We Found The Best Makeup Remover

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In the name of beauty, let's find out which makeup remover is the best!
Get the products from the video here:
La Mer - fave.co/2vJZuex
The Original MakeUp Eraser® - fave.co/2h3V52M
Goop by Juice Beauty Luminous Melting Cleanser - fave.co/2h4euR6
Garnier SkinActive Micellar - amzn.to/2w1DICs
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26-Iyl, 2017

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living meme
living meme 8 kun oldin
they should’ve added cold cream and the clinique take the day off cleansing balm
Annie 44
Annie 44 10 kun oldin
👏GUYS👏 stOP SAYING SHE SAID YOU SHOULDNT CLEANSE YOUR FACE AFTER. She is serious about washing her face but it’s probably edited out so the video isn’t long!
Bergen Kludt-Painter
I just use cold cream, it’s been around since the 50’s but its super gentle and removes EVERYTHING. Highly recommended 😊
Maryam Salyakhov
Maryam Salyakhov 29 kun oldin
Lisa G
Lisa G 2 oy oldin
Umm not buying goop for $90. That’s crazy for something your gonna wash off
Sad Bitch
Sad Bitch 5 oy oldin
Coconut oil is lowkey the best moisturizer on earth
Nesar Ahmed
Nesar Ahmed 5 oy oldin
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the Simple miceller water. Try that out.
Victoria S.
Victoria S. 5 oy oldin
It said “Holy Crail” XD
Olivia Macdonald
Olivia Macdonald 6 oy oldin
I like using coconut oil to remove my waterproof mascara (that’s basically all the makeup I wear) but it always gets in my eyes.
Dog Lover
Dog Lover 6 oy oldin
I use coconut oil, because I wear pretty light makeup, it works pretty well
Silver Owen
Silver Owen 6 oy oldin
She still had eyeliner and a little mascara on after every one.
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 6 oy oldin
Do honey! It’s moistureizing and antibacterial
Xcel Silver Gymnast
Neutrogena makeup wipes are the best!
RelaxationHouse :-]
“What is your holy grail makeup remover?” Me: Elfs 3$ makeup wipes. The whole pack. Takes one eye off. 🙄😂
Genesis De Leon
Genesis De Leon 6 oy oldin
Try the Clinique balm it is amazing 😉
kayla Bartnaps
kayla Bartnaps 6 oy oldin
A watered baby wipe with acne wash it's so cheap and works fine
Eroney Bello
Eroney Bello 7 oy oldin
ponds cream as the way to go!
chloe 7 oy oldin
I use coconut oil to take off my makeup but it has also really helped with my acne some how
Annalisa 312
Annalisa 312 7 oy oldin
Omg I love this one I use it all the time it is really good 2:06
Bryn Curtin
Bryn Curtin 7 oy oldin
I use baby wipes lol. Cheaper than makeup remover wipes and more gentle. Also there is many more in the package.
sophiakimchi 7 oy oldin
how did you have banila co.’s clean it zero in the background but not put it in the video!!! omg
V F 7 oy oldin
Try the banilla Clean It Zero but please use a cleanser after!
Mao Nguyen
Mao Nguyen 7 oy oldin
at 2:47 it's says oriCinal
Maria Ela Yorukoglu
"My mascara is gone, my eyeliner is gone" Sure......
Fem Caviar
Fem Caviar 8 oy oldin
Omg! I was the 500K view!!
kevin brough
kevin brough 8 oy oldin
I use Primarks makeup remover wipes cause they are cheap 😂😂😂😂
Avery M
Avery M 8 oy oldin
I use 3 cleansers lol... I use the Clinique take the day off balm it’s like coconut oil, and then I use the Clinique take the day off oil cleanser I combine those in my hand then I rinse rinse rinse and then my Dermolgica cleanser. Lol
Olivia Loftus
Olivia Loftus 9 oy oldin
Lacura hot cloth cleanser and garnier eyes and face are good
The Jadyn Bennett
Girl you had the perfect makeup remover sitting on the edge of your bathroom window. Team Korean Skincare!
For anyone that lives in the uk the Superdrug micelles water is amazing and only £2.19 for a big bottle xx
Mary Pham
Mary Pham 9 oy oldin
You have the best one on your shelf!!! Banilla Co. !!!!
