We DISCOVERED Ancient Cave Paintings!

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the team discover ancient cave paintings while exploring in South Africa!
Well known for its historical significant in early human culture, South Africa is home to some of the most important artifacts on the planet.
Will the team's discovery add to this rich culture of human history?
Get ready to find out!
HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! - bit.ly/RPAwildlife

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6-Iyl, 2018

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Jennifer HO
Jennifer HO 37 daqiqa oldin
How do you know that this is hundred years ago
SSeAs0nsChaNgE PokemonB.O.A
More like Egyptian
Isaac Marquez
Isaac Marquez 2 soat oldin
The painting of that they think looks like an elephant looks more like a long necks tail. And you can actually see the long necks neck. That's pretty cool
Ezekial Tube
Ezekial Tube 4 soat oldin
Can you go to Philippines
potato face yt
potato face yt 5 soat oldin
Coyte is now father nature
Joe Joe's World
Joe Joe's World 6 soat oldin
That's so coo- amazing I wish I could be there!!!♡♡
kollin seek
kollin seek Kun oldin
Misleading title, I was really hoping he would go into a cave and uncover pics not the side of a cliff, that’s not a cave painting at that point, it’s a painting
Ultra Instinct Warrior
Was that male's umm...Male part really...?that long? its as long as his torso on the painting
HardLight Hub
HardLight Hub Kun oldin
Its a place where you'll soon be treated like an animal Coyote. And you know why, "boar"
raymond Tzun
raymond Tzun Kun oldin
Cooooooool video
Natalie Bailey
Natalie Bailey Kun oldin
I think those sightseeing videos are a nice change of pace. Somehow it's all flowing together, animals, nature, but also mysterious manmade structures or, in this case, paintings. It's all adventurous.
Applehead Defender
Hang out xD
DXDDY VASQUEZ 2 kun oldin
Dig balls!!
Arshad Jamal
Arshad Jamal 2 kun oldin
if the ancient cave man are spying on coyote and mark and mario and said,humains are in the teritory,l'est get them
TheGalacticWolf Playz
This reminded me of Jumanji for some reason
francheska badecao
francheska badecao 2 kun oldin
Hey cayote what if you explore whats inside
justin janssen
justin janssen 2 kun oldin
Exercise current intervention away injure long massive drunk explanation benefit charge flame.
Peter Holman
Peter Holman 2 kun oldin
Its red bird poo.
PIGEON MAN 2 kun oldin
Indiana Peterson Raiders of the found paintings
Pete The Cat Boi
Pete The Cat Boi 3 kun oldin
That painting is Howard the alien
Ally_Zeh_BunnehXD Ello my name is ally :P
did you know that people in the hundreds or maybe thousands were as tall as a mansion? .o. like if this mind blowing
HarryBaalz 3 kun oldin
That's really amazing! i want to do that sometime for sure!
roaring pig
roaring pig 3 kun oldin
Hey Coyote you should make a video of going to the Turtle Island in Costa Rica
jaunpa 2214
jaunpa 2214 3 kun oldin
this reminds me of rise of the tomb raider without killing
IAIDEN2007 3 kun oldin
I wish I had coyotes life
Ryley John
Ryley John 3 kun oldin
Ryan Weatherford
Ryan Weatherford 3 kun oldin
this is good content, more like this please
I Come For the Comments
It’s sad that those drawings are better than mine...
Sanan Shah
Sanan Shah 3 kun oldin
How come the steering wheel is on the right and not on the left
William Parr
William Parr 4 kun oldin
"Notice the male part" XD
DefaultFTW 4 kun oldin
Male part😂
Zantagiro7 4 kun oldin
great discovery!
Tiffany Saiyuki
Tiffany Saiyuki 4 kun oldin
Bullet - Agario
Bullet - Agario 4 kun oldin
Mark:You alright?
Ally_Zeh_BunnehXD Ello my name is ally :P
Coyote I just want to thank you for making me learn about animals when you started this channel I watched you all the time till now I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart
Retired and Prepping
Wow that is so interesting. No telling how old these are. I subbed your channel and want to see what you do next.
al pachino
al pachino 5 kun oldin
This is so amazing. You're very lucky to find such rare, historical paintings!
Owl lover
Owl lover 5 kun oldin
Mabe the Crouds are real because the Crouds draw on wallls
Letho of Gulet
Letho of Gulet 5 kun oldin
Definitely a male.. LMAO.
AntsCanada 5 kun oldin
Prehistoric graffiti! Awesome!
Special Tof
Special Tof 5 kun oldin
I found a taruntala wasp on a tree in the video
Y.N.D.N diy's
Y.N.D.N diy's 5 kun oldin
This takes me back to Indiana Jones and Wild crats.
kool 5 kun oldin
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Alesya Shopkins
Alesya Shopkins 5 kun oldin
Wow 😲
Basmah Ayash
Basmah Ayash 5 kun oldin
Mel Candice Casao
Mel Candice Casao 5 kun oldin
Jill Maurer
Jill Maurer 5 kun oldin
that is soon cool
TheKid Youtube
TheKid Youtube 5 kun oldin
go to Egypt next and go in a paramide
TheKid Youtube
TheKid Youtube 5 kun oldin
Here is your check of 1 million dollars [ 1M ]
Ade Indra Jaya
Ade Indra Jaya 5 kun oldin
Whoa nice dude :P luv ur vids "STAY BRAVE,STAY WILD AND WE'L SE YOU ON THE NEXT ADVENTURE" :D i subscribe and like :D
Renegade from reaperverse
+Brave Wilderness _Coyote, have you and the team ever been on location to the caves around the Grand Cayon?_ There is some Native American art I've been told that are around the systems of trails that meet with the edge of the canyon.
