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So many thighs!
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/56504
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14-Iyl, 2018

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Mello :v
Mello :v 7 soat oldin
T. D
T. D 11 soat oldin
Jen looked good in shorts!!
SeaRayBoi :-P
SeaRayBoi :-P 21 soat oldin
because buying clothes off of Amazon is a very DIFFICULT and EXCITING task lol still entertaining tho i mean you cant ask much from buzzfeed lol
Renee H.
Renee H. Kun oldin
*pyong* -Jen
Adrian Ghandtchi
Kristin’s Black lace up looks like a loin cloth
Battle Moose
Battle Moose 2 kun oldin
Ava B
Ava B 2 kun oldin
"Omg Kevin let's beattle"
Ava B
Ava B 2 kun oldin
"I chose the most basically of the basic. So if they get these wrong..." *unspoken threat*
We Dem Bois
We Dem Bois 2 kun oldin
Pyong -Jen
Carly Faller
Carly Faller 2 kun oldin
oml when freddie said " kitty litter " i thought she said " titie glitter "
Bronwyn Scott
Bronwyn Scott 3 kun oldin
Where is freddys pink and white striped shirt from
I have the same shorts as Freddy and I love them
Henry Onyia
Henry Onyia 3 kun oldin
is Jen trying to be a boy? She sure looks like one.
Natalia Thacker
Natalia Thacker 4 kun oldin
It took me forever to notice Jen didn't shave her legs XD
Candy Star
Candy Star 4 kun oldin
Freddie I feel your pain about lifting kitty litter
honey lavender
honey lavender 4 kun oldin
Megan Winters
Megan Winters 4 kun oldin
❤️u chantel
Chloe Fuster
Chloe Fuster 4 kun oldin
Ive said tbis a milion time but like i have a huge crush on jen she so like everything
Amethyst Crandall
Amethyst Crandall 5 kun oldin
"I look like I'm going to a golf wedding"
Alexis Walrus
Alexis Walrus 5 kun oldin
I love jen
mallak games
mallak games 5 kun oldin
mallak games
mallak games 5 kun oldin
Laurel Reed
Laurel Reed 5 kun oldin
Why is this a challenge this is just what I always do
Samantha Corcoran
Samantha Corcoran 6 kun oldin
When she said "we went from mom to dad" I was like "and now you're mad"😂
Ariel Pippin
Ariel Pippin 6 kun oldin
How does Kristen always stay so positive with videos like this? Everytime I try to buy new things I usually end up crying cause nothing works. And the most flattering way to dress for my body, is not considered trendy and is not the kind of things you should/can wear to parties
Lottie Dutch
Lottie Dutch 6 kun oldin
Why did I used to enjoy these videos in 5th grade
S Ace
S Ace 6 kun oldin
these videos reach a new level of desperate every time
Sarah Mann
Sarah Mann 6 kun oldin
I love Kristen so much
sama nieder
sama nieder 6 kun oldin
Pyong 😂😂😂
Fatie Alabrawi
Fatie Alabrawi 7 kun oldin
When i grow up i wanna be like Freddie i really like her ❤️❤️
Tonya Hawkins
Tonya Hawkins 7 kun oldin
you need to pull the shorts up
Karen Aragon-Salazar
Can we talk about the last black top Kristin tried on???! 😱😍😍😍💕 WHERE CAN I GET THAT???!?!?
Unicorn Hero
Unicorn Hero 7 kun oldin
Kristan shorts look like a corset
Marnie C Evans
Marnie C Evans 7 kun oldin
I love this LEEEEEWWWWWK! -Kristin ( I was trying so hard to keep a straight face while listening to her say that )
salina tuthill
salina tuthill 8 kun oldin
4:05 😂😂
Eloha Volisiyar
Eloha Volisiyar 8 kun oldin
You guys seriously don't know how much I laughed through this you just made my day :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Nycina 8 kun oldin
Lamo, for specific reasons I can't wear the side opening shorts... Rip fashion
Colorful blossom
Colorful blossom 8 kun oldin
"you look like your a badass pokemon trainer" 😂
Candice harvey
Candice harvey 8 kun oldin
When Kristen said "I love this lewwwwwk" she sounded like my grandma when my baby brother was born
Aurora Andrew
Aurora Andrew 8 kun oldin
I look like I'm going to a golf wedding
God save The Queen
God save The Queen 9 kun oldin
“OMG, I loooove this lewwwwwwwkkkk” 😂😂😂😂😂
Kyla Fuller
Kyla Fuller 9 kun oldin
Who just has that many clothes at work??
Bethany Robinson
Bethany Robinson 9 kun oldin
Could you guys do like a haul or something from fashion nova?
mental near you
mental near you 9 kun oldin
Lorraine Moderngal77
When I watch the bold type I always think of you girls you girls are awesome
Parihil Collections
Ladylike nice Guys need subscribers for my channel
lindsey greco
lindsey greco 9 kun oldin
8:53 jazz seems so sad
glitter bby04
glitter bby04 9 kun oldin
jaz is a saint in this video
Randy Brady
Randy Brady 9 kun oldin
Dang she is hot 3:50
Olivia A person
Olivia A person 10 kun oldin
omg i have Freddies shorts
Alex Touborg
Alex Touborg 10 kun oldin
I love this episode! Everyone just seem so happy and friendly :)
Your Dad
Your Dad 10 kun oldin
I love Jazz
Lily Kalea Yakura Mitchell
How does jen always end up with fake buttons...?
