Water War with Jason Momoa

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Jason Momoa face off in a twist on the card game War, where the loser of each hand faces wet consequences.
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Water War with Jason Momoa




23-Yan, 2018



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Fikrlar 5 025
Tommy Do
Tommy Do 9 soat oldin
Fatima Pourkhalandi
Fatima Pourkhalandi 13 soat oldin
Jason is so cute
Nicolas Alcaraz
Nicolas Alcaraz 13 soat oldin
You dont play this game with aquaman
Юлия Суфиянова
L Max
L Max Kun oldin
You shouldn't play such games against Aquaman...
Enceladus Eve
Enceladus Eve 2 kun oldin
Now that's what's called a... COMEBACK!!
Enceladus Eve
Enceladus Eve 2 kun oldin
It's always the same shit!
Samridhi Kumaresan
Samridhi Kumaresan 2 kun oldin
*jason momoa pours jug of water on jimmy's head* me: *screams* HOW DOES SOMEONE MAKE SOMETHING SO SIMPLE LOOK SO AWESOME!!!
Mega - Gaming - Mix
3:52 when he c*ms on your face LUL
Jules A
Jules A 2 kun oldin
Lol @3:16 literally looked like that water hurt!
Sam Lan
Sam Lan 3 kun oldin
jasons such a barbarian haha
Enjoi Wolfy
Enjoi Wolfy 3 kun oldin
Coco H
Coco H 3 kun oldin
Love his personality. Now that is a man..
StanislavyeungHK 5 kun oldin
Its a bit like a facial in gay sex
Shinekhuu D
Shinekhuu D 5 kun oldin
Nothing to lose for Jason, if he lose, it's Aquaman
Clear Adventure
Clear Adventure 5 kun oldin
Well that escalated into soft porn quickly...
Stoggey Ocho
Stoggey Ocho 5 kun oldin
This is pure gold 😂😂
By the way he is Aquaman 😂
MonsterHunterRoon 5 kun oldin
I wonder if he does this at home.
Aanya 1996
Aanya 1996 6 kun oldin
So is no one taking about how messy those cards are??
Clarissa van der Merwe
It's called Aqua-luck
RaphaCool Johnson
RaphaCool Johnson 7 kun oldin
Clay 7 kun oldin
haha so funny
Alex Pesso
Alex Pesso 7 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon: That wasn't funny I almost died! But hey atleast I almost died by aquaman
Ujjawal Singh
Ujjawal Singh 7 kun oldin
Man ..if only Jimmy would have been thrown out of the planet with fake laughters coming out of his ass
Jimmy was VISIBLY so damn scared when he won the first 3 times its hilarious af lmao
Lupita G
Lupita G 7 kun oldin
Tha man is so dreamy 😍😍😍😍😍
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 8 kun oldin
Water war with Connor mcgregor 😎😎 how many of you want it like
Connor Christensen
Connor Christensen 8 kun oldin
when Jasons drunk 2:20
César Abraham Castañeda Valencia
Momoa was peeying on Jimmy Fallon at the end, lol
Aik Nai Baat
Aik Nai Baat 9 kun oldin
He fu***** jimmy
Shah Hussain
Shah Hussain 9 kun oldin
Jason Fuc.............k You Up...... Man hahahahahahahhahah
Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi 10 kun oldin
Of course he won, he’s Aquaman.
Madison Paige
Madison Paige 10 kun oldin
I’ve never seen so much fear on one persons face then I have on Jimmys when Jason yelled “THROW IT IN MY FACE”
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers 11 kun oldin
Why is it such a big deal that he's splashing Jimmy with water? He's been making women wet since forever!
JHutchFan129 11 kun oldin
at 4:32 when jimmy looks up at him it looks like he is transported back in time looking up at his old school yard bully in terror
Valaha 12 kun oldin
Jason is such cool guy :D I would like do bromance with him :D
Piano Lover1974
Piano Lover1974 12 kun oldin
Quest love laughing is the best part lmfao
Sıla Şahin
Sıla Şahin 12 kun oldin
Jason is such a sincere guy! He’s acting like whatever he feels. 😂
Emma Staub
Emma Staub 12 kun oldin
50 shades of fucked up
Randomly just stArts grabbing his man tits
Crystal Arigullin
Crystal Arigullin 13 kun oldin
Jason Momoa i love you wow wow cool
Azmat Khan
Azmat Khan 13 kun oldin
Jason is the man your girl tells you not to worry about
M01R4H7 13 kun oldin
Jason Momoa is so COOL~☆ i love him!!!
Becky C
Becky C 13 kun oldin
I literally laughed my ass off😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
babyhairrs 14 kun oldin
he’s so hot I wasn’t prepared for this
tidy sora
tidy sora 14 kun oldin
Love your smile so cute
Stephenie Peer
Stephenie Peer 14 kun oldin
Elijah Hibbard
Elijah Hibbard 14 kun oldin
3:58 Jason did a pelvic thrust to the sound of a drum. That takes skill.
