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We got five guys to eat five guys at five guys burger and fries. Come on our journey as we explore the entire menu in one sitting. Let's be honest, someone needed to do it.
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3-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 555
HellthyJunkFood 17 kun oldin
Did anyone get a count on the amount of innuendos?
Typical Prince-x
Typical Prince-x 6 soat oldin
9:26 THICC
Super Moosie
Super Moosie 11 kun oldin
69? EYYYY... get it?! 🤣😎
Tike Manski
Tike Manski 12 kun oldin
And an S-word while describing Subway bacon :l and it was awesome.
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HellthyJunkFood 🤔🤔
Janelle Evans
Janelle Evans 13 kun oldin
Have The Cheesecake Factory sponsor JP'S Birthday Bash. You can invite all of your friends and definitely get through everything on the menu.
tyler ullman
tyler ullman Soat oldin
I remember when I came inside of five guys one time. It was good.
TheLegendOfTat 3 soat oldin
She likes half the meat lol
Patricia Jámiele
Patricia Jámiele 6 soat oldin
I honestly I love 5 guys SOOOO MUCH the quality of food is AMAZING
Typical Prince-x
Typical Prince-x 6 soat oldin
9:26 damn boy she THICC
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston 8 soat oldin
I just can't imagine them having sex together! 🤔 😂 LOL
Typical Prince-x
Typical Prince-x 8 soat oldin
I don't like the high sexual tension I got while watching this video😕
Fernanda Ortiz
Fernanda Ortiz 14 soat oldin
My mom woreked at five guys she always brot me food
laynetx1 19 soat oldin
The fries, what about the fries?! All you said was about how many you get - these fries are the BEST I've ever had!! I can't get enough of them!!!
Barney Rubble
Barney Rubble Kun oldin
Said about 50 times not interested in this and it keeps coming back. Damn youtube is fucked up.
Buffalo Gal 913
Buffalo Gal 913 Kun oldin
Best hamburgers ever - only burgers I will buy and the french fries are beyond excellent. No I don't work there and no I am not related!
Alex Villavert
Alex Villavert Kun oldin
I miss you guys saying “one bite, for the health of it” ☹️☹️ who’s with me!!!!!
Jonathan Hernandez
Jonathan Hernandez 2 kun oldin
That fifth guy was kinda hot....Couldnt quite put my finger on why though???🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Christian Monreal
Christian Monreal 2 kun oldin
Francis lol
Luis González
Luis González 2 kun oldin
That guy talks like a 12 years old kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matt Troutman
Matt Troutman 3 kun oldin
those guys are 5 years old
Moises Gonzalez
Moises Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
is this supposed to be a sexual video
Vincent Minucci
Vincent Minucci 4 kun oldin
Those guys are gross. Sorry Julia (and all of us) had to be subjected to that
Keydoor 4 kun oldin
If you don't eat vegetables of course the veggie burger is gonna be nasty to you.
Jonathan P.
Jonathan P. 5 kun oldin
9:30 background kinda thick
Jo R
Jo R 5 kun oldin
I have a problem I don't like bacon
im Sayintho
im Sayintho 5 kun oldin
She said five guys going in your mouth
Nerdified Pear
Nerdified Pear 6 kun oldin
2:40 well that was awkward
Elite Peruvian
Elite Peruvian 6 kun oldin
“I wlll do 6 guys right now”
Kawaii Food
Kawaii Food 7 kun oldin
Wow *FIVE* guys is going in his mouth 1:49
GameOverOmer 05
GameOverOmer 05 7 kun oldin
Do entire menu of baskin robbins please
Issa Wild Kyle
Issa Wild Kyle 7 kun oldin
Those old greasy guys are annoying
Christiana Johnson
Christiana Johnson 7 kun oldin
And he said a** 🤔🤫🤫🤫
Christiana Johnson
Christiana Johnson 7 kun oldin
Jp said sh*t oof
Those bigger guys are pervs
Alvin, phoebe Boscoe blaise and rose
Can you order everything at chipotle So every meat every bean every rice just EVERYTHING
Alvin, phoebe Boscoe blaise and rose
If u do use it pls shoutout
Michelle Patterson
Michelle Patterson 8 kun oldin
L 8 kun oldin
Julia reminds me of Evangeline lily for some reason
Evilactions 8 kun oldin
Julia looked like she was related to cousin It from the Adams Family.
