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We had a baby!!! His name is Wes Fulmer. We are so excited to be his parents! Wes was born after a 14 hours of labor, about a month before his due date. We were not prepared. We were scared. But by the end, we had a beautiful baby boy.
This is our birth story.
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3-Iyn, 2018

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blackcat 202
blackcat 202 17 daqiqa oldin
God bless that beautiful baby
Julia V
Julia V Soat oldin
They're going to be such amazing parents 😭
Trina Young
Trina Young 2 soat oldin
Hey Ned/ Ariel, what app did you use to monitor the contractions?
Rach31 2 soat oldin
Aw congrats!! So happy that the baby and Ariel are healthy. Such a special video for your memories! Now you can brag about your baby son now too Ned!
Sarah Qirem
Sarah Qirem 9 soat oldin
Get ur self a guy who looks at you like Ned looks at Ariel talking about pee
Annalise Vezina
Annalise Vezina 10 soat oldin
I'm never having kids. Ever. Never. Ever. So. Nauseous. So. Many. Hospital. Things. So. Many. Needles. So. Much. Blood. I can't deal, I'm sorry. But this video was absolutely beautiful! My most profound congratulations Ned and Ariel!!
Emilyy Gamezz
Emilyy Gamezz 12 soat oldin
was anyone not trying to cry?
zhack2489 live stream and more
You are a great dad
heol watchudo
heol watchudo 16 soat oldin
“I just want water..... and Ed Sheeran.” Hard same. Except ive never actually been pregnant. Hahahahahaha
Brianne Horrocks
He is beautiful!
Candace Baughman
You two are a good looking couple! You two are going to be great parents! He is adorable!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
cartergirl3of3 Kun oldin
When was he actually born?
DiZax 2 kun oldin
Haha so cute.
Adrija Mukherjee
Adrija Mukherjee 2 kun oldin
The way they look at each other is just so perfect, so adorable ❤️❤️❤️
Adrija Mukherjee
Adrija Mukherjee 2 kun oldin
Tyler #21 Meme
Tyler #21 Meme 2 kun oldin
Ma Va
Ma Va 2 kun oldin
My didn’t get ANY medications when I was born (I and I was a tall ass baby)
안나김 3 kun oldin
I know I was late. But yeah... Congratulations on your new family member. Welcome to the world Ned's junior.
Bells 3 kun oldin
This video is so heartwarming :') so happy for you both
Evan Berger
Evan Berger 3 kun oldin
Is this the new house??
NerdyGem TV
NerdyGem TV 3 kun oldin
im 13 I already know...oh god its in my head FUCK
Scriptorem Lux
Scriptorem Lux 3 kun oldin
Ariel to Ned: I couldn't do it without you, literally Ariel in labor: I just want water...and Ed Sheeran You guys are so sweet
AnimeGirl426 3 kun oldin
I'd LOVE to see Bean and Wes interact!
Alyson Castro
Alyson Castro 3 kun oldin
OMG!! He’s so tiny and CUTE!!❤️❤️
Emilee Guillet
Emilee Guillet 3 kun oldin
when can we see the finished product of the house!!!
Wasi Naqvi
Wasi Naqvi 3 kun oldin
Good job on prep😂
kwikpikachu 3 kun oldin
does anyone realised that in Neds bio, he's the only try guy to still state he's at buzzfeed motion pictures? hahahaha
Tide Pod
Tide Pod 3 kun oldin
this video made me queezy
KLP 3 kun oldin
Tucker 3 kun oldin
Now your wife can drink wine
Lucy Turnbull
Lucy Turnbull 3 kun oldin
good for u Ned! also u can now tell dad jokes😄😂
SC Castro-Cherem
SC Castro-Cherem 3 kun oldin
Congrats!!! Wwlcome to parenthood! P.s. you might want to edit under "about" category "try guy at buzz feed "
Sarah Mohsin
Sarah Mohsin 4 kun oldin
mystery ryde
mystery ryde 4 kun oldin
Bailey G.O.
Bailey G.O. 4 kun oldin
The two of you make having a baby sound not so bad, but then i think me? as a mom? of an actual human child? No. nevermind. lol
When I say vol You say tron!
