we broke up

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this gold digger video made me and sophia break up for 12 hours because matt tried to say she was a gold digger and he was completely wrong.




16-Noy, 2018

we broke uptaking a breakbreaking upbreak upbroke upliza break upalex and lauren broke upthe prince family break updavid dobrik break up



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Jonathan Friday
Jonathan Friday 3 oy oldin
I support you all the way and truly believe that everything will work out for the best, because bruh you and I know you ain't about to let her go because you know she's not using you for anything but your love for her and her son who you love so much, everyone can see how much that little boy loves you. You guys are a family.
Lucky 7s
Lucky 7s 10 kun oldin
Sophia is cool people 💯💍
Betsaida Fuentes
Betsaida Fuentes 28 kun oldin
Tell hem tell
Betsaida Fuentes
Betsaida Fuentes 28 kun oldin
Tell hem
Jenesis Lopez
Jenesis Lopez Oy oldin
so true
Vinskee TV
Vinskee TV Oy oldin
Jonathan Friday she a cheaters
Jay The Savage savage
anthony cucitrone
anthony cucitrone 14 soat oldin
Why don’t you both just date Derek?
anthony cucitrone
anthony cucitrone 14 soat oldin
First thing she said other than hey was something about a bomb ass Bentley. 🤑🤑🤑
charles mule
charles mule 17 soat oldin
I'm on her side>The boyfriend should of stuck up for his girlfriend.Now its a mess.
River Streaming
River Streaming 18 soat oldin
But it was a great prank, but not funny
River Streaming
River Streaming 18 soat oldin
He just wants to take your place, its call jealousy people.
Coca Cola on Ice
My opinion if she's gotta act like that there is some guilt about something cause as a Lady she would've started laughing and said OMG you dork but she didn't she automatically got defensively and she doing thing's she's not supposed too ??? 👀 That's Right Derek be the better person.
Troy Chiappone
Troy Chiappone Kun oldin
This really got me thinking about materialism, women, and the importance of friendships.
Yadira Martin
Yadira Martin Kun oldin
She is not a gold digger
Abby Ann
Abby Ann Kun oldin
Shes a gold digger and i do believe she cheated on him but if his happy let him be happy i mean maybe she just comes off that way who knows
Sitlaly Zirate
Sitlaly Zirate Kun oldin
Sophia is right bc any girl can go shopping and no matter what he thinks a women has a right to shop and she even explains it
Jessica Renee
Jessica Renee 2 kun oldin
It seems like nothing satisfies her no matter what Derek says, regardless if it’s a joke or not. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ girl get a sense of humor
L Perez
L Perez 2 kun oldin
Poor Derek man this is allot of pressure to put on a person
Nolan Passineau
Nolan Passineau 2 kun oldin
yo is it just me or does all of this break up stuff head up as a joke
Roy roy
Roy roy 3 kun oldin
that guy is a snake
Roy roy
Roy roy 3 kun oldin
waw that is calling himself a friend
BONK_ _junior
BONK_ _junior 3 kun oldin
I like the way Derek thinks
Wait she went back in to get an orange purse?
The carpet though.........
matt adams
matt adams 4 kun oldin
Not calling Sophia a gold digger but I’d give her $10 for some head...
Dennis H
Dennis H 4 kun oldin
Sorry Derek but after that cheating video YOU deserve what you get from this chick. She is a CHEATER!
Erica Good Times
Erica Good Times 4 kun oldin
A real bestfriend
Angga Siahaan
Angga Siahaan 5 kun oldin
yeap GD 100%
Michelle Tovar
Michelle Tovar 5 kun oldin
I’m with Sophia ! A man should never let someone talk to their girl like that
Nick James
Nick James 5 kun oldin
I think your best friend is jealous and wants you for himself!! Wine making him show his true feelings...
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 5 kun oldin
Why she didn't take her son with her tho...
Jessica Lugo
Jessica Lugo 5 kun oldin
Honestly you dnt deserve this girl she’s been there getting humiliated in every other video and you think you the shit? Not only that this girl let her son be around you tryien to give u a fam but you a freaking joke girl leave while u can !!!!
Zeni Gaytan
Zeni Gaytan 6 kun oldin
She got offended cuz it's true.💁
A M 6 kun oldin
You know why she was mad cuz, I didn’t get up and be crazy at you, I am not going to do dis, I am going to sleep bro “ I am lol 🤣🤣 dying
Patti Burton Salmonsen
Can she please throw that ball 🏀! Dogs 🐕 lives matter too.
0U8123MTA3 6 kun oldin
Where I am from, you support and encourage a couple to get along IF they are having troubles. I don't see any dishonesty on Sophia's part. This is one messed up channel.