Jade French
Jade French 9 oy oldin
Double cleansing is bomb and the best part of skincare
Ram 9 oy oldin
Bioderma Sensibio is beautiful for sensitive skin and it's a celebrity favourite as well I love it doesn't break you out! P.s its French! ❤️
Celia Battson
Celia Battson 9 oy oldin
Ponds Cold Cream is amazing for getting off makeup and it’s cheap
Julie Foxx
Julie Foxx 9 oy oldin
$90????????????????? To take off make up? Absolutely ridiculous!
jawa ahmed
jawa ahmed 9 oy oldin
La mer is a place in dubai
Sakajeua 9 oy oldin
i have a holy grail makeup remover but im not gonna share it im afraid its gonna be sold out everywhere :)
Hailey T
Hailey T 10 oy oldin
I literally just use makeup wipes to take my makeup off. If it's waterproof, i use the Roche something (dont remember the name) micellar water.
Abigail Chorley
Abigail Chorley 10 oy oldin
I used cold cream and then a cleanser. I find cold cream is a more gentle, hydrating way to remove makeup, especially with heavier eye makeup looks.
kylie b
kylie b 10 oy oldin
a makeup remover is not a cleanser. it removes makeup, you still need to cleanse that off.
Almog Azoulay
Almog Azoulay 10 oy oldin
I usually take my makeup off with a cleanser when I shower, it gets my makeup off and leaves my face clean. But if I do my makeup after a shower, I use the makeup eraser because it is much more eco-friendly and waste-reducing then any other product I've tried.
Arianna 10 oy oldin
Try Micelllar water it is cheaper and it takes it all off you can get it at target .
Monroe Von Black
Monroe Von Black 10 oy oldin
Lotion works as a makeup remover. Is it the best? Nah. But when you have nothing else and you've got on some waterproof mascara, it works. But for God's Sake, cleanse afterwards!!!
Monroe Von Black
Monroe Von Black 10 oy oldin
Monroe Von Black
Monroe Von Black 10 oy oldin
But the La Mer left all your eyeliner on?
FallnAngel07 10 oy oldin
Coconut oil, cleanse,retin-a. Always cleanse after removing makeup. I also like the makeup remover but I still cleanse after removing makeup.
Milli cia
Milli cia 10 oy oldin
Dhc oil works similar to the la mer and half the price. I stand by it
Lucy Engman
Lucy Engman 11 oy oldin
Neutrogena makeup remover foaming cleanser
Holly Morgan
Holly Morgan 11 oy oldin
Y’all. Go to the drugstore and get you some Ponds cold cream makeup remover. It has some serious voodoo power that cleanses and moisturizes. It’s cheap too!
Captn Steaks
Captn Steaks 11 oy oldin
You should try the bianca remover
Kami Sayavong
Kami Sayavong 11 oy oldin
Simply makeup wipes are my favorite cause one wipe gets my full face of makeup off and even my eyeliner and mascara
kate.2555 11 oy oldin
micellar water actually has an ingredient in it that has been proven to cause cancer...
eunoia eglaf
eunoia eglaf 11 oy oldin
I use coconut Lol and a cleansing water
Arianna Schall
Arianna Schall 11 oy oldin
Almost died when she didn’t double cleanse. 🤯
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson 11 oy oldin
Aw, I have that same little animal eared headband
Ľudmila 11 oy oldin
She literally has the best clean it zero in the background
keilah imai
keilah imai 11 oy oldin
Clinique take off the day balm has been my go to since last year! A container is about $28 and takes off everything including mascara! A container lasts me about 2-3 months you don't need a lot of the product And I use it everyday so its worth the money and it doesn't leave ur face oily like the original remover ive gone thru like 4 containers!
Diana Medina
Diana Medina 11 oy oldin
You should try the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser it’s so amazing it removes every single track of makeup!!
Stella SW Chalue
Stella SW Chalue 11 oy oldin
You’re supposed to wash your face after the coconut oil
JP 11 oy oldin
Ok but... makeup remover is different than face wash You need both!! I think the Micellar Water before a standard mild cleanser would work like a charm
Apollo 11 oy oldin
The clinique balm is great
IDontMakeVideos 11 oy oldin
The miceller gave me irritation on my skin, note i do not have sensitive skin but i have oily skin an it burned just putting that out there
Blakk Jasperr
Blakk Jasperr 11 oy oldin
who doesn’t wash their face after using makeup remover i swear these buzzfeed bitches be the most dumbest ppl on earth sometimes
SongBirdCosplay 11 oy oldin
My go to make up remover is charcoal make up wipes.
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate 11 oy oldin
OOOH GIRL, try Clinique “Take The Day Off” makeup remover balm, it literally MELTS your makeup. PS GIRL CLEANSING IS A SEPARATE STEP FROM REMOVING UR MAKEUP. What YOU are wanting is a fuckin cleanser a fuckin heavy duty one.
