We Swapped Morning Routines For A Week

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“We’re not going to be best friends after this.”
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27-Apr, 2017



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Sophie Lehn
Sophie Lehn 13 kun oldin
I don’t even have a BFF to switch with 😢😅
Laman Mammadova
Laman Mammadova 28 kun oldin
Alexis Boyd
Alexis Boyd Oy oldin
I miss Cissy’s long hair
Where are these girls!!? I love these types of videos and these two 😭
zahra Oy oldin
I’m cissy in the morning 💁🏻‍♀️
Kelly Chan
Kelly Chan 2 oy oldin
“I use my hands cause it cleaner than a brush” in MY opinion that ain’t it chief.
mAgical deerios
mAgical deerios 2 oy oldin
I’m 11 and I wear concealer, contour, lipstick, bronzer, eyeshadow, eyeshadow and now I have acne 😂
Pixii 3 oy oldin
I literally roll outta bed 5 minutes before i need to leave
Meera Alsari
Meera Alsari 3 oy oldin
*thos banana pancakes made me so hungry*
Unique Productions
Moonchild 5 oy oldin
Meanwhile I just wash my face and I'm ready xd
Maya Lanson
Maya Lanson 5 oy oldin
Doesn’t Shila straighten her hair everyday?
Sometimes ı dont have time to even wash my face ım going to school like potato
Orange Julius
Orange Julius 6 oy oldin
Haha I could never swap routines with my bestie she has thin straight hair and she wears makeup I have REALLY THICK wavy/curly hair and I don't wear makeup😂😂😂😂😂
Kendra Balogh
Kendra Balogh 6 oy oldin
Glitter is the herpes of the art world once you have it you can’t get rid of it and it spreads very easy...
xxxLucyxx x
xxxLucyxx x 6 oy oldin
They’re both so pretty
someone 8 oy oldin
My everyday makeup: -lipbalm If I am really extra I put tinted one :D
Cj Videos
Cj Videos 8 oy oldin
This vid was published on my birth day!
Sweeticing 2002
Sweeticing 2002 8 oy oldin
April 27 is my B-day 🎉🎊🎇🎆🎂🎁
2024: Vasushree Agarwal
1:25- Skin care routine?? She puts so much makeup. You ‘ain’t caring of your skin if you put so much. More like skin killing routine
Rare Mono
Rare Mono 9 oy oldin
2:29 I’m just so shook that she has a dermalogica product.its so expensive but my mum works for them and sells their stuff and has every single product they have lmao
Games Holic
Games Holic 9 oy oldin
you two should make more videos
Britney Chase
Britney Chase 10 oy oldin
My routine is to look alive. I barely even manage that.
Elizabeth Cox
Elizabeth Cox 10 oy oldin
U can just tell jazz is a REALL friend cuz she noticed cissy wasnt wearing any highlight
Rene Mendoza
Rene Mendoza 10 oy oldin
They're both naturally pretty ❤
Lily Smith
Lily Smith 10 oy oldin
Sheila looks fire
Carly Paugh
Carly Paugh 10 oy oldin
I didn’t realize how pretty they look without makeup
Valeria Saldana
Valeria Saldana 11 oy oldin
You get out of her highlighter is everything
Sophia Yarbrough
Copy cat
Shister vlogs
Shister vlogs Yil oldin
My morning routine is sooo basic it’s has nothing realated with my face
TheLivingQattus Yil oldin
This is just their makeup and their food not really their full morning routine. I’m 12, don’t even wear makeup and I don’t even no what imma eat until I open the pantry.
Casey Wolfe
Casey Wolfe Yil oldin
“I have like breakout acne.” SHE HAD ONE PIMPLE😂😂
Lindsay Alexah
Lindsay Alexah Yil oldin
Morning routine: Wake up Get coffee Get dressed Brush teeth Do makeup Do hair Put on shoes Watch UZvid Eat breakfast LEAVE
Gracey Page
Gracey Page Yil oldin
Shila is my BuzzFeed girl crush right now
Bevin Vitale
Bevin Vitale Yil oldin
They are both SO pretty!
