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Sorry we didn't let you know sooner... we wanted to be comfortable talking about it :) All is good tho.. Ill be back to putting snakes on liza as soon as I can find a cobra! Love yalll
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5-Iyn, 2018




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Rania Faraz
Rania Faraz 34 daqiqa oldin
Is anyone watching this today?😭
theartofmakingart _
theartofmakingart _ 36 daqiqa oldin
I don‘t know why I keep coming back like it‘s gonna be a different video everytime.. Also I love how he used the same two songs like in the video were they kissed for the first time
Grace Harrison
Grace Harrison 37 daqiqa oldin
This is sad 😭
Maryna Plays2
Maryna Plays2 47 daqiqa oldin
It’s been a while sense I guys broke up and I’m still crying 😭😭
Samina Bukhari
Samina Bukhari 54 daqiqa oldin
You guys are beautiful
Tween n' Tweet
Tween n' Tweet 57 daqiqa oldin
Natalia Petrie
Natalia Petrie Soat oldin
This is the funniest break up ever but real sad... I mean i felt like crying and laphing at the same time...
Cham Nepa
Cham Nepa Soat oldin
I am so sad and I am crying
Nicole Morris
Nicole Morris Soat oldin
I’m still watching this crying about it 😭
HelloHello PandaHart
They are the best.Even thou they broke up you can still see how they treat each other.Not like dani cohn and sebastian who even fighted at insta..And i love it that they understand each other and not like very angry/mad at each other.We will continue to support you guys.Keep spreading love!
Jaiden Shirrell-Linder
David is crying and I feel so sad 💔
Dance Squad
Dance Squad Soat oldin
Aaaaww... There wearing each other's merch 😰😰...update.. Still sad 😔 Spreading some mayonnaise 😍😍
bazla batrisyia
bazla batrisyia Soat oldin
still crying
Michelle Hornby
Michelle Hornby Soat oldin
You guys were perfect together 😭😭😭😭
juventa4 Games
juventa4 Games 2 soat oldin
As much as i wanted to be sad all the jokes in the vid make me laught the entier time hope u get back togetehr some day :p
koshyleblanc YouTube
this video has changed my instagram feed
MSJ Gaming
MSJ Gaming 2 soat oldin
koshyleblanc YouTube
such an iconic video
Best Support
Best Support 2 soat oldin
😭😭😭😭😭 right now!!!!!
Cam Thompson
Cam Thompson 2 soat oldin
Whoever dislikes this just why why?!
ItzLia Lyrics
ItzLia Lyrics 2 soat oldin
40 Million views??? Woww. But I'm sad tho😭😭😭
Jessica Capistran
Jessica Capistran 2 soat oldin
Noooooo😭 well let's move on love you guys 😢
Harvard Kang
Harvard Kang 2 soat oldin
david hates mayo
I can't believe she said yes Venegas
David is crying look I swear
TheFallenFloof 2 soat oldin
I’m not one to cry....this made me cry...To know that Liza and david felt this in the first place...Makes me feel like a fake fan. They were the best online couple I’ve ever known. Now we put there fate in times hands.. to love,heal, and feel. R.I.P Daviza We’ll miss you 😔
Nia GIBSON 2 soat oldin
So cute ❤️
Madison Cheyenne
Madison Cheyenne 3 soat oldin
I love how Liza wiped a booger on David and he didn’t even budge
Tiffany B
Tiffany B 3 soat oldin
Update: still fucking crying 😢
Mackenzie Ribordy
Mackenzie Ribordy 3 soat oldin
Fifteen Cheesy Cheese
I wanted children . I’m disappointed
lady unicorn
lady unicorn 3 soat oldin
They're my favorite couple and I wish nothing but the best for them😄❤💗💖
Shishtar Dolan
Shishtar Dolan 3 soat oldin
I’m still fucking crying. I’m just completely dead 😭😭😭😭
Florence Ryu
Florence Ryu 3 soat oldin
I always comeback to this video to cry on
Emily Fewtrell
Emily Fewtrell 3 soat oldin
it recommended to me again:(
Reilly Coleman
Reilly Coleman 3 soat oldin
I’m still sobbing
Jay Charles
Jay Charles 3 soat oldin
this is bs u 2 cant breakup
Ryleigh Vickers-Duirs
I love you Liza I have turned your post notifications on and subscribed
Aaron C. Eaves
Aaron C. Eaves 3 soat oldin
Liza you dont need a man i understand you care for david but not right now but the liza sqaud got you
Alene Hernandez
Alene Hernandez 3 soat oldin
Kawaii. Lama
Kawaii. Lama 3 soat oldin
I’ve seen this video so many times and I cry every time😭
Greta Dubaviciute
Greta Dubaviciute 3 soat oldin
So sad 😞
Oscar B
Oscar B 3 soat oldin
you gotta find some mayo
sugaudacity 3 soat oldin
I usually don’t watch Liza or David videos but this made me SAD BRO
Dulce Uribe
Dulce Uribe 4 soat oldin
4:32 u can see the pain in David’s eyes
Sawsan Hamid
Sawsan Hamid 4 soat oldin
I bet now Liza is going to make single jokes in her videos now
Greg’s Daily
Greg’s Daily 4 soat oldin
You made a decision and it's done
Emilio Huerta
Emilio Huerta 4 soat oldin
so are you and Helga going to be a couple
Pankaj Bhatt
Pankaj Bhatt 4 soat oldin
Back in the days, david used to say if liza leaves her he would probably stop vlogging didnt happen though. (I dobt want him to stop either)
Spare Tablet
Spare Tablet 4 soat oldin
UPDATE: I am still crying and dying in the inside
Ram Chaudhari
Ram Chaudhari 4 soat oldin
5:50 whats the song?
