit security with the drugs or they tunnel underground so a wall is a waste of our money in my opinion..they will always find a way around over or under into this country and then 5 billion or million whatever he wanted is wasted for nothing
English with Chota Namuna
Trump has no manners at all let all of us put Trump in nursery school where he can learn manners by getting punched by teachers
English with Chota Namuna
Can anyone tell me plz when this Trump going to commit suicide so that we can do another Paris peace settlement? i am just asking since this time the entire world needs peace. This Donald Drum (Trump) is just war monger
Engineer Azhar-Azam
Like a child trump only saying we need wall for security , there should be a complete purposes which prove that without wall it can't be Sol. The security issues .
susi q
susi q 2 kun oldin
I liked Ronald Reagan when he said to Gorbatschow "let's take this wall down", in Berlin 1989. Now America is going to build it's own wall. How poor is that? Trump makes America loose its culture, its freedom and its deceny.
shawanika ibarra
shawanika ibarra 2 kun oldin
Schumer was clearly trying to provoke the president. Good job Mr President good job . Schumer is a nut and Pelosi too with her brain freezes. All her followers are true idiots that refuse to look beyond.their nose. Oh and then Schumer tried to turn it on the president it didn't work.
Mat Cole
Mat Cole 2 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me what is the issue with border protection. America needs to protect its borders. This is a fundamental requirement to any nation. Tell me any other country that doesn't?
Cole Urquhart
Cole Urquhart 3 kun oldin
Why can't you sheeple see the label Trump is ? If I was head of our military no polititions would have a job and we would be destroying china.
IMPROVISE 4 kun oldin
Trump is dumb!
Len 4 kun oldin
what dafuq did i just watch? what a lowlevel discussion
Pratish Kumar
Pratish Kumar 5 kun oldin
In India there is 3000 terrorist infiltrates in a year
potato head
potato head 5 kun oldin
My views on Mike Pence have changed after this video. I think he made some really strong points there.
Eric Seybert
Eric Seybert 5 kun oldin
make america great again, i love you mr trump
Bandicoot 6 kun oldin
A reality show?
Sabrina Olivas
Sabrina Olivas 6 kun oldin
“I did win Minnesota and India”
Shaw 7 kun oldin
Pelosi too lol not trump
Shaw 7 kun oldin
Chuck is a OG!
Mamma Dew
Mamma Dew 7 kun oldin
Pelosi and Schumer need to shut their traps......all Pelosi does is fluff and Schumer makes threats. Stop posturing and act like you care about the American People.
jw68ify 7 kun oldin
... Willing to be accountable... Thats a man
Reinaldo Palencia
Reinaldo Palencia 8 kun oldin
Donald trump is a sick man and is dangerous for our country.
Yahosaphat Ken Yisreal
Yeah Pence really was rude here, no way he should have dominated the conversation like this, just sad
vivek kumar
vivek kumar 8 kun oldin
America needs it's talking pence not another silent wall
Moises De Leon
Moises De Leon 8 kun oldin
This is very embarrassing acting like two wait three inconsiderate don't even want to say people cause in the real world there is real people suffering from all kinds of problems and look at our leaders acting like children like if we as the people are a food product or something being sold. We need an impeachment get Trump out. Don't argue like that in front of the cameras the whole world is watching have more respect for the American people have more respect for yourself TRUMP.
Overwhelming Conundrum
Pence is a clone!
TheUltimate3D 8 kun oldin
North Dakota and India lol
mikey8317 9 kun oldin
Democrats hate immigration laws,hate isreal ,hate border walls,hate Trump because Trump's not scared of there socailist agenda or there false investigation,or there weak candidate s for president
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 8 kun oldin
If you want to argue for something please use facts. Many of the immigration laws were in fact written by democrats. Historically, the democrats were the strong supports of Israel. The republican party was opposed to all manner of foreign adventurism. Also you may want to use the right there/their in your comments.
John Barrett
John Barrett 9 kun oldin
I heard a rumor that Shumer is threatening to move to Israel if we build a wall. He'd rather have the Israeli apartheid wall than the American wall. Very understandable Mr. Shumer - you friggin putz!