Kristina Yarbrough
Kristina Yarbrough 6 kun oldin
Y'all sound gay dudes
armando antonio da silva
Ok broke up for 12h
armando antonio da silva
I forbid anyone to judge Sophia based on this video and stupid joke she was actualy rigth!!!
armando antonio da silva
Sophia i apologise for him sometimes us men are retarded in this kind of situations please understand us dont leave for that
Kitty 123
Kitty 123 7 kun oldin
She is a gold digger
Lazyass mf
Lazyass mf 7 kun oldin
Remember when she cheated on Derek with his other bsf and they both tried to cover it up but it was obvious 🤷
Gina Nicole
Gina Nicole 7 kun oldin
I'm new to this channel, can someone help me out. Are these all pranks? The first video I saw was Nesso in the hospital and Derek and Sophia seemed happy but the next video Derek was with Lycette. I'm so confused.
Susanna Chisholm
Susanna Chisholm 7 kun oldin
I am starting to learn a little about Sophia, but she has a good body and can have her own life. Though I still have to be on Derek side...cause he is cuter.
Megnot Demissie
Megnot Demissie 7 kun oldin
This brother got too many best friends
o jo
o jo 8 kun oldin
famous ,lololololol
Soldier Of MaximilianMus
Travis Black
Travis Black 8 kun oldin
We just not go ignore the fact that Sophia is trying to get Derek to take her side.
London Dodson
London Dodson 8 kun oldin
You just want her
Jessica Argentina
Jessica Argentina 8 kun oldin
Stop giving her access to your money period. Protect your funds will protect your heart. I genuinely learned the hard way and my ex husband used me for money and it killed me and my spirit. Matt is saying this with love and he will always have your back
Jessica Argentina
Jessica Argentina 8 kun oldin
Honestly Matt is right and look she went to the store in the video with bags just for her. She is a gold digger. And honestly she’s defensive because she knows it’s true . She’s definitely a taker and as a woman I see it . She’s all talk and defensive. She had to be called out and honestly I feel for Matt and I do miss his ex . Lycett was the shit for real
Veronica Ford
Veronica Ford 8 kun oldin
Why does it matter about material things , his “best friend” was being hella disrespectful to me but
Brooke McCoy
Brooke McCoy 8 kun oldin
And when Sophia said that her and her bf were the only people that neater that is a LIE
Brooke McCoy
Brooke McCoy 8 kun oldin
No hate but Sophia looks very guilty
Kelly Huang
Kelly Huang 8 kun oldin
His best friend: Derek is my best friend, I just don't want to see him get played is that a problem? Sophia: YEA Me : wtf girl SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE
Kelly Huang
Kelly Huang 8 kun oldin
Lycette come back plssss
Kelly Huang
Kelly Huang 8 kun oldin
That girl needs to go
dave ortwine
dave ortwine 8 kun oldin
15 ads on a 36 min video
Tynesha Staggers
Tynesha Staggers 8 kun oldin
Why can't y'all just be happy for them. You always wanna start and see some drama. And leave them alone
Claude Saures
Claude Saures 8 kun oldin
And she even all was be sexy I'm just saying 🤷
Claude Saures
Claude Saures 8 kun oldin
I mean pretty
Xyleen Garcia
Xyleen Garcia 8 kun oldin
shes such a gold digger
Xyleen Garcia
Xyleen Garcia 8 kun oldin
she such a gold digger
Jimmy Gardiner
Jimmy Gardiner 9 kun oldin
She’s a golddiger
Jaya Shanker
Jaya Shanker 9 kun oldin
they were a perfect couple
RB6 Trolling
RB6 Trolling 9 kun oldin
well i don’t care good for you
Lashana ivey
Lashana ivey 9 kun oldin
You are boy 🤔🙊
i Pivot
i Pivot 10 kun oldin
Such a caugar bastrad
Jess Wolf lover
Jess Wolf lover 10 kun oldin
I mean I’m not trying to be rude and anything but she was really stupid like oh u should defend me but he was confused and all like she was really rude like forget ur friend like if she never had friends and have been with other people like bruh like who would ever forget about their friends for their b friend/ g friend
Emily Raebel
Emily Raebel 10 kun oldin
I like how she’s saying “our” house when it’s his money
Mindy Campbell
Mindy Campbell 10 kun oldin
This man had no right. None dude this guy is going to ruin you're life... This you must learned for yourself
Mindy Campbell
Mindy Campbell 10 kun oldin
This was not his business
Patrick swayze
Patrick swayze 10 kun oldin
Are they trying to be movie stars.hahaha the chick is bad acting .come up with better lines
Jackson Jiple
Jackson Jiple 10 kun oldin
She trying to play you bro
Trudyjayz Jaricha
Trudyjayz Jaricha 11 kun oldin
doggo looked so inosent
Corbin Sparks
Corbin Sparks 11 kun oldin
I respect Derek but she is a gold digger
chyenne vlogs Suniga
Bro IAM sorry like I love your family you son bro
Brother Anderson
Brother Anderson 11 kun oldin
Honestly, this was preventable because couples should be talking about how they should spend their money on a regular basis and reviewing their spending on a regular basis. That avoids all kinds of drama.
