we broke up

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this gold digger video made me and sophia break up for 12 hours because matt tried to say she was a gold digger and he was completely wrong.




16-Noy, 2018

we broke uptaking a breakbreaking upbreak upbroke upliza break upalex and lauren broke upthe prince family break updavid dobrik break up



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Jonathan Friday
Jonathan Friday 24 kun oldin
I support you all the way and truly believe that everything will work out for the best, because bruh you and I know you ain't about to let her go because you know she's not using you for anything but your love for her and her son who you love so much, everyone can see how much that little boy loves you. You guys are a family.
Christina Fernandez
Bro if she don't love him and using him for money then you they trying to have a baby
Baws Nitti
Baws Nitti 7 kun oldin
Matt a snake 🐍👎💯💯
Emily Castillo
Emily Castillo 9 kun oldin
Adela Pichardo
Adela Pichardo 9 kun oldin
Hey Derek brake up brake upppppp!!!!!!!!!!
unruly king
unruly king 10 kun oldin
Sophia is cool with deso so even though you knew something bad about her you should have never mentioned it to deso because you know how he feels about her
Monica Delgado
Monica Delgado 2 soat oldin
I feel like sofia is just w Derek cuss she got used to the comfortable life style for the fame I really feel like she's a gold digger aswell I don't feel like she loves Derek she loves the comfortable life style and fame and $$$ that's why she's so upset about breaking up w Derek cuss now she gots to work for her shit or find a sugar daddy
Nelson Clay
Nelson Clay 2 soat oldin
since when does a girlfriend mean more then your brother you've known for 20+ years over a girl your dating for over 1+ year. smh
Opeyemi Joseph
Opeyemi Joseph 6 soat oldin
You’re a coward. Why would you let him disrespect her? You call that tripping? You definitely taking her for granted.
Opeyemi Joseph
Opeyemi Joseph 6 soat oldin
She’s not a gold digger just materialistic. You’re wrong for making conclusions. Just wanna break them up smh
Natural Heel
Natural Heel 8 soat oldin
Fug it send me her number
Ayah 78140
Ayah 78140 14 soat oldin
Am I the only one that noticed that their dog has been waiting for her to throw the ball the entire time
Deirym Rosales
Deirym Rosales 16 soat oldin
Shut up 🤐 ppl is not ya life to hate on Sophia she is just a normal person like every one if she wants to be a gold digger let her be and stop hating on her the lie detector said she wasn’t a gold digger and if you want to hate on her just don’t judge her ok
bartell drugs
bartell drugs 16 soat oldin
You let me sit there and get roasted😂😂😂
Nissy Rise
Nissy Rise 18 soat oldin
Derek buys her nice stuff! She takes it,she likes it....it's a problem...so it makes her a gold digger. not every person is attracted to money.i do like her and I think she's different in her own way
Pearl Nunez
Pearl Nunez 19 soat oldin
That was a STUPID joke! I can’t believe his best friend did that and caused a fight between them! She HAS EVERY RIGHT to be upset! What a f****** up person for someone to do that and let that go on way to long! That was not cool. A HOLE
Kevin Hard
Kevin Hard 20 soat oldin
Kevin Hard
Kevin Hard 20 soat oldin
Shopping bags say otherwise LMAO FACTS
Kevin Hard
Kevin Hard 20 soat oldin
Her defense is more about being right than saying i will prove you wrong or securing her man if it was off the wall she would of just dismissed it vs asking her man to defend her
poot III
poot III 20 soat oldin
I dont know why I'm making this video.. but I gotta pay my rent.
Victor Felicio
Victor Felicio 22 soat oldin
Alwaaz Rahman
Alwaaz Rahman 23 soat oldin
I really respect the way Derek handled that situation. That was the best way to handle something like that. A lot of other people would have acted differently. Props to you derek
Andrea Vekaric
Andrea Vekaric Kun oldin
I was waiting to see if anyone is going to trip over the carpet.
Homertoeclipper Kun oldin
Hey in more important things, how much you want for that cool cart over there on the left?
DopeyLoksta Kun oldin
Mocoso likes sofia is what it is 😂🖕
DopeyLoksta Kun oldin
If this was really a prank dont you think he woulda let derek know before???