Olivia Espie
Olivia Espie Yil oldin
Jazz:are you not wearing highlight Cissy: noooooo Jazz:oh sh*t Me:😂😂🤣😵
kitkatkatkendra 517
My fav buzzfeed girls are Sheila Cissy Freddie Saf (safiya)
Jenin AL-Shubbar
She should change her brushes cause she is using the wrong brushes for the wrong job
Sir Babz
Sir Babz Yil oldin
How do people watch this type of garbage content?? It's so unoriginal...
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson Yil oldin
please make a Cissy daily beauty routine video please!!!
Qweenie MSP
Qweenie MSP Yil oldin
Shiela looked bomb
Elizabeth Rigby
Elizabeth Rigby Yil oldin
I use the same cera ve as Cissy
Christina Gibbs
Christina Gibbs Yil oldin
If she's really an hour late everyday, she's gonna get fired.
Freshta Mohseni
Freshta Mohseni Yil oldin
Sheela looks amaaazing without makeup omg #goals
Janik B
Janik B Yil oldin
The latina doesn't need makeup she's gorgeous
Djdndnjddndndn Hejdjdndnejdjd
I just realised hat I have already watched this but I'm watching it again lol 😂
Lexi Lizabeth
Lexi Lizabeth Yil oldin
I can watch this video over and over again and it never gets old
Sophia Carlson
Sophia Carlson Yil oldin
Cici if u have to use that many products then they aren’t good product is u have to use other things to work she is so annoying and childish
Øystein Sunde
Øystein Sunde Yil oldin
Sofia !
Sofia ! Yil oldin
My morning routine is wake up, get up, watch UZvid whilst getting dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and wash face then leave. Yes, I don't brush my hair, my hair literally fixes itself without me touching it
Hemmy Ranjith
Hemmy Ranjith Yil oldin
Sheila is sooo prettyyy
Poppy Yates
Poppy Yates Yil oldin
I just get up and have a shower. I don't understand make up lmao
Bobbie Daniel
Bobbie Daniel Yil oldin
I was on board... Until I heard she had to go with coffee 🚫
Caitlin Rose
Caitlin Rose Yil oldin
They are both so friken gorgeous
Sophia Carlson
Sophia Carlson Yil oldin
Who else hates cissy she’s so annoying
Andie Moreno
Andie Moreno Yil oldin
is that sheila from fine Bros entertainment?
rashel bautista
rashel bautista Yil oldin
Sheila reminds me sm of Selena Quintanilla
FaZe Lovezz
FaZe Lovezz Yil oldin
I find it funny how the girl who does all the makeup in the morning still doesn't look as good as her friend
MsClarinut Yil oldin
Yeah, Sheila is very blessed in the looks department, while the other girl really isn't.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Yil oldin
"I feel like glitter"✨
nora edlund
nora edlund Yil oldin
plz let Cizzy do a skincare routine
Niyara Gray
Niyara Gray Yil oldin
Why would you blend ur foundation with your fingers
MsClarinut Yil oldin
Works fine, especially with foundations of the right consistancy. For example, Tarte Amazonian clay has a mousse-like consistency that is very easy to put on with fingers. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mary Kay has a very liquid like consistency that I would struggle to use without a brush.
KermittheTRUEfrog !
My morning routine is: Get Up Brush Teeth Eat Breakfast Change Put On Shoes Leave
khadeeja Imthiaz
I can't watch the flat liners trailer once more😣
Juliet Juarez
Juliet Juarez Yil oldin
You sucks
sxyoongi Yil oldin
Okay but their foundations don't match their skin tone
i.xntgll Yil oldin
I'm confused cause I thought Sheila straightens her hair every morning, but she didn't mention that at all in the video
Tamara B
Tamara B Yil oldin
"I don't even know what that means! Get out of here" me lol
Amélie Yil oldin
My friend wakes up at 4 am to leave at 8 am to do hair, make-up 🤷🏻‍♀️
m a i a
m a i a Yil oldin
I'm a birtish 11 year old and i watch news in the morning and these American adults dont
Natalie group
Natalie group Yil oldin
Me: *wears 10lbs of makeup and skin care * BFF: * wears no makeup or skin care and still looks better than me *
YADia AG Yil oldin
washing my face in the morning takes 30 minutes makeup tho takes like 10 thanks to using 4 products.....but my skin looks like im still in HS so being almost hitting 30 im not changing it.