Mikaela Woodbury
Mikaela Woodbury 11 kun oldin
If you read the size chart for those shorts a 3x is only a 32" waist
Adéla Tománková
Adéla Tománková 11 kun oldin
No one cares where you get your clothes from. At least I don't...
Broccoli 11 kun oldin
Now i realise what expensive taste i have
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon 11 kun oldin
I hate wearing shorts
Kylie Rose
Kylie Rose 11 kun oldin
3:10 devons face
A L 11 kun oldin
Lily Ann
Lily Ann 11 kun oldin
So I just got out of a relationship of 4 years and Jen !!!! Will you go on a date with me !!!!
Danni Marie
Danni Marie 11 kun oldin
I need to know where jazmyne shops ASAP pls that donut crop top was so cute
Next video: We bought food from Wendy’s 😂
Dink mtz
Dink mtz 11 kun oldin
Jen’s shorts would look good if they were tailored. Like slightly fitter pants (legs) and slightly shorter. It’s a nice style otherwise.
retarded bitch
retarded bitch 11 kun oldin
Always gonna be booty shorts, because booty shorts are the only shorts girls can wear.
Wade Watts
Wade Watts 12 kun oldin
"LEtS bAtTle!"
Vanessa Bb
Vanessa Bb 12 kun oldin
6:30 it's Shane!!!!
Panic!AtTheRyden 12 kun oldin
TripleTea 12 kun oldin
The shorts were all good (ignoring the lace ups that Kristin had). I hate shorts personally, but these ladies rocked them!
Kelly Heikkila
Kelly Heikkila 12 kun oldin
I hate shorts because I'm curvy and tall so shorts are the bane of my existence. IF I dont order in tall, shorts look like booty shorts unless they bermuda
Allama 83
Allama 83 12 kun oldin
1:37 you smelled the 💩💩💩 out of those pants 🤣🤚🍑🔇Lol
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck 12 kun oldin
I think the girl with the boy short hair would look good with the Asian guy from the try guys don't you think???
Lizzy Kehlor
Lizzy Kehlor 12 kun oldin
where did they buy the clothes from???
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 13 kun oldin
jazz is everyone's hero
Lillie Goodman
Lillie Goodman 13 kun oldin
6:04 Jen why do u remind me of uniform shorts
BitsyTheNinja 13 kun oldin
Are you ladies fans of Tom Lenk's lewks?
Haffina 13 kun oldin
I totally thought Chantel's were mum shorts LOL
Emily Pinkston
Emily Pinkston 14 kun oldin
Anika Nattamai
Anika Nattamai 14 kun oldin
No offense y would you smell you shorts. (Ti be funny)
kelly shensky
kelly shensky 14 kun oldin
Jesus I love Jen😍
Assetu F
Assetu F 14 kun oldin
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Holly Dermody
Holly Dermody 14 kun oldin
Where did jazz get the bustier? I need it!
SelfLove IsLoading
SelfLove IsLoading 14 kun oldin
I love how they went to Jazz for help, she’s the definition of fashion.
FoxyChu Gaming
FoxyChu Gaming 14 kun oldin
alex nadez
alex nadez 14 kun oldin
cristen you need a more than 3 x you fatty
Amelia Coe
Amelia Coe 15 kun oldin
“ohmigosh kyevin lets beyattle”
Abigail L. Perry
Abigail L. Perry 15 kun oldin
to be honest i have a little crush on jen ..
DoodleArt Draw
DoodleArt Draw 15 kun oldin
spacedaddy480 15 kun oldin
"Oh my god Kev lets battle"
Rebecca Bluerock
Rebecca Bluerock 15 kun oldin
“escaping into the chasm” HAHAHA i love her
Sydney Andersen
Sydney Andersen 15 kun oldin
They should get leggings from amazon
vvHopelss :U
vvHopelss :U 15 kun oldin
*oMg lEtS baTwaLe*
Emma Doovan
Emma Doovan 15 kun oldin
rou rou
rou rou 15 kun oldin
3:40yeah I don't know but thanks for telling me 😂😂😂
Kaia Thompson
Kaia Thompson 15 kun oldin
Jen kinda looks like a little european 19th century schoolboy
Mariska Cruz
Mariska Cruz 15 kun oldin
"i love this lewwwkkkkkk"
Mariska Cruz
Mariska Cruz 15 kun oldin
why does chantel look like a 7th grader
Beauty E
Beauty E 15 kun oldin
Hahaha he called Jen a badass Pokémon trainer lmao I love Jen lmao
Lexxx 15 kun oldin
I love Freddie
Hi I'm Dad
Hi I'm Dad 16 kun oldin
The white shorts and a maroon sweater would be really cute.
Eevee And PikaChu
Eevee And PikaChu 16 kun oldin
W..Wait...•~• Pokemon! Battle Yeah.!