We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!

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The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice is 28 pounds of fruity gummy.
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When we finished making the Gigantic Gummy Pizza, we knew we had created something amazing (and tasty). So like a Greek hero returning elixir to his village, we’ve brought this candy magic to share with the world.
The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice is 28 pounds of solid gummy beautifully handcrafted into a wedge of everyone's favorite food. The colorful colossus features five fruit flavors representing different parts of the pizza: orange (crust), strawberry-banana (cheese), mango (banana peppers), green apple (olives), and cherry (pepperoni). Gnaw off a hunk of your favorite flavor or open wide to enjoy a whole fruit gummy buffet in one bite!
Measuring three feet long and over two feet wide, this sweet slice is enough to feed an entire pizza party.
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28-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 6 301
Vat19 2 oy oldin
Which of our gummy products should we supersize next?!
MangoMan21 20 soat oldin
Little Phoebe
Little Phoebe Kun oldin
The Lam's they did that. :)
Little Phoebe
Little Phoebe Kun oldin
ThePaintedFox Minecraft they already did that.......
ThePaintedFox Minecraft
The Lam's
The Lam's 3 kun oldin
Vat19 hotdouuuuuuuug
TheMaskYTT 6 soat oldin
R.I.P all pig bones ussd in the gelatin.
Andre Guevara
Andre Guevara 7 soat oldin
I'd rather have a giant NORMAL pizza.
STNOWTA 8 soat oldin
why didn't jon ate the pizza ? he's the master gummy eater.
I_A_DOLPHIN gamer 16 soat oldin
Wut happend to vsauce
nevergiveupbestrong 18 soat oldin
Rest in PieceZA🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Code238 18 soat oldin
What a steal at $214 CAD!
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 20 soat oldin
Hey Vat. I ordered a gummy and all I got was canned vegetables. Do you think I can still get the gummy?
Yujia Neoh
Yujia Neoh Kun oldin
I am quite surprised that u guys didn’t get diabetes
Bailey Dwyer
Bailey Dwyer Kun oldin
Was there any left?
Emily Gallardo
Emily Gallardo Kun oldin
That looks so good to eat😋😋😋😋
Tom_ Tamara
Tom_ Tamara Kun oldin
Wear can I buy this?
Meilani Huynh
Meilani Huynh Kun oldin
could it be used as a punching bag, lol.
Slime Squad
Slime Squad Kun oldin
This made me not want to buy this stuff
Nathan Hamon
Nathan Hamon 2 kun oldin
Did anyone else’s mouth water while watching dis vid?mine did🤤
Tiger gamer
Tiger gamer 3 kun oldin
how many pigs did it take?
ČłøùtĒdītš Yep
I bet they have lots of cavities lol.
Epic Baller772
Epic Baller772 3 kun oldin
Esme and Vero reviews
Diabetes in a box
Muhammad Nasir
Muhammad Nasir 3 kun oldin
How a wood will help
giacinta keionna channon DL
I do the math and it takes 140 hours to make this huge thing
Freeshy 617
Freeshy 617 3 kun oldin
Thank you Vat19 because my ad was the absolute best!
Blinky 13848
Blinky 13848 3 kun oldin
.500 servings per slice .8 slices .8 x 500 = 4,000 4,000 SERVINGS
dream animation
dream animation 4 kun oldin
How are you guys not fat😕?
Kat Popa
Kat Popa 4 kun oldin
That got disturbing at the end Lmao
The Co!
The Co! 4 kun oldin
"Whoops took a picture"
Kyle Aquino
Kyle Aquino 4 kun oldin
Can you sell it?
RoKoGirl 4 kun oldin
I want a normal pizza that big
Matt Aulbach
Matt Aulbach 4 kun oldin
Too much pizza for couple people actually gummy Pizza like this is no no
黄煌 4 kun oldin
Theres no sauce
黄煌 4 kun oldin
Were do u get all this gummy
ANOTASKULLS 4 kun oldin
*Diabetes hasn’t tasted better until now!*
Hey Vat19.com make a Gummy figit spiner
Keenan Boi
Keenan Boi 4 kun oldin
Where's the pineapple
OOF Burritos
OOF Burritos 5 kun oldin
I would have a whole slice to myslef
Squishy Squad
Squishy Squad 5 kun oldin
I want to work at vat19
Karoliina Nauha
Karoliina Nauha 5 kun oldin
Gg Camacho
Gg Camacho 5 kun oldin
Take your time, save your food .. Lol
Denisekeila18 5 kun oldin
Who will buy this not the 9 year old fanboy
Denisekeila18 5 kun oldin
Bianca St Victor
Bianca St Victor 6 kun oldin
The thing they are spreading on the thing looks like toothpaste
Gaming Universe 1101
Make the worlds largest Vat19 storage gummy!
