We Tested Slightly Useless Kitchen Gadgets

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"I could just use a knife..."
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Kitchen cooking tools and utensils flat icons



31-May, 2017



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Rui-Ying LOO
Rui-Ying LOO 5 soat oldin
0:46 so we have to use this.... VAGINA?????????
maroon xoxo
maroon xoxo 3 kun oldin
1:30 that glasses guy looks like JYP from South Korea
Yukiji Shin
Yukiji Shin 6 kun oldin
I see steven. I click. I love him. He needs to be protected
Rain_ Loxar_Fullbuster
1:15 I have a bunny one! It's so cuteee!!! :)
Olive Riggins
Olive Riggins 13 kun oldin
Jen: this is a hard boiled egg Me: yes it’s a hard boiled egg
lily meyers
lily meyers 13 kun oldin
as someone who owns a mango slicer, that thing is amazing
KittyCat611 18 kun oldin
You could use the animal shapes one like with raw egg then shake it and put it in hot water??? You could maybe make omricu??
only destiel
only destiel 21 kun oldin
Ive never seen the egg mold but im sure that youneed to crack the egg on it and the product were useful honestly
Yourpal Phonna
Yourpal Phonna 23 kun oldin
When you're not confident with your opinion "SLIGHTly useless knife"
Amanda David
Amanda David 24 kun oldin
I’m gonna sing “Hallelujah! It’s a pizza!” Every time I eat it now thanks Steven
Clapz Rub_n. ツ
i think every place actually cuts their pizza when its done
Giacomo Gasparinetti
In 🇮🇹 non si usano le FORBICI PER LA PIZZA!!!
daisy kate
daisy kate Oy oldin
Folding the pizza and eating it whole is pretty easier than using scissors.
liedo yeehaw
liedo yeehaw Oy oldin
aye idk only kpoppers will understand but THAT dude looks like JYP's son.
Mereluvs ________
I think you were supposed to put raw egg into the mold and then boil.
abigail syrkin
abigail syrkin 2 oy oldin
You are sepose to put the egg in the mold in ice water so it will actually work
Whoever made this thumbnail did SUCH a bad job at it, @buzzfeed hire me I run @demetria_for_life & @worthytae on IG & do a 100x better job than this
Ginger V
Ginger V 2 oy oldin
Pizza scissors are great though
kim minjoo invented rap
1:30 he looks like jyp
heh heh
heh heh 3 oy oldin
i need that mango slicer
Nightingale A113
Nightingale A113 4 oy oldin
You don’t even need a water bottle separate egg yolks tho?
Karoline Sembach
Karoline Sembach 6 oy oldin
Is the yolk on the egg *green?*
Eurovision Updates
"Well I dont like tools that only have one use" *COMMERCIAL KICKS IN* well have you tried the nicer dicer, its an all-in-one kitchen robot specially made for YOUUUU
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi 7 oy oldin
I had those egg molds before. I never knew it was an egg mold, I always thought that they are supposed to be double sided jelly molds
Randall Bell
Randall Bell 7 oy oldin
use pizza scissor for circumcision.
Charlotte Wright
Charlotte Wright 7 oy oldin
Mango slicers are the best. I’ve saved so many knives with a mango cutter
Wiktoria L
Wiktoria L 7 oy oldin
XYZ LUCINA 7 oy oldin
who is the Emo white guy with pretty eyes?
Nerdypants 7 oy oldin
a came for the mango
Corsday 7 oy oldin
Did I just hear VAGINA?! 😂
i love eunhyuk
i love eunhyuk 7 oy oldin
Girl: How often are you cutting mangoes? Me: ikr! You can peel the skin and eat the whole thing well except for the seed
Reuben Bunanta
Reuben Bunanta 7 oy oldin
Somehow if I see Steven in anything except Worth it, it feels wierd.
psychic Nova
psychic Nova 7 oy oldin
Joanna Lol
Joanna Lol 8 oy oldin
My grandma has pizza scissors
Anubha Maheshwari
2:18 I literally eat mango every time
Under Cooked
Under Cooked 8 oy oldin
“And just push “ that’s what he said “UGH” that’s what she said
Anduwn fidbdbrusn who Dbisbdisnebd
Why is there only one straight couple?😂
amelia vlop, ew.
amelia vlop, ew. 8 oy oldin
In that moulds you have to boil raw egg
Mugthraka 8 oy oldin
The pizza scissors isn't made for cardboard frozen pizza, that why its awkward to use with those things that you have as pizzas. The Egg molds are used by putting the raw egg in it, then put the thing in boiling water to cook the egg inside...
