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Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
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17-Sen, 2015



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Yusuf Gaming
Yusuf Gaming 5 kun oldin
AlyssaL34 Oy oldin
14:13 TOKYO
Amy W
Amy W Oy oldin
Yeah, Rhett’s sad because he’s not eating...
Attentive Chap
Attentive Chap 2 oy oldin
7:59 He looks so sad and depressed. What was wrong? I hope he was ok
Susans Martin
Susans Martin 2 oy oldin
Man, Retth is so sad woooow
PlayStation Nation
A woman’s anus tho man so warm inside
Joshua Eyring
Joshua Eyring 2 oy oldin
Just here to remind Jen that she is gorgeous!
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 2 oy oldin
14:30 Link looks stunning 😂😂
KontoGS 2 oy oldin
When Rhett started saying Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, my dog started barking lol
You all are focusing on Rhett being sad but if you watch closely Rhett and Jen are on edge... look at them looking at each other in awkwardness
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram 2 oy oldin
The Tokyo gets me every time
ravneet kaur
ravneet kaur 3 oy oldin
lavkmr1 3 oy oldin
Jen's anus must be adorable
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona 3 oy oldin
@15:30 - what??? Don't mumble, man!
Giggity 96
Giggity 96 4 oy oldin
It aint GOOD Mythical More if Rhett is in the period mood
Masterimage 4 oy oldin
Also pause at 15:59 you're welcome 😂
Masterimage 4 oy oldin
A living miracle would be if someone could make a gif of the expression Link has at the end 😂 15:57
Charlie B
Charlie B 4 oy oldin
Rhett really hates losing 😂
hannah 4 oy oldin
4:09 dang jen is *swole*
Aaron Jennings
Aaron Jennings 4 oy oldin
Jen tho 😍
X.Ploit 4 oy oldin
I love this show and have been religiously watching every episode as they come out. Sometimes, though, I find myself wishing that Link wasn't quite so excessively over-the-top. It gets a little annoying at times, and when he screams like a girl, it hurts my ears. I have to listen to the show with the volume cranked up because I'm sorta hard of hearing. Heck, even a little disclaimer on the screen that says something like "Link is about to scream like a girl, lower your volume" would be awesome. Even so, I love Rhett and Link and they are easily the best "internet-tainers" on the whole internet. Wouldn't dream of changing anything except for Link's hyperactivity and the way he takes jokes WAY too far, well-beyond funny and into slightly-annoying territory.
John Ponce
John Ponce 4 oy oldin
Could this have been the start of the Link vs Jen rivalry? 🤔
Forest Dandridge
Forest Dandridge 5 oy oldin
Rhetts not ok through the entirety of tjis video. is you ok bud?
Losing and a little jelly I think
Eli Walker
Eli Walker 5 oy oldin
Ive been on a MORE rewatching binge. Forget the actual episodes 😂
Beth Carter
Beth Carter 5 oy oldin
How do you insure sentimental value?
Megan Behrmann
Megan Behrmann 5 oy oldin
This card game is awesome!
Sally Otley
Sally Otley 6 oy oldin
"A way to a woman's heart is through a worms anus."- Link
Joey Collins
Joey Collins 6 oy oldin
The quickest way to a humans heart is in fact through there taint, doctors have proved that in certain sugeries.
The Rustorian
The Rustorian 7 oy oldin
zax forever
zax forever 7 oy oldin
Jen is so fine 🔥🔥🔥😘😘😘
Dick Piano
Dick Piano 7 oy oldin
Jen is so cute and fit...i'd let her put me in a chokehold
Kermit Hi
Kermit Hi 7 oy oldin
rhettt :’(( cmon be happyyy
Joe 8 oy oldin
Luci The Sick
Luci The Sick 8 oy oldin
Dude... Wow. The detail is amazing.
MrMongoose221 8 oy oldin
I think Rhett is fine, the good thing about GGM More is they can be more themselves in real life, UZvid shows always havea pressure for the youtuber to act super happy and funny, where as here they are just hanging out with low energy, like alot of us do....all the time,
The Rock'n'Roll Aristocracy
Tokyo would have been a good answer to the last one. (Does it work if one of the mythical beasts says it?)
Gamer Through the Decades
Link said “I don’t want to be hot anymore. Put me on a cookie.” It occurred in the Will It Cookie episode.
Zacharias Kilpatrick
What was that intro?!?!
Jeremy 9 oy oldin
Jen is frickin yoked
Jadzia 9 oy oldin
I just love that they were both waiting for him to react to "Tokyo" and he didn't
Splat! 10 oy oldin
i rember when gmm was good like this
•ONIA• 11 oy oldin
jen looks buff af
LESismore 11 oy oldin
Was that an upside-down horseshoe?! 😬❌
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 11 oy oldin
damn, Jen has bigger arms than Link lol
Zulikha Waheed
Zulikha Waheed 11 oy oldin
What's the deal with tokyo?
Nick L
Nick L 11 oy oldin
Omg Jen lol
Megan Is Awesome
Megan Is Awesome 11 oy oldin
Why is it like Jen is their grandaughter trying to explain how to use a phone or something 😂
Sara Que
Sara Que 11 oy oldin
I’m watching this in 2018 - but it’s still really bothering me that Rhett looks very upset.