Now Ned needs to brush up on dad jokes
sara neziri
sara neziri 4 kun oldin
Ned and Ari are seriously couple goals!!! 😍❤️❤️
Vanessa Rousseau
Vanessa Rousseau 4 kun oldin
Truly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this!
Kayla Scanlon
Kayla Scanlon 4 kun oldin
glamour glitter
glamour glitter 4 kun oldin
So cute
KatieTheMormon 4 kun oldin
this birth was so stressful alexa play Lofi beats to study to 24/7 Lofi chill-hop radio relaxation chill beats
Diana Morar
Diana Morar 5 kun oldin
This is the cutest thing ever
Rebecca and Andrea
Rebecca and Andrea 5 kun oldin
I dont look at Ned as a dad. I just look at him like a normal guy😝idek y
Rebecca and Andrea
Rebecca and Andrea 5 kun oldin
And Ariel too
Cheyenne Starr
Cheyenne Starr 5 kun oldin
As soon as Ariel said “you are mine” when talking about the baby my face just made the saddest happiest face it was so awwwwwwwww
Kevin Romero
Kevin Romero 5 kun oldin
Can we get a house tour
Josay Tay
Josay Tay 5 kun oldin
I was born 5 weeks early when i was born
noodles noodles?
noodles noodles? 6 kun oldin
OMG this is so cute Congrats
Alexis Boyd
Alexis Boyd 6 kun oldin
Isnt he gay
Aace Sweetiepie
Aace Sweetiepie 6 kun oldin
I'm going to pray so hard to get a partner as great as Ned huhu ❤❤❤
ca hern
ca hern 6 kun oldin
Aace Sweetiepie
Aace Sweetiepie 6 kun oldin
Dawson Bond
Dawson Bond 7 kun oldin
I was 9 weeks early
Colleen Coy
Colleen Coy 7 kun oldin
I’m crying in the club right now. This is the life I want
POTTERHEAD 7 kun oldin
Soooooo cute
Tyler Welch
Tyler Welch 7 kun oldin
goodluck on the journey of being parents. i hope the best..
MantisGaming 7 kun oldin
9L6 people are watching this upside down
discotaz 8 kun oldin
Natalia Huerga
Natalia Huerga 8 kun oldin
Not to be rude but that is the most ugliest baby I have ever seen.. Bit hey all new borns are ugly
Llama Addict
Llama Addict 8 kun oldin
Sometimes when you know a youtuber since the beginning of their channel you cant believe they actually have their own child
Ultimate Exotic
Ultimate Exotic 9 kun oldin
12:05 Ned says " This is Wes, hes a baby" He sure does look like a baby
Jennifer P
Jennifer P 9 kun oldin
YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST! Couldn't stop smiling throughout this whole video!
Mikalah Jamby Dela Cuesta
Can you guys do a house tour?
Tyler Harrison
Tyler Harrison 9 kun oldin
Try baby
Beyond_Norm8008 008
How did Arial have it so easy?
Sheng Feliciano
Sheng Feliciano 10 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing your story! How beautiful, I cried! 😭😭
Nicola M
Nicola M 10 kun oldin
37 - 42 weeks is actually full term. 40 weeks is just the average so that's why people think it's full term but it really is just an average. I know because my doctor waited until 37 weeks to induce me so their baby was only a few days early not 4 weeks.
Itz Revenge
Itz Revenge 10 kun oldin
I love these two SO much, they are so perfect
Rebekka H
Rebekka H 10 kun oldin
How can Ariel Looks so fresh after giving birth? oO No belly anymore, no bags under her eyes from short nights bc Wes. Amazing! I am really happy that Little Fulmer is here
Haydee Epan
Haydee Epan 10 kun oldin
Women can give birth at 36 weeks
Luke Lin
Luke Lin 10 kun oldin
It’s made by sex
Kathleen Hurst
Kathleen Hurst 10 kun oldin
Great Ned's wife is a fruit cake...
No thanks B
No thanks B 10 kun oldin
When was he born
I'm just Kari
I'm just Kari 11 kun oldin
Question, when was Wes actually born? At first I was like it was June and then I saw a instagram post on Ariel's account saying 32 weeks on March 17th 2018. So if Ariel gave birth at 36 weeks and 2 days itd be in Apirl or near may. But based off the other videos I though it'd probably be around 25 to 26 weeks in march. I'm confused could some of you explain? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ANYMORE.