MsClarinut Yil oldin
If you have good skin and care for it, you need minimal make-up. In France, it's very common to focus more on cleansing and moisturizing your face, and then just playing up a few key features with the make-up.
Swimming Turtle
Swimming Turtle Yil oldin
Funny how the Asian girl had more on her routine but yet they look like they put the same effort every day
Emily Hinojosa
Emily Hinojosa Yil oldin
What's Sheila's Instagram?
Chloe F.
Chloe F. Yil oldin
Imagine one was dark skin... that would be terrible to wear dark makeup on a light skin for a week😂😂😂 #trifling
MsClarinut Yil oldin
I don't think they took it as far as wearing the exact foundation of the other one, just that the higher maintenance girl could only use foundation and nothing else, while the other girl had to adopt primer, using a brush, false lashes, etc.
regs Yil oldin
how does basic makeup take these people so long? it takes me like twenty minutes to get ready with dramatic makeup
Josephina Jacobson
how do they do all that I get up at 6 my bus comes at 6:40, i am so slow that I don't eat breakfast at home and usually finish my makeup on the bus I am actually a slob but it's fine at least my clothes match
MsClarinut Yil oldin
I guess you're slow? I can't believe it takes you that long without make-up and breakfast being done. Do you shower and straighten your hair every day? That could be the time difference.
Josephina Jacobson
Aissatou Dieng
Aissatou Dieng Yil oldin
I swear these are such first world problems🤣
Aissatou Dieng
Aissatou Dieng Yil oldin
But I still love BuzzFeed and boldly and ladylike and all that stuff regardless of this video
Muskaan Grewal
Muskaan Grewal Yil oldin
I have a hella long skin care routine so I would feel bad for my best friend.
Ms. Angel
Ms. Angel Yil oldin
Ah now I want to try switching routines with someone. Seems fun.
katiesgoat rblx
katiesgoat rblx Yil oldin
pause at 0:14 and look at their faces lol
Breeza Rivera
Breeza Rivera Yil oldin
if I swapped routines with my best friend I wouldn't complain we're basically the same makeup lover glam all day everyday person 😂😂
Ken White
Ken White Yil oldin
Honestly why do people care about having no highlight on? (do not come for me because of this comment it's my opinion/comment)
SavannahSteel Yil oldin
I'm confused is this buzzfeed or
Jackie Burkhart
Jackie Burkhart Yil oldin
They're both gorgeous omg
Shannon Jorash
Shannon Jorash Yil oldin
Wait she covers her contour with foundation? Or is it reverse and she washes off her makeup
A Simpleton
A Simpleton Yil oldin
I saw a nixwear commercial. "at any time almost all females have 16 bras minimum..." like nah. Nope, you only need two. One to wear all the time, and one to wear when you wash the other one.
Lilly Verboom
Lilly Verboom Yil oldin
there both hella cute
Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Yil oldin
2:50? 🤣
Aerogers21 Yil oldin
Give us the recipe for banana protein pancakes
Esmé Green
Esmé Green Yil oldin
I'm watching this as someone still in high school and I literally barely have time to put on clothes in the morning before school
Isha Rajan
Isha Rajan Yil oldin
doesn't sheila straighten her hair, shouldn't that be part of it
MsClarinut Yil oldin
Perhaps that's not part of her morning routine? I have similar hair to Sheila and if I'm straightening, I do that the night before.
noor Yil oldin
4:35 and 4:36 same!! I don't know anything about makeup I know like 10% out of 100% u can just say I'm not so girly I'm basically tomboy I guess
Kimberly X
Kimberly X Yil oldin
Did she just say using her hands is cleaner than a brush?? How disgusting are her brushes..
h Yil oldin
okay but i work out eat shower do 30 mins of skincare and 15 mins of makeup lol my best friend would die she wakes up 20 before she leaves the house
Ally22016 Yil oldin
What happened to Sheila's finger at 5:04??
Boysenberry Yil oldin
hey i see you with that mavs shirt 👀
Iulia Yil oldin
Give me that banana pancake recipe 😂
mel 789
mel 789 Yil oldin
They are both super nice and pretty
alexis Yil oldin
my best friend wears no makeup and hates makeup so whenever i wear a full face if she had to do that shed kill me
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