Blackwolf Savage
Blackwolf Savage 6 kun oldin
Ham burger
William Preston
William Preston 6 kun oldin
soon there gonna make the worlds most dibeites
Colin A
Colin A 6 kun oldin
150$ FOR ONE SLICE!!!!! that’s one expensive pizza
Younginnn .k
Younginnn .k 6 kun oldin
I know he went home with a lot of money and I hope he did
The Advertisement
The Advertisement 6 kun oldin
Full of diabetes
Akshay Kishore
Akshay Kishore 6 kun oldin
With some giant gummy burger
Ricardo Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez 6 kun oldin
gummy bear guy gets all the credit
Cringe Factory 26
Cringe Factory 26 6 kun oldin
Woah so big 0_0
Karoliina Nauha
Karoliina Nauha 6 kun oldin
Thank you for doing all this over and over and over again vat19! And thank you for also selling it!
Grady Wooster
Grady Wooster 6 kun oldin
Yum 😋
Midnight Parkour
Midnight Parkour 7 kun oldin
Bigger than I thought xD
Arwyen Key
Arwyen Key 7 kun oldin
Umm is the mold clean??
Chomppow 101
Chomppow 101 7 kun oldin
What’s the name of the song at 3:05
Yuki The Fox
Yuki The Fox 7 kun oldin
* takes all of it * Thanks
AHHH im fine
AHHH im fine 7 kun oldin
Smh the gummy bear guy looks like Chauncey
Doom guy
Doom guy 7 kun oldin
How much is 8 slices?
Hanna Hewitt
Hanna Hewitt 8 kun oldin
I'm starving now...
Sanaa Aaron
Sanaa Aaron 8 kun oldin
Is it that fun to eat big gummy pizza
Matthew Penney
Matthew Penney 8 kun oldin
You should make a GIANT spider or octopus
israe azzimani
israe azzimani 8 kun oldin
Hollywoodien hollywoodien crabe that o big pizza gummy that selle ay want to but big big pizza gummy please! !
Mia Colebaugh
Mia Colebaugh 8 kun oldin
That's a dentist's worst nightmare I love it
Cringy 3yearold
Cringy 3yearold 8 kun oldin
Looks soo good
i need a life
i need a life 8 kun oldin
I'd eat that if it were real
TheAmazingArtist 8 kun oldin
How many days did this take to make?
Brylenn Jones
Brylenn Jones 9 kun oldin
So oddly satisfying
Swee Kwang Tan
Swee Kwang Tan 9 kun oldin
How dare you put pineapple on pizza!!! (Jk I actually like pineapple on pizza pls don't hate on me it tastes good)
gwyneth tan
gwyneth tan 9 kun oldin
I am watching this and I think that I got myself diabetes
Michael Grino
Michael Grino 9 kun oldin
Guiness world records???
Steven univa
Steven univa 9 kun oldin
Spot the difference
Steven univa
Steven univa 9 kun oldin
Steven univa
Steven univa 9 kun oldin
Spot the difference
anna mullin
anna mullin 9 kun oldin
_looks illegal_
Candy pop games
Candy pop games 10 kun oldin
I want to buy that pizza
sophia dela
sophia dela 10 kun oldin
Is this only for the us? is asia Included?
CYNTHIA PARK 10 kun oldin
Before the video, I had an ad of pizza!
Jeff Gaming
Jeff Gaming 10 kun oldin
Bought it then when I opened it it broke
Lover Draw lane
Lover Draw lane 10 kun oldin
He looks like mario
Dante Rombouts
Dante Rombouts 10 kun oldin
Worlds largest gummy worm 70x bigger
TheChez Ball
TheChez Ball 10 kun oldin
I wonder if they’re still eating the pizza
Elliot Schultz
Elliot Schultz 11 kun oldin
TheWeirdArtist Mk
TheWeirdArtist Mk 11 kun oldin
i actually don’t know what ur doin’
Anders Yu
Anders Yu 11 kun oldin
try making it pizza flavoured
DerpyUnlimited 11 kun oldin
why everyone wants to work at vat19
TheDiamontChanel YT
TheDiamontChanel YT 11 kun oldin
Hey is there a a giant gummy earth
Paul Higgins
Paul Higgins 11 kun oldin
That looks like diabetes waiting to happen
Vale & Tessa
Vale & Tessa 11 kun oldin
dang. i cant even eat a slice of that in one day.
Dino Javier
Dino Javier 11 kun oldin
The first time I have ever seen diabetes in a box
Waqar Ahmed
Waqar Ahmed 11 kun oldin
hey vat 19 why the fuck bitch
NaimaLovesPizza 12 kun oldin
That's the biggest frickin' pizza I've ever seen! Period! 😲😃😍
Danny Ha
Danny Ha 12 kun oldin
Can you make a gummy salad?
JP 12 kun oldin
I WANT IT!!!!!!!
slender boy
slender boy 12 kun oldin
I love the gummy Pizza
DH gamingdz
DH gamingdz 12 kun oldin
There no way im buying that
DH gamingdz
DH gamingdz 12 kun oldin
Wait did I hear buy the giant gummy pizza 😮
Demonic Fantasy
Demonic Fantasy 12 kun oldin
My friend would always get sour gummy worms now I hate sour gummy worms ;-;
raeley antonio
raeley antonio 12 kun oldin
that pizza could last guys a lifetime!
jartrm 1146
jartrm 1146 13 kun oldin