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So many thighs!
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14-Iyl, 2018

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King Kiaya
King Kiaya 7 soat oldin
Kristen’s whole laugh is so contagious she has such a pure energy all the time 🙌
Madi Gregg
Madi Gregg 8 soat oldin
that halloween ad just played and it’s 1:00 am. that was kinda scary lol
Cheyenne Murray
Cheyenne Murray 9 soat oldin
I have the same hoodie as chantel
Ria Swaynie
Ria Swaynie 11 soat oldin
Ok i swear to all of the goddesses I am going to die one day from having to carry cat litter. It’s the heaviest thing EVER. Especially up a flight of stairs
monmo 20 soat oldin
They’re acting like nobody has done this before... people buy clothes from amazon all the time ._.
Jeanette Lynn
Jeanette Lynn Kun oldin
*We bought shorts from China*
Shiro Infires
Shiro Infires Kun oldin
1:07 most fake laugh ever
fezxqo Kun oldin
thick THIGHS save LIVES.
Emmys YT
Emmys YT Kun oldin
The whole video is just a black screen for me
Raeline Ledesma
Raeline Ledesma 2 kun oldin
I liked Freddie's shorts, Chantel's shorts, and Devin's black shorts; but I would only wear Freddie's or Chantels.
Ella Scanlon
Ella Scanlon 2 kun oldin
Don’t even know why I clicked this, but cool
Kate Holloway
Kate Holloway 2 kun oldin
jazzmyne came to the rescue
Elizabeth Chiavetta
WOW Kristen, you looked Amazing in your final outfit! If it were competition on your order turning it into a really good outfit I think you would have one hands down I definitely would wear that outfit❤
Hailey Donda
Hailey Donda 2 kun oldin
I’m wearing amazon shorts right now.
King Dough
King Dough 2 kun oldin
I love the buzzfeed staff
yanimin 2 kun oldin
devin looks like tht girl tht loves bubble gum from willy wonka
Dammmmmm Jen looking 🔥🔥🔥
Mavicity 3 kun oldin
Kristin just makes me so happy. One day I hope to grow .05 of her personality and be able to wear those glam dresses.
Alana Weinmann
Alana Weinmann 3 kun oldin
Lets bee-atle
brandless babby
brandless babby 3 kun oldin
i wanna work there
Savannah Luedtke
Savannah Luedtke 3 kun oldin
I have 7 cats a a kitten that is a lot of cat litter lol
Lalaz100 3 kun oldin
Body shaming with that tuba though lmao
Rayney_Dayz_Plays 4 kun oldin
Love you guys!! Best video ever imo bc I'm super self conscious of my thighs and seeing other women brain them out helped me do the same.
Luna Wolfe
Luna Wolfe 4 kun oldin
Devin is like a constant mood lmao. Love you gals!
Peach /
Peach / 4 kun oldin
Next video “we bought, shirts from amazon”
kmforever games
kmforever games 4 kun oldin
We're I live it is October and we might have snow tomorrow. 😒
Laila Chapman
Laila Chapman 4 kun oldin
chloe renae
chloe renae 4 kun oldin
“thats the gay hipster aesthetic” ME ME ME ME ME ME ME
Kelly Adkins
Kelly Adkins 4 kun oldin
Lol I did the keep your pants in your locker in kindergarten and preschool
Emily Bero
Emily Bero 4 kun oldin
Jade Irvine
Jade Irvine 5 kun oldin
When you said kitty litter my cat looked at me ? 😂☹️
FlawlessKitty MSP
FlawlessKitty MSP 5 kun oldin
3:42 **Claps**
Emmy. 1289
Emmy. 1289 5 kun oldin
Oh my god sooo close to 3 million
Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson 5 kun oldin
kenzie slay
kenzie slay 5 kun oldin
4:45 pyong 😂😂😂
Brittney Rodgers
Brittney Rodgers 5 kun oldin
I have the black ones that devin got and i love them so much
jung hobi
jung hobi 5 kun oldin
okay..... jen is hilarious...
Taya Olson
Taya Olson 5 kun oldin
Chantel looks like a tween
mia reynolds
mia reynolds 5 kun oldin
*p a n t s*
Tina B82
Tina B82 5 kun oldin
It's a party in my pants heeeeyyy 😜😂😂😂💀
Ya gurl Tay
Ya gurl Tay 5 kun oldin
IcyPaw Mc
IcyPaw Mc 5 kun oldin
I would never be able to wear those shorts Because I HATE shorts and dresses People think I'm guy sometimes because I dress like a guy
mimi Mimi
mimi Mimi 5 kun oldin
Those shorts just don’t suit Kristine body type
Cloud Time Gacha
Cloud Time Gacha 5 kun oldin
Rid'Dhia Sharma
Rid'Dhia Sharma 5 kun oldin
Zee KID13
Zee KID13 6 kun oldin
Freddie is haliours have here in more of ur vids plzz
Leni Whale
Leni Whale 6 kun oldin
kristin always is wearing the wrong colour underwear
E1ektra 6 kun oldin
When Freddie said “kitty litter” I somehow heard “titty glitter” So how’s your day goin
Vaeda the anime queen
6:05 when my friends complement me
Laur3n_o3o 6 kun oldin
Jen in the last clip before the logo came up 😭😭😂
Grace Hamill
Grace Hamill 6 kun oldin
Queen Leigha
Queen Leigha 6 kun oldin
I wanna know where she got that adidas hoodie
Sonia Bart
Sonia Bart 7 kun oldin
Theyll do anything for the views lol
Dogs R better dan u
Jen is so cute lol
living meme
living meme 7 kun oldin
Kristin is just so cute.
