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we broke up

David Dobrik
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Sorry we didn't let you know sooner... we wanted to be comfortable talking about it :) All is good tho.. Ill be back to putting snakes on liza as soon as I can find a cobra! Love yalll
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5-Iyn, 2018




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kore waddell
kore waddell 20 soniya oldin
4 months later I still cry watching this
beauty lover
beauty lover 2 daqiqa oldin
They said they were still friends but never made any videos after this
Alayna Shears
Alayna Shears 14 daqiqa oldin
Liza wiped something from her nose and wiped on david
Ryann Barker
Ryann Barker 15 daqiqa oldin
I was crying during this because I loved daza
Mayham beats
Mayham beats 36 daqiqa oldin
Antonia K.
Antonia K. 43 daqiqa oldin
Their chemistry is so perfect and I still cry every time watching this. Life‘s fucked up and love‘s not real
chntl pnd
chntl pnd Soat oldin
still haven"t moved on about this T.T REWATCHED THIS FOR THE 15TH TIMEEEEEE
Miluzka Vasquez
Miluzka Vasquez Soat oldin
Still hurts
Veronica Moreno
Veronica Moreno Soat oldin
This is his most viewed video 44 million views 😲
Colin Soat oldin
Most cringe fucking thing I’ve ever seen
Lauren Shieh
Lauren Shieh Soat oldin
5:47 snatched my heart❤️😭
Émilie Rondeau
Émilie Rondeau Soat oldin
David:I found 7 guys in the room Me:I know 7 guys *play BTS idol* I'm sorry but I cry to!!
Lucyana Megawati S
Still feel sad
Jack Loubier
Jack Loubier 2 soat oldin
Even though it’s late, farewell to the King and Queen of UZvid
Samanta Luchoo
Samanta Luchoo 2 soat oldin
Lovely Lyssy
Lovely Lyssy 2 soat oldin
:/ :( 😭😭😭😭😭
rosie_ C
rosie_ C 2 soat oldin
I can’t say that this didn’t hit me , Cos it did. As long as you two are happy we’ll be happy 💕
Catie Rose!
Catie Rose! 3 soat oldin
waiting for the “we’re back together” video
Itzlucy x
Itzlucy x 3 soat oldin
Does anyone realise that they are working on there relashinship
Michael 3 soat oldin
So....who cheated?
Toni Schauer
Toni Schauer 4 soat oldin
This is literally the first UZvid video that made me cry you 2 are the cutest thing on earth and it makes me so sad to see you both like this still trying to be funny though you both look broken af...
parrot talker
parrot talker 4 soat oldin
Nooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo ooooooooooooo
S W 4 soat oldin
WHY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Happy Llama
Happy Llama 4 soat oldin
3:12 Thank me later.
Larissa Davies
Larissa Davies 5 soat oldin
why?????????!!!!!!!!! im crying so much
Lew Vines
Lew Vines 5 soat oldin
I’m still crying in October 2018😭😭
Jessica noodle
Jessica noodle 5 soat oldin
Its October an I'm still sad about this
Sophiya S
Sophiya S 5 soat oldin
Who else is here after Superwoman's roast of David in Barbie dreams parody
Rachael Geoghegan
Rachael Geoghegan 6 soat oldin
There wearing each others merch tho 💔
Rachael Geoghegan
Rachael Geoghegan 6 soat oldin
The start tho ... 💗😩
Cruz Castro
Cruz Castro 6 soat oldin
Andrea Duran
Andrea Duran 6 soat oldin
Liza is beautiful. I hope they get back together
Noelle Rambles
Noelle Rambles 7 soat oldin
This was uploaded a day before my birthday
Lily CJ
Lily CJ 7 soat oldin
i’ve already watched this. why is it on my recommended. DOES UZvid WANT ME TO CRY?
Sheep :\/
Sheep :\/ 8 soat oldin
Flashback to 1:52 “COUPLES YOGA CHALLENGE!!” 😂😂
st ai
st ai 8 soat oldin
I can't tell you how many times I rewatched this and I cried every single time
Rory McLeod
Rory McLeod 8 soat oldin
their wearing each other’s much!
