We Mastered That Shiny Dirt Ball

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AARP / "Turning Mud Into Art"
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2-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 9 993
CJ 2 soat oldin
I thought that was the Lebanese hash from Trailer Park Boys.
nathania's world
nathania's world 2 soat oldin
3:53 thats why do your research before doing anything
Shaye Follett
Shaye Follett 9 soat oldin
This is fake
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren 13 soat oldin
We all spent 7 minutes watching a guy make dirt shiny.
Elora Taylor
Elora Taylor 21 soat oldin
This vid is so fake!! Because I did the exact same thing you did and I fell apart
It smells like Central Park Really! No Oh Read more
Like if fooled you
Jay Da Rose
Jay Da Rose 2 kun oldin
The fact that no one here noticed that cut at 6:21 is honesty depressing
ญาณวุฒิ สังเกิด
7:08 RIP poor dirt ball 2018-2018 Commited Suicide after his master going to sell him. (6:42)
Savage Soren123
Savage Soren123 2 kun oldin
Rip dirt ball
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat 2 kun oldin
He mush be sad, Sarah made 7,000,00 while he’s only made about 6,000,000
Houssama Mabtoul
Houssama Mabtoul 2 kun oldin
Nathan Hong
Nathan Hong 3 kun oldin
Wasn’t tinfoil enough
Valcory The Valcon
Valcory The Valcon 3 kun oldin
I thought it was chocolate and I clicked on it and I was sad..
Geero Weniel Torres
Big "Maltesers"
FR0STY 4 kun oldin
0:16 & 1:02 is why I'm alive 🤣
Outdoorsman’s Creations
Ill take it
Shadow Magician
Shadow Magician 4 kun oldin
Why didn't he just get the dirt from the home depot
Starz does stuff
Starz does stuff 4 kun oldin
*watches video* 1:02 Oh my- that sounds wrong
Minty Dreamer
Minty Dreamer 4 kun oldin
1:44 he looks like a bootleg telatubbie
Ayden Noyola
Ayden Noyola 4 kun oldin
3:10 Top 10 anime deaths
RED Animates
RED Animates 4 kun oldin
This is just sad
Gaming Fury 510
Gaming Fury 510 5 kun oldin
BirbsRule Obviously
Never sees dirt, buys a whole hazmat suit so he doesn’t get infected XD
Gamer Freak
Gamer Freak 6 kun oldin
Ending was so good
TacoHackz 6 kun oldin
where the heck u recording? a restaurant?
Jaden Aldana
Jaden Aldana 6 kun oldin
Glitch DDLC_YT
Glitch DDLC_YT 6 kun oldin
*just buy soil*
Ghost Zombie
Ghost Zombie 6 kun oldin
7:07 wow you defo didnt cut from that ball to the one you made
Konstantin 6 kun oldin
looks like hash
Garrett Sim
Garrett Sim 7 kun oldin
To be honest that actually looked beautiful
Overall Ferret
Overall Ferret 7 kun oldin
If you subscribe to me right now I will give you a shoutout in my next video
Nat Attack
Nat Attack 7 kun oldin
That took up all his time then... *he broke the dirt ball*
Charisse Valencia
Charisse Valencia 7 kun oldin
Joseph Wertich
Joseph Wertich 8 kun oldin
may your sword stay sharp
DragonNinja 2187
DragonNinja 2187 8 kun oldin
can u try make a shiny eraser ball note no one has made it so trial and error is meant to happen
Mikayla Zantuck
Mikayla Zantuck 8 kun oldin
It was originally poo
Gacha Stories
Gacha Stories 9 kun oldin
Mom where is your credit cart I want the dirt , hair and t-shirt
Teddy Ross
Teddy Ross 10 kun oldin
U kno it’s fake when the camera shakes and moves during the ball drop part
Alex Brhino
Alex Brhino 12 kun oldin
Me: * looks at shiny rock * Brain: you gotta keep it Me: why Brain : because it looks cool
This is leanna
This is leanna 12 kun oldin
Love the ending 😂
Chase ö
Chase ö 13 kun oldin
He is that afraid to get dirty any else from Oklahoma 😅
Louis Cortez
Louis Cortez 13 kun oldin
You don’t sand dirt You dirt dirt *this joke takes a while to get*
Chaitanya Gilbile
Chaitanya Gilbile 14 kun oldin
Going to pick dirt more like picking a bomb
AWESOME _Gamer09993
AWESOME _Gamer09993 14 kun oldin
Shine a paper ball
Leah Bruch-Silverman
Anyone who is watching this needs to watch boys will be boys short film Eric was an actor and plays a boy who sexually harrasses someone.
Shiny Paint
Shiny Paint 14 kun oldin
Wtf, he was scared of a worm hahaha
Oscar Johnson
Oscar Johnson 15 kun oldin
Vanish - Fortnite
Vanish - Fortnite 15 kun oldin
7:08 minecraft music?