BE4ST_4life _
BE4ST_4life _ 8 kun oldin
Am i the only guy that whenever i find something funny in a video i always check the comments
bigj2637 9 kun oldin
Those two guys wearing collared shirts look like they just got done playing at a church concert.
Kelani 51
Kelani 51 9 kun oldin
5:25 was he looking at her ass?
Sakiyeh Walker
Sakiyeh Walker 9 kun oldin
Wow that's deep lot's of calories l like enjoy there food nice hahaha.
sushi ninja
sushi ninja 9 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure Subway bacon comes out of a package already cooked...thats why its floppy
Lavar Edwards
Lavar Edwards 9 kun oldin
lmao, "She likes half the meat".....right over your head bud :)
Johnny P
Johnny P 9 kun oldin
I why does y’all five guys have more options than mine. Mine doesn’t have hotdogs
Hawks 95
Hawks 95 9 kun oldin
Those guys don’t get laid
Sammie 10 kun oldin
Julia @4:46 showed how pissed she was....
Tristan Tran
Tristan Tran 10 kun oldin
entire menu at cheesecake factory will take dayssssssss to try everything including the cheese cake I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT DOE
MalakizoX 0829
MalakizoX 0829 10 kun oldin
At 6:33 curse
MalakizoX 0829
MalakizoX 0829 10 kun oldin
Since when does this channel curse pj
lucas hawranke
lucas hawranke 10 kun oldin
Jackie Linn
Jackie Linn 10 kun oldin
Ig : jackie_lin19
Po Tato
Po Tato 10 kun oldin
I can tell why those three guys are not married...all the D jokes at their age is cringe AF.
K Quick
K Quick 10 kun oldin
Wanking off at 5:34
Millie Dragon
Millie Dragon 10 kun oldin
I want Five Guys now, but man I didn't the hot dogs looked so good. That veggie burger is really disappointing Five Guys should be ashamed no delicious black bean burger?
phosgene2 10 kun oldin
none of the participants has taken a crap since this taping.....
Batman Rules
Batman Rules 11 kun oldin
Do Cheesecake Factory please
A silly kid Looms
A silly kid Looms 11 kun oldin
you have to ask for cheese.
Mike King
Mike King 11 kun oldin
Tell 5 Guys to ease up on the salt they load up on the fries, almost inedible, and the shakes are so small they can almost fit in the small round Ketchup cups lame cheep skates, healthy Junkfood sell outs
tomytoto 11 kun oldin
Ive never bin to 5 guys
Dark Poet
Dark Poet 11 kun oldin
You got a new subscriber here and oh yeah Omar sent me...oh and..I LOVE Five Guys food.
NascarFan #2
NascarFan #2 11 kun oldin
Founded by Guy Fieri
Cobrasweets 11 kun oldin
Hey Ya'll coming over from The Omar Gosh Vlogs.
dbljinc664 11 kun oldin
Next time get them to grill the green peppers on the flat top with the A1.
Moose Piggy
Moose Piggy 11 kun oldin
“Microwave slimy shit” I died 😂
Chadsbee Ramrod
Chadsbee Ramrod 11 kun oldin
You need to bring Garbage plates to Florida 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
Chadsbee Ramrod
Chadsbee Ramrod 11 kun oldin
I really want you guys to do that haunted video with Omar.
Chadsbee Ramrod
Chadsbee Ramrod 11 kun oldin
I came over from the Omar Gosh video channel. I have subscribed! I’m also from Rochester NY. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Chasingtime 880
Chasingtime 880 11 kun oldin
Loved it! The camaraderie is amazing 😆. Btw, Carmen seems like such a cinnamon roll 💕
InSiTe VIDS 11 kun oldin
I like chewy and perfect bacon but cooked in a oven
Kayden Little school and suff
Go to pals in Tennessee
LEANNE’S VLOG’S 11 kun oldin
Omar gosh jo James Patty sent me hello 👋🏼 from uk 🇬🇧
Joseph Laporte
Joseph Laporte 11 kun oldin
You should try a thin layer of grape jelly on top of a warm grilled cheese, not in... But on!! Game changer I swear!
