We Ate Like YouTubers For A Week

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"I live a life of treat yourself all the time"
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Jasmine&Bella Gaming
Where’s Shane’s food 😒😕that would be a perfect serving of Taco Bell
Lillian 2 kun oldin
D d d di did she shhhhe just cut through an avocado pit??!?!?!? Wotwotwotowot....
Julia H
Julia H 3 kun oldin
wow gabbie eats meat during every meal that is not good for her long term health. i love her but damn i just hope she cuts down
Doe eyed beauty
Doe eyed beauty 4 kun oldin
The only one I would eat is gabbys I’m pretty plain and that’s also the food that helps me lose weight the best.
Reef 4 kun oldin
Aren't they already UZvidr
Soul Creeper
Soul Creeper 5 kun oldin
So you eat undercooked food. You’re suppose to microwave it after.
franco abella
franco abella 5 kun oldin
Gabbie went from working for buzzfeed to buzzfeed making videos based on her
Lexi.Dove14 5 kun oldin
The way that avocado was cut..I'm truly shook..how did you cut it in half like that aren't you supposed to gently cut it until you feel the seed then you cut around it...😣
Sasha Prakash
Sasha Prakash 6 kun oldin
so much meat and dairy smh
Breanna George
Breanna George 6 kun oldin
At first i thought it said we eat youtubers😂😂oops
Zara Wiseman
Zara Wiseman 7 kun oldin
All of these meals are so unhealthy...
Lorena deleon
Lorena deleon 7 kun oldin
The thing is Remi works out almost everyday
Concern x
Concern x 8 kun oldin
hol up 0:48 did you cut through the avocado seed?!?💀
Pam Lacambra
Pam Lacambra 8 kun oldin
Omg the avocado 😂
Aeril B
Aeril B 9 kun oldin
This is not a good comment (depends) but the way you handle the camera is making it hard for me to really focus
To Be Honestly
To Be Honestly 9 kun oldin
Aren't y'all basically youtubers?
Tessa J
Tessa J 11 kun oldin
*I'm just the light guy*
Marsha Q
Marsha Q 14 kun oldin
Its so onvious Chloe doesn't know how to cook which would have helped her in this experiment as well as helping her not butcher the meat she killed for a second time when she blatantly overcooked it...
Fish Hhh
Fish Hhh 14 kun oldin
tim hen
tim hen 16 kun oldin
Dumplings are wrinkly ok But DELICIOUS!!
tim hen
tim hen 16 kun oldin
Dumplings are rinkily
Chelinie Ngo
Chelinie Ngo 16 kun oldin
MY QUEEN MADE IT ON THE THUMBNAIL!!! @remlife @missremiashten
Cayla Rubin
Cayla Rubin 17 kun oldin
Remi would want to have a drink right. I’m just the light guy (hahaha 😂)
Minhee Kim
Minhee Kim 17 kun oldin
They should have linked all the videos they referenced in the description box. Too lazy to search for each youtuber lol
Sophia Schafer
Sophia Schafer 18 kun oldin
5:20 LMAO ME
Soph DIY
Soph DIY 20 kun oldin
Omg I clicked so fast bc I saw remi in the thumbnail😂
Jenna Lu
Jenna Lu 20 kun oldin
You guys ARE youtubers
Emmy Vera
Emmy Vera 21 kun oldin
I wish they would of tried the queen Trisha Paytas for a day lmaooo
Hannah Banana Binns
Hannah Banana Binns 22 kun oldin
Jellyfish Prince
Jellyfish Prince 22 kun oldin
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
um what is that bag for the sweet potato, I need that in my life
Princess Ashley
Princess Ashley 26 kun oldin
I feel like the white girl has never seen a dumpling
Jungkookie Makes me unloyal to my bias
Y'all should do a video where meat eaters go vegetarian or vegan for a week
CookyChimo BTS
CookyChimo BTS 28 kun oldin
I’m going to make an avocado salad! Me: okay! Cuts through the avocado pit! Me: *JUMPS OFF A CLIFF*
Gwendalynn Alvarado
We know dang well she ordered the chipotle
wig snatcher
wig snatcher Oy oldin
"I'm just the light guy" lmfaoo ne explaining my importance in my family to other people.
Angela D. Gardiner
�I just want you to be happy. And naked.�
mary thomas
mary thomas Oy oldin
I’m just a light guy lmao 😂
Number 1 Swifty.
But technically they are youtubers...
Marla Beetz
Marla Beetz Oy oldin
I am so happy that you have chosen these great UZvidrs for Thursday and Friday
lil potato babe
I can never not focus on Nina's upper lip.
Bav Balasuperm&ms
Urgh Nina is so beautiful, I can't-
Brenda Garcia
Brenda Garcia Oy oldin
6:42 - 6:43 “all weird and wrinkly” MADE ME LAUGH HAHA I love her accent and she’s so genuinely naturally funny
Tori Nicole
Tori Nicole Oy oldin
The express potato bag saves my life
Stephanie Rose Cipher
*Any Feiibaes here?* ME
Sydney Oy oldin
> sees the avocado seed cut in half in the avocado > confusion strikes > rushes to the comment section to see if anyone shares my confusion > the top comment is in fact about the avocado seed
Charlie Goldsworthy
They are you tubers ...