Nancy Cousintine
Nancy Cousintine 8 oy oldin
These have to be the most moronic and vulgar presenters I've seen in a very long time...Good job!! WTF is wrong with this generation,? WTF is wrong with Buzzfeed? Can't they afford to hire people who have a modicum of intelligence, and charisma. Seriously, it is sites like this one that give this generation such a bad image, and provides such a poor example for the majority of its viewers. I guess vacuous, crude, and self absorbed are the new "cool", etc. smh
You’re supposed to wait with the egg shape thing for a day or two before it turns into a shape of the mold.
Anelle Savares
Anelle Savares 9 oy oldin
They kind of pooled up the dumbest people in the office to do this, did they? >.
Mariam El Jayar
Mariam El Jayar 9 oy oldin
“How often do you cut mango”? Me: “I’m cutting mango right now”
Seven Santos
Seven Santos 9 oy oldin
The egg should still be hot when you put it in the egg shaper then let it cool in there. It's for making bento
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia 9 oy oldin
The goddamn shark tank people.
I AM MEMER 9 oy oldin
The mango slicer looks like a vagina
Mary Carissa Leung
*I always cut mangoes*
alejandro 9 oy oldin
they killed the mango :( one like one pray for mango
Sarah 9 oy oldin
Not gonna lie I read the title as slightly ‘used’ kitchen objects and I clicked
Robzee 9 oy oldin
When they just put the egg in and expected it to mold instantly
I can’t think of a name so hi :3
You guys didn’t use the egg shaper thing right you have to put it in the fridge and wait a few minutes
Aljonae Richards
Aljonae Richards 10 oy oldin
We have to use this.... Vagina
Rose Valentine
Rose Valentine 10 oy oldin
The girl with the curly hair annoys me.. she can’t do anything right ugh
ChelseaNicole 10 oy oldin
I think for the egg molds your crack a fresh egg into the mold the boil it. After that you take it out and it has the mold.
Samyboy Roberts
Samyboy Roberts 10 oy oldin
Go pizza ✌🏻
Rose Mccarthy
Rose Mccarthy 10 oy oldin
You know whats wierd oneday i was at qt (bc apparently QT sells pizzas now) to get icecream and this guy orderd pizza and guy wjo was making it pulled out this giant cookie cutter for a pizza (its to make perfefect pizza slices) let me tell you little Caesar's needs one because once I went there and there was one huge piece and then the rest were like uneven cuts it made me so mad the middle wasent even cut it was just a pocket of cheese WHY?!?!?
black pearl
black pearl 10 oy oldin
they make it look more useless
Lolojair Hussain
Lolojair Hussain 10 oy oldin
"How often are you cutting mangoes" pretty often if you ask me
SYPHER Regetton
SYPHER Regetton 10 oy oldin
Harry CHEUNG 10 oy oldin
0:26 ‘this is the guy who does worth it’ im crying😂
Senpai- sama-
Senpai- sama- 10 oy oldin
2:12 crazyrussionhacker Boom!
Sa'ad Khan
Sa'ad Khan 10 oy oldin
or maybe....they're idiots...
MeloNayel Dee
MeloNayel Dee 10 oy oldin
They were so respectful towards the gadgets 😂
Nallely Leon
Nallely Leon 10 oy oldin
Okay I’m sorry, but who’s that guy with the blonde and brown hair that’s partnered up with the curly haired girl? I see him in lots of BF videos but I’ve never known his name. Someone please help!
