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We had a baby!!! His name is Wes Fulmer. We are so excited to be his parents! Wes was born after a 14 hours of labor, about a month before his due date. We were not prepared. We were scared. But by the end, we had a beautiful baby boy.
This is our birth story.
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3-Iyn, 2018

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ali Kun oldin
i want a husband like ned!! hes super loving
Maiko Nakamura
Maiko Nakamura 4 kun oldin
Ned and Ariel are now my absolute favorite couple.
Alyssa Martinez
Alyssa Martinez 6 kun oldin
I remember them viewing that four million dollar house and flipping out adorably over the two dishwashers 😂💕 cute couple
Sarah Barah
Sarah Barah 10 kun oldin
While Ned is freaking out about all the blood, Ariel must have been like “ehh. I have had worse.”
W.D. Alphys
W.D. Alphys 12 kun oldin
So beautiful..... 😭
hell yeah
hell yeah 12 kun oldin
this is the purest video i’ve ever seen
pureria 15 kun oldin
Such a beautiful family❤️
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani 16 kun oldin
If you think that Ned and Ariel aren't the perfect parents, *well I have some news for you*
laxK 17 kun oldin
You can tell when I guy loves his wife, when he doesn’t stop talking about her.
ADITYA ANAND 17 kun oldin
Their epic life love story..
Erica Benoix
Erica Benoix 18 kun oldin
There is literally no couple more happy and compatible I'm convinced
Steel Phoenix
Steel Phoenix 19 kun oldin
Ned it's time to Shave
Steel Phoenix
Steel Phoenix 19 kun oldin
What would happen if Ned was in this situation
NYJanus 20 kun oldin
Poor Ned wanted so much to be a part of the birth, lol.
AMELIA POWELL 22 kun oldin
Oh my gosh i am so happy for you guys God bless your family 🙏🏽
Mani Malik
Mani Malik 22 kun oldin
2:49 hahahaha I'm dead
No Body
No Body 22 kun oldin
Imagine Eugene babysitting Wesley it’s gonna be endless xD
Sabrina Sasser
Sabrina Sasser 22 kun oldin
Finally got around to watching this video and wanted to add my love and light and well-wishes and virtual hugs! And a HUGE high-five to Ariel! Way to go, mama! My first baby’s labor was induced because of something I now know wasn’t a big deal (water was leaking), but as young first time parents we went with what the hospital midwives said and consented to an induction. I lasted 12 hours on pitocin and then finally let them talk me into an epidural and hated every single moment of it, but did have another 13 hours to go so it probably saved me from getting too warn out to push. It ended well with a healthy big girl born on her due date, but I mourned the loss of the truly natural birth I wanted. So baby number two came along and I knew I wanted nothing to do with hospitals and unnecessary interventions. She was born at home, 15 days PAST her due date, and compared to the pitocin labor I’d experienced four years prior, it was so painless that I didn’t believe my contractions were working and that I was really in labor! My midwife arrived at 9pm and by noon, I was sitting in the birth pool in my dining room hugging my my new little girl. My point is, I’ve been through both experiences: epidural and interventions and the “security” of a hospital and huge team of people in the room (which I needed as a first timer and that’s valid,) and then home with no drugs or interventions and just a husband, a midwife, an assistant and a sleeping dog. My experience was that having an epidural was a far worse labor (for ME). It was scary, I felt powerless and helpless that I couldn’t move or feel contractions or how productive my pushes were, was completely reliant on the team of people to tell me what to do based on their monitoring of the machines more than the actual person having the baby, etc... and the following 24 hours after the birth were horrible! Just being desperate to regain my ability to move, the shock of the pain once the epidural wore off, the exhaustion and injury from over-pushing (as I couldn’t feel anything,) the inability to pee for more than 24 hours thus requiring being cathed like 4 times... it was kind of a nightmare for me. At home, however, it was calm, I was calm, I was comfortable, I felt more secure with my midwife who’d spent countless hours with me throughout my pregnancy versus the hospital midwives I saw for just a few minutes each appointment and had no idea who’d be there for the birth, the water and ability to position however my body led me to position made pushing SO much easier and I could actually FEEL the urge to push and follow that instead of blips and lines on a machine that told the nurses to tell me to push... All around, it was so much easier and less painful for me to give birth without an epi or pain meds than WITH. For any to-be moms who may read this ridiculously long comment, just keep it in mind. Even though epidurals are supposed to take the pain away and make things “easier”, for many women it actually snowballs the interventions and ends up being a much more difficult process. Much like Ariel said, almost every woman I know who gave birth