Samantha Newman
Samantha Newman 16 kun oldin
0:32 Meanwhile in New Zealand you are are always 5 feet away from good dirt
Ana- MAZING! 19 kun oldin
*rest in pepperonis little dirt ball*
Desrei Camacho
Desrei Camacho 20 kun oldin
Rip dirtball
Candy Asmr or vlogs
Candy Asmr or vlogs 20 kun oldin
Him: and make things beautiful *drops* Him: no..noooo!!!!! Me:YOLO hahahahhahaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Milanne Champagne
Milanne Champagne 21 kun oldin
the end XD
Owen C Ruslim
Owen C Ruslim 22 kun oldin
What if it explodes xd
braedyn wagaman
braedyn wagaman 23 kun oldin
Only Dirty minded will get it like if you get it
Lazyseal 23 kun oldin
Cant you get dirt from the hardware store
Tiffani Ramos
Tiffani Ramos 24 kun oldin
The ending was Top 10 anime betrayals
Tiffani Ramos
Tiffani Ramos 24 kun oldin
That's so sad Alexa play despacito
Kushantha Jayaneththie
that ending
Dương Lê
Dương Lê 24 kun oldin
Nice fail ending
Stupid Kitties
Stupid Kitties 25 kun oldin
Where is the microwave? 😂
Qxwia Wolvs
Qxwia Wolvs 25 kun oldin
i'm from indonesia, and how to make shining ball is very easy. in indonesia theres a dirt called "Tanah Liat" idk what called in english.. and you just pour water little by little to the "Tanah Liat" and its going to be like a playdoh, and just make it like a ball, and for shining the ball, were not using a sand paper, but a water. *my english is soooo bad.
were the slimers
were the slimers 25 kun oldin
I have some sand paper so I could shin my dirt ball
Candy Rodriguez
Candy Rodriguez 25 kun oldin
Eetu Ahonen
Eetu Ahonen 25 kun oldin
favorite immediately during principle increasingly ok governor show kill.
Helene R
Helene R 25 kun oldin
The reason your videos are kinda bad is because you’re too desperate and try too hard. Just chill and do something original, something more you, and I bet your videos will turn out better
HIROMI SKY BASS 26 kun oldin
2:52, am I the only one that see poop?
Montana Gilby
Montana Gilby 26 kun oldin
3:44 on the laptop it says what he did It’s a fail
Justagamer - msp
Justagamer - msp 26 kun oldin
This channel Is dead
RIP Dirtball 7:10
Love Bites
Love Bites 26 kun oldin
**The ending** me-WELCOME TO REALITY
That 1 Kid
That 1 Kid 26 kun oldin
Omg he dropped it
Peter Masterson
Peter Masterson 26 kun oldin
#click bait
Yusuf Mikaeel
Yusuf Mikaeel 27 kun oldin
It looks like a *GIANT* Malteser...
Dodo Bird
Dodo Bird 27 kun oldin
It's really sad if you live in a place where you can't even find dirt :/ we are so distant from nature
Diwakar Lekhwar
Diwakar Lekhwar 27 kun oldin
Who actually called the number?
zoe bobs
zoe bobs 27 kun oldin
I’m late ik But try to smoke smarties :)
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez 27 kun oldin
Out of ideas
Noah Kissner
Noah Kissner 27 kun oldin
Hahahahahaha he backs away from the worm
Weastern Way
Weastern Way 27 kun oldin
The ending- *Top 10 saddest anime deaths*
VirXually. 27 kun oldin
Mhm. I knew it was a bad idea to sand dirt...
RyanR180 27 kun oldin
y not just buy some malteasers and say u did it
Vale Aguilar
Vale Aguilar 28 kun oldin
TBNRSparking30 28 kun oldin
Dirty minded: 100% 😂😂😂
The Milky Games
The Milky Games 28 kun oldin
7:05 What's up with "23 Rules for Dating Yoda" on the wall?
Jens martijn
Jens martijn 26 kun oldin
The Milky Games for not 4
Vandana Kirve
Vandana Kirve 28 kun oldin
did anyone actually buy it?
Cameron Hiura
Cameron Hiura 28 kun oldin
This vid is fake
Ruoer 28 kun oldin
Well RIP
Victor Pauwels
Victor Pauwels 29 kun oldin
Aim angel inner hot veteran radiation formal rent earnings clear.
Gacha DitzyWolf
Gacha DitzyWolf 29 kun oldin
"We just have to shine it really hard" Continues breaking the dirt ball
Gold justice
Gold justice 29 kun oldin
That's poo...
Ava Long
Ava Long 29 kun oldin
Plot twist ending
Joseph Franklin
Joseph Franklin 29 kun oldin
Can anybody tell me this dude's name
Nikhil Samuel
Nikhil Samuel 29 kun oldin
What ball in the picture looks like a whopper.
Kshiti Verma
Kshiti Verma Oy oldin
Breaking bad
xXBUTTERSXx _ Oy oldin