Water War with Jason Momoa

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Jason Momoa face off in a twist on the card game War, where the loser of each hand faces wet consequences.
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Water War with Jason Momoa




23-Yan, 2018

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Enxhi. q
Enxhi. q Soat oldin
So fluffy i wanna die 🤣❤
VintageModernWoman 4 soat oldin
Poor Jimmy, but that was hilarious!
BC Ninety
BC Ninety 8 soat oldin
He reminds me of Animal from The Muppets.
Ashley Webler
Ashley Webler 8 soat oldin
Poor jimmy lol
leilan.y 14 soat oldin
i think guys with long hair are ugly but i make an exception for jasom mamoa
JIB 15 soat oldin
I feel bad for those cards. They got soaked and definitely wasted
Yado Boss
Yado Boss 20 soat oldin
Like=kapil sharma Comment=Jimmy fallon
Roy Coots
Roy Coots Kun oldin
Questlove was about to fall out laughing! 😂😂😂
Destroyer of Realms
5:56 a crown for a king like if you got it
Guram sherozia
Guram sherozia Kun oldin
He could play a joker for sure
Elizabeth Divya Thomas
Mamoa acts exactly like my brother when we are literally playing any game.. hit first, hug next😂
fpellaro Kun oldin
it s fucking giant puppy that doesn't know his strenght and wants to play hahahahaaha
Augustė Laurinaitytė
Jason Momoa is just too cutee😻 and funny aswell😁
Star Shake
Star Shake Kun oldin
This is totally fun!!! I love jason and jimmy... jason is so sexy and jimmy is sooo damn funny!!!
Saidatul Nurhidayah
ahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha so so funny
Timothy Ng
Timothy Ng Kun oldin
Every water war i've seen is rigged
Black Aesthetics
That drummer was a little too weakk😂😂
Seif Ghanem
Seif Ghanem Kun oldin
That guy looks like aqua man
Atindrila Roy
Atindrila Roy Kun oldin
He water bends his pee
I want a love like Jasons n Lisas.
dr someone
dr someone 2 kun oldin
No matter how hot you are...you DON'T let your girl be in the same place with him. Automatic cream pie.
nikho brito
nikho brito 2 kun oldin
What’s that water gun called?
Ashley Worjloh
Ashley Worjloh 2 kun oldin
Jason is so yummy
Rascal Heart
Rascal Heart 2 kun oldin
Used to have a crush on Chris Hemsworth. Used to have a crush on Chris Pratt! I'm done with all the Chris' at this point 😅
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese 2 kun oldin
i feel so bad for jimmy bill bob
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese 2 kun oldin
so rigged but i love it
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese 2 kun oldin
Everyone: oooohhhhhhh
Okura Tadayoshi
Okura Tadayoshi 2 kun oldin
Poor Jimmy! 😂😂😂
Derek Nasty
Derek Nasty 2 kun oldin
this looks like the school bully found his favorite nerd at a high school reunion
stsgabe 2 kun oldin
Spirit Of Vengeance
Jason: "I want to get your seat wet". *Women in the Audience*: "It has already happened".
June Chang
June Chang 2 kun oldin
The one when Jason splashes Jimmy after he puts the nipple cards, I literally saw the water fly
valerie page
valerie page 2 kun oldin
lol omg this is amazing my stomach hurts from laughing at the power behind jasons throws
Sahara Thibault
Sahara Thibault 2 kun oldin
Imagine being baptized by Jason Mamoa
Clarrisa Zeigler
Clarrisa Zeigler 2 kun oldin
He was a good sport. I'm gonna say he won. I'm sure he inflicted some pain.
BuisBoule 2 kun oldin
The young Zakk Wylde
Tulasi Devi Dasi
Tulasi Devi Dasi 2 kun oldin
Jason is such a good sport 😅
Pablo F Castro
Pablo F Castro 2 kun oldin
3:46 best part
shyam s
shyam s 2 kun oldin
He is crazy
Team Ryan
Team Ryan 2 kun oldin
Now slowly take off those wet clothes 👀
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 2 kun oldin
the way Jason throws water at Jimmy is so FUUUN!!! 😂😂😂
Ray Buat Trailer
Ray Buat Trailer 2 kun oldin
I love how jason momoa sound when he slapped jimmy with water, "heaahhh!!!!, Greaahhhh!!!"
Maide Canyakar
Maide Canyakar 2 kun oldin
This game is so sexualized or maybe i am the dirtyminded one😂
Siiri Tuunanen
Siiri Tuunanen 3 kun oldin
Did Jason break all the glasses?
Xamora Music
Xamora Music 3 kun oldin
Oh I love jimmy and Jason there funny as hell lol 😂
Dmitriy Nekrashevych
its fake they rigde the cards
Javon 3 kun oldin
5:56 is that R Kelly?