STAINEDBYKANE 12 kun oldin
Gotta watch them 'best friends' They are the ones slippin in the back door when ur at work, waiting for any little weakness in ur relationship, there to give ur girl a shoulder to cry on...dont get it twisted
Alexis Catalan
Alexis Catalan 12 kun oldin
When she was yelling at mat I was like oooooo someone's fifty😜🤣
Alexis Catalan
Alexis Catalan 12 kun oldin
I like how she said "you let me sit there and get rosted "🤣😂😜that great
Mania Mathurin
Mania Mathurin 12 kun oldin
She better then me I would’ve kicked his ass tf out MY house talking shit 🤷🏾‍♀️
Kaylee Lawrence
Kaylee Lawrence 12 kun oldin
I knew from the beginning she is a gold digger because in all there challenge vids that u win money she's always taking it I already knew I've always hated her
All The Vids
All The Vids 12 kun oldin
he’s so funny “that was supposed to be a joke?” “i didn’t hear one joke”
Mbabazi Melisha
Mbabazi Melisha 13 kun oldin
Derick just try Ugandans you will never regret
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 13 kun oldin
I got distracted by the dog the whole time lol
Travis Dominguez
Travis Dominguez 13 kun oldin
CLICK BAIT . All these Derek scenes
shakes peter
shakes peter 14 kun oldin
Ok she was just abit upset reason why derick never showed much emotion to what his best friend said that's why she was angry but,I think she should not over react because she done worse things pranking him saying she got a baby from his Friend so girl I think you let your anger get the best of you,but I know you love your boyfriend that's kwl and your reaction was good if you showed no emotion I would have seen you a gold digger,,,but I can see you not one if you would go the extra mile for Derrick and even live with him on the street then surely you are a good woman for him,and I think why Derrick never over reacted is because he must of had the idea in his head that could may have been a prank thats why he was not sure what to do or think at the time....I hope you guys remain together because I feel you guys make a great couple and take care of your best friend help him get on his feet help him blog or get a good skill or what ever he wants to do just assist him and the way your girlfriend defended herself was awesome the three of you guys make a good team! Amen and God bless you guys
shakes peter
shakes peter 14 kun oldin
She loves you bro derick
joe b
joe b 14 kun oldin
This channel and everyone involved is just completely FUCKED.
ignatius marcel
ignatius marcel 14 kun oldin
What u expect from a jobless widow? Surely she needs money for living, but she live’s with u ..
israel jimenez
israel jimenez 14 kun oldin
Well I feel like it's just very simple if she feels like she wants to buy clothes and go out shopping because that's what she likes doing then is okay just if she buys all the things she wants with her money money that she makes working with not money that Daddy gives her or she takes out from his wallet that's the rules you should put in there you want to go shopping you buy with your own money and if she wants to buy something for youth and that's okay the same way you could do it too but I feel there anything that she wants to get outside of the relationship like for her personally she should buy with her money yes you make an account or she could put money in and you guys put money in and that money is only use for the house utilities
Keva Antaya
Keva Antaya 14 kun oldin
These guys are not friends, there are brothers
Etta Gordon
Etta Gordon 14 kun oldin
if she has the money.. why is she taking his card and cash
Etta Gordon
Etta Gordon 14 kun oldin
She's a cheater.. period. cheater is a cheater.. he deserves a better lady.
Sean Timmons
Sean Timmons 14 kun oldin
she don’t even look that young to be on that.. ? Oh she don’t know it’s like 50 chicks to 1 guy. Prob over 30... idk...get your reality show on... I’m just kidding..
Sean Timmons
Sean Timmons 14 kun oldin
What are y’all doing?
Kelsey Johnson
Kelsey Johnson 14 kun oldin
Shes definitely a gold digger
lanechange 14 kun oldin
The Dog: Throw the ball please! Pleeeeease???
Kaylena Williams
Kaylena Williams 14 kun oldin
Derek your friend violated .
Kenni And renni
Kenni And renni 14 kun oldin
Bro your so right
rachel ambat
rachel ambat 14 kun oldin
He should hire someone to caught her "GOLD DIGGER "
rachel ambat
rachel ambat 14 kun oldin
I agree with you man. She is absolutely a gold digger
Etta Gordon
Etta Gordon 14 kun oldin
sofea gaziova
sofea gaziova 15 kun oldin
Sophia isn't even a gold digger so yeah
sofea gaziova
sofea gaziova 15 kun oldin
They're gonna break up because of you
sofea gaziova
sofea gaziova 15 kun oldin
You're just going in people's business bro
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