without an epidural (including me) said that there came a point when they just knew they couldn’t do it anymore and asked “is it too late?!!? I just can’t take it ANYMORE!” and then... within minutes their baby was in their arms. Intervention is amazing when it saves lives and/or legitimately allows mom/baby to avoid injury or legitimately eases crippling anxiety and allows a mom to relax enough to do her thing. But it IS NOT MAGIC, is NOT without risks and downsides, can sometimes create complications rather than avoid them... and it’s just super important to know this and REALLY educate yourself about all the advantages and disadvantages of epidurals/other interventions, the other end of the spectrum of few to no interventions whether hospital, home or birthing center, and everything in between. Ariel did it, millions of women have done it, and you probably can too! Just please, don’t blindly buy into the myth that an epidural makes childbirth easy and painless. Ask anyone who’s had one, and they’ll tell you that that is not true at all and can be quite the shock when you’re in labor and think it’s going to be your savior because that’s what L&D Drs and nurses lead you to believe. My apologies for such a long comment, but I’m so excited when I learn of a first time mom giving birth as naturally as possible when medically appropriate and I have been on a little personal mission since my first baby was born to dispel the myth of the “magical epidural” and encourage women to empower themselves when it comes to doing the thing women have been doing since people were invented! Make your own choices about the type of birth YOU want and spend a minute researching. You’ll be glad you did, and hopefully can avoid the (almost completely un-acknowledged/ignored) emotional trauma that many women experience after feeling like they lost control over their birthing experience. Ariel and Ted, I send you and your precious lil nugget so much love and light!!! You’re so clearly naturally amazing parents and the love you three have for each other is SO evident. That’s one secure, relaxed little baby who clearly has everything he needs and your joy and contentment is inspiring!
Debb Curry-Millard
Debb Curry-Millard 23 kun oldin
This is true love between them. ❤️❤️❤️
Shadowhunter 24 kun oldin
2:02 Ned: Do I give you a back-rub? Bean: Dude, seriously?
JAsparklefret7 24 kun oldin
Please upload more!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏
KerriTheBookBelle 26 kun oldin
apparently my birth was so painful (my mom had to be induced because I was 8 days late) that when she went into labor with my sister, she didn't know she was having contractions for like a whole day
Ingvild Kvakestad
Ingvild Kvakestad 26 kun oldin
I feel like the how it is made is always acward haha I was made in a cup ivig for the WIN
Swamp Monster
Swamp Monster 27 kun oldin
This is adorable but it has also made me never want to birth a baby time to go surgically remove my uterus
BlackAdolf 27 kun oldin
Greetings from eastern Europe. :) What do You think about Adolf Hitler? BTW, love Your videos! Best regards, BlackAdolf
kylie sandoval
kylie sandoval 29 kun oldin
Awwwwwww 😭😭😭😭😆😆😘😘 Imma watch wes grow up through the years and when he's 10 oh myyyyyyyy Imma go watch his baby vids
ava s.
ava s. 29 kun oldin
ned and ariel are already such amazing parents 😩❤️
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 29 kun oldin
new learning channel for children m.uzvid.com/video/video-O2it-IDyZkc.html
Blue Knight
Blue Knight 29 kun oldin
This is going to be a super super beautiful child
florence fiancée
Miriam Glenn
Miriam Glenn Oy oldin
miranda v
miranda v Oy oldin
Not saying that ned and ariel are bad parents, but i dont think they realized that excising and working induces labor. Thats why they had the baby early, because she did cross fit and worked out
Asma Khan
Asma Khan Oy oldin
Yall were 36 weeks pregnant. What do you mean you didn't have time to prepare ?
kusum shrestha
Christine Rivera
this is so cuteeee
Aria Blanco
Aria Blanco Oy oldin
I can't be the only one who cried. Right?
Bran Flakes
Bran Flakes Oy oldin
How come Ned has 250k+ subs while the rest of the try guys have 60k+?
Asteroid Challenges
Yup I'm with Ariel my first labor I'd be listening to my boy Ed!
Millie Forrest
Ned sounds like quidward when he laughs haha x
Valeria_MSP Oy oldin
Can u do a house tour?
lianna mkoyan
lianna mkoyan Oy oldin
Is that the house that they bought and were working on it? It's so different 🤔
Cute princess kitty
Mythical Sylveon
It must be such an exiting experience of having a child. It is not rare for babies to be born a few weeks early, me and my brother were both about three weeks early(around that time)
Hayley Lara
Hayley Lara Oy oldin
Can you do a house tour ned!!!
Niki Vega
Niki Vega Oy oldin
I was months early I was supposed to be born on November but i came September i had to stay in the hospital for 1 week
Angelina monzon
You guys had sex
Cami Figueroa
Cami Figueroa Oy oldin
Sydney L.
Sydney L. Oy oldin
I love the way they look at each other. You can tell they’re really in love.