Brianna Chavez
Brianna Chavez Kun oldin
I'm lowkey focusing on the dog more lmao
Jennifer F
Jennifer F Kun oldin
Wow it’s gets even worse. Girlfriend you need to beat his friend and your boyfriend..........he has no respect for you. My husband always has my back even when I am wrong. But he set up his friend to say this in front of you
anisha mothilal
anisha mothilal Kun oldin
Clearly you did not care about her- you did not defend her once- well this is a joke really😂
Ulysses Ritual
Ulysses Ritual Kun oldin
I feel pitty for soph
Ulysses Ritual
Ulysses Ritual Kun oldin
I dont like her, but i think it’s rude to judge people
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez Kun oldin
Mariana Martinez
Noo I'm crying
linda portillo
linda portillo Kun oldin
I feel like maybe in the beginning she care about everything that dereck has but I do know she loves him. and you can put her a test to see if she pass.
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Kun oldin
“You sound like a salesman” moco a real one😂💯
pamela ablett
pamela ablett Kun oldin
That's so bad of her I would tell him he is to genius
Elizabeth Gonzalez
U want to know what's funny Matt and ari broke the same day as Derek and sophia and that day ari went to hang out with Derek and sophia went to talk too matt
Du Håller Shiii
whats her @
John Abreu
John Abreu Kun oldin
Looks like someone fall in love with his bestfriend! Damn and trying to get the girlfriend out so they can be together 🤯😫😭 poor beautiful Sophia damn ! Bro I will defend her she’s hot
Lisa Amorginos
Lisa Amorginos 2 kun oldin
He said what needed to be said . point blank . good for him to if his Best friend cares!!
Hamis Juma
Hamis Juma 2 kun oldin
gold digger
Amy Vanessa
Amy Vanessa 2 kun oldin
Ughh I don’t know how you stand her . She’s clearly using you I can’t believe you can’t see that .
kenneth monarch
kenneth monarch 2 kun oldin
Lycette ain't got nothin on Sophia bruh get back with her she was good to you!
Chase Okamura
Chase Okamura 2 kun oldin
They are talking about Sophia and how she’s a gold digger but all Harley cares about is playing with the tennis ball
Chase Okamura
Chase Okamura 2 kun oldin
16:14 the dog lol
Ifeelyou MrQ
Ifeelyou MrQ 2 kun oldin
Derrick is stupid
nicole webb
nicole webb 2 kun oldin
derek is relt wrong for treating her that way if he supposedly loves her u should ask his friend to leave not her that was wrong on so maine levels
Jordyn Hernandez
Jordyn Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Derek I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you need to get you’re self a girl who come from nothing and appreciates like everything who you are and what you do and who loves you man, not some girl who’s just in for the money or fame straight up man
dc washington
dc washington 2 kun oldin
moco has a point
dc washington
dc washington 2 kun oldin
the dog wants the ball aww he’s just like throw the ball already
ricky durbin
ricky durbin 2 kun oldin
Her favorite words: "I'm so confused", "I don't understand ", "seriously".... like seriously, all your videos are confusing, dumb, boring, and waste of time.. I just don't understand! 😂🤣😂🤣
Dani D
Dani D 2 kun oldin
She pays for the mortgage which i’m pretty sure it’s mad expensive, if she was a gold digger she wouldn’t want to pay for shit and just take all his month. Just because he bought her a car doesn’t mean she’s a gold digger , she has a kid which i’m sure he got attached to because it’s a years relationship he wouldn’t want to see his girl in a old ass car that windows can’t even roll down. she has a salon her business her own money. The fact the bestfriend even came out at her like that. He pays more than her because he’s a man. Why does it matter To his Bestfriend that she likes to shop. seems like he jealous asf that she can shop and he can’t.