Douglas Dietz
Douglas Dietz 9 kun oldin
Three sociopaths and one dead guy in the room arguing...... pathetic. LOL
Loganator25 6 kun oldin
No, he doesn’t.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 6 kun oldin
+Loganator25 Yes he does.
Loganator25 7 kun oldin
No, he doesn’t.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 8 kun oldin
+Loganator25 He sure acts like one.
Loganator25 8 kun oldin
Douglas Dietz Trump isn’t a psycho.
Brad Zink
Brad Zink 9 kun oldin
should have had it shut down longer. Nancy and Charles knew they had no intentions on the wall when wanting the government back open. In my opinion they are a Cancer to the American people and Trump is childish in many ways... he is trying to help. Why is the wall a problem?
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 9 kun oldin
Nancy and Chuck quite rightly opposed the wall as the huge waste of money it is. $35Billion is a lot of money that could buy a lot of useful things or not be added to the debt. Wasn't Mexico supposed to pay for the stupid wall?
_noname 9 kun oldin
"The experts.." always tell things for the democrats whitch in the end are not correct..🤨 poor parasites
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 9 kun oldin
Why can’t they acknowledge the advantage of a wall???? Such a shame man. I hope they live long enough to be part of the family.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 7 kun oldin
+Davey Jones Please feel free to send all your money to the cause of building the wall.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 7 kun oldin
+Davey Jones In fact they aren't a threat. Per capita, you are at greater risk from citizens. Go look up the numbers and you will see. By far the greatest long term threat to the nation is the national debt.
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 7 kun oldin
You basically telling us that illegal immigrants aren’t a threat 😂😂😂 I can help you getting educated brother :)
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 7 kun oldin
Ken Smith you oppose me yet you have no argument over me man... if you think the wall is a waste of money let me tell you i’m a Canadian and I want to pay for the south border wall because I care about the people. Not about putting money in my pocket. I’d like you to have an intellectual answer if you can cause last one still had no other reason than saving money.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 8 kun oldin
+Davey Jones Health care keeps people alive in the face of a real threat to life. +Davey JonesI already have explained an extremely good reason not to have the wall. How could you miss the fact that it is a stupid waste of money?
ms selfish
ms selfish 10 kun oldin
i think trump makes sense.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 9 kun oldin
What he said here is neither true nor reasoned.
Julio Viruez
Julio Viruez 10 kun oldin
Just like Nancy said the wall is part of a presidential promise, he can build a wall as big as his ego but these so call "terrorists " come to the country through planes and if he is talking about Mexicans .. it is not hard for them to dig a hole to get them through the other side. So border security should be more officers, more advanced xray /metal detectors at the airports, and at the Mexican boder. But let me just say something, not because someone is American and they are driving to snd from Mexico makes them angels. Those too are the ones the ones smuggling drugs back into the country, the President doesn't speak about them.
Kahoshe Wotsa
Kahoshe Wotsa 11 kun oldin
Who is that person behind Donald Trumph?? A statue??🤔
Tessa Tambunan
Tessa Tambunan 11 kun oldin
What is this? I'm from Indonesia, but I feel awkward to see this video How could you leaders had heavy and tough debate, show to public? You should be united
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 9 kun oldin
No, free nations look like this. People argue like brothers might. Nobody from the outside should ever make the mistake of taking on one brother or the other because they will have both to deal with.
Domenick Shaget
Domenick Shaget 11 kun oldin
Almost every trump video I watch, when I read the comments they're mostly in his favor..yet every time I turn on the news, everyone hates him..proof that the media rules our country.
Domenick Shaget
Domenick Shaget 11 kun oldin
+Ken Smith never ever even thought about that!
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 11 kun oldin
You are a victim of the self reinforcing effect in the youtube software. You tend to watch videos from sources that are favorable to Trump so those are the ones the code suggests to you next time. You can't gather statistics that mean anything from youtube comments. Also remember the self selection effect. If you go through the comments here a huge number are about Pence talking too much. You have to sort that humor and the Russian troll farms out too.