PJknows 05
PJknows 05 8 soat oldin
Who is watching this now thanks for 20 likes
Aagya Bhandari
Aagya Bhandari 9 soat oldin
I'm definitely not crying
Brodie Mesley
Brodie Mesley 9 soat oldin
I'm so sad😂😂😂😂see I'm crying
Shameem Jahangir
Shameem Jahangir 10 soat oldin
The likes.....
bracha bamberger
bracha bamberger 10 soat oldin
Lennon Jones
Lennon Jones 10 soat oldin
hi i’m bawling my eyes out
Lilly Seltrecht
Lilly Seltrecht 10 soat oldin
Wait david and liza broke up now alex and Lauren broke up now what couple do I rely on 😢
jackie star125
jackie star125 10 soat oldin
I love the end😍😍😍
Sophia H
Sophia H 11 soat oldin
Who's rewatching this for the millionth time?? Still waiting for them to announce they got back together
Isa Juarez
Isa Juarez 11 soat oldin
So... I read the tittle... I thought it was clickbait... I watch the video... And... 😮😵🤯😳😤😡😭😢😩😰😞🙁😖😬😦😪😲😷🤧🤕😠🤨😔😟 THERE ARE TOOOOOOO MAAAAANYYY EMOTIONS RIGHTTTTT NOWWWWWWW 😂😪😰😬🤧😔😖🤯😳😡😩🙁😬😷😍💓😭
Haley Wilson
Haley Wilson 11 soat oldin
It’s been 4 months and I’m still crying
Allison Borjas
Allison Borjas 12 soat oldin
Who watched the Lauren and Alex break up video after this
Melanie Wolf
Melanie Wolf 12 soat oldin
im crying so hard
Hailey Smetona
Hailey Smetona 12 soat oldin
Baylie Ginger
Baylie Ginger 12 soat oldin
This breakup is so pure and so honest. Nobody cheated, nobody lied, nobody was dishonest. It was just time to move on. And they still are best friends and they are still thriving.
Kristan McKnight
Kristan McKnight 12 soat oldin
:( this is very sad but i understand. it's hard to be in a relationship where the two are distant. but know it's going to get better and keep pushing and striving forward.
lili Jett
lili Jett 12 soat oldin
This video f ing suchs
lili Jett
lili Jett 12 soat oldin
Aria Playzz
Aria Playzz 12 soat oldin
arktik__ wolf__
arktik__ wolf__ 13 soat oldin
I kinda don't gaf
Kmauro_119 M
Kmauro_119 M 13 soat oldin
His voice kind of cracked when he says "seems" 😢😢😢😢
Brylee’s World
Brylee’s World 13 soat oldin
Who else cried during this video?i sure did
Katelyn L.
Katelyn L. 13 soat oldin
Brylee’s World
Brylee’s World 13 soat oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭*spams crying emoji*😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭WHYYYYYYYY!Im confused she broke up with him but cry’s in the video. (NOT HATING FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO THINK IM HATING)
María Garcés Vítores
Still waiting for the "we are back together" video
Klance_is_rainbows :3
Klance_is_rainbows :3 14 soat oldin
I Im Im c Im cr Im cry Im cryi Im cryin Im crying Im crying 😭 Im cryin Im cryi Im cry Im cr Im c Im I
Destiny Lutts
Destiny Lutts 14 soat oldin
Okay you had your break. Time to get back together
emma corinne
emma corinne 15 soat oldin
*liza its ok take ur time getting ur mayonnaise*
Angie C
Angie C 15 soat oldin
the "i love you" at the end gets me every time
Yuval Salganik
Yuval Salganik 16 soat oldin
Fuck no you won’t break up! NOoOO
Cath bailyn
Cath bailyn 16 soat oldin
That damn hairless cat...
Corinnetype1 F
Corinnetype1 F 16 soat oldin
Raegan Coffey
Raegan Coffey 17 soat oldin
poor liza. I wish i could hug her real hard.
•McKennaxox• 17 soat oldin
I’m literally still crying in the club right now ahhh I want them back together sooo bad
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin 17 soat oldin
I’m still sad! I’m sure they’ll get back together sometime soon! It’s cute that they are wearing each other’s merch 😢
Wendy Hernandez
Wendy Hernandez 17 soat oldin
Awwh my heart at 5:50 that was so cute 😫
jayita 17 soat oldin
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson 17 soat oldin
The description is so long
Emily HD
Emily HD 17 soat oldin
Cute lil Frog
Cute lil Frog 17 soat oldin
You guys should get back together
Rory summer
Rory summer 18 soat oldin
ugh 💔💔
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 18 soat oldin
This definitely made *youtube history* Im a small youtuber and would love if I got ur support!!! ❤️:)
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis 18 soat oldin
Katrina Donald definitely the most viewed break up video
Katrina Donald
Katrina Donald 18 soat oldin
44 million views
Edmundo Martinez
Edmundo Martinez 18 soat oldin
Hey do you guys know the name of the song
Aniya Cook
Aniya Cook 18 soat oldin
Krisha Jove
Krisha Jove 19 soat oldin
Bilia Nabaz
Bilia Nabaz 19 soat oldin
did you grow up? can you go back to each other now please ?