Elizabeth Goforth
Coconut oil works well for me wash your face afterwards
Jaclyn Billingsley
guys PLEASE wash your face after taking off your makeup... most makeup remover is not made to CLEANSE your skin and get the dirt and gunk out of your pores!! especially with makeup wipes and any oil remover (i use jojoba oil) you still have to wash your face with a cleanser after!!!!
Jesmary Gonzalez-Melchor
I use the miceller water too
rileigh marie
rileigh marie Yil oldin
i use a burt’s bees cleanser and it works so well, i just use witch hazel afterwards and it cleans my face well
fluffy pillows
fluffy pillows Yil oldin
Lancôme Bifacil. Or the Clinique Take the Day off. The best!
Lifeinpjs Yil oldin
If feel like they should do more research on how things are used before using them in these videos
Quirky Jersey Girl
Vaseline. Cheap and gets the job done.
Pammy82 Yil oldin
I love Boscia makeup breakup cleansing oil!
Emily C
Emily C Yil oldin
am i just cleaning my face too fast? i use the simple makeup wipes and cleansing water and it takes maybe 30 seconds for my entire face
Anastasia W
Anastasia W Yil oldin
You need to try the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Balm or the Clinique Take the day off balm !
Tatoe 47
Tatoe 47 Yil oldin
Cold cream girl!!!!!!! Super OG and super fast!!!!!
Abbie McDermott
Abbie McDermott Yil oldin
Dermalogica is really good as well
Alie Visconti
Alie Visconti Yil oldin
Try ponds cold cream
No Sleep
No Sleep Yil oldin
Do not!!!! Do notttt put coconut oil on your face bc it’ll clog your pores big time, if you want to use it to remove makeup only use it for your eyes or lips
Grace McConkie
Grace McConkie Yil oldin
My favorite is the purity by philosophy one! It’s so gentle and it works well for me personally
devyn p
devyn p Yil oldin
Coconut oil isn’t actually a “dirty oil”
Tanya Hatton
Tanya Hatton Yil oldin
I like ponds cold cream
Zara Isabella
Zara Isabella Yil oldin
clinique take the day off balm is the best
Ali kovach
Ali kovach Yil oldin
The Bioderma Sensibio make-up removing water is like the Garnier micellar water but better and it's not too much more expensive especially considering you get more per bottle.
Mary Elizabeth Needham
The IT cosmetics "Bye Bye Makeup" balm is AMAZING! it takes off every single bit of makeup and takes no time
Sleep on the bed not on the hyung line thanks
Why won't she just use the clean it zero sherbet oil cleanser on her window sill (pink jar in the corner) 😂
Sara Mahdi
Sara Mahdi Yil oldin
I legit swear by the neutrogena makeup remover wipes. The ones in the blue packaging though, Because i just realized that the different color packaging represents other things it can do for you. But i love the blue one the best.
Isabel Colleen
Isabel Colleen Yil oldin
Take to day off blam!!❤️😍❤️
Sara High
Sara High Yil oldin
What does she pronounce everything wrong
itstxffxni Yil oldin
I remove with coconut oil, exfoliate with st ives preach scrub, and then use clean and clear take the day off. You have to cleanse at least, makeup ain't gon come off all with just remover.
Megan p
Megan p Yil oldin
katie c
katie c Yil oldin
Ponds cold creme is so amazing and cheap ((:
Mare Blu
Mare Blu Yil oldin
I use a remover from equate ( walmarts brand ) and it works verry well for the price
Kynslie B
Kynslie B Yil oldin
Not wearing makeup at all. I’m serious try it! You’ll never find anything better. And a 100% guarantee that it will always feel like you never had make up on your face😁
This is Daberi
This is Daberi Yil oldin
I just use Lush’s facial cleanser, because it moisturises and it cleans deeply into the skin to remove makeup. That is just for the shows I am in.
Addie Greene
Addie Greene Yil oldin
*says the videos not sponsored *shares affiliate links in description “just so you know buzzfeed may collect a small percentage of the sales if you use these links” -seriously?? why not just say it’s sponsored instead of trying to hide it in description . smh buzzfeed
Cheese lover 2004
Omg what eyeliner do you use I have to know
Nabeeha Saeed
Nabeeha Saeed Yil oldin
Use coconut oil only to remove eye makeup.
DarkSans_97 Yil oldin
Idk why, but the smell of coconut oil makes me gag 😞
agomes725 Yil oldin
So the micellar water was 5 star at taking makeup off...took half the time of the la mer...and cost 1/10th of the price... and it didn’t win. I don’t trust this girl.
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