MD Yousuf Mridha
MD Yousuf Mridha 11 kun oldin
vinayak darshan
vinayak darshan 11 kun oldin
Pence has a great sense of silence.
Federal Investigation Bureau
Nathen Stewart
Nathen Stewart 12 kun oldin
Where is the shouting match? Lmao click bait. I just see two squirming children next to the President.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 11 kun oldin
They got to make some good campaign footage and little more. Trump took the blame for the shut down. That was a huge mistake because they can use that in ads in 2020.
Joe R
Joe R 12 kun oldin
idk what it is, but something about Chuck Schumer pisses me off so much
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 11 kun oldin
+Joe R Check when you first see the smirk. You will notice that it is when he got the footage he wanted with less effort than he expected.
Joe R
Joe R 11 kun oldin
Ken Smith Nah I have nothing against Democrats, but the way he smirks throughout this video just pisses me off
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 11 kun oldin
Maybe it is the fact he is from the opposing side. These days that seems to be enough to make people very very mad.
visho89 11 kun oldin
He's a snake
Stephen Davies
Stephen Davies 12 kun oldin
Wow, this shows how fucked up Trump truly is!
Ryan Lengacher
Ryan Lengacher 6 kun oldin
Stephen Davies how so ?
Paul Scarpa
Paul Scarpa 12 kun oldin
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 12 kun oldin
Duh....I'm so clueless I'm going to make a joke about Pence just sitting there. This looks to me like a show/acting/fake/circus/bullshit. These people don't give a dam about anyone but themselves and their zionist elitest buddies in high places. They constantly act like they are fighting unless it comes to war or Israel. These people Do Not Represent US. Get your information from multiple/independent sources. The truth is heavily censored these days.
Jonathan Horneys
Jonathan Horneys 12 kun oldin
Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸
Hakapik 12 kun oldin
The day trump knew he was beaten no matter what he did. He should have resigned right after this meeting.
Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson 13 kun oldin
Nancy and Chuck are so disrespectful. Outright Despicable!
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 12 kun oldin
.... and your point would be? This same sort of stuff happened to previous presidents and in many cases worse. It is what being the president of a free nation looks like. If you don't like it don't go into politics.
Aj Haas
Aj Haas 13 kun oldin
Chuck schumer should be ashamed of himself acting as if North Dakota and Indiana are places where citizens of this country live their voice is just as important as my voice in Massachusetts is which is as important as whatever voice you have it whatever state you live in this man should be taken out of politics or shamed because of what he just said
Azizi Hakim
Azizi Hakim 13 kun oldin
Haha, trump so dumb n stupid about law. Waste of people tax money ..
TexCraftMine 13 kun oldin
they are all to oooollldddd what would happen if they had young people
AM Realist
AM Realist 13 kun oldin
That conversation should not be held in front of press. I don't know who the hell is his press secretary not telling Mr. Trump about consequences. I hope in future these kinda conversations should be avoided or not held for all good reasons. Discuss wisely like a mature person.
CSX Baltimore sub division
They won't be able to run there drugs in so easily if they is a wall......
Shiro Saieko
Shiro Saieko 12 kun oldin
+Ken Smith as someone who used to do hard drugs and used to be liberal, now I'm independent cause the liberals are crazy nowadays lol I'm against hard drugs going into this country
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 12 kun oldin
+Shiro Saieko The technology exists. It just needs to be funded and deployed. A newly created tunnel is a "sore thumb target" for seismic and resistivity detection. Any metal used in building or holding up the tunnel could be detected magnetically. In many cases infra-red will give away a tunnel. The technology is all well known.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 12 kun oldin
Most of the drugs come in through major ports of entry hidden in vehicles. There are technologies that would help but the dollars spent on the wall can't be spent on the technology so nothing will happen about the drugs.
Shiro Saieko
Shiro Saieko 13 kun oldin
Tunnels already exist dummy, that'll just increase them unless you can create a technology to detect them in the whole space of the wall
CSX Baltimore sub division
Fired all of them,wonder why they don't want the wall,it is a simple thing,we need the wall.....get um trump.....
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 12 kun oldin
He has not authority to fire the folks elected by american voters. The wall is a waste of money that could be better spent on security.