Ann Wandera
Ann Wandera 20 soat oldin
l love her
Ayantu Bedaso
Ayantu Bedaso 21 soat oldin
I want David as a boyfriend he’s so funny and so amazing
Ayantu Bedaso
Ayantu Bedaso 21 soat oldin
4 months later and I’m still crying 😭
Fernanda Diaz
Fernanda Diaz 21 soat oldin
Lol I love the begging of the video
Maggie Ingleman
Maggie Ingleman 21 soat oldin
Watching this again on October 19th and still crying
Squishy Areedy Mango
Squishy Areedy Mango 21 soat oldin
😭 🤧
lilly1477 22 soat oldin
She's a lesbian I can't wait for her to come out ❤
Anna Sophie
Anna Sophie Daqiqa oldin
lilly1477 I think its the other way round 😂
Hope Talbott
Hope Talbott 23 soat oldin
You are the mayonnaise. This video has been rattling around in my head for a while and I want to get this to Lizza but have never done this before so hopefully, this will reach you. You want to spread love but don't have any, whether you don't love yourself or just don't have enough time to do it like you want or something else, I'd like to tell you that you are in fact love. Each and every sub-atomic particle that collects together to make you is love. You make people smile and feel joy just by being yourself and it's beautiful that you're so perfectly wonderful at being you. It's hard to love ourselves. we as a collective whole have a hard time doing that, myself included. But you've been able to reach people and show them you, the funny amazing talented you. Not by trying to copy anyone else or by striving to match someone else's peak but by continuing on your own path and reaching your own peak of perfection. Which at this point you are at your best. Yes, you may at some point go through things that bring you to what you see as a better version of yourself but for right now everything that you've gone through has helped you reach the version of yourself you are today and you are perfect as you are today. I don't know what's going on in your life or how others are able to see you but in this video I see a perfect person going through a tough time because they can't grasp the love that is already inside them, the love that has pieced them together and has guided them to the destinations you've been to. You are the mayonnaise you want to spread, you are the love you want to see blossoming in the world. Please don't give up on yourself, you're doing great.
Lovish Dhawan
Lovish Dhawan 3 soat oldin
That's the best thing I ever heard online. It looks like you reallly understand her and her videos really touched you. I wish she reads your comment and know how much she affects us by her videos and things she does. ☺
TSL ORTHY 23 soat oldin
it was really hilarious 😂
Roadie_ lavender
Roadie_ lavender 23 soat oldin
Please make a video saying 'Just kidding' or 'Sike!'
Roadie_ lavender
Roadie_ lavender 23 soat oldin
I keep rewatching this video after 2 months to see if im okay with it and everytime they start complimenting each other i lose my cool and its just rivers flowing down my face.
anice sabor159
anice sabor159 23 soat oldin
David:one of my ex-girlfriends Liza:one of them Me: crying and still watching in October and yelling nooooo!!!! but I still support u guys in October❤️🖤💙💚💜💖💓💗💕
Tørian Häll
Tørian Häll Kun oldin
3:12 Lol the rebound I don’t want anybody-Liza David-what do u want Liza-you- to...be my best friend😂😂
doctor disco
doctor disco Kun oldin
Your young this will be a big part of your life in the future have fun xxx
Carver Man
Carver Man Kun oldin
To cute. You can take all the time you need but I see you getting back together and maybe marriage. But I am glad you are still such good friends. Don’t know you but wish you both all the happiness you can carry.
Delaynee85 #loveinit
I I w I wi I wil I will I will m I will mi I will mis I will miss I will miss t I will miss th I will miss the I will miss them I will miss them t I will miss them to I will miss them tog I will miss them toge I will miss them toget I will miss them togeth I will miss them togethe I will miss them together I will miss them togethe I will miss them togeth I will miss them toget I will miss them toge I will miss them tog I will miss them to I will miss them t I will miss them I will miss the I will miss th I will miss t I will miss I will mis I will mi I will m I will I wil I wi I w I
Tabitha S.
Tabitha S. Kun oldin
I still cri ever time I watch this. But... seriously, I was so relatable to Liza for 6 minutes. I see VLOG SQUAD as like, otherworldly and superhuman... But, they're just like us. Human after all.
Banana Artz
Banana Artz Kun oldin
I almost started crying too ❤️
We Broke Up.
4 oy oldin
we broke up
Oy oldin