Eli Huang
Eli Huang 7 kun oldin
I swear I heard Ned's voice at 1:07
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 7 kun oldin
5:54 🤣
Shelby Roland
Shelby Roland 7 kun oldin
does mom wear shorts with holes in the crotch? I died laughing for the record my mother does not.
Dab Howlter
Dab Howlter 8 kun oldin
Jen looks so cute with her shorts❤️
M G 8 kun oldin
Jen is so cute😍😍
Hayleigh Ruonavaara
Jasmine Carter
Jasmine Carter 9 kun oldin
you... you're not supposed to unlace them???? bro never unlace laced shorts wyd, just use the zipper. if that doesn't work, then ur in the wrong size! (doesnt change the fact that that 3x was ridiculous tho)
Purple turtle.
Purple turtle. 9 kun oldin
lmao how many of you saw 11:06
Ainsley O'Connor
Ainsley O'Connor 10 kun oldin
Jen is so cute
BekensDwarf 13 kun oldin
I like the fact they didn’t do an intro. Just like, yes we are going to show you what you clicked on the video for. No weird political talk on a video on shorts
cr8zyKT 13 kun oldin
PYONG!! hahahahaha
A.N.O. T.I.
A.N.O. T.I. 13 kun oldin
6:44 I have shorts kinda like that. They never want to stay folded at the bottom
Jessie’s Gymnastics
OMG Kevin lets Bayatle
"Oh my god kevin let's battle"
Cupcake Sparkle Bear
I look like a sack of deformed potatoes in anything other than my beloved hoodies and trusted leggings. HOW CAN THEY PULL OFF ANY OUTFIT THEY PUT ONNNN?
StarGirl 815
StarGirl 815 15 kun oldin
2:23 dying forever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Patton 22
Patton 22 15 kun oldin
Honestly I love Jen’s shorts.
Undead Ladybug
Undead Ladybug 15 kun oldin
I have to remember not to eat while I'm watching these, it's hard not to choke when I'm laughing this hard! XD
Splatoon Gamer
Splatoon Gamer 17 kun oldin
Is Jen gay and is Jen a boy or a girl
Laila 17 kun oldin
EmeraldTheFox 527
EmeraldTheFox 527 17 kun oldin
Jen's life, and LEEEWWWWWWWWWK is the gay agenda.
Emily Bronell
Emily Bronell 17 kun oldin
Did they make a video of them buying the shorts?
3n3r207 17 kun oldin
Jaz is so cool and the highlight of the video though she prolly wasn’t supposed to be part of the video
Riti Aggarwal
Riti Aggarwal 18 kun oldin
I love Kristen... the grandma story😂
Charlotte Brackenbury
try wish clothes
Silly Sherlockian
Silly Sherlockian 19 kun oldin
Jen looks so hot!
Marz Riv
Marz Riv 19 kun oldin
Pyong 😂
Louie Landeros
Louie Landeros 19 kun oldin
Were you watching Jerry in the background
Skye Randdolf
Skye Randdolf 19 kun oldin
At 9:47 they where watching jerry Springer show
Celia Lazuli
Celia Lazuli 19 kun oldin
dude no you looked like a boyscout with your short just needed a different shirt
Senia Foster
Senia Foster 20 kun oldin
ᴏᴋ sᴏ, ᴡʜᴀᴛ's sᴏ sᴜʀᴘʀɪsɪɴɢ ᴏʀ ᴡʜᴀᴛᴇᴠᴇʀ, ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴀᴍᴀᴢᴏɴ sʜᴏʀᴛs? ɪ'ᴍ sᴜʀᴇ ᴍᴀɴʏ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ʙᴜʏ sʜɪʀᴛs ғʀᴏᴍ ᴀᴍᴀᴢᴏɴ.
Papyrus Senpai
Papyrus Senpai 22 kun oldin
When did lewk become a thing?
femiñist 22 kun oldin
Ezra Here
Ezra Here 22 kun oldin
I love Jen
David-McCormick 23 kun oldin
I love the lady like women. You are all wonderful.
Horse Crazy Girl
Horse Crazy Girl 23 kun oldin
4:52 PYONG
Grace Adie
Grace Adie 26 kun oldin
Next video: “We bought containers on amazon” 😂 😂 😂
gurl namjoon be popping ok
+Grace Adie I CAN'T BREATH
Grace Adie
Grace Adie 4 kun oldin
gurl namjoon be popping ok lmao ha ha
gurl namjoon be popping ok
R S.
R S. 26 kun oldin
Pixie Fru Fru
Pixie Fru Fru 27 kun oldin
3:45 I thought Jen would start flossing
Genesis Clark
Genesis Clark 27 kun oldin
3:14 how I feel like I look when I miss leg day
Kath Likes YouTube
Kath Likes YouTube 27 kun oldin
Freddy’s shorts looked so cute in the picture from Amazon
Jessica Wang
Jessica Wang 28 kun oldin
what even is this idea
Just Kylee O.o
Just Kylee O.o 28 kun oldin
It's always raining down in pa
TheDisguise 29 kun oldin
I feel like a company like BuzzFeed should have more captions than just English
TheDisguise 29 kun oldin
"I have two shorts cuz Kristin loves me." "I don't love you. You were just under your fifty dollar budget." When I think someone likes me 😂
bookworm 29 kun oldin
3:43 *screams* SHE'S HOT LKFJALSDLASFKLJ ok i'll leave