Brennen Ferguson
Brennen Ferguson 14 kun oldin
Trump think about border control thats all that man talk about
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 14 kun oldin
I think Pence was clearly the voice of reason here
51KTM51Hurricane 14 kun oldin
it is not allowed for pence to speak when trump is around
Ismail Farah
Ismail Farah 14 kun oldin
this exchange between the 4 was good to witness.
Finn Kharmalki
Finn Kharmalki 15 kun oldin
That's the type of President we want.He got giant balls🤝Respect
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 14 kun oldin
He was offered a deal with Republicans taking credit back in Dec of 2018. He rejected that deal. He eventually took a worse deal from the democrats. He is incompetent. Is that what you want in a President?
boris saha
boris saha 15 kun oldin
Nancy and Schumer are such a waste of air..
LiveLaugh MakeLove
LiveLaugh MakeLove 15 kun oldin
Whats Pelosi doing with her hands?
Rey Luna
Rey Luna 15 kun oldin
Mr. Pence let others talk please. Hahahahha By the way i'm not criminal, or drug dealing, i'm just a truck driver. Driving trucks for 23 years and that is it.
Wayne House
Wayne House 15 kun oldin
All you foriegn people or haters of Trump, Now making jokes about Pence. You see he knows when the President is Speaking then He as The ( Vice) President does not need to say anything at all Duh. Of course you all would love for him to be rude and interrupt like the Dems do. Lmao
Wayne House
Wayne House 15 kun oldin
I wish The President would Punch Big Nose Schumer on the couch rite in his big dumb nose. He says " Your Wall". No its Americans Wall !!!
Wayne House
Wayne House 14 kun oldin
+Ken Smith lmao ,i know would just be Hilarious because i think his body language is Down right Disrespectful and i think Trump could Take him easily haha. Also we already know he is Far from incompetent As he Has Already Done More for All Kinds Of Americans then Any Other President Ever Has and that's a Fact !!!
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 14 kun oldin
When Isaac Asimov said "Violence is the last resort of the incompetent." he didn't mean competent people do it sooner.
David Mendez
David Mendez 15 kun oldin
Drugs are made inside USA, 😀, he use it to control his temper.
Babak Yazdi
Babak Yazdi 15 kun oldin
This is the Most stupid president So far USA had so far
Wayne House
Wayne House 15 kun oldin
Yeah OK Try this is The Best President the US has Ever Had. Turning around the chinese manipulation and making a deal is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a promise he made to the people, why is he stupid for fighting for it now habib? S t f u if you have nothing factual or intelligent to say .Oh an you speak about stupid but can not even write one english sentence correctly Hahahaha
A.W Musse
A.W Musse 16 kun oldin
Pence would've made a great wall if he was bigger, I mean he is so rigid, what is he made out of a concrete?
Kathy Mosier
Kathy Mosier 16 kun oldin
My first thought was he looked like a wax figure
lester petersen
lester petersen 16 kun oldin
Nancy has no common sence wake up democrats do what is right for your country
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 6 kun oldin
+Ryan Lengacher No, mostly I commented where the persons comment was incorrect in some way. I did read a lot of comments to get a sense of what was being said about the video so long after it was filmed.
Ryan Lengacher
Ryan Lengacher 6 kun oldin
Ken Smith you Just go down the line and reply to everyone’s comment
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 14 kun oldin
More than 50% of the public agree that she is doing what is right for the country. You need to find an argument against her position instead of just insults.
lester petersen
lester petersen 16 kun oldin
fn democraps just make you sick
Eric Licht
Eric Licht 16 kun oldin
nancy pelosi belongs in a retirement home
Hiram Mcgirt
Hiram Mcgirt 16 kun oldin
Mike pence is thinking about Nancy hard. Giving her the eye..
Steve Filkins
Steve Filkins 16 kun oldin
so...there was government shutdown since this.....and now investigations that weren't quite expected at the time.....March 4, 2019 today. It just seems to get worse. Let us hope that the climate changes for the better somehow.
