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Thank you for always being here. This isn't the final chapter of this project but this is the First chapter for the rest of our lives inshaa'Allah.
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6-Noy, 2018

sham idreesshamidreessham idrees vlogssham and froggysham idrees and froggy proposal



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Sham Idrees VLOGS
We are engaged and i shared her real name on the most special night. Say Mashaa’Allah ❤️ SUBSCRIBE and this is where a new chapter of our lives starts...
Nmeera Amna
Nmeera Amna 4 kun oldin
Mash Allah 😍😍😍😍😍😙
samina kosur
samina kosur 13 kun oldin
Fatma Kass
Fatma Kass Oy oldin
Sham hi
Insha Malik
Insha Malik 2 oy oldin
ali lkarrar_official
This is really romantic
Qamar Toba
Qamar Toba 2 kun oldin
somebody plz tell me where she bought that dress from
Safa Slote
Safa Slote 3 kun oldin
I'm happy for you guys but if I may be honest... Sham could've done better with the ring. He lives in a multi-million dollar mansion I'm sure he could've invested more into it.
Aliyaan Mohammad
Aliyaan Mohammad 3 kun oldin
I already knew her real name in 2k17
Taiba Ghansar
Taiba Ghansar 4 kun oldin
Loving this videoooooo
Adnan Zafar
Adnan Zafar 9 kun oldin
Umer Usman
Umer Usman 10 kun oldin
Plz tell me the real name froggy
Ayesha Malik
Ayesha Malik 11 kun oldin
Such a beautiful nane😘😘😘😘
Ghost Protocol
Ghost Protocol 13 kun oldin
What's with the passport flashing? Did he get the British nationality at that time?
Nimra Jamil
Nimra Jamil 14 kun oldin
How did she agreed later when she refused earlier?
Lira Tabassum
Lira Tabassum 14 kun oldin
angel II
angel II 14 kun oldin
they got married because of social media😂😂😂😂
Rahana Begum
Rahana Begum 15 kun oldin
U guys are so cute together Edit:I cried so much💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👏👏
YouTube_life 567
YouTube_life 567 15 kun oldin
Humza Akhtar
Humza Akhtar 16 kun oldin
Mashallah ALLAH hamesha buri nazar s pak rakhe
Faatimah Khalifa
Faatimah Khalifa 16 kun oldin
That is such a beautiful name mashallah
Ayat Khan Ayat
Ayat Khan Ayat 16 kun oldin
Allah TALLAH ap donoooo ko hmeshaaaaa Khush rkhy aminnnn😍😍😍😍
Shiyana Ch
Shiyana Ch 17 kun oldin
May Allah protects both of you😍
FlightAviator24 18 kun oldin
Imagine if he said no he brought all those people for no reason 😂
Sidra Aamer
Sidra Aamer 18 kun oldin
I just wanna know how froggy's parents are so cool with this because my parents didnt even let my sister put the ring on her fiance and we are born and raised in the states
alishba baig
alishba baig 18 kun oldin
I am happy that you guys are going to be married finally
Zahir Khan
Zahir Khan 18 kun oldin
Cutest thing on internet❤😍
Shuhel Ahmed
Shuhel Ahmed 18 kun oldin
Finally they're engaged
farahaalam 18 kun oldin
Congrats beautiful people 😘🎉🎉💍
Akansha negi
Akansha negi 18 kun oldin
ayat al_kabai
ayat al_kabai 18 kun oldin
i love you guys so much and i knew that you are going to merry froggy
Jannat Ferdousi
Jannat Ferdousi 18 kun oldin
Woww 😍
Gameera Mohamed
Gameera Mohamed 18 kun oldin
Masha Allah her name is very beautiful
Mousufa Tamnun
Mousufa Tamnun 19 kun oldin
I think they were already Married 😶
Hatyja Ovekova
Hatyja Ovekova 19 kun oldin
This is so cute and you have the most beautiful name ever I hope you will have a wonderful and healthy life ❤️❤️❤️
Tatiksha Chaudhary
Tatiksha Chaudhary 19 kun oldin
Ek naam btane ke liye bnde ne itna time pass Kiya.... Bhagwan kuch karo 😥
Anjana Liyanage
Anjana Liyanage 19 kun oldin
I missed vlogs long time due to work on my company finallyyyy brooo congrats
dreams girl
dreams girl 19 kun oldin
They r husband and wife before they start the channel even
baby 123
baby 123 19 kun oldin
She have such beautiful name MashA Allaahh 😊✌
Wahyuni Wahyuni
Wahyuni Wahyuni 20 kun oldin
Lol I have been watching you from 2016, only this year you got married finally, you are not new for me hahaha
usama manzoor
usama manzoor 20 kun oldin
Fakeness level 10000
Rehana Rashid
Rehana Rashid 20 kun oldin
SAAD ALI 20 kun oldin
What is her name I don't understand😥
Omer Butt
Omer Butt 20 kun oldin
Sahr of zahr
Riya Thakur
Riya Thakur 20 kun oldin
Which country they belong ?? Plzzz tell
Zunaina Tasnim
Zunaina Tasnim 20 kun oldin
MashAllah! May Allah bless both of u a life filled with amazing moments and unlimited happiness💛
Suadalita Ali
Suadalita Ali 20 kun oldin
Congratulations love you pple
marva Khan
marva Khan 21 kun oldin
Awwwww ♥️ made me cry
Muqadas Junejo
Muqadas Junejo 21 kun oldin
Cutest 💖 Masha'Allah 💖
humera begum
humera begum 21 kun oldin
I m so happy for u both 😊😊may Allah bless u both n hv beautiful life with each other 😇😇😇😇
Rti. Shafiq96
Rti. Shafiq96 21 kun oldin
> it was surprisingly heavenly done. Loved it bro \w/
Shabnam Khan
Shabnam Khan 21 kun oldin
Congratulation gay's Allah bless you
Asma Begum
Asma Begum 21 kun oldin
Ali Ali
Ali Ali 21 kun oldin
Mashallah 😍🤗
8 oy oldin
21 kun oldin