Stefanie Rojas
Stefanie Rojas 2 kun oldin
Am i the only one just watching the dog playing😂😭💙
Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson 3 kun oldin
Man she's beautiful I won't be making pranks on her all the time
Miguel Izaguirre
Miguel Izaguirre 3 kun oldin
Alv pinche interesada a que mujer tan interesada
Through Nisha’s life
Honestly if my man wouldn’t defend me I would act the same shopia did like wtf Derek that’s your girl all I had to say to your friend is listen your crossing the line this is our issue to deal with no yours
Amparo Miolan
Amparo Miolan 3 kun oldin
I'm sorry but Derek does not know how to express himself as a man by seeing this video don't get me wrong I love his videos that's my opinion no offense to him
Pilar Vega
Pilar Vega 3 kun oldin
And there you go kissing her
Cross Town
Cross Town 3 kun oldin
1 year vs 21 years? I’m sorry but Bsf over gf all the way
Juanita Escobedo
Juanita Escobedo 3 kun oldin
Here is an example sophia has a kid and puts that kid that wus made by another man and puts him in dereks house and probably before derek she wasnt wearing any sephora makup or Victoria secret and pink. When sophia said she gives derek everything she also gives derek another mans kid to spend money on and FYI sophia its not u and dereks chanel its dereks chanel ok 👌
Korie Taylor
Korie Taylor 3 kun oldin
Did anybody else realize that Sophia said she loves Derek more than anything what about Q?🤔
KimYongBigDong 3 kun oldin
"I don't even know why I'm making this video" Puts 15 ads on the video
Rebecca Arellano
Rebecca Arellano 3 kun oldin
Sophia is a gold digger
eloeber1 3 kun oldin
These dudes have 1 warped idea of what a prank is. I can find humor in 99% of things but this was stupid. She has every right to be mad. He stuck up for her but he should've said something right away to his friend about crossing the line.
Dan Dawg_268_Antigua
LilBaby Shae
LilBaby Shae 3 kun oldin
the dog know she’s a gold digger 💀
Megan Weir
Megan Weir 3 kun oldin
I feel her . When she said he needs to leave you don't over ride her and say he can stay. & The friend should have been gone the first time she said it . It's THEIR home . But I feel Derrick too.... Stupid ass joke. I like her. I think she's genuine. These UZvid videos are gonna end your relationship, forreal.
Kiandra Tai
Kiandra Tai 3 kun oldin
Bro, everything she's saying is true and the way she reacted is GRANTED! It doesn't matter if it was a joke, Derek didn't know it was and that was how he responded? How you gonna react all confused like you're thinking about what your best friends saying and not KNOWING the real her and sticking up for her bro? PLUS all the people saying she's a gold digger: if you are fortunate enough to be in the position hes in why WOULDN'T you spoil your girl? I'm sorry, but if it was me I'd buy my girlfriend the whole world AND her baby without expecting anything and without thinking about her using me.
Kiandra Tai
Kiandra Tai 3 kun oldin
Also, she didn't want you to fight him! All you had to do was tell him he was wrong about her and you appreciate where his hearts at. Thats it.
daniel guerra
daniel guerra 3 kun oldin
He started talking when she said she got more money than Derek 😂😅
Andrea Laeni
Andrea Laeni 3 kun oldin
Its doesn't seem right to label your best friend girlfriend like that, even if true but it is not right to say such hurtful words.....
Zani C0
Zani C0 3 kun oldin
I enjoyed watching the dog
Contessa George
Contessa George 3 kun oldin
All those damn ads
Norberto Calaf
Norberto Calaf 3 kun oldin
What I don’t get is why is it that everyone say gold digger, you know there’s like 💯 ways to find out if she greedy for money. Why haven’t you tried those ways!? Nd mindfulness is important, that’s what your looking for the most. If she ain’t mindful then she has 0 care for your heart.
Danny girl
Danny girl 3 kun oldin
The best friend is wrong! He should have mind his business. U can't judge their relationship based on staying with them for 2 days! If he felt that way he should have spoke to him in private. And he was disrespectful.
kali kite
kali kite 3 kun oldin
I can see how much she loves him when they spending time together his friend fucked up idc if it was a joke you don’t fuck with someone personal relationship.
kali kite
kali kite 4 kun oldin
Do you guys have 100% proof she in it just for the money? Most of this is you guys just saying she is. Is a man not aloud to spoil his girl? Because if your man ain’t he ain’t a man every man should want to spoil his girl. He has a mouth he can talk he can say NO
azvent602 swagphx602
Derek grown fukn man fukn moco has no business in there relationship just cuz moco thinks hes Derek bro i understand that just cuz moco not happy in life he wants Derek for him.