Meagan Wallwork
Meagan Wallwork 11 oy oldin
Does Rhett exceed the height limit for roller coasters?
Josh Redman
Josh Redman Yil oldin
I really want to wrestle Jen. Knowing in advance she'd pin me to the floor with little difficulty. This is a dream of mine. That's not weird,... right?
Olivia Brown
Olivia Brown Yil oldin
Rhett looks so depressed in this episode. ):
Chris Acker
Chris Acker Yil oldin
Oh we need this game at my house.
Eugenia Lassaque
i love them
ShoeLaceBandit Yil oldin
Jen WTF r u ripped or what??
Kayleigh Walker
Kayleigh Walker Yil oldin
My dog didn’t know to do for the first 20 seconds of this
Maham Ahmed
Maham Ahmed Yil oldin
I still don’t know where the Tokyo thing came from
Nocturnal Toothbrush
This game seems about as funny as putting your pet down.
breanna cilluffo
A way through a woman’s heart is through a woman’s anus 😂😂😂😂😂 I died
D Bone
D Bone Yil oldin
Idk why everyone is calling out Rhett. I actually came to the comment section to see how many people were going to call out Link. What is his deal? Calm down man. Do you have to piss? Just breathe.
Jennifer Geiger
Jennifer Geiger Yil oldin
Where can i get this?
Sigrid Flatås Storli
I dare you to try "Cards against humanity", unless you fear it will be to offensive xD It's all about your choices guys ;-)
Pøtato Yil oldin
17,000th like!
Tyler DeMasters
Tyler DeMasters Yil oldin
Why are the boys mad at each other?
Emma Hemphill
Emma Hemphill Yil oldin
It’s like apples to apples with GMM
Sydney Carroll
Sydney Carroll Yil oldin
is it just me or did Rhett seem off he didn't talk at​ all!!
The grammar police
Sometimes I wonder if these people are either drunk or high, but then I think about it and my thoughts are: no, this is just Rhett and Link.
The grammar police
I clicked on this to see a grown man with his hands up, screaming, and my first thought was: this is going to be a good episode.
Cricket 99
Cricket 99 Yil oldin
I wanna hug Rhett ♡(∩o∩)♡
RocMerc Yil oldin
Lol Rhett was not into this episode
N1NJ4B345T Yil oldin
Jen is cool af.
Lauren Spillane
Lauren Spillane Yil oldin
rhett looked really sad
Jon Annett
Jon Annett Yil oldin
Is Jen my girlfriend yet?
Marissa S
Marissa S Yil oldin
Please do an entire episode with this! Bring it back!
Oddish T
Oddish T Yil oldin
Haha holy cow, I live in Grants Pass, Oregon!
Nash Yil oldin
Where did the Tokyo thing come from?
big boy
big boy Yil oldin
Rhetts tokyo woah is a guilty pleasure of mine
big boy
big boy Yil oldin
Rachel not exactly sure. I believe season 6
Rachel Yil oldin
real cat where is it from?
Isabella Linden
Isabella Linden Yil oldin
Where is the tokyo reference from?
Mr_Gman _2016
Mr_Gman _2016 Yil oldin
Don't wear head phones at beginning
Em Regs
Em Regs Yil oldin
Can you make this part of the merch store
Ashley IDon'tWantStrangersToKnowMyLastName
Rhett seemed a bit sad in this episode
twinpistols11 Yil oldin
Jen 😍
pixelninja3 Yil oldin
Why does Rhett scream when ever someone says Tokyo
Nahid Ahmed
Nahid Ahmed Yil oldin
Believe or not guys for me Thursday means jen😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
It's just like apples to apples
Maria Spin
Maria Spin Yil oldin
Rhett Tokyo'd himself in another episode.
Heady G
Heady G Yil oldin
jen is so beautiful omg !
Angelina Surface
Woot woot to Medford OR!
Madalynn Mason
Madalynn Mason Yil oldin
What episode is the one where links wife gets tackled
EyeSnipeYou Yil oldin
Rhett ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Aubrey Yil oldin
Is it sad that I actually kinda cried during this? Man Rhett's mood breaks my heart. It just makes me think how hard they work for this show. Even when they don't have a great day. 💔
JustaDBDboi Yil oldin
I am voting for #GoodMythicalMorning for Show of the year at #Streamys
Katie Conner
Katie Conner Yil oldin
Rhett should apologise for the milk thing. Quoting that has gotten me into very awkward situations.
Eden Parks
Eden Parks Yil oldin
it seems like those two have a lot of tension in this season
Shelby Witt
Shelby Witt Yil oldin
The best way to a woman's heart is through a woman's anus 😂
Austin Magann
Austin Magann Yil oldin
tbh you guys were not very enthused this episode, in case you wanted some helpful criticism.
Rachel Yil oldin
ATM 323 it’s been 2 years lol
Richard Aguilar
Richard Aguilar Yil oldin
Why does Rhett do that when they say Tokyo?
BigBitch Yil oldin
When I used to play, my friends would cheat by picking up multiple cards every time to get more options. 30 minutes into the game, I would look across the table and someone would have like half the deck in their hands.
Scrub Lord
Scrub Lord Yil oldin
I wish they could play the actual cards against humanity. It's way funnier
Garrett Byers
Garrett Byers Yil oldin
I've just recently played cards against humanity. this should seriously be mass produced for the expansions
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