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So many thighs!
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/56504
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14-Iyl, 2018

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Harmony Farrow
Harmony Farrow Kun oldin
My word for private is kitty cat
shawnmendes doubleoof
and i love this Lewk www.google.com/search?q=2016+luke+hemmings&rlz=1C1GCEV_en&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=JGDl8LKyavIY0M%253A%252Cn-d2wTUI1OEJzM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kQNDUolDgy9tlqgW-baj1qD5v4yfg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwicwd2CuZjfAhVjc98KHWnGAHkQ9QEwBXoECAQQDg#imgrc=BSwROc9S08MJhM:
wes mackenzie
wes mackenzie 2 kun oldin
why did kristin try to make the most ridiculous looking outfit i’ve ever seen. if she just wore a plain not white shirt, she would’ve looked fine, but she ended up looking absolutely ridiculous
valiant_ _Holland
valiant_ _Holland 2 kun oldin
Tater Tot Lover
Tater Tot Lover 3 kun oldin
Kristin was wearing a loin cloth and it was amazing
Kylie Ruth
Kylie Ruth 3 kun oldin
Catherine Parry
Catherine Parry 4 kun oldin
Briana Ren
Briana Ren 4 kun oldin
* You look like a badass Pokémon trainer* OOOOOOO CAN YOU TRAIN ME TO BE A TRAINER
Lauryn Gaming
Lauryn Gaming 5 kun oldin
Can you do a Q and A with jen because i wanna know does she still shave her legs since she is kinda tomboy??
RC A 5 kun oldin
Boy Scout? I think she looks more like a school boy
Daniela Tocrek
Daniela Tocrek 7 kun oldin
3:12 omg so funny
Noemi Cruz
Noemi Cruz 7 kun oldin
Lol I thought Freddie said kiddie glitter but then realized she said kitty litter!
_Winter Flake_
_Winter Flake_ 9 kun oldin
Kristin's shorts look like somekind of short short skirt that's used as a school girl uniform (laced up ones)
uhh.bonnie 10 kun oldin
why didn't jen just cuff her shorts(?
I’m BLUE 11 kun oldin
3:53 but a cute Boy Scout 😖😍
Fang Shadow Heart
Fang Shadow Heart 11 kun oldin
i like how on the tv there was Mory on
Random Fandom 69
Random Fandom 69 13 kun oldin
6:02 . . "Let's battle." Oml I love Jen so much
Shiloh’s Fun Life
Shiloh’s Fun Life 13 kun oldin
Kristen:I love this leeeeeeewwwwwwwwwkk
HotCrazyCatLady Me
HotCrazyCatLady Me 14 kun oldin
I love how she thinks that carrying kitty litter (probably to her car no doubt) is manual labor rotflmao.
HotCrazyCatLady Me
HotCrazyCatLady Me 14 kun oldin
I love the chubby girl in the black shorts. She's got a good sense of humor. Plus, I also like her confidence. The truth is that no matter what you look like you are going to have some insecurities, and in my experience it's the people with the least to be insecure about that are the most insecure for some reason.
Zilla BNP
Zilla BNP 17 kun oldin
Omg did they say Jen is gay
Zilla BNP
Zilla BNP 17 kun oldin
Monica Mason
Monica Mason 18 kun oldin
Try aliexpress for clothes and shoes. I have less complaints about sizing and get compliments.
Elizabeth Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson 19 kun oldin
Jens shorts make her look like an young anime school boy 😂 Still love it tho
Marvel_ Memes
Marvel_ Memes 19 kun oldin
Inas Bengrad
Inas Bengrad 20 kun oldin
any asian who knows whats written on jens shirt i kinda want them tho
Barbara Monnone
Barbara Monnone 20 kun oldin
Jen those shorts are awesome.
Socially Awkward Caitlin
Have I mentioned how much I love Jen?
Wolf Poster
Wolf Poster 23 kun oldin
I need that shirt that kristin had on😍😍
Cherry Tyler
Cherry Tyler 24 kun oldin
kitty litter is not heavy... ....... I am a 10 year old girl
Unique Productions
Unique Productions 24 kun oldin
Sabrina Husted
Sabrina Husted 27 kun oldin
Get some lace for the ones that tie up or even ribbon
artsy trash potato charli Crichton
i would choose long-ish shorts
Diamond Rainbowz
Diamond Rainbowz 29 kun oldin
Kristen’s first pair looks like two flaps in the front and back with some string on the side for support 😂
Kristi Hale
Kristi Hale Oy oldin
Where do I find that awesome wrap dress though?!
Natalee Green
Natalee Green Oy oldin
This is the first video I watched of yours
Kristin, as a plus size you of all people should know not to trust the size they're listed at....you should be looking at the actual garment MEASUREMENTS instead. It's not like you don't have a measuring tape in your desk.
Allison Hunter
I dont wear underwear unless I'm on my period or wearing a short dress or skirt
Just Tee
Just Tee Oy oldin
I need that duster/wrap dress now!
ItsShyla •
ItsShyla • Oy oldin
Why did Jen get grandpa shorts
Summer Larson
Summer Larson Oy oldin
I love Jen so much ❤️
Taylah Collins
I know this is a complete long shot, but anyone know where I can buy the donut crop that Jazzmyne had?
brat46 Oy oldin
Don't order from Rosegal. My sis ordered a 3x coat and received a medium marked 3x
Aurora Rucker
Aurora Rucker Oy oldin
Try Zappos
m.e.g.v Oy oldin
I’ve been searching for where Jen says Pyong for literally 5 hours and I finally found it thank god
Rachel Kerr
Rachel Kerr Oy oldin
Kristen at 3:17 is me when my teacher gives me homework...