JaNee’s Life
The way Ned looks at Ariel 😍
Clio00hikaru Oy oldin
I really appreciate you guys doing this, talking about what happened and sharing the knowledge. We don’t teach women what to expect enough in our daily lives, and I love videos like these that talks from a personal experience what is normal, why it’s happening and what’s to be expected.
parth patel
parth patel Oy oldin
Anyone that disliked are evil
GalaxyNina Xox
What is the name of the baby
B. Amazing
B. Amazing Oy oldin
I was born at 36 weeks as well, and I stayed in the NICU for some time. I am fine now, and I want to work in the NICU as my career!
Random Oy oldin
w-w-w-wait are you still in Try Guys?
Elena de Lope
Elena de Lope Oy oldin
relationship goals ya'll
Jen Chantell
Jen Chantell Oy oldin
LoOk At ThAt DaD BeARd
kawaii unicorn and everything
More videos plz
lps pepe14
lps pepe14 Oy oldin
(Edit- Sorry in advance ) everybody is just taking about how amazing and inspiring Ned and Ariel are, And I'm just cringing at the thought of them you know.. Making teh baby 😐 BAHAHAHA I need help
Maria505050 Msp
Maria505050 Msp
Bella Dews
Bella Dews Oy oldin
Myla and Bella
I was 7 weeks early!!
Natsuki Oy oldin
I just watched the sperm count video.
Fatima Mohammed
Arielle is SO PRETTY!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Congrats on the baby! Hope Wes grows up to be just as cool as his parents! 😎😎
Natalee Snyder
What's the baby's full name?
Lizzie Watermellon
They’re so in love it’s beautiful ☺️😍😍
Mariina Oy oldin
Ned is a Daddy Now🙄🙄
saumya singh
saumya singh Oy oldin
I don't know why was I clenching my vagina the whole time 😂😂
Wes looks so much like his mom 😍😍😍
Lainey Harmon
Lainey Harmon Oy oldin
Wes is my little brothers name!!
Meli M
Meli M Oy oldin
Update please! You look soooo happy I couldn’t stop smiling the whole 12mins ✨✨✨✨✨✨😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Dianna Schnabel
Love the 💩 animation! Lol
Joelene Caballero
"I just want water and Ed sheran." Me 😂😂😂
Purely Hideawayy
U guys r so cute together!
Quinzel Arts
Quinzel Arts Oy oldin
This was so beautiful. ❤️
Ivana Zelaya
Ivana Zelaya Oy oldin
When he said "how do contractions feel like?" I just thought: You'll know sooner or later😏
Sunflower Sunnydays
Ivs Zelaya wut
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Oy oldin
Omg.... Ariel's smile kills me. She seems like such a mentally strong and beautiful soul. I wish I knew someone like her.
Isabella The moose
Ariels meds = water and ed sheran
Kimberley Candelario
36 weeks pregnant here and all i could hear were your baby's cooing noises. my heart
fourtraxlife 13
Welp aerial is a milf lmao, congrats
The Hero of Hyrule
Gimme a C! Gimme a U! Gimme a T! Gimme a E!
Cathy Rwaks
Cathy Rwaks Oy oldin
Ed Sheeran? More like "Ned" Sheeran🙏❤😁
K U Oy oldin
Very informative; 8:09 😍😍
Isa Pizza
Isa Pizza Oy oldin
i subscribed because we need to feed neds BABY
xøx.Janet Oy oldin
You guys should do a how your family reacted to you being pregnant(plus Neds reaction)
1:18 is someone jacking off?
Elizabeth P
Elizabeth P Oy oldin
Ned and Ariel are so cute
This is so beautiful🙈😭❤️ Congratulations guys!!!
Miranda Senter
I came 3 weeks early I was really small so I didn't fit any of my clothes that I had
Hannah Henry
Hannah Henry Oy oldin
Wes is the luckiest child in the world
bunny Oy oldin
birth always sounds so scaryyyyyyy! she's strong, I don't think I'd be able to do it
Anshika Prasad
Wes is so lucky to have 2 such amazing parents!
Janessa Casimiro
Wes is the most precious and tiniest thing in the whole wide world. Congrats guys
Double A&K Dance
Ariel is the BEST
Kelvin Oy oldin
Why do people dislike this????
Julia Mihajlovich
Ariele looks amazing!
Ryley Walden
Ryley Walden Oy oldin
Emerald Quisiquisi
Ned can you have a house tour?
Mbali mswane
Mbali mswane Oy oldin
Aahhh this makes me wanna have a baby right away. I just need to get my Husband on board😪
Maria T
Maria T Oy oldin
Maria T
Maria T Oy oldin
Where is the house tour I’m exited❤️
To Our Daughter
7 oy oldin