Jexus Masilungan
Jexus Masilungan 10 oy oldin
Actually this products are kinda useful, this people just don't know how to use it. tsk
NeonPurpleMist 10 oy oldin
I think your supposed to crack the egg and then cook it while it’s inside the mold and it comes out the shape you want it
shavacadoo 10 oy oldin
U have to use hot boiled eggs
Saanvi Burle
Saanvi Burle 10 oy oldin
What's up between as /is and buzzfeed
1K subscriber without video challenge
Steven so cute 😆 Im not gay Im still watching p0rn (not gay p0rn)
Akachan Karissa
Akachan Karissa 10 oy oldin
Did i just saw JY Park?😐😂 hart hart
cheonjae yeoja
cheonjae yeoja 10 oy oldin
It might be cuz they donnow how to use it?
water hosh
water hosh 10 oy oldin
Is it just me or the guy with glasses looks a little like jyp?
Jordyn M.
Jordyn M. 10 oy oldin
I like to think that the people who made these gadgets thought they were revolutionizing kitchen utensils
Haiden Medilde
Haiden Medilde 10 oy oldin
I cut so many mangoes a day e.e i am a hungry bear
Lucia Fung
Lucia Fung 10 oy oldin
Yo have to leave the egg for 30 min in the egg molds
juania jackson
juania jackson 10 oy oldin
From the comments I’m guessing the Asian lighted haired dude is Steven?
Keigo D
Keigo D 11 oy oldin
lost faith in human intelligence when that girl slammed the yolk extractor to the the yolk
C7_Malte 11 oy oldin
You have to bloil the egg in the mold
fandome master
fandome master 11 oy oldin
What's this Vigina?
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond 11 oy oldin
Eat it eat it every mom forcing there kids to eat there vegetables 🌽
Natalie C
Natalie C 11 oy oldin
“HOW LONG DO YOU CUT MANGOS?” Girl you don’t even know.
Cai Ri Janssen
Cai Ri Janssen 11 oy oldin
These things are perfect for people who have less control over their muscles. Handicapped people and old people for example could use these items to make life go a little easier. Same counts for items in a infomercial.
I’m a cutie
I’m a cutie 11 oy oldin
If I had a pizza all to myself without it cut I will just pick it up and eat it :/
Duchess 11 oy oldin
How often are you cutting mangos Oi mate everyday
rain arthe
rain arthe 11 oy oldin
i feel like Stephen's some kind of a king (high rank) 😂 at buzzfeed 😂😂 (iwouldlovesomeinfos)
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 11 oy oldin
Here for Steven only
Straight Chlorine
Straight Chlorine 11 oy oldin
“You gotta fist it”
Emily Schnepp
Emily Schnepp 11 oy oldin
For the egg molds, the egg has to be warm 😅 like right out of the boiling water
Emily Schnepp
Emily Schnepp 11 oy oldin
Crystal Rowe I've tried it both ways and the best results are when they're right out of the water. Have you had better results when they've cooled down?
Crystal Rowe
Crystal Rowe 11 oy oldin
Warm and hot out of the boiling water are two different things.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 11 oy oldin
Out of all these people i recognize steven from worth it and nicky from the house stuff
The Illumanati Will Find You
They had to put "slightly" in the title so they wouldnt offend anyone
Gloria 11 oy oldin
The reactions from the guy next to Steven is priceless 🤣✨
Fat Kids Down
Fat Kids Down 11 oy oldin
Buzz feed beta males can't even push a metal grate on a mango
Blackpink & BTS
Blackpink & BTS 11 oy oldin
“Eat it eat it , or I’ll cut your face “😂😂😂
Jins Beautiful Shook Faceu
Awm can opers have 1 use and them thing are helpful as hell I CANt live without it :>
Sydnee Walker
Sydnee Walker 11 oy oldin
The mangos didn't look very ripe.
Law's NE0N X - D | G4MING & LETS PL4Y
*gives mango slicer* Girl : “A vagina.” is it just me who keeps imagining males pushing their dicks into that
Queen Trash
Queen Trash 11 oy oldin
1:10 as a certified asian, I can confirm that those aren't for eggs, those are for rice shaping for cute bento boxes
The Ostrich Show
The Ostrich Show 11 oy oldin
Slightly useless kitchen gadgets gone sexual.
Star's Falling
Star's Falling 11 oy oldin
Oml that cutter they used for the mango is specifically used for apples, which makes it a lot more useful because it cuts out the apple core. They made it look more useless than it actually is lmao
Hoanglelet 11 oy oldin
I'm suppose u handsome cuz u r Vietnamese :D
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