Stephen Caldwell Vlogs
Omar Squad! Came for the food, stayed for the innuendos!
chris alexander
chris alexander 12 kun oldin
Team floppy bacon!!!!!!! But not microwaved
Mame Amar
Mame Amar 12 kun oldin
Lets talk about Julia's nails😍
cereal Dieter
cereal Dieter 12 kun oldin
I love these people omg best video in ever :D I love it
Shellie Ashton
Shellie Ashton 12 kun oldin
I work at Five Guys and all you guys are missing is ordering a grilled cheese and add two extra patties, way nicer than a cheeseburger
JK P 12 kun oldin
I love Five Guys’ hot dogs and I’m a ketchup only person. These are very good hot dogs!
Bryant Dau
Bryant Dau 12 kun oldin
I think they got this idea from the Try Guys. (GASPS) Try Guys are already a restaurant.
David Wong
David Wong 12 kun oldin
Julias feminism comes out on 4:52
Annika Risvaer
Annika Risvaer 12 kun oldin
Please make a giant Nutella and go
DazzleKnight 12 kun oldin
"I would do five guys"lmao
Allen Beckham
Allen Beckham 12 kun oldin
that guy looks like a jewish post malone
Luke Silcock
Luke Silcock 12 kun oldin
I wonder where you got this idea (keith of the try guys)
angrybananapeel 12 kun oldin
Lol its better than mcdonalds. I dont understand why people still get mcdonalds when there are so many other WAAAY better fast food restaurants both tastier and healthier
IonicSarge 12 kun oldin
When he said to put syrup on a grilled cheese I almost lost it, that’s how I’ve been eating my grilled cheeses since I was a kid and everyone thinks I’m weird for it! It’s so good!
sure right
sure right 12 kun oldin
What are they 2 so immature
Roxy4evas YT
Roxy4evas YT 12 kun oldin
You guys are so nice to each other, love it! ☺
LightsCamera Ashley
LightsCamera Ashley 12 kun oldin
I’m going to Five Guys. Y’all want anything?
Wait. But you didnt ask for the secret item menu, the patty melt. A grilled cheese with added patties. I normally add 2. 👌🏼
quentil 13 kun oldin
Green peppers on burgers are awesome. I'm totally there with that dude on the crisp factor adding to the burger enjoyment.
trinhkets 13 kun oldin
That will be 60 dollars please
Natalia Mitiaev
Natalia Mitiaev 13 kun oldin
Ummm... I thought they only have burgers peanuts, and French fries on their menu?
Love Killer 07
Love Killer 07 13 kun oldin
The next place you should go 2 is Taco Bell or Burger King
Josh Hodge
Josh Hodge 13 kun oldin
Five guys is great besides their mushrooms having high fructose corn syrup in them. :(
Gabriel Jacobs
Gabriel Jacobs 13 kun oldin
Sooooo bad, how much did you pay UZvid?
miresly777777 13 kun oldin
So what did you have for Dinner honey?? "Well mom I wasn't in the mood to cook so I had five guys"-----"WHAT???"WHAT DID YOU SAY" "OH YOUR FATHER'S GOING TO HAVE A HEART ATTACK GEORGE COME HERE" wait wait Mom calm down , relax it's a Fast food place! 😒😬😬😒Oh the Confusion this can get.
THE GAMING SHARK 13 kun oldin
five guys is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Levo GAMES 13 kun oldin
First Five Guys opens in my city next weekend. They came to my country this year (last December actually). I had my first Five Guys last November in London and ever since then I'm really hyped!
Munchma 13 kun oldin
You forgot to rate the milkshakes
Janelle Evans
Janelle Evans 13 kun oldin
I'm with Carmen, you can't order something and then complain because it came out the way that you ordered it. 5 firm guys for the un-cheesy burger. Also, could you please not wait to eat something that should be eaten piping hot (aka a grilled cheese) until it gets cold? 5 straight up Django's for Carmen and his balanced approach to giving ratings.
Janelle Evans
Janelle Evans 13 kun oldin
Nothing wrong with floppy meat, sometimes that makes it easier to stuff more inside.
Deb R.
Deb R. 13 kun oldin
This trip had to be at least 2000$ lol when I got for myself and my toddler it’s 20$ with no fries!
9 kun oldin