Muzikero Bizdak
Muzikero Bizdak 3 kun oldin
This was so FUNNY...Jason didn't even let Jimmy get the chance to breathE 3:53 and the last part tho 6:29 ..HAHAHAHAHA
ginny may
ginny may 3 kun oldin
Oh my giddy aunt.. it’s just.. wow.. it’s so over the top! This is probably why I don’t like watching Jimmy Fallon..
sandok sampalok
sandok sampalok 3 kun oldin
i'm as straight as fuck, but this man scares the shit out of me.!
Melanie Castro-Gonzalez
Lmao😂😂 Dude he’s so hot 😍😍
Masked Kyrie
Masked Kyrie 3 kun oldin
I feel bad for jimmy man
Ashton Steele
Ashton Steele 3 kun oldin
Definitely rigged but I'm not mad 😂
When did the covenant let go of the brutes
Thad Lozensky
Thad Lozensky 3 kun oldin
I might watch Aquaman now just because of this
Michael McCartin
Michael McCartin 3 kun oldin
This guy should play Maui in moana
Oliver Lennox
Oliver Lennox 3 kun oldin
Aquamans next enemy confirmed
Rain Zero
Rain Zero 3 kun oldin
3:53 I felt that
Nina 3 kun oldin
Man I’m getting so wet because of Jason Momoa! He could splash water on me anytime he wants!💦💦
Paula Udell
Paula Udell 3 kun oldin
It's WAR I wanted to see a Haka first!!
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy 3 kun oldin
That was one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve ever seen!
Red Light Green Light Swag
Is Jason turning this into a water boarding session?
Vince Owen
Vince Owen 3 kun oldin
Brothers with Banter
3:52 like a fucking explosion of water, you can hear the water hitting his face with EXTREME impact XD
Wendy Azure
Wendy Azure 3 kun oldin
The way Jimmy cares about his "boobs"😂😂😂😂😂😂💔
Bread Dogs
Bread Dogs 4 kun oldin
He looks like Thor except for the longer hair
Hanifa Sultana
Hanifa Sultana 4 kun oldin
I knew it was gonna be war this is so predictable
ziva canoy
ziva canoy 4 kun oldin
Dev Yud
Dev Yud 4 kun oldin
yes my daddy do that for living. Corny jokes and getting manhandled by celebrities
Epic Assasin
Epic Assasin 4 kun oldin
👶 this is Billie 👕 he is 1 year old 👖 1 like 1 year 👟 let’s see how old he will get
PapillonBleuNoir 4 kun oldin
Jimmy's face at 2:23 "motherfucker"
tacosxo 4 kun oldin
I replayed 3:53 so many times 😂😭
Kendle Martin
Kendle Martin 4 kun oldin
If red dead redemption was a movie, Jason has to be lead , Arthur Momoa
Daniel Lehman
Daniel Lehman 4 kun oldin
Ya know children In Africa are thirsty🙃🙃
Mavila Miranda
Mavila Miranda 4 kun oldin
Fiquei até com tosse de tanto rir😂
Eileen Barraza
Eileen Barraza 4 kun oldin
Fallon is drowning because of pints of water lol
Eileen Barraza
Eileen Barraza 4 kun oldin
“Is there more water in your glass ?”
Beverly Chia
Beverly Chia 4 kun oldin
*it better not be rigged, jimmy*
Rikka Togashi
Rikka Togashi 4 kun oldin
Jim was so scared
Talha Barut
Talha Barut 4 kun oldin
Why does Jason behaves like someone's enthusiastic Uncle?
mandy lui
mandy lui 4 kun oldin
the hat?
Hosed Yassun
Hosed Yassun 4 kun oldin
Check out 3:50
Casie Taylor
Casie Taylor 4 kun oldin
115. tax. the girls upstairs is in a morning together
Jess Kang
Jess Kang 4 kun oldin
5:15 Jason CHEATED lol he grabbed a card from the back.
Shaleen61 4 kun oldin
I liked how someone in the audience yells "yeehoo" back after Mamoa does it at 4:04.
POSH. MODS 4 kun oldin
My man just water-banged Jimmy up the nostrils.
JoyQ 4 kun oldin
He just went full Aquaman on Jimmy
Rocky balboa
Rocky balboa 4 kun oldin
3:53 when jason bust a nut
ScrapDraws 4 kun oldin
I kid you not the water hitting jim looked like legit aquaman level power I almost felt bad
ZeusGamingGt 5 kun oldin
2:27 Jimmy brother, don't tell me you got turned on
Natalie Molo
Natalie Molo 5 kun oldin
Derp Bwahh
Derp Bwahh 5 kun oldin
Jimmys crazy... water war with aquaman.
Grand Fedge
Grand Fedge 5 kun oldin
Shit was suspense af
F0X7R0T 5 kun oldin
Hes just a big ol man child, and awesome!
bernzy Garcia
bernzy Garcia 5 kun oldin
Haha... loving this show..
squidbeard 5 kun oldin
3:52 I heard a hit marker
Mike Payne
Mike Payne 5 kun oldin
I've seen a few interviews with Momoa now and he seems to be one of the coolest guys in hollywood so down to earth and hilarious!
Brodie Lloyd
Brodie Lloyd 5 kun oldin
He is Steven Adams
Beaudoin Motorsports
Isabellauntitled 5 kun oldin
such a man.... exists?
20 soat oldin