Immy Smith
Immy Smith Oy oldin
Did anyone else see the subtitles on the tv in the background...
Brandi Pritt
Brandi Pritt Oy oldin
I have a crush on Jen lol
kitten yoongi
kitten yoongi Oy oldin
Chantel and Jen's outfits were super adorable
wolf girl 16
wolf girl 16 Oy oldin
Why you need cat litter
??? ???
??? ??? Oy oldin
I think i have that white blouse exactly like Kristen's
Max Rabbit
Max Rabbit Oy oldin
Anybody know what Freddie is wearing and where to find it?
lyssaurus Oy oldin
Use cedarific cat little girls!! It an smells nice and is super light to carry and cheap!! 💖
Sohaila Ihab
Sohaila Ihab Oy oldin
How do they all look really great....I'm one of those girls who never look good in anything..
Nuclear Rose
Nuclear Rose Oy oldin
Great because you can never have enough girl crushes, I now have a crush on Jen lmao
cookie dough
cookie dough Oy oldin
Does anybody remember jens shirt from when they bought formal wear from AMAZON lol lewwwwwwk
Lenore Evans
Lenore Evans Oy oldin
i could never wear those black shorts without underwear because i have discharge
Nikkie_ Ilj
Nikkie_ Ilj Oy oldin
I love chantells look
Catriona _
Catriona _ Oy oldin
3:08 I laughed out loud
RU_Beauty !
RU_Beauty ! Oy oldin
Freddie: “Like legging material that looks like jeans” Me: *JEGGINGS*
Samantha Brown
😂 my parents dropped me off at daycare when I was like 5 and for some reason they didn't think to mention that neon green panties and white soccer shorts don't work together.....as soon as I saw the bathroom mirror I was dead😩
Cyan Cat
Cyan Cat Oy oldin
Luna H.
Luna H. Oy oldin
diggin the phoenix wright shirt jen!
Chelsea Lynn Jones
With online shopping- and being plus sized- i've just learned to order sizes up and if they don't carry above 3X clothing not to trust them with any sort of plus size clothing. i hated those white shorts though. They're summer shorts, she could have paired them with like a peach V- neck or something and had been fine. They made styling them too complicated lol.
Avery Vaughan
Avery Vaughan Oy oldin
I love this llllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I feel like Jen and chantel are the kids and Freddie and Kristin are the moms and devin is the weird cousin
Brittany Bumgarner
Jen looks like she got mailman shorts. Still cute though
# The Epic Cartoon Lover
"This is the gay hipster look." My style in a nutshell.
Sub To Pewds Before You Sub To Noobs COUGH Tseries
Oh my gawd keveen leets beeatle Okaey leets beeatle
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Oy oldin
I_NEED_ FAME Oy oldin
Devin: Kristen loves me☺️ Kristen: I don’t love you 😑 Me: SNATCHED😂😂
RiverDale fan just saying
5: 44 she does not shave
Amber Cook
Amber Cook Oy oldin
Jen looks 💯 in those shooooorts good lord
Denae Griffin
Denae Griffin Oy oldin
howdy howdy
howdy howdy Oy oldin
she ain’t cute
Madison Curie
Madison Curie Oy oldin
That jasmine girl I’m in love like can i just be her
Adriana Cardoso
Going commando in new un-washed shorts is a little weird. Who knows where that shorts were before! Looked great tho
Taz&Baby Szlasa
Haven't laughed so hard! Love y'all!
Jasmine Chase William
I am I the only one who thinks that freddie is an iconic qween
notjuls Oy oldin
kristin is so relatable
Dog eat dog worlds
Jazz is awesome I love her
Ask Epic
Ask Epic Oy oldin
Ok who actually goes commando that's nasty
nichelle meertens
Freddie-"oh you want coochie cutters" Jen-" Listen i want coochie cutters"
Hannah Delaway
i always knew i was in love with jen but the “gay lewk” really solidified it..
LilMiss Oy oldin
I bought the same black shorts that do up at the sides and for me they are sooo comfyyyy
Unicorn Power
Unicorn Power Oy oldin
I would looooove to get chantel's shorts cause I HATE short shorts.
The_Maddy Hatter
That’s it, I’m subscribing You won me over
Gavin Abelende
freddie can make anything look good
Julie Hoensheid
Freddie is my favorite
Areej Mohamed Khalfan
I like the girl with the mint green hoodie she is so cute in them
King Kiaya
King Kiaya Oy oldin
Kristen’s whole laugh is so contagious she has such a pure energy all the time 🙌
Madi Gregg
Madi Gregg Oy oldin
that halloween ad just played and it’s 1:00 am. that was kinda scary lol
Cheyenne Murray
I have the same hoodie as chantel
Ria Swaynie
Ria Swaynie Oy oldin
Ok i swear to all of the goddesses I am going to die one day from having to carry cat litter. It’s the heaviest thing EVER. Especially up a flight of stairs
monmo Oy oldin
They’re acting like nobody has done this before... people buy clothes from amazon all the time ._.
Jeanette Lynn
Jeanette Lynn Oy oldin
*We bought shorts from China*
Shiro Infires
Shiro Infires Oy oldin
1:07 most fake laugh ever
Pazxnorous Oy oldin
thick THIGHS save LIVES.
Emmys YT
Emmys YT Oy oldin
The whole video is just a black screen for me
Raeline Ledesma
I liked Freddie's shorts, Chantel's shorts, and Devin's black shorts; but I would only wear Freddie's or Chantels.
Hi I'm Poppy Oh
2 kun oldin