Maasid Siddiq Ganai
Maasid Siddiq Ganai 16 kun oldin
Pence is the only politician who keeps to his word :)
Maurice Tamata
Maurice Tamata 17 kun oldin
I love you Mr president and thank you
Vikas Pandya
Vikas Pandya 17 kun oldin
Psychopath narcissistic President. Get me some pop corn and big.bottle of cola
Feranado Lopez
Feranado Lopez 17 kun oldin
Almost 80 year old need to go nursing homes, hes goin to spen 4 years wall, wall, wall,smh
Humza Ansari
Humza Ansari 17 kun oldin
1:37 Great point, Mr. Pence!
keith strut
keith strut 17 kun oldin
Pelosi is a fraud !!!!
Melody Pearson
Melody Pearson 18 kun oldin
I love this MAN!
Stewart Mcgreig
Stewart Mcgreig 18 kun oldin
But don't the cartels just dig tunnels? I mean look at el chappo I would of thought that infa red night vision cameras drones would be a better viable option unless that's what is going on the wall would also need vibration detectors for tunnels
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 14 kun oldin
The drugs come in via the major ports of entry. The wall doesn't help. Technology could but instead $35Billion will be wasted on the wall.
Anthony Figueroa
Anthony Figueroa 18 kun oldin
I love the fact that those awesome flags are in the background backing up our president. My point of view of Mr. Donald Trump is very clear. I saw it in him. Protect the constitution Mr. President. What comes before honor sir?
10,000 subscribers with no videos
I think pence passed away.
charles bowen
charles bowen 18 kun oldin
if mexico wants to be usa so bad mabye they should apply to be a state
charles bowen
charles bowen 18 kun oldin
nancy, nancy, nancy we can not have milions of illegal immigrants pouring into are country and its destabilizing are economy and communities nancy ,nancy,nancy
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 14 kun oldin
The rate of illegals entering is at a 40 year low. The numbers say that nearly as many are leaving as entering. There is no real crisis on that topic. Blocking drugs may be an effort worth doing because that is a real problem.
Extinct Paradise
Extinct Paradise 19 kun oldin
This is what all you dickwads who voted for this clown are getting, a man who speaks and acts like a stubborn child. Congrats, so glad you’re MAGA hats are still around gathering dust somewhere, maybe this next campaign we can ride on the slogan of Make America Great Again For Real This Time.
Maxwell World Wide Historical Films
Nester Nancy is a worn out record on a 78 turntable and Lil Chuckie is a bilieous failure as a senate member
Maxwell World Wide Historical Films
Nester Nancy and Lil Chuckie are tempermental juveniles
bahubali .1
bahubali .1 19 kun oldin
Pence doing silence yoga
amtul cheema
amtul cheema 19 kun oldin
Donald Trump is nothing but a little boy acting tender temper he's acting like if he's a little 5 years old a baby he didn't know she was jackass from the government I don't know why we haven't
Adriana Rosas
Adriana Rosas 19 kun oldin
No Trump is exactly what the Jews hate and Nancy pee poo loose sucks
Tobias Otieno
Tobias Otieno 19 kun oldin
Useless president, how will the wall solve the American problems of inventing aids and testing it in Africa where there's no strict border security in the name of building walls in certain areas ¿??
Knowledge & Facts
Knowledge & Facts 19 kun oldin
Trump is doing great for USA.. HATS OFF TO HIM
Love Joy
Love Joy 19 kun oldin
How are the guards to cope without a wall?!!
randomsanwhich 20 kun oldin
worseto1 20 kun oldin
Terrorists can walk across without a wall .Wow all we need is another 9/11 I don't see how anyone would support democrats.
Adriana Rosas
Adriana Rosas 19 kun oldin
Terrorist are Jews in disguise
Fake News
Fake News 20 kun oldin
All it takes is one terrorist to turn this country upside down, these Democrats are not working for "WE THE PEOPLE" they are only working for votes and themselves how do you become a billionaire earning $ 223.500 a year ? I smell a THIEF and a RAT and some really bad fish trying to speak for the American people , I bet when she open's her legs they are all reminded about draining the swamp but the sad part is only the dead, illegals, brainwashed sheep vote Democrat
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