Blue_Mika_chan_ Blue
*I cried 6 months ago -.-*
xChrisGaming 4 soat oldin
Update still miss them
Ruby is gucci af
Ruby is gucci af 4 soat oldin
I actually thought this video was clickbait and then when I watched it I was so upset because I thought they would have a life together 😢
Izak DeLaCruz
Izak DeLaCruz 4 soat oldin
ok but that ad revenue tho
Genesis Solis
Genesis Solis 4 soat oldin
What is under this two
Genesis Solis
Genesis Solis 4 soat oldin
And share this to Liza as well
Ruby is gucci af
Ruby is gucci af 4 soat oldin
This makes me upset because I saw them having a family and kids😢
Genesis Solis
Genesis Solis 5 soat oldin
When I first saw the picture ummm😰....... I was like noooooo I cried I didn't know what to do.....but I know that I can't control you soo.... ya I don't know what to say ummmm.........I just dont know.... it just... hit my sooooo hard right... and i was about to cry again because....... he just said I love you and I just broke down
Grace Puninu
Grace Puninu 5 soat oldin
Sooo sad 😢 but soon cute at the same time
Victoria Ruff
Victoria Ruff 5 soat oldin
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 5 soat oldin
Oh my gosh I so relate. . to all of this.
MC5 boss sometimes
MC5 boss sometimes 5 soat oldin
5:44 omg why 😭😭😭😭😭💔
maci white
maci white 5 soat oldin
love isn’t real
Hope Neck Booda
Hope Neck Booda 5 soat oldin
I've never seen Liza like this❤❤😢😢😢
sks 5 soat oldin
hold on tight a little longer...
Kj Jones
Kj Jones 5 soat oldin
Anybody else notice at 3:07 she picked her nose and wiped it on David’s shirt😂😭
Nash Edits
Nash Edits 5 soat oldin
Cory Nicole
Cory Nicole 5 soat oldin
Update on me. I’m still crying
Luisa Taulanga
Luisa Taulanga 5 soat oldin
Seeing Liza cry is like me without French fries sad and disappointing.😂 I love you Liza.
No_One_ Knows_Who_This_Is
When you released this video I made a comment saying that I love you guys and I was crying, 2 months later I'm still crying. Also the ending when David said I love you, I smiled so big.💖 I love you guys and I support your decision and it's great that you are still bestfriends💖💜💕
Maryanna Marquez
Maryanna Marquez 5 soat oldin
But she called him “baby” on her sc. 🧐🤨
el oise
el oise 5 soat oldin
I’m crying in the club rn
Isabella Parke
Isabella Parke 5 soat oldin
Still here, still crying
Pavis Gladius
Pavis Gladius 5 soat oldin
Is she a lesbian?
Bailee Russell
Bailee Russell 6 soat oldin
I'm watching this agine but I was laughing most of the time but when he kissed her I started bawling
Ashley freund
Ashley freund 6 soat oldin
You better date again
MARMELLOW LOVER 8.9 6 soat oldin
Me: -clicks video- oh i know dis is clickbait 😄😄😄 Me: -watches video- oh🙁☹😦😢😭 Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Meder Stick
Meder Stick 6 soat oldin
dude 40M views
Anisah Ibrahim
Anisah Ibrahim 6 soat oldin
I know you want us to stay positive but I watch this 1 million times and every time I watch it I cry for like an hour please come back together you guys are so cute together
Avery Huddleston
Avery Huddleston 6 soat oldin
When will the mayo come backkkkk
Eliana Neal
Eliana Neal 6 soat oldin
I’m still watching this and I’m crying ily guys
Hailey Dipasupil
Hailey Dipasupil 6 soat oldin
U guys were so cute together :(
Angelle Thomas
Angelle Thomas 6 soat oldin
STill Crying 😢
Terilyn Huang
Terilyn Huang 6 soat oldin
This is legit my 100000000000 time watching this ily guys so much and I support. But I keep watching it and thinking about my hopeless love life like if you agree. Rip
Gabriela Sutter
Gabriela Sutter 6 soat oldin
It’s not 4:20 minutes long 😲
Sabrina You
Sabrina You 6 soat oldin
Bubblegum Ninja
Bubblegum Ninja 6 soat oldin
Aspen Batke
Aspen Batke 6 soat oldin
She swore online for him and he broke his 4:20 rule for her♥️
George Lucas
George Lucas 6 soat oldin
Emma Lorentzen
Emma Lorentzen 6 soat oldin
still crying... anyone else?
Sarai Vasquez
Sarai Vasquez 6 soat oldin
When I watched this made me cry u guys were the cutest couple ever Vanilla+Chocolate=LOVE. Please In the future get BACK TOGETHER I LOVE U GUYS🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😥😥😥😥😥😥
Wild Pancakes
Wild Pancakes 6 soat oldin
Mamryn Kartin
Mamryn Kartin 6 soat oldin
6 months why didn't you tell us then?!
Ariana Arias
Ariana Arias 6 soat oldin
2:34 just has me breaking down
Reilly Kate
Reilly Kate 6 soat oldin
I keep watching this... and I keep hoping it's just clickbait... But it's not... 😢😢
Danica’s art Show
Danica’s art Show 6 soat oldin
Are u actually bit dating or no
The CookieMonster
The CookieMonster 6 soat oldin
Please, I NEED you to find the mayonnaise. Please find the mayonnaise like right now. No rush but pleassseee. I’ll wait forever.
coco c
coco c 7 soat oldin
I really hope I can have a relationship like them! ITS SO CUTE AND I LOVE IT!
callie masters
callie masters 7 soat oldin
still crying 😭