Abby's World
Abby's World 6 kun oldin
You should to Sedona Arizona were you can find stuff like that I went there it was so much fun and so interesting 😃
ThebestFlutenamed Nataleigh
Is it just me or does it look like I’m ever episode there in the same outfit XD
Zacc Soli
Zacc Soli 6 kun oldin
Zacc Soli
Zacc Soli 6 kun oldin
I'm all about SEVENTEEN
whyyyy.....when old people paints on wall it s priceless...but when i paint a reaally cool picture in our wall my mom just keeps yelling at me...i wanted to make a history of my own😂😂
Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones 6 kun oldin
your so brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones 6 kun oldin
i subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cushla Bowen
Cushla Bowen 6 kun oldin
Uh trash Indiana! Coyote is a better explorer! Who agrees?
when would you guys come to Nigeria I love your videos but I wish you could come in person i could show you around
Zai Cuevas
Zai Cuevas 6 kun oldin
i know this isn't the topic of the video that im sayng but,for me hes like a demi god XDDDDDDDD cause hes been bit by some insects like the cow killer
Bhusan Shrestha
Bhusan Shrestha 6 kun oldin
Shay Bae
Shay Bae 6 kun oldin
Hey coyote we are going out to the lake in a few weeks for some fish do you think if it is possible make a video on how to remove a tick? I know it seems kinda silly but may come in handy.🙂
Niang Nuam
Niang Nuam 6 kun oldin
when i watch this it reminds of The Croods
Billy Boi Vlogs
Billy Boi Vlogs 6 kun oldin
I painted those last month
muhd Muzammil
muhd Muzammil 7 kun oldin
Wowwwww so cool
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth 7 kun oldin
Call a scientist or someone
Richard & fred Guillama
xInsomnia 7 kun oldin
I joined at 666k views
Ethanyy Chan
Ethanyy Chan 7 kun oldin
This video have exactly 666k views
dody 123556789
dody 123556789 7 kun oldin
True Fact they used blood to draw
MoPhiL 23
MoPhiL 23 7 kun oldin
that's is my first time see a history painting WOW!!!!!!
Aashi Madhu
Aashi Madhu 7 kun oldin
They are called San people who made those paintings
Goldendoes Animations
This video makes me feel old.
AshmeGT 7 kun oldin
My religion is Born again Pretty sure Im the one who did that😂
Kenzie Viantono
Kenzie Viantono 7 kun oldin
Hey if need to drive there just ask me because I go to Indonesia every year
Prism 7 kun oldin
Image It Was Just Some Kid’s Graffeti
Nicole Gollan
Nicole Gollan 7 kun oldin
I'm aboriginal 👍🏽
junvic feria
junvic feria 7 kun oldin
I love history so much
Jordi Chavez
Jordi Chavez 7 kun oldin
Have you been in Wakanda?
John Croy
John Croy 7 kun oldin
Notice the male part
Dre Encar
Dre Encar 7 kun oldin
Coyote is the next Indiana Jones XD
Lessie 7 kun oldin
wow what a coinsidence his name matches his career
Samantha Espiritu
Samantha Espiritu 7 kun oldin
Is this true
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
consist scatter nice yourself occasionally partly hit testimony female
1blackcat121 7 kun oldin
Loved this
Rollade626 7 kun oldin
Can’t wait till he finds Despacito 2
Jeff Jefe
Jeff Jefe 8 kun oldin
Wow...Incredible that you can still see the the ancient paintings, it’s unbelievable.
Jerik Lu
Jerik Lu 8 kun oldin
I think it was an Indian tribe trying to tell stories to their descendants or Indians saying something about a legend in their time
TheCharbeeClub 8 kun oldin
Cetrinite1 8 kun oldin
that was so cool
I.M.A. nonymous
I.M.A. nonymous 8 kun oldin
Could these paintings have been done by neanderthals?
Flac 2x
Flac 2x 8 kun oldin
I.M.A. nonymous
I.M.A. nonymous 7 kun oldin
Alright flac 2x, you win
Flac 2x
Flac 2x 7 kun oldin
Nadira Conroy Discovery is the act of finding something that had not been known before.
I.M.A. nonymous
I.M.A. nonymous 7 kun oldin
As you know, "discover" means to find something while searching. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be the original to find it, it just means that you've found it. If that makes any sense to you whatsoever.
Flac 2x
Flac 2x 8 kun oldin
Nadira Conroy How did he discover them? when someone had already found them before him , he would have to be the first to find them wich he wasn't
I.M.A. nonymous
I.M.A. nonymous 8 kun oldin
How? After all, he _did_ discover ancient cave paintings.
llmortall •
llmortall • 8 kun oldin
They see: Paintings What I see: Slenderman picture
Loverofall Exceptignorance
The camera quality is 👍
TRILLSHOW JAY 8 kun oldin
Coyote... i know they give you a script doing these voiceovers, and they try to make you sound more intriguing but honestly you sound corny and cringeworthy. So please cut it out.
I.M.A. nonymous
I.M.A. nonymous 8 kun oldin
TRILLSHOW JAY 8 kun oldin
Nadira Conroy lmaooooo
I.M.A. nonymous
I.M.A. nonymous 8 kun oldin
You'd be doing the same thing if you were Coyote. It's his job! You know that he needs to do the voiceovers, or else his videos will get less views. I'm not referencing a TV show to Coyote, But TRILLSHOW JAY, y'know how you sit in the audience of a show, right? Well literally almost every show is set up and has voice overs. The cast tells everyone to clap, cheer, or shout. They give the main person a script too. It's just how everything goes to be entertainment! (Sorry if I couldn't explain well. ._. ) Why did I make this reply so long?
2 kun oldin