Gaby Samudio
Gaby Samudio 14 kun oldin
Jason Momoa es un locote 😂😂😂😂
Izaac AM
Izaac AM 14 kun oldin
Jason should have said “a crown for a king” when he poured the jug on Jimmy just like his character (Khal Drogo) does in game of thrones
Amber Cherise
Amber Cherise 14 kun oldin
Totally rigged; totally worth it.
yes a
yes a 15 kun oldin
Andddd this is the last time Jimmy Fallon played water war.
hamid chakri
hamid chakri 11 kun oldin
Hope he do it again with Henry cavill SUPERMAN!!
Asena Balıkçı
Asena Balıkçı 15 kun oldin
he's such a fluff ball :3
Rachel 15 kun oldin
Does anyone else just want to give Jason a hug ? Hahah
Technical Minds
Technical Minds 15 kun oldin
can u win water war with aquaman ..r u kidding me
ZAIN BONO 15 kun oldin
ohh danm i fuckin love it, dammmmmn Jason love you
Irma Echeverria
Irma Echeverria 16 kun oldin
I love you!!! I dreamt you before I met you!!! I think I dreamed you into life 🌞🌕☄️💫⭐️
Olivia Ellis
Olivia Ellis 16 kun oldin
1:23 Jimmy sounds like Elmo
聖凱徐 16 kun oldin
Just replaying 3:52 over and over and over again....
MuSIc HeART 16 kun oldin
Jason is a savage
_xsalo7 17 kun oldin
lmao i have middle school flash backs ffs
Ally Smith
Ally Smith 17 kun oldin
Does anyone else hear Jason Momoa growl? OMFG...
IraG0427 17 kun oldin
Jason Momoa sexiest man alive. He turned the water like a brick hiting Jimmy lol.
Jason Creed
Jason Creed 17 kun oldin
Thats the wrong place to put the cannon jason lol
Kim 5
Kim 5 17 kun oldin
Lol! ! This was good
Anto Dulor
Anto Dulor 18 kun oldin
Aaah what a nice dude!
amulya bapatla
amulya bapatla 19 kun oldin
His eyes... -.-
Moon Light
Moon Light 19 kun oldin
Oh hey it's aquaman
Arzu Yanardağ
Arzu Yanardağ 19 kun oldin
Don't mess with this big kitty! 🙀 🔊 Turn on the sound!
Zayn rajha
Zayn rajha 19 kun oldin
Jimmy has played with the wrong person, i m sure he has repented a thousand of times during the show hehe
Anthony I
Anthony I 20 kun oldin
he needs to come back for round 2 lmao
Cece Winsett
Cece Winsett 20 kun oldin
Got bitch slapped by water
Bindu R
Bindu R 20 kun oldin
Damn his voice....
Deb Deb
Deb Deb 20 kun oldin
Holy crap this had me rolling!! J.M. Is da MAN🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
Christine L.
Christine L. 20 kun oldin
Well, OK. I'm wet now.
Jalen Belen
Jalen Belen 20 kun oldin
Natalie Owen
Natalie Owen 21 kun oldin
Jimmys seems like he was intimidated by Jason
Karel Sitanggang
Karel Sitanggang 21 kun oldin
Why is Jason becoming more southern? And why every water he grabs he can make it into a fist
almenda gök
almenda gök 23 kun oldin
03:53 jimmy drowned dfhfdlfjfh rude boy jason :D
manthatsfraiche 23 kun oldin
Jason's growl at 1:20 🤤
BlkWdw ThnxU
BlkWdw ThnxU 24 kun oldin
Elayna Afia
Elayna Afia 24 kun oldin
He is doin all the samoan attitude omg .
Ashley Y
Ashley Y 24 kun oldin
Jason Momoa is too mean.
Izzy's life
Izzy's life 24 kun oldin
Fortnite hamster Hub
Momoa is really aquaman its like the same personality
JimmySteller 25 kun oldin
5:26 Imagine if Momoa had seen a double rainbow across the sky.
Patrick and Sharon
Patrick and Sharon 25 kun oldin
3:52 was my fave lmao Mix of Jimmy's face and the drummer guy laugh 😂😂
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 25 kun oldin
Literally shot him with water 😂😂
Klick Bate
Klick Bate 26 kun oldin
😂 it’s even funnier in slow motion 💀
aleyna yılmaz
aleyna yılmaz 27 kun oldin
he really beat jimmy and i don't know how to feel about this
Andrey Vlah
Andrey Vlah 28 kun oldin
in the end, jason just pissed on him :D
jednorožec 1
jednorožec 1 28 kun oldin
Jason Momoa hor or not - still so hot
Ármin Kovács
Ármin Kovács 29 kun oldin
Jimmy was like a ragdoll at the end bro momoa is Huge 😎
Rinat Balapanov
Rinat Balapanov 29 kun oldin
Jimmy felt like if he was raped ))
Connor Patrick
Connor Patrick 29 kun oldin
Why does he bother to put the hat back on?
Lupe Century
Lupe Century 29 kun oldin
*Jimmy gets water slammed in the face* Me: Dies from laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
rick seth
rick seth Oy oldin
1:10 that made me wet!
caroline fitz
caroline fitz Oy oldin
What the hell is on his head lol
sasha Oy oldin
i would like to be penetrated by jason momoa
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