I'm just Kari
I'm just Kari 11 kun oldin
Ariel became prego around September 29th 2017 20 weeks would be February 16th 2018 Baby shower was 36 weeks June 1st Two days late baby Fulmer. Am I right?
kkkkkkkkkk955 11 kun oldin
Ariel, you are so beautiful, girl!!! Post-baby glow :D
Color VLOGs
Color VLOGs 11 kun oldin
Awwwwwwww he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brandon production films
the babys cute very
Lauren Murphy
Lauren Murphy 11 kun oldin
Ed sheeran needs to see this!!!!
Mj Matthews
Mj Matthews 11 kun oldin
the frickin dad beard
laurie bunting
laurie bunting 11 kun oldin
When I had my son when he was crowning the midwife asked my husband if he wanted to look and he replied "no thanks maybe later" 😂
#Gryiffindor Hermione Granger
I have been waiting. Yay
Joe Blanco
Joe Blanco 12 kun oldin
Night oof
Justine Berry
Justine Berry 12 kun oldin
Thank you for making me believe in soul mates 😭😭😭
The GoldenTrio
The GoldenTrio 12 kun oldin
the try guys should have kids "the junior try guys!"
Martina Leaveck
Martina Leaveck 12 kun oldin
I just subscribed this channel is awesome.
Katie Pursley
Katie Pursley 12 kun oldin
Your wife looks like carol from Friends
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez 12 kun oldin
"Everyone is calling me dad...which I LOVED" 😂😂
Mila Hopkins
Mila Hopkins 12 kun oldin
Their sex jokes are really funny!
Mila Hopkins
Mila Hopkins 12 kun oldin
Lol the part when they said not how baby’s happen!😂
Ika Zalika
Ika Zalika 13 kun oldin
So Ariel you went into labour naturally without epidural? I'm 36 weeks and 1 day today and I'm planning on to do it naturally and been searching for woman experiencing natural labour! thanks!
Alex Birdsong
Alex Birdsong 13 kun oldin
i like the beard and the babyy
Aimee York
Aimee York 13 kun oldin
Omg! I love you two and had no idea you had a baby! Last time I tuned in, you guys were comparing homemade Sushi to restaurant Sushi, and I've loved your easy companionship and love💛💚💙. Just happened upon the video during which Ned went through the labor simulation and had to sometimes cheer and laugh out loud, both for the guy's antics and the fact that Ariel and women in general are so much more capable of handling pain! We are so much more strong and mature! (Kidding🤔Sort of😄.) Congrats on your most beautiful bebe💛💚💙! Soooo happy for you🌷🌷🌷
valarya 13 kun oldin
So this is weird, but my kid will be 18 next month, and in those 18 years I have never heard a birth story "mimic" mine until now. Went in to labor middle of the night, thought it was 'fake,' spent a couple hours on the internet (year 2000 internet wasn't nearly as helpful & we didn't have smart phones with apps LOL), woke up my husband and said 'maybe? let's go?' -- got there and was 6cm dilated already, didn't want an epidural because fuck that needle, they had to break my water manually after 9cm. The water breaking, I've never heard anyone else describe it exactly how it was until you. Birth sisters? :D
Dulce Abigail Cisneros Callejas
He so cute ❤️😍 God bless your family Ned.
Digital king
Digital king 13 kun oldin
Random question, why is freaking Justin Bieber in your relate channels page?
Purple Ice
Purple Ice 13 kun oldin
Congrats you guys, you will make the best parents ever! 😄😄😄😄😄
han nah
han nah 13 kun oldin
what's his birthday?! mine was born june 5 2018 and i wanted to know how far apart they are
The Squishy One
The Squishy One 13 kun oldin
Congrats with the new loose vagina Hehe jk
itsMinyao 13 kun oldin
My heart is melting.
soft dust bunny
soft dust bunny 13 kun oldin
"i just want water, and ed sheeran" same tbh
Cheung Kelly
Cheung Kelly 13 kun oldin
OMG congratulation Ned and Ariel💓💓💓💓💓
AJMewbourn 13 kun oldin
I'm bawling! Best birth story ever. He's gorgeous and y'all are perfect! 💕💕💕💕
Dominick Visingardi
Dominick Visingardi 13 kun oldin
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