Hoda Mahmoud
Hoda Mahmoud Oy oldin
egglena x
egglena x Oy oldin
cutting the avocado like that is slightly impressive if i'm being honest
saralynn laponzina
These barley had any fruit in it. U need fruit and veggies!!
Ethel Chapstick
i have come to the conclusion that as a 13 year old girl.. i eat the same amount of a full grown male body builder cause i eat a lot of the same foods that gabbie hannah does but even more than she eats.. so yeah 😂
Shanaia Massey
“And I hate oatmeal.. it was stupid” 😂😂
Jessica Martinez
Fariha R
Fariha R Oy oldin
Omg who else died when she had cut the avocado seed 😂😂
Sandylphan Oy oldin
“They’re all weird and wrinkly!” That line was so gold, and so pure.
Gizam Ski
Gizam Ski Oy oldin
lmfao Jazmins excitement when she was allowed to try food is so ME
J a e
J a e Oy oldin
You’re supposed to steam the dumplings, not boil them smh
frea -
frea - Oy oldin
*cuts through the pit of the avocado*
abnormalpoet 2 oy oldin
Only knew one UZvidr, Gabbie lmao
lisanneennathalie --
Wow but wait, did you cut the avocado INCLUDING the pit in half? Never mind, everybody already commented this 😂
aurora4278 2 oy oldin
"She seasons her food" and she's the only that's not white so far kdkdkjs says a lot
Sunni Wolfie
Sunni Wolfie 2 oy oldin
Merinaz Dadgar
Merinaz Dadgar 2 oy oldin
Dude I have BREAKFAST at 3:30
Numb TM
Numb TM 2 oy oldin
Before 1mil
Dat Gorl
Dat Gorl 2 oy oldin
Jazz is me when my friend offers me some food 😂😂
Jackeline Torres
Jackeline Torres 2 oy oldin
No like, for veganism ❤️
Samantha Elizabeth
The should’ve put Gabbie in the thumbnail (also her channel isn’t the Gabbie show anymore??)
KIM JONG UN 2 oy oldin
Hey you can only eat cats
great value bleach
the way she said vegetables made me cringe so hard
alyssa lutfia
alyssa lutfia 2 oy oldin
Jazz at 5:21 is me when someone offers me food
BunnyFett 2 oy oldin
"I'm just the light guy"
Micky Sun
Micky Sun 2 oy oldin
Aren’t you technically you tubers tho?
humanoid owl
humanoid owl 2 oy oldin
the ad before this video nearly caused the death of my phone
Get Rekt
Get Rekt 2 oy oldin
omfg did she just cut through the avocado seed. THAT EXPLAINS ALOT
Mary Motsay
Mary Motsay 2 oy oldin
They are youtubers😂
IamAlison 2 oy oldin
i was hoping theyd do trisha
Batul Janoowalla
Batul Janoowalla 2 oy oldin
Chloe looks so much like Sophie Turner
MeCowEatHuman 2 oy oldin
Kim Shook Jin
Kim Shook Jin 2 oy oldin
This is basically Safiyas “I dressed like youtubers for a week.” But with food and not clothes. Hmm? I smell Tea..
Rachelle Ando
Rachelle Ando 2 oy oldin
Jessica Clements!!! :)
issa princess
issa princess 2 oy oldin
*😂 **6:42* *😂 "AND WRINKLY" im in tears*
Habibe Koc
Habibe Koc 2 oy oldin
5:20 me when somebody offers free food
Emelia Fosseen
Emelia Fosseen 2 oy oldin
They should have done Shane and had chipotle and Taco Bell
Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily 2 oy oldin
“I’m just the light guy” 😂
mehtap uzun
mehtap uzun 3 oy oldin
Lily Bell
Lily Bell 3 oy oldin
Can't you do like: "we tried swimming for a month to loose weight". I'm thinking of starting swimming but I can't find any motivational before n after pictures on UZvid 😫
ironhack 9
ironhack 9 3 oy oldin
who are these " youtubers" ?
Nomzilla 3 oy oldin
Why is everyone so crazy about avocados? I've never had any. Okay, except for when they gave me mushy avocado slices with my salad at Denny's, and I gotta tell you, I wasn't crazy about the texture
Hunter Jackson
Hunter Jackson 3 oy oldin
Nina boobs are crazy!
Gilma Bonilla
Gilma Bonilla 3 oy oldin
5:19-5:22 is me
Kate WD
Kate WD 3 oy oldin
What is a 'personal' watermelon lol
Kiki Van Soest
Kiki Van Soest 3 oy oldin
5:20 me
Goody gumdrops
Goody gumdrops 3 oy oldin
This is kinda copying sag with her wearing youtubers clothes for a week
Anique David
Anique David Oy oldin
Goody gumdrops it’s not even the same thing 😂I’m sure sag wouldn’t care
Daisey 3 oy oldin
remi's meals look the best
Korynne Miller
Korynne Miller 3 oy oldin
But aren't they UZvidrs?
Ann Doh
Ann Doh 3 oy oldin
How did you cut the avocado seed ? 😂
Ondra 987
Ondra 987 3 oy oldin
Arent they youtubers?
Yellor 3 oy oldin
If I ate like that I’d die.
Neha K
Neha K 3 oy oldin
Nina:”it’s okay right?” Him:(panicking)”uhhh I’m just the light guy”
Gina LaFionda
Gina LaFionda 3 oy oldin
that omelette with chicken had raw chicken in it! dangerous!