Ryuki S
Ryuki S 4 kun oldin
It's funy that when they are serious they still throw the ball for Harley.
Roslyn ros
Roslyn ros 4 kun oldin
That dog though 😂😂
Roberto Guardiola
Roberto Guardiola 4 kun oldin
Bro the end cracked me up he didnt even care he was trying to sleep
Paramount OO
Paramount OO 4 kun oldin
Breda Sophia a use you for real g Simple as that N fi d bestfren youth u know you wasn't joking g U look like a punk a seh a jk g But the b a use u g "The truth hurt"
Brittney Martinez
Brittney Martinez 4 kun oldin
Man i swear she annoys tf out of me but i still luv ya Derek. Derek your awesome, but you did stand up for her and im sorry but i really don't like her.
Saveion Ellis
Saveion Ellis 4 kun oldin
honestly if the bestfriend had something to say..... i dnt think he should have said it aloud like that, not being hypocritical but thats disrespecting his bestfriend's relationship disrespecting her .......Derek is a man. He's not blind bruh!!!!
Saveion Ellis
Saveion Ellis 4 kun oldin
how many bestfren does derek has?
BxChula NY
BxChula NY 4 kun oldin
BxChula NY
BxChula NY 4 kun oldin
You should not be explaining nothing to your best friend. He's your friend not your dad wtf?
BxChula NY
BxChula NY 4 kun oldin
Derek your a grown man. Your best friend has no business saying nothing about your girl unless you asked him. And Sophia if he allowed his friend to talk to you that way you need to leave him if you are not a gold digger.
bxlakers129 4 kun oldin
This is a straight up joke...Dude think of new content your reaching now...
Love 4 kun oldin
Dam the house ain't hers it's all his if u look at all the videos he spends n gives I think it's good to have someone to tell u their opinion sometimes ppl need to hear it if she had money before him y didn't she have a new car oh wait that's rt she didn't cuz he had to buy her a new bmw she's up set cuz someone is telling him the truth y does he have to sell his things
claudia ortiz
claudia ortiz 4 kun oldin
He lowkey was serious but ended up saying it was a joke! Smh
rachel johnson
rachel johnson 4 kun oldin
12:00.. I'm pretty sure it's his channel...
Luke Fulmer
Luke Fulmer 4 kun oldin
Bonnette Squad
Bonnette Squad 4 kun oldin
Like if she a gold digger 💵💵💵💵
LaChelle Sweets
LaChelle Sweets 4 kun oldin
He said get a hobby read a book 💀
LaChelle Sweets
LaChelle Sweets 4 kun oldin
Why she get so defensive ? I RESPECT matt for saying it to Sophias face and not disrespecting her at all, and saying it in front of Derek as well. He’s a REAL BESTFRIEND ... Keep your bestfriend around Derek !
Jonathan Figueroa
Jonathan Figueroa 4 kun oldin
This dude be bullshitting
Ben Wade
Ben Wade 4 kun oldin
Literally just here to read the comments of the dummies who think this is real
Tommy Miles
Tommy Miles 4 kun oldin
Los tres pendejos.
Shardy Harris
Shardy Harris 4 kun oldin
Derek you really didn't have her back 🤦
Shardy Harris
Shardy Harris 4 kun oldin
Always stand up for your partner , never let family and friends came between point blank 🤷
Shardy Harris
Shardy Harris 4 kun oldin
Never put family, friends in your relationship Point Blank 🤷
caine karini
caine karini 4 kun oldin
How come all the chicks backing up Sophia in her defence all look like gold diggers 😂
K lenae Grimes
K lenae Grimes 4 kun oldin
I don't like matt
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 4 kun oldin
when she said "that's social media" like bro who cares if its social media, were watching the videos and she is a gold digger if you look at derek's older videos there's hardly one of lycette shopping or coming home with a bunch of bags etc, derek bro lycette was and is the one for you bro dont ger played by money hungry chicks bro, all these girls now a